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ANNUAL REPORT (2020-2021) ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

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00 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Executive Summary

ASEAN Youth Network Advocates (AYAN), on its first year anniversary, was able to gather numerous young volunteers who are eager to turn their advocacies into action. With their burning desire and passion to serve, AYAN became a platform wherein they were able to conduct various activities, projects, and events that aimed to develop and unleash the potential of the youth in helping and educating citizens across countries in Southeast Asia. Spearheaded by AYAN Global with three offices and eight (8) country chapters, the organization continuously prospers and achieves its goals. Some of its flagship projects include ASEAN Youth Voices, ASEAN Youth Cares, ASEAN Youth Week, and Beyond Diversity. These advocacy-driven initiatives aim to celebrate youth through empowering them. Participants who joined and attended the project were educated on different pressing social issues that the youth should be involved in as one ASEAN community. In the future, AYAN will continue to grow and develop as an organization through creating and nurturing sustainable projects and programs that will raise awareness for the youth. Moreover, organizing and facilitating impactful experiences that they can immerse themselves to have more exposure that can hone their knowledge and skills.

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 01

Message of the Founder and Chairman I am pleased to present the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network’s annual report, a report that is more than just initiatives, stories, and successes, but a symbol of hope and strength of the youth’s advocacy proving the importance of our role in the ASEAN community despite starting in a pandemic. In a recession, we did not choose to stop, but continue and scale the mission that we started in the Philippines, due to the collective efforts of the youth that showcase genuine intentions of what a youth advocate is, someone willing to change ‘what is’ to what ‘should be’ especially where it is needed the most for others. The annual report provides a success story that simply started with trust, maximizing the digital interconnectedness that led AYAN to 10 country chapters, that serves as an inspiration to every Southeast Asian youth the beauty of diversity that can be well enhanced by unity. Our mission was always simple- to make advocacy a lifestyle regardless of who you are and what you do for others, then ourselves. In one year after scaling from Youth Advocates for the Philippines, AYAN has developed and reimagined hope for the youth in acting locally then thinking regionally. We were aware that it started with skepticism doubting our capability that we recognize is not earned overnight. Regardless, we have continued the mission of socio-civic involvement to the youth to become changemakers in their own right exploring their important role in society and in nation-building regardless of their country.

02 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

It is my hope that this report will serve as a symbol of strength and togetherness as we look forward to continuing our work, with ASEAN as a future affiliated organization and detrimental stakeholders for our fellow people and planet. It is not only the future that belongs to the youth, it is also the present. The mission of creating one identity and one youth community continues. Yours in sustainability, Emmanuel Mirus S. Ponon Founder, Chairperson, and Outgoing Executive Director

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 03

Highlights Flagship Events A lot of initiatives, projects, events, and many more were conducted in AYAN’s first year. As AYAN celebrates their first anniversary, the organization looks back on the milestones that they have achieved over the past year. Projects and initiatives that were conducted in the past year are the following:

ASEAN Youth Week 2021 ASEAN Youth Week is a celebration to commemorate the young people as the hope of each and every nation there is. AYAN opened its doors as the host of the first ever ASEAN Youth Week on August 1 and lasted until August 14. Throughout the 2-week event, all global chapters of the organization held numerous events ranging from workshops and discussions to fundraisers and summits both virtually and physically. In relation to the celebration, the ASEAN Youth Awards and Turnover Ceremony also happened during the 2-week period to recognize the outstanding leaders the ASEAN Youth has to offer. There were 3 project heads for this event with over 50 members having been part of the central committee.

04 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

ASEAN Youth Forum The ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF) is a movement that represents the young people in ASEAN to voice out their concerns, suggestions, and strategies for ways to achieve a better ASEAN. Held on the 7th until the 27th of August 2021, AYF aimed to institutionalise and establish its national chapters to focus the engagement on important and timely local issues affecting the youth and strengthen policy proposals and intentions to be brought forward to the relevant ASEAN offices. It served as a platform to discuss the issues and concerns of young people in ASEAN and how to address them.

There were over 10 members involved in the project. This project also had 3 sponsors and partners, with the Brunei Government being one of them. The others were Brunei Youth Council (Majlis Belia Brunei (MBB)), Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Negara Brunei Darussalam, and ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF).

For the 11th edition of the AYF, the main agenda was to formulate ideas and recommendations on how to elevate the role of ASEAN youth in realising sustainable development and ensuring preparedness of ASEAN youth for future challenges such as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and opportunities such as entrepreneurship with regards to the new normal - post-pandemic. A total of 3 sub-themes were used throughout this forum, which includes education, employment, and the role of youth in the community.

The launching of ASEAN Zine; a special collection of artwork, digital media, and literature created by the young advocates of ASEAN. It is a platform that hopes to promote the voices and multitude of expressions on how the current generation of ASEAN citizens identify with, interpret, and navigate being part of this extended community.

The ASEAN Youth Statement was drafted whereby the delegates of the forum were needed to assess and review what issues are yet to be addressed in the ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF).

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 05

Flagship Events AYAN Featured in Brunei Newspapers and Television Last August 23, 2021, the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network (AYAN) and The Brunei Youth Council (BYC) conducted the third and final virtual workshop of the 11th ASEAN Youth Forum themed “Future Ready in the New Normal” where Mirus Ponon, AYAN Founder, shared his experience on volunteering from the age of nine to where he is now as a strong youth advocate in his community. This is hosted by the Brunei Chapter of AYAN during the #ASEANYouthWeek2021. Moreover, the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network was also featured in an article released by Inquirer Pop, a media company in the Philippines, for championing Southeast Asian Advocates and for making ASEAN Youth Week a success.

06 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

ASEAN Youth Advocates Summit 2021 The ASEAN Youth Advocates Summit 2021 was the big event in celebration of the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network’s first anniversary. AYAS implemented plenary sessions with the following Core Topics: (a) Volunteerism’s Impact in Society, Advocacy 101, and The ASEAN Youth Plan. Moreover, it had extended topics like ASEAN Political-Security Community, ASEAN Economic Community, ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community, and ASEAN Theme of Chairmanship. On the same day, the turnover ceremony for AYAN’s newly appointed officers was held with the Asian Youth Advocates Awarding Ceremony that has over 24 internal and external awarding categories and more than 50 nominations.

