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“At Ashfield College, we don’t believe in overcrowded, anonymous classes.” Dear Student,

Dear Student,

Ashfield College has a long and proud tradition of preparing students for the daunting challenge posed by the Leaving Certificate. This tradition of excellence continues to the present day. We believe that a combination of expert teaching and excellent class notes, focused on the skills needed to excel in the Leaving Certificate, are amongst the secrets to success.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering Ashfield College’s Leaving Certificate preparatory programmes for the forthcoming academic year. Ashfield is home to a team of some of the most exceptional teachers in Ireland, a group of talented and inspiring communicators who have unrivalled expertise in guiding students through the Leaving Certificate examination process. They are as serious about your Leaving Certificate success as you are.

At Ashfield College, we don’t believe in overcrowded, anonymous classes. Instead, we have created a quiet haven for effective study far from the distractions of the city centre, one where you will be valued as an individual, with your own specific needs and requirements. We have developed best-in-class online resources and exceptional study notes to help you achieve the very best results possible next June. I look forward to seeing you this September!

I have particularly fond memories of my own time here as a student, and owe a very large debt of gratitude to the wonderful teachers who provided the very best tuition and support when I was enrolled from 1990 to 1991. In preparing for my Leaving Certificate, I learned that a truly inspiring teacher can make any concept interesting, and that great teaching is the first, and one of the most important steps on the road to a successful Leaving Certificate examination experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, or any other member of the team should you require assistance or further information.

John Kilroy Principal

Yours faithfully,

Philip Burke Chief Executive


Why Ashfield College?

The premises are surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, making Ashfield College the perfect location for your education. Ashfield College’s teaching programme offers a choice of 21 subjects. Each subject is scheduled for four hours tuition per week in sixth year and three hours per week in fifth year. Supervised study is available for all Day School Students in the College study hall. HIGHLIGHTS • High quality teaching • Exceptional exam results • Outstanding comprehensive class notes for all subjects • A welcoming, safe and attractive environment • Outstanding online resources • Very wide choice of subjects • Specialist career guidance support and employment advice • High expectations and high achievement • Dedicated Music, Science and Art rooms • Supervised Study • Canteen with daily healthy options

OUR TEACHERS Ashfield teachers are highly qualified and vastly experienced in preparing students for the Leaving Certificate. They combine a genuine love of their subjects with a proven track-record of success in second level state examinations. Many are published authors of Leaving Certificate text books, while others are Leaving Certificate assistant examiners. They have created superb, bound class-notes covering the entire syllabus, including accurate solutions to exam questions and subject-specific exam technique, all of which is vital for Leaving Certificate Exam success. OUR LOCATION Ashfield College is located away from the distractions of the city centre, but with convenient access from much of Dublin and surrounding counties. The school has comfortable, spacious classrooms, a canteen serving hot and cold food, specialised teaching rooms for music, science, art, design and technology, and computer laboratories. The premises are surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, making Ashfield College the perfect location for your education.

“We were really pleased with choosing Ashfield for Mark. Class sizes were small, the standard of tutoring and attention he got was first class, and most important of all, he really enjoyed it, which showed in his progress and results. Highly recommended.” Stephen & Lorena Stynes, parents of Mark Stynes, 6th Year 2010/2011



Ashfield College has a proud record of providing excellent tuition in a supportive and safe environment. Domestic Student Information 5TH YEAR Fifth year students are introduced to the Leaving Certificate syllabus and effective work practices expected at this level of study. They cover 75% of the subject content in 5th year lessons, which will provide an invaluable foundation for 6th Year. CAO applications, career options, study skills and individual target-setting will be supervised by our student tutors. Students will be monitored academically with regular testing and continuous assessment in all subjects. 6TH YEAR/ REPEAT 6TH YEAR Sixth Year students receive four hours of tuition in each Leaving Certificate subject weekly. The Leaving Certificate syllabus will be covered in full in the 6th Year. Our teachers are subject specialists and experienced in preparing students for the challenges of the Leaving Certificate examinations. This will be a demanding year for all students. Our team of tutors will assess student progress, discuss grade targets in each subject, monitor performance and attendance and support student needs. Advice and support will be provided for CAO and UCAS applications by our guidance counsellor. EXTRA SUBJECTS Ashfield College offers students the opportunity to study an ‘extra’ subject that they may not have studied previously. This option is also available to external students. The extra subject allows students the opportunity to study a subject that holds particular interest for them and, furthermore, offers valuable options when it comes to CAO points. Extra subjects are scheduled from 4.30p.m.-6.30p.m., twice weekly (Spanish, Music, Technical Drawing, Agricultural Science, Home Economics, Applied Maths and Classical Studies). The entire syllabus is completed in one year.

