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Reader’s Page

Dear Reader

The main difference between a traveller and a tourist is: Travellers see the reality of a place and strive to not only become a part of it but assimilate and fit what they learnt and felt into their lives. Tourists on the other hand connect everything they learn to their day-to-day reality and carry back only memories of their trips. Travel is an experience, an exposure to exchange of culture and ideologies shared with people while being in a relaxed state of mind. This is why HolidayTalk makes a huge effort to get you local information and recommendations on what to do in a city/country, what to eat and drink and the cultural native tit-bits of the region. The world is working towards bringing travellers into their countries because they are the frequent visitors. HolidayTalk, as always takes you around the world giving you suggestions, tips for travelling, visa and currency information. This time, read about the vibrant and vivacious Spain and New York, a city bustling with unique energy. Also explore the high-end luxury and wellness experience in Gstaad, Switzerland; savour Malaysian cuisine and arm yourself with some never read before shopping tips. In this issue, we have also covered a special circuit of Madhya Pradesh that highlights some famous historical and religious cities. We have some fashion tips in store for you by Bollywood’s famous costume designer Ameira Punwani and beauty tips by Dr. Blossom Kochhar. And last but not the least, catch the rhythm of none other than Lucky Ali’s travel sojourns.

Deepa Sethi

See places, lifestyles, learn from other cultures, hear other’s point of view, taste different food and partake of different cultures. Explore, dream, discover and remember ‘When in Rome, Do as the Roman’s Do’…

felices viajes


Holiday Talk


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Readers’ Letters

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Mrs. Butchart occasionally was not unrecognised, tea herself. above serving an, who To one gentlem her a leave attempted to “Oh no, tip, she replied, Mrs. Old thank you, sir! never let would Butchart !” me accept anything

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Graham Bell Butchart Gardens

Enjoy a large

Sum/mer Aug / Sep

I very much enjoyed the article written on Butchart Gardens. There are many other stories also that I enjoyed and after reading them I wanted to visit these places. I like the night shot of the Palace in Seoul article. The use of lots of photos and many short paragraphs attract readers.

de Spring Prelu Jan / Feb / Mar

and wildlife During seals, g the history adventure, explorinBrentwood Bay. Wildlife includes of the local waters their natural habitat. and otters in herons, eagles,

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Dec / Jan enal display of Enjoy a phenom decorations. and coloured lights


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Cover Story Spain An alluring destination that boasts of picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches and grand architectural structures


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City Talk New York

A city bustling with its own special blend of culture offers a unique undeniable energy


Signature Experience Spa Holidays in Gstaad, Switzerland







Festival Talk Celebrations

Explore the magic mantra of ‘Inner Peace’ with Spa treatments in the Alps

Interesting and colourful festivals around the world



Shop Talk Shopping in Philippines

Read some interesting places to shop


Guest Talk Pench National Park, MP

An adventurous experience at Pench National Park, MP


Slice of India Madhya Pradesh

Explore the rich heritage, its legendary pilgrim centres and breathtaking scenic beauty

InfoTalk News you can use Some fascinating travel news to make your holidays perfect


Hotel Talk Fairmont Jaipur A multitude of experiences for leisure travellers


In Style Style Quotient while Travelling Tips by a famous Bollywood costume designer to look trendy while travelling

Flight Talk Turkish Airlines Creating a strong association with their passengers


Tech Talk

Get yourself acquainted with some travel-friendly apps


Insurance Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Know more about travel insurance from our expert


Doctor’s Advice

Ensure a stress-free holiday with some precautions as suggested by our doctor

Visa Talk

The required visa info for your travel needs


What’s in a word?

Become familiar with some general terms in foreign languages when travelling


World Weather/World Currency

The latest currency rates and temperature of major cities


Quiz Contest Guess Where Answer the quiz and win an exciting prize…


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Festival Talk

Chiang Mai al Songkran Festiv


When: April 13 - 15 i, Thailand Where: Chiang Ma ai New Year’, Considered as the ‘Th for three days. this water festival lasts of bathing the ion Apart from the tradit tures a fea o als t Buddha, the even n. tio eti mp co at 22-men rowbo


Las Fallas Fest 19 When: March 15 ain Sp , cia len Where: Va

can immerse For more fun, you ry bath’ where in a ‘complementa hers a bath ot you too, can give t food ee str and enjoy Thai right after.

e festivals in Spain, the One of the most uniqu n creation and destructio focus of this fiesta is the ge hu ‘dolls’), which are of ninots (‘puppets’ or tues. r-machè and plastethr sta pe pa , cardboard, wood day the , 19 rch Ma ce until The ninots remain in pla e burning), and all of the known as La Cremá (th exactly 12 midnight. ninots are set on fire at

ss the Queen Visitors can also witne ectacular flower Songkran contest, a sp al Nang nu procession, and the an competition. d an Songkran procession

u can enjoy an During the day, yo bullfights, parades, of r extensive roste d beauty pageants paella contests an around the city.




Paro Tshechu When: March 23 -27 ong, Bhutan Where: Rinpung Dz people cial gatherings where Tshechus are large so the me together to witness from various villages co nts ide inc based on ancient religious mask dances e eiv rec to d dmasambhava an from the life of Guru Pa s. ma La the m blessings fro performed Every mask dance s a meaning during Tshechu ha or a story behind it. colorful The event consists of d other an es nc da Bhutanese locals, the es sid Be entertainment. oss the many tourists from acr e, colorful world attend this uniqu and exciting culture.

Foirexpo in Avign

y 01 When: April 27- Ma nch Riviera Fre – on Where: Avign bursting with A traditional spring fair, y, it has a new originality and creativit includes ich theme each year, wh ivities. act e iqu exhibitions and un ditional stands, Apart from the tra e music and tourists will find liv s, all in a wine tasting session d openness. an spirit of discovery everything they Here, tourists will find terms of products could possibly want in home and living, and services, including garden, food and a furnishing, decoration, motor show.



Seville April Fair t New Zealand’s Hoival Air Balloon Fest When: April 3 - 7 w Zealand Where: Hamilton, Ne gins with an This five-day event be ension when asc ss ma early morning fly out from more than 30 balloons includes ‘The Innes Common. It also ikato University, ASB Nightglow’ at Wa orchestrated an featuring live music,

da balloon glow show an fireworks display.


per person Rides cost $299.00 approximately for a flight lasting 45 minutes. ately 15-40 Balloons take approxim nding on their size. pe de e minutes to inflat This is great to watch.



When: April 15 - 21 Where: Seville, Spain

by horses ional carriages drawn Watch out for the tradit flamenco in bright and colourful carrying local girls clad ‘casetas’ y streets, set up your dresses through the cit s, and wander all night flamenco partie (marquee tents) at the ging with food, lur sp corated tents de rly ula tac ec sp the through music and dancing. weeklong dnight, and after a The fair starts at mi ework vities end with a fir celebration the festi dnight. display, also at mi om






Festival Talk


London Coffee Fe

When: April 25-28 Lane an Brewery or Brick Where: The Old Trum Week™ hip event of UK Coffee The festival is the flags coffee ’s bustling and vibrant and celebrates London ducts and itors showcase new pro scene. Here the exhib at raising s. The festival is aimed unveil fresh innovation water, e saf terfall that provides money for Project Wa orest po the to giene education good sanitation and hy ia. zan Tan , try un roducing co communities in coffee-p

met food es coffee and gour The festival featur worldmonstrations from stalls, tastings, de music in d entertainment an class Baristas, live ed zones. the uniquely-them



ock Music Festiv

Belgium’s Groezr

When: April 27 - 28 Belgium Where: Meerhout,

lgium festival Europe is opened by Be The festival season in , rock, best punkrock, hardcore Groezrock. It offers the on pti al rock music o), ska, or simply exce emorock, scream (em . of today and tomorrow eekend) and cost €70 (day), €110 (w ts ke tic 13 20 ck zro oe Gr ur tickets from . Make sure you buy yo €15 (camping all days) t. the official ticket outle be/


Japan’s Hanami Festival (flower viewing) y When: January - Ma n pa Ja Where:

untains and parks of hanami is to visit mo m sto cu al ion dit tra e Th parties beneath and hold sake-drinking with cherry blossoms t well into the bloom. These parties las the cherry trees in full . Tokyo’s Ueno nates the pink blossoms night as the moon illumi of n Hirosaki, in Nara, the castle tow Park and Mt. Yoshino ous spots for matsuri festival, are fam which holds the Sakurams. viewing cherry blosso nnel at the blossom viewing tu A trip to the cherry a is a must. Japan Mint in Osak

lcade 2013

Canalway Cava

When: May 4-6 on e, Paddington, Lond Where: Little Venic s festival, this A unique waterway is resque canal boats gathering of pictu the as fair. Considered a proper English af t of London, it includes en ev premier waterway show; processions a boat rally with a trade llous variety of music; and pageants; a marve (including favourites like plenty of kids’ activities ddy Bears’ Picnic) and Punch & Judy and a Te lls; a real ale bar; a wide competitions; trade sta d... and much more! variety of snacks and foo


Korea’s Lotus l Lantern festiva When: May 18 – 20 Where: Seoul itors, it A famous festival for vis Birthday. ’s celebrates Lord Buddha e the nc rie Visitors can also expe ple tem d an m temple-stay progra tival fes s thi of ht hlig foods. The hig days is three activity-packed cultural al ion dit tra e lud which inc itions of hib events, parades, and ex ns. ter lan traditional handmade of The majestic parade ble ina ag im un lanterns in an is s lor co d shapes an incredible sight to witness.