Asian Youth Advocates Awardees

Asian Youth Leadership Nashin Mahtani Most Active Member-Organization Junior Tourism and Hospitality Management Association of the Philippines ASEAN Impact ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership SDG Awards Goal 1 Obhizatrik Foundation SDG Awards Goal 3 Safe Access SDG Awards Goal 6 Why Waste SDG Awards Goal 9 TouchVision SDG Awards Goal 13 Association of Filipino Forestry Students - UPLB

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 07

Flagship Events Asian Youth Advocates Awards

Awardee Spotlight

Asian Youth Leadership Nashin Mahtani Nashin Mahtani is currently the director of Yayasan Peta Bencana (Disaster Map Foundation), a South-East Asian based non-profit organization developing software infrastructures for community-led disaster co-management. She co-led the expansion of the life-saving plaform PetaBencana.id, from a real-time flood mapping platform serving 50 million people in Indonesia to a multi-hazard mapping platform serving over 350 million people in South East Asia. Supporting the development of one of the largest open source software projects for climate adaptation, her activism is dialectically driven by theory, scholarship and anthropology. Last August 8, 2021, she is awarded “Asian Youth Leadership” in the Asian Youth Advocates Awards of the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network (AYAN).

08 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

ASEAN Youth Cares “ASEAN Youth Cares” is the long term name for the series of donation drives or fundraising initiatives that ASEAN Youth Advocates Network (AYAN) will eventually have. “Tindog Bicol” is the title of this specific project in response to the Super Typhoon Rolly (Goni) that recently struck the Philippines. Recently, AYAN Global had reactivated ASEAN Youth Cares to tend to the victims of Typhoon In-Fa (Local Name: Fabian).

This project was launched on October of 2020 and had 4 subprojects:


350 volunteers. 27 partners.

A total of 237 online volunteers helped report all the in-need of rescue cases online. Volunteers were divided into three roles: Rescue Coordinators, Rescue Tracers and Encoders, External Liaisons. The database for #RescuePH was used by the Philippine Office of Civil Defense.

There were over 350 volunteers and 27 partners, with our major partners being the Office of the Civil Defense and Office of the Vice President in the Philippines.


With this project, the organization had raised

Over 100 on-ground volunteers were present to physically deliver donations to 6 most affected provinces: Marikina, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Bicol, and Aurora.

1 Million Pesos

#SagipBuhay “Save Lives”

from the donations of the people from all around the ASEAN region. This project was able to aid families in the Philippines amounting to:

In partnership with local hospitals, AYC launched #SagipBuhay for those in-need of immediate emergency assistance and medical supply.

2,500+ families.

#SagotBahay “Rebuild Houses”

In partnership with Blue Horizon Metal Corporation, #SagotBahay was launched to cater families whose houses are damaged due to the typhoon impact.

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 09

Flagship Events Waves of Christmas December 2020 - March 2021

AYAN donates 18 livelihood boats for a local fisherfolk community of 70 at Sitio Pulo, Calumpit, Bulacan, Philippines Following the Waves of Christmas: A Benefit Concert for the Fisherfolk of Calumpit, Bulacan, donations amounting to over Php 200,000 were donated to the fishers of the partner community that has been gravely impacted by the supertyphoon Ulysses where boats were destroyed, and livelihood was consequently affected. In AYAN’s dedication to provide sustainable livelihood, the organization through its 2 project heads provided boats that are now being used by the community of over 70 fishers and families.

10 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

AYAN’s Biggest... The ASEAN Youth Advocates Network’s biggest event on the other hand was the ASEAN Youth Cares fundraising movement which involved both national and international youth organizations located in Southeast Asia. This event served as the response of the ASEAN Youth to help affected individuals in the events of emergencies such as calamities, pandemic, etc. With the vision of reaching one Identity and one ASEAN youth community, this is the largest youth-led fundraising initiative in the region.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

ASEAN Youth Voices ASEAN Mental Health Summit 2020 ASEAN’s Future Leaders Initiative ASEAN Youth on the Move Global Goals Week Sustainablitz: ASEAN Youth SDG Conference SDG Quiz Night IDEATHON: Everything Starts with an Idea Waves of Christmas Tree Planting Project ASEAN Virtual Talent Showcase 2021 Student Community Pantry PERSPIRE: Make it a Lifestyle! Beyond Diversity

AYAN’s kick-off project entitled, Sustainablitz: ASEAN Youth SDG Conference was launched on September 13, 2020. This event was a success as to effectively commit to the global need of the United Nations. SUSTAINABLITZ: The ASEAN SDG Conference was held to further equip young leaders with skills and competencies to effectively lead actions and initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 11

Highlights Grants received and won....

SAP Acceleration Collective

CSR Special Awards

Slack 12 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Financial Report

Performance Statistics

The following financial data stated are as of April 30, 2021:

As of the second half of August 2021, ASEAN Youth Advocates Network has the following analytics:

Financial Data

PHP 11,410.00 Total Assets

PHP 11,410.00


75k. Post reach 25k. Post engagement

Total Liabilities and Fund Balance

PHP 592,324.95 Total Receipts

PHP 583,211.75 Total Expenses


3.0k. Account Reach 1.5k. Content Interactions

PHP 9,113.20 Balance at April 30, 2021

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 13

About AYAN History


Emmanuel Mirus Ponon from the Philippines, alongside his fellow delegates from ASEAN events, founded the ASEAN Youth Advtocates Network to bring and continue the impact of Youth Advocates for the Philippines, one of the most prominent youth organizations in the Philippines to the ASEAN community. This transition would be at ease, as Mirus is the Founder of Youth Advocates for the Philippines and the Philippine Officer of the ASEAN University Student Council Union and the ASEAN Youth Organization.

AYAN’s mission is to instill passion for public service and a sense of initiative to ASEAN youth advocates through volunteer-based initiatives and programs catered to support humanitarian activities. Through these initiatives, the organization aims to inspire the youth to take better action towards the betterment of their respective countries and the ASEAN region while continuing to further the achievement of advocacies through mobilization and sustainability of AYAN’s operations.

The aspiration of establishing AYAN solidified after the remarkable support of this initiative from his co-experts that attended the meetings on the Development of the ASEAN Work Plan on Youth 2021-2025. Today, AYAN aspired to ensure that no ASEAN youth gets left behind and recognize and appreciate the ASEAN Community.

14 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Vision AYAN’s vision is to achieve a united identity of ASEAN youth advocates inspiring ASEAN youth communities to uphold active citizenship and advocacies towards the integration of social mobilization in the ASEAN community.

Objectives •

To strengthen the level of awareness, knowledge, and volunteerism, and understanding of advocacies of the citizenry towards nation-building; To enable, promote, and ensure the participation, and the involvement of the citizenry in the ASEAN member-states’ youth development plan, ASEAN Youth Development Plan, and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Plan; To establish cooperative relations with governmental and Non-governmental agencies and institutions relevant to AYAN and its advocacies, like the ASEAN Secretariat; To oppose any violent demonstrations or other acts that defy constituted law and authority, desecrate the symbols of the ASEAN Community and its Member States, and threaten the physical and spiritual welfare of individuals or organizations; and To promote AYAN and its pillars towards establishing one, unified ASEAN way, and identity.

