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ANNUAL REP ORT 2018–2019

Jill Muti Ashley Hall Head of School Dear Friends, As we continue to celebrate Ashley Hall’s 110th anniversary this year, it is with gratitude that I look back on our School’s enduring legacy. By envisioning a place of learning that would produce educated women who are independent, ethically responsible, and prepared to meet the challenges of society with confidence, Mary Vardrine McBee began in 1909 an institution that has empowered thousands of girls to become their best selves. Surveying campus, I see the continuation of Miss McBee’s vision in the ongoing fulfillment of our From Here to There campaign. From the completion of the LoDome with its new furniture specifically designed for collaborative learning to serve our Lower School girls and the opening of Warren Street House in January to enhance our Upper School programming in the humanities and languages, to the opening of the new Intermediate Program building this fall, our urban home has grown in support of our students. Indeed, it is truly our students who define the essence of our School, and while I am pleased with our growth, I am most proud of the girls who truly make this place a community. During the 2018-2019 school year, our girls used their intellect, curiosity, and talents to experience the world around them. We cheered for Panther athletic teams throughout the year, including our volleyball and tennis teams who won their state championships! Art studios, stages, and rehearsal spaces were alive with creativity as our students explored self-expression and grew as musicians and artists. The beauty of their work has filled our campus this year, and I am continually awed by its depth and brilliance. Crescendo, the kickoff celebration of Ashley Hall’s 110th anniversary, was a crowning achievement for our School, and I am so proud of the timeless moment we created together that night. With a strong classical education foundation innovated for the modern world, Ashley Hall provides girls with a unique environment to become self-reliant, confident, and independent thinkers, and the bonds of our community make a school such as ours possible. Thank you for being part of our family; through your support, our girls are given the opportunity to truly shine.

With kind regards,

Photo by Julia Lynn



FUND The A nnual Giving Campaign

that Makes a Difference

Each gift to the Ashley Hall Loyalty Fund provides the general operating budget with financial support that is used to buttress the School’s highest priorities. By matching their personal philanthropic preferences to the School’s operating budget this past year, friends of Ashley Hall saw the impact of their generosity first-hand in a programmatic area that inspired them. These generous gifts enriched learning and achievement in academics, the arts, athletics, and areas of the School’s greatest need.

A cademics

Gifts to this area reinforced the exceptional interdisciplinary academic curriculum at Ashley Hall dedicated to inquiry-based learning that prepares girls for the challenges of the future and supported professional development for faculty members.


Support to this area helped students to reach their greatest creative potential and expand their horizons. A gift to the arts supported each student’s creative expression and the development of her global mindset.

A thletics

In addition to championing the development of leadership skills as part of the School’s comprehensive athletics program, contributions to this area promoted sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, wellness, and a positive attitude in each Ashley Hall girl.

A rea of G reatest Need

Donations to this area enabled the School to evaluate the needs of students and faculty with a degree of financial flexibility. Each gift reflected pride in the mission and traditions of Ashley Hall and its commitment to fostering a culture of community on campus and beyond.

Photos by Meredith Adkins Frazier and Kelly Grace Photography








$1,080,449 | LOYALTY FUND


Congratulations to Ashley Hall’s varsity volleyball and tennis teams for their state championship victories! PQV for outstanding teamwork, sportsmanship, and ability!

The 1909 Society, Ashley Hall’s oldest giving society, honors donors who annually give $1,909 or more to the Loyalty Fund. The 1909 Society, founded in 1984 to mark the 75th anniversary of Ashley Hall, is open to the community and offers special benefits. Gifts from this leadership giving group comprise approximately 70 percent of all dollars given to the Loyalty Fund. We thank the members of the 1909 Society for their leadership, philanthropic contributions, and continued commitment to Ashley Hall.

Founders’ Circle

Augustine and James Smith

$10,000 & up

Kaye and T. Scott Smith

Kim and Eric Strickland

Anonymous (2)

Julie and Rowan Taylor

Hiroko Yanagida and Frederick Baker

Esther Hoshall Beaumont ’53

Head of School’s Circle

Laura and J.R. Barnhart


Marion ’61 and Wayland Cato

Lilla ’01 and Patrick Clark

Ceara Donnelley and Nate Berry

Elinor and Manny Cohen

Laurie ’73 and George Host

Kim C. Dye

Jill and Lorenzo Muti

Marissa B. Dye ’21

Tiffany J. Dye ’15

Trustees’ Circle

Elhapa Foundation


Elizabeth and James Kenan

Boo and Isaac Morton


Dee Ann and Mark Fava

Lynda and Jules Anderson

Liz and William Fort

Christine and Bill Aylward

Nancy and Lewis Glenn

Anne Frances Bleecker ’76

Mela ’67 and Paul Haklisch

Evie ’81 and Stephen Colbert

Dianna and Jim Goldman

Lisa Darden ’74

Jeannie and Ken Harrell

Ann W. Dibble ’70

Erin and David Hudson

Marion ’83 and Joe Gilchrist

Croft and Hugh Lane

Mozelle DePass Griffith ’63

Elizabeth Rivers Lewine ’54

Mary and Stephen Hammond

Sophie ’02 and Jarrett Martin

Maggie DeLaney Hark ’53

Colleen and Kevin Mooney

Colleen and Leeroy Hess

Anne ’78 and Scott Parker

Caroline and Philip Horn

Eleanor ’61 and Louis Parker

Dr. William H. Huger Home Charitable

Ansara and Jon Piebenga

Trust Scholarship in memory of

Artie and Lee Richards

Arthur Postell Jervey

John M. Rivers, Jr.

Charles H. Drayton, Jr.

Leslie and Hunter Smith

Joseph J. Gilchrist

From left: Head of School Jill Muti, Will Fort, Liz Fort, and Lorenzo Muti

Alice Neyle Jervey

Joan Poulnot ’48 and Dale Poulnot ’73

Sara Beth and Sam Rosen

Paige King

Judy Webber Ross ’53

Lenna and Jesse Kirchner

Katie and Charlie Seaman

Diane and Mark McCall

Shana and Bobby Stockton

Kelly and Ben Navarro

Caroline M. West ’89

Caroline and Kurt Palmer

Karen ’79 and Mark Phillips

Patrons’ Circle

Heidi ’74 and Arthur Ravenel


Judy and Fred Reinhard

Anonymous (3)

Benefactors’ Circle

Dot Porcher Amis ’58


Julie and Brad Atkins Nella G. Barkley

Anonymous (3)

Sarah and Stephen Berger

Georgia ’60 and Edgar Barnett

Susan Herdina and Ronnie Bonds

Katherine ’65 and William Bates

Scotty and Ted Brisson

Laura Callahan

Anne ’71 and Lon Burris

Rebecca Longmire Crowley ’63

Frances ’81 and Custis Byars

Sara and Ben DeWolf

Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill ’79 and John Cahill

Patti and Peter Fennelly

Stephanie A. Christensen

Linda and Bud Foy

Cindy G. Cleland Austin

Angie and Gautam Ghatnekar

Vereen ’51 and Dick Coen

Kelly and Tim Greene

Emily and Reid Davis

Mela ’67 and Paul Haklisch

Emmie Aichele Dawson ’70

Stephanie and Doug Kirkman

Kerri and Ian Devine

Larking Hill Foundation

Elizabeth and Michael Elsner

Hillary and Geoff Bennett

Lisa and Marek Fludzinski

Carolyn and Tom Bennett

Ellie and Geoff Gray

Margaret and Julius Burges Endowment

Louise ’78 and Penn Griffen

Laurie Minges

Tara and Russell Guerard

Laura and Rod Moseley

Derrill ’51 and Ben Hagood

Rhonda ’78 and Bert Ponder

Kathleen Hay Hagood ’06

Chilton ’68 and Mark Pope

Helen Ann ’89 and Thomas Harper

Joan Hutcheson Poulnot ’48

Cindy Strickland Harton ’71

Judy and Fred Reinhard and Barbara Baker ’54

Martha Ann Robertson, Kathy Nistad, Weezie Griffen ’78, and Anne Weston ’73

Mariana ’77 and David Hay

Mary B. Ramsay ’98

Mariana R. Hay ’09

Karen ’76 and Shannon Reid

Bernie and Bobby Hood

Jenny and Jerry Reves

Fern Karesh Hurst ’64

Martha Ann and Rob Robertson

Anne ’77 and Richard Hutson

Sally ’54 and Ralph Robinson

Martha Rivers Ingram ’53

Bobbie Gail ’54 and Herb Rothschild

Amy E. Jenkins ’82

Saida ’76 and Robert Russell

Carter ’06 and Geordy Johnson

Libby and Dan Russler

Emily and Ned Johnson

Beth W. Settle ’78

Liane and Jamie Kerr

Suzanne and Chris Smith

Trish and Tommy Kirkland

Lydia and Peter Sniderman

Virginia ’76 and Charles Lane

Margaret and Pierre Sovey

Lee and Associates

Lisa ’91 and Brandon Strauss

Megan and Chad Lee

Amie L. Tedeschi ’89

Margaret and Ian MacDonald

Julia A. Forster and John E. Thompson

Amanda and Roy Maybank

Trina and Kent Turberville

Patti and Peter McGee

Sally Schall Van Allen ’38

Mary and Jim McNab

Anne ’73 and Christian Weston

Joanne and Donald Migliori

Beth Reines Wheeler ’93

Piper Parker Moffatt ’70

Vicky and Jay White

Anna and Jeff Montgomery

Melissa and David Wildstein

Mimi Van Wyck Morrison and

Elizabeth ’89 and Gardi Willis

Hamilton Morrison

Elsa C. Caire and Rusty B. Wolfe

Marianne D. Moseley ’04

Beautsie Robertson Zahrn ’63

Megan and Clayton Mozingo

Elyse Zaplin

Ginny ’74 and Tom Murphy

Anita G. Zucker

Kathy and Pete Nistad Tara and Michael Noone Anna C. Outten ’13 Caroline W. Outten ’16 Rhett Ramsay Outten ’82 Linda ’69 and Ron Plunkett Anne and Mason Pope Dale C. Poulnot ’73 and Jim F. Condon

Spiral Club

Denise and Jim Apple

Anne and March Seabrook


Mary Gordon Baker ’77 and

Hanna and Nelson Seabrook

Jim Holland

Ann Bell Smith ’63


Margie ’86 and John Barham

Sara Stephenson

Tricia ’64 and Inman Allen

Kevin M. Bourque

The Farkouh Family Fund

Amanda’s Endowment for

Alison and Michael Brewer

Mary-Jackson Parrish Thomas ’66

Ashley Hall of Coastal

Carolina Chillers Inc

Thomas E. Thornhill

Community Foundation

Alison ’82 and Ellis Cayton

Caroline ’80 and Bill Wilhelm

Mary and Bob Barrineau

Commercial Door & Hardware

Alston Osgood Wolf ’59

Anna M. Brock

Cynthia ’57 and Charles Corley

Sara ’68 and Michael Wood

Stacia ’83 and Ted Cadmus

Nancy ’57 and Alec Dawson

Liane and Brandon Ziel

Carol and Rocco Cassone

Claudia ’73 and Richard de Mayo

City of North Charleston

Guangmin and Min Deng

Century Club

Rachel Cosby Conway

Lucy Duncan ’72


Jennie ’65 and Dick DeScherer

Molly and Steven Ellis

Brian P. Ellis

Judi and Tom Embrescia

Anonymous (9)

