Asian Avenue magazine - January 2017

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5036 W. 92nd Ave.

Northview Shopping Center

92nd & Sheridan Ave. Westminster, Colorado 80031

Call them at (303) 955-2182

Twitter/Instagram: @worldjuicebar Facebook: worldjuicebar Blog: Some drinks on the menu: • Pina Colada Smoothie $5.49 • Green Goddess Smoothie $5.49 • Taro Boba tea $4.69 • Thai Ice Tea $2.25 • Frozen Mocha Coffee $2.25

World Juice Bar By Samantha Quee


oused right inside H-Mart, World Juice Bar is the latest boba tea business in Westminster. This quaint and cozy juice and bubble tea lounge is no newcomer to the industry. Starting in 2002, business owners David and Denise Sweet regularly brought their food truck to festivals, providing healthy and delicious beverages to their customers. “World Juice Bar started when we realized that there was a disparity of food within certain communities and events. The lack of variety and the proliferation of fast food chains showed us the need to provide our own healthy food option,” says Denise. Instead of artificial flavorings, the juice lounge uses real fresh fruits and coconut milk and almond milk in their beverages. I had a taste of their pina colada smoothie, which is one of their best sellers. I have to say that while it is the creamiest smoothie I have ever tried, everything tasted natural and extremely refreshing, and I enjoyed every single tropical sip. It tasted almost like an ice cream, minus the guilt. Denise reports, “Many of our customers say that our drinks are not too sweet, and still very delicious. Diets are definitely changing. Gone are the days that every drink needed to be sweet. We also customize our drinks to the customer’s diet and taste, so there is something for everyone, no matter if you are lactose-intolerant, diabetic or have any other health considerations.” Indeed, consumers nowadays want alternatives to soda and over-processed juices. That’s why for World Juice Bar, which also provides craft sodas, tries their best to make everything from scratch. For their Italian soda, carbonated water is used instead of soda. So why did World Juice Bar switch to a brick and mortar shop

after a successful food truck business for over 10 years? Denise reveals, “After many years in the industry, we felt that a physical shop would be a much better option. We used to spend a long time on finding the right location for the food truck. A shop would allow us to concentrate our efforts on the menu itself, and allow more possibilities for future expansion.” David is currently working on a recipe for a ginger beer, which he is now perfecting and hoping to release in the next few months. “I want it to be something different from the others. We are always looking out for fun and new flavors to satisfy our customers,” he says. Another project in their pipeline is the release of their own bottled juice, which they hope to sell at various supermarkets in Colorado. This friendly couple also spends a lot of effort on the interior design of the shop. Denise has a background in IT and website design, and David has experience in audio visual and network engineering. Together, they were able to revamp the entire place, which was previously a tea shop, into a cozy lounge just within one month. “Other than our menu which offers different flavors of the world, we also want different cultural elements infused into the interior,” says Denise. Indeed, Asian decorations such as the Chinese character “fu” (bliss) and central Africa’s tribal pattern prints can be seen on the walls in the shop. If Westminster is too far to get to on a regular basis, World Juice Bar also works with UberEats, and still operates their food truck for special events such as parties, celebrations and family gatherings. They are also very active on social media. Taste their simple, yummy and healthy drinks, and I bet you will leave feeling happier and immensely satisfied! World Juice Bar | asian avenue magazine