AYAN’s Activities • •

Believe in acting locally yet thinking globally, encouraging the youth to learn the fundamental principles of being an advocate towards being a leader; Intend to create opportunities in knowledge-driven volunteerism, support the exchange of learning experiences, develop skills and capacity, improve cross-cultural understanding and forge a sense of regional identity while making a sustainable difference to communities across ASEAN; Aspire to be the premier design thinking led advocacy network, for them to develop from being a selfless volunteer to someone who admires the importance of being part of the foundation; Aim to aid in the accomplishment of the UN SDGs, one of its fundamental goals, that promote a long-term approach to addressing global challenges that require collective actions; and Aim to help the ASEAN countries learn from one another and track each other’s progress in implementing the goals to ensure that no one is left behind.

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 15

Global Chapter Summary The ASEAN Youth Advocates Network is administered by the Global Office of Administration and under the said office are the global and country chapters of AYAN. Under AYAN Global, there are three offices that foster the different aspects of the organization--the Office of Internal Affairs, Office of External Affairs, and Office of Education and Research. Given the offices, there are three levels of membership in the organization: Office Director - The one who manages everything that goes in and out of their respective office. Officers - The people who oversee everything that goes in and out of their respective office and/or

16 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

committees alongside their Office Directors. Members - These people hold no specific position and are the working advocates for AYAN in their respective offices. On the other hand, as of July 2021, AYAN has established 9 country chapters with respective Country Directors and Deputy Directors: (1) Brunei Darussalam, (2) Cambodia, (3) Indonesia, (4) Malaysia, (5) Myanmar, (6) Philippines, (7) Singapore, (8) Vietnam, (9) Laos.

List of Directors and Heads

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 17

List of Directors & Heads

18 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 19

Notes to the Financial Statements Present Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Fund Balance As of the period ended April 30, 2021 (All amounts in Philippine Peso)

Statements of Receipts and Expenses For the period ended April 30, 2021 (All amounts are in Philippine Peso)

20 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Statements of Changes in Fund Balance For the period ended April 30, 2021 (All amounts are in Philippine Peso)

Statements of Cash Flows For the period ended April 30, 2021 (All amounts are in Philippine Peso)

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 21

Notes to the Financial Statements Note 1 Corporate Information ASEAN Youth Advocates Network (AYAN), ”the Organization”, is an international, youth-led, socio-civic, non-profit volunteer, and non-governmental organization that paves the way for the ASEAN youth to experience socio-civic involvement while exploring one ASEAN identity. It is a non-stock non-profit organization founded on August 8, 2020 and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 26, 2021 under the name Southeast Asian Youth Advocates Network Inc. AYAN aims to instill volunteerism and advocate solutions toward relevant issues in ASEAN and ASEAN Member-States, and the composition of sustainable and innovative ways of nurturing the betterment of the ASEAN Community through the coalition of organization members and individuals. Authorization and Approval for Issuance of the Interim Financial Statements The financial statements as at and for the period ended April 30, 2021 were authorized and approved for issue by the Board of Trustees on August 14, 2021. Note 2 Statement of Compliance and Basis of Preparation The accompanying financial statements have been prepared in compliance with Philippine Accounting Standards (PAS) 34 Interim Financial Reporting, promulgated by the Financial Reporting Standards Council (FRSC) as adopted from the International Financial Reporting Standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board. The financial statements are prepared on an accrual basis under the historical cost convention, unless stated otherwise. The financial statements are prepared and presented in Philippine Peso (₱), the Organization’s functional and presentational currency. Functional currency is the currency of the primary economic environment in which the Organization operates. It is the currency in which the Organization measures its performance and reports its operating results. Note 3 Significant Accounting Policies Cash and Cash Equivalents. Cash is any item that is used as a standard medium of exchange that is unrestricted and immediately available for use in current operations. It includes cash on hand and demand deposits. Cash equivalents are shortterm, highly liquid investments held to meet short-term cash commitments rather than for investment or other purposes. Therefore, an investment normally qualifies as a cash equivalent only when it has a short maturity of, say, three months or less from the date of acquisition. Project and other payables. Payables arise when the Organization becomes a party to a contract that gives rise to a receivable of another entity. It is recognized initially at the transaction price and subsequently measured at amortized cost using the effective interest method. The Organization’s payables include accrued liabilities and payables to officers. Accrued liabilities represent expenses incurred for the period, but not yet paid as the the reporting date. A payable is derecognized (or a part of it) only when it is extinguished - i.e., when the obligation specified in the contract is discharged, is cancelled or has expired. Fund balances. Fund balance represents the cumulative

22 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

baance of excess of receipts over expenses. Fund balances of the organization are classified as restricted and general funds. Revenue recognition. Revenue is the gross inflow of economic benefits during the period arising in the course of the ordinary activities of an entity when those inflows result in increases in equity, other than increases relating to contributions from equity participants. The Organization recognizes revenue (or receipts) when it is probable that future economic benefits will flow to the Organization, the amount of the revenue can be reliably measured and specific criteria have been met for each of the Organization’s activities. Revenues are measured at the fair value of the consideration received and are recorded in the year such revenue is realized or recognized. Revenue includes only the gross inflows of economic benefits received and receivable by the organization on its own account. It excludes all amounts collected on behalf of third parties. The amounts collected on behalf of the principal are not revenue of the entity. Donations. Donations pertain to the amount raised during donation drives from natural and juridical persons for a specific purpose or cause. Grant and Sponsorships. Grant and Sponsorship are recognized in the year such grants or sponsorships are made. Membership and other fees. Membership and other fees arising from the Organizations events (registrations fees) are recognized as revenue upon receipt Expenses Recognition. Cost and expenses are decreases in economic benefits during the reporting period in the form of outflows or decrease of assets or incurrences of liabilities that result in the decrease in equity, other than those relating to distribution to equity participants. Costs and expenses are recognized as they are incurred. Expenses in the Statements of Receipts and Expenses are presented using the function of expense method. They are classified as directly attributable to administration or project operating activities of the Organization. Note 4 Significant Accounting Judgements and Estimates As a result of the uncertainties inherent in business activities, many items in financial statements cannot be measured with precision but can only be estimated. Estimation involves judgements based on the latest available, reliable information. The use of reasonable estimates is an essential part of the preparation of financial statements and does not undermine their reliability. Critical management judgements in applying the accounting policies: Foreign currency denominated transactions. Transactions denominated in foreign currencies are recorded in Philippines Peso (₱) using the exchange rate between the functional currency and the foreign currency prevailing at the date of the transaction. At the end of each reporting period, foreign currency items are translated using the closing rate. Note 5 Fund temporarily restricted for AYC This account pertains to the excess of donations from ASEAN

Youth Cares (AYC) over the purchases of relief goods and sustainable life boats construction expenses (cumulatively known as fundraising expenses). AYC is a two part project - relief operations and Waves of Christmas, the latter is a program that funded the construction of sustainable lifeboats for fishermen living in Barangay San Jose, Calumpit, Bulacan. The remaining balance is computed as follows:

to September 2020 and January to April 2021 on behalf of the Organization. Note 8 Subscription payable Subscription payable is the amount not yet paid by the Organization to DigitalOcean for its monthly email subscription. Note 9 Receipts Donations pertain to all receipts collected during the ASEAN Youth Cares (AYC) donation drive that runs from November 1 to December 31, 2020.

