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At Atalanta Corporation, our vision is to be a part of every food experience. It's what inspired us to launch Table One. The brand offers a range of quality products - whether imported or domestic - to fit within any budget. We know that not everyone's table looks the same — sometimes it is a kitchen table for six and sometimes it’s a cubicle for one. No matter where your table is, or who is there with you, we have the delicious products from Table One to support your everyday meals.

Cups & Pre-Cut Exact weight range

Table One Feta is crafted in using imported authentic sheep's milk and traditional methods. It is aged for a minimum of 2 months to develop its savory, slightly tangy flavor and crumbly texture.

This Goat and Sheep Feta Blend is a combination of classic sheep's milk Feta and Canadian goat cheese.These crumbles have a deep herbaceous flavor and creamy texture.

Table One Blue Cheese is crafted in a Danish creamery with the freshest cow’s milk to create its ivory-colored interior streaked with blueish-green veins, its earthy flavor and creamy texture.

Feta Cup Item Code 732225 | Pack Size 12/5oz UPC 07170393666

Goat Feta Cup Item Code 732222 | Pack Size 12/5oz UPC 071270393635

Blue Cup Item Code 732227 | Pack Size 12/5oz UPC 071270393680

Table One Italian Parmesan originates from the northern mountainous region of South Tirol, Italy, where it is aged to perfection and develops its iconic sweety, nutty flavor. Grated Parmesan Cup Item Code 732230 | Pack Size 12/5oz UPC 071270393710 Shredded Parmesan Cup Item Code 732223 | Pack Size 12/5oz UPC 071270393642 Pre-Cut Parmesan Item Code 732229 | Pack Size 12/6oz UPC 071270393703

Table One Gouda’s are crafted with fresh cow’s milk using classic European methods. The Red Wax Gouda has a smooth interior, with a sweet, nutty, and buttery taste. The Smoked Gouda has a creamier texture and just the right about of smoky flavor. Pre-Cut Red Wax Gouda Item Code 731836 | Pack Size 12/7oz UPC 071270391389 Pre-Cut Smoked Gouda Item Code 731837| Pack Size 12/7oz UPC 071270391396

Table One Red Wax Fontina is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese crafted in one of Denmark’s award-winning dairies. It has a mild, tangy flavor, silky texture and bold aroma. Pre-Cut Fontina Item Code 731835 | Pack Size 12/7oz UPC 071270391372

Table One Edam is a classic Dutch Cheese that is crafted using the finest European traditions. It is a cow’s milk cheese with a mellow, slightly salty flavor.

This Table One French style Brie, imported from Canada is made in small batches using fresh milk. This cheese features an edible white rind, a buttery soft interior and a mild flavor.

Pre-Cut Edam Item Code 731834 | Pack Size 12/7oz UPC 071270391365

Pre-Cut Brie Item Code 068752 | Pack Size 12/7oz UPC 071270391358

Table One Havarti originates from one of the largest sustainable and independently owned dairies in Germany. This delectable cow’s milk cheese has a mellow herbaceous flavor with a smooth texture.

Table One Gruyere is crafted at one of the most environmentally conscious dairies in Germany. Fresh milk from free-range cows creates a soft textured cheese with a full-bodied flavor and fruity undertones.

Table One German Swiss is imported from a farmer-owned dairy in Germany and crafted using sustainable methods. Fresh cow's milk gives this cheese its classic nutty flavor and smooth texture.

Pre-Cut Havarti Item Code 732224 | Pack Size 12/7oz UPC 071270393659

Pre-Cut Gruyere Item Code 732226 | Pack Size 12/7oz UPC 071270393673

Pre-Cut Swiss Item Code 732228 | Pack Size 12/7oz UPC 071270393687

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