Canada’s Tulip Fe When: May 3 - 20 nada Where: Ottawa, Ca

stival is a celebration The Canadian Tulip Fe with over a million of the return of spring, oming in public spaces tulips in 50 varieties blo st pital Region. The highe across the National Ca the in d we vie be can concentration of tulips ioners Park, on the iss mm Co of ds be r flowe ere 300,000 wh , banks of Dow’s Lake flowers bloom. , ts, tulip pageantry Music in the stree s on iti et mp co ts re, ar international cultu re dian Tulip Treasu and the Great Cana ghts of hli Hunt are some hig this festival. and




Info Talk

'Dancing with the Stars’ At Sea cruises Jules welcomes visitors for an undersea experience

Jules Undersea Lodge is the world’s first underwater hotel. Originally built in the early 1970s as a groundbreaking research lab off the coast of Puerto Rico, the lodge has been a favourite place for many celebrities. The entrance to the hotel is 21 feet underwater on the sea floor. In addition to the scuba crash course, the staff of the resort offers extensive scuba certification courses and diving excursions.

World’s biggest aquarium in a cylindrical shape

This huge cylindrical aquarium is located in Berlin at the Radisson SAS Hotel. It stands 25 meters and visitors are able to travel through the aquarium to the top where there is a restaurant and an open view of the city. Hotel rooms can also experience an underwater view from their windows. There are two full time divers monitoring and maintaining the large aquarium with 2600 fish of various species.



Patrons can enjoy sea life in their natural settings through 42-inch windows. The hotel is stocked with modern amenities like airconditioning, hot showers, a stereo and a DVD player. Website:

Holland America Line has added more star power to its 2013 ‘Dancing with the Stars: At Sea’ theme cruises featuring professional and celebrity dancers from ABC’s smash hit ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Professionals scheduled to appear are two-time champion Mark Ballas, champion Kym Johnson, Chelsie Hightower, Tristan MacManus and Lacey Schwimmer. The six theme cruises in 2013 and early 2014 will feature ‘Dancing with the Stars: At Sea’ events including dance lessons, a chance to meet the dancers, ask questions and take photos, and a dazzling production starring the celebrities and famed dance pros, complete with glamorous costumes and routines from the TV show. Visit:

New Travel Wallet app makes travelling less stressful

With new Travel Wallet app for Windows Phone 8, travellers can breathe a little easier as it makes organising and retrieving airline, hotel and car rental loyalty program numbers a breeze. With its large type, clear graphics and easy-to-use swipe interface, Travel Wallet is designed to be used by travellers on the move.

Turkish Airlines linking Sri Lanka

Turkish Airlines added its 219th destination and its 98th country by commencing flights to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka from February 2013. It will operate flights to Colombo five days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays in both directions, linking Colombo, Sri Lanka’s largest city and financial hub, to the worldwide network of Turkish Airlines. To view the flight schedules, visit

Originally released in 2011 for Windows Phone 7, Travel Wallet is now available for smartphones powered by Windows Phone 8. The new version of Travel Wallet includes the ability for users to sync their travel data to and from SkyDrive. It comes pre-loaded with over 250 airline, hotel and rental programs and includes up-to-date alliance information as well as the ability to enter in custom program information. MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


Info Talk Qatar Airways goes mobile

In order to remain connected with its customers and update them with latest travel information, Qatar Airways has launched a new mobile application for BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone handsets, and has introduced a new mobile website. Now, customers can search for and book flights, check their flight status and follow travel alerts on their mobiles and iPhones. In addition, members of the airline’s Privilege Card frequent flyer programme can fast track their booking by logging in with their membership number. Customers can download the application at and follow the links to the iPhone, BlackBerry or Android smartphone app store.

Grand theme of nature opens in Beijing

A major exhibition of masterworks from the world-renowned collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, is on display at the National Museum of China in Beijing from February 1 through May 9, 2013. The exhibition, Earth, Sea, and Sky: Nature in Western Art – Masterpieces explores the grand theme of nature as painters, sculptors, and decorative artists in Europe, America, and the Near East, from antiquity to the present day, have depicted it. The 130 works of art are drawn from the Metropolitan Museum’s vast encyclopedic holdings, and are representations of landscape, flora and fauna rendered in a wide range of media, including paintings, ceramics, tapestry, silver, stone and bronze. Highlights include works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Tiffany, Hopper and Atgetand from the ancient and medieval worlds.

Sofitel So commissions design guru Lagerfeld

Sofitel Luxury Hotels has commissioned Paris fashion guru, Karl Lagerfeld to design Sofitel So Singapore’s emblem. The emblem will embody Sofitel So Singapore’s original style. A range of exclusive objects will carry the emblem, and will be available for clients during their stay with the luxury hotel. With an emphasis of strong design qualities, each of the Sofitel So hotels will combine the iconic ‘art de vivre’ with a signature of an international fashion designer or artist to symbolise the hotel’s location. 16


Info Talk

Save Up To 60% on Edmonton Attractions Pass

Great news for tourists visiting the Canadian city of festivals, Edmonton. The Edmonton Attractions Pass is on sale with a huge discount of up to 60%. Considered as one of the most essential sightseeing passes for visitors who want to take in all the best of Edmonton’s attractions, the pass will give you admission to 16 of the most visited places in Edmonton and surrounding areas including the Valley Zoo, Fort Edmonton Park, Devonian Botanic Gardens and more!

Shangri-La continues free Wi-Fi rollout to more limos

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has continued the rollout of its free Wi-Fi service to the company’s Limousines, and aims to have the service in 82 of the Group’s hotels (including India) by the end of 2013. The service is currently extended to 72 hotels in the Group, and includes the Kerry Hotels and Traders Hotels brands. In 2009, Shangri-La claimed to be the first international luxury hotel Group to offer free Wi-Fi. In Taipei, arriving guests who are chauffeured to the Far Easter Plaza Hotel are welcomed via FaceTime, while commuters using the Shangri-La shuttle bus in the Chinese city of Guangzhou can also use free Internet en-route.

Private Jet service in Bhutan

The pass can be printed off directly from computer as soon as it is purchased. It is also available at select hotels in Edmonton and at all AMA locations.

Bhutan’s national carrier Drukair has formed a new partnership to offer private jet service with Chapman Freeborn to operate charters in the Himalayan kingdom. The private jet service will be based at Bhutan’s Paro International Airport, which is located in a deep valley, 2,200 metres above sea level. With surrounding peaks rising above 5,500 metres, it is considered one of the most challenging airports in the world for take-offs and landings, with only a limited number of pilots certified to use the airport.

Tulip Gardens open for tourists in Netherland From : March 21-May 20, 2013 At Keukenhof, the world’s most beautiful spring garden offers 30 inspiring flower shows, seven amazing inspirational gardens and 100 wonderful works of art. Gardens and four pavilions show a fantastic collection of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies and many other flowers. You will be overwhelmed by a spectacle of colours and perfumes. Tips: If you want to have a really flowery day out, you should combine a visit to the Keukenhof with the Flower Parade in April. To save time and money, order your tickets ahead online. Website:

Special offer by VIA Rail to explore Canada

A train trip across Canada is an unforgettable experience. To make affordable for all, VIA rail offers 50% off at the adult regular fare in all service classes for travel throughout Canada until June 15, 2013. Spice up your Canadian Rockies vacation or urban getaway to Toronto or Montréal with cultural, sporting events or visit a famous tourist site with VIA Rail’s train-hotel-activity packages. Get special deals on your hotel stay starting at $109.00 only for a package of four days or less. To know more about VIA Rail, visit:





Info Talk Bhutan’s finest homegrown hotel

The 45-rooms Zhiwa Ling hotel in Bhutan combines the sensibilities of a fine Bhutanese guesthouse with the best of 21st century technology. Envisioned and created by a local Bhutanese company, it is one of only two in the country to be ISO22000 certified. Set on 10 acres, Zhiwa Ling has many amenities available to guests. The spa, along with other facilities, offers a traditional Bhutanese outdoor hot-stone bath. There is a business center, Tea House, two fully-equipped conference rooms, a Meditation House, two restaurants and the hotel has its own greenhouse. Gathering at the Mad Monk Bar for a pre-dinner drink or after-hours fun is a highlight for guests. Honoring the spiritual heritage of this ancient Buddhist kingdom, a temple has been built into the second floor of the hotel, made with 450-year-old timbers from the famous Gangtey Monastery, the crowning glory of this new cultural landmark.

Find the right safari tour online is the latest website that features more than 2,200 user reviews, written by experts from over 50 nationalities. Besides the reviews, it features a wealth of expert information on the 8 major safari countries and 140 parks and has over 3,500 photos from world-famous wildlife photographers. A large contingent of specialised safari operators in both African and Western countries has already joined it and offering their tours on the website. The result is an easy-to-compare mash-up of safari tours which makes the process of finding the right safari much easier and less time consuming. 20


Cover Story


Espana! Spain has always been an alluring destination for many as it boasts of picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches, grand architectural structures, lip-smacking food and of course the famous football clubs.

If Madrid is the heart of Spain then Barcelona is the pulse of the country. But besides these cities, Spain has a lot more to offer to any traveller irrespective of sex, age and budget. Dency Mathew





Cover Story

Conventional Must Visits of Spain La Sagrada Familia

A symbolic monument of Barcelona, this imposingly tall cathedral will take your breath away with its unconventional architecture and carvings. It is Antoni Guadi’s most famous and controversial creation that is still under construction.

Our Tip : Book your ticket online at to avoid long queues.

Besides the main cities of

Madrid and Barcelona, do plan a trip to Valencia and Seville to soak some more of Spain.

Alhambra Palace

‘Alhambra’ which means ‘red’, takes its name from its red-brown bricked outer walls. Alhambra is built on a hill above the Darra River backdropped by the snowcapped Sierra Nevada mountains, giving it a very heavenly nature.

