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BURBERRY GOLF for St. Andrews Links

Senior Capstone Project Created By Ashlee Scott

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of golf and the home of golf itself, St. Andrews, the mission of this project is to develop and create an exclusive Burberry collection in collaboration with the iconic British Open. Following the success of the Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club in the U.S., this project aims to establish a similar goal for the U.K. This project will blend classic tradition with modern innovation, not only with the collection itself but also with a unique retail experience through a one-of-a-kind pop up shop. This pop up shop, to be featured during the tournament by the course itself, will incorporate distinct design elements that pay homage to the sport of golf and the history of St. Andrews. More so, technology will also be implemented to create an interactive and engaging experience for the consumer both in-store and though mobile interaction. With the current growth in the golf market, the goal of this project is to extend the Burberry brand with luxe golf apparel to be worn both on and off the course that reflects an iconic British tradition.


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St. Andrews Links

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of craftsmanship , “ a tradition design , and innovation .

COMPANY OVERVIEW Founded in 1856, twenty-one-year-old Thomas Burberry, a draper’s apprentice, had the vision to create “innovative and functional” outerwear. After inventing gabardine in 1879, Burberry’s coats began making a name for the brand and was the outfitter for many important expeditions. During the first World War, Burberry adapted its weatherproof coats to meet the needs of officers, thus the iconic trench coat was born. Even with its original military purposes, every detail of the trench coat has remained and become a part of its enduring style. Today, Burberry is a leading global luxury brand known for its rich heritage blended with modern innovation. Burberry continues to be at the forefront of technology, having been one of the first luxury brands to have goods available for online purchase to the brand’s continual technology driven mindset that has shaped both the runway and retail stores alike. Burberry is guided under the leadership of Christopher Bailey who has been the Chief Creative Officer since 2009 and recently appointed CEO in 2014. The brand has shown continued success with over $2 billion in revenue as of 2015. Burberry’s mission continues to focus on three key things: Brand, Business, and Culture. The brand focuses on its heritage while still innovating and reinventing classics. Burberry’s business strategy is to produce well-crafted luxury products and to continue to build on its technology platform. Burberry’s culture is to foster creativity and collaboration while giving back to the community.

Burberry invents gabardine, a breathable weatherproof fabric.

Equestrian knight logo appears with “Prorsum” meaning ‘forwards.’

Became a publicly quoted company for the first time.

Christopher Bailey appointed to Chief Creative Officer





18 56





Founded by Thomas Burberry

Moves into first London store at 30 Haymarket.

The trench coat is born during World War I.

First advertising campaign is shot by Mario Testino featuring Kate Moss.

Bailey then appointed to CEO



BUSINESS MODEL Burberry’s strategic agenda covers four key themes: Brand First, Famous for Product, Customer-Centric, and Productive and Responsible. The Burberry brand leads the business with decisions taken in the best long-term interests. Burberry remains committed to the “creation of authentic and distinctive products with continuous innovation in design and manufacturing.” Burberry aims to be a leader in understanding, engaging, and serving its customers through all channels with the customer being central to the company’s activities. Lastly, Burberry aims to continue to develop productivity and efficiency across the organization, ensuring a culture of responsibility. The Burberry business model focuses on four key parts: design, make, source, and sell. Product design and development are centered in the London headquarters, and fabrics and materials are bought from both external suppliers predominately located in Europe as well as company-owned facilities based in the U.K.


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Inspire with the Brand: Staying true to its past heritage while embracing innovation, Burberry continues to celebrate the timeless and authentic products that embody the brand and continue to inspire. Burberry seeks to connect with its customers globally, whether through campaign talents, marketing innovations, its runway shows, or enhancing customer experience through digital advances.

Realize Product Potential: Burberry continues to seek growth opportunities across all product categories in order to create a balanced mix. In recent years, focused attention on accessories has contributed to growth in this product category which remains a key driver for future growth. Continued focus on underdeveloped categories, like maximizing opportunities in men’s product categories as well as further development in beauty, are key areas of focus for the brand.


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Optimize Channels: Burberry has improved and optimized its routes to market, shifting its operating model to the retail channel. Burberry continues to focus on blurring the physical and digital experiences and increasing store investment.

Unlock Market Opportunity: Burberry aims to embrace the opportunities to evolve and promote the company’s position in both developed and younger market categories. Growing opportunities in China and Japan are an important part of Burberry’s strategy as well as continued expansion in travel sectors and U.S. business.

Pursue Operational Excellence: Burberry continues to focus on supply chain, planning, and process investments to drive efficiency and productivity across all business areas.

Build Our Culture: Burberry aims to commit to building its culture and values with increased employee engagement, social responsibility, and environmental responsibility.

