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Operation and administration of facilities is what we take care of


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The ATALIAN Group on Czech and Slovak market provides comprehensive services relating to the administration and maintenance of facilities and adjacent areas. ATALIAN is seen by the Czech and Slovak market as a merger of the French approach to facility services, knowledge of the Czech market, and long-term experience.

Facility management is commonly understood as the management of all nonproduction enterprise activities associated with maintenance and guarding of facilities and land. However, our company does not base its offered facility services on the hiring of specific subcontractors when the contractor only functions as a mediator. Our approach is rather based on the term Global Services; therefore, we provide the maximum amount of services ourselves.


We change and grow The ATALIAN Group is relatively new on the Czech and Slovak market; nevertheless, its roots have been around Europe especially for a long time - it was founded in France in the year 1944. Under the name ATALIAN you can find originally Czech and Slovak companies. Some of them had been operating on the Czech and Slovak specialized market for more than twenty years. Other acquisitions in support of the expansion of our services are being prepared.

The company's administrative building and utility building with a


laundry room are located in Mladรก Boleslav. Identical support facilities can also be found in Prague. A few operating branches are regionally represented in the whole Czech Republic.

With European experience


ATALIAN Group in France: As of the year 2012, the ATALIAN Group has 45,000 employees and turnover of more than 1 billion euros ATALIAN is a family company, which is currently managed by Franck Julien, the founder's grandson. Originally, this cleaning company was founded in France in the year 1944 under the name TFN, which was an abbreviation for (in French) Technique Francaise Nettoyage; therefore, French cleaning equipment. The company kept growing and it not only reached foreign markets, but it also expanded its offered services. As an experienced supplier of complex facility services, the company renamed itself ATALIAN in the year 2010. ATALIAN is currently one of the leading European companies in its branch. It perates in many not just European countries and it is preparing to enter other markets.



Owner, executive director of the ATALIAN Group

Our services:

Physical guarding of facilities Personal security Technical support Central protection panel (PCO)


Disinfection Pest control Disinfestation System protection

Management, operation, monitoring Curative maintenance Preventive maintenance Technical administration LED lighting Revisions

Exterior greenery Lawn maintenance Garden planning Interior greenery

Receptions Hostess services Event support

Regular cleaning One-time cleaning Post-construction cleaning Special works Daily service Winter maintenance Support in emergencies

Paint line cleaning Paint box cleaning Filter management Cleaning of technical facilities Masonry works, small repairs

Facility technical administration The TSB division (facility technical administration) is primarily responsible for the operation and maintenance of multitechnical equipment. This includes management, operation, monitoring, and also curative and preventive maintenance. The administration primarily concerns equipment like heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, electric power installations, sprinklers, garage doors, fire doors, pumps, sewer systems, etc. The special review division offers review of all electrical appliances and electrical equipment as well as inspection and reviews of manual electric tools, lightning rods, etc. When the revision is done we automatically monitor the next deadline. TSB also offers cost-saving project "Linkboy" (modern and economical exterior and interior LED lighting), which allow various interesting possibilities of complete project financing. 8

Facility technical administration is what we take care of

Cleaning services, DDD Cleaning

is what we take care of

We provide both common regular and one-time cleaning, above standard cleaning and cleaning services with increased hygienic standard in all branches. Our offer also includes a whole series of special cleaning activities like the washing of building sheathing and glass surfaces, work at heights, deep floor cleaning, escalator cleaning, cleaning of atypical surfaces, cleaning after natural disasters (fires, floods), etc. We operate equipment for snow removal, winter and regular road maintenance, and sanding of edestrian zones, parking lots, and other areas. The DDD centre (disinfection, pest control, and disinfestation) provides systemic protection against pests. We are fully qualified for this activity.


Guarding and reception services The Guarding division is primarily focused on property guarding. We commonly provide guarding, gate-keeping, and reception services, PCO (central protection panel), facility technical support (installation and service of electronic security systems, installation of camera systems in facilities), and other associated services.