Miscellaneous income is the result of making whole the excess money of ₱99.90 from the disbursed amount for the construction of sustainable life boats. This is then an added amount to the Fund temporarily restricted for AYC. Fundraising expenses consist of ₱304,321.29 from relief operations and ₱271,621.46 from Waves of Christmas expenses. Bank service charges are strictly related to the transfer of funds to authorized volunteers who procured the necessary items for relief operations and construction of sustainable life boats. This is part of the total bank service charge presented in Note 11.

Grant and Sponsorships pertain to the amount received from ASEAN Youth Forum last November 19, 2020 (Note 6) and an amount provided by Spice Ventures, Inc. that covers the expenses incurred during the Perspire Event at an amount of ₱3,000. Miscellaneous income is the result of making whole the excess money of ₱99.90 from the disbursed amount for the construction of sustainable life boats (Note 5). wNote 10 Project expenses This account consist of:

Note 6 Fund temporarily restricted for use of Education and Research, net This account accumulates all funds that are restricted for the use of the Global Office of Education and Research in their programs and projects. This account consist of:

The Organization received a grant from the ASEAN Youth Forum last November 19, 2020 at the amount of ₱11,579.14. A ₱25.00 bank service fee was charged to this account for the transfer of professional fees related to the Perspire Event, a project specifically organized by the Global Office of Education and Research. Allowance for EdRes future expenses is a contra-account established to reflect the amounts borrowed from this fund to settle the email subscription billings sent by Digital Ocean for the months of October to December 2020 and a bank service charge at ₱25.00. This account reflects the amount that will be transferred from the general fund to the Fund temporarily restricted for use of Education and Research once probable. Note 7 Payable to officers

Fundraising expenses pertain to the ASEAN Youth Cares (AYC) related expenses which includes the relief goods purchased for the benefit of the typhoon victims in the Philippines during the last quarter of 2020 and the construction of sustainable life boats. Professional fee pertains to the payment transferred to the yoga instructor who is invited during the Perspire Event organized by the Organization. Note 11 General and administrative expenses This account consist of:

Subscription expenses pertain to the email subscription of the Organization to DigitalOcean. This expense is incurred on a monthly basis and the amount billed to the Organization varies depending on product usage charges calculated by DigitalOcean.

The Organization has no general fund available that will cover its general and administrative expenses. Due to this, some officers of the organization offer to temporarily shoulder the expenses and these officers will be reimbursed as soon as sufficient funds are accumulated in the general fund. Payable to officers as of the period ended April 30, 2021 only pertains to the amount payable to the Executive Director for his payments to DigitalOcean billings for the months of August

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 23


[Note: This is not part of the complete set of financial statements]

Future Expectations of the AYAN Global Finance Committee The following paragraphs enumerates the events that are expected to affect the financial performance and condition of the Organization in the near future. Expected to be realized on the 4th Quarter of the current fiscal year 1. Tree Planting Project: Plant Today, Harvest Tomorrow 2021 This event is a free webinar accompanied by a donation drive wherein, AYAN acts as a trustee or intermediary for any monetary amounts raised during the specified period of the donation drive. The chosen beneficiary of the event is For the Future PH and all collections from donors will be turned over to the said beneficiary. 2. AYAN: Wear it With Pride This fundraising event is organized in celebration of Pride Month. The Organization is accepting donations of at least ₱180, and donors are incentivised to receive a face mask holder in rainbow colors. AYAN has a contractual obligation to give

24 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

60% of the profit, net of cost of production, to the Home for the Golden Gays and the remaining 40% will be accounted for in the general fund. 3. Membership fees The Constitution and By Laws (CBL) of the Organization was ratified on May 29, 2021 and took effect on June 13, 2021. Accordingly, the decision on the amount of membership fee to be imposed among AYAN members will be finalized in the 4th quarter of the current fiscal year. Thereafter, the payment of such fees will be mandated and collected by the finance committee. Based on the CBL, there shall be two payment schemes available. Full Payment — the bonafide member shall be paying the approved annual membership fee of the current fiscal year in full amount. Installment — the bonafide member shall have to pay a down payment equal to half of the approved membership fee of the current fiscal year. The remaining amount will be paid in the equal amount of the half of the approved membership fee for the current fiscal year at any date within six (6) months from the date of membership. Expected to be realized on the next fiscal year 2021 - 2022.

Accomplishment Reports by Quarter Office of Education and Research The Office of Education and Research consists of Project Development, Project Management and Research and Writing committees. Together, the Office forms the brains of the organization, consistently planning events, programs and activities on behalf of the Global Chapter and raising awareness about the importance of youth advocacy including the “17 SDG Series” throughout the month of January, and the celebration of International Women’s Day with “Prosper”, which featured five great female ASEAN leaders in February of 2021.


AYAN’s kick-off project: ASEAN Future Leaders’ Initiative

In October 2020, the AYAN’s Global Chapter managed to invite participants in its kick-off project entitled “ASEAN Future Leaders’ Initiative”. Following quickly after the amazing momentum of Advocates from diverse backgrounds joining the organization, AYAN held a webinar named “Mental Health Month”, which celebrated the youth’s need to support one another at home, all the way to the wider ASEAN community.

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 25

Office of Education and Research Accomplishments by Quarter November 2020

ASEAN Youth Cares Late 2020, the Philippines experienced multiple storms and floods as a result of the category 5 Super Typhoon Goni. Many families and businesses were forced to evacuate and uproot their daily lives due to the disaster, so AYAN came together with a massive fundraiser for the cause of giving to the communities most in need of help.