PRODUCT MIX Product categories include accessories, women’s, men’s, children, and beauty. For 2015, accessories represented 36% of retail/wholesale revenue, with a 12% underlying growth. Heritage scarves were key performers and men’s product categories represented about 20% of total accessories sales. Following the accessories product category, women’s consisted 30% of revenue followed by men’s at 23%. For both women’s and men’s, heritage trench coats drove growth.

CHANNEL MIX Burberry products are sold globally through its stores, e-commerce platforms, licensing, and through third-party wholesale customers, both offline and online. For 2015, retail accounted for 71% of revenue and wholesale 26%. Retail channels include 214 mainline stores, 213 concessions within department stores, digital commerce, and 57 outlets. Wholesale channels include sales to department stores, multi-brand specialty accounts, travel retail, and franchisees who operate 67 Burberry stores.

REGIONAL MIX Burberry operates in three regions: Asia Pacific, Americas, and EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa.) For 2015, Asia Pacific represented 38% of revenue, EMEIA 35%, and Americas 27%. Asia Pacific has 63 mainline stores and 143 concessions. The EMEIA has 73 mainline stores and 62 concessions, with about half of sales made by traveling luxury customers. The Americas, with 78 mainline stores and 8 concession stores, saw 16% underlying growth with digital penetration in the USA more than twice the global average.


STRENGTHS Burberry has established a strong brand awareness, recognized as a digital and innovative leader in luxury fashion. Additionally, Burberry is recognized for its distinct design and heritage. The brand continues to create active collaborations with a range of celebrities and models. Burberry’s extensive distribution network and structured operating model are also key strengths the company has established.

OPPORTUNITIES Social media and the digital space is continuing to expand, with the preference to shop online seeing growth within recent years. The European online retail sector is forecasted to have a value of $594.2 billion by 2019. The U.S. online retail sector is projected to reach a value of $574.5 billion by 2019, an increase of 88.3% from 2014. Additionally, the global luxury goods market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 4% from 2014 to 2020.


WEAKNESSES Compared to competitors such as Kering and LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Burberry lacks the size of scale in terms of revenue and faces potential limitations to compete against these larger players whose greater economies of scale and financial strength could result in pricing pressure against the brand.

THREATS Competition continues to be a major threat in the retail and apparel industry, which could result in loss of market share. Counterfeiting, especially for the luxury goods sector, poses a major threat, as counterfeits account for 7% of the overall luxury market with an estimated value of over $20 billion. Lastly, exchange rate fluctuations and economic stability can threaten the brand’s overall profitability.


FUTURE OUTLOOK As a global luxury leader recognized by Fast Company as the 7th most innovative brand in retail, Burberry continues to see optimistic opportunities for its future outlook. As one of the most followed luxury brands on social media, Burberry continues to develop its digital marketing strategy. Additionally, Burberry aims to further expand its product categories, specifically in the beauty market category, and increase customer services and capabilities. As the brand has seen tremendous success within the past years, Burberry’s established name and reputation will continue to see positive future growth.



MARKET OVERVIEW Sports apparel and footwear sales have jumped 42% to $270 billion over the past seven years. With the continually growing trends revolving around health and fitness, the industry is predicted to add an additional $83 billion in sales by 2020, or more than 30%. The U.S. is the world’s largest market for active wear, currently accounting for $97 billion or 36%. Growth is expected to impact markets like Asia and Latin America, where the market has the most potential for growth. Golf is experiencing high levels of growth throughout the world. Japan has a large golf market, which has expanded into China, South Korea, and Vietnam. Golf booms in France and Germany are also taking place, as well as in Croatia and Russia. More so, with the recent announcement that golf will become an Olympic sport starting in 2016, the international growth of the game will increase exponentially. Currently, there is a strong emphasis on targeting the millennial generation in regards to golf. With the rise of more and more millennial golf stars and increased use of digital media marketing, more millennials are becoming interested in the sport. Roughly around 6.5 million millennials played 100 million rounds of golf in 2015, with this age group making up 28% of total golfers. Additionally, the PGA tour saw a 43% increase in its website traffic from millennials, and its Twitter followers went up 39% in the same time frame.




Home to more courses per head of population than anywhere else in

Based on an independent report published by Sheffield Hallam

the world, golf tourism is estimated to be worth £220 million to the

University’s Sport Industry Research Center, golfers in the U.K.

Scottish economy and supports around 4,400 jobs. For tourism in 2014,

spent £4.3 billion on the sport in 2014, accounting for 14% of

the U.S. was Scotland’s largest overseas market. Visits from the U.S.

all consumer spending on sport. £2.2 billion, more than half of

accounted for 15% of all international trips. U.S. visitors were also the

consumer spending on golf, was channeled through the U.K.’s

largest international market in terms of bed nights accounting for 17%

near 3,000 golf clubs. Golf’s Gross Value Added (GVA), the wages

of the total nights spent by overseas tourists in Scotland.

and profits measure of economic activity, estimated £2 billion or 7% of GVA contributed to all sport in the United Kingdom.

