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Core Values


The World Starts Here From our home in the nation’s capital, Ashbury College is a centre for excellence in international teaching and learning, where enthusiasm permeates life both in and out of the classroom. Our goal is not just to get students to new destinations, but also to give them the skills and knowledge to succeed and adapt to the challenges they will face. This is a close and diverse school community that integrates young children with pre-university students. In a supportive environment we challenge students to step out of their comfort zones, and to think critically and globally—all while ensuring the simple yet important formalities of manners and respect are not overlooked. Ashbury’s co-curricular programs, high academic standards and expectations are rooted in a context of making the world bigger for our students. As we look forward from our 125th year of teaching bright young minds in our national capital region, being innovative, while not abandoning the tried and tested, will inspire our teaching and learning pedagogy and prepare students for the world ahead. Ashbury College is an exciting place to be, and I invite you to discover the advantages and experience we have to offer.

Norman Southward Head of School—Directeur


As one of Canada’s most highly respected independent schools, Ottawa’s Ashbury College provides a well-rounded experience for its students. We prepare young men and women for university— and for life. Established in 1891, Ashbury College offers unique programs and life-enhancing skills to students from across Canada and around the world. As an IB World School with coeducation for students in Grades 4-12, Ashbury is a top choice for families seeking exceptional learning options for their children. UNIVERSITY PREPARATION With small class sizes and an average student/teacher ratio of 8:1, Ashbury’s specialized faculty are focused on helping students succeed, by delivering a challenging, thought-provoking curriculum designed to motivate and inspire.


ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Ashbury offers a progressive learning environment in which students are encouraged to reach their full potential. Ashbury graduates excel in all fields of study, and the school’s 100% university placement rate is a source of pride for faculty and parents alike. PERSONAL ATTENTION With over 70 co-curriculars on offer, there’s something for everyone at Ashbury. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of clubs and teams to develop their skills and interests or acquire new ones. The school provides opportunities for students to try new things, collaborate and compete with others, and challenge themselves to grow and learn.




Community 2

Ashbury Junior School: 175 boys and girls in Grades 4-8 Ashbury Senior School: 530 young men and women in Grades 9-12

Graduate Portraits My experience at Ashbury has been nothing less than extraordinary. Ever since I walked in the front doors in Grade 4, I noticed an extremely welcoming and engaging environment. I am now in Grade 8 and am looking forward to the Senior School because I know that if it is anything like the Junior School, it will be another amazing four years of school. Devan Sharma Ashbury has done so much for me since Grade 4 and I know there is so much more to come: from field trips to leadership activities to sport teams. Ashbury has created so many opportunities for me. I always feel a part of something. My teachers encourage me to achieve my highest potential in the classroom, on the stage and with a team. Ashbury is much more than a school to me; it is my community and an important part of my future. Torey Guimaraes

The Ashbury community fosters the academic, artistic and athletic development of our students while nurturing their spiritual growth.

As we complete our final year, it’s funny to think about where we started from. We both arrived at Ashbury in Grade 7, sitting beside each other in a classroom of strangers. We knew very few people, and knew even less about what to expect from our new school.

Fast forward five years, and somehow the wary, fledgling seventh graders of the past have transformed into confident student leaders. Looking back at how we have grown, it’s easy to see the role that Ashbury has played in our lives. There is so much we can talk about­—too many exhilarating sports matches, spirited house events and enlightening excursions to even count. But one piece of Ashbury that has always shone through is the amazing community. Every step of the way, students and teachers have been there to support us, laugh with us, and catch

us when we fall. Ashbury people are some of the best people we have ever met, and they have made our last six years truly special. Jasmine Mussani and Anthony Cui


1891 Ashbury School opens

1940 Ashbury College shelters 55 young Abinger Hill boys from Britain

1910 Ashbury College moves to Rockcliffe Park

1982 Coeducation introduced into the Senior School

1975 International Baccalaureate Programme introduced at Ashbury College

2007 Heather Gillin Residence for Girls

2004 Maclaren Hall and Double Gymnasium

2014 Creative Learning Centre opens

2009 Matthews House Residence for Boys

Ashbury College continues to build on its 125-year plus reputation of excellence, innovation and leadership by inspiring students to think critically, create meaningfully, and contribute towards the betterment of their school, their community, and their planet. The teachers and staff at Ashbury are committed to creating an environment where students feel supported and where they are encouraged to find within themselves the courage to question, to lead and to share. This dedication to character is the backbone of the Ashbury experience, and the foundation on which students build a desire for lifelong learning and purposeful employment.