Madrid’s Museum Trinity

Our Tip : It is better to order your ticket at least a day before your trip to Alhambra. The tickets may be reserved online from

Our Tip : A visit to all three museums in one day can be quite tedious, so plan to do this in two days. Also, to avoid paying a separate entry charge at each museum, avail of a museum pass which offers discounted rates for all three museums.



Visit the three museums of art and history Museo del Prado, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza and Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. These museums house the biggest Spanish art collection in the world.



Cover Story

Unconventional Must Visits of Spain


Toledo was once the capital of Spain and is now one of the oldest cities in Europe and is a World Heritage city. It is situated close to Madrid and includes some famous churches and museums. Toledo’s unique heritage dates back as far as the Neolithic Era.

The Spanish coastline is huge and boasts

an excellent climate but the most visited is Costa del Sol. Its wonderful coast belt and excellent golden sandy beaches are ideal for summer beach and family holidays in Spain.


Toledo is also associated with the steel swords that were once made here and still offered as tourist souvenirs. The city is small and is best explored on foot.

Don’t miss a trip to Ibiza. From dawn to dusk, indulge yourself in the cardinal sins of sloth and gluttony while on the paradise island. The party never stops in Ibiza and the beaches never end.

Our Tip : Climb up the towers in the cathedral for an awesome view of the city.

Our Tip : Best time to go to Ibiza is September-October when they have closing down parties at several clubs.

A trip to Montserrat is worth a day in Barcelona as the view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking. Do visit the Santa Cova Caves.

Montserrat One of Catalonia’s historic sites is the holy mountain of Montserrat which literally means ‘jagged mountain’. The mountains are naturally formed rocks rising to a height of 4,000 feet. This striking landmark also houses The Benedictine Monastery of Montserrat which is famous for its Black Maradona. 26


Our Tip : Get yourself a ToT Montserrat ticket from Barcelona station which covers most of your costs for a trip to Montserrat. The ToT Montserrat ticket includes the return train journey to Montserrat from Barcelona and a choice of either the cable car up to Montserrat mountain or the Rack Railway. The ticket also gives you free entry into the Montserrat museum plus a free lunch at the restaurant at Montserrat. MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


Cover Story

Travelling to Spain is no gain without... Eating Paella and drinking Sangria Eat like the locals and scrape off the last bite of Paella from the pan. Paella is the most famous dish and Sangria the famous drink of Spain. To taste authentic Paella, take a trip to Valencia where the dish originated.

Watching a bull fight

When in Spain join the world of bull fighting, which is an exciting, entertaining and blood-rushing sport. Bull fighting shows are conducted throughout the country but the more famous ones can be found in Madrid and Seville.

A visit to Real Madrid, Barcelona Clubs

The God of all football clubs is based in Spain. So a visit to the Real Madrid Club and the Barcelona Club is a ‘must’ for any sports enthusiast. And who knows, you might get a glimpse of Messi, Christiano Ronaldo or Casillas…

Joining the night life

It will be a tragedy for any traveller to miss this lively and happening scene of Spain. The most fun parties take place in restaurants, pubs and clubs in the capital city of Madrid, but the other cities too come alive in the night. 28


Attending flamenco dancing

The guitar, clapping rythms and traditional songs accompany flamenco dancers in Spanish attire. We got a glimpse of this dance form in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, but watching it live in the place the dance form was born is an experience by itself!



Cover Story

Slice of Spain For the epicurious souls, Spanish cuisine is a culinary delight. Food is a way of life for the Spaniards and their cuisine has a distinctive and enviable platter of good food to offer. Spain’s gastronomy differs from region to region on account of the climate and geography. Some of the must-eats are Paella, Tortilla Espanola, Tapas, Churros, Calameras Fritos, etc.

Indian flavour in Spain Restaurant Govinda, Madrid

Restaurant Bollywood, Barcelona

Restaurant Shanti, Barcelona

Moving around

Travelling in Spain can be a little stressful because of the language barrier, but once you overcome it with some help from locals, travelling in Spain becomes a breeze. Metros, taxis and buses are easily and frequently available to go from one destination to another. The Hop On – Hop Off buses are available in major cities.

Don’t forget to pick up some sangria bottles and flamenco fans to take back home as souvenirs.


Adventure Junkies

Spain is an excellent choice for adventure sports. We have all watched Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar jumping from Spanish skylines, enjoying deep-sea diving and participating in bull running. You can also indulge in white water rafting, paragliding, mountain climbing and much more.



El Corte Ingles is one of the biggest department stores in Spain with branches in different cities. For those who love to bargain and love the rustic feel of shopping, a visit to El Rastro should not be missed. This is one of Europe’s biggest flea markets and is held every Sunday in Madrid. Even if you are not a flea shopper, visit this place to indulge in a bit of a carnival feel.



Cover Story

Festive Flavour of Spain If you are one of those who likes to visit a country and soak in the festivities of the country, then Spain is an ideal place with distinct year-round festivals taking place in different cities.

La Tomatina

The battle of tomatoes happens in the small town of BuĂąol, an hour outside Valencia. Thousands of people gather on the streets of the tiny town to fling tomatoes at each other. When: Last Wednesday of August

It is a festival celebrated with red wine, in the town of Haro in the La Rioja region of northern Spain. People dressed in white shirts and red scarves carry jugs, bottles and other types of containers filled with red wine. Led by the town’s mayor on horseback, the procession passes through the town to the Cliffs of Bilibio, where a mass is celebrated at the Hermitage of San Felices de Bilibio. After the mass, the red shower begins with everyone tossing wine on each other until all are soaked from head to foot. Date: June 29

San Fermin Fiestas

This is a week-long bull running and bull fighting festival. It is held in the city of Pamplona. Every morning at 8 am, the bravest run ahead of a group of angry bulls. Not a sight for the weak hearted. Dates: July 6 - 14 32


Image courtesy: Tourism of Spain / Mumbai

Batalla del Vino

Food Talk



Malay Malaysia can be nicknamed ‘Mini Asia’ as its cuisine is a tasty concoction of different flavours of Asia. Highly influenced by countries like Indonesia, India, Middle East, and China, it’s spicy, savoury and strong.

HolidayTalk brings you some of the dishes that should not be missed while in Malaysia. Dency Mathew

Popiah A famous street food in Malaysia, Popiah is a type of spring roll stuffed with vegetables and sprouts and is served as a snack. The sauce served along with this dish varies from place to place. Popiah is also a popular dish in other Asian countries like Singapore, China, Taiwan and Vietnam. There are also non vegetarian versions of this dish which consists of chicken and prawns.



Satay Sold everywhere

from malls to streetside, Satay is marinated meat on a stick. Typically a spicy peanut sauce dip is included. Satay is served with cucumber and onion slices and best eaten as soon as it is cooked. Beef, chicken or lamb variations of satay can be found virtually everywhere in Malaysia.

Nasi Lemak Arguably the

most popular dish of Malaysia, Nasi Lemak literally means ‘creamy rice’. The rice, cooked in coconut milk, comes with a spicy onion sauce, deep fried crispy anchovies, roasted peanuts, cucumber slices and a quartered hardboiled egg and is traditionally served on banana leaves. Its non-vegetarian version includes beef, mutton, cuttlefish, shrimp or fried eggs. MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


Food Talk

Curry Laksa Full of flavours and fragrance of spices, it is a creamy soup infused with coconut milk and the spiciness of chillies. Throw in some noodles, bean sprouts, chicken, prawns, tofu puffs, eggs and you have another great comfort food from Malaysia.

Roti Canai Made from wheat flour dough, Roti is kneaded and tossed into a roughly circular ‘pizza style’ shape and cooked right in front of you on a hot plate sizzling with oil. Light and wholesome, it is normally served with lightly spiced fish, chicken or dal curry. Heavier versions of the Roti Canai include Roti Telur which adds an egg and onions into the dough, Roti Sardin with sardines, onions and egg, and Roti Planta with margarine.

Sambal Udang For

seafood and spicy food lovers, this is one dish that should not be missed in Malaysia. This red, hot and tangy dish is the most famous shrimp dish in Malaysia. It consists of prawn or shrimp cooked in spicy fiery chilli sauce. Enjoy it with Nasi Lemak or plain rice.



City Talk

Bite of the Big Apple

Picnics Picnics in in parks, parks, concerts concerts on on the the Williamsburg Williamsburg waterfront waterfront and and bicycle bicycle rides rides on on Governors Governors Island Island -- the the unique unique undeniable undeniable energy energy of of New New York York feels feels particularly particularly apparent apparent in in the the summer. summer. Each Each of of the the city’s city’s five five boroughs boroughs –– The The Bronx, Bronx, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Manhattan, Queens Queens and and Staten Staten Island Island -- is is bustling bustling with with its its own own special special blend blend of of culture culture during during this this time. time. And And with with so so much much to to see see and and do, do, every every visit visit to to the the city city feels feels new. new.

Why New York is called the Big Apple? ‘The Big Apple’ is a nickname first popularised in the 1920s by John J. FitzGerald, a sports writer for the New York Morning Telegraph. 40




City Talk

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island in the New York Harbor, is one of the most iconic attractions. Ellis Island was the immigrant gateway to America from 1892 to 1954. After 30 years of abandonment, it was opened as a museum in September 1990.


Adults (13+) - $17 Seniors (62+) - $14 Children (4-12) - $ 9 Children under 4 - FREE


Ferries to the island depart from 8.30 am till 4.30 pm

Allow yourself 4-5 hours to visit both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, especially if you want to do an audio tour of both the islands. You can visit both Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island with Statue Cruises.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

With over two million works of art spanning 5,000 years, it is one of the largest and most comprehensive art museums in the world. Entry to the collection and special exhibition sections is free. Also enjoy dining, the audio guide and shopping at the Met Store.