Nearly a quarter of all international expenditure was attributed to U.S. visitors, the largest share among all overseas markets, with total

Over 5 million people in the U.K. are engaged with the game

spending reaching £436 million in Scotland during 2014. The average

of golf, with an estimated 1.5 million adult golfers who play at

visitor spent around £118 a day and around £1,046 per visit. A variety of

least once a week which is twice the regular participation rate of

age groups visit Scotland with 22% aged 44-54, 18% aged 35-44, 17%

tennis. Around 3.9 million adults in the U.K. play at least once a

aged 55-65, and 16% aged 25-34. Fourty-four percent of U.S. travelers

year. Golf equipment and clothing accounted for £939 million of

came to Scotland during July and September with top locations

consumer expenditure and golf related tourism, with events and

including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Oban, and St. Andrews.

accommodation contributing a further £775 million. Golf tends to be an expensive sport with the average golfer spending nearly £1,900 on the game annually.



GOLF IN THE U.S. As of 2013, approximately 24 million people in the U.S. played golf at least once a year. With many Americans continuing to recover financially, many people have stopped playing golf; however, even with recent dips in participation, golf continues to attract new players and has seen tremendous growth in junior participation, with 2.5 million junior players in 2010. It is estimated that the number of golfers will increase by 3 million by 2020. Men tend to dominate golf, though The Ladies PGA Tour continues to grow in popularity. 77.5% of golfers in the U.S. are male versus 22.5% who are female. The average age of a golfer in the U.S. is 54, but a variety of age groups participate in the sport. 68% of golfers are married couples who often play together and 67% have a college degree. The median income for the U.S. golfer tends to be over $100,000, with about half of participants employed in white-collar positions. Around 20% of all golfers belong to a minority group, with this number steadily increasing over the years. Golfers are also users of technology with 90% using the Internet regularly and 60% have at least one social media outlet that nearly 4 million of which check regularly.




Growing investments in golf have taken place in an

Golf has seen a significant shift towards targeting the

effort to increase the number of foreign visitors and

millennial audience. Rising young golfers have increased

enhance tourism revenue earned. Golf contributes

popularity with the sport with the likes of Jordan Spieth, Rory

around $20 billion annually with 56 million people

McIlroy, Danny Willet, and Matthew Fitzpatrick. Jordan Spieth

playing golf worldwide. 26.7 million of these reside in

is one of the most buzzed about pro golfers and is currently

the U.S., 5.5 million in Europe, over 3.8 million players

ranked No. 1 according to the Official World Golf Ranking,

in the United Kingdom, 5 million in Canada, and 14

being the youngest player to win fives times in a season.

million golfers in Japan. Among worldwide players, around 5-10% travel worldwide to play golf, with this

New initiatives have taken place to make golf more appealing

number steadily increasing over the years. Golf tourists

to the younger market, including charity based events,

tend to outspend average tourists when traveling.

night time tournaments, and exciting new experiences. For

Currently, there are around 32,000 golf courses in the

example, Top Golf has transformed golf into a fun experience

world spanning over 140 countries. Awareness of the

where the sport is set up into short games that can be played

sport has seen significant increases due to its inclusion

with friends in an arcade-like setting that features multiple

in the Olympic Games as well as the rise of popular

television screens and a full bar, ultimately appealing to the

young golf stars creating buzz around the sport. It is

millennial generation’s inclination for unique experiences and

estimated that the demand and supply of golf is rising at

instant gratification.

a steady rate of 12% annually.


Burberry is a global luxury brand with a comparable position to companies such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci in regards to price and accessibility. When looking at the competition in the golf sportswear market, there are both direct and indirect competitors that must be considered. One segment includes luxury fashion brands that have expanded apparel lines within the sportswear category including Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss. Both of these brands have an established label similar to Burberry, in addition to a golf wear category. Other competitors include high end pure golf apparel brands such as Peter Millar and Bogner. Both of these companies are mostly centered on the sportswear market with a focus on creating and designing luxe golf apparel.



RALPH LAUREN RLX With its distinct aesthetic, the Ralph Lauren brand captures the essence of American heritage and lifestyle. The RLX collection, part of a wide portfolio of lines, is the company’s golf line that caters to both men and women. The collection is modern and graphic with a dedication to performance driven design. With progressive fits, sophisticated styles, and advanced fabrics, the line is the ultimate in function and luxury. Prices range from $80 to $600.


HUGO BOSS Founded in 1924, this German luxury fashion house has a wide array of apparel lines, including expansion into the sportswear market. The designs are trendy and stylish but also meets the needs of an active lifestyle and high performance. Hugo Boss features technical materials and clever detailing, with a focus on innovative design with intelligent features and a playful blend of styles. The collection includes apparel, accessories, and shoes with prices ranging from $95 to $300.


