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The 73rd Induction and Turnover Ceremonies

Finding Love in the JCI

Inspirational Speech

2021 February Editorial Board LOM Director Carl Lester Ang EIC Luis Peralta Managing Editor Jon Richmond Ang Creative Director Comm Alex Uy Contributor/s Commissioner Jet Tatel Chairman Nikko Que Nilo Rico Layout Artist Creative Agency

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Continuity Amidst Adversity We begin 2021 with courage, wisdom and the willingness to move forward after one of the most difficult years in recent history. In relation, to this month’s issue of the Asian Pearl, we highlight our 73rd induction and Turnover Ceremonies which is fitting as we not only celebrate as the milestones and achievements of the 2020 BOD led by our President John Bautista but also welcome and salute the 2021 BOD led by President-Elect Richard Tamayo who have wholeheartedly taken up the challenge of leading JCI Manila as we still are faced with the uncertainties brought by the pandemic. No doubt that this year will be unlike any other in history and you can trust your Asian Pearl Editorial Team to be there to not only capture and preserve your moments as you live out our JCI Values, Mission and Vision but more weave them into stories of hope and inspiration for future leaders of our organization. Every story counts and we cannot wait to hear from you.


There was an on-site antigen testing to ensure all members attending the event are Covid free. The 73rd Induction and Turnover Ceremonies By: Nikko Que 2021 Induction Chairman

The 73rd Induction and Turnover Ceremonies last January 23, was THE kickoff event for JCI Manila 2021. The coat and tie event were held at ALTA D’ Tagaytay and must I say the location is nothing short of spectacular. But what really impressed me the most was the extra steps the BOD took to ensure the safety of our members. The IATF protocols were carefully observed. There was an onsite antigen testing to ensure all members attending the event are Covid free. There were robots to facilitate no contact services, like the Glambot photobooth and the coffee-bot. These extra measures show how much our BOD puts our health and safety into heart -giving a safer atmosphere all throughout the induction.

The steps the BOD took to ensure our event pushes through without a stich is astonishing.

JCI Manila 2021 Board of Directors

Big issues arose the day before the event, but with everyone’s savvy and resourcefulness, EVERYTHING was resolved just in time.

This is the first event I have attended as a member (I was just inducted at the grand GMM last December) and this is my first project as chairman of JCI Manila. With the support of the current BOD, my overall chairmanship experience was very straightforward. It was remarkable how efficient the JCI Manila members are. The steps the BOD took to ensure our event pushes through without a stich is astonishing. Big issues arose the day before the event, but with everyone’s savvy and resourcefulness, EVERYTHING was resolved just in time. Thus, resulting to the overall success of the event. Director of Training & Leadership - Adrian Padiernos

Director of COMDEV - Jason Oliva

VP Brainard Hao • VP Richard Lim • DIR Roel Gallardo

With the program finishing in record time (to give those not staying the night a chance to get back to Manila before the Tagaytay curfew) we were still able to accomplish everything that had to be celebrated in this event. We got to meet the 2021 BOD, and the adorable family of Pres Rich Tamayo. Watching from the crowd, the entire BOD really looked like a team of hardworking and energetic individuals! You really know they will be hustling through this pandemic to accomplish all the goals JCI Manila has set for this year.

Everybody was just

at peak performance.

Overall, I must say the event was a total blast.

After the program, everybody started going to the basement of the hotel where the event social was to take place. With freeflowing drinks and a DJ to keep the party going for those who stayed over (which surprisingly was a lot). The JCI Manila members got to drink with all the brothers as well as mingle with the many sister chapters that we reaffirmed our partnership with for 2021.

2021 JCI Manila President – Richard Tamayo

Overall, I must say the event was a total blast. The committee members, directors, and of course the amazing suppliers we got for the event really outdid themselves. Everybody was just at peak performance. The event would not have been as successful without everyone’s contribution. Everybody got to bring home some nifty giveaways at the end, as well as our massive 2021 JCI Manila Souvenir Program. I even got to bring home a kick ass orchid for my wife! This was an awesome first for me as a new JCI Manila member and chairman. I will be looking forward to more experiences like these, across all the directorates of our very prestigious and proud brotherhood JCI Manila.

