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Showcase by Serbian fashion designers Vernissage: Sunday 24 April 2016, 7.00pm

Period: Sunday 24 April – Sunday 30 April 2016, according to the opening hours of the gallery

(Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6.00 – 8.00pm) or on appointment – Location: Atelier Home Gallery: Palazzo Panfili – Via della Geppa 2 (III floor), Trieste - Italy Partners: Artrophia, Confindustria Serbia

The Atelier Home Gallery is pleased to open a new showcase about Serbian fashion design “DIZAJN”, where will be presented to the public six emerging fashion designers as part of the ongoing art exhibition YMETHOCT // CONTEMPORARY SERBIA about painting art. The event is realized by the Atelier Home Gallery and the blog Artrophia, which together have decided to highlight another art form in which Serbian artists denote style and creativity, such as fashion design. Six designers chosen to represent Serbia: well known names selected for the event, appreciated by magazines such as Vogue Talents and also published in many other relevant newspapers. The young designers will offer an overview of their collections relating jewels (STUDIO MANUFACTURA), menswear (KONY MIAMI), women's clothing bon ton style (Maradu), gypsy glam (GALA Borovic STUDIO) or monumental (DAJANA VASIC), up to the wearable sculptures already finalists at the prestigious ITS Contest (SONJA IGLIC). An exhibition within an exhibition, this is the intent of the creators: a dialogue between painting and fashion in which these two actually mimic with each other, playing with the role and the weight given to them in a possible ranking inside the Art. For this reason that clothes are framed like paintings or jewels are freed from their incidental nature to approach a statuesque seriousness, while the paintings are "stripped" of their sacred aura to prove simple traces of personal experience of an individual, told by means of the techniques of painting. The showcase DIZAJN intends, therefore, provide a small insight into the present fashion scene in Serbia, emphasizing creativity and beauty that depict the facets and faces of this fascinating country.

THE FASHION DESIGNERS AND THE BRANDS Dajana Vasić, MARADU di Marija Dujovic , KONY MIAMI di Marija Janosevic, Sonja Iglič, Gala Borović Studio di Gala Borović, Studio Manufactura di Nenad Stojaković

Dajana Vasić has recently achieved the Master at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Contemporary Fashion led by professor Doda Komad. The "Oblitus" collection on display in the gallery presents the main piece of her degree

made with 30,000 safety pins and has been exposed already in six international groups. Since 2014 she has been invited to the Belgrade Fashion Week and her works has been published in the Bazaar, Elle magazine, Grazia and Vogue Italy.

Maradu | Marija Vujovic has studied in Venice at the School of Fashion Design of IUAV. In 2012 the brand Maradu was born and in 2014 she realized the first independent collection "Do not Grow Up It's A Trap" presented

at BaFe, Balkan Art Fashion Event. In 2015 she opened the Serbia Fashion Week with her collection the exhibition FASHION IS FUTURE.

KONY MIAMI | Marija Janosevic has a Master in Fashion Design pursued in Belgrade. The collection presented for her degree has been selected to be presented at the 36th Perwol Fashion Week in Belgrade and Fashionclash Festival in Maastricht. In 2014 she received the prize by the Association of Artists of Applied Arts and Design of Serbia.

Sonja Iglič, after completing her studies in stage design in 2012 at the Faculty of Applied Arts, she decided to

devote herself to her true passion, namely to jewelry. In 2013 she won the first prize at the international contest "Art in" Serbia miniatures with the collection "Another Sound". In 2014 she won the Grand Prix thanks to the collection The power of 3. In 2015 she qualified for the final show of the prestigious ITS Contest Trieste. From 2016 on she is a member of the 'Association of Artists of Applied Arts and Design of Serbia.

Gala Borović Studio | Gala Borović, class 1991, is currently enrolled in the Master in Fashion Design in Belgrade, after earning a bachelor's degree in the same university and a diploma in Technical Design at the School of Design of the capital. The collection presented here 1986 appeared in Vogue Talents in December 2015 and was presented in Belgrade Fashion Week for the S / S 2016.

Studio Manufactura | Nenad Stojaković has a first degree in Biology and later learns in Florence the processing of manipulating precious metals and in 2010 the brand Studio Manufactura was born in Belgrade. His jewels are created to look like sculptures and from 2013 he also realizes true ones.

ARTROPHIA Platform to realize otherworldly visions and blog. L’arte profuma di nuovo, o meglio di nuovo. ATELIER HOME GALLERY It organizes exhibitions and happenings at the historical home of a family of two artists, Roberto del Frate and Roberta de Jorio, presenting contemporary artists to investigate how artworks fit in a living space that has a more intimate feeling. Inside this living space there are two different realities: the gallery (hosting art exhibitions and industrial design showcases) and the Atelier of Roberto del Frate, where the painter gives life to his artistic visions. This “home gallery” is located at the third floor of the majestic Panfili Palace, built at the end of the XIX Century from the Panfili family, characterized by his amusing big spaces with a historic atmosphere. Going beyond the normal reach of a gallery, it offers painting courses, psychoanalytic talks, music events, video screenings and enogastronomic experiences. CONTATTI: Matilde Tiriticco, Gallery Manager

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Stilisti emergenti serbi per DJZAIN | Atelier Home Gallery  

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Stilisti emergenti serbi per DJZAIN | Atelier Home Gallery  

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