2016 Chris & Mary Taggart Fitness Centre

2019 Centre for Science & Innovation


What our community is saying International Engagement

Embracing the Future

Charting Success

Inclusive Approach

“I come from Nigeria and I like

“A competitive school like

“One of the advantages of an

This is a school that is looking

that the Ashbury family is so

Ashbury College owes its success

Ashbury education is that stu-

to include rather than finding

international. It’s really

to the fact that it is adaptive to

dents become very good critical

reasons to exclude. There is a

welcoming and there’s always

change and continues to build

thinkers. They’re really able to

holistic approach to education;

someone encouraging you to

on its high standards.”

build the skills necessary for

kids are not tagged as being one

get involved in school activities.”


success in the 21st century.”

thing and one thing only. They

Ashbury IB teacher

are encouraged to do a little bit

Grade 12 student

of everything and are better for it.” Ashbury parent


Ashbury has more than 40 years as an IB World School, offering a high-quality education with fully accredited IB teachers. Students in the two-year Diploma Programme are able to choose from a wide range of IB subjects and levels and have the opportunity to develop artistic, cultural, athletic, service and leadership skills.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme To achieve the IB Diploma, students study six subject areas in depth, including a dual language program in English, French, Spanish or another international language. Ashbury offers IB studies in alignment with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements so our senior students can make choices suitable to their interests, abilities and university plans while earning both the OSSD and the IB Diploma. 100% of Ashbury students complete IB English. Approximately 75% of Ashbury students complete other IB Certificates or the IB Diploma Programme.

In 1975, Ashbury became the second Canadian school to offer the IB curriculum.

IB Higher Level biology lab workshop: St. Andrews by-the-Sea Marine Biology Centre

A Sense of Place



Take a virtual tour of our campus at


Ashbury College


National Ga


Parliament Hill


University o


National Arts Centre


Byward Ma


Rideau Canal


Rideau Hall


Museum of History


24 Sussex D


Gatineau Park



allery of Canada

of Ottawa

The Heart of Canada’s Capital Un pays bilingue, une ville bilingue Ashbury College is nestled in a quiet, safe neighbourhood in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, Ontario. Surrounded by embassies and established homes, the school campus is a short walk from the city’s multicultural centre, full of historic sites, national museums, galleries, Parliament Hill, and the UNESCO World Heritage Rideau Canal. Our state-of-the-art residences each host 51 young men and 58 young women, who acquire real-life skills as they learn to live independently within the boarding structure. Health, safety and wellness are central to our boarding program. We have 10 dedicated teachers who live in the student residences, and the school’s registered nurse lives on campus, providing 24-houra-day care.


Ottawa International Airport


VIA Rail Train Station



Voyageur Bus Terminal

l (Governor General’s residence)


Carleton University

Drive (Prime Minister’s residence)

t of Foreign Affairs

Graduation Requirements ONTARIO SECONDARY SCHOOL DIPLOMA All students graduate with the Ontario Ministry of Education regulated Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with completion of: • 30 course credits (1 credit = 110 hours of in-class instruction) • 40 hours of community service • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) Ashbury is a non-semestered school. All Ashbury credit courses (Grades 9 to 12) meet or exceed the expectations of the provincial curriculum. ASHBURY DIPLOMA In addition to the OSSD, Ashbury issues its own diploma characterized by its carefully planned academic structure, which includes a greater number of mandatory courses than the OSSD in the areas of: • French or international language • Physical and health education • Arts • World social studies Students must also fulfill non-academic requirements that include: • 60 hours of community service • 9 terms of co-curricular activities To encourage the development of student interests and proficiency in French, a bilingual Ashbury diploma is granted to students who earn seven credits in French: • 4 Extended or Immersion French • 3 social science courses taught in French Thirty-one graduates received this distinction this year. EVALUATION Ashbury’s evaluation of student performance is based on a combination of continuous assessment and class tests (70%), and summative evaluations (30%) which typically includes a major assignment and a final exam. GRADING SYSTEM In Ontario, the complete mark range is 0 to 100%, with a passing mark set at 50%. Honours-level marks are 80% and above. Courses are unweighted.


INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE DIPLOMA Ashbury College has a long tradition as an IB World School, starting in 1976, offering high-quality education with fully accredited IB teachers. All students complete IB courses or the full diploma program (Ashbury offers IB studies in alignment with the Ontario Secondary School qualifications so senior students can make choices suitable to their interests, abilities, and university plans). • Students in Grade 11 and 12 pursue an IB course in English • An intensive week-long summer research and writing course to prepare for the Extended Essay process • Biology HL and ESS students spend the week before their Grade 12 year at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre exploring of ocean ecology • Meaningful challenges in a range of service opportunities and grassroots projects in our CAS program • Opportunity to earn a bilingual IB Diploma through our French program, or through our Supported Self-Taught Language A option This year, there were 42 full IB Diploma students, 18 of whom received an IB Bilingual Diploma. The average highest diploma point total this year was 42. 2018 IB RESULTS: Average Diploma Points: Mean Subject Grade: Diploma Pass Rate:

Ashbury World 33.00 5.23 95%

29.87 4.81 78%

SAT/ACT Examination Results Ashbury College is a SAT test centre. Ashbury students are encouraged to write SATs; however, no additional preparation is undertaken for these tests, as most of our students attend Canadian universities. SAT MEAN RESULTS OF 2017–2018 ERW Math 610 587

Total 645 618

Score 1255 1205

Includes 63 students: 24 Rising Seniors and 39 Graduates ACT MEAN RESULTS OF 2017–2018 Composite Score: 26 26 Includes 11 students: Two Rising Seniors and Nine Graduates

Course offerings IB courses are offered at both the Standard and Higher Level, unless otherwise noted. Grade/Level Senior Courses 11 12 IB American History • Biology • • • Business Leadership • Canadian and International Law • • Chemistry • • • Communications Technology • Computer Science • • • Design Technology • Dramatic Arts • • • Earth and Space Science • Economics • • • English • • • English: The Writer’s Craft • The Environment and Resource Management • sl French (Introductory) IB Ab Initio sl French (Core) IB B • • • French (Extended) IB B • • • French (Immersion) IB A • • • Global Politics • • • Healthy Active Living • • Interdisciplinary Studies: Change and Continuity in 20th Century Society/IB History • • Introduction to Financial Accounting • Introductory Kinesiology • Mathematics: Advanced Functions • • Mathematics: Calculus and Vectors • • Mathematics: Data Management • • Music • • • Philosophy / TOK • • • Physical Geography • Physics • • • Sociology/Sociologie • Spanish (Introductory) IB Ab Initio • • sl Spanish (Intermediate) IB B • • • Spanish (Advanced) IB B • • • Visual Arts • • • World History IB History Year 2 • • World Issues/Enjeux mondiaux • •

University Destinations Ashbury’s cornerstone is academic rigour, enhanced by small class sizes, dedicated faculty and innovative technology. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme and our bilingual diploma (French and English) further enhance diversity and provide a broader world view. The best universities around the world recruit Ashbury graduates; we have sent grads to Harvard, Cornell, McGill, University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, Queen’s, Cambridge, University of St Andrews, Dartmouth College, Oxford, Boston College, Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, BI Norwegian School of Business and the Sorbonne, to name a few. We have an excellent university placement rate with the majority of our graduates gaining entry into their preferred university. With millions awarded to Ashbury grads annually in university scholarships, Ashbury is the first choice for a world-class educational experience in an inspiring, safe environment.

10% 7% UK & Int’l

Western Canada

Transformation) program for science: our students are working at a university level in to travel annually to present their work at a university con-

55% 12% 11% Quebec

and Research for

biology with the opportunity

Grad Destinations


SMART (Science, Math

ference in the United States.