PETER MILLAR Founded in 2001, Peter Millar is a fine clothing and accessories company based in the North Carolina area of the U.S. The Peter Millar collection includes both casual and formal wear with a distinct style that embraces high quality materials and superb craftsmanship. The brand, with its classic and versatile styles, is one of today’s fastest growing and most sought after brands in the lifestyle apparel market. The brand includes both men’s and women’s with prices ranging from $90 to $400.

BOGNER Successful for more than 80 years, Bogner is a prosperous international label originating from Munich, Germany. Having started as a small production facility, the label has grown over the past decades to become a well-recognized brand. The brand is an engine for creativity and continuity and has a passion for sports and fashion. The collection includes fashionable and sophisticated sporting apparel for both men and women and prices range from $100 to $530.



TARGET CONSUMER The Burberry brand, with its classic tradition and innovative thinking, has a huge appeal to a variety of consumers influencing both men and women aged twenty to sixty. Burberry currently places a strong emphasis on millennial engagement with the brand and seeks to appeal to this younger demographic. With over 1.8 billion globally, millennials (born between 1980-2000) are the largest generation alive today. In the U.S., millennials make up 92 million of the total population and will have a $200 billion annual spending power by 2017 in the U.S. alone. Millennials are a unique generation having an inherent digital connection and tendency to adopt technology more readily than other age groups. Likewise, millennials place a huge emphasis on mobile interaction and actively seek to engage and interact with brands through social media. With this mindset, Burberry has been quick to adopt technology implementation and media usage to better reach this demographic. Burberry was one of the first luxury brands to feature e-commerce as well as being one of the first to adopt new social media trends such as SnapChat. More so, the brand has established its aesthetic in a new and modern way that appeals to the millennial sector by using younger and edgier models for its campaigns. For continued future growth, Burberry will seek to further establish itself with this key market in the world economy.


DEMOGRAPHICS Millennials range from 18 to 36 years old including both males and females and are the most ethnically and racially diverse generation. The majority of millennials are single, opting for marriage latter in life with the median age being 30. In fact, only 21% of millennials are married. Additionally, millennials account for 1 in every 5 same-sex couples. With one in four having a bachelor’s degree or higher, millennials are the most educated generation. Median income for younger millennials is $25,000 and double that for older millennials.

PSYCHOGRAPHICS The millennial generation is characterized by its diversity and need for self-expression. Millennials are less religious than other generations and tend to be liberal when it comes to political views. This generation places importance on experiences and social interactions over material goods. Millennials also place an emphasis on technology and social media. U.K. millennials are more active on social media than others and rely on recommendations and brand popularity as key purchasing factors. More than 85% in the U.S. have smartphones which they touch roughly 45 times a day. Five out of six U.S. millennials connect with companies on social media networks. According to the United Nations, millennials make up one-fifth of all global tourists, generating an estimated $180 billion in tourism-related revenue. The majority of these travelers have incomes over $50,000 and will account for 50% of business travel spending by 2020.



AGE: 22

LOCATION: From Rochester, N.Y., currently attending Vanderbuilt University, Tennessee

STATUS: Single

EDUCATION: Earning degree in Business Management

CAREER: Full-time Student and plays on university golf team

INCOME: Dependent on parents

VALS: Experiencer

HOBBIES: Spending time with friends, listening to music, checking Instagram, and hiking

GOLF POSITION: Plays golf competitively and seeks apparel that is both trendy and functional with high performance




AGE: 34

LOCATION: Hamburg, Germany

STATUS: Engaged

EDUCATION: Degree in Economics from Heidelberg University

CAREER: Financial Analyst

INCOME: €63,000

VALS: Innovator

HOBBIES: Shopping, reading novels, vacationing across the world, gardening, and going to coffee shops and local bistros

GOLF POSITION: Plays golf casually with fiancée, who is an avid player of the sport. Enjoys designer brands and wants golf apparel that is fashionable both on and off the course.



AGE: 48

LOCATION: London, England

STATUS: Married with three children

EDUCATION: Degree in Law from the University of Cambridge

CAREER: Corporate Law Attorney

INCOME: £160,000

VALS: Achiever

HOBBIES: Spending time with family, visiting museums, watching television, traveling, and working out

GOLF POSITION: Enjoys playing golf as a pastime as well as conducting business on the golf course, often traveling abroad. Wants a sophisticated and classic style that is both professional and comfortable.




ST. ANDREWS LINKS More than six hundred years old, the Old Course at St. Andrews is considered the “home of golf” with the sport being first played on the Links as early as the 15th century. Since then, the game of golf has remained an important foundation for not only the city of St. Andrews, but also for the heritage of Scotland and the United Kingdom. Much like the game, St. Andrews Links has also evolved. Today, more than 230,000 rounds are played over the seven public courses. The St. Andrews Links Trust also manages multiple club houses, a golf academy, and five different shops including the Tom Morris Shop, the oldest golf shop in the world. Through its unique history, the Links has continued to nurture the game by ensuring the courses are open to all and that the courses are managed in a sustainable way. The history and enduring legend of St. Andrews Links not only initiated the game of golf but also continues to have a major impact on the sport today.

