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How to become a member Membership   in   ASF­Int   can   be   granted   to   local,   national   or  international   organisations,   which   approve   the   Hasselt  Charter.   When   an   organisation   wished   to   become   a   member   it  must submit: a) a signed copy of the Charter,  b) its deed of incorporation (registration document),  d) statutes, and  e) any other document required by the Board.  There   is   only   one  category   of   members,   namely   the   effective  membership (with a right to vote at meetings of ASF­Int). The  documents must show that the organisation has been constituted  as   an   independent   and   autonomous   entity,   and   that   it  represents   architects   and/or   persons   having   a   specific  interest   in   the   field   of   architecture,   town   planning   or  construction.

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