Adults - $25 Seniors (65 and older) - $17 Students - $12 Children under 12 (accompanied by an adult) - FREE


Tuesday–Thursday 9.30 am–5.30 pm Friday and Saturday 9.30 am–9.00 pm Sunday 9.30 am–5.30 pm Closed on Mondays, Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November), December 25, and January 1.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Explore 52 acres of natural beauty, with more than 10,000 kinds of plants from all over the world. The garden is open year-round and has plants for every season, plus indoor tropical gardens and bonsai trees.


Adults - $10 Senior citizens and kids - $5


Tuesday–Friday 8 am to 4.30 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 4.30 pm, Closed on Mondays.

The Empire State Building

Enjoy panoramic vistas of New York City from its highest viewing point, the Empire State Building Observatory. To avoid long waits, get there either very early or very late.


Adult - $25 Child (6-12) - $19 Senior (62+) - $22 Children 5 and under - FREE


From 8.00 am to 2.00 am, seven days a week.

Visit Celebrities at Madame Tussauds Sing, dance and mingle with the famous wax models of more than 200 celebrities in Times Square. From Marilyn to Madonna to Miley, there are stars from every generation.


Adult (13+ years) - $36


Open 365 days a year at 10.00 am, including all holidays. 42




City Talk Central Park Heart of Manhattan Encompassing a diverse landscape of rolling fields, walking trails and tranquil waterways, its landmarks are Wollman Rink, the Central Park Zoo and the Friedsam Memorial Carousel; great for kids of all ages.

Admission is free. Timing

Open from 6.00 am to 1.00 am, 365 days a year.

Go for a Helicopter Ride

Experience New York in a unique way; view the iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and other Manhattan locations from a new breathtaking perspective.

Dinosaur wing at the American Museum of Natural History

Packed with exhibitions representing people and animals throughout the ages, the museum also has a planetarium and an IMAX theater, as well as special visiting exhibitions and plenty of places to eat and shop. The dinosaur wing is a must-see and if you have time, lie down under the life-size model of a blue whale in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.

Bateaux Dinner Cruise

Sail New York Harbor aboard a luxurious, glass-enclosed boat. Enjoy an exquisite four-course plated meal, fine wine, a live three-piece band and dancing served up against the backdrop of the majestic New York City skyline. Make reservations through http.//


Adults - $33 Children, Seniors and Students with ID - $25.50


Open Daily from 10.00 am – 5.45 pm except on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Nightlife Uptown and Beyond

For the true NYC experience, go out after dark. The Lower East Side is full of bars running the gamut from classy joints to gritty dives to dancing dens. Le Bain, the rooftop bar of Standard Hotel, offers stunning views of the Hudson River and New Jersey. Go for some celeb 44


spotting at Lobby Bar at The Jane, a bi-level lounge decked out in exotic vintage décor. The five boroughs are also a humor mecca—NYC’s comedy clubs such as Gotham Comedy Club, Carolines, Comedy Cellar, The Duplex, Stand Up NY, host headliners and rising stars every night of the week.

Discover New York by Walking There are a wide range of walking tours, such as the Big Onion Walking Tour, Greenwich Village Literary Pub Crawl, Fifth Ave Walking Tour, Museum Mile Walking Tour, Brooklyn Walking Tour and many more. Some of the tours have a minimal cost and few of them are free of charge. MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


City Talk

Catch a play,

Broadway: A Lifetime Experience

go shopping…

When in New York make sure you see at least one Broadway Show.

Visit http.// to view show timings and buy tickets.

Save up to 25 to 65 per cent at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

With 220 stores, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is the world’s largest collection of designer outlets where you will find leading designers brands including Balenciaga, Burberry, Coach, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Gap Outlet, Giorgio

New York’s Best Cupcakes

Enjoy Jasmine Tea, Pink Champagne, Lychee, and Black Sesame cupcakes or go for the classic butter cream frosting on chocolate at Everything Frosted located at 105 1/2 Mosco St. Drop in at BabyCakes (248 Broome Street) for organic options and alternatives are offered to the common allergens of wheat, gluten, dairy, casein and eggs.

New York: A Foodie’s Paradise Armani, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Tod’s, Tory Burch, Zegna, etc. Getting there: Located at Exit 16 off the New York State Thruway, frequent daily bus service is available from Port Authority in New York City. Regular shopping hours are from 10am-9pm. For more details visit

Brooklyn Neighborhood Tour

Visit various famous Brooklyn neighborhoods, landmarks, famous movie locations and points of interest that make Brooklyn truly unique. The price of the four and a half hour tour is $75 for adults and $ 65 for children under 12. This also includes a lunch stop at World Famous Junior’s on Flatbush Avenue (since 1950). For more details visit http.// neighborhood.html

Bagels - New York City bagels are famous. Check out some choicest bagels at Daniel’s Bagels, H&H, Murray’s Bagels and many other outlets. Pizza - Like yellow taxis, pizzas have become symbolic of New York. Some of the best pizza joints are Joe and Pat’s, Sal and Carmine’s, Di Fara, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and Joe’s Pizza. Hot Dogs - From street carts to fancy restaurants, New York has quite a few dogs-in-buns to choose from. Some of the most favorite eateries are Gray’s Papaya, Shake Shack, Nathan’s and Crif Dogs. Cheesecakes - A New York style cheesecake is decadently rich in taste, but fluffy in texture. Some of the most popular haunts for Cheesecakes are Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, F. Monteleone Bakery, Junior’s, Lady M Cake Boutique, and Two Little Red Hens.

Ladybird Bakery attracts customers for its famous Brooklyn Blackout cupcake, filled with chocolate pudding and topped with chocolate ice cake and crumbs. Its Red Velvet and Carrot Cake cupcakes are also out of this world.

Shopping at Fifth Avenue

If you’re a fashion-focussed NYC Tourist, shopping at Fifth Avenue is must. Located in the centre of Manhattan, the best Fifth Avenue shopping takes place between 39th and 60th Streets at New York flagship stores. 46




City Talk

India on my mind Indian Cuisine is easily available in New York. Here is a list of some of the well known Indian joints. Dawat - Chef Madhur Jaffrey’s restaurant serves up everything from Tandoori shrimp to lamb curry. Junoon - Legendary chef Vikas Khanna presents all five elements of Indian cuisine’ Handi, Sigri, Pathar, Tawa, and Tandoor. Dévi - Devi, named after the mother goddess, is the only Indian restaurant in

the United States to have earned a Michelin star, according to the restaurant’s website. The 75-seat restaurant sits right outside Manhattan’s Union Square.

Saravanaa Bhavan - This vegetarian restaurant highlights India’s southern region and is well known for South Indian food. The menu includes more than 350 dishes.


New York is the birthplace of potato chips (crisps), readymade mayonnaise, buffalo wings and Thousand Island dressing. The original ‘Uncle Sam’ was a meat packer from Troy, New York. Sam Wilson’s meats helped feed soldiers during the war of 1812. 60 guilders were paid to Native Americans for Manhattan (a little over $1000 in today’s money).

Tamarind – The restaurant showcases classics such as Seekh Kebab and Chicken Tikka Masala.

In NY, travel by Subway System

The best way to commute in New York is on the subway system. The subway works 24/7, 365 days a year. You can pick up the New York City Metro Card and a 7-day Metro Card will cost you $29.00 (This can change). You can also commute in black and yellow cabs, however that is a much costlier option. Info and pictures courtesy : NYC & Company



Contact : for more details

Signature Experience

Tranquility in the Alps

Indulging Indulging in in the the calming calming spa spa treatments treatments in in a a small small Alpine Alpine village village of of Switzerland Switzerland –– Gstaad Gstaad is is one one of of the the ‘must-dos’ ‘must-dos’ for for travellers travellers looking looking for for high-end high-end luxury luxury and and a a wellness wellness experience experience in in Europe. Europe. Anita Anita Jain Jain ditches ditches the the usual usual outdoor outdoor activities activities in in the the Alps Alps and and explores explores the the magic magic mantra mantra of of ‘Inner ‘Inner Peace’ Peace’ by by experiencing experiencing Spa Spa treatments treatments with with scented scented air, air, relaxing relaxing music, music, natural natural essential essential oils oils and and a a rejuvenating rejuvenating drink. drink. After the famous newly-wed Bollywood couple (Saifeena) visited Gstaad for their honeymoon, the village is no more a ‘stranger’ among Indians. This chalet village lives totally up to its reputation as the perfect high-end Alpine resort destination and retains its idyllic charm of a traditional Swiss life. 1 Swiss Franc (CHF) = ` 58 (approx) If you are contemplating a Swiss vacation, we will advise you that skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only ways to embrace the many pleasures of winter in this Bernese Alps. Book yourself for a spa treatment in any of the well-known spa properties and revivify your senses.





Signature Experience

Pamper yourself at Grand Hotel Bellevue Lose track of time through various spa treatments offered by Grand Hotel Bellevue. Start with boosting your immune system through seven different types of saunas and steam baths – bio sauna, Finnish sauna, ice grotto (Personal favourite), Turkish

steam bath (Recommended), brine grotto, herbal steam bath and Lanconium. Entry to the sauna and steam bath is complimentary for all the guests at the property.

Book yourself for Body scrub (Recommended: Feuerstein replenishing body scrub for 30 minutes @ CHF 90), Body wrap (Recommended: Detox ritual wrap for 120 minutes @ CHF 290) followed by a refreshing bath (Recommended: Evening primrose oil bath for 30 minutes @ CHF 80), Calming massage (Recommended: Feuerstein alpine experience with rock crystals for 120 minutes @ CHF 330). To further recharge your batteries and clear your mind, there are wellness cocktails, fresh fruits and vegetable juices, specially selected teas and healthy snacks at SPA Bar. Tips: You should give 15 minutes for per sauna treatment and not indulge in more than three different sauna/steam sessions per day. Always cool down with cold water after a sauna to close your body pores.