Guarding and reception is what we take care of

Cleaning of technical facilities and paint shops Cleaning of industrial machines and technical equipment - machining centres, presses, press lines, injection presses, etc. Complete cleaning of paint shops - paint booths and lines, filter replacement and delivery. Thorough equipment cleaning. This centre also offers air-conditioning systĂŠm filter management, cleaning, and disinfection. We inspect air-conditioning systems by means of a camera system.


Cleaning of technical facilities and paint shops is what we take care of

Reception and hostess services Our reception division focuses on providing professional receptionists for companies and buildings. We ensure an individual approach to each client's needs and customer tailored reception solutions. The reception division has exactly configured processes, which are further adapted based on each customer's needs. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, which we ensure through regular checks of the quality of provided services and checks of customer satisfaction. You can utilise the work of our hostesses during, for example, various celebrations, advertising and promotional events, trade fairs, etc. Our hostesses have been thoroughly trained both in their profession and in other more specialised areas. In France this area has been represented for over twenty years by partner company City One, and therefore we have their valuable know-how, skills and references at our disposal.

Greenery maintenance We offer a whole portfolio of standard garden works: Exterior greenery maintenance: This type of activities includes all the exterior greenery maintenance - grass mowing, tree, bush, and shrub maintenance, replanting of flowers and woody plants, watering, removal of weeds and invasive woody plants, maintenance of suspended terraces, gardens, and grass surfaces, including garden works like seeding, planting, cutting and pruning of greenery, fertilizing, maintenance of lakes and fountains, etc. Interior greenery maintenance: All the activities associated with the maintenance of greenery and plants in the customer‘s facility interior. 13

Greenery maintenance is what we take care of

Environmental service

The subsidiary ATALIAN Environmental Service is primarily focused on sewer system cleaning and maintenance, including its camera-based inspections. In connection with this, the company also provides disposal of liquid waste – it cleans grease separators, oil product separators, septic tanks and collecting tanks, rain gutters and downspouts and it removes oil stains, etc. Since 2012, Atalian Ekologický servis has possessed a machine with new technology, a suction excavator, which is capable of sucking or blowing various materials up to a height of 22 m above the terrain.


Cleaning of sewer systems and ecological disposal of liquid waste is what we take care of

Protected shop The subsidiary Atalian Service CZ s.r.o. specialises in employing people with medical disabilities. More than 50% of its employees have medical disabilities, and by utilising their services the collection company partially or completely fulfils its legal obligation to employee persons with medical disabilities. This obligation is imposed by the employment act, No. 435/2004 Coll., according to Section 81 paragraph 1), which requires employers with more than 25 employees in an employment relationship to employ persons with medical disabilities in the proportion of the required ratio of those persons to the total number of the employer's employees. The required percentage of persons with medical disabilities is 4%. Atalian Servis CZ s.r.o. offers services identical to those of the Security Division of Atalian CZ s.r.o., specifically security services, guarding, reception staffing and most recently also cleaning work. Atalian Servis CZ s.r.o. always attempts in this direction to find appropriate solutions for specific customers. 15

Parts of the group ATALIAN KAF Facility s.r.o. This company has been a member of the Atalian Group in the Czech Republic since 2011. The company has been active on the market since 1989 and is one of the leading providers of support services for commercial premises, industrial plants, developers and investors. With the help of a team of specialists from all areas of facility management, it brings our customers solutions related to savings of resources invested into these activities. The company's strategy and that of the Atalian Group is focused on providing comprehensive services that to a maximum extent fulfil customers' expectations. Since the range of services on which we focus is very wide, individual activities have been divided into these basic areas: facility management, cleaning, paint removal, supplying of chemicals and materials. All four areas can be integrated into a package of services and offered a combined solution. We also offer e-shop services for purchasing of operating supplies, such as work aids, cleaning supplies, sanitary equipment, office supplies and filtration materials.

