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The Impact of Local Farmers Markets in Your Immediate Communities Back in the day, families would convene at their community farmers market in order to swap and barter their goods. At the time, this was the method used to bring food to the table. One family would bring in a load of potatoes, another one -- a crop of corn, while others would bring along the produce they had grown. This system worked extremely well but became outmodeled as technology advanced and food became available in local stores.

Today’s Farmers Markets In today’s modern society, it is easy and convenient to visit the supermarket to purchase your food items. Lately though, more and more people are looking at the importance of purchasing nutritious fresh food that comes right from the farmer’s field in the community. This produce is not available on the supermarket shelves and still remains a desperately wanted and needed commodity. Local people that want fresh food at an affordable price can convene at their farmer’s markets. The food for sale at these markets has been freshly picked and brought to market the next day. There is nothing that tastes better than a fresh tomato that has just come from the vine. There is no comparing this to a supermarket tomato that has been subjected to transportation and warehousing before reaching the grocery store.

Nutritional Value Of Food When a fruit or vegetable is allowed to ripen naturally in the field it has a much higher nutritional content than the one that is picked early enough to compensate for transportation and storage. Not only do the two tomatoes differ drastically in taste, there is also an extreme difference in their nutritional values. In order to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to food, you’ll want to choose only fresh produce. It tastes better and gives your body the nutrition it craves.

How Farmers Markets Impact The Local Economy Farmers markets impact the local economy of the community they serve in many ways. A report issued by New Orleans Market Umbrella stated that for every dollar that is spent at the market, a portion goes back into the local economy and is re-spent in the area. There are no stakeholders or parent companies that are receiving dollars back, so there is more cash that can flow into the local economy. Farmers markets benefit everyone living in the community, to a certain degree. This is the best way to feed a family while at the same time helping out your neighbors and local businesses. Resource: Farmers Market Foundation New Orleans Market Umbrella Revised and redistributed by Helen D. Brooks, Marketing Coordinator, ASUEP. “The Alcorn State University Extension Program offers educational programs, materials, and equal opportunity employment to all people without regardless to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status, or disability.”

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