Enjoy harmony at Gstaad Palace Gstaad Palace, one of the last familyowned palace hotels, has been the personal favourite for many famous international personalities over centuries. Access to the Palace Spa assures the use of saunas, steam baths, Olympic-sized outdoor heated pool (in summer only), outdoor heated pool with Jacuzzi, and a Hammam with seven rituals to soothe and restore mind and body alike.

The Hammam treatment (for 2 hours @ CHF 380)

starts with a foot bath followed by tranquil moments in the ‘Infinity Room’. This is followed by a cleansing soap foam body massage before the journey continues with a steam bath 52


and a dip in the ‘Floating Pool’. After a break in the private relaxation room, a moisturising oil massage completes your spa experience.

The Palace Spa

also offers four international spa brands – Cinq Mondes, Sisley (Recommended: Sisley SUPREMYA anti-muscular aging facial for 80 minutes @ CHF 450), Niance and L. Raphael (Recommended: Oxy star anti pigmentation facial treatment for 50 minutes @ CHF 1490).

Entry to the spa treatment area is complimentary for hotel guests. For non-hotel guests the rate is CHF 60 per day and a prior reservation is necessary. MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


Signature Experience

More than just spa! Indulge in luxury shopping, as this chalet village houses most well known brands like Ralph Lauren, etc. Take a walk in the ‘Pedestrians Only’ area which is the heart of social life in this village. Take a trip to the Swiss famous Lauenensee (there are two lakes near Lauenen in the Canton of Berne, Switzerland). The place offers a very

nice and quite setting in the mountains and you will see waterfalls, flowers, dragon flies and so on. You can even rent a boat for CHF 12 for an hour and row on the lake a bit. Try a scenic lunch at The Walig Hut (luxury alpine hut owned by Gstaad Palace) after witnessing the alpine cheese making process and tasting some with Walo and Erika Perreten at the Alp Vordere Walig at 1700 meters.

Make your spa treatment memorable (Advice by Grand Hotel Bellevue)

Drink enough water before the treatment so your body can benefit from the detoxifying effects of spa treatments Always start your treatment with neither empty nor full stomach. Avoid heavy meals for at least one hour before the treatment. Never shave before a salt peeling treatment and avoid peeling if you have sunburn. Always communicate with your therapist. Right music, perfect oil and desired room temperatures should also be mentioned to experience calming spa treatment Avoid the sun right after your treatment. After a body peel or an aromatherapy oil massage, wait for at least 12 hours before sunbathing again.

Indulge in true luxury The Alpine Gstaad is the newest luxury hotel opened in this Swiss Alpine village in 100 years. This world famous Six Senses Spa, spread over 21,500 sq ft area creates a tranquil sanctuary with locally inspired treatments. Life coaching, detox programs, nutritional consultation and specialist therapies with visits to practitioners are all on the offer list.

for further info visit

For perfect balance of peace in the body, opt for any of the ‘ila’ treatments (Recommended: Tree of Life Signature Ritual for 2 hours 30 minutes @ CHF 450). Don’t forget to indulge in a soothing body wrap (Recommended: Bio Rhythms for 2 hours @ CHF 380). The hotel offers exclusive membership for guests ranging from CHF 650 a month to CHF 5500 for ten months. 54




Shop Talk

Shopping in


Greenhills Shopping Center

A Rewarding Experience Malls in the Philippines sell some of the biggest international designer brands, but shopping there opens doors to a whole world of designer knock-offs at the greatest prices‌ so the next time somebody comes back from the Philippines and flaunts a Fendi bag, you can’t be sure that it is the real deal. Peden Doma Bhutia

OUR TIP sic re a mu ay a u o If y m do you aficiona buy some t to also ge s at the rare CD lls VD sta many D . here


With over 2,000 stores, Greenhills Shopping Center is a flea market type air-conditioned shopping centre that has branded clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories. The clothes and accessories may be knock-offs, but go further inside and you may lay your hands on some real antique ware and of course the best selection of genuine pearls.

The mall is open from 10am-8pm from Sundays-Thursdays and from 10am-9pm on Fridays and Saturdays

Hot deals

Here you can get Gucci bags for less than ` 1,000 or TOMS shoes for ` 500. Also, if you manage to pull in some bargaining power you get to take home the whole deal for a few hundreds cheaper.

Getting there Greenhills Shopping Arcade is located along Ortigas Avenue. The area is traffic-heavy on normal days (but lighter on weekends). Take a taxicab from any area around the metro and just mention Greenhills, the driver will surely know where to go.





Shop Talk

SM Mall of Asia

Getting there The Ayala MRT Station of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) serves the area. Located in Makati city, Greenbelt is right next to hotels like Shangri-la Makati, Manila Peninsula, and the Intercontinental.

(MOA) Bay City

SM Mall of Asia is the 3rd largest mall in the world. Here, you get to shop for everything under one roof, from clothes, accessories, cosmetics to gadgets, furnishings, and much more.

Greenbelt Makati City A complex of five contemporary buildings, Greenbelt offers a mix of high-end retail shops, restaurants, entertainment, etc.

OUR TIP es a ll provid ervice. a m s The p g at e pick-u packag u finish buyinend it o s After y ask them to Pick-up , a store all’s Package pick all m hen e h t to u can t from one o Y . e ic Serv purchases re is your later on! The ese place aining at th no barg shops.

Getting there Most Manila hotels have special shuttle services going to MOA. The quickest way is to get on the MRT either via the Buendia or Ayala Station and get off at Taft Avenue Station, the last and Southernmost station. From there, you can take any jeepney or bus marked ‘MOA’ or ‘Mall of Asia’. The mall is open from 10am-10pm 58


If you are a gadget freak, Greenbelt 1 is the place for you. If hunger strikes head to Greenbelt 2 as this place houses all the fine dining restaurants. Looking for something branded? Head to Greenbelt 3, here you will find all high-end retail shops like Hermes, Calvin Klein, Marks & Spencer and Kate Spade. The second floor has restaurants, bookshops and more.

OUR TIP od the mo ee in e s f f Tho o c night for late to this mall as ad can he ffee shops co d are ourtyar at the c ost days open m /7. 24

Greenbelt 4 houses the high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Prada, Bulgari, Charriol and Gucci. Greenbelt 5 houses the shops of prominent Filipino designers though there are also imported high-end shops like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Panerai, Zara, Yves Saint Laurent, Banana Republic, Liz Clairborne, Paul Smith and Balenciaga.

The mall is open every day. Shops are open 10 am – 10 pm. MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


Shop Talk

Glorietta Makati City

Glorietta is the one-stop mall located in the city centre that offers a wide array of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

OUR TIP o on a o y If u g pecting e ay x weekd , be warned wd d less cro all is crowde m e h s t y da that n week more o n o than nds. weeke

OUR TIP ing is g r Ba ain tting a to ge the key here and if eal t good d d you can ge e e s c e c c u you s neckla d ul shell beautif le as ` 100 an t t li n a s h a t r ss fo ts for le bracele 100. `

Getting there The Ayala MRT Station of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) serves the area. The Glorietta Mall is within walking distance of the major malls - SM Makati, Landmark, Greenbelt, etc., and hotels Shangri-la Makati, Manila Peninsula and Hotel Intercontinental.

Boracay Island Shopping

At Boracay Island, the whole walk along the beach is dotted with shops that sell everything from beach wear, slippers, cheap and chic clothes, bracelets, necklaces, antique furniture, lamps, native woodcarvings, fridge magnets, souvenirs and other knick knacks to take back home.



Hotel Talk


Blu Hotel


Located in the heart of Uttarakhand, Radisson Blu Hotel Haridwar, opened in 2011, is the perfect place to experience the luxury with the essence of spirituality. This 5-Star luxury hotel of the region provides an excellent experience of Spirituality, Adventure, Luxury and business.


Conveniently located in the commercial heart of Haridwar, the Hotel is in close proximity to key business prospects in SIDCUL and Industries like BHEL. Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport which is at 42 km from the Hotel.

Accommodation 129 beautifully designed and well furnished rooms equipped with all modern amenities and facilities offered by a luxury hotel.

F & B Services

NEXT 2 - An all day dining restaurant offering an interactive show kitchen Wok 12 - A fine dining speciality restaurant Mints - The tea lounge offering a selection of world famous teas and coffees from around the world, as well as a mouth-watering variety of bakery and confectionery items. After 11 Bar Vaishnavam Mangalam Extensive display of vegetarian cuisine on Tuesdays. Special 50% discounts on buffet only for Prestige Club members.

Spa and Fitness Centre

Offering a complete wellness experience with a choice of therapies and the right blend of Asian traditions and European therapies. Offering the most extensive hotel event and meeting facility in the region, Radisson Blu Hotel Haridwar is the perfect choice for conferences, weddings and social functions.



Guest Talk

It happened in Pench about three years ago. In case not many of you have heard of Pench, rest assured, we had not heard of it either. But as it happens, there is one very enthusiastic Sales Head in MP Tourism, Delhi, who would not rest until we went on a holiday to MP and came back satisfied. Her sincerity had touched a chord and I finally asked her to recommend a holiday in MP. Knowing we loved wildlife, she recommended Pench — a smaller less-known National Park bordering Maharashtra.

Getting Th ere The nearest airp ort is Nagpur, fro m where you ca by a jeep of the n be picked up lodge you are bo oked in.

Penchant for

To catch sight of tigers and other wildlife plan your visit during the summer months, as this is the time the animals come out in search of water. In winters it is difficult to view much wildlife.