Missy and Ray Farkouh

Susanne ’59 and Neil Emge

Nancy ’86 and Jim Abercrombie

Joanne and Steven Harth

Philip Estes

Allison Chamberlain Abramson ’00

Barry Kintz

Stephen Estes

Susan and Steven Ackerman

Pam C. Jenkins ’78 and

Meghan Fowler

Alison Adams

Gene Elizabeth Burges

K. Porter Aichele ’65

David Kotz Bunny and Jimmy Kerr


Pat Alderson

Susan A. Lewis

Alice and Ron Givens

Kathy and M.H. Allen

Merlee Ann Madren ’56

Diane and Arnold Goodstein

Natascha and Horst Allgeier

Jennifer ’99 and Kevin McCooey

Paula Harrell

Jennet ’70 and Jack Alterman

Nancy and Terry McGraw

PollyBeth and John Hawk

Susan and Sam Altman

Gay Murrill ’67

DeDe and Batson Hewitt

Rhett ’94 and Josh Ambrite

Sara and Todd Neugebauer

Sissy Hope Hewitt ’67

Simmons and Thomas Anderson

Harmony and Jared O’Connell

Hollie and David Jackson

Cindy Andrews

Kat ’81 and Al Phillips

Brooke and Chris Jaros

Karen ’67 and Stephen Annas

Lenna and Brooks Quinn

Gail ’65 and Stuart Kassan

Lillian and Mark Apple

Elisabeth Rencher ’56

Beth and Jamie Khan

Stewart Austin

Alesia and Scott Ross

Louise and Paul Kohlheim

Margaret ’76 and Keith Axson

Lois M. Ruggiero

Kate ’87 and Chris Kronzer

Mary Badgley

Helen Schneider

Nancy L. Marquardt

Caroline ’73 and Donald Bailey

Angela and Mark Semo

Mary ’79 and John McCants

Jenks ’79 and Steve Bailey

Nichole and Michael Sloan

Louise ’68 and Donald McKenzie

Gail ’63 and Jimmy Bailey

Ellen and Donovan Smith

Nancy J. Muller ’71 and

Caroline and Gray Bailey

Cam ’65 and Johnny Stuhr

Warren Mersereau

Elizabeth and Charles Baker

Elizabeth and Clayton Taylor

Carolyn and Warren Newton

Jane ’60 and Nat Ball

Kathleen ’60 and William Turner

Anne Clay ’58 and Ted Oldham

Beth ’73 and William Barnwell

Helen ’58 and Wyly Watson

Donna C. Orvin ’65

Virginia and Bill Barnwell

Bill Wilson

Raye Ann and Granger Osborne

Topsy Herrin Barone-Thompson ’54

Caroline F. Wooten

Palmetto Ford

Josie ’67 and Frank Beadle

Jessica ’93 and David Yarborough

Melissa and Walter Parham

Jerry Beavers

Cherry F. Payne ’70 and

Cindee ’79 and Luke Beermann

Gateway Club

Bob J. Howard

Claudette and Bob Bell


April and David Price

Carroll G. Belser ’71

Jennifer and Drew Radziwon

Jennifer and Jeff Bennett


Kathleen H. Rivers

Sandy ’71 and Craig Bennett

Ashley and Mark Allan

Lynn ’72 and Hudson Rogers

Jane ’68 and Lester Bergen

Marianne and Kevin Allardice

Julia ’69 and John Royall

Randolph ’57 and Robert Berretta

Cynthia Alvarez

Mary and John Saalfield

Ginger Black

Lesley and Jeffrey Ammons

Missy ’71 and Alexander Schenck

Holly and Frank Blair

Mary W. Anderson ’68

Seabrook Island Club

Louise ’63 and Richard Blumenthal

Naomi ’79 and Liviu Blumenthal

Elizabeth Clawson

Christy ’72 and David Douglas

Jane and Michael Bolden

Betsy and Sam Clawson

Heather ’79 and James Downs

Allison and Robert Bowden

Lauren and Samuel Clawson

Allison and JD Driggers

Amy and Joseph Bower

Barbara ’66 and Stan Claypoole

Cashion Drolet ’97

Ann ’70 and John Boyce

Melissa Clegg and Todd Frizzelle

Barbara J. du Pont

Karen and Wortham Boyle

Charlene and David Collins

Erin Dunahoe

Nick Bozanic

Nancy ’79 and Mike Colyar

Renee Razook Dunne ’51

Elizabeth Bradham ’76 and

Hope ’78 and Leigh Colyer

Art Dwyer

Diane B. Conradi ’82

Tina ’49 and Howard Edwards

Daniel and Mary Atmar Bradley

Consigning Women

Lucky ’49 and Edgar Eisner

Connie ’66 and John Brady

Anne ’64 and Thomas Cooper

Kristiana and Justin Ellett

Frannie W. Bramlett and

Penny and John Coppedge

Deborah and Morris Ellison

Steve R. Jackson

Deborah and Steve Corey

Burnam Eubank ’82

Cindy and Joe Brams

Maureen and John Corless

Ginger and Peter Evans

Susan Brenner ’73 and

Mariana Cotten

Martin Ewing

Ann ’63 and Thomas Cover

Phyllis Walker Ewing ’66

Pluma ’59 and William Bridgers

Toby and Michael Cox

Kacky Fell

Holly Nicholson Brinton ’73

Carolyn M. Craft ’60

Trudie Ficks

Lynn ’78 and Robert Brooke

Hannah Withers Craighill ’49

Molly and Ted Fienning

Annie ’67 and Bill Brown

Betsy B. Cribb ’11

Kathleen ’88 and Kirkman Finlay

Elizabeth ’96 and Alton Brown

Kari and Bryan Cribb

Ashley and Tom Finnegan

LaJuanda Brown

Barrie and Scott Crimmins

Caroline ’77 and Peter Finnerty

Lisa ’80 and Henry Brush

Duchess ’61 and Neal Crowley

Caroline ’93 and Jeffrey Fitzgerald

Sister ’61 and William Buchanan

Jane ’60 and Paul Cuffe

Frances and John Flanigan

Caroline and Doug Burke

Kathy and Jim Culpepper

Amanda and Kevin Flynn

Jamie Burke

Carolyn Halloran Cunha ’58

Nickie Fones

Elizabeth Burwell

Betty ’48 and Olgard Dabbert

Kitty ’57 and Walter Forbes

Bridget and Jon Bushnell

Anne Monsen Daniell ’71

D’Anna Fortunato ’63 and

Joan and Chauncey Butler

Carla and Will Danielson

Anne W. Buxton

Suzanne ’52 and Fouad Darweesh

Missee ’73 and Charles Fox

Amanda and Paul Callander

Ann Bacot ’80 and


Randy Pelzer

Steven Momboch

Malia H. Camens ’02

Belk Daughtridge

Marc Widershien

Meta ’73 and Charlie Frasch

Paula Campbell ’70

Kathy and Chuck Davis

Berta ’78 and Robbie Freeman

Susanne Buck Cantey ’95

DeFord ’80 and Chip Davis

Emily Friedman ’72 and

Eliza ’00 and Josh Cantwell

Melissa and Roscoe Davis

Emily C. Carley ’05

Margaret J. Davis

Shelly Erin and Christopher Frisby

Josefina and Hector Carmona

Emily and Reid Davis

Amy L. Gaffney

Sue and Bill Carpenter

Hunter ’95 and Will Dawson

Angela and Gordon Gale

Emilie ’52 and John Carpenter

Mrs. Louis Y. Dawson III ’55

Fielding ’66 and Harold Gallivan

Rachael and Marshall Carter

Gretchen Deaton

Margaret ’60 and Rick Garbe

Missy Roper Cashman ’67

Karen Momeier Deaton ’79

Francie ’63 and Charles Geer

Tucker Cecil ’83 and

Katy ’98 and David Decker

Emilee and Eric Getter

Kathy A. DeHaan

Maryellen ’81 and Reginald Gibson

Angie ’89 and Costa Chakeris

Andrew DeHoll

Melanie and Craig Gibson

Caroline and John Chakeris

Cheryl and Bob deHoll

Stephanie Glasscock

Tory ’79 and Parker Champion

Leslie ’71 and Robert Dell

Ainsley R. Glenn ’92

Sheila and Michael Champlin

Kathy ’78 and Rob Dewey

C. C. Glenn ’05

Dee-Dee Samet Chandler ’57

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dibble

Nancy and Lewis Glenn

Maria Chapin

Haley Dickinson

Margot and Andrew Glover

Charleston Pathology

Elizabeth Dinwiddie

Ashley ’99 and Matthew Gochnauer

Heidi and Tony Chiappetta

Naoko and Jeff Dionne

Rebecca ’99 and Robert Goings

Melissa ’91 and Walter Chiles

Andrea and Christopher Dolan

Ginny ’65 and Joe Good

Christian M H Douglas Trust

Paul Dominick

Mr. Kenneth A. Goodman

Julie and Andrew Clarke

Janice and Alan Dossenbach

Marion Goodman ’54

Evelyn ’65 and Hunter Clarkson

Ed Dougherty

Elizabeth C. Gordon

Mark Crawford

Mike Townsend

Elizabeth ’53 and Robert Gottzandt

Polly Hudson

Richard Lilly

Mary ’72 and Charles Green

Felicia ’79 and Billy Huger

Eunice ’64 and Wade Logan

Edie Bikle Gregg ’44

Chris and Eddie Hughes

Marsha ’60 and Simon Londe

Jane Gregorie ’88

Jane Thompson Hughes ’63

Olga and Mark Long

Christina Grek and Matthew Rhett

Jamye ’91 and James Hurteau

Jordan E. L. Lowery ’09

Polly ’59 and Barry Grey

Natalie and Hugh Inglis

Amy ’03 and Matthew Luff

Grace E. Griffith ’17

Robert Ingraham

Belle ’57 and Barry Lynch

Melanie and Joseph Griffith

James R Smith Family

Elizabeth and Christopher

Kitty Griffith ’60

Charitable Foundation


Betsy ’77 and Lawton Grimball

Doe D. Jenkins ’76

Frances Parker Magee ’74

Rosie Dellastatious Grimball ’70

Cathy and Rivers Jenkins

Tanis and Rives Mann

Sharon and Geoff Groat

Janice ’59 and Russell Jernigan

Lexi ’99 and Michael Mansson

Jessica and Robert Grubb

Elizabeth W. Johnson ’95

Elizabeth ’92 and Marc Marchant

Barbara ’68 and Duke Hagerty

Jean and Tap Johnson

Margaret Marion

Sally ’05 and Taylor Hall

Anne ’86 and Sam Jones

Joan ’66 and Philip Marler

Jane ’60 and Ed Hamilton

Patty C. Jones ’81

Yassi and Graeme Marshall

Monica ’76 and John Hammonds

Grace Jorgensen

Patricia Garrett Marshall ’72

Emmie ’52 and Jerry Hancock

Patricia Kamau

Beatty ’59 and Jim Martin

Johanna E. Hancuff

Caroline Keller ’79 and Michael Klein

Andrea and Jamie Martin

Harriet ’95 and Mark Hansen

Charlene Wick Kenworthy

Constance Stoney Mason

Claudia ’77 and Haydon Hapak

Kathy B. Kirkland ’77

Margaret ’87 and Todd Mason

Brooks M. Harken ’06

Susie Kleiman

Myra and Rick Maull

Martha and Tommy Harken

Debbie ’69 and Charles Knowlton

Susan James Mayer ’73

Jill Harper

Jean ’79 and Frank Knowlton

Virginia T. McAlister ’75

Eleanor ’70 and Robert Harrell

Sarah Sykes and Sidney Knox

Vicki McCartney

Harris Teeter, Inc.