In collaboration with St. Andrews Links and the British Open taking place in 2021, Burberry will create an exclusive and limited golf wear collection that celebrates the history and heritage of the game of golf and its impact on British culture. This capsule collection will feature both men’s and women’s apparel, as well as an assortment of accessory items. The Burberry Golf collection will stay true to the brand’s identity and will offer the consumer a sophisticated and modern style that is luxurious and fashionable to be worn both on and off the course.


THE OPEN For more than 150 years, the Open has challenged the world’s best players over links golf. The Open, golf’s oldest championship, has been played since 1860 over some of the most beloved courses and has left a legacy of great champions. Held in the United Kingdom, the championship is administered by the R&A and is currently the third major of the calendar year, following the Masters and the U.S. Open. It is the oldest and most international championship in professional golf and the Claret Jug, first presented in 1873, is one of the most iconic trophies of all time. The championship has always been played on links courses and was exclusively played at Prestwick Golf Club from 1860 to 1870. Since, the championship has expanded to multiple venues spanning across Scotland, England, and Ireland. The Open is a truly unique golf event appreciated by both golfers and fans alike. Unlike many other majors, this championship is often influenced by weather, making it an unparalleled golf experience.


Golf’s Open Championship attendance of 237,000 was 17% higher than in 2014, as strong winds and heavy rains forced the tournament to enter a fifth day of competition, the first Monday finish since 1988. The Open ranked #6 for sports events in the U.K., with the event spanning 9 days long and with attendance of over 237,000. This includes the 41,000 spectators in attendance at the four practice days. For the 2015 Open Championship, which was held at the St. Andrews Golf Course, the tournament was predicted to boost the country’s economy by more than £100 million. Additionally, the tournament is set to broadcast to a global audience of nearly more than 600 million people. After the 2010 Open at St. Andrews, a survey found that two out of every three spectators from outside the U.K. were visiting the historic course for the first time, illustrating the huge appeal of the Open as a major international sporting event and St. Andrews as a visitor destination. In the U.S. an average of 3.4 million people viewed the British Open in 2015.





Golf is a centuries old sport with the modern game originating in Scotland. The history of golf has seen a long standing tradition with the first written record of golf dating in 1457. The Old Course at St. Andrews, dating from 1574, is considered the home of golf and its own history and heritage is a unique and interesting story, including the creation of the standard 18-hole course to the origin of its infamous bunkers created by herds of sheep. The Open, the world’s oldest golf tournament, has also shaped the identity of St. Andrews. One of the most notable champions of the Open was none other than Bobby Jones, the only man in the history of golf to win the Grand Slam. Jones forever loved the Old Course, and after receiving the key to the city, stated, “I could take out of my life everything but my experiences here in St. Andrews and I would still have had a rich and full life.” Golf has played an integral role to the culture of not only St. Andrews, but to the entire United Kingdom. It’s rich heritage and history serve as the inspiration for both the collection and pop up shop design. Drawing elements from vintage golf apparel integrated with a modern approach is the key focus, as the collection and shop are a celebration of the continued legacy of golf. Earthy tones and organic textures that mimic the golf landscape are also key elements to the designs.





Short sleeve soft cotton polo with Mandarin style collar featuring traditional check detailing and the exclusive collection logo.

A Merino wool V-neck sweater vest with traditional check detailing and front pocket.

A Merino wool pullover sweater with zipper enclosure and traditional check detailing on collar.







Weatherproof golf jacket with details drawing inspiration from the classic trench coat with traditional check lining. Snap and zipper enclosure.

Tailored cotton shorts with a flat front design and traditional check lining.



THE HAMILTON TROUSER Slim fit cotton blend trousers with traditional check lining and cuffed hem. $225






Short sleeve, semi-fitted soft cotton polo shirt with a Mandarin style collar featuring traditional check detailing and the exclusive collection logo.

A Merino wool crew neck sweater with traditional check detailing, adjustable side zippers, and contrasting sleeve hems.

Mini cotton skirt with traditional check waistband and wrap design drawing inspiration from the classic kilt.





THE CLARET RAIN JACKET Weatherproof golf jacket with details drawing inspiration from the classic trench coat with traditional check lining. Snap and zipper enclosure and interior drawstring waist. $550



Short sleeve soft cotton dress with drawstring waist and traditional check detailing on sleeves.

Slim fit cotton blend trousers with traditional check lining and cut in cropped length.




BURBERRY GOLF FOR ST. ANDREWS LINKS GOLF SET Exclusive golf set commemorating an iconic tradition that includes specially designed golf balls and tees.



Compact folding umbrella with automatic push button for easy opening and closing.