United States

5% Atlantic Provinces


What studen At Ashbury, there are many

Tous les aspects de l’école sont

events, clubs and committees

fantastiques: les enseignants

to be a part of. Ashbury teaches

et les élèves sont chaleureux

you how to balance your time

et accueillants, les installations

effectively. Participating in clubs

sont incroyables, et il est facile à

and still meeting academic

s’épanouir dans la communauté

requirements is a challenge,

Ashbury. Les cours qui sont of-

but is possible because time

ferts à l’école sont attirants pour

management is a skill learned

des élèves qui ont des intérêts

at Ashbury.

divers, et ils vous permettent à

Jonta, Grade 12

raffiner vos objectifs pour l’avenir. Alors que les enseignants aident à avancer votre potentiel académique, vos pairs vous acceptent tel que vous êtes et offrent leur amitié. Duncan, Grade 11


nts are saying I would really like students to

My brothers and I are lucky

know that the teachers are some

to be students at Ashbury,

of the most caring and under-

where we are challenged and

standing teachers in the world.

inspired in our academics,

Students coming into Ashbury

athletics and co-curriculars.

will not only get to know and

Even though it’s still early in

forge good relationships with

my Ashbury career, I know

their peers, but also with their

that what lies ahead for me is

teachers. By having this fun

an intense education that will

relationship, class is much more

push me to become a strong,

enjoyable and any material

independent thinker ready to

becomes easy to learn.

take on the world. Ashbury

Michael, Grade 12

has been producing students like me for nearly 125 years, which, in case you didn’t know, is a really, really long time! Ella, Grade 6


With students from over 60 countries represented in our student population, including 109 boarding students living on campus, the Ashbury community is alive with traditions, languages and cultures— providing the perfect learning ground for international understanding. Our boarding and day students interact in the classroom, on the field, and in clubs and activities. Each connection allows students to share life experiences, provide personal ties to global politics and express their national heritage through music, art and food.

The World


Starts Here International students also learn about Canada through studying at Ashbury. With our close proximity to

the national seat of government, students can witness politics in action. Seasons are fully celebrated and students participate in Canadian pastimes and traditions, such as fall hiking in the nearby Gatineau hills, ice hockey, dog sledding and spring visits to maple sugar shacks.

Assembly announcements are often given in a student’s mother tongue— 20 announcements can represent 16 different nationalities.


Teacher Advisor Groups

University Counselling

Student Leadership

Summer Programs

International Travel

Ashbury’s system of academic

Specialized staff in the University

There are many opportunities

Year-round opportunities to

Ashbury provides opportunities

and program advisor groups

Admissions Department work

for students to develop lead-

learn are part of the advantage

for students to engage in local,

fosters a strong internal com-

closely with senior students

ership skills, either formally

at Ashbury, where a variety of

national, and international trips

munity. Students in Grade 9 are

during their final years to provide

through House Council or

non-academic summer programs,

led by knowledgeable Ashbury

assigned a faculty advisor and

personalized guidance and

Prefect programs, or informally

camps, academic credit courses

faculty. Whether volunteering at

the relationship extends for all

counselling to every graduate.

through a multitude of other

and IB extension workshops are

a local school or participating in

four years of secondary school,

One-on-one meetings and

programs and activities. Con-

on offer. All courses are taught

a French immersion ski program

providing sustained, personal

broader information sessions

nections between our Junior

by Ashbury faculty and offer an

in Quebec or a service project in

guidance and coaching through-

involving parents ensure a com-

and Senior Schools provide

excellent chance for students to

Africa, the experiences offered

out the high school experience.

prehensive approach towards

mentorship opportunities in

get a head start on their program,

are transformational and promote

the transition to post-secondary

all grades.

or sample curriculum of interest.

a lifelong commitment to our


global community.

We are there to listen to students—not just about school issues, but life. We encourage them to reach their full potential and have confidence in their abilities.

Ashbury takes great pride in offering its outstanding athletics program, which is locally, nationally and even internationally recognized. School coaches create an enjoyable learning experience, while teaching the importance of striving for excellence. All teams exist in an environment that accentuates fair play, teamwork, diligence and leadership. The program provides interscholastic opportunities that span a varied spectrum of student abilities.

Athletics Students have the opportunity to compete in a wide range of activities. o Soccer

o Baseball

o Basketball

o Track and Field

o Volleyball

o Ultimate Frisbee

o Football

o Tennis

o Ice Hockey

o Badminton

o Field Hockey

o Golf

o Skiing

o Swimming

o Curling

o Snow boarding

o Rugby

o Cross-country skiing

o Fitness

o Yoga

o Rowing

o Cross-Country Running

Our coaches spend countless hours with athletes at the expense of their own personal time. I would like my own kids coached by the coaches at Ashbury. 19

Creativity is alive at Ashbury! Thanks to a newly-opened Creative Learning Centre, students have more opportunity, and space, to pursue their passions in music, art and drama. Visual and performing arts are a big part of the Ashbury experience, allowing students the chance to express themselves in many ways. Music is a vibrant part of an Ashbury education, with successful bands and energetic music classes. Each year, the school’s musical and drama performances draw rave reviews, and fill our theatre with captivated crowds.