Katharina E. Koch ’12

Lea Ann and Keith McCarty

Katie Harvard

Janis S. Koenig

Stephanie Pendarvis McDonald ’87

Caroline and Drew Hautt

Deborah and Steven Kopf

Kitty and Hunter McEaddy

Louisa ’70 and David Hawkins

Alexandra and Craig Kosarko

Laura ’87 and John McElwaine

Nancy and Alan Hay

Mary Koval

Danyel and Rick McEvoy

Lisa and Marshall Hay

Roni J. Krause ’73

Marie Ferrara McGahan ’70

Edythe T. Haynes

Peggy and Eric Krawcheck

Madeleine S. McGee ’79

Harriet ’64 and James Heacock

Linda L. Kreidler ’67

Bonnie I. McKnight

Mike Healy

Margaret ’98 and David Kunes

Leiza R. McLeod

Kathryn ’05 and Nicholas Hecker

Mariano La Via

Lori Mcmillan

Dorothy ’76 and Frank Hefner

Tiffin ’01 and Charles Lamoreaux

Cathy ’67 and William Mebane

Ms. Anne Tinker and

Beth ’82 and Andrew Landers

Gianna and Stephen Melnik

Wendy ’59 and Charles Lane

Nancy and Jay Meyer

Bebe ’63 and William Hennessy

Jean and Pearon Lang

Bettina ’64 and Chuck Middleton

R. Rachel Herbert ’68

Cecily Rudisill Langford ’54

Faith and Christopher Miller

Olga ’94 and Jose Hernandez

Shannon M. Laribo ’11

Martha ’71 and Ned Miller

Susan ’58 and Jack Herrmann

Caitlin and Paul Laurence

Gretchen ’66 and Steve Milligan

Hewitt and Hewitt

Debbie J. Lee ’73

Hazel Barboza and Robert Mills

Sarah and Harvey Hill

Andrea Lee-Zucker ’99

Elizabeth Robertson and

Helen ’81 and Burrow Hill

Coleman and Chip Legerton

Betsy and Roby Hill

Mitzi Herrin Legerton ’50

Anne ’63 and Ben Moise

Jean Rae Herrin Hinton ’64

Lauren and Tom Lennon

Wendy and Henry Molony

Kathleen and Mac Hodgson

Ann and Ellis Lesemann

Andy Moody

Debbie Larsen-Hoffman and

Cathy and Jimmy Letton

Meredith ’95 and Xan Moore

Barbara Angel Levin ’50

Gaby de la Morandiere ’58

Maura Hogan ’82 and Scott Watson

Ginger and Jim Levinson

Debbie ’73 and Charles Morris

Jenny ’98 and Trey Honeycutt

Sue E. Levkoff ’69 and

Francie ’71 and Russell Morrison

Mr. John Henderson

David Hoffman

Nancy and Scott Hood

James Maxwell

Mark Mitchum

Lilly E. Morrison ’23

Joannie ’54 and Fred Hottinger

Cameron Widman Leyh ’03

Mary ’77 and Hagood Morrison

Betsy ’74 and Michael Howland

Erin and Jake Libaire

Erwin and Howell Morrison

Ethel and Phil Morrow

Ronna and Luke Rapach

Anna and David Shuford

Jessica and Richard Morse

Jean and Arthur Ravenel

Helena and David Shuford

Gabriela Mungo

EB ’89 and Ernest Ravenel

Margaret Anne ’97 and

Kathi Murphy ’71 and

Lynne Ravenel

Jeffrey Lybarger

Peter Siachos

Stanley ’64 and Ralph Reahard

Betsy and Richard Sidebottom

Andrea Muti

Natalie ’57 and David Reed

Carrie and Vijay Singh

Jan ’70 and Richard Nallinger

Frannie ’84 and Tim Reese

Caroline C. Sinkler ’84

Network for Good

Marguerite Sinkler Reeves ’58

Lindsay ’00 and Thomas Skelton

Kathryn and Jim Nevin

Paula and Larry Register

Kay ’59 and Bruce Skidmore

Joyce and Walt Newman

Anne ’99 and Nathan Reid

Felicia ’90 and Perry Skoglund

Cynthia and E.L. Nicks

Pamela Reid ’64

Henri Goldman Slap ’46

Cameron and Gunnar Nistad

Joyce ’51 and Clark Remsburg

Kathy ’65 and John Slattery

Sunshine ’52 and Ben Norwood

Ginny J. Reynolds

Franny ’80 and Brian Slay

Neda ’70 and Alan Nussbaum

Dorothy ’99 and Scott Rhodes

Emily Sloan

Dottie B. ’74 and William Nutt

Evelyn and Tommy Richards

Bachman S. Smith

Button ’65 and Bill O’Cain

Mary Neves ’89 and Mikell Richards

Dot and David Smith

Yancey and George O’Kelley

Elizabeth ’72 and Robert Richardson

Dee Dee and Eddie Smith

Mary Perrin ’90 and

Harriet Popham McDougal Rigney ’56

Eliza Grimball Smith ’09

Devon and Timothy Riley

Leslie and Hunter Smith

Dr. Beale H. Ong

Lisa L. Rismani

Jane ’66 and Everett Smith

Linn ’57 and Beale Ong

Mina L. Rismani ’14

Laurie Lynn and Kirby Smith

Langdon ’70 and Joseph

Carroll W. Rivers

Cherie and Ryan Smith

Wendy and Shea Robbins

Barbara and Stuart Smith

Kate Rodriguez ’86 and

Dr. Dahlmon Smoak

Hamlin O’Kelley

Oppermann Robin Oppmann Anna N. W. O’Quinn ’87

Christian Hummel

Therese ’78 and George Smythe

Meghan Osborne

Alice and Curt Rogers

Starr and Phil Snead

Meridith Oxley

Julie and Curt Rogers

Ginny L. Snipes ’73

Mabel B. Pace ’46

Bess P. Rosen ’07

Gina ’87 and Billy Snyder

Constance S. Parramore ’81

Rebecca C. Rosen ’11

Emmad Soltan

Louisa ’91 and T.J. Parsell

Miriam ’63 and Jeffrey Rosenblum

Jessie ’72 and Meredith Spencer

Pam and Bobby Pearce

Bettina Rounds ’63 and

Mary ’61 and Charles Staats

Susan Pearlstine

Robert Bonadies

Pat Dingee Stancel ’64

Thomas Peck

Leslie Rowland

Paige and Charlie Staples

Jane A. Pelland

Elizabeth W. Royall ’05

Erin Finch Stevens ’01

Mr. Paul S. Pelland

Anne and Andrew Ruder

Laurel Gale Stewart ’50

Elizabeth Bradham and

Jodi Runner

Jane and Glenn Stiegman

Sarah ’91 and Kevin Ryan

Kate S. Stillman ’73

Rhonda and Michael Penny

Ray ’66 and Robert Sabalis

Cordelia ’43 and William Stites

Lee ’73 and Rhett Perry

Lucy and Ian Sanchez

Nancy Stogsdill

Jacki K. Phillips ’00

Lisa Sanders ’74 and Jack Hitt

Martha and Will Story

Betsy and Larry Piebenga

Suzanne C. Saunders

Jorie and Jason Stryker

Courtney Parades Plotner ’00

Leslie and Matt Scarlett

Kiki Sweigart

Eleanor and William Pope

Melanie and Scott Schimming

Lee and Tommy Tamblyn

Sanna ’73 and Kent Prause

Mary and Dickie Schweers

Nina Nguyen and Minh Tang

Jane ’06 and Charles Prevost

Lindsay ’78 and Neal Schweitzer

Jacob Tatum, Sr.

Emma E. Price ’15

Lucy Verner Seabrook ’58

Elaine ’66 and Scott Taylor

Grace C. Price ’18

Sue Thompson Sedgwick ’58

Nancy ’86 and John Taylor

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Romila and Rajan Shakya

Dorothy Teetor

Marlene and Scott Quattlebaum

Gaynor ’58 and Jim Shane

Sally ’67 and John Templeton

Caroline McC. Ragsdale ’82

Shawn and Brandon Sharrett

Dorothy ’92 and Mikell Thaxton

Harry Ragsdale

Bobby E. Sheppard

Lavinia Mikell Thaxton ’62

Marcia ’66 and William Ragsdale

Liz and John Sheridan

The Community Foundation of

Polly P. Rainey

Sally J. Sheridan ’74

Maureen and Don Rajsich

Ann ’83 and Edward Shimer

The Greenhouse II

Emily ’71 and Alex Ramsay

Buie and Joseph Shisko

Nancy Head Thode ’59

Randy Pelzer

Western North Carolina, Inc.

Ann ’78 and John Thomas

Mindelle and Loren Ziff

Brooke and Tory Brewer

Kim ’89 and Dave Thomason

Christine Zirker

Kelly Brinson

Dede G. Thompson

Hilary and Dotan Zuckerman

Helen ’88 and John Britton

Rai ’70 and Thomas Thompson

Jennie W. Brooks ’97

Bo ’51 and Herbert Thorp


Courtney and Todd Brown

Ann ’80 and Bill Thrash


Julia R. Brown ’13

Anne ’92 and Jeff Tibbals

Lita ’63 and Thomas Brown

Judy ’69 and Terry Tindel

Anonymous (10)