February 2021

Ideathon This project was an online case competition held between our very own passionate Advocates wherein teams created project plans addressing SDGs 6 for Clean Water and Sanitation for All and finalists ventured on a final project tackling SDG 9 for Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. We showcased the best design thinking and collaborative works by international members who met one another for the first time on video conferencing and despite the distance, demonstrated how passion for advocacy knows no boundaries. The winners of this project will conduct their program from August to September of 2021, with the gracious support of JCI Makati. March 2021

ASEAN Youth Voices

Seeing the plight of our Myanmar friends early this year as the country experienced a devastating military coup in the middle of the pandemic, AYAN hosted a youth-led roundtable discussion streamed on Facebook Live delving deep into the on-the-ground struggles in Myanmar with burning questions on democracy, civil disobedience and the role of the youth. Featuring brave voices from 5 ASEAN countries including Myanmar, the event sought to educate our expanding network of Advocates of the importance of democracy and protection of human rights.

26 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

March 2021

Beyond Diversity: Evolving Tradition and Culture among ASEAN countries The third quarter of the fiscal year ended with a webinar named “Beyond Diversity” aligned with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which aimed to educate the youth about the conditions and challenges faced by indigenous people in ASEAN. This online activity featuring distinguished speakers Mr. Teddy Baguilat Jr. from the Philippines and Mr. Kyaw Minn Htike from Myanmar garnered over a hundred highly satisfied attendees who participated in the discussion and learning experience about cultural diversity and appreciation.

April 2021

Perspire: Make it a Lifestyle Seeing the increase of exhausted students doing their best to remain mentally and physically healthy during lockdown or days home in isolation, AYAN found a way to reconnect with our quiet minds. This event was a yoga webinar where participants were given an opportunity to take a free class and meditate for a moment in the busy times. June 2021

Tree Planting / Pride Month Fundraiser Our advocacy never stops. In the final quarter of AYAN’s first fiscal year, the Global Chapter continues to advocate for arts as a mode of moving people towards the SDGS, tree planting for sustainability, LGBTQI+ allyship and fundraising as well as education about family-planning and sexual health.

Plans Moving Forward

While AYAN continues to grow as an organization, along with its incredibly motivated and driven network of international Advocates, it also continues to nurture and equally, if not more so, strive for farther reaching and longer-lasting awareness-raising campaigns, truly inclusive webinars which instill in us a love for diversity, fundraising programs to give back to our home regions, and many more. With the ever burgeoning number of partners, including student clubs, businesses, non-governmental organizations and other youth organizations, the AYAN Office of Education and Research believes that the new year ahead from August will open up new horizons for the Advocates and our communities. Our new and enduring goals includes: • To strive for the creation and facilitation of excellent, creative, and impactful projects that are accessible to all youth, especially in ASEAN countries; • To develop the skills and knowledge of our Member Advocates, ensuring that what we learn and gain from AYAN can be applied to our social, political, economic, and cultural realities; • To invite more youth advocates, international, and distinguished guests and speakers, similarly passionate organizations, partners and more to hold and take part in our endeavours to educate and learn about our ASEAN home region; • To provide more developmental activities to hone the youth’s skills; and • To have audience-based events (more interactions).

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 27

Office of External Affairs


28 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Past and Present Partners & Sponsors

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 29

Office of External Affairs

2,763,100 MILLION

Facebook Page Reach


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Reach: 8,839 As of August 8, 2021

Followers: 510 As of August 8, 2021

Member-Organizations under Member-Organization Coalition (MOC) program

30 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Office of Internal Affairs The Office of Internal Affairs had undergone restructuring twice during the first quarter (August to November) that enabled the foundation of the Office in the present. The first restructuring enabled the appointing of Deputy Directors and evaluating the existing Committee Heads to align the improvement and priorities. This led to the creation of InAff-wide mandates – Firstly, the membership-to-mentorship process which allows screening of applicants from the general landing chat room and guides them throughout their mentorship program. To ensure the extent of member commitment, led to the creation of the activity status reporting that is done monthly since then. The first AYAN-wide mandate initiated by the Office is the Memorandum system that offers service for personnel management and announcement dissemination. The second AYAN-wide mandate revolves around the revision of founding documents, specifically the Constitution and By-Laws and the Internal Rules and Regulation. During this time, the Office also ensured the Committee was well-grounded. This established a filing system in the office for documents, member relation matters from member evaluation to personnel management (time-off, pull-out, and time-off), and AYAN training that occurred national council leadership and team-building training, general orientation, and

getting-to-know-you events. The OBM helped in formulating, suggesting, and commenting on committee mechanisms to ensure its intention and services are met AYAN-wide. The Office of Internal Affairs, therefore, plans to expand its services across AYAN. First, planning towards internal consolidation for all members in the Global chapter. The purpose is to further establish and reestablish teamwork and connections within a committee and the organization in general. Furthermore, to engage the members to fulfill their responsibility as part of the organization and establish their sense of belonging. This project opens up a platform for the members to get acquainted with each other within safe spaces and hereby commits to build and rebuild trust for better relations, motivation, and productivity. In return, developing these would initiate relaying of ideas, increase morale and accountability of members, and improve work efficiency on producing deliverables. Second, to extend services to the Country chapters with country chapter evaluation, fundraisers, activate the grievance forms, and AYAN-wide in-house events (i.e. Year-end get-together, etc.).

Country Chapters AYAN’s 8 Country Chapters The ASEAN Youth Advocates Network has established eight country chapters in the span of one year. These chapters are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. Moreover, AYAN’s Country Chapters are the “grassroots workers” of the organization, the advocates who serve their local communities through initiatives and online programs.

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 31

Brunei Darussalam AYAN Brunei Darussalam Was established in September of 2021 with three founding members. As of July 2021, the country chapter now has 18 passionate and committed advocates. Since their establishment, AYAN Brunei had started their Instagram account, started opening their applications, and conducted successful interviews thereafter. In January of 2021, AYAN Brunei was able to secure a partnership with Majlis Belia Brunei (Brunei Youth Council). Since then, the country chapter has been proactive in posting publication materials for celebrations, and had conducted events such as their roundtable series entitled, “Let’s Talk: #ChooseToChallenge” in conjunction with International Women’s Day. With that said, some of AYAN Brunei’s future loans include hosting their eco-awareness events, celebrating AYAN’s anniversary in August, and post publication materials to continue educating and empowering the people they are advocating for.

QUARTERLY PROJECTS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS QUARTER 1 (September-February) September 2020 • Establishment of AYAN Brunei with 3 members October 2020 • Start of AYAN Brunei’s Instagram • Opened applications for membership November 2020 • Interviewed applicants for membership December 2020 • AYAN Brunei Welcoming Night January 2021 • Met with Majlis Belia Brunei (Brunei Youth Council) to establish a partnership • Attended a forum: “Reimagining the Future in The New Paradigm” hosted by Chevening Alumni Brunei. February 2021 • Met with the Pusat Tingkatan Enam Sengkurong Youth Model ASEAN Meeting Committee for collaboration on the Youth Model ASEAN Meeting Summit • Met with Brunei Students Union (BSU) and BruEssex to discuss potential collaboration

32 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Ak Md Nukman Syawqi Bin Pg Md Salimin, Director for Administration of AYAN Brunei had the opportunity to talk with His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam about the 11th ASEAN Youth Forum.