Exclusive golf towel with commemorative logo, traditional check detailing, and attachable hook.






THE NIBLICK TAG Attachable golf tag with score card and pencil holder on front and pocket and tee holder on back. $150

THE SWILCAN CARRY BAG Spacious carry bag with three front pockets, top handle, detachable shoulder strap featuring traditional check and leather detailing, and polished metal hardware. Interior includes lined zipper compartment. $625

THE ACE POUCH Attachable pouch with back pocket featuring traditional check detailing and main zipper compartment with protective lining for valuables. $175










MARKETING STRATEGY With golf having a wide appeal that reaches a variety of consumers, marketing strategies for this exclusive collection will include a mix of promotional activities. Golfers tend to seek luxurious experiences and oftentimes outspend even the generally affluent people in categories such as travel, real estate, automobiles, apparel, and golf. Additionally, golfers tend to travel more often with the average golfer taking eight trips a year, four of which tend to be golf related. This provides a specific area of focus, as the Open tournament itself is a major travel destination for this target consumer. Social media has also played a key role in marketing in the golf industry, as more and more golfers are becoming involved with digital experiences and app integration. For this marketing strategy, a variety of promotional activities will be included. Traditional advertisements will include magazine features, web banner ads, e-mail promotions, and physical signage most notably placed in high traffic areas. Social media will also be integrated into this strategy leading up to the collection release as well as during the tournament and post launch covering sneak peeks, behind the scenes, special events, and product highlights. Burberry Golf will also work with spokespersons, including golf professionals and celebrities, to better promote the collection to a mix of consumers. Specialized hashtags will be used to encourage followers to share their own experience, as well as introducing targeted social media campaigns. The pop up shop to be featured during the Open tournament will include a pre-launch event as well as live day events to further reach visitors to the St. Andrews area and provide an engaging retail experience.


ADVERTISING The use of more traditional marketing tactics will still be a major component to the overall strategy. E-mail announcements and promotions will be used to reach the already established Burberry customer base. Email blasts will be used to announce the new collection, as well as leading up to the release date, to share the media campaigns, and to better promote the collection itself. Magazine advertisements will also be integrated in both fashion and golf publications, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Golf Digest and Golf News, to reach both men and women consumers. To promote more so on the digital space, web banner ads will also be implemented with this strategy. Lastly, traditional signage will be incorporated, specifically in high traffic areas. Since the Open tournament brings travelers from across the globe, signage will be targeted in airport terminals and main streets that have a major influx of tourists.



Magazine Print Ad


Email Announcement

Web Banner Ad


SOCIAL MEDIA Burberry’s social media platforms will be integrated to effectively promote the collection launch and continued coverage during the event and thereafter. Social media will be used to share exclusive sneak peeks of the collection and pop up shop concept, behind the scenes looks during the campaigns and launch, product highlights, consumer experience, news from the tournament, as well as sharing the history and heritage of the game of golf. A unique hashtag, #BurberryGolf will be used to further promote the collection, and a unique social media campaign called Burberry Golf Heritage will also be launched to interact with followers. Similar to the Art of the Trench campaign, Burberry Golf Heritage will showcase how followers wear the collection and will be shared through social media and the Burberry website.


SPOKESPERSONS Burberry will partner with various spokespersons to further promote the exclusive collection. Using both celebrities and professional golfers, who are young and up-and-coming, will have a wider appeal and will better market towards the millennial consumer. British pro golfers such as Charley Hull, Matthew Fitzpatrick, and Tommy Fleetwood have seen major success and represent the millennial generation of golfers. Also including iconic British celebrities who golf, such as Harry Styles, will extend influence to a wider audience who may not currently participate in golf, but have an incentive to do so.

LAUNCH To market and promote the pop up shop featured during the tournament, an exclusive press preview will be held the evening before the launch date. Golf personalities, professional tournament players, bloggers, and industry icons will have the opportunity to experience the pop up shop and see the collection before it is released to the public. This will help to create an initial excitement, specifically on social media and the Internet, to further promote the news.

LIVE DAY EVENTS Throughout the tournament, live events will take place to further endorse the pop up shop space. Having special meet and greets, opportunities for customizable purchases, and live music are a few ways to make the pop up shop a unique and interactive experience that appeals to both tourists and millennials alike. These events will also help increase foot traffic within the retail space and provide higher sales transactions in addition to word of mouth advertising.