Krista and David Bruce

Pamela and Reid Tomlin

Natasha and Matthew Akery

Elaine and Robert Bucholtz

Sara Devine Townsend ’48

Carolyn Alexander and

Lise ’79 and Stanley Budd

Martha ’58 and Bill Tucker

Franklin Wong

Diane ’82 and Edward Burn

Warren G. Tucker

Joan ’58 and John Algar

Elizabeth Scarborough Burnett ’11

Christine and Nicholas Tunick

Maria and Corey Anderson

Brailsford Lacey Burns ’55

Jennifer Turner

Boykin ’08 and Thomas Anderson

Polly Walton Buxton ’86

Magdalena and Raymond Turner

Katherine E. Anderson ’03

Sarah R. Buxton ’81

UBS Donor Advised Fund

Martha Anderson

Laura Caldwell-Hill and Travis Hill

Mary Lynn and Bronson Van Wyck

Gaby ’97 and David Andrews

Louisa ’71 and Joseph Cameron

Debbie and Rick Vaughn

Lisa McTeague and

Mary and Adam Cantrell

Rachel Venezian ’90 and Robert S. Howell

Michael Antonucci

Joye Quattlebaum Cantrell ’67

Lyne ’87 and Robert Askins

Marge Cantwell

Lynne and Steve Vollmer

Sarah ’71 and Benoit Avice du Buisson

Samantha Cantwell

Amelia Waring Walker ’00

Mina Bagwell

Nichole and Michael Carey

Mary ’64 and Stephen Walker

Emma N. Baker ’08

Bonnie and David Carrico

Catherine and Clarke Wallace

Lee H. Baker

Alexis and Tim Carrico

Trish ’67 and Wesley Wallace

Antara Mukherjee and

Jessica and Bill Carroll

Charlotte ’10 and Hunter Walpole

Shankar Banik

Donna and Dennis Cash

Meghan and John Ward

Susan Barber

Jo ’52 and William Cawley

Molly B. Waring ’02

Martha and Frank Barkley

Katherine ’61 and James Chandler

Najeema Davis Washington

Ann M. Barnett

Joan and Richard Chardkoff

Sue ’70 and Michael Weaver

Beth Darling Barnett ’06

Charleston Family Dental

Mary B. Webb ’76

Sara ’64 and Michael Barrett

Nell ’63 and Walter Chastain

Heidi Speissegger Whaley ’73

Virginia Adden Barrett ’83

Elizabeth Lee Christena ’74

Stephanie M. Whelan ’06

Emily and Will Barrett

Claire P. Christensen

Henny ’72 and John Whelchel

Mrs. Virginia Beach

Anne and Gene Christiansen

Ann Riopel White ’83

Laura Dukes Beck ’89

Katherine Clarkson

Judy ’68 and Thomas White

Laura ’71 and Steve Bell

Eliza Edmunds Cleveland ’66

Sherrie F. Whittemore ’64

Jacquelin ’63 and Bill Bennett

Clare Hutchinson Cochran ’77

Kim and Tim Wilhite

Caroline M. S. Bergmann

Claire A. Cohen ’96

Allie and Jerrod Wilkins

Elaine Meyer Bergmann ’78

Caroline Gibbons Coker ’64

Drea Williams ’63 and Jerry Schultes

Abbie Wrenn Berry ’09

Ellen F. Cole ’06

Donna ’64 and Thomas Williams

Helen Read Bertrand ’73

Laura Blazak Cole

Laura ’70 and David Williams

Allison Bischoff

Anne and Walker Coleman

Melissa ’79 and Bruce Williams

Elizabeth A. Blackman ’05

Harriet and Stuart Coleman

Roy Williams

Sara ’89 and Rick Blanchard

Ann ’72 and Pat Collins

Heather and Thaddeus Wilson

Mary Jane and Kevin Blatchford

Jane Stoney Cook ’74

Amy ’92 and Jason Winfield

Anne ’90 and Bo Blessing

Jennifer King Cook ’99

Kati and Alex Winters

Meaghan S. Bonds ’18

Wendy and Mark Corkum

Arianne E. Wolfe ’07

Desiree Adkins and Trent Bonnell

Lese J. Corrigan ’74

Amy C. Woodson

Lauren Bordeaux

Ama ’84 and Christopher Couch

Wortham Boyle Charitable

Amy Worthington Boucher ’73

Josephine Cox

Joelle Neulander and

Anne M. Crawford ’14

Gift Fund Lillian Yarborough

Kurt Boughan

Louise Baker Cromer

Laura and Jason Youmans

Nan ’71 and John Boyne

Paige ’83 and Steve Crone

Judy Young-Thayer ’53 and

Kate Bramblett

Ann and Dave Czernecki

Rosemary ’47 and Owen Braun

Lisa ’78 and Mike Daly

Henry Thayer

Elena and Brent Dardar

Courtney M. Glassburn ’19

Ann Humphreys ’65

Mandy ’94 and Chip Davis

Kimberly Goff ’95

Hundley Law, LLC

Chanta E. L. Davis ’05

Aubrey Goio

Julianne ’76 and Bobby Hurst

Joanne Davis

Amanda S. Goldson ’99

Sophia Marzouca and

Cindi and James Day

Helen ’74 and Ted Gordon

Sarah Margaret and John Decker

Amy and Gary Goudelock

Elizabeth C. Hutchison ’04

Lauren G. DeHaven ’08

Elizabeth F. Gouldon ’04

Carolyn Wetherford Hutson ’50

Erin B. Delaney ’04

Mary ’62 and Hugh Graham

Pam ’79 and Scott Inveen

Doesy ’86 and Thomas Dickinson

Alison and Parker Green

Mary Ivester

Talia Dillahey

Lily V. Greenberg ’09

Lucia ’63 and Ned Jaycocks

Frances ’92 and Frank Dingle

Gray Griffen ’19

Glenn ’79 and John Jeffries

Mary A. Dingledine ’00

Alberta K. Grimes ’84

Ann S. Jenkins ’79

Alyssa DiSalvo

Lizzy ’86 and David Grubbs

Loquita and Ittriss Jenkins

Ginger and Billy Dixon

Mary Crawford Guerry ’03

Shipley ’66 and Joe Jenkins

Catherine D. Dixon ’19

Ann Kimball ’00 and

Caroline ’86 and Harry Johnson

Beth Parker Dixon ’66

Kenneth Gustafson

Ken Hutchinson

Harriott Means Johnson ’50

Lee and Randy Domikis

Elizabeth ’66 and Steven Gustafson

Catherine O. Jones

Renee Dougherty ’66

Nancy ’67 and Paul Hadley

Cathie R. Jones ’83

Elizabeth A. Dugger ’19

Derrill T. Hagood ’09

Allison Jordan

Jill and John Dugger

Peggy and Bobby Hahn

Kitty ’60 and Dick Jordan

Peg Rivers Eastman ’58

Brenda and John Haire

Priscilla ’72 and Robert Judy

Allison and Michael Eckard

Lily A. Haire ’17

Llewellyn Hood Kassebaum ’54

Lauren Widman Eggerth ’05

Madge ’78 and James Hallett

Christina L. Kearse ’10

Jennifer and Tony Eisenhart

Chris Hanson

Waties ’60 and Robert Kennedy

Henslee R. Elliott ’02

Cara and Andrew Hardie

Lynda ’79 and Walter Keough

Susannah and Jeff Elliott

Ashkia and John Harman

Laura and Adam Kernen

Rachel D. Ellyn ’09

Eliza C. Harrigan ’10

Alyssa M. King ’19

Margaret and Ronald Elsner

Rasheedah Harrison

Lindsey A. King ’04

Ann E. ’02 and Tucker Ervin

Virginia ’78 and R. Lane Harrison

Virginia ’98 and Zachary King

Elizabeth Eubank

Bernice Hart

Anne A. Kirkland ’80

Elaine M. Eustis ’84

Ellen N. Hassell ’06

Guerry and Keith Kirkland

Drew E. Faw ’04

Isabella D. Hassett ’19

Torrey Crawford Knapp ’06

Meg ’92 and Chris Federico

Kathryn Widman Hatcher ’06

Merrie K. Koester

Sofia K. Feldman ’19

Caroline ’51 and Kent Haydock

Patricia Kopf

Jane Dowling Fender ’65

Anne ’62 and William Helms

Lynn ’69 and Ted Kornya

Joli and Ric Fermo

Donna Henderson

Antonios and Chrysoula Kourtidis

Elizabeth A. Finch ’05

Emmie ’92 and Clay Hershey

Emily Hanckel Kovach ’05

Lacey ’03 and Brandon Finch

Frances Hester ’74 and

Claire E. Kruse ’09

First Financial Merchant Services

David Walker

Will and Amy Kuenzel

Catherine ’79 and Mike Fischer

Cynthia Brown Heyward ’66

Henrietta ’62 and Robert Lachman

Anne ’82 and Hollis Fitch

Allie Highfield ’13

Beverly and Richard LaHue

Elizabeth F. Flowers

Julie and Blake Hill

Anne Seifart Lander ’72

Ruth Flynn

Martha J. Hill

Desiree Landry

Rebecca Ford

Louise ’64 and John Hinton

Maggie and Ralph Laney

Susan Inman Foxworth ’60

Olivia B. Hipp ’10

Nancy Langston and David Shepp

Meredith Frazier

Tina Hirsig

Hunter McRae Lawrence ’00

Susan Garrison

Brittany Hodges

Anne R. Lee ’70

Dallie ’81 and George Gaskin

Julie Welch Hoke ’74

Kendall and Brents Lee

Harriet ’73 and Stephen Gatter

Gail ’75 and Jim Holesha

Dottie ’60 and Chisolm Leonard

General Mills Box Tops

Catherine ’90 and Kevin Holmes

Mary ’75 and James Leopold

Karen and Harold Horlback

Sallie ’83 and Reenst Lesemann

Jo Getter

Sarah and Ozey Horton

Caroline C. Lesesne ’83

Helen ’59 and James Gibbs

Lavinia ’77 and Sam Howell

Peggy W. Levinson

Leonie ’74 and Frank Gill

Sally ’61 and Charles Hubbard

Connie and Creighton Likes

Frances G. Glanville

Caroline N. Huggins ’65

Dolly ’82 and Ross Lipman

for Education

Leigh and Blake Lipscomb

Missy and Bill Musser

Laura ’97 and David Rembert

Cathy Rumble Lively ’73

Elaine and David Neff

Liz ’99 and Phillip Rhoads

Hope Lloyd

Katie Neighbours

Claire ’71 and Jim Rice

Debbie ’69 and James Lockwood

Dana and Randy Neugebauer

Evelyn W. Richards ’82

L. Player C. Lowndes ’13

Duane Nicholson

Henrietta ’96 and Max Richardson

Mary Anne and Rawlins Lowndes

Jane and Jack Noone

Kathleen Ricker

Biddie ’71 and Bill Lowry

Chrissie Norton

Louisa ’60 and Daniel Riddick

Carson Levitan Lucas ’01

Claire Scholz O’Connor ’74

Lynne Riding

Jacquelin ’96 and Garland Lynn

Sonya Pettersen O’Malley ’58

Liz ’62 and Dudley Rietz

Kathy and Doug Madairy

Monica and Alexander Opoulos

Bonnie Ritt

Lucie ’69 and Bobby Maguire

Kimberly O’Quinn ’86

Elise M. Rivers

Anne Paul Majak ’69

Callie S. Osborne ’06

Mary Moore Roberson ’57

Anthony D. Marshall

Molly ’61 and Monty Osteen

Nancy ’76 and Gil Robins

Charlene ’63 and Anthony Marshall

Gamble Augusta Ouzts ’12

Susan ’68 and Charles Robinson

Jill and Ian Marshall

Elsie Taylor Owens ’68

Betsy Rockhill ’65 and

Renee and Bill Marshall

Danielle Brazina and James Owens

Robert Mason

Alison and Mustafa Ozyurt

Pinky Rockhill ’60

Janet Masonberg

Olivia C. Palmer ’73

Katie and John Rodgers

Terry and Luke McBee

Laura Parks

Sharon Graci and Rodney Rogers

Deborah ’64 and John McCabe

Charlotte ’89 and Gene Parrino

DeVonne Rosemond

Adair Kerrison McCafferty ’09

Caroline T. Pascal ’03

Janet and Dean Ross

MaryCole T. McCants ’09

Mary A. M. Pascoe

Jennifer ’92 and Derek Ross

Beth and Tom McCarty

Mary and Thomas Pate

Anna Ruggiero

Drake McCormick

Laura and Christopher Paton

Erika Russell

Ruth ’64 and Jack McCullough

Katherine ’69 and John Patterson

Julia and Gene Saylors

Elizabeth ’84 and John McDermott

Dr. and Mrs. Grant W. Patton, Jr.

Jane ’70 and Joe Schachte

Jessica R. McDowell ’13

May ’72 and Tom Peach

Peggy Pringle Schachte ’64 and

Margaret Lee McEaddy ’03

Midge Midyette Peery ’59

Anne Hutson McEwen ’05

Laura and Arthur Pelzer

Lauren ’02 and Timothy Schryver

Julian E. McGill

Katie L. Perez - Phillips ’07

Kerry Sawyer Schutz ’95

Amie Pierce McInerney

Susan ’73 and Mikell Perry

Morgan Schweers ’13

Arden ’09 and Robert McKenzie

Jan ’69 and Charles Pesavento

Thywann Scott

Melissa ’89 and Boyd McLeod

Claudia and Bill Phillipps

Batey Self

Susan ’66 and Tim McMahon

Laura H. Phillipps ’00

Sal J. Serio

Shannon and Russell Mease

Ashley Phillips ’07

Elizabeth McGraw Severence ’53

Kelly Mehr

Louisa E. Phillips ’09

Julia ’89 and Andy Shealy

Anne Ford Melton ’53

Suzanne and Rudy Pinner

Sally H. Sheppard ’11

Martha Mendez

Sally ’49 and James Plair

Charlotte L. Sheridan

B.V. and Daniel Messervy

Ginny ’72 and Samuel Poole

Louise Sheridan ’72 and

Kathleen and Andrew Mest

Mimi ’65 and Jerry Pospisil

Sue ’75 and William Mevers

Price R. and Flora A. Reid

Clarissa and Edward Mickle


Simeon Sergiadis

Hal Currey

Churchill Pitts Kelli ’88 and Richard Shively Coleman C. Short ’06

Quintella and Stacey Middleton

Elizabeth and Thomas Pritchard

Evy ’87 and Chris Silcox

Barbara Miller

Karlee B. Propes ’19

Etta K. Simons ’90

Libby Proctor Miller ’09

Lee and Troy Propes

Marc Simpson

Dana E. Molony

Suzanne and Richard Query

Maela Singh ’14

Mary Houghton Molony

Betsy and Chad Quirin

Betty M. Skinner

Kara ’86 and Jay Montgomery

Laura and Paul Raffle

Margaret Jenkins Skinner ’57

Laura Morland Morland ’73

Frida Moore Raley ’82

Anne ’87 and Hugh Smith

Janet C. Morrison

Eliza Rawl ’16

Sarah and C.D. Smith

Katherine W. Morrison ’09

Elizabeth Lucas Rawl

Cecilia M. Smith ’19

Julia B. Mowlajko ’05

Mimi Bailes Reese ’60

Mary Helen and Gerald Smith

Michaela and Beau Mueller

Trudy ’64 and John Reeves

Lauren D. Smith ’10

Anna and Harrison Murray

Ashley and Colin Regan

Mia and Andy Smith

Amanda and Dave Murrell

Annie Caroline ’63 and Marion Reid

Marilyn and Stephen Sniderman

Krista and Eric Snyder

Evelyn ’90 and Douglas Wells

Stephanie and Matthew Spath

Missy and Jim Westerhold

Jean Spearman

Diane B. Westfall

Deirdre ’66 and Patrick Squires

Jackie and Steve Whelan

Nicole and Keller Staubes

Rite M. Whitmire ’70

Anne ’96 and Leon Stavrinakis

Natasha and Christopher Wilhite

Frances ’80 and Alexander Steel

Crystal and Jamie Wilkins

Vitre ’95 and Cal Stephens

Andria Maxfield Williams ’69 and

Mary Ann ’75 and Allen Stoddard

Gus Mata

Mary ’78 and Tommy Stone

Anne ’74 and Mark Williams

Sarah ’48 and Frank Strait

Caroline ’70 and Keith Williamson

Jing Dong and Zemin Su

Ellen T. Willingham ’67

Kelly Sumner

LaChan Wilson

Sweetgrass Custom Builders

Margaret ’60 and William Wilson

Katy H. Tamblyn ’09

Margaret B. Wilson ’60 and

Tiffaney and Ted Tanner Elaine Blaisdell-Taylor and Brad Taylor Evette Taylor

Lon DeLeon Sharon ’72 and Stephen Wilson Robin Winfree-Andrew ’70 and Mark Andrew

Roxanne and Ryan Tedford

Peggy and Jim Wojcik

Alix ’74 and Graham Tew

Joya ’83 and Matthew Wolf

Stacia and Shawn Thacker

Stephanie and Benjamin Wong

Amy J. Thompson

Vereen ’78 and Madison Woodward

Charlotte and Chris Thompson

Caitlin E. Worsham

Liza C. Thompson ’16

Harriet ’82 and Cary Wright

Jane Thornhill ’43

Mrs. J. Smith Wyman

Lucy Thornhill ’19

Jane M. Yates ’71

Mr. Van Noy Thornhill

Rebecca N. Zaro ’03

Alex B. Thornton ’08

Ginny Zemp ’79

Kelly and Louis Tick Elizabeth B. Tiller Heather ’90 and Walter Tiller Meghan K. Titzer ’02 Boo ’66 and Jimmy Townsend Mally ’61 and Raymond Trzeciak Coco ’86 and Dan Tyburski Mahe Van Dyck and Jerry Kerwin Dana and Mark Van Hook Lorelei and John Van Sack Grant Vatter Jennifer Vaughan Sarah E. Venezian ’88 and Brian C. Malone Chan ’80 and Eric Voiles April Walker Nena ’79 and Robert Wall Martha ’89 and Brad Wallace Paula Walsh Scott Warfel Emily Warren Theodora Gregorie Warren ’44 * Carmen and Chris Watson Alice M. Boylan and Gess S. Way Meghan and Jeff Webster Lucile M. Wehman-Dinge ’59