• • • •

Conduct regular country chapter meetings to enhance teamwork; Introduce AYAN to a wider audience through AYAN Zine; Strengthen partnership with youth organizations in Brunei Host roundtable discussions on important social topics such as Let’s Talk: Restore Our Ecosystems, Let’s Talk: Unity in Diversity, Let’s Talk: #ChooseToChallenge second segment, and a discussion about mental health; and Celebrate global events and encourage youth participation in International Youth Day, International Peace Day, and World Mental Health Day.

US Embassy in Brunei x AYAN Brunei Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Alumnus, Elroy Ramatan, has teamed up with ASEAN Youth Advocates Network - Brunei for his Minority Report Cultural Project on environmental awareness held last July 18 (12pm - 6pm) at The Collective Makerspace, Tungku Link.

• Established a MOU with The Collective • Opened applications for interested youth for their Finance & Audit team. • Attended as Senior Advisors for delegates of the Pusat Tingkatan Enam Sengkurong Youth Model ASEAN Meeting • Joined Majlis Belia Brunei in the National Day Parade for Brunei Darussalam’s 37th National Day

The participants were able to be a part of the #GenerationRestoration, and they had also supported local vendors by providing eco-friendly products and enjoyable local baked goods, food and drinks.

QUARTER 2 (March - June) March 2021 • Hosted a Virtual Sharing Session with the Pusat Tingkatan Enam Sengkurong Youth Model ASEAN Meeting delegates • “Let’s Talk: #ChooseToChallenge”: AYAN Brunei’s pilot event • Supported Pusat Tingkatan Enam Sengkurong Youth Model ASEAN Meeting. April 2021 • Met with Majlis Belia Brunei and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for the ASEAN Youth Forum • Pidato Challenge: Hosted in collaboration with BruEssex. • Discussed potential collaborations with the Australian High Commission. May 2021 • Collaborated with SCOT Brunei to cook meals for the 5000 Meals Social Kitchen Project in the holy month of Ramadan. • Introduced AYAN Brunei Constitution and Membership Contracts to all members of AYAN Brunei. June 2021 • Let’s Talk Series preparation • Attended the Mini Bornean Indigenous Film Showcase • Attended the Sesi Muzakarah Majlis Belia Brunei dengan • Pergerakan Belia dan Sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri • Attended the Youth Forum Brunei hosted by YPN Brunei


AYAN Brunei will continue implementing projects in the future that shall be inclusive and beneficial for its members, Brunei Darussalam, and other ASEAN member states. To do this, AYAN Brunei aims to:

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 33

Cambodia AYAN Cambodia was officially established on 20 March 2021 along with 13 official members including one Country Director, two Deputy Directors, one Head of finance and secretary and nine members in their respective department. As of July, the country chapter has 10 active members in the operation of the organization. With the operation of the country chapter our organization had a 50% Progress compared to the beginning of the term. This year, their main focus is Marketing campaigns. With the smaller number of members in the Country Chapter, AYAN Cambodia has been able to conduct events for the past months, reaching numerous audiences. As AYAN Cambodia thrives harder to broaden their reac and as the organization celebrates its 1st anniversary, AYAN Cambodia will continue to commit and be more passionate in empowering and educating the youth.

WEBINAR: LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY IN CAMBODIA With two guest speakers, we aim to target 50 participants that will be participating through Zoom and Facebook lives of all ages across the country to join the webinar in order to expand their knowledge regarding the rights, needs, experiences, opportunities, challenges of people in LGBTQ+ community in Cambodia.


AYAN Cambodia aims to advocate on mental and physical health, which are important aspects during the pandemic. Their target was around 20 to 50 people to join the webinar. With this target in mind and with the belief that “education should be free”, AYAN Cambodia decided to conduct the webinar on Zoom and Facebook Live simultaneously as it can potentially reach people of all ages and genders across the country.


in the coming quarter for AYAN Cambodia include the ff.: • To be the ones in mind when talking about Youth Advocates among college students and work professionals; • To provide better experiences for their volunteers; • To increase their social media presence to 30% of the current total engagement; • To study Grant Providers’ willingness to grant funds and identify their concern about Focus Area; • To have around 5,000 likes on Facebook; • To have around 500 followers on Instagram; • To have around $500 in Organizational Finance; • To have 5 partnerships and 10 sponsorships; • To be fully functional with 30 members;

34 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network


Maingalarpar! AYAN Myanmar was formed as one of the country chapters of AYAN for the purpose of bridging the gap between Myanmar youths and the ASEAN Community in order to enhance more global minded & empower Myanmar youths to be active citizens. AYAN Myanmar is composed of many talented youths and today, the country chapter aims to give opportunities to the youths who are willing to receive advantageous experiences concerning the ASEAN Community and deliver effective on-work training during this pandemic time by recruiting officers, using their Membership Development Strategy.

QUARTERLY PROJECTS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS One of AYAN Myanmar’s flagship events is the Myanmar Youths for Democracy. Since Myanmar’s independence from Britain in 1948, the country has experienced three forced changes of power, making it a common but urgent national issue. The struggle for power between the military and civilians has become a regular phenomenon that uprises conflict in every election. This 2021, the Myanmar military has declared a state of emergency for a year. Power is currently handed over to Supreme Commander Min Aung Hlaing, a figure with significant political influence, maintaining the power of Tawmadaw despite the country’s call for democracy. The latest protest action is the movement by the people of Myanmar against the coup carried out by the military last February 1, 2021. It has drawn mass criticism and protests from the international community. This resulted in thousands of Myanmar citizens taking to the streets to oppose the coup. The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) reported that

from February 1, about 7000 civilians who staged demonstrations had died. • Voices of the Youth Advocates • Myanmar Protest Movement • History of Protest in Southeast Asia • The Third Military Junta • Youth on the Streets • The International Silence • How to help Myanmar • The Voices of Myanmar Youth Part 1 • The Voices of Myanmar Youth Part 2

FUTURE OBJECTIVES With everything that the country chapter has achieved over the past year, their future plans and goals include: • To conduct the Myanmar Youth and Education Roundtable Discussion, which will discuss topics such as raising awareness on deteriorated education in the country, the future risks, potentials, and opportunities, as well as how can the international community support and intervene with their current situation. The international response to the coup must allow for ongoing support to develop Myanmar’s most crucial sectors, such as education, where benefits extend far beyond power politics. • To conduct Civic Doe Doe, which is a partnership between AYAN Myanmar and Internews that develop Civic Education Online Modules, which will be available on a Facebook page and a chatbot conversation named “Civic Doe Doe,” along with a series of informational posts. • Lastly, to launch the Activating Sustainable Myanmar project, whose main mission and vision is to ensure that Myanmar is working towards a more sustainable country, reflect current issues, and empower the youth.