Adventure Seeing a leopard in the wild may be stuff of dreams for many wildlife enthusiasts but for us it was a case of wishing for it and then almost regretting that the wish came true! Raja Natesan shared with HolidayTalk an interesting episode from one of his memorable experiences. Read more‌ 62


The Pench National Park is open to visitors from early November to end June each year and closed during the rainy season (July- October).

The drive from Nagpur to Pench was just about an hour and the small jungle lodge was beautiful. The caretakers were friendly and the food was quite up to our taste. MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


Guest Talk The Stay We spent four days there. The first two days we went out for jungle safaris but did not see much. As in not the wild cat variety, though there were plenty of deer, monkeys, Gaur, fox, and many birds. But somehow, we Indians have this penchant for the wild cat. No tiger sighting, no success. A Walk for Life On the 2nd night, my wife and I decided that we would go for an early morning stroll. Next day, we dragged ourselves out of bed a little before 6 am. Around our jungle lodge was a wired fence but some parts of it were broken. And one of these trailed down to a dry river bed. The path looked inviting with no sign saying we should not go down to the dry river bed… so off we went.

another 50 yards by then and was still coming full tilt towards us. I held my wife’s hand. She had no idea what I was looking at but the way I tugged at her hand made her realise that all was not well. “Don’t look back,” I told her. “Just get up quietly and let us walk back.” How that would have helped I do not know. Now he was just 100 yards away and still bearing down straight towards us. My wife was still oblivious to our impending doom. Ignorance really is bliss! Now 75 yards, 60, 50, 40… Even at that time I could not help but admire the creature. Such majestic and hypnotic eyes, the beautiful spots, the whiskers, the taut muscles. For some reason, though I was terrified, my actions betrayed none of it. Maybe I did not want my wife scared. She would have screamed and the leopard would have got angrier. Of course, I assumed that the leopard now 30 yards away was an angry beast. “What is it?” my wife asked innocently. We had reached the middle of the river bed. My eyes were still riveted on the leopard. Twenty yards to go and I told my wife. “There’s a leopard behind you.” My head was screaming that he was going to eat us for breakfast but my voice was calm. My wife got excited “Where? Where?” she asked and turned her head. And I really don’t know what happened then. Was it the turning of her head, was it some other noise he heard, or was he more scared



of us than we were of him, with about 10 yards to go, which I guess would have taken him another two seconds, the leopard turned with no loss of speed at all (that was amazing) and darted straight into the bushes on the left. My wife turned around just in time to see the tail disappear into the shrubs. “Wow, that was exciting!” she said. Exciting? That is not the adjective I would have used. Scary, blood curdling, nightmarish are possibly the words that would have crossed my mind. “Yes,” I said “Very exciting!” We walked back to the forest lodge and my wife proceeded to narrate the exciting story of how we saw a leopard just 10 yards away. My kids looked like they had been robbed of candy. “Why didn’t you take us? That would have been such fun!!” Fun? Umm sure…!


Images : MP Tourism

It was a wonderful walk. Birds tweeting, slight cool breeze, the sandy dry river bed… We talked and walked a fair bit and then sat down next to a small shrub facing each other… And then it happened. My wife was saying something that she obviously thought was important but I was no longer looking at her. I was looking over her shoulder and beyond her there was this majestic specimen less than 200 yards away bounding in our direction. I swallowed and looked again. He was still there except that he had covered


Slice of India

Historical Elegance of Madhya Pradesh Popularly known as the heart of India, the rich heritage of Madhya Pradesh (MP) provides an intriguing window to the past. Also, its legendary pilgrim centres, breathtaking scenic beauty and unparalleled wildlife truly make MP a unique place. Madhya Pradesh Tourism has identified some tourist circuits which cater to almost all types of tourists such as adventure seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, pilgrims, heritage travellers and so on. Holiday Talk explores the Indore circuit of MP for its readers, which highlights not only the heritage city of Indore, historical city of Mandu, religious cities of Ujjain and Onkareshwar but also the temple town of Maheshwar known for its fine handwoven ‘Maheshwari’ sarees. Neelam Singh



Indore Maheshwar Omkareshwar

Best season to visit the circuit – October to March 66




Slice of India

Must Enjoy


Bhagoria Festival: The vibrant tribal festival marks the onset of the spring season and falls eight days before Holi. During the festival of Bhagoria, young people choose their partners and officially elope with them.

Indore, the largest city of Madhya Pradesh, is the business powerhouse. Maharani Devi Ahilya Bai Holker planned and shaped much of Indore.

Rangpanchami Festival: One of the oldest traditional festivals celebrated during the reign of Holkar, falls five days after Holi. The local municipal corporation also joins the celebration and sprays colorful water on the streets of Indore.

Must Try Chappan Dukan: Different from the usual markets, it has 56 shops and it’s all about a variety of Indian food. Located on the main road, you can reach there by local transportation or by cab. On reaching the market, it’s better to walk on foot.

Do Not Miss Lal Bagh: Once the residence of the Maharajas, it is now a museum.





Indore is well connected by rail, road and air network. Indore Airport has direct and connecting flights to all major cities.

Monsoon is the best time to visit Indore to enjoy the scenic beauty of several waterfalls around the city.

Handicraft articles, terracotta idols paper mache products, ethnic and chic jewellery, good quality silk and satin fabric and delicate glass bangles.


Rajwada: Biggest tourist attraction of Indore, its wooden entrance, which is covered with iron studs, is the most spectacular sight. Kanch Mandir: A sacred Jain temple made up of glass and mirrors. Bada Ganpati: Built in 1875, the temple houses the largest statue of Lord Ganesha in the world measuring 25 ft from crown to foot.

Sarafa Bazaar: A must visit for foodies as it serves one of the best tasting local food and unique dishes samosas, kachoris, pani puri, pav bhaji, chhole tikiyas, sabudana ki khichdi, maalpua and poha to name a few. A jewellery market by day, food vendors convert this into a food street every evening by setting up eateries along the road.



Slice of India Distance: 55 km from Indore

Distance: 99 km from Indore

UJJAIN Situated on the banks of River Shipra, the ancient city of Ujjain is one among four sites where it is believed that drops of Amrita (holy water) accidentally spilled over from the godly pitcher. The other three places are said to be Haridwar, Nasik, and Allahabad.

MANDU Do not Miss A visit to the Ghats on the Shipra River, Mahakaleshwar Temple for its Bhasm Arti, performed every morning from 4 am to 6 pm, and Bhartrihari Caves, a predominant tourist place in Ujjain.

We recommend Sandhya Aarti performed every evening at the Ghats Stay at MP Tourism’s Shipra Residency

Mandu, the largest fortified city of MP, embodies the love of the poet-prince Baz Bahadur for his beautiful wife, Rani Roopmati.

Do not Miss Some exquisite palaces like the Jahaz and Hindola Mahals, Baz Bahadur’s Palace and Roopmati’s Pavilion, Ornamental Canals, Baths and Pavilions. Hoshang Shah’s Tomb: Considered as an inspiration for the Taj Mahal, the tomb of Hoshang Shah is the first Marble structure in India.

We recommend Did You Know

Ujjain will host the Ardha Kumbha in 2016.

At least one night stay at MP Tourism’s Malwa Retreat or Malwa Resort. Visit during Monsoon to enjoy the magical landscape of Mandu

Ujjain finds full expression in Kalidasa’s most famous work, Meghdoot, in which the lover sends a message to his beloved via a rain cloud passing over the splendid city of Ujjain. 70




Slice of India


Distance: 78 km from Indore

Omkareswar is a temple town situated on the island of Mandhata on the river Narmada.

Do not Miss Mahakaleshwar Temple and Patali Hanuman – where Hanuman is shown sleeping. The town has shops across the streets surrounding the temple. Tourists can purchase several handcrafted products and other religious items here.

A boat ride in Narmada River around the island is quite enjoyable.

Did You Know

The OM shaped island has one of the 12 Jyotirlinga (pillar of light) shrines of Lord Shiva


Distance: 91 km from Indore

Do not Miss Maheshwar Fort, now a museum that exhibits treasures of the royal family

Beautiful images of elephants and Maratha soldiers on the exterior of the Ahilyeshwar temple attract tourists.

Did You Know

Narmada Festival (Every year in Nov-Dec) when a 1000m long cotton sari, specially made for the occasion, is stretched across the river as an offering.

Famous Bollywood movies Ashoka and Yamla Pagla Deewana were shot here.



Information and Image courtesy: MP Tourism

Transformed to a land of tranquility and prosperity by the greatest queen of the Holkers Dynasty Maharani Ahilya Bai, Maheshwar is a city of forts and temples. One of the most picturesque towns, it is well-known for local hand-woven ‘Maheshwari’ sarees.


Answers on Page No. 97 MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


Hot Wheels

Go for

Firefox Bikes introduced a new range of folding bikes in Indian market. It has teamed up with finest cycling company Tern Bikes which covers the full spectrum of all terrain. Made as per world-class technology and international quality standards, these ultramodern bikes are highly portable.

Tern Link C7

Tern Joe C21

The initial range includes the Tern Link C7, Tern Joe C21 and Tern Joe D24 which costs ` 28670, ` 30770 and ` 38640, respectively. The bikes can easily be kept in the vehicles’ trunk and moved in case of long journeys.

Tern Joe D24 74


Hotel Talk

Royalty Fairmont Jaipur

As you enter the tall gates of Fairmont Jaipur, you are left wondering if it’s a Rajasthani palace, fort or a modern hotel… It’s only when you step inside, you realise that it’s a hotel that has a fort-like edifice reflecting its surrounding culture and architecture and boasts of all the comforts of a palace. Peden Doma Bhutia





Hotel Talk A Window to Jaipur

True to the brand’s philosophy, the first Fairmont property in India remains authentic to the destination of the hotel. Arches and octagonal towers feature throughout, handcarved Thekri glasswork adorns the walls while delicate ceiling embellishments in shades of gold, blue and red offer the ideal backdrop of a historic and opulent palace.