2021 JCI Manila President Richard Tamayo • 2020 JCI Manila President John Bautista • 2021 Secretary General Jerry Hung VP Candice Diao • 2021 Pres Angel Angliongto • Past VP Ira Suelan

JCI Ortigas


2021 Director for Membership Development - Victor Queyquep

Event host Zahra Bianca Saldua entertained the night away

JCI Ortigas

JCI Zugbuana

JCI Philippines National Board

JCI Philippines Senate Board

JCI Makati Princess Urduja

JCI Manileña

JCI Macajalar 24K

JCI Perlas Pasay

JCI Philippines Senate Board

JCI Marikina Marikit

JCI Davaoeña Daba Daba

“It’s such an advantage to marry someone who is also a member of JCI because they understand us (JCI Manila) and we understand each other and the things that we do,” said NP Boydee.

Finding Love in the JCI February being the love month, our JCI Manila Podcast featured 2 JCI Manila Past Presidents who found their happily-ever-after’s in the JCI and aptly billed it: Manila Love Stories. Hosted by Jerik Jacoba and G3 Ilagan, the podcast guested 2000 National President (NP) and 1996/1997 Past President Rafael “Boydee” Dizon III and 2018 Past President Joaquin “Jop” Esquivias who are both married to JCI wives –Past President Olivia “Bangbang” Uy Dizon of JCI-Zugbuana and Past President Vicky Martinez Esquivias of JCI Alabang.

Presidents found their partners in JCI

While NP Boydee and PP Jop didn’t exactly join the JCI to look for love, they found it at the most unexpected time. NP Boydee shared that he already knew PP Bangbang because they were sister chapters, but sparks didn’t fly the first time they met. It was when he was NP and Bangbang was Chapter President that they were given a chance to know each other better. As for PP Jop, it was a case of mistaken identity during one of the ASPACs. Vicky thought he was Ganzo and kept on addressing him as such. That was a unique way of breaking the ice.

By: Commissioner Jet Tatel

National President (NP) Boydee Dizon and President Joaquin Esquivias narrated their affairs with their wives — JCI Zugbuana Past President (PP) Bangs Dizon and JCI Alabang Past President Vicky Esquivias. Their talk revolved around their early stage in JCI, courtship, engagement and until their marriage. NP Boydee started by saying that he and PP Bangs speak the same language in terms of finding their place in society, sharing their blessings and making a lot of good friends. NP Boydee shared his wisdom in loving a partner that he found in JCI. He said that it is very comfortable to work in JCI Manila projects since his partner knows that experiences and what they do in JCI.

“Naalala ko nung nalabas ako ng bahay, okay lang sa kanya kasi alam niya na JCI projects ang gagawin ko. Tutulong sa community and magiging mabuting instrumento para sa ating mga kababayan,” said NP Boydee.

Meanwhile Pres. Joaquin, also known as Pres. Jop, shared his initial stage as a JCI member and later found out that a past president of JCI Alabang will be his future spouse.

For PP Jop, adjusting to married life was fairly easy. Except for some minor quirks that they discovered in each other, everything else was very fluid. Even during this lockdown when they’re together 24/7, their marriage has been a breeze!

Pres. Jop has echoed the sentiments said by Pres Boydee by mentioning in the podcast episode that there has been a minimal adjustment and fluid transition to a married life with Past President Vicky Esquivias. Also, Pres. Jop has found being married to a person familiar with the JCI culture has become advantageous as everything seems to match between Pres. Jop and Pres. Vicky. We believe that really faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life. With that, it is also in JCI that, if we can see our future partners, it is really God who is moving in our life.

NP Boydee shared that being married to a JCI has its advantages. When he goes to conferences and conventions, Bangbang understands why he has to go. They also speak the same language and found common friends In the organization that have become like family.

Some tips in keeping the marriage happy shared by both are: (a) As the guy, be the one to say sorry, even if it hurts your pride; (b) never go to bed angry; (c) saying “I love you’s” often. To keep the spark, always create memories together (both especially love travelling), as a couple and as a family.

here was no turning back from that point on. Their relationships progressed and eventually led to the altar.

NP Boydee and PP Jop found love in the JCI during the peak of their JCI career. At the time when they poured their hearts into their JCI responsibilities, they garnered awards, accolades and recognition. But the best thing they got during their term is LOVE. Why don’t you guys give JCI a try!

