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South Florida Administrator SPRING 2015

Newsletter of the South Florida Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” —Benjamin Franklin

Notes from the Editor By Keven Mayo CONTENTS President’s Message. ................................ Upcoming Events ................................ Local Events ................................ Past Events ................................................................ Local Events ................................ Dear Members, Your South Florida Chapter offered several events recently, to Regional/National Events ................................ provide networking opportunities, and we have our Annual Get in Touch ................................................................ Awards event finishing off the year in June! We have been Job Listings, Internships & pleased with the turnout at the events so far this year, Scholarships ................................................................ Member Benefits ................................particularly the increase in the number of students. Nominations are now underway for a new Board of Directors; Board of Directors 2014please consider submitting your name to step up into one of 2015 ................................................................ the vacant positions. If you have an interest in becoming the New Ideas ................................................................ future newsletter editor, I would love to groom you for the How to Join ................................................................ position (succession planning) since the upcoming year will Members……………………… be my last on the Board. I just received an award for 35 years …… of service with Miami-Dade County and will be retiring this summer. Keep cool! Keven Mayo receiving an award for 35 years of County service from Miami-Dade Commissioner Javier Souto, May 12, 2015

President’s Message by Glenn Joseph

Fellow ASPA members, as we approach the end of this administration I believe that we have accomplished a significant portion of our proposed objectives for this year. We however, still have a couple of things to finish off the year. The annual awards event is to be held on June 11th and I am asking each and every one to commit to inviting one additional person, so that we can have a closeout success and a financially rewarding event. The end of the year also signals the need for commitments to service as we prepare to hold our annual election of officers for the next term. Members, step up and help us remain at the head of the class in this, our illustrious 77 year old professional organization. I believe that you have answered my previous call to recharge and engage with renewed energy, commitment and resolve. The creation of our first Student Group still remains paramount among our objectives, and at Florida Memorial University we remain focused on celebrating the importance of and commitment to diversity within our profession. Public Administration and Public Policy remain at the crossroads but are moving toward a path to restoration and expansion of our professional values and pursuit of the greater good. The road remains a long one and the success in reclaiming our profession from the clutches of those who impede our ability to have quality administration, remain within our grasp. As we continue to travel along this rocky road together, let us affirm our commitment to engage all of the members of the chapter in the activities that we conduct. We will continue to expand our membership to include students and young professionals who will be transitioned into the leadership of this organization. We must nurture those that we bring in and assist them in their development. Let us continue without fear the change that is needed, and continue to be wise about what we change. Respectfully, Glenn Joseph President

Notes from Ines by Ines Beecher, ASPA District III National Council Representative Here is some news from various sources to entertain and enlighten:  The next ASPA National Conference, in Seattle, Washington, is from March 18-22, 2016. I have been fortunate to visit this beautiful city. Imagine walking around Pike Market and watching fish being thrown to customers as their orders are ready or the stunning flowers waiting to be


purchased! The Space Needle has spectacular sky high views! Planning for the conference has been underway and I am looking forward to attending it.  The SECoPA Conference, in Charleston, South Carolina is from September 30 to October 3, 2015. Conference theme is “Research and Application: Promoting Effective Public Service.” The city itself evokes southern charm and hospitality with its graceful architecture and lifestyle. The Conference planners have sent out calls for papers and award nominations. For further information, link to the website:  I will be attending a SECoPA Board Retreat from May 29-30, 2015, in Charleston, North Carolina. The Board usually has a retreat every five years to refresh our efforts in our procedures and events. This year’s agenda contains updating the bylaws, finalizing the 2016 SECoPA site, discussing the endowment fundraising efforts, and other matters. Please keep in touch, I am only an e-mail away at, and tell me your ideas, thoughts and comments. Until summer, Ines Beecher National Council Representative-District 3

Upcoming Events Local Events Our last event this year is the Annual Awards Reception which will be held on June 11, 2015 from 6-9 pm at Jungle Island. Six awards plus a scholarship will be presented. Additional information may be found and tickets may be purchased on our homepage at Our events are open to everyone interested in public service, so please feel free to share the calendar of events with your colleagues, students, and professors. We would love for all of you to participate in the events that we organize and to take advantage of the learning and networking opportunities ASPA has to offer. Whether you want to volunteer or have any ideas that you would like us to implement, please feel free to contact the Board by sending an e-mail to More information about upcoming events will be posted on the Chapter’s website and in the next edition of our South Florida Administrator Newsletter.