Each year at Ashbury, students are able to choose from a wide variety of co-curricular activities. The diverse offerings are part of what makes Ashbury such a vibrant community. In the co-curricular program, students are provided with quality learning experiences that instill lifelong values related to the benefits of health, the arts, sport, teamwork, cultural, physical and recreational endeavours. In addition to competitive and recreational sports, students can engage in a wide range of non-sporting activities.

Before and After School Activities o Debate and Speech

o Spanish Club

o Robotics

o Dance Club

o Model UN

o Art Club

o Musical Theatre

o Friday Night Skiing

o World Affairs Club

o Destination Imagination

o Yearbook

o Bands

o Blazer: Student Magazine

o Environmental Club

o Choir

o Glee Club

o Science Club

o Chess Club

o Laugh While you Craft

o Lego Club

o Mandarin

o Entrepreneur/Investment Club 21

Boarding Life

Our Boarding Program Ashbury College is home to 109 boarding students from Canada and 30+ other countries. Our students live in three modern residences: Matthews House is home to 51 boys, while 51 girls live in Heather Gillin Residence and seven girls live in Maple Residence. Each of the houses provides a warm and comfortable environment with a mix of single and double rooms and the following amenities: •

spacious and bright bedrooms

private ensuite bathroom in all bedrooms

fully equipped kitchen

laundry facilities

WiFi access

in-house fitness area

outdoor recreational space

Our modern and spacious dining room in the main school building provides healthy and delicious meals with a variety of choices for our boarding students. The menu reflects the cultural origins of our students with an impressive array of options to suit all tastes. Residential staff organize and supervise a variety of weekend activities throughout the year. Special programming is offered to boarding students during our long weekends, allowing them to stay on campus or participate in an off-site trip.



Required Forms and Information Online Application Form available at Online Application: Application fee payable by credit card with online application. School Reports: Previous year’s final report card and any current report cards as they become available. Confidential Reference: As an important part of our application process the Confidential Reference link ( is to be forwarded to and completed by the student’s math or English teacher or school principal. The completed form is directly received by the Admissions Office once submitted. Personal Profile: A 300-word letter of introduction, written by the applicant, providing the following details: academic interests and achievements; extra-curricular activities; areas of distinction; and, community involvement. Candidates applying to Grades 7 through 11 are expected to write the profile themselves. Parents may assist with the writing of the profile for candidates applying to Grades 4

Day Visit: Applicants are hosted for the day by an Ashbury Student Ambassador with lunch provided in Maclaren Hall. Day visits may be scheduled at any time during the admissions process. Please contact the Admissions Office for an appointment. Day visits are not mandatory for students applying from afar; however, we are happy to accommodate all those who wish to travel to Ashbury to spend the day with us. 613-749-5954 362 Mariposa Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K1M 0T3 | CANADA

Admissions Interview: Junior School and Senior School day student interviews will take place during the applicant’s day visit to Ashbury. The informal interview with a staff or faculty member is approximately

Follow Us!

15 to 20 minutes in length. Boarding student interviews will take place by telephone or Skype at a mutually-agreed time. Junior School and Grade 9, 10 and 11 Entrance Examination Canadian Achievement Test, CAT 4: All applicants must write our standardized, multiple-choice entrance examination to assess skills in English and mathematics at the student’s previous grade level.

ashburycollege @ashburycollege ashburycollege company/ashbury-college

Applicants must bring a pencil, eraser, calculator, centimetre ruler and protractor with them to the exam. Students in Grades 5-11 may also choose to write the SSAT exam in place of the CAT exam. More information can be found at For students applying from afar, the CAT exam will be sent to the student’s school and written under supervision of school staff.

through 6. Financial Assistance: All information regarding Financial Assistance can be found on our website at:


Contact Admissions


The inclusiveness of Ashbury means that whether you are an athlete, a musician, a bookworm or all of the above, you will be embraced and encouraged.

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