Class of ’53

Class of ’59

Esther Hoshall Beaumont

Pluma Chucknow Bridgers

Class of ’38

Betty Ann Allison Gottzandt

Susanne Riley Emge

Sally Schall Van Allen

Maggie DeLaney Hark

Helen Pringle Gibbs

Martha Rivers Ingram

Polly Shipp Grey

Class of ’43

Anne Ford Melton

Janice Heissenbuttel Jernigan

Cordelia Lambert Stites

Judy Webber Ross

Wendy DeFoe Lane

Jane Thornhill

Liz McGraw Severence

Beatty Hooker Martin

Class of ’44

Class of ’54

Lynne Ravenel

Edie Bikle Gregg

Topsy Herrin Barone-Thompson

Kay Robertson Skidmore

Theodora Gregorie Warren *

Marion Goodstein Goodman

Nancy Head Thode

Joannie Carbiener Hottinger

Lucile M. Wehman-Dinge

Class of ’46

Cecily Rudisill Langford

Alston Osgood Wolf

Constance Stoney Mason

Elizabeth Rivers Lewine

Mabel B. Pace

Sally McConnell Robinson

Class of ’60

Henri Goldman Slap

Bobbie Gail Brown Rothschild

Jane Brooks Ball

Class of ’47

Class of ’55

Carolyn M. Craft

Rosemary Barber Braun

Neil Verner Dawson

Jane Longmire Cuffe

Class of ’48

Class of ’56

Margaret Smith Garbe

Betty Blitch Dabbert

Merlee Ann Madren

Kitty S. Griffith

Joan Hutcheson Poulnot

Elisabeth Marks Rencher

Jane Spragins Hamilton

Sarah Burguson Strait

Harriet Popham McDougal Rigney

Kitty Eubank Jordan

Midge Midyette Peery

Georgia Hansen Lucas Barnett

Susan Inman Foxworth

Waties Pope Kennedy

Sara Devine Townsend Class of ’57

Dottie Pratt-Thomas Leonard

Class of ’49

Randolph Waring Berretta

Marsha Solomon Londe

Hannah Withers Craighill

Dee-Dee Samet Chandler

Mimi Bailes Reese

Tina Rutledge Edwards

Cynthia Simmons Corley

Louisa Spruill Riddick

Lucky Dallo Eisner

Nancy Morton Dawson

Pinky Rockhill

Sally Thrower Plair

Kitty Bryan Forbes

Kathleen Stevenson Turner

Belle Turner Lynch

Margaret B. Wilson

Class of ’50

Linn Whitelaw Ong

Margaret Street Wilson

Harriott Means Johnson

Natalie Furlong Reed

Mitzi Herrin Legerton

Mary Moore Roberson

Class of ’61

Barbara Angel Levin

Margaret Jenkins Skinner

Sister Linton Buchanan Marion Rivers Cato

Laurel Gale Stewart Class of ’58

Kay Haselden Chandler

Class of ’51

Joan Hitt Algar

Duchess Fitch Crowley

Vereen Huguenin Coen

Dot Porcher Amis

Sally McCrady Hubbard

Renee Razook Dunne

Carolyn Halloran Cunha

Molly Drayton Osteen

Derrill Maybank Hagood

Peg Rivers Eastman

Eleanor Hastie Parker

Pinky Prioleau Haydock

Susan Applegate Herrmann

Mary Ellis Staats

Joyce Dahlgren Remsburg

Gaby de la Morandiere

Mally Armstrong Trzeciak

Bo Bernardin Thorp

Anne Clay Blanton Oldham Sonya Pettersen O’Malley

Class of ’62

Class of ’52

Marguerite Sinkler Reeves

Henrietta Smylie Lachman

Emilie Wierman Carpenter

Lucy Verner Seabrook

Liz Sanders Rietz

Joanna Swain Cawley

Sue Thompson Sedgwick

Lavinia Mikell Thaxton

Suzanne Carhart Darweesh

Gaynor Roberts Shane

Emmie Hay Alexander Hancock

Martha Zeigler Tucker

Class of ’63

Sunshine Connor Norwood

Helen Linton Watson

Gail Townsend Bailey Jacquelin Stevenson Bennett Louise Mettler Blumenthal

Nell Stevenson Chastain

Cam Webb Stuhr

Ann Taylor Cover

Debbie Flint Knowlton Lynn Orvin Kornya

Becky Longmire Crowley

Class of ’66

Sue E. Levkoff

D’Anna Fortunato

Constance Townsend Brady

Debbie Floyd Lockwood

Francie Voigt Geer

Barbara Pringle Claypoole

Lucie Hall Maguire

Mozelle DePass Griffith

Eliza Edmunds Cleveland

Anne Majak

Bebe Anderson Hennessy

Beth Parker Dixon

Margaret Marion

Jane Thompson Hughes

Renee Dougherty

Katie Bunch Patterson

Lucia Harrison Jaycocks

Phyllis Walker Ewing

Jan Ector Pesavento

Charlene Tyler Marshall

Fielding Clark Gallivan

Linda Muckenfuss Plunkett

Anne Miller Moise

Elizabeth Feder Gustafson

Julia Middleton Royall

Annie Caroline Butt Reid

Cynthia Brown Heyward

Judy Maguire Tindel

Mickey Kronsberg Rosenblum

Shipley Dunn Jenkins

Andria Maxfield Williams

Bettina H. Rounds

Joan Hussey Marler

Ann Bell Smith

Susan Bedell McMahon

Class of ’70

Drea Williams

Gretchen Kempf Milligan

Jennet Robinson Alterman

Beautsie Robertson Zahrn

Marcia Pollock Ragsdale

Ann Hagerty Boyce

Ray Wannamaker Sabalis

Helen Tipton Bush

Class of ’64

Jane S. Smith

Paula Campbell

Tricia Zimmerman Allen

DeeDee Geraty Squires

Harriett B. Daughtridge

Sara McKerley Barrett

Elaine Berol Taylor

Emmie Aichele Dawson

Caroline Gibbons Coker

Mary-Jackson Parrish Thomas

Ann W. Dibble

Anne de la Morandiere Cooper

Boo Gibbs Townsend

Rosie Dellastatious Grimball

Harriet Christenberry Heacock

Ellen Jenkins Harrell

Louise Belcher Hinton

Class of ’67

Louisa Pritchard Hawkins

Jean Rae Herrin Hinton

Karen Warder Annas

Lynne Mappus

Eunice Smith Logan

Josie Eager Beadle

Marie Ferrara McGahan

Debbie Bateman McCabe

Annie Bailes Brown

Piper Parker Moffatt

Ruth Makemson McCullough

Joye Quattlebaum Cantrell

Jan Hargett Nallinger

Bettina Tillman Middleton

Missy Roper Cashman

Neda Coleman Nussbaum

Stanley Smith Reahard

Nancy Hawk Hadley

Langdon Edmunds Oppermann

Trudy Duckett Reeves

Mela Thompson Haklisch

Cherry F. Payne

Pam Parrish Reid

Sissy Hope Hewitt

Jane Thornhill Schachte

Peggy Pringle Schachte

Linda L. Kreidler

Rai Kelso Thompson

Pat Dingee Stancel

Cathy McGee Mebane

Sue Bitner Weaver

Mary Maroney Walker

Gay Murrill

Rite M. Whitmire

Sherrie F. Whittemore

Sally Holcombe Templeton

Laura Manning Williams

Donna Gestefeld Williams

Trish Wood Wallace

Caroline James Williamson

Ellen T. Willingham

Robin Winfree-Andrew


Class of ’68

Class of ’71

K. Porter Aichele



Kathy Vansant Bates

Mary W. Anderson

Sallie Doscher Avice du Buisson

Evelyn Marion Clarkson

Jane Banov Bergen

Laura Edwards Bell

Jennie Levkoff DeScherer

Barbara Street Hagerty

Carroll G. Belser

Jane Dowling Fender

R. Rachel Herbert

Sandy Sheridan Bennett

Ginny Craver Good

Louise Felker McKenzie

Nan Pinckney Boyne

Caroline N. Huggins

Elsie Taylor Owens

Anne Cogswell Burris

Ann Gaillard Humphreys

Chilton Cheves Pope

Louisa Pringle Cameron

Gail Karesh Kassan

Susan Hutto Robinson

Anne Monsen Daniell

Button Stelling O’Cain

Judy Edwards White

Leslie Himelright Dell

Donna C. Orvin

Sara Salley Wood

Cindy Strickland Harton

Class of ’65

Mimi Bartol Pospisil

Biddie Allison Lowry

Betsy M. Rockhill

Class of ’69

Martha Albrecht Miller

Kathy Sherrill Slattery

Kacky Fell

Francie Reeves Morrison

Nancy J. Muller

Jane Stoney Cook

Class of ’78

Kathi Murphy

Lese Corrigan

Elaine Meyer Bergmann

Emily Small Ramsay

Lisa Darden

Hope Geer Colyer

Claire Reynolds Rice

Leonie Harvin Gill

Lisa Dennis Daly

Missy Craver Schenck

Helen Rhett Gordon

Kathryn Rentiers Dewey

Jane Yates

Frances Hester

Berta Way Freeman

Julie Welch Hoke

Weezie Small Griffen

Class of ’72

Betsy Cheek Howland

Madge McCrady Hallett


Frances Parker Magee

Virginia Webb Harrison

Ann Welch Collins

Ginny Barnwell Murphy

Pam C. Jenkins

Christy Holliday Douglas

Dottie B. Edwards Nutt

Anne Darby Parker

Lucy Duncan

Claire Scholz O’Connor

Rhonda Pearlman Ponder

Emily D. Friedman

Suzanne Petersen Pinner

Lindsay March Schweitzer

Mary Simpson Green

Heidi Ward Ravenel

Beth W. Settle

Priscilla Wilson Judy

Lisa Sanders

Therese Trouche Smythe

Anne Seifart Lander

Sally J. Sheridan

Mary Green Stone

Patricia Garrett Marshall

Alix Robinson Tew

Ann Baker Thomas

Ginny Maguire Poole

Anne Aichele Williams

Vereen Coen Woodward

Lynn Horres Rogers

Class of ’75

Class of ’79

Louise C. Sheridan

Gail Jenkins Holesha

Jenks McDowell Bailey

Jessie Moorefield Spencer

Mary F. Leopold

Cindee Adams Beermann

Henny Leland Whelchel

Virginia T. McAlister

Naomi Hill Blumenthal

Sharon Pearce Wilson

Sue Klump Mevers

Lise Loux Budd

Mary Ann Stoddard

Betsy Kirkland Cahill

Betsy Stone Richardson

Class of ’73

Tory Davis Champion

Caroline Myers Bailey

Class of ’76

Nancy Nuckles Colyar

Beth Ogier Barnwell

Margaret Webb Axson

Karen Momeier Deaton

Amy Worthington Boucher

Anne Frances Bleecker

Heather Pennington Downs

Susan Brenner

Elizabeth Bradham

Catherine Calcote Fischer

Holly Nicholson Brinton

Monica Simmons Hammonds

Felicia Morrison Huger

Claudia Poulnot de Mayo

Monti Mengedoht Hanger

Pam Pugh Inveen

Missee Tuttle Fox

Dorothy Small Hefner

Glenn Edmunds Jeffries

Meta Grimball Frasch

Julianne Simons Hurst

Ann S. Jenkins

Harriet Stimson Gatter

Doe D. Jenkins

Caroline Smoak Keller

Laurie Arnold Host

Virginia Dawson Lane

Jean Simpson Knowlton

Roni J. Krause

Mary Dallas Carter Moore

Mary Parramore McCants

Debbie J. Lee

Elizabeth Lucas Rawl

Madeleine S. McGee

Cathy Rumble Lively

Karen Colwell Reid

Karen Jenkins Phillips

Susan James Mayer

Nancy Wallace Robins

Nena Hyatt Wall

Laura Morland

Saida Alexander Russell

Melissa Marks Williams

Debbie Easterlin Morris

Mary B. Webb Class of ’80

Olivia Palmer Melaina Clement Pate

Class of ’77

Lisa Mrlik Brush

Lee Davis Perry

Mary Gordon Baker

Ann Bacot Igoe Daughtridge

Susan Smith Perry

Clare Hutchinson Cochran

DeFord LeRoy Davis

Dale C. Poulnot

Caroline Simons Finnerty

Anne A. Kirkland

Sanna Wierman Prause

Betsy Walker Grimball

Elizabeth Barone Luzuriaga

Ginny L. Snipes

Claudia Simpson Hapak

Franny Rivers Slay

Kate S. Stillman

Mariana Ramsay Hay

Frances Rhett Steel

Anne Thornhill Weston

Lavinia Grimball Howell

Ann Thrash

Heidi Speissegger Whaley

Anne Smith Hutson

Chan Corrigan Voiles

Kathy B. Kirkland

Caroline Cooper Wilhelm

Class of ’74 Beth Lee Christena

Mary Bennett Morrison

Class of ’81

Kara Kreutner Montgomery

Sarah Chanler Ryan

Sally R. Buxton

Kimberly O’Quinn

Lisa Rosenblum Strauss

Frances Buist Byars

Kate Rodriguez

Evie McGee Colbert

Nancy Bennett Taylor

Class of ’92

Dallie Smoak Gaskin

Coco Dawson Tyburski

Frances Smith Dingle

Maryellen Hogan Gibson

Meg Dacey Federico

Helen Turner Hill

Class of ’87

Ainsley R. Glenn

Patty C. Jones

Lyne Heiterer Askins

Emmie Gaillard Hershey

Constance S. Parramore

Kate Brumley Kronzer

Elizabeth Currie Marchant

Kat Pearce Phillips

Margaret Read Mason

Dorothy George Thaxton

Stephanie Pendarvis McDonald

Anne Osborne Tibbals

Class of ’82

Laura Utsey McElwaine

Amy Bates Winfield

Diane Erichsen Burn

Anna N. W. O’Quinn

Alison Riopel Cayton

Evy Dickson Silcox

Class of ’93

Diane B. Conradi

Anne Pinckney Smith

Mary Atmar Owings Bradley

Burnam Eubank

Gina Brown Snyder

Caroline Pinckney Fitzgerald

Anne Mengedoht Fitch

Beth Reines Wheeler

Maura G. Hogan

