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CARALARM SYSTEMS of Dorchester, MA Photography: Lokagroup


By Julie T. Pham

Making Driving Enjoyable



icture yourself driving a modest car with nothing more than the standard features. Now, modify that image with an Eclipse CD7100 stereo system with a 24-bit DSP and an iPod adapter. Let’s add a portable Alpine Blackbird – NAV system with rear seat DVD screens, and then top that off with some chrome performance wheels. Then secure your newly souped-up car with the most reliable car alarm system available. Wouldn’t that be the ideal ride? Well, that’s been a key focus of Car Alarm Systems of Dorchester, MA, for the past 14 years. It all started with Nam Trinh (founder and owner) and his hobby of fixing cars. The Vietnam born and oldest of five boys arrived in the U.S. as a teenager; hence, it was difficult for him to assimilate into the American culture. Often seen as an outsider, 1

Nam concentrated on school (one of his favorite subjects was science) and worked hard to provide for his family. His English improved every day from his effort to learn from his teachers, books, American movies, and close friends. In addition, he picked up American lingo from coworkers and customers at a restaurant he bused for in the evenings. His diligence paid off as an adult as he brought home a sizeable income from his position as an Electronics Manager at a notable high-tech company in MA. In the late 1980s, when car modifications were on the rise, Nam joined the trend and started adding high-tech toys to his car, his siblings’ and friends’ cars. As Nam says, he enjoyed, “dressing them up with amps, subwoofers, wheels, spoilers, etc.” Eventually this after-work passion turned into an entrepreneurial venture when Nam resigned from his long-term managerial position. With the help

service, competitive pricing, and honest and friendly employees. Most customers are known by their first name and they in turn refer everyone they know to this store. “We have customers who have been coming to the store since they were kids,” Nam says with excitement. This husband and wife team built a successful business by combining their respective skills and qualities where it’s needed most. For instance, Victoria uses her presentation skills to attract quality vendors and negotiate costs, while her outgoing personality welcomes new and existing shoppers to the store. On the other hand, the hard working Nam casually informs the customers about their newly purchased item as he installs it in their vehicle. Nam’s advice for future business owners or anyone who strives for success is to, “work hard and spend time on what you love.”

of his business-savvy wife, Victoria, and supportive family, he secured a loan and opened his shop in 1993. In the early years, Nam and Victoria struggled as new business owners since they lacked experience and credentials. Victoria with a slight smile recalls, “Well known automotive companies like Eclipse and Alpine refused to let us sell their high quality products because we were so new.” Nam quickly agrees, “We sold quality but lesser known accessories and products like car alarms and remote starters.” He continues, “We didn’t have a business plan…I simply bought and sold what I could.” That simple but practical business strategy has made Car Alarm Systems one of New England’s leading retailers in the market. In addition, this place is also recognized for superior customer

Today, the store is loaded with top-notch brands of car alarm systems, keyless entries, remote starters, audio systems, DVD players, along with many other products, and yes, Alpine and Eclipse products are now sold there! Furthermore, Nam stays ahead of the fierce competition by constantly upgrading his product line and providing innovative training for his staff on new installations and developments. Consequently, Nam and Victoria attend the consumer electronics convention in Las Vegas annually for a sneak peek of what’s to come in the mobile entertainment world. In fact, Nam just revealed that DirecTV is one of the newer features coming soon to a car near you. Ahhh…more futuristic playthings for your modest car…oh, the wonders of technology. Happy driving! Fall 2007


Asian Boston Issue 4  

Issue 4 (Asian Boston Magazine)

Asian Boston Issue 4  

Issue 4 (Asian Boston Magazine)