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 35


Salam sejahtera! AYAN Malaysia was established in October of 2020 and had started with only 7 members. Now, the country chapter has garnered a total of over 65 zealous advocates. Since its inception, AYAN Malaysia has established their instagram and newsletter pages. Their first flagship event was an online forum entitled, “COVID-19: The War is Not Over” held on October 12. At the start of the country chapter’s second quarter, they were able to conduct a webinar entitled, “Youth Volunteerism” and had also launched their new member recruitment system. Needless to say that AYAN Malaysia has been thriving since then because the chapter has committed and passionate advocates. With that, their future plans include joining the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network in celebrating their first year this August and conducting the AYAN Malaysia Festival of Aspirations.

QUARTERLY PROJECTS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS QUARTER 1 (October - January) • • • • • • • • • •

36 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Establishment of AYAN Malaysia AYAN Malaysia’s first online forum, “COVID-19: The War is Not Over” folllowed by: “Live, Love, Laugh”: Online Mental Health Forum “Stop Violence Against Women”: Online Forum AYAN Malaysia’s first article: “Celebrating the Achievements of Outstanding Children in Malaysia followed by: “The Day of Freedom” article “Let’s Celebrate the Trees” and “Cut Your Greed Not The Greenery” articles World Autism Awareness Day article “Love From a Distance: Family Separation” article AYAN Malaysia conducted an internal meeting and submitted their projects for 2021.

QUARTER 2 (February - May) • • • • • • • • • • •

AYAN Malaysia participated in the round table discussion: “Voices of the ASEAN Youth on the Myanmar Military Coup”. AYAN Malaysia’s webinar entitled: “Youth Volunteerism” followed by: AYAN Malaysia’s 2nd webinar: “Cultural Diversity in Malaysia”. AYAN Malaysia launched their new member recruitment system followed by: AYAN Malaysia launched their member recruitment phase 2. AYAN Malaysia published their first Podcast Episode entitled “Pilot/Juruterbang” followed by: 2nd Podcast Episode: “Go Love Yourself!”. 3rd Podcast Episode: “When Will Women Be Safe?”. 4th Podcast Episode: “Social Media and FOMO”. 5th Podcast Episode: “Leadership, Beyond Just a Title”. 6th Podcast Episode: “Police the Police”.

AYAN Malaysia signed an MOU with Southeast Asia Global Affairs Network (SEAGAN).

FUTURE OBJECTIVES With what AYAN Malaysia has accomplished, they have established their future plans and goals which include: • • • •

To organize a charity event; To publish celebratory posts of different events in respective dates; To publish more podcast episodes; and To celebrate the first year anniversary of AYAN by organizing AYAN Malaysia Festival of Aspirations.

Demi satu identiti dan satu komuniti belia ASEAN.

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 37

Philippines Mabuhay! AYAN PHILIPPINES was the first country chapter to be reestablished on November 24, 2020, with its first-ever national meeting held in December 2020. After 8 months, it has reached 38 in membership count. Main achievements of the country chapter include 3 consecutive setups of Call for Applicants. Projects such as the 2 Focus Group Discussions about Mental Health and SOGIE in the Philippines, 8 SDG Talk segments backed by successful partnerships with different NGOs and University Organizations were also implemented. The Externals Department, working hand-in-hand with the Education & Research committee, have consistently released at least 20 posts on AYAN PH’s Social Media Pages every month, further solidifying our social media presence. At the time of writing, AYAN PH is preparing for Project Buklatin ang Isipan and Isang Munting Harana to be implemented on August 4-7 and August 13, respectively. AYAN Philippines hopes to materialize its goals for the upcoming year by focusing on the additional adaptations of successful projects, extensive options for fundraisers such as partnerships with entrepreneurs, raffles, cash incentives, etc., as well as skillshare-based technical projects aside from continuous setups of the Focus Group Discussions, remaining SDG Advocaserye Talks, Community Engagement and Development activities in the following quarter.

PROJECTS IMPLEMENTED Advocaserye: SDG Talks is a webinar series highlighting one Sustainable Development Goal in each episode. Speakers from organizations and agencies are invited to talk about the goal, its implications, as well as the plans to achieve the goal in the Philippine setting. As of July 2021, AYAN PH as uploaded the following episodes: Advocaserye SDG 1: No Poverty Advocaserye SDG 2: Zero Hunger Advocaserye SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being Advocaserye SDG 4: Quality Education Advocaserye SDG 5: Gender Equality Advocaserye SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation Advocaserye SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy Advocaserye SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth Advocaserys SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

City Spotlights

City Spotlights is a series of online publication materials posted on AYAN PH’s Facebook Page. It aims to promote one Philippine city per album, showcasing its landmarks, culture, and the notable people who hailed from the city.

Community Pantry Fundraiser

A community pantry fundraiser was carried out on April 27, 2021. It garnered a total of PHP 2,500 and the proceeds were carried over to the maintenance of Community Pantries in Yakal, Cavite; Digos, Cagayan de Oro and Bulacan.

Mental Health: Stress and Anger Management Webinar

A focus group discussion w/ Dr. Gia Sison, that aimed to discuss stress & anger management especially in the middle of a pandemic. The program was carried out in partner-

38 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

ship with ANAK Ng Pinoy Youth Organization and Lyceum of the Philippines University - St. Cabrini Central Student Government. It was also co-presented by Polytechnic University of the Philippines - College of Social Sciences and Development Student Council, and Tarlac State University - College of Engineering and Technology Student Council.

Tara, Usap SOGIE (Let’s talk SOGIE)

July 3, 2021. This is a focus group discussion centered around SOGIE rights, the Bill, and all its stakeholders. The panel consisted of Atty. Claire de Leon, a queer lawyer focusing on SOGIE rights, along with student-leaders Ms. Albiean Revalde and Rafael Santiago Sangco. The event was co-presented by Ambagan PH, National Teachers College Student Government, Unified Youth San Joseño, Boxless Society and PUP Kasarianlan.