Class of ’88

Amy E. Jenkins

Helen Davis Britton

Beth Fabian Landers

Kathleen Ravenel Finlay

Class of ’94

Dolly Lockwood Lipman

Jane Gregorie

Rhett Templeton Ambrite

Rhett Ramsay Outten

Kelli O’Malley Shively

Mandy Carson Davis

Caroline McC. Ragsdale

Sarah E. Venezian

Olga Gomer Hernandez

Evelyn W. Richards

Class of ’89

Class of ’95

Harriet Middleton Wright

Laura Dukes Beck

Elizabeth Wooten Burwell

Sara Downs Blanchard

Susanne Buck Cantey

Class of ’83

Angie Hewitt Chakeris

Hunter McEaddy Dawson

Virginia Adden Barrett

Helen Ann Lowenfield Harper

S. Kimberly Goff

Stacia Siniuk Cadmus

Melissa Moise McLeod

Harriet Settle Hansen

Tucker Cecil

Charlotte Anderson Parrino

Elizabeth W. Johnson

Marion Thomas Gilchrist

EB Ravenel

Tanis Powers Mann

Cathie R. Jones

Mary Neves Turner Richards

Meredith Land Moore

Sallie Conner Lesemann

Amie L. Tedeschi

Kerry Sawyer Schutz

Caroline C. Lesesne

Kim Hewitt Thomason

Vitre Ravenel Stephens

Ann Gadsden Shimer

Martha Middleton Wallace

Ann Riopel White

Caroline Welch West

Class of ’96

Joya Darby Wolf

Elizabeth Hood Willis

Elizabeth DuPre Brown

Class of ’84

Class of ’90

Jacquelin Bennett Lynn

Ama Thornhill Couch

Anne Hanahan Blessing

Anne Heinsohn Stavrinakis

Elaine Conradi Eustis

Catherine P. Holmes

Najeema D. Washington

Alberta K. Grimes

Mary Perrin Johnson O’Kelley

Elizabeth Felder McDermott

Anna Ruggiero

Class of ’97

Frannie Baker Reese

Etta K. Simons


Caroline C. Sinkler

Felicia Middleton Skoglund

Gaby Brown Andrews

Heather Key Tiller

Jennie W. Brooks

Class of ’86

Rachel A. Venezian

Cashion Drolet

Nancy Rowe Abercrombie

Jena Purser Walldorf

Laura Dingledine Rembert

Margie Davis Barham

Evelyn Ladue Wells

Margaret Anne Siachos

Doesy Rutledge Dickinson

Class of ’91

Class of ’98

Lizzy Cathcart Grubbs

Melissa Cole Chiles

Katy Cohen Decker

Caroline Evans Johnson

Jamye Horres Hurteau

Jenny Costa Honeycutt

Anne Marks Jones

Louisa Ravenel Parsell

Virginia Hewitt King

Jessica Jones Yarborough

Frida Moore Raley

Claire A. Cohen

Polly Walton Buxton

Margaret Johnson Kunes

Class of ’05

Mary B. Ramsay

Elizabeth A. Blackman

Charlotte D. Williams

Lauren Widman Eggerth

Class of ’11

Class of ’99

Elizabeth A. Finch

Elizabeth Scarborough Burnett


C. C. Glenn

Betsy B. Cribb

Jennifer King Cook

Sally McKinney Hall

Rebecca C. Rosen

Elizabeth Eubank

Kathryn Baldwin Hecker

Sally H. Sheppard

Ashley Costa Gochnauer

Emily Hanckel Kovach

Rebecca Wright Goings

Anne Hutson McEwen

Class of ’12

Amanda S. Goldson

Julia Anderson Mowlajko

Katharina E. Koch

Andrea Lee-Zucker

Gamble Augusta Ouzts

Lexi Tanenbaum Mansson

Class of ’06

Jennifer Nistad McCooey

Beth Darling Barnett

Class of ’13

Chrissie Norton

Ellen F. Cole

Caroline M. S. Bergmann

Anne Smith Reid

Kathleen Hay Hagood

Julia R. Brown

Liz Rhoads

Brooks M. Harken

Allison Highfield

Dorothy Rhodes

Ellen Neff Hassell

Player C. Lowndes

Caitlin E. Worsham

Kathryn Widman Hatcher

Anna C. Outten

Carter Lee Johnson

Morgan Schweers

Class of ’00

Torrey Crawford Knapp

Allison Chamberlain Abramson

Callie S. Osborne

Class of ’14

Eliza Hutto Cantwell

Jane Werrell Prevost

Anne M. Crawford

Laura Cole

Coleman C. Short

Mina L. Rismani

Molly A. Dingledine

Stephanie M. Whelan

Maela Singh

Jacki K. Phillips

Class of ’07

Class of ’15

Courtney Parades Plotner

Katie L. Perez - Phillips

Tiffany J. Dye

Lindsay Lyman Skelton

Ashley Phillips

Emma E. Price

Caroline Wooten

Bess P. Rosen

Hunter McRae Lawrence

Arianne E. Wolfe Class of ’01

Class of ’16 Caroline W. Outten


Class of ’08

Lilla Lane Clark

Boykin Foxworth Anderson

Tiffin Farrah Lamoreaux

Emma N. Baker

Class of ’17

Carson Levitan Lucas

Lauren G. DeHaven

Grace E. Griffith

Erin Stevens

Alex B. Thornton

Lily A. Haire

Class of ’02

Class of ’09

Class of ’18

Malia H. Camens

Abbie Wrenn Berry

Meaghan S. Bonds

Henslee Evans Elliott

Derrill T. Hagood

Grace C. Price

Ann E. Rice Ervin

Mariana R. Hay

Sophie Lane Martin

Claire E. Kruse

Class of ’19

Lauren Dumas Schryver

Jordan E. L. Lowery

Catherine D. Dixon

Meghan K. Titzer

Adair McCafferty

Elizabeth A. Dugger

Molly B. Waring

Arden Hare McKenzie

Sofia K. Feldman

Libby Miller

Courtney M. Glassburn

Class of ’03

Katherine W. Morrison

Gray Griffen

Katherine E. Anderson

Louisa E. Phillips

Isabella D. Hassett

Lacey Brigman Finch

Eliza Grimball Smith

Alyssa M. King

Mary Crawford Guerry

Annie Brooks B. Stoppelbein

Karlee B. Propes

Cameron Widman Leyh Amy McKinney Luff

Liza C. Thompson

Cecilia M. Smith Class of ’10 Olivia B. Hipp

Class of ’04

Christina L. Kearse

Drew McKnight Faw

Lauren D. Smith

Marianne D. Moseley

Charlotte Morrow Walpole


MEMORIAL GIFTS Mr. and Mrs. Bishop B. Anderson Bebe ’63 and William Hennessy

Katherine T. Deas ’99 Anonymous (3) Elizabeth Eubank ’99 Ashley ’99 and Matthew Gochnauer Rebecca ’99 and Robert Goings

Bud Askins Missee ’73 and Charles Fox

Amanda S. Goldson ’99 Lexi ’99 and Michael Mansson Jennifer ’99 and Kevin McCooey

Anne Barnes ’58 Boo ’66 and Jimmy Townsend

Chrissie Norton ’99 Anne ’99 and Nathan Reid Liz ’99 and Phillip Rhoads

Tonisha Jean Bell-Alston ’99 Anonymous (3)

Dorothy ’99 and Scott Rhodes Andrea Zucker ’99

Elizabeth Eubank ’99 Ashley ’99 and Matthew Gochnauer Rebecca ’99 and Robert Goings

Mary Jervey Drayton ’37 Molly ’61 and Monty Osteen

Amanda S. Goldson ’99 Lexi ’99 and Michael Mansson Jennifer ’99 and Kevin McCooey

Grandy and Pops Julie and Curt Rogers

Chrissie Norton ’99 Anne ’99 and Nathan Reid

Ellen J. Hanckel ’67

Liz ’99 and Phillip Rhoads

Joye Quattlebaum Cantrell ’67

Dorothy ’99 and Scott Rhodes

Phyllis Walker Ewing ’66

Andrea Zucker ’99

Missy ’71 and Alexander Schenck

Edith Mitchell Blair ’76

Mary Lou Hassell ’67

Elizabeth Bradham ’76 and Randy Pelzer

Louise ’68 and Donald McKenzie

Virginia ’76 and Charles Lane

Missy ’71 and Alexander Schenck

Saida ’76 and Robert Russell Ann ’80 and Bill Thrash

Frene N. Haynes ’88 Helen Ann ’89 and Thomas Harper

Dr. Gene E. Burges Trudy ’64 and John Reeves

Margaret Bowers Hendricks ’49 Mary Crawford Guerry ’03

Barbara Pierce Bush ’43 Virginia ’76 and Charles Lane

Sue McLaurin Henry Anonymous

Laura Barnett Carr ’96 Robert S. Carr Bill Wilson Louisa J. Carter Marguerite Sinkler Reeves ’58 Julia E. Chitwood ’59 Helen ’59 and James Gibbs

Margaret B. Heyward ’61 Thomas Peck Scott C. Howell Missee ’73 and Charles Fox Carolyn Wetherford Hutson ’50 Solomon Smith Barney Mrs. Virginia Beach

Diane and Edward H. Cochran Clare Hutchinson Cochran ’77

Anne M. Crawford ’14 Kathy ’78 and Rob Dewey Helen ’74 and Ted Gordon

Rachel Davis

Louise ’78 and Penn Griffen

Debbie ’73 and Charles Morris

Dorothy ’76 and Frank Hefner

Lee ’73 and Rhett Perry

Sarah and Ozey Horton Hundley Law, LLC Carolyn Wetherford Hutson ’50

Dr. and Mrs. Grant W. Patton, Jr. Elizabeth Bradham and Randy Pelzer

Martha Albrecht Miller ’71 Missy ’71 and Alexander Schenck

Elise M. Rivers Bobbie Gail ’54 and Herb Rothschild Lindsay ’78 and Neal Schweitzer Rosemary N. Hutto Connie ’66 and John Brady Kirk Imbus Cynthia ’57 and Charles Corley

Sarah C. Klein ’22

Plum Jenkins Moore ’63 Bettina Rounds ’63 and Robert Bonadies Lucia Manos Morfesis ’53 Jo ’52 and William Cawley Julie S. Muckenfuss Linda ’69 and Ron Plunkett Emily B. Myers ’27

Anonymous (2)

Emily ’71 and Alex Ramsay

Naomi ’79 and Liviu Blumenthal

Mary B. Ramsay ’98

Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill ’79 and John Cahill Alexis and Tim Carrico

Duane Nicholson

Donna and Dennis Cash

Pamela Reid ’64

Charleston Pathology

Susan ’68 and Charles Robinson

Anne and Gene Christiansen Margaret J. Davis Paul Dominick

Candace Orvin Palmer ’65 Donna C. Orvin ’65

Missy and Ray Farkouh Missee ’73 and Charles Fox Dianna and Jim Goldman

John Fulmore Ragsdale Caroline McC. Ragsdale ’82

Pam ’79 and Scott Inveen Harriott Means Johnson ’50 Jean ’79 and Frank Knowlton

Laura W. Ragsdale ’74 Alix ’74 and Graham Tew

Mary Koval Vicki McCartney

Kathleen Hall Ravenel ’63

Danyel and Rick McEvoy

Missee ’73 and Charles Fox

Elizabeth Robertson and Mark Mitchum

Missy ’71 and Alexander Schenck

Colleen and Kevin Mooney Cameron and Gunnar Nistad

Patricia Ray ’70

Jane A. Pelland

Ann ’70 and John Boyce

Artie and Lee Richards

Caroline ’70 and Keith Williamson

Judy Webber Ross ’53 Lucy and Ian Sanchez Carrie and Vijay Singh

Elizabeth M. Reid Jane ’66 and Everett Smith

Chan ’80 and Eric Voiles Missy and Jim Westerhold Anne ’73 and Christian Weston

Caroline H. Reutter ’70 Rai ’70 and Thomas Thompson

Roy Williams Jessica ’93 and David Yarborough

Beverly Ann Jackson Settle ’54 Karen Momeier Deaton ’79

Sue Pepper Klump ’54 Sue ’75 and William Mevers

Charlotte L. Sheridan Martha Anderson

Anne Ladue Evelyn ’90 and Douglas Wells

Virginia and Bill Barnwell Anne ’90 and Bo Blessing Kathy and Jim Culpepper

Daisy B. Leland

Anne Monsen Daniell ’71

Connie ’66 and John Brady

Missee ’73 and Charles Fox

Elizabeth Burwell

Richard Lilly

Amy ’92 and Jason Winfield

Biddie ’71 and Bill Lowry

Robert Mason

Marge Cantwell

Andy Moody

Croghan’s Jewel Box Dorothy ’76 and Frank Hefner

Sallie S. Shisko ’70

Julianne ’76 and Bobby Hurst

Missy ’71 and Alexander Schenck

Robert Ingraham

Jane ’66 and Everett Smith

Mary Ivester Julian E. McGill

Charlotte W. Small ’79

Lori Mcmillan

Emily ’71 and Alex Ramsay

Mary Dallas ’76 and Cliff Moore

Mary B. Ramsay ’98

Nancy ’76 and Gil Robins Betty M. Skinner

Dolly Myers Small ’50

Elizabeth B. Tiller

Emily ’71 and Alex Ramsay

Diane B. Westfall

Mary B. Ramsay ’98

Christine Zirker

Miels Smith Lindsay ’00 and Thomas Skelton Erin Finch Stevens ’01 Caroline Sottile Beatty ’59 and Jim Martin Dorothee E. Struzyna ’73 Laura Morland Morland ’73 Lyda Taylor Ann ’63 and Thomas Cover Walter Taylor Ann ’63 and Thomas Cover Margaret B. Tenney Peggy and Bobby Hahn John S. Walker Missee ’73 and Charles Fox Patience Davies Walker ’51 Meta ’73 and Charlie Frasch Melaina ’73 and Clarence Pate Saida ’76 and Robert Russell Missy ’71 and Alexander Schenck Eliza Grimball Smith ’09 Joan Brown Weinstein ’51 Bobbie Gail ’54 and Herb Rothschild Meta Chaddick Williams ’78 Lauren ’02 and Timothy Schryver Ann K. Witherspoon ’76 Margaret ’76 and Keith Axson Susan Barber Martha and Frank Barkley Elizabeth Bradham ’76 and Randy Pelzer