Instagram posts with sponsored spokepersons, professional golfers, and about the exclusive collection


SnapChat posts sharing live moments from the British Open. The Burberry Golf Heritage feature allows users to share their pics to the Burberry website, learn more about the collection and St. Andrews, and shop the different garments



the POP UP SHOP To promote the proposed collection in collaboration with St. Andrews Links, a unique pop up shop concept will be created to be situated near the Old Course during the duration of the Open tournament. The design of the pop up shop will reflect the aesthetic of the Burberry brand, with a cohesive mix of traditional and modern, set in a luxurious landscape. Additionally, the pop up shop will also include distinct design elements that pay homage to the heritage of golf and the history of St. Andrews. The collection will initially be available through the pop up shop as well as through the Burberry e-commerce platform. This pop up shop will be featured during the 2021 Open Tournament set to be held at St. Andrews which takes place during the month of July. The shop will be strategically placed by the 18th hole of the Old Course, situated near the The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. More so, the positioning of the 18th hole sits adjacently to the town of St. Andrews, and the shop will be in prime location to nearby streets, including Golf Place and The Links, which feature an array of hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops. The pop up shop will also implement the use of technology which is a major component to the Burberry brand. In store digital screens will be placed that provide customers an interactive experience. These screens will feature historical facts about golf, showcase a range of video and photo footage, showcase what people are sharing on social media through the specialized hashtag, and also include the use of RFID chips that allow shoppers to scan and learn more about a product. In addition, an app will be designed that allows an on-the-go experience that encompasses the history of golf, the current happenings of the tournament, and a mobile shopping experience.


The floorplan features a symmetrical design with mirrored selling space for men’s and women’s. The cash wrap is center to the layout with a spacious stock room located behind, providing ample room and easy access. Two dressing rooms are also included within the space.

The layout includes wall and shelving fixtures along both the right and left side walls for product display. Also, centered tables are used for folded and accessory items. Wood beams are used across ceiling structure.








Cash wrap with specialized Burberry Golf wall emblem, classic check detailing, and vintage photography of St. Andrews Old Course.

Dressing room features full length mirror, chair and side table, and curtain enclosure.


Selling area includes wall fixtures and shelving for product, as well as a centered table for folded items and accessories. Media screen in center features footage of the history of St. Andrews, social sharing, and RFID chip scanning capabilities.

Center table near cash wrap for accessory products. Wood beams used as ceiling feature to evoke the classic Burberry check as well as pay homage to traditional golf clubs that were made out of wood. Additional subtle check detailing throughout.


Entry with accessory product placement










The pop up shop will utilize smart screen mirrors that allow video and photo footage to be played on the screen highlighting the history of golf and St. Andrews Links. Additionally, users can use the screens to browse through the products, create outfits, share looks, and buy directly. In addition to the smart screen technology within the store, there will also be a mobile app that allows users to learn about St. Andrews and the British Open, view and purchase the collection online, keep up to date with the tournament, news, and key figures, and share pictures through a social setting. This gives the Burberry consumer a unique and personal experience throughout the tournament and not just in the physical pop up shop but on the go as well.


Two smart screens will be featured in the pop up shop to provide an interactive experience for shoppers. These screens will be used to display various footage highlighting the history of golf at St. Andrews as well as feature what people are sharing on social media through the specialized hashtag. Additionally, the screens will be synchronized with RFID tags to allow shoppers to learn more about the product, see various colors and sizes, how to wear the piece, share online, and the capability to send the item directly to the user’s phone for mobile purchase.



The Burberry Golf App allows users to further engage and interact with the brand through mobile, on-the-go access. The app features not only the collection itself with m-commerce capabilities, but also showcases the golf players in the tournament, real time news and scores, behind the scenes videos, the history and heritage behind the game, and social media platforms. The History Explore the unique history of St. Andrews, the home of golf, and the iconic Open tournament. The Collection View the exclusive collection and purchase products on the go. The Tournament Learn about the players and keep up with the latest news from the tournament. Community See what others are sharing on social media and post your own experience.



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Create an account to become immersed in the event while being able to save your information and images.

The app includes features such as the Burberry collection, The Open Tournament, the history of the event and location, and a community section. The home screen also includes the date and current forecast.

Create a personal account where you can store favorite items and photos, collect your own photographs from the event, and track orders.



View the Burberry collection and learn more about each piece’s inspiration and detailing in connection to St. Andrews.


Purchase items directly through the app with the ability to select color and size as well as view descriptions and reviews.

The Tournament feature makes it easy to stay up to date with a current leaderboard, event schedule, news and videos, and section to learn about the golfers.

The schedule allows you to see when events are taking place as well as nearby specials and offers in the area.

You can learn more about each player in the tournament.

Each player profile includes a short bio as well as the ability to see their performance stats and achievements in golf.



See trending news articles about the event, location, and players as well as videos from the tournament, exclusive interviews, and more.


Discover the history of The British Open Tournament and St. Andrews Links.

Each section provides an overview of its history as well as important events, people, and fun facts.

See what others are sharing with the #BurberryGolf app and upload your own photos to join the community.