International Student Information Ashfield College offers international students continuous academic and administrative support throughout their course of study. Our dedicated International Student Support Officer is on hand whenever required. The High School Programme (Leaving Certificate) is designed to prepare Irish and International students for entry into university in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Ashfield College has created an exceptional reputation amongst the international student community by guaranteeing small class-sizes and the very best teachers, as well as regular assessment with feedback and additional tutorials when required. Course Overview The Leaving Certificate Programme is recognised by all universities in Ireland, the U.K. and many other countries worldwide. Consequently, students may apply for any course in these countries, subject to achieving the requisite standard. Our Guidance Department will assist students through the college admission process. The Leaving Certificate programme may be completed in one or two years, depending on one’s level of english and/or previous education. Generally, students choose six subjects from the list available. English and Mathematics are compulsory. Ashfield College students regularly achieve very high grades and enter prestigious universities in Ireland and the U.K., studying a range of disciplines including Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Computing, Business, and Law. Accommodation Please see page 13 of this prospectus, or go to for information on our approved host families. Prerequisite for Course Entry In order to cope with the academic content of the High School Programme, international students must have obtained good academic results in their own country and have a strong work ethic. Prospective students must have an IELTS score of 5.0 or above to gain admission to this programme.


Student Life & Services

Ashfield Online offers students a wealth of online resources which they can utilise from home or on campus... Online Resources Ashfield College’s e-learning platform, Ashfield Online, offers students a wealth of online resources which they can utilise from home or on campus, whenever and wherever suits them best. Students may avail of video lectures, class notes and other tools aimed at maximising the candidate’s examination performance. Remote access is available, and the site is password protected. Lectures of key examination topics will be recorded and made available to students.

CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT Students are assigned target grades in each of their subjects at the beginning of the academic year. Monthly assessments are carried out in each subject allowing students to review their progress with their mentor. There are official school tests in October, Christmas and Easter. 6th year students do a full Mock Leaving Certificate Examination in all subjects. 5th year students sit school exams in October, Christmas, Easter and Summer. CAREER GUIDANCE Our Guidance Counsellor is available on a weekly basis so that students are regularly supported and advised in subject and career choices. Advice will be available about CAO entry forms and choices as well as UCAS requirements.

Study Manuals Ashfield College students enjoy the benefit of comprehensive course manuals which comprise the vast majority of class notes for each individual subject. These manuals are professionally produced and updated annually. They also contain sample Leaving Certificate examination questions and solutions. These manuals relieve students of the burden of excessive note-taking, permitting teachers to take a tutorial style approach in class.

“I really enjoyed my time at Ashfield College, the teachers were extremely helpful and always very knowledgeable” Dylan Gallagher, Repeat 6th Year 2010/2011


Staff Profiles

Joe Griffin. Founder of Ashfield College, returned to the School in 2011

Joe Griffin, Founder, Ashfield College Joe has 40 years experience in education, training and management. He established Ashfield College in 1977 and, over the course of the next 30 years, Ashfield became a national education success story, known by its thousands of happy students for exceptional Leaving Certificate results.

Denise Brennan B. Sc. (Honours) U.C.D., Postgraduate Certificate in Education, University of Wales. Subjects: Biology and Chemistry

Joe left Ashfield College to pursue other interests in 2007 and is delighted to be returning for the 2011/ 2012 academic year and beyond.

Denise teaches the laboratory science subjects of Biology and Chemistry at Ashfield College, including practical experiments and demonstrations that are a mandatory element of the Leaving Certificate science courses. Her knowledge of practical experiments and theory contribute greatly to making these difficult subjects more accessible and relevant to her students.

John Kilroy B.A. (Honours) UCD. Higher Diploma in Education U.C.D. Subjects: History, Classical Studies, English.

Aileen Mc Carthy B.A. U.C.D. Higher Diploma in Education U.C.D. Subject: Geography

John is the School Principal. He has over twenty years’ experience of teaching and management in both Ireland and England. He has been an Assistant Examiner for the Leaving Certificate in both History and Classical Studies at Higher Level.

Aileen has over twenty years’ experience of teaching Leaving Certificate Geography. She has been an Assistant Examiner with the State Examinations Commission for Geography Higher Level since 1982. This has given Aileen a great insight into the workings of the examinations, which she passes on to her students in lessons.

Joe holds a BA, MA and Higher Diploma in Education from University College Dublin.

John Winters B. Sc (Honours), Higher Diploma in Education U.C.D. Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Applied Mathematics. John has over fifteen years’ experience in preparing students for all levels of Leaving Certificate Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Physics. He has a deep love of his subjects and is currently completing his Masters in Mathematics. John is a great motivator of students and his revision courses at Christmas and Easter are invaluable to students sitting the Leaving Certificate.

Philip Curry B. Comm. (Honours), Higher Diploma in Education, N.U.I.G. Subjects: Accounting, Business Studies, Economics. Philip is our business expert, and specialises in Accounting, Business Studies and Economics to Leaving Certificate Higher and Ordinary standard. Philip is a published author of a Leaving Certificate textbook and is also a contributor to the publication ‘Business Studies Monthly’. He is an Assistant Examiner for Leaving Cert. Business Studies for the State Examinations Commission.