National/Regional Events The Southeast Conference of Public Administrators (SECoPA) will be held in Charleston, South Carolina from September 30-Octover 3, 2015. The conference theme is “Research & Application: Promoting Effective Public Service”. For additional information and to register, please go to Information on the 2016 National ASPA Annual Conference and SECoPA are noted in “Notes from Ines” above.

Past Events Local Events 12th ASPA Annual Women’s History Month Reception by Keven Mayo, Editor On March 26, 2015 ASPA South Florida hosted the 12th Annual Women’s History Month reception at Jungle Island. The event honored outstanding community servants who have made a great impact in South Florida. Our 2015 Honorees included: • • • •

Ana Garcia – City Manager, City of North Miami Beach Gepsie Metellus – Executive Director, SantLa Community Center Malou Harrison – President, Miami-Dade College, North Campus Ines Triay – Executive Director, Applied Research Center at FIU and League of Women Voters

• •

Avis Proctor – President, Broward College, North Campus Ashira Mohammed – Mayor, Town of Pembroke Park


Ms. Ana Garcia (holding award), Manager of City of North Miami Beach, is honored as one of ASPA’s top women of the year in public service. She is accompanied (l to r) by Board Members Dr. Agatha Caraballo, Roslyn Alic-Batson, and President Glenn Joseph.


Ms. Ana Garcia had the largest group of cheerleaders attending the reception, and after hearing from a couple of people who have worked with the City Manager, it was easy to understand why. Ms Garcia exemplifies “Good Leadership” and we should all be so lucky to have someone like her for a boss. However, Ms Garcia was in excellent company with the other honorees, as they all have impressive backgrounds and do great work in their organizations. Ms. Ashira Mohammed (2nd from left), Mayor of Pembroke Park, accepts her ASPA award for being a top woman in public service. She wears many hats on her job in running the Town and is also a mother-to-be! Ms Mohammed is accompanied by member Nicki Frazier, Roslyn Alic-Batson, Glenn Joseph and Agatha Caraballo. ASPA awarded the Natasha Seijas “Women in Public Service” scholarship to Sebawit Bishu, FIU PhD student in Public Affairs in recognition of academic excellence and commitment to public service. Ms. Bishu is the founding President of the FIU student chapter of the International City and County Management Association (ICMA). Congratulations to all of these forward-focused women!

April Lunch Meeting by Keven Mayo, Editor Our April Chapter lunch meeting was held on April 29 at Casa Juancho restaurant, and our speaker was Dr. Allan Rosenbaum, who just completed his term as President of National ASPA. Despite the rainy weather, we had a determined audience; Board Member Dr. Valerie Patterson recruited a Public Works manager to attend who drove down from Weston with his windshield wipers swishing away! Two other Board Members also brought potential ASPA members ☺.

ASPA Chapter President Glenn Joseph addresses some attendees at the April luncheon at Casa Juancho. Photo by Bill Solomon

ASPA National Immediate Past President Dr. Allan Rosenbaum speaks to the audience to encourage ASPA’s Advocacy Initiatives for a Strong Public Sector Photo by Bill Solomon


