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Message from the board chair


any like us who volunteer with non-profit organizations realized that we have entered a time of fiscal constraint and relative austerity. Reduced government funding will surely affect all of us including the East and Southeast Asian communities we serve. The Board of Directors is fully aware of this challenge and has worked closely with a team of staff and dedicated volunteers to confront the negative external environment that we are facing with a sound plan. Facing as many challenges in the past year, we have successfully developed the 2012-15 Strategic

Plan; secured funding for the volunteer program, social media and community engagement program for the next 2 years; and successfully raised $43,000 from fundraising and donation. There is no doubt that all these success stories come from the synergy of staff, volunteers, and those supporters who believe in our mission. We depend on, and grateful for your support and tireless efforts to help ACAS accomplish our Derek Yee mission and goals. On behalf of the Board Chair Board of Directors, I sincerely thank you all.

Message from the executive director


Noulmook Sutdhibhasilp Executive Director


CAS as an organization is HIV/STIs outreach still true to its mission and • New initiative to heterosexual men mandate: to serve and reach out to vulnerable members of the East • S.L.A.M. – Sex, Love Asian Men Conference and Southeast Asian communities in Ontario who are infected and • A.I.M. – Asian in Motion, Queer Asian Youth Forum affected by HIV/AIDS. • Asian Migrant Farm Workers, Healthcare Needs and HIV Although there was a recent Prevention: A communityand anticipated cut to public based research health budget at every level of • Social media and community government, our volunteers, engagement project board members, staff, and allies work in solidarity to make sure that our limited resources work On a sad note, we lost Patrick as effectively and efficiently as Truong, our colleague in mid possible in this difficult time. I February 2012. His passion and am proud to say that we have dedication to serve HIV+ people accomplished a great deal in the have touched and inspired so year 2011-12. Some notable many lives. He will be missed by all of us. activities in the past year are:

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2011 ACAS Annual Report  

Asian Community AIDS Services 2011 Annual Report

2011 ACAS Annual Report  

Asian Community AIDS Services 2011 Annual Report