Unforgettable Experience

The experience here is also typical to the destination - tea in the gardens, traditional entertainment with dancing in the courtyard, falconry, authentic spa treatments and not to forget the innumerable sightseeing opportunities that the city, rich in historical landmarks, offers.

Rooms with a Royal Touch

The distressed gold and rich turquoise rooms with lobbed arches boast of four-poster beds, beautiful wooden furniture and all modern amenities.

The Fairmont Gold Floor, with personalised service, offers an exclusive lifestyle experience to its guests.

Striking Feature

That the hotel rooms are impressive does not come as a surprise, but what really strikes you are the bathrooms at Fairmont! Each bathroom features a traditional ornately patterned screen. And if the shower cubicle with a stone bench is not indulgent enough for you, go ahead pamper yourself in the raised soaker tub for a bubble bath.

Folk Tale

As you walk in, you will notice that each of the 255 guestrooms, including seven suites, have a wooden parrot on a swing. Surprised? Well, don’t be, legend has it that when the men went to war and the women needed a companion to talk to, they often found solace in talking to parrots.





Hotel Talk Royal Dining Zoya, the all-day dining restaurant, boasts of a world cuisine menu with a dedicated section of Rajasthani fare highlighting heritage dishes from the royal households. Serving an unrivalled selection of authentic, high quality teas, Fairmont Jaipur’s lobby lounge Anjum offers a local twist to the long-standing Fairmont tradition of afternoon tea. At the regency style library bar, Aza, guests can sample an impressive selection of wines and malt whisky with old world oak display cabinets and bespoke cocktails to match your mood. With a mix of high and lounge seating, Fairmont Jaipur’s Cigar Diwan, is a classic smoking room, perfect after dinner.

Revisiting the Past

A magnificent lighting ceremony in the evenings or a guided tour to the city’s most popular attractions, help the guests relive the Mughal Era. Guests can also explore the ancient art of falconry with hands-on lessons led by a professional falconer present at the hotel.



Visa Talk



Requirements General requirements for Visa

stapled and should not be used in any of the previous visas. (This general information is only for destinations given here.)

Passport: Passport with validity of minimum six months and two blank pages for visa stamp. Attach all your old passports (if any).


Photo Specification: Two recent passport size coloured photographs with matt or semi matt finish, 60 – 80 per cent face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm) Photograph should not be more than 3 months old, scanned/

Visa Fee (` 9120) can be paid by cash (Axis or Citi Bank) or by paying online through Bank of America.


USA visa can be applied from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad.


Passports issued beyond 10 years will not be accepted by the Embassy Spain visa can be applied from Delhi and Mumbai but visa requirements vary for both locations Three recent passport size photographs are required The validity of the travel insurance must be at least 15 days longer than the period of stay and must cover the whole Schengen territory.


Malaysia Visa can be applied from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai Minimum three blank pages for visa stamp on passport are required.

Schengen Visa Application Form : Three visa application forms duly filled and signed on column 37 and 38 are required.


Philippines Visa can be applied from New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. Only one recent passport size photograph is required.



Note: If the traveller is under 18, he/she must also submit copies of the parent’s passports. If only one parent is travelling with child, an affidavit on INR 20 stamp paper is necessary stating that either parent has no objection to the child travelling to Spain. This affidavit has to be signed by both parents.


5 Luxury Experiences in England

Hire a private box at Royal Ascot

Flamboyant hats, designer dresses, flowing Champagne and the notable presence of the royal family characterise Ascot Racecourse’s annual Royal Ascot meeting. For a superior view of this truly English spectacle, hire one of the 255 private boxes overlooking the prestigious grounds, and enjoy a private dining room, balcony and bar area, while all the racing action taking place below.

A sumptuous Michelin-starred legacy and a generous helping of the world’s most elegant hotels are just a fragment of the luxury experiences England has to offer. Sip Champagne amid royalty at the races, dabble in the pastimes of the English aristocracy and indulge in England’s very own exotic island escape.

Escape to the exotic Scilly Isles

Jet off to the sugar-white beaches and exotic greenery of the Scilly Isles for an enchanting island getaway just 28 miles from the rugged Cornish coast. Arrive by helicopter for superior aerial views of this sandfringed archipelago, or take a luxury yacht across the azure waters and bask in the balmy sea breezes of the Gulf Stream.

Go designer shopping with a personal shopper, London

Hire a personal stylist for stress-free designer purchases at Westfield London’s high-end shopping zone The Village. Get tailored advice as to the most flattering items from the likes of Prada and Dior, and see the latest from high-end favourites such as Jimmy Choo and Burberry. The service costs £90 an hour and should be booked in advance.

Drive a classic British car

Drive the most iconic names in motoring with the vintage collection at The Open Road in Shakespeare’s birthplace of Warwickshire. Timeless beauties include the post-office-boxred 1970 Jaguar E-Type Roadster and the sapphire Austin Healey 3000 MkIIA.

Sample Michelin-starred dining, Berkshire

From fine china and gourmet English ingredients to pioneering global chefs, England’s Michelin-starred restaurants have it all. Relish two of these in the village of Bray in Berkshire. 82




Hotel Talk

In the lap of Nature

Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Gopalpur-on-sea Having a network of signature hotels and resorts in scenic sea sides, misty hills & mountains and vibrant urban settings, ‘MAYFAIR’ has become synonymous of a brand that promises its guests’ the luxurious experience.

An array of rooms and suites with private dip pools, each with a breathtaking view of the deep blue sea is the ultimate tribute to one’s senses.

A Marriage Venue

At Mayfair, an exclusive marriage ‘mandap’ which can cater to about 3000 guests, along with ample parking space for around 200 cars, makes the resort exclusive for theme weddings, receptions and other mega events.

Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, nestled on the sun kissed beach of Gopalpur-on-Sea, opened its doors in December, 2012.

Stay with us

stay with nature, being the motto, the resort’s commitment to eco friendly practices, implemented in all its properties, includes rain water harvesting, organic farming and recycling and reusing of products.

Recreational activities for children, indoor and outdoor games, swimming pool, Spa (shortly opening), Sun decks, private beach, conferencing and banqueting areas, make it a perfect getaway for the discerning leisure and business traveller.


The throbbing commercial hub of Berhampur and the vibrant port city of Visakhapatnam are all within easy access. A team of dedicated Chefs put together a global cuisine and a special ‘Sea food’ menu. Complimenting it is a cosy lounge bar with a global wine list and signature beverages. 84




In Style

Style Quotient for Travelling Ladies Tips by Ameira Punvani


They always add that air of style and mystery!

There are always a few key pieces that a stylish traveller should have no matter where they’re going. Ameira Punvani, famous costume designer of Bollywood, shares her tips with Holiday Talk.


A well fitted pair of jeans can be worn and accessorised depending on one’s mood.

ACCESSORIES Always carry that statement piece of jewellery, or evening clutch to add the spotlight to an outfit.


It’s more stylish than wearing a pair of slacks and versatile enough to be dressed up or dressed down with a pair of stilettos or with a pretty pair of sandals.


I carry both, my sturdy but good looking flats for comfort and ease and my stilettos to add the glamour quotient.


Solid colours work best to add accessories like scarves and jewellery with perfect blend of comfort and style.


Don’t carry anything expensive that can’t be replaced.


A classic White Shirt never goes out of style.

CARDIGAN/ SHRUG/ SHAWL Any of these pieces come in handy on a chilly evening and yet dress-up an outfit.


Scarf is a really versatile piece. It can be used to cover your head and shoulders in conservative countries or to dress up a simple outfit and even protect you from the sun. 86



Select a bag that’s stylish and can be worn with practically everything in your suitcase. Bring a purse that you can carry essentials in, something that’s functional and you wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear!

Wash bags with see-through compartments are brilliant for organising your essentials, from dry shampoo to sun lotion. They tend to be lightweight. Remember to pack all the beauty essentials. It doesn’t need to be the entire contents of your bathroom back home, but a few key items, namely concealer, tinted lip balm, mascara and eyeliner, can go a long way.

Packing Mantra

First of all figure out the number of days you are travelling for and then pack outfits for the day and the evening keeping in mind the ‘what and where’. Put the look together including the handbag, shoes and accessories. It saves time and the heartache of having left something behind.

Ameira Punvani is popularly known for designing the costumes for Mani Ratnam’s film Guru for the main cast including Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwayra Rai. She also styled Amitabh Bachchan in the film Teen Patti and Shahid Kapur and Anushka Sharma in Badmaash Company. Her latest film is Bejoy Nambiar’s David, released on February 1, where she has designed for the entire cast that includes Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vikram, Tabu, Lara Dutta, Isha Sharvani, Sarika, Milind Soman and more. MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK



Up in the air:


or 1 in 5 women wear high heels when flying!