Becoming more for others require of us to leverage on our own strengths and abilities to bring out the best in others, because it is in the process of improving ourselves that we are able to motivate and encourage others to make themselves better and to harness even further their own capabilites. In the end, our own leadership qualities become the roadmap for others to achieve their own leadership potentials. This is, in my mind, what it means for JCI to be a leadership organization. We are not a leadership organization, simply because of the positions and titles we hold, either inside this organization or in our own workplace. NP Jude Avorque Acidre ( Congratulatory Speech)

INSPIRATIONAL SPEECH Induction - JCI Manila Jude Avorque Acidre 23 January 2021

It was the pioneering spirit and determined resolve of first members of JCI Manila, the first JCI Chapter in Asia that gave birth to a proud legacy of leadership and service. The entire JCI Philippines is a grateful heir to their hard work in making their vesion a reality for our times. Out of the ruin and debris left by the Second World War, the father of JCI Philippines, your very own member, Artemio Vergel de Dios saw an opportunity to build an organization commited to the vision of active citizenship. But Temiong saw what would escape the eyes of many - the mission to create opportunities that will empower young leaders like him to create positive change. Temiong’s tenacity and audacity is a timely reminder as our country and the world face an unprecedented crisis. I am inspired of his strong resolve to build a new

leadership organization at a very challenging time, and in him doing so, of his confidence and courage to challenge the status quo. As it is often said, the worst of times shape the best of leaders. Temiong did not let a good crisis go to waste - and for the next seventy-three years, his visionary work has inspired generations of young leaders, many of whom have made significant impact in our nation and in their communities. As we find ourselves facing this coronavirus pandemic, let us be reminded that the true test of leadershi is not to be found in times of comfort and convenience, but at a time of conviction and clarity about are shared purpose. This is the inspiration behind this year’s call to action for JCI Philippines to be “more for others.” Truly, our leadership is most needed in the most adverse of circumstances - to bring hope and optimism to a society worn and torn by the sad consequences of this crisis. To be more for others asks of us to be more mindful of how we think and act in a way that brings society together and makes our community stronger. To us in JCI, that vision is best expressed in our JCI Values, which serves as our firm and sure moral compass in all our ideas, action and aspirations. The JCI Values is a fitting reminder for us that creating positive change is our common respondibility, and that service is not simply a choice or an option - it is our shared duty.

We are a leadership organization, because we are willing to lead ourselves towards positive growth, and in doing so, inspire other to take the same challenge of improving themselves. In the end, we influence communities to realize that positive change - that a life for the better is possible. On behalf of the national leadership of JCI Philippines, we are deeply thankful for those who willingly and selflessly embraced the challenge of leadership in their local organizations. With his clarion call for JCI Manila to “Lead as One”, we are very confident that President Richard Tamayo and his leadership team will deliver a very successful term, truly reflective of the great work that the Junior Chamber Interational represents. Likewise we would like to thank those who served on the leadership of JCI Manila, our 2020 President John Bautista and his Board of Directors for their generous

service and outstanding accomplishments. Yours was a very difficult time to lead, but you never gave up and I believe that years from now, Future JCI leaders will look back to this time with gratitude for your courage, determination and perseverance. This brings me to my final point tonight. I am reminded by a South African greeting - “sawubona”. It literally means “I see you. You are important to me and I value you.” It is an affirmation that we do not only see you physically with our eyes - but we see with our heart your true worth and purpose. That we value your abilities and experiences and that we are willing to listen and learn from you. Becoming more for others means to lead by the heart. Having a heart for others can inspire and uplift others in an even more impactful manner. People remember when you treat them with compassion and empathy. In the end, people will trust you not simply because what you do, but because of who you are, of how you are to them. That is what it means to be more for others. That is what we hope JCI Philippines will be and what JCI Manila will aspire to be for our community and our nation. To end, allow me to borrow from the powerful lines written and delivered by Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in US history during the inaugural of President Joe Biden just this week, “There is always light, only if we are brave enough to see it. If we are brave enough to be it.”

So once again, to the incoming leadership team and the members of JCI Manila - let us be brave enough to see the light, to be the light in this dark hour crisis. let as lead as one and be that transforming voice for positive change. Let us be that determined force for good that our world so now desperetely needs. Let us work together to realize the possibilites of a better humanity, for true leadership is not simply about being the best, it is about making everyone else better.

Never forget that together, we can be and we must do better. Together, let us be more for others. Thank you very much! Mabuhay and JCI Manila! Mabuhay ang JCI Philippines!





























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