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BingelyBooks pline which she finds with her books or quietly playing chess. She finds that fellow chess player, Jonathan Hoffman, who is in the chess club is her perfect match as they bring out the best in one another. Unfortunately, their relationship ends and they are driven apart only to find that a decade later, their paths are crossed again. With their passions urging to be rekindled, they both realize that if they don't focus on what drove them apart they won't be able to capitalize on their second chance at love.

THE MOTHER-IN-LAW St. Martin's Press Sally Hepworth

The relationship between a person and their Mother-In-Law can be comlplicated for some. When Lucy met her husband's mother - Diana, she knew that she was not the person that she had in mind. She was constantly kept at arm's length depsite.

THE GIRL HE USED TO KNOW St. Martin's Press Tracey Garvis Graves

Attending the University of Illinois, Annika Rose finds that in many social situations, she is not only anxious, but finds other's behaviour confusing. She'd prefer to be in the company of order and

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Her Mother-In-Law, Diana was known as a pillar in the community as well as being involved in a number of charities. She was beloved by everyone; moreover, not one person had a bad thing to say abou her - except for Lucy. Lucy was polite and sweet; however, she couldn't connect with Diana. Apr 2019

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