During a delicious lunch, global traveler Dr. Rosenbaum spoke about the difficulty public administrators have had over the last 3 to 4 decades due to public distrust of government and limits put on government to carry out its activities. He gave a brief history of public administration highlights related to 20th century American presidents and mentioned that although a supporter of President Obama, he is personally disappointed in in the president for not supporting public employees. Dr. Rosenbaum discussed the importance of federal government research assistance in finding treatments/cures for diseases (Ebola, Aids) and enabling building of large private companies (Apple and Microsoft). He said he was elected National ASPA president due to his platform to make ASPA a strong advocate for the public sector, rather than continuing its focus on professional development. Dr. Rosenbaum is part of a group putting together “State and Local Memos” to inform these government levels what their peer governments are doing nationally. He believes we are experiencing the greatest rise ever in inequality in the U.S. We are undermining public sector education as a nation; the U.S. is the lowest taxing industrial country in the world with taxes comprising 24% of GDP relative to the average 35% GDP. Higher taxing countries create prosperity and have a great education system. We need an educated public sector. Jimmy Aycart commented that the public doesn’t care about ROI for the public sector. Dr. Rosenbaum agreed and finished his talk by commanding the audience to “Go out and defend the public sector!”

Get in Touch Do you have comments or questions for ASPA and the Board Members? Would you like to share your public administration experience? Please join us in the following sites: a. Twitter b. Facebook c. LinkedIn d. Govloop (must become a member to view page)

Job Listings, Internships & Scholarships ASPA's online career center at aids members' career development at all levels and offers the most comprehensive and useful information about careers in the field. Another source of information for local jobs and possible internships is the chapter’s Facebook page.

There are also internship opportunities through a program at Miami-Dade County to get a firsthand look at operations in the public sector. They are directed to undergraduate or graduate college students (click here for further information).

Member Benefits 1. Networking - Interactions with professional public managers not only provide the basis for lasting friendships, but offers opportunities for informal consultation with skilled professionals on matters of public concern. 2. Professional Development - A series of luncheon speakers and professional development seminars on cutting edge topics enable you to develop critical technical, ethical and leadership competencies. 3. News and Views - ASPA membership is one way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your community. 4. Advancing Public Service - Learning about best practices provides the opportunity to better serve the citizenry of Miami-Dade County and other parts of South Florida 5. Conference Participation - Supplementing ASPA's national and state conferences on public administration is the inauguration of a South Florida conference with informative presentations from professional practitioners and academics. 6. Visibility Among Peers - ASPA's South Florida chapter rewards excellence in public service with annual awards, scholarships, internships and other forms of personal recognition for outstanding performance. 7. Community Service - Chapter efforts are designed to provide outreach and special assistance to needy segments of our community. 8. Liaison with Educational Efforts - The chapter has established linkages with higher educational institutions to encourage students to consider careers in public service. 9. Public-Private Partnerships - The ASPA chapter is cultivating close relationships with nonprofit and private sector service providers in recognition of the changing face of the public service profession.


Board of Directors 2014-2015 President: Glenn C. Joseph President-Elect: Terry Murphy Recording Secretary: Magaly Jeanty-Bashir Corresponding Secretary: Carolyn Francis-Royer Treasurer: Julie Ann Smith Immediate-Past President: Diane Benitez

Roslyn Alic-Batson Seraphin W. Bernard Agatha Caraballo Rina Gomez Keven Mayo Valerie Patterson William Solomon

Student Representative: Michele Tantardini

Regional/National Liaisons: Steven Bobes / Ines Beecher, Allan Rosenbaum, Meredith Newman

New Ideas As an organization that values interaction between academia and practitioners, ASPA South Florida Chapter would like to invite you to share your ideas to improve public administration either by e-mail at or by attending one of our programs and talking to any of the board members.

How to Join Future members can easily join by attending one of the many events planned and complete an application form onsite, or by filling out the online application posted at ASPA APPLICATION.

ASPA South Florida Members (as of May 2015) FirstName Paula Tulasi James

MiddleName LastName Acevedo Acharya Agbodzakey

Andrea Susannah Roslyn Mohamad Karen Berenice Cindy George Jimmy Francisca Nabilah Verdenia Cristina Daniel Susan Ines Diane Cameron Seraphin Gary Sebawit Steven MaryLou Rosavalerie James Gary Gretha James Agatha Isabel Natalia John Sofia Jethzabel Linda Dominick Joseph Benjamin NakHyeok Jason Orlando Zarah John Bridgette Issac Vivian


