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The Technology To Make Fuel From Water Exists Can Anyone Make Fuel From Water - Cell Strainers _____________________________________________________________________________________ By George - The technology to make fuel from water not only exists, it's now available to the public. Hydrogen electrolyzers are not a new concept, but they have come a long way. Now they can be homemade and attached to an everyday vehicle. I've seen gadgets gizmo's and thingamajigs, from springs to plates to something that looked like a bartenders strainer on steroids. All of these devices had a common goal, to save on gas mileage. What Is Cell Strainers These devices are simple in design, and can be attached to any combustion engine. The first fuel cell tractor was made in 1959. Today you can find homemade and professional electrolyzers on a variety of engines from lawnmowers to big rig trucks. The costs to fabricate them can range from $54 ( homemade) to $150,000 ( race cars ). They come in a variety of sizes for different applications. You wouldn't want to put a six cell system onto your lawnmower, but it's perfect for an eighteen wheeler, unless your lawnmower doubles as a personal helicopter. Then you might need that extra boost.

The plans to make these electrolyzers have become very popular. It's a shame that the popularity to make fuel from water, didn't come sooner. There is a lot to gain from using hydrogen as a fuel. Todays homemade and professional systems can make an average car 30% to 70% more efficient. The emissions from hydrogen electrolyzers turns back into water vapor, and the combustion cycle removes carbon build up from the engine. The removal of carbon deposits

alone will boost efficiency and contribute to a longer lasting engine.When speaking of the origins of tea, people tend to trot out the old chestnut about Emperor Shen Nung discovering tea when some leaves accidentally blew into a pot of water heating over a fire. This bit of charming whimsy is probably not the truth, but just a way of saying that tea drinking, and its wide use in traditional medicine, have been a part of Chinese culture

Whoever it was who started the practice of tea-drinking deserves a medal and the second prize should go to the woman who invented ceramic tea strainers. It makes it so easy to brew up a fresh cup of tea for one, without having always to get the teapot out of the cupboard. Of course tea bags have also made it easy to have it, but the freshest tea you can buy is usually sold 'loose' and will contain the highest levels of antioxidants. I don't know about you, but I enjoy the idea of paying half price for my gasoline too. One homemade fuel cell that is tweaked for your auto, and it will pay for itself on the second fill up. The hydrogen used enhances combustion, meaning you burn less gas. I look forward to the day that we have 100% hydrogen systems, then the cost of travel would be what you pay for tap water.

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