Virginia Hewitt King ’98

Julianna A. Skoglund ’19

DeDe and Batson Hewitt

Bettina ’64 and Chuck Middleton

Margaret Elliott Barham ’22 Margaret J. Davis

Patricia T. Kirkland

Frances Rivers Slay ’80

Anne A. Kirkland ’80

Allison Chamberlain Abramson ’00

Beth R. Barnett ’06 Anne Hutson McEwen ’05

Hugh C. Lane, Jr.

Jean Sweigart


Tiffany Spann-Wilder and Jeffery Spann-Wilder

Laura and J.R. Barnhart Saida ’76 and Robert Russell

Andrea Lee-Zucker ’99 Anita G. Zucker

Teachers and Staff Haley Dickinson

Caroline Brewer Colleen Hess

Sarah D. Marshall ’21 Beverly and Richard LaHue

Emma Tedford Charlene and David Collins

Mary S. Brisson ’21 Mary and Jim McNab

Rachel Martin Andrea and Jamie Martin

Upper School Faculty Anonymous

Class of ’86 Kara ’86 and Jay Montgomery

Celia McCarty Cynthia and E.L. Nicks

Mary B. Webb ’76 Molly B. Waring ’02

Class of ’70 Rosie Dellastatious Grimball ’70

Suzanne Mecum Cynthia and E.L. Nicks

Miss Ray Moore Coker ’59 Lynne Ravenel

Dave Czernecki Wren Messervy B.V. and Daniel Messervy Eunice Towles Dawson ’58 Coco ’86 and Dan Tyburski

Jan Gestefeld Moore ’53 Gail ’75 and Jim Holesha

Catherine D. Dixon ’19 Missee ’73 and Charles Fox

Caroline O. Pascal ’03 Charlene Wick Kenworthy

Elaine Fairey Cynthia and E.L. Nicks

Jane Werrell Prevost ’06 Drake McCormick

Mary S. Gastley Stephanie and Doug Kirkman

Whaley G. Regan Ashley and Colin Regan

Gail Hogan Maryellen ’81 and Reginald Gibson Juliana Burns Rieger ’60 Louisa ’60 and Daniel Riddick Amelia E. Jenkins ’82 Doe D. Jenkins ’76

Anna Ruggiero ’90 Missee ’73 and Charles Fox

Mrs. Catherine O. Jones Cathie R. Jones ’83

Finley Saylors ’26 Nancy and Alan Hay

Riley E. Kerr ’21 Bunny and Jimmy Kerr

Lucile H. Wehman Mary ’61 and Charles Staats

Kathryn M. Menzies ’10 Pam and Bobby Pearce

Ellen and Donovan Smith

Mary A. Schweers Alice M. Boylan and Gess S. Way


Hart Hagerty

Toogoodoo Tree Farm

Catherine ’90 and Kevin Holmes

Kathleen ’60 and William Turner

5 Church

Holy City Brewing Co.

Two Cumberland

Anne Rhett Photography

Caroline and Philip Horn

Two Brunettes

Au Pair in America

Jamye ’91 and James Hurteau

Martha ’82 and John Walters

The Audubon Gallery

Amy E. Jenkins ’82

Doug Warner

Cathy C. Austelle ’03

Beverly Stoney Johnson and

The Water Room

Babas on Cannon

Joe Johnson

Jane Stuart Ball ’86

Kimpton Brice Hotel

Barre Evolution

Kimpton George Hotel


Lake Pajamas

Katherine ’65 and William Bates

The Links at Stono Ferry

Sally and David Baxley

Lotus Flower

Jacquelin ’63 and Bill Bennett

Andrea and James Martin

Elaine Meyer Bergmann ’78

Madison Matthews

Blackbird Market

Anne Hutson McEwen ’05

The Boutique

Mercantile & Mash

Holly Nicholson Brinton ’73

Nancy and Jay Meyer

Helen ’88 and John Britton

MGW Outfitters

Butcher and Bee

Helen ’70 and Lovick Mims

Buxton Books

Hyla Dewitt Jewelry

Polly Walton Buxton ’86

The Mindful Body Pilates Studio

Louisa ’71 and Joseph Cameron

Mount Pleasant Eye Surgeons

Liesl Ethington and Joel Carl

Amanda and Dave Murrell

Tucker Cecil ’83 and Mark Crawford

Oath & Stone

Charleston Area Convention and

Cassie L. Odachowski ’08

Visitors Bureau

Shannon ’93 and David Wood

Beth Baldwin and Jeff Oldham

The Charleston Artist Collective

Catherine Davis ’91 and Kevin Ott

Charleston City Music Hall

Anne ’78 and Scott Parker

Charleston Riverdogs

Peyton William Handmade Jewelry

Cherry Point Seafood

Claudia and Bill Phillipps

Evie ’81 and Stephen Colbert

Courtney Parades Plotner ’00

Cookie Kaleidoscope

Sanna ’73 and Kent Prause

Cooper River Brewing


Lese J. Corrigan ’74

Pure Barre

Cos Bar

Jenny and Jerry Reves

Croghan’s Jewel Box

Rhett Women’s Center Aesthetics

Paige ’83 and Steve Crone

Sally ’66 and Edmund Rhett

Alexandra M. des Francs ’13

Rhodes Boutique

Hyla S. DeWitt ’04

Frances ’74 and Thomas Roosevelt

Dogwood Downs

Bobbie Gail ’54 and Herb Rothschild

M. Dumas & Sons

Catherine Rotman

M. Megan Molony Dupont ’98

Sandlapper Events

Peg Rivers Eastman ’58

Missy ’71 and Alexander Schenck

Nancy ’94 and DuBose Egleston

Carrie and Vijay Singh

Food for Thought

Skin of Charleston

Missee ’73 and Charles Fox

Kaye and T. Scott Smith

Gibbes Museum

The South Carolina Aquarium

Glowfisch Hospitality

Southern Olive Bites

Chelsea Goer Art

Spa Azure

Gretchen Scott Store

Spoleto Festival USA

Bill Gudger

Louise Davis Thackeray ’89

Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant Inc.

Tiger Lily Florist

All efforts have been made to correctly list donations. If an error has been made, please accept our apologies and contact Suzie Smith, Director of Institutional Advancement.

Photo by Meredith Adkins Frazier

Beyond the Gates : The Lower Schools Lowcountry Classrooms BY JENNIFER TURNER, PERSPECTIVES EDITOR & INSTITUTIONAL WRITER

Students in the Lower School learn about conservation throughout their curriculum, and when the allure of using the Lowcountry as a classroom beckons, the surrounding coastal landscape offers an abundance of maritime forests, marshes, beaches, and rivers primed for exploration with purpose. From first graders spotting marsh and sea birds at Mt. Pleasant’s Pitt Street Bridge to fourth graders studying ecology in an authentic and invigorating way on the shoreline at Camp St. Christopher, the opportunities are diverse and plentiful. Emphasizing conservation, sustainability, and the Lowcountry’s complex ecosystem, each trip provides a hands-on experience that brings Ashley Hall’s curriculum alive in a tangible way. In May, kindergartners got to put those lessons into practice with the chance to explore Botany Island, an uninhabited island near Edisto. “Trips like these are so important for students to study local ecosystems and gain an appreciation for the plants and animals that live there,” said Lower School faculty member Beth McCarty, who led the trip. “I love watching the joy and magic that happens while exploring beach treasures on an island with 30 enthusiastic kindergarten students.” Amid blue skies, live oaks, and windswept beaches, conservation adventures leave a lasting impression, and Ashley Hall students truly embrace the wide expanse of the Lowcountry as their classroom.

The Unity of Art : The Nautilus Programs Partnership with the Gibbes BY JENNIFER TURNER, PERSPECTIVES EDITOR & INSTITUTIONAL WRITER

As part of their recent docent program at the Gibbes Museum of Art, seventh graders were asked not only to select a piece of art to analyze but also to use that artwork as a springboard for their own creative process. “The girls choose a piece of art that speaks to them and that they want to learn more about,” said Upper School faculty member Leslie Rowland. “We discuss and practice describing and analyzing visual art, and then focus on researching the artist and the piece. At that point, the girls are ready to make an interpretive claim about the piece, which serves as the basis of their reflective research essay.” After creating ekphrastic poems inspired by their pieces, the girls teamed up in small groups to discuss the pieces’ unifying elements and to produce a group piece of art. The month-long project led up to a final test: serving as docents for their chosen artwork at the Gibbes, where the girls had the chance to meet Jonathan Green, one of the artists they researched. “It is the first extended, research-based writing project they experience, which sets them up for the Oral Defense Project in eighth grade,” Rowland noted. “The girls learn to view a piece of art from various perspectives, a skill transferable to any subject. They make choices about their own learning and the information they want to share with others. It also helps them develop public speaking skills.” For many students, the most fun part was the group art project. “I like that we get to be collaborative together to come up with one big abstract piece,” said Lavinia Maybank ’24. “I love being creative with all my friends!” Chloe Constant ’24 agreed. “We get to use everyone’s art piece to come together and express ourselves through this joint piece!” By sharing their insights and blending their talents, seventh graders broadened their perspectives to experience the unifying power of art. Photo by Kelly Grace Photography

Fostering the Learning Process: Reggio Emilia Documentation BY JENNIFER TURNER, PERSPECTIVES EDITOR & INSTITUTIONAL WRITER

Within the Early Education Center (EEC), the Reggio Emilia philosophy guides the curriculum and interactions between children and teachers. A key part of that process is using documentation as a tool to illustrate children’s learning. “We often use the term ‘making learning visible’ to explain how documentation is like a window into children’s thinking,” noted EEC faculty member and atelierista Wendy Robbins. “Documentation is not a re-telling of the steps of a project but rather a way of promoting students’ emerging understanding.” By using photographs, videos, and language transcriptions, teachers assess their students’ knowledge to determine the next step in their education journey. “Documentation is at first a living work in progress where teachers gather stories and artifacts that chronicle the children’s experiences as both individuals and members of the group,” Robbins emphasized. “As time goes on, teachers work with the atelierista to analyze and synthesize mini-stories into a thoughtfully designed product that allows viewers insight into the hows and whys of the project. Visitors often browse through panels and binders, and teachers and students also revisit archived pieces to inspire and continue current projects.” Through its commitment to the process of documentation, the EEC continues to produce a rich timeline that uniquely captures the growth, victories, and voices of its students.

Photo by Meredith Adkins Frazier




Photo by Kelly Grace Photography

Now in its second year on campus, Horizons at Ashley Hall gave first through third graders from Memminger and Mitchell Elementary Schools a transformative six weeks of education and camaraderie this summer.

I taught last year during the first two weeks of Horizons, joined the Saturday programs during the school year, and returned this summer for my second year as a Horizons Assistant Teacher (HAT). I’ve been with the same class two years now, and it’s been wonderful seeing them grow. Last summer, they were first graders afraid to swim, and now visiting the pool is their favorite thing to do! I really love this grade a lot; I know everyone, and they know me. I help students in the learning centers and as book buddies, and especially with the afternoon STEAM class, which involves lots of hands-on activities. My favorite moments during Horizons have been during the field trips. These special breaks from class make the students so excited and happy. In the first two weeks, they went to the marsh and beach and then on another day visited a farm. They love telling about all they did, from catching shrimp from a dock to seeing a working farm up-close. For many of them, these first-time experiences are so meaningful, and I have the best time seeing how much they are having fun! This year, I feel like I know more and I’m doing more, which is exciting! I like it a lot because eventually I do want to work with children and do some sort of teaching, so having that responsibility is great right now. It’s also nice being able to step back and see things from another viewpoint. You definitely learn from them and gain a whole new perspective, as well as patience, of course! I like that I am not only helping the students but also gaining something meaningful myself.