CI-Servis Member of the Atalian Group in Slovakia since 2012. CI-servis a.s. was founded at the beginning of 1998 in accordance with Act No. 379/1997 Coll., on operation of private security services and similar activities, which took effect on 1 January 1998 and for the first time in independent Slovakia's history regulated the activities of security, protective and similar services and agencies. In the relatively short period of its existence, the company built for itself a strong position among renowned security services. The company provides its services based on many years of management experience related to providing security for persons and property. The members of executive management are people with many years of experience with security services and people with many years of experience in the segments of prosecution, police and military, who apply their skills in order to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of provided services. They provide their services for major economic, commercial, administrative and financial institutions in Slovakia both in the state and private sectors. The company is able to provide its services to clients throughout Slovakia. CI-servis provides these security services: • Guard services • Detective services • Expert preparation and advice • Technical services

Juriga Slovakia s.r.o. Member of the Atalian Group in Slovakia since 2012. The key focuses of Juriga Slovakia are on helping facility management as a sophisticated method and ensuring comprehensive management of buildings for potential clients in order to ensure their full satisfaction. Although the term "facility management" has a wide range of meanings, in this case it involves mainly technical management, regular maintenance, technical administrative tasks, warranty and post warranty services, accident service, energy outsourcing, expert inspections and expert tests of technical equipment. TBM The main roles of technical building management (TBM) activities are to ensure qualified servicing of all technical and technological equipment in a premises, maintaining of required technical documentation, solving or problems with supplies of energy and services and of course also regular reporting of the statuses of these activities to the client. Review and service Ensuring review and service (expert inspections and tests) in accordance with Slovak legislation and recommendation of producers is as important as timely diagnostics of already occurring problems. This is because this activity in many cases manages to prevent unwanted malfunctions and thus reduce financial costs incurred for repairs during regular maintenance.

Forget your worries and save

8 reasons to use Facility services 1) Financial savings - upon implementation of our comprehensive services, we are able to let our customers save from 10 to 20 % of their costs at a higher quality. The more services, the greater the savings. 2) Available choices - all the individual services can be provided at a high quality either separately or gradually. We are able to achieve particular savings even in this area. 3) Greater quality assurance - thanks to our long-term experience gained in the individual types of services, we areable to set the relating performance criteria exactly in accordance with the customer's requirements. We regularly inform the customer on the current service status via regular reports. 19

Forget your worries and save 8 reasons to use Facility services 4) Cost transparency - a customer who completes various services by itself frequently forgets to consider all of the associated costs (for example, the work of its manager who also oversees, among other things, cleaning or other support of the firm). Sometimes, it is not possible to clearly say how much of his/her time is spent on exactly these activities. This problem is eliminated if services are provided by a company charging a specific and clear price. 5) Lower workload of your managers - your managers can fully concentrate on activities relating to your core business, educate themselves, and develop your company. Let us takĂŠ care of the non-production side of your company's operation. 6) No interference caused by the integration of supplier services - we are so experienced in the implementation of contracts that we are able to produce a time-schedule that will not interfere with your company's operation at all. In connection with outsourced services, we often accept your current employees and that further expedites and simplifies contract implementation. 7) Employee training - we constantly monitor the development of trends in all services and our employees regularly receive their professional training via our own training subsidiary FORMATIO. As a result of legislative changes, our employees receive their professional training through external suppliers. 8) Flexibility and response speed - thanks to our national coverage, we are able to quickly respond to unpredictable situations, like natural disasters. In terms of the number of specialized personnel, we constantly keep a particular reserve to be used if any employee becomes sick or absent for any reason. This means that you get rid of a frequent problem. 20

We are here for your branch as well Our services are primarily designed for medium-sized and large production enterprises and facilities whose largescale services provided at a high quality always represent a management challenge. Our company initially evolved primarily in the automotive and its subsequent industries, but we already have experience and testimonials in almost every branch. That is why we offer our services to the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, health care, education, large office buildings, hotels, retail facilities, logistic buildings, and premises and paint shops. We meet specific requirements of customers based on their branch, for example the higher hygienic standard at hospitals or the food industry. We offer cost-saving solutions via comprehensive packages of services, which are important for the individual branches.