Elaine Hogan B.A. NUI Maynooth. Higher Diploma in Education T.C.D. Subjects: French, German, Mathematics. Elaine’s area of expertise includes modern foreign languages (French and German) and Mathematics. With ten years’ experience of preparing students for the examination, Elaine is a compendium of useful advice and examination strategy.

Maev-Anne Rabbitte B.A. (Honours) NUI Maynooth. Higher Diploma in Education T.C.D. Subjects: Irish and English.

Jean Cleary B.A. (Honours) Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork. M.A. University of Wales Institute. Higher Diploma in Art and Design Education, National College of Art and Design. Subject: Art Jean qualified with First Class Honours from Dublin’s NCAD. She is adept at teaching art techniques and theory to her students who have produced some stunning practical work. Jean has experience of teaching art to second level and adult students.

David Mc Dermott B. Sc. Product Design and Technology, University of Limerick Subject: Design, Communication and Graphics David is a graduate of Product Design and Technology from the University of Limerick. He is professionally trained in graphics, product design and computerised modelling using Solidworks – the Autocad programme used for Design, Communications and Graphics. David is a very committed teacher who provides many extra hours of practical support for students completing design projects.

Colm O’ Cearuil M.A. Irish, NUI, H. Dip in Education, NUI. Subject: Irish Colm is a vastly experienced and popular teacher of Irish. He takes great interest in his students’ development, particularly in the speaking of the Irish language. Colm is involved in Irish language programmes outside of the school. His enthusiasm for all things Irish makes his lessons unforgettable for his students.

Maev-Anne teaches English (Higher) and Irish (Ordinary) at Ashfield College. She graduated first in her class from the Higher Diploma in Education and is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma specialising in Drama in Education. Maev-Anne is also a fluent Irish speaker.


Further Information

Host families live in the local area and offer high quality, safe accommodation, within walking distance of the College. TIMETABLES Lessons begin at 8.30a.m. and run until 6.30p.m. depending on individual subject selection. Student timetables include supervised mandatory study on a daily basis. Supervised study is available for all students until 8p.m. ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY At Ashfield College, we believe that consistent attendance and punctuality is essential for academic success. Student attendance is monitored on a daily basis by our attendance officers who inform parents of all absences. ACCOMMODATION Ashfield College is delighted to assist students who require accommodation, and has created a database of approved host families. Host families live in the local area and offer high quality, safe accommodation, within walking distance of the College. Each host family is rigorously vetted to ensure they meet with Ashfield’s strict criteria and a home visit is conducted by a dedicated member of staff at least once per academic year.

Anti-Bullying Policy Statement Ashfield College strives to provide a warm and welcoming environment where students and academic staff work positively and harmoniously together. All students have the freedom to do their work, and study without having to suffer bullying or intimidation. Bullying will not be tolerated. The College’s anti-bullying policy is rigorously enforced. This policy aims to eliminate all forms of bullying behaviour, to raise awareness of the effects of such behaviour on individuals and the learning environment and to promote a climate in which students feel able to raise complaints of bullying without fear of victimisation. OPEN DAYS For further information on forthcoming Open Day dates, visit

“I really enjoyed every minute of my time in Ashfield College. It is not merely a school, and much closer to a big family, one where everyone is respected, regardless of nationality, colour and religion.” Wei Wei Chen (Melody) International Student 5th & 6th Year 2009/2011


Contact Us

Main Street, Templeogue, Dublin 6W, Ireland.

T: +353 (0)1 490 40 50 F: +353 (0)1 405 52 85


How to find us: By Car: Ashfield College is located in the heart of Templeogue village, just 1.5 km from the M50 motorway (exit Junction 11 - south for Templeogue). The school has easy access from all parts of the city on the N81. Public Transport: Buses to Templeogue include: 15, 15B, 49, 65, 65B, 54A (Orwell Shopping Centre) and 74, giving access to students from Tallaght, Knocklyon, Firhouse, Oldbawn, Terenure, Rathgar, Rathmines, Walkinstown and most suburbs of South Dublin. In addition, the regular 75 bus route gives easy access to students from Dun Laoghaire, Deansgrange, Kill Lane, Monkstown, Foxrock, Stillorgan, Kilmacud, Dundrum, Ballinteer and Nutgrove.








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The happiest days of my son’s school life have been at Ashfield College. The teachers are wonderful. They know each student personally and encourage them to reach their full potential. The atmosphere at Ashfield is very different to a traditional school. The teachers, support staff and students are a team. My son has been made to feel he is part of this team, all of whom are working with him to get the results he wants. Going out of their way to assist students is the norm for the teachers at Ashfield College. Naomi Mahon, Mother of Patrick Mahon, 6th Year 2010/2011

Main Street, Templeogue, Dublin 6W, Ireland.

T: +353 (0)1 490 40 50 F: +353 (0)1 405 52 85


Ashfield College  

Irish Leaving Certificate Examination preparation. Full Two year senior cycle or One year (repeat) Leaving.

Ashfield College  

Irish Leaving Certificate Examination preparation. Full Two year senior cycle or One year (repeat) Leaving.