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NORTH CAROLINA Departmentof the Secretaryof State Charituble Solicitation License This documentcertifies that, in accordancewith the provisionsof Chapter 131Fof the General Statutesof North Carolina

CarolinaBoxerRescue. Inc, North Camlina SolicitatiotrLicenseNtrmber: 51109625 irederalTax freEpt Status:501(c)(3)Chrritlblo Organization wittr headquartersir Eampstead,NC b hercbydub liceNed by the Departmetrtofthe Secretaryof State10solicit chrritable coDtributionsitr North Carolina for ttre pu4toser rct forth itr fre applicationfor [cetrseapprovcdby atd ffled with ttre Depsrtme of thc Secrotrry of State. Thir licenseis aot trarsferable and thall continuein full force and eXfectfrom the 15th day of September,2015to the 15th doy of May, 2016, unlcrs reYok€dfor crrs€.

IN WITNESS WIIEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official sealat the City of Raleigh, this the l5th day of September, 2015.

/h,*J4a,/"2 SecretaryofState

CBR charity license