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SUSTAINABILITY Report continued

The SHE induction programme at FCC consists of 7 key elements: •

Operational SHE policy;

SHE management guidelines and duties of responsible staff;

Emergency response and control;

Hazard mitigation and emergency response for chlorine gas;

Escape mask use;

Security guidelines during an emergency; and

General SHE rules for contractors.

SHE audits Aspen conducts regular SHE audits to ensure that all procedures comply with legislation, regulations and the Group’s formal policy. During the year International Risk Consulting Africa Ltd was commissioned to conduct SHE quality and legal compliance gap audits to assess legal compliance with safety, health and environment legislation and with quality management systems, where applicable, at the Port Elizabeth, East London and Clayville manufacturing facilities, the Port Elizabeth centralised warehouse and the Durban and Johannesburg-based offices. These audits included testing of electrical installations, servicing of generators, inspection of lifting gear, risk assessment by the local fire department, inspection of smoke detectors and surveys of noise, lighting, chemical and heat stressors. Where incidents of non-compliance were found, corrective actions have been and are being put in place in line with the audit reports, within a 12-18 month framework.

The SHE management department ensures that any necessary corrective and preventative measures are put in place.

Workplace injuries Workplace hazards at the manufacturing facilities may range from physical and psychological to mechanical, chemical and biological. While the primary aim is to completely eliminate the hazard, this may not be feasible and successive steps are then put in place to ensure that the threat to employees is nonetheless minimised. The Group’s safety procedures ensured that disabling injuries were kept to a minimum with 11 reported for the entire Group during the year. In order to prevent the recurrence of reported injuries or accidents, the Group’s operations maintain ongoing interaction between the SHE management department and all other departments. The SHE management department ensures that any necessary corrective and preventative measures are put in place to prevent similar incidents from recurring. To this end safety talks covering past incidents are conducted while the relevant employees are further re-trained in safe working habits. The Group has further implemented reporting systems encouraging employees to highlight unsafe acts or conditions. Employee health services All of Aspen’s permanent South African employees appointed since 2001 are members of a compulsory medical aid scheme.


Aspen Annual Report 2006

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Aspen Annual Report 2006  

Aspen Annual Report 2006