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Researchers are investigating the formation of Earth and early life. Cover image credit: Johan Swanepoel | 123rf

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General: Magdeline Pokar

As we complete this issue, most of the world has been on a pandemic lockdown for over a year. In the early days of Asia Research News, I remember attending a meeting where researchers predicted a worldwide pandemic. It was chilling to recently rediscover scribbled notes from that meeting which said: “Not if, but when.” In this issue of the magazine, we bring you a special report on the incredible work by scientists in our community, joining the global effort to overcome COVID-19. In some places, researchers battled more than a pandemic. We were writing up the article on women leaders in Myanmar when the coup broke out. The article outlines years of hard work by local teams to study and help shrink the gender gap, progress that we hope will continue when peace returns. Despite the immense challenges, researchers throughout our Asia

Research News community have forged ahead and we are pleased to showcase some of these findings. Journey with us to some of the most extreme places on Earth, see how climate change is affecting them, and search for clues about how life began. Find out how researchers are racing to develop more resource efficient technologies, production processes, and energy sources, as well as better tools to explore DNA, detect infection and treat diseases. Don’t miss our podcasts and videos that accompany several stories, which you’ll find at our website. We hope these stories inspire you as they have us. And please get in touch. We’re on a mission to bring new voices to international research news and we want to hear from you.

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