QUARTERLY ACCOMPLISHMENTS QUARTER 1 (November - March) • • • • • • • • • • • •

Call for Applicants 1.0 First General Assembly / Getting To Know You (GTKY) 1.0 Re-establishment of AYAN PH National Council 12 accepted applicants Orientation for 2nd batch of Applicants Call for Applicants 2.0 # of accepted applicants: 33 Total number of members: 60 Orientation for 3rd batch of Applicants Signing of Paid Partnership with LPU-SC Dana Isabelle Villano, member of Education & Research Committee, participated in Voices of the ASEAN Youth on the Myanmar Military Coup: Roundtable Discussion Orientation for 4th batch of Applicants

QUARTER 2 (April - July) • • • • • • • • • • •

#IhainAngPinoyNaPagkain: Filipino Food Month Signing of Partnership Agreement with Southeast Asia Global Affairs Network (SEAGAN) Mental Health: Stress and Anger Management Webinar Community Pantry Fundraiser begins Call for Applicants 3.0 (ongoing) #PagpupugayParaKayInay: Mother’s day Tribute Slideshow Getting To Know You (GTKY) 2.0 AYAN PH Father’s Day Tribute Slideshow Reaffirmation Policy 38 members as of writing Tara Usap, SOGIE: A Focus Group Discussion

Further objectives

Preparation of Contingent Plans for Disasters : In light of the recent situation concerning the Taal Volcano, the team is preparing for possible relief efforts for Filipinos who have been displaced; Conducting the Buklatin ang Isipan: Fundraising Workshops for Buklat Para Sa Kinabukasan Project in August 4-9 of 2021 : In line with the upcoming book drive project, this series of skill-based online workshops designed to educate the public will be used to promote the project and garner donations for the book drive;

Conducting the Isang Munting Harana: A Talent Show and Benefit Concert for the Filipino Youth in August : An extension of the fundraising workshops, the talent show will serve as a platform to exhibit and emphasize the country’s rich cultural heritage through a variety of performances from both local and national artists; •

• • • • •

To conduct Buklat Para Sa Kinabukasan in collaboration with other partners, barangay officials, and educational sectors. AYAN PH aims to donate books and back-to-school kits for 75100 students of Pasig City; To continue Advocaserye: SDG Talks 10-17; To continue the Focus Group Discussion Series, with the upcoming sessions focusing on Financial Literacy for students and Animal Welfare; To conduct a Voters’ Education Webinar in partnership with university organizations; To improve member participation and motivation by conducting skills-based and committee-specific trainings for all members; and To create a blog in which AYAN PH can post articles, op-ed and other situationers.

Para sa iisang pagkakakilanlan at nagkakaisang pamayanan ng kabataan ng ASEAN, AYAN Philippines.

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 39


ASEAN Youth Advocates Network Singapore is a country chapter that was established under the ASEAN Youth Advocates Networks Global in December 2020. Since its establishment, here are the following strategies/mechanisms and our future plans:

Strategy / Mechanism Publicity

We have been actively involved in the online presence on instagram as it is the only social media platform that the Singapore Youths use.

Organisation official establishment in Singapore

• The team is actively involved in establishing the country chapter under the Home Affairs of Singapore

AYAN Singapore x AYAN Global Project Singapore and the global team have collaborated in order to do up a website for the organisation

ASEAN Youth Week 2021 (AYW 2021)

There is a webinar being planned inorder to promote SDG 11 and the green plan in Singapore.

Future Plans Recruitment

The team is planning to do recruitment via Giving.sg after the successful establishment of the organisation. Moreover, the team will do outreach to the various tertiary institutions to recruit more members.


The team has planned on having bi-weekly podcast with youth icons in singapore and outside the ASEAN region

40 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Vietnam AYAN Vietnam was formed last September 2 of the year 2020 as a country chapter for the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network. Within its launch, AYAN Vietnam has garnered about 300 applications and recruited 80 members. Since then, AYAN Vietnam has been strengthening their membership recruitment process alongside their Country Administrator, Ms. Jeanine Therese Perez, and plans on reinforcing their social media campaigns to increase awareness and gather like-minded youth advocates to their country chapter.


Establishment of AYAN Vietnam • In line with this, they strengthened the process of application, recruitment, and role responsibilities. • AYAN Vietnam submits a COA for their project proposals and their goals for the country chapter.

• • • •

The country administrator appointed the Board of Directors and Committee Heads. The country administrator established a new official facebook page for AYAN Vietnam. AYAN Vietnam’s first facebook post: Lunar New Year Holiday New recruitment forms were established.

QUARTER 2 (April - July) • •

AYAN Vietnam was able to recruit 31 members. AYAN Vietnam planning stage: a webinar for the ASEAN Youth Week.

FUTURE OBJECTIVES Given all of AYAN Vietnam’s accomplishments, they aim to fulfil the following future objectives: • • • • • • • •

To launch a second recruitment phase; To launch initiatives, orientation sessions, and monthly get-togethers to strengthen the bond of the members; To celebrate the anniversary of AYAN by conducting a webinar; To release their podcast series for AYAN’s first year; To create a platform where young people’s ideas can be heard and fostered; To launch a series of marketing campaigns on social media platforms (such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook); To conduct weekly committee training sessions; and To conduct bi-monthly membership and organizational development reports.

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 41

AYAN Official Merchandise In line with the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network celebrating their first year, the organization has launched their first ever merchandise, with pre-orders starting on July 7 of 2021, and is available for shipment worldwide. A few of the merchandise were the ones chosen from AYAN’s contest, which invited all of the artists of the ASEAN region to unleash their creativity through creating designs for shirts and lanyards, launched in May of 2021.

The Proud Volunteer Shirt, designed by Bryn John Cornejo that highlights the hashtag, #ProudVolunteer so you can stand-out from the crowd is priced

Php 299 42 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

Php 500 A dry-fit shirt named, AYAN Motto Shirt, which was design by Mark Benedict Joseph B. Guillermo, features AYAN’s quote “for one identity and one ASEAN youth community”.

Php 65 The AYAN Lanyard, a classy dark blue yet lively lanyard, was designed by Jon Angelo Pagulayan, another one of the winners from AYAN’s contest.

Php 500 The AYAN Hoodie was designed by Bryn John Cornejo also featuring AYAN’s tagline: “for one identity and one ASEAN youth community.” ASEAN Youth Advocates Network | 43

Acknowledgements 44 | ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

The ASEAN Youth Advocates Network would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has been part of AYAN and supported the organization. Through your help and continued passion to keep the organization going to serve the people, we are able to celebrate this milestone with all of you. To our sponsors and our partners all throughout our first year, thank you for giving the organization a chance and the platform to promote and strengthen our advocacies through our events and projects. To our very passionate advocates, thank you for believing in our organization’s advocacies, as well as our mission and vision. To our dedicated and committed members, thank you for growing with AYAN. To more years with you! To our faithful and unwavering officers, thank you for leading each one of us and helping us grow into the zealous ASEAN youth advocates that we were meant to be. May our mission and vision for ASEAN and the world be strengthened with each new advocate we inspire as one ASEAN youth community.

ANNUAL REPORT (2020-2021) ASEAN Youth Advocates Network All Rights Reserved.

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