G. Velez



P. Falo D. W. G.

I. Robert Swift Cosio J. Cristina L. M. John

T. A. G.

Agha Ali Alic-Batson Alkadry Arce Arenberg-Seltzer Atisa Aycart Backenstross Baig Baker Baldor Barcia Beaghen Beecher Benitez Benson Bernard Beswick Bishu Bobes Bobes Boza Brecher Brown Burchard Capp Caraballo Carballo Cardona Carroll Casado Castillo Cave Cavuoto Centorino Chiszar Choi Ciaschini Clarke Coll Collins Cram Cruz Cueto

Cora Anthony Eduardo Frandley Julie Marcela Antoino John Shirley Melissa Jeremy Rachel Jerry Ali Steven Peter Carolyn Howard Nicki Wanda Sukumar Nazife Adriana Jean-Claude Jose Angelina Sean Jennifer Richard David Jason Rina Michael Daniel David Hai Timothy Yetive Jose Gary Jorene Magaly Jessica Ginah Glenn



L. Elizabeth A.


M. A.



Daise Davila De La Flor Weiss DeFilie-DeFlys Desir Diaz Diaz Donohue Downes Dynan Earle Emas Estrada Farazmand Feldman Forrest Francis-Royer Frank Fraser Fuentes Ganapati Ganapati Garcia Garcia-Zamor Garrido Gaud Gibbons Glazer-Moon Goldman Goldman Goldstein Gomez Gregory Grossi Guo Hagen Hidalgo Irizarry Jackson Jameson Jeanty-Bashir Jones Joseph Joseph

Joseph Nafia Aziz Joshua Victoria Alexander Ana Romeo Vanessa Susana Robert Danny Frantz Erin Elsie Alfred Victor Isidoro Maggie Allyson Elvis Frank Elizabeth Jonathan Warren Guillermo Kristin Keven Betty James Kathryn Manfred Michael David Angela Kimberly Saundra Javier Maria Concepcion Claire Terry Enrique Vernita Milena



R. B. Marie E.

Ann R. M.

C. R. M. A.


F. Eli Ryan

L. Angelica



Kavanagh Khan Klebleyev Kosches Kovacs Kroll Lang Lavarias Layne Ledesma-Leon Lee Lee LeGrand Lewandowski Lewin Light London Lopez Lorenzo Love Maldonado Mancuso Mangual Martinez Master Mata Matheny Mayo Mayo McConnell McDonough Meine Milakovich Miller Miller Moloney Moody Morejon Moreno Morris Mostel Murphy Musi Nelson Neshkova

Meredith Mariana Sandra Sunday J. Vivian John Valerie Mary Judney Carol Genesis Shellie Christa Karen Kimberly Sergio Jeisson Cristina Christopher Allan Nathalia Jorge Larry Mary Lorena Charles Elizabeth Donna Amanda Renee Alan Richara Sachiel Arthur Lisa June Kathryn Julie-Ann Marisa Linda William Jung Hyun Daniel


Irorinevah A.


L. P.


A. Luis

E. Rae M. N. Fernand M. J.


Newman O'Brien Ocampo Odezah Ojeda Olodun O'Malley Patterson Pendleton- Brown Pierre Purrier Quintana Ransom-Jackson Remington Reyna Chavez Richardson-Barber Rivas Rodriguez Rodriguez-Acosta Rose Rosenbaum Salas-Restrepo Salt Schooler Schuch Schwartz Scurr Sewell Shalala Shore Shrout Silva Simmons Simon Simon Simoneau Simpson Sims Smith Smith Smith Solomon Song Speer

Sheryl Ashley David David Michele Jill Ronetta Joseph Evelyn Shenise David Joseph Ricardo Andrew Gabriel Eric Rahel Anitra Jonathan Adrian Priscilla Jeaneen Lauren Kathleen Roy L. Alina





P. E.


St. Pierre Strabala Swanson Sweet Tantardini Tao Taylor Taylor Trammell Truesdell Twigg Valme Varela Vaz Vergara Watters Weldeyesus Wells West Wilkins Williams Witt Wood Woods-Richardson Yates-O'Neal Yoder Zamora-Ammavuta

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2015 ASPA newsletter spring

2015 ASPA newsletter spring  

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