Ava Piebenga 21

SUPPORTERS OF HORIZONS AT ASHLEY HALL Stephanie and Chad Alvarez Anonymous Boeing Global Engagement Copart Rochelle and Jonathan Altman Denise and Jim Apple Adrienne and Todd Eischeid Elhapa Foundation Elizabeth and James Kenan Boo and Isaac Morton Ainsley and Jeff Goldstein Jeannie and Ken Harrell Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation Inc. Olivia B. Hipp ’10 McLean and John Hoof Horizons National Rosemary O’Malley Hoye and Pat Hoye Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation Nancy and Lewis Glenn Greer and Chris Phillips Alice and Richard LaFleur Jill and Lorenzo Muti Ansara and Jon Piebenga Heidi ’74 and Arthur Ravenel Artie and Lee Richards Rotary Club of Charleston - Breakfast Saida ’76 and Robert Russell Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina Tiffany and Jeffery Spann-Wilder Kim and Eric Strickland Shana and Bobby Stockton Kiki and Ray Sweigart Julie and Rowan Taylor Jena ’90 and Chad Walldorf Charlotte D. Williams ’10

Thank you to these incredibly generous donors who led the way for the future of Ashley Hall by making a leadership gift to one of the School’s major initiatives.


Laurie ’73 and George Host

Lilla ’01 and Patrick Clark

Anonymous (2)

Erin and David Hudson

Jack and Anne Glenn


John M. Rivers, Jr.

Charitable Foundation

Kimberley and Eric Strickland

Nancy and Lewis Glenn

Anonymous Julie and Rowan Taylor $250,000-$499,999 John T. and Elizabeth K. Cahill Fund of Coastal Community Foundation

Greer and Chris Phillips $50,000-$99,999

Mozelle DePass Griffith ’63


Lenna and Jesse Kirchner

Elhapa Foundation

Sophie ’02 and Jarrett Martin

Elizabeth and James Kenan Boo and Isaac Morton

Dale C. Poulnot ’73 and Jim F. Condon

of SC

Jeannie and Ken Harrell

Kaye and R. Scott Smith

Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill ’79

Karen ’79 and Mark Phillips

Stephanie and Eddie Street

and John Cahill

Marion and Bart Proctor

Croft and Hugh Lane

Colleen and Kevin Mooney


Beverly Ann ’54 and John Settle*

Lynn ’68 and Jeffrey Pierson

Katherine ’65 and William Bates

Emily and Steve Swanson

Barbara and J. Conrad Zimmerman

Henry M. Blackmer Foundation



Robert S. Carr

Ethel Mae Hocker Foundation


Elizabeth R. Williams ’45*

Nancy C. Friday ’51*

Laura and J.R. Barnhart

Porter Williams, Jr.*

Margaret P. Blackmer

* Deceased


L oDome at Pardue Hall OPENED FALL 2017

This project enclosed the Lower School’s atrium space with an elegant glass roof and added acoustical enhancement as well as new atrium flooring and furniture to increase the functionality of this collaborative space.

Warren Street House OPENED WINTER 2019

A beautifully renovated historic property located directly across Smith Street, Warren Street House is the Upper School’s new humanities hub for the study of classics, foreign languages, and history. The building also features a new Admission Office suite.

Student L ife Center OPENING WINTER 2020

Tailored to the needs of Upper School girls, the Student Life Center will offer 6,000 square feet of repurposed space to support already robust wellness and college counseling programs.


Welcome Home: New Building Showcases Intermediate Program Curriculum BY JENNIFER TURNER, PERSPECTIVES EDITOR & INSTITUTIONAL WRITER

When fifth and sixth graders return to school this fall, they will step inside a new campus home specifically designed with them in mind. With an emphasis on student-directed learning and handson experiences, the new Intermediate Program building is an academic space that directly supports Ashley Hall’s unique programmatic offerings. “The new building is specifically designed and tailored to meet the needs and learning styles of Intermediate Program students, with facilities that are structured to enhance the teaching and learning experience,” said Mary Schweers, Intermediate Program Coordinator. “The large classrooms with new furniture will make a significant impact. Students will be able to sit, to stand, and to have more freedom of movement and comfort, and mobility of furniture in open space will provide more opportunities for individualized instruction and group work.” In addition to a number of technology enhancements, including Chrome books for each student and Promethean interactive white boards in all classrooms, the building features several showcase learning areas. “An 1,800 square foot STEAM suite will spark creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking,” noted Director of Innovation Ed Dougherty. “Moreover, a state-ofthe-art fabrication design lab with 3D printers and laser cutters will help students prototype new ideas and bring their visions to life. By introducing new outdoor learning spaces, cutting edge technology, and top-notch flexible furniture, Ashley Hall will maximize students’ voices and choices in the way they learn.”

Jenkins Hall Science L aboratories OPENING SOON

This project will expand the number of science laboratories on the third floor of Jenkins Hall.

Such attention to detail not only illustrates the building’s uniqueness but also furthers the Intermediate Program’s mission. “Because of the interior design and structure along with the newer technology, we will have more opportunities to be creative and innovative in our approach to curriculum,” Schweers emphasized. “We can offer more chances for our students to take creative risks so that they can learn from their wonderful successes and their splendid failures.”

Photo by Kelly Grace Photography


S OCIETY Bequests and other planned gifts have a lasting impact on Ashley Hall and serve as a continuing source of support. By including Ashley Hall in their estate plans, supporters ensure that the tradition of an Ashley Hall education continues for another one hundred and ten years. Estate gifts can be designated to support an individual’s passion at the School but are most commonly invested to grow the School’s endowment in perpetuity. Ashley Hall’s founder, Mary Vardrine McBee, exemplified and championed the merits found in a life of valuebased philanthropy. Today, she is the patroness of The McBee Society, an organization of foresighted and generous donors who have included Ashley Hall in their estate plans. Miss McBee in her study, from the Ashley Hall Archives

Anonymous *

Martha Rivers Ingram ’53

Margaret L. Read ’38 *

Dot Porcher Amis ’58

Amy E. Jenkins ’82

Jenny and Jerry Reves

Mary W. Anderson ’68

Joan ’47 and Robert Kaselitz

Sally ’66 and Edmund Rhett

Marietta Wade Aurand ’41 *

Elizabeth C. Keith *

Ms. Keith C. Richardson

Nella G. Barkley

Trish and Tommy Kirkland

John M. Rivers, Jr.

Katherine ’65 and William Bates

Croft and Hugh Lane

Mary Moore Roberson ’57

Esther Hoshall Beaumont ’53

Daisy Leland *

Cliff P. Robertson *

Ruth Russell Belding ’43 *

Barbara Angel Levin ’50

Judy Webber Ross ’53

Marguerite McLaughlin Bishop ’49 *

Melissa and Jan Levitan

Bobbie Gail ’54 and Herb Rothschild

Anne Frances Bleecker ’76

Elizabeth Rivers Lewine ’54

Katherine B. Salmons ’71

Michele G. Booth

Margaret and Ian MacDonald

Iona and Paul Sanders

Gene E. Burges ’64 *

Merlee Ann Madren ’56

Beverly Ann ’54 * and John Settle *

Julius E. Burges *

Amanda and Roy Maybank

Mary Mahony Smith ’37

Jean Martschink Buyer ’51 *

Terry and Luke McBee

Peggy ’68 and Jim Stallworth

Margaret P. Carr ’29 *

Pam and Pat McKinney

Laurel Gale Stewart ’50

Robert S. Carr

Nancy J. Muller ’71 and

Shana and Bobby Stockton

Helen and Bob Clement

Warren Mersereau

Martha and Will Story

Ann Bacot ’80 and Belk Daughtridge

Eleanor Hope Moore ’56 *

Virginia and Thomas Thorne *

Ann W. Dibble ’70

Jill and Lorenzo Muti

Alice and Mike White

Susan Estey Edgerly ’43 *

Kathy and Pete Nistad

Elizabeth R. Williams ’45 *

Evelyn A. Florance *

Frances K. Palmer ’26 *

Elizabeth S. Williams ’34 *

Nancy Friday ’51 *

Caroline Pardue *

Margaret A. Williams ’34 *

Nora Alston Flynn ’53 *

Lee ’73 and Rhett Perry

Porter Williams, Jr. *

Alice ’61 and Mike Gaines

Corinne Neely Pettit *

Martha Mohl Wolf ’56

Celinda H. Harkness ’59 *

Karen ’79 and Mark Phillips

Beautsie ’63 and Fred Zahrn *

Virginia Clyde Douglass Harper ’47

Linda Muckenfuss Plunkett ’69

Barbara and J. Conrad Zimmerman, Jr.

Jane * and T. Fleetwood Hassell

Dale C. Poulnot ’73 and Jim F. Condon

Elephare Dwelle Zimmerman ’40 *

Jane ’47 and Max Hill

Mabel Stowe Query ’39 *

Laurie Arnold Host ’73

Caroline H. Ragsdale ’70 *

Sally ’61 and Charles Hubbard

Eva R. Ravenel ’73

Fern Karesh Hurst ’64

Heidi ’74 and Arthur Ravenel

* Deceased



Recipients of the Rosemary Nelson Hutto Award for Teaching Excellence, photo by Paula Edwards Harrell

Thank you to the faculty and staff members who supported the 2018–2019 Loyalty Fund.

Alison Adams

Rebecca Ford

Amie McInerney

Suzie Smith

Lesley Ammons

Meredith Frazier

Kelly Mehr

Emmad Soltan

Cindy Andrews

Christopher Frisby

Dana Molony

Sara Stephenson

Lillian Apple

Mary Gastley

Janet Morrison

Shana Stockton

Gail Bailey ’63

Emilee Getter

Gabriela Mungo

Kelly Sumner

Ann Barnett

Melanie Gibson

Amanda Murrell

Kiki Sweigart

Allison Bischoff

Stephanie Glasscock

Andrea Muti

Lee Tamblyn

Ginger Black

Aubrey Goio

Jill Muti

Amy Thompson

Holly Blair

Kayla Greer

Katie Neighbours

Jennifer Turner

Lauren Bordeaux

Lizzy Grubbs ’86

Carolyn Newton

Mahe Van Dyck

Kevin Bourque

Jill Harper

Meghan Osborne

Dana Van Hook

Allison Bowden

Paula Harrell

Meridith Oxley

Grant Vatter

Nick Bozanic

Rasheedah Harrison

Laura Parks

Jennifer Vaughan

Kate Bramblett

Katie Harvard

Jane Pelland

Debbie Vaughn

Kelly Brinson

Martha Hill

Katie Perez-Phillips ’07

Meghan Ward

Anna Brock

Olivia Hipp ’10

Betsy Quirin

Scott Warfel

Sally Buxton ’81

Tina Hirsig

Polly Rainey

Emily Warren

Samantha Cantwell

Betsy Howland ’74

Paula Register

Mary Webb ’76

Nichole Carey

Chris Hughes

Kathleen Ricker

Anne Weston ’73

Claire Christensen

Amy Jenkins ’82

Lynne Riding

Crystal Wilkins

Stephanie Christensen

Elizabeth Johnson ’95

Wendy Robbins

Charlotte Williams ’10

Katherine Clarkson

Allison Jordan

Katie Rodgers

LaChan Wilson

Harriet Coleman

Grace Jorgensen

Leslie Rowland

Leroy Wilson

Dave Czernecki

Patricia Kamau

Anna Ruggiero ’90

Elena Dardar

Laura Kernen

Lois Ruggiero

Roscoe Davis

Barry Kintz

Jodi Runner

Emily Davis

Alex Kosarko

Erika Russell

Sarah Margaret Decker

Amy Kuenzel

Libby Russler

Elizabeth Dinwiddie

Tiffin Lamoreaux ’01

Suzanne Saunders

Jeff Dionne

Desiree Landry

Mary Schweers

Naoko Dionne

Maggie Laney

Batey Self

Alyssa DiSalvo

Nancy Langston

Angela Semo

Ginger Dixon

Shannon Laribo ’11

Mark Semo

Andrea Dolan

Kendall Lee

Anne-Davis Shaw

Ed Dougherty

Erin Libaire

Betsy Sidebottom

Erin Dunahoe

Olga Long

Marc Simpson

Henslee Elliott ’02

Player Lowndes ’13

Carrie Singh

Susannah Elliott

Frances Magee ’74

Franny Slay ’80

Elizabeth Flowers

Vicki McCartney

Dee Dee Smith

Nickie Fones

Beth McCarty

Mia Smith

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