Visit this link to discover the app prototype:




Inspired by a rich and enduring heritage, the Burberry Golf for St. Andrews Links collection reflects the ideals of the Burberry brand- celebrating British culture and lifestyle. The collection blends classic tradition with modern innovation to create a unique perspective that is so characteristic of this legendary brand. With a collaborative effort through St. Andrews and The Open Tournament, this collection is a true testament to some of the United Kingdom’s most profound legacies. With golf’s unique history and enduring presence, this collection is a celebration of this ancient sport that has made its mark across the globe and is continuing to inspire today.






BEHIND THE NAMES The Links Polo: Named after the oldest style of golf course that was first developed in Britain, the word “links” comes from the Scottish word “hlinc” which means rising ground.

The Featherie Pullover: One of the most well known types of golf balls, the featherie contributed to the making of golf on the links and was used for over 200 years.

The Morris Sweater Vest: Tom Morris, a legendary professional golfer and innovator, is often considered the father of modern greenkeeping and significantly impacted the course design at St. Andrews. He was the first to lay out the “double greens” on the Old Course.

The Eden Wrap Skirt: The River Eden is the major river running through the Kingdom of Fife.

The Jones Pullover: Named after one of the most iconic figures in golf, Bobby Jones not only won the iconic Claret Jug in 1927 but also won the infamous Grand Slam. Jones had a distinct fondness for St. Andrews and the course was one of his favorites. The Andrew Rain Jacket: The city of St. Andrews, receiving its name from the legend of the Christian apostle St. Andrew being buried there, has long been associated with the game of golf with the first written record of the sport dating back to 1552. The Fife Short: The city of St. Andrews is located in the Kingdom of Fife which is not only world famous for its golf, but has been the ancestral home of Scottish monarchs and is a scenic region of Scotland with its own distinct identity. The Hamilton Trouser: Archbishop Hamilton was the first official to recognize the right of the people of St. Andrews to play golf at the Links, signing the charter in 1552.

The Claret Rain Jacket: Formally known as the Golf Champion Trophy, the Claret Jug is presented to each year’s winner of the Open Tournament. The Heather Dress: Named after the low shrub with purple flowers, which has become a national symbol for Scotland, heather can be seen among the Old Course and is in fact used as the names of holes 6 and 12. The Mary Trouser: Mary, Queen of Scots, was one of the first known female golfers and loved St. Andrews, where she had a vacation cottage that she often visited to play golf on the links. The Swilcan Carry Bag: One of the most famous golf landmarks in the world, the Swilcan Bridge is situated on the 18th hole of the Old Course dating around 800 years old. The Niblick Tag: Prior to the 20th century, golf clubs were made of wood and the Niblick was the most equivalent to the modern 9-iron. The Ace Pouch: An ace is the accomplishment of getting the golf ball into the hole in just one shot.


THE LINKS POLO $170 Moss, Slate, White, Clay, Camel, & Black

THE MORRIS SWEATER VEST $250 Pine, Slate, Camel, & Black

THE JONES PULLOVER $275 Pine, White, Camel, & Black



THE ANDREW RAIN JACKET $575 Clay, Camel, & Black

THE FIFE SHORT $195 Slate, Clay, Camel, & Black

THE HAMILTON TROUSER $225 Slate, Clay, Camel, & Black


THE LINKS POLO $170 Moss, Slate, White, Clay, Camel, & Black

THE FEATHERIE PULLOVER $250 Moss, Clay, Camel, & Black

THE EDEN WRAP SKIRT $195 Clay, White, Camel, & Black



THE CLARET RAIN JACKET $550 Clay, Camel, & Black





Moss, Clay, Camel, & Black

Slate, Clay, Camel, & Black


THE SWILCAN CARRY BAG $625 Clay, Camel, & Black

THE ACE POUCH $175 Clay, Camel, & Black

THE NIBLICK TAG $150 Clay, Camel, & Black








Check, Moss, Camel, & White

White, Camel, Black, & Pine


The assortment plan covers the overview of the three product categories: Accessories, Men’s, and Women’s. Percentages for individual items are based on selling capabilities and which items have a higher sales volume. For example, the Links Polo for both men’s and women’s has a higher volume due to the fact that exclusive trademarked polo shirts are popular sellers, especially at golf tournaments where many spectators purchase more memorabilia items. The Open Tournament brought in over 200,000 people in 2014 and that number should see a significant increase by 2020. The assortment plan focuses on the sales for both the pop up shop as well as e-commerce and m-commerce platforms. Additionally, the plan mainly focuses on the ten day period of the tournament for sales within the shop and an additional month of selling time for the e-commerce and m-commerce platforms



Total Units: 1500 Total $ Sales: $278,975





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BU R BE R RY G OL F for St. Andrews Links By Ashlee Scott

Profile for Ashlee Scott

Burberry for St. Andrews Links  

A proposed exclusive collection for Burberry in collaboration with St. Andrews Links and The Open as a way to celebrate the history and heri...

Burberry for St. Andrews Links  

A proposed exclusive collection for Burberry in collaboration with St. Andrews Links and The Open as a way to celebrate the history and heri...