We have a custom-designed solution for every branch Production and industrial enterprises Automobile, heavy industry, gas, pharmaceutical, food, and others.

Public transportation Metro, buses, trams, etc.

Business centres and hypermarkets International chains, hobby stores, etc.

Office and administrative centres and buildings

Health care Hospitals, care homes, etc.


Education Schools, universities

Why select ATALIAN?


We appreciate any opportunity you give us and through which we can prove our professionalism and long-term experience. You can expect the following from us: • • • • • • • • • •


The company's coverage in all the regions of the Czech Republic and the whole Europe via ATALIAN A comprehensive approach, wide portfolio of services, and constant desire to widen our portfolio Professional services for reasonable prices Long-term experience in the field, above-standard experiences from industrial worksites (automotive, heavy industry, paint shops) High rate of communication, professional partnership Guaranteed quality, expert attitude, and regular professional training Quality and cost control system (certification) Opportunity to save costs – project proposals Loss liability Professional equipment and personnel support, completion of services by our own employees

Quality is critical for us Certifications Since the very beginning, ATALIAN has been focused on the high quality of services. In the year 2000, it was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate and it successfully renews it every year. Our company expressed its relationship to the environment in the year 2001 when it became the very first cleaning company in the Czech Republic to be awarded the ISO 14001:2005 environmental management certificate. We are certified according to the OHSAS 18001 norm, which determines our company‘s work safety management system, and also ISO 27001, which concerns the information security management system. Our company follows all the legal norms and regulations concerning the use and disposal of chemical agents and other products.


Quality machinery

We provide our services at the highest possible quality, and that logically requires quality machinery and technical equipment, which meets all the European norms and standards. Our cleaning machinery has been mostly produced by HAKO, TENNANT, and NILFISK. Our companies operate a huge fleet of personal and utility vehicles and tractors, which ease the operation and monitoring during contract completion. This fleet includes more than 250 vehicles.


Quality personnel

FORMATIO, o.p.s., founded in January 2011, is a subsidiary of ATALIAN International. Its foundation resulted from the desire to improve the level of knowledge and knowhow, to improve the quality of services, to implement the standards of ATALIAN International in all countries, to distinguish us from our competitors, and to increase our customers' level of satisfaction. We intend to achieve this goal through regular theoretical and practical training sessions, but we would also like to utilize meetings of people from different fields for the exchange of new practical findings and technologies and for the creation of team spirit among colleagues from the same fields. Thanks to those training sessions, we are able to support the development of services provided by the individual branches, based on the exchange of information with more experienced colleagues from the surrounding countries. To make sure this information is relevant, these training sessions are led by professionals from given branches and often by directors of specific divisions. The training sessions take place, for the time being, at the key management level; however, FORMATIO plans to get closer to the individual states and to allow quality training to all employees. Our training centre can also cooperate with our key suppliers who could make specialized presentations on new technologies and products on the facility management market. 27

We are a part of their way forward

Services: - Regular cleaning - Special cleaning services - Technological cleaning

Services: - Regular cleaning - Special cleaning services - Paint-shop cleaning

Services: - Regular cleaning - Special cleaning services - Outside cleaning

Services: - Regular cleaning - SpPaint-shop cleaning - ecial cleaning services - Greenery maintanance - Post services

Services: - Regular cleaning - Special cleaning services - Shops in CR and SR


Services: - Regular cleaning - Special cleaning services - Waste handling

Services: - Regular cleaning - Special cleaning services - Waste handling - Greenery maintanance - Facility technical administration - DDD

Services: - Regular cleaning - Security & Reception - Cleaning of production machinery - Facility technical administration

Services: - Regular cleaning - Security - Facility technical administration - Outside cleanings

Services: - Facility technical administration - Regular cleaning - Outside cleanings

Services: - Regular cleaning - Special cleaning services - Facility technical administration - Security

Services: - Regular cleaning - Reception, Security - Facility technical administration - Outside cleanings

Operation and administration of facilities is what we take care of

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