British Airways reveal its passengers’ fashion habits



or 1 in 3 Russians have bought an outfit specifically for a flight



or 1 in 4 of Turkish travellers claim that a hat is their ‘must have’ fashion item on board

of German travellers make a special effort with their hair when flying

or over half of European travellers say that the first item they pack when they travel are sunglasses



of Russians dress to impress and attract other people when they fly, in contrast to just


of men dress to impress and attract other people when they fly, in contrast to just



of Croatians


or just over 1 in 4 Russian men claim to wear ‘black tie’ style outfits when flying

of women

Did You Know



Good morning Buenos días What’s your name? ¿Cuál es tu nombre? My name is (John Doe). Mi nombre es (John Doe). Yes sí No no How are you? ¿Cómo estás? I’m fine Estoy bien Thank you ¡gracias Have a nice day! Tenga un buen día! I’m sorry Lo siento Excuse me perdón Please complacer Where is the toilet? ¿Dónde está el baño? How much is it? ¿Cuánto es? Do you speak English? ¿Usted habla bahasa Inggeris? I don’t understand No lo entiendo Help ayudar Call the police! Llame a la policía! I’m vegetarian yo soy vegetariano



Selamat pagi Apa nama anda? Nama saya ialah (John Doe). ya Tiada bagaimana anda? Saya denda Terima kasih Mempunyai hari baik Saya minta maaf Maafkan saya Sila Di manakah tandas? Berapa banyak ia? Adakah anda bertutur dalam Bahasa Inggeris? Saya tidak faham Bantuan Panggil polis! Saya vegetarian


With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world’s No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language. It is slightly ahead of English but far behind Chinese. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard. The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets. Pinocchio in Italian means ‘pine eye’.

Flight Talk

Things to be kept in mind

when travelling with a

baby Flying is one of the easiest and fastest mode of transportation across cities, states, countries. Airlines strive to provide best experience to the passengers on board and make it a safe and comfortable option for mothers to be and mothers travelling with infants. All airlines follow some safety guidelines assuring the passengers their full security and safety on board. We at Turkish Airlines act with awareness and responsibility of being the flag carrier of Turkey. We regard flight safety and service quality as its two indispensable items. For this reason, it continues its studies for flight safety and service quality without any interruption. Turkish airlines has always believed in creating strong association with the passengers at every walk of life. Every airline has a detailed safety brochure underlining all the safety measures on board in specific for the mothers and infants. Usually a child under the age of 2 travels for free if they sit on parent’s lap.

If your child is over 1 year old, you could also use something like the Child Aviation Restraint System, CARES. Engineered to the highest aviation-safety standards, this kid’s safety device is made of industrial-strength webbing for a durable performance. It is always advisable to book a direct flight if possible. Nonstop flights also avoid long layovers and the need to reposition car seats, strollers and other large items that accompany a baby.

Turkish Airlines provides special baby meals onboard comprising milk and other formula advisable for infants.

According to the baby passenger acceptance and carriage procedures; babies younger than 7 days cannot travel even though they are traveling with their parents, unless there is a special case about their health. While travelling on a

long flight with an infant, ask your airline or travel agent to reserve a bassinet on board while booking your tickets. This is essentially a small bed for your baby making the journey comfortable.

Advisory by:

Turkish Airlines Adnan Aykac General Manager Northern and Eastern India MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


Doctor Talk

Pamper your Skin

ON THE MOVE Your travel diary is packed and you are constantly on the move, with no time to treat your skin while going for adventure holidays or during long-haul flights. Now, take care of it while on the move. Dr. Blossom Kochhar* shares some of her valuable tips with HolidayTalk.

Treating oily skin

Oily skin will blot out, so dab the oily area with a rice paper or blotting paper, which will help you control the excess oil on your face without stripping the moisture of your skin.

Basic skincare essentials to carry while travelling Cleanser Toner Moisturiser Sunscreen Eye Cream Serum

Battling various weather conditions


Use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. It should be applied 30 minutes before going out in sun and then reapplied every two hours on to the exposed body parts.

Deserts On a long-haul flight Keep up your water intake.

Years of sun exposure on skin leaves it looking leathery, with age spots. Use sunscreen of SPF 15 for daily use, and SPF 30 for longer exposure and children. And don’t forget your sunglasses.

Do not drink alcohol. It will dehydrate the body. Take a refreshing spritzer in your carry-on luggage. Keep organic rejuvenating facial oil and a good petroleum-free lip balm. Use a soothing Aloe Vera moisturiser. Make-up prevents your skin from breathing. Stick only to mascara and lip gloss. Pack a neck cushion and get some beauty sleep. *Dr. Blossom Kochhar is Chairperson, Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies. 94



Buy a special protecting cream, which lowers skin sensitivity and prevents it from drying. If it is minus 20 degrees outdoors use a skin tone cream. Use moisturising cream for dry skin 20 minutes before applying tone. For sensitive lips, choose balsam-based wax, oils and vitamins. For the skin near eye zones, choose products with a cream base, not gel.



Currency Country


USA UK European Union Australia Brazil Canada China Hong Kong Japan Korea Kuwait


Units INR

53.09 84.45 72.23 55.32 27.38 53.64 08.67 06.96 00.57 0.049 191


Mexico New Zealand Phillipines Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Sweden Switzerland THAILAND Turkey UAE


-8.3 Montreal (Canada)


Weather March-April 2013

As per


Units INR


04.22 45.05 01.32 01.79 14.40 43.40 06.01 08.44 58.60 01.80 30.43 14.70





Athens (Greece) 6.7 6.7 Barcelona (Spain) -0.6 Beijing (China) 1.3 Berlin (Germany) 2.9 Brussels (Belgium) -7.8 Calgary (Canada) 14.2 Cape Town (SA) 19.2 Lima (Peru) 3.8 London (UK) 10.3 Los Angeles (USA) 24.9 Manila (Philippines) 1.1 New York City (USA) -8.3 Montreal (Canada) 0.1 Munich (Germany) 5.1 Paris (France) Prague (Czech Republic) -1.0 5.8 Rome (Italy) 18.1 Sydney (Australia) 5.6 Tokyo (Japan) -1.0 Warsaw (Poland) 3.1 Vancouver (Canada)

15.7 15.9 11.3 8.5 9.9 4.0 25.4 26.0 10.3 18.6 32.1 8.9 1.5 9.0 11.8 7.7 15.3 25.4 13.3 6.8 10.1

9.6 8.5 7.2 4.2 4.8 -2.1 11.9 17.6 5.6 11.6 26.2 6.0 -0.1 2.8 6.8 2.6 8.3 15.3 10.7 3.1 5.3

20.2 17.6 19.9 13.2 13.1 11.3 23.0 24.3 13.0 19.7 33.5 14.6 10.7 12.5 14.7 13.3 18.0 23.3 18.8 13.1 13.1

* Average Temprature MARCH-APRIL 2013 HOLIDAY TALK


Quiz Contest

he t d

r e nn i w is



in Switzerland ugano,

Lake L

Lake Lugano, in Switzerland ..

Ankit Gera

The correct answer is

Ankit Gera is the winner of the quiz of Holiday Talk Jan-Feb issue. He has won a ‘two night and three day’ stay at Naini Retreat, Nainital, Uttarakhand.

It is an open-air miniature park located in Melide, on the shore of Lake Lugano, in Switzerland..


Guess Where

We have received an amazing response from our readers and most of them got it right so we had to draw from all the correct entries. Answers of Page No. 73

Optricks It can be 3, or if you look at the center of the picture you may see an extra one-making a total of 4. Decode: Burmese, Celtic, Cuneiform, Hemish, Danish, Hebrew, Malayalam, Kingwana, Norwegian, Polish. Wonder Words: 1.PENETRATE 2.INSERT 3.ENCROACH 4.INVADE 5.GATECRASH 6.INTRUDE 7.TRESPASS 8.IMPLANT 9.PERCOLATE 10.INFILTRATE

Celeb Talk

Lucky Ali

The Gypsy


As we get engrossed in Maqsood Mehmood Ali’s lilting melodies, he just considers himself plain ‘Lucky’. The man whose first album Sunoh sold a stupendous over 10 million copies is also known for his chartbusters, Ek pal ka jeena and acting prowess in movies like Kaante and Sur. Breeding racehorses, selling carpets, working at an oil rig... Lucky Ali has done it all but when it comes to holidaying he prefers India. Holiday Talk gets a glimpse of his travel sojourns.

What is your favourite destination?

Conoor is my favourite destination. This short jaunt is perfect for a quick getaway. Also, hidden corners where no other tourist dares to tread is my idea of vacationing.

What makes it so special for you?

Conoor has carved a niche for itself with its flavour of warm hospitality and authentic experience. The sleepy and spreading town can barely contain its mossy green hills. Where else can you see such sights of grasslands giving way to more grasslands and alpine wildflowers begetting more wildflowers? The area is conducive to farming and hiking. The skies are absolutely clear and the tourist is king.

What kind of a traveller are you? (Adventure, bag-pack, or luxury)

Holidaying for me means complete retreat. I like quiet travel where one can ideate. So usually it is a leisure trip. Faraway retreats with some good food will suffice. I travel for travel’s sake. But yes, in case I do go out for film work and shoots, which indeed are too strenuous, a little amount of luxury is also welcome. 98


Any restaurants you would recommend?

On the way to Conoor, there are those quaint little food joints aka dhabas, that are not too big but they serve some amazing authentic Karnataka cuisine. A cup of instant coffee on the way works magic for me. The streets are lined with these coffee shops that are open till the wee hours of night.

Any destinations you would like to visit and why?

I plan to do a bike journey to Ranthambore soon with my bunch of buddies. The idea is to go from Bengaluru to Ranthambore. We just did a bike journey from Bengaluru to Mysore. One of my friends owns some aircraft. So sometimes we use those facilities. For the Ranthambore trip, the plan is to load our bikes in the tempo traveller, reach a particular destination via air and then get on with the bike sojourn.

Which three destinations would you say are 'must-visits’?

The one place that is close to my heart is the foothills of the Himalayas. Experiencing the thrill in the chill in Mussourie and its outskirts is a mustdo for a traveller.

Assam and the entire Northeast with its pristine undulated beauty fascinates me. For me, travel entails meeting different people and wherever people are warm, I automatically get lured. So yes, Northeast has some real good hospitality to offer. Bikaner with its stark desert tells you the story of ancient ruins. I am planning a trip to this rugged beauty very soon.

Interviewed by Megha Paul


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