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Women’s Program

Heywon Kim, Women’s Education and Outreach Program Coordinator


omen’s Education and Outreach Program aims to increase access to HIV/STI prevention & sexual health information and services for Asian women, including queer and transgender women. We provide outreach, information sessions, and workshops for East and Southeast Asian women living in Toronto. In addition, we train peer educators who can conduct outreach, and provide workshops in East and Southeast Asian languages.

Funding by AIDS Prevention Community Investment Program (APCIP), City of Toronto


Highlights of 2011-2012 • Monthly themed dinner events for Asian women were organized, such as craft nights, belly dance lessons, and yoga classes as ways to create a safe space for women to socialize and feel comfortable enough to discuss women’s health issues. • Peer driven bar outreach for Asian transgender women involved in sex work started in November 2011. On average, 4-5 Asian transgender women per week access ACAS for condoms, and other resources. Asian Transgender Women Video Project developed in 2011 and we have organized 2 community screenings. • 8 peer educators fluent in various Asian languages were trained and 21 workshops were conducted this year. Some new workshop venues included women’s centres, shelters and settlement agencies. • HIV Prevention Poster was developed for promoting HIV testing, targeting women with the slogan, “Stop Guessing. Start Testing.” • The Women’s Advisory Committee is planning to develop an exclusive forum for Asian women in later 2012 to discuss relationships, families and health. • New online social media channels were developed including Facebook and Wordpress to engage broader Asian women and service providers.

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2011 ACAS Annual Report  

Asian Community AIDS Services 2011 Annual Report

2011 ACAS Annual Report  

Asian Community AIDS Services 2011 Annual Report