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Ranching In The A highly diversified Colorado breeder focuses on beef production under challenging environmental conditions.

T-Heart Ranch,

located high in the rugged mountain terrain of south-central Colorado near the small town of Center, didn’t even exist 20 years ago. Today, owners Shane and Beth Temple, run a cowherd of 2,000 head, market 100-125 bulls and sell 500600 bred commercial replacement heifers annually. Along the way, the Temples have become a primary source for high altitude seed stock, carving out a market with those breeders who need genetics that can tolerate deadly brisket disease, often associated with grazing up to timberline at 11,000 feet or higher.

On the Fast Track “After high school, I went to Lamar Community College for a year, but I was impatient and wanted to get started ranching sooner than later,” Shane recalled. “So I came back home to this area and took a job on a ranch for a couple of years.” In 1995, armed with a first-time farmer loan, he bought 30 cows, plus a small piece of land. “I’d always had a passion for cattle, having

T-Heart replacement heifers on their summer range.


April 2014

grown up around my grandfather’s small herd of Hereford-Angus cross cows,” he commented. Shortly thereafter, Shane and Beth were married. “I guess you could say that we started with nothing. We had met in high school and she’s my full-time partner — committed 100% to our operation. She’s the mother of our four children, serves as the ranch bookkeeper, and artificially inseminates 1,000 head every year with an amazing success rate,” he says. Their children, three girls and a boy, are Shelby, 11; Lindsay, 9; Ashley, 4; and Coy, 1. From that humble beginning, their operation has grown at an astonishing rate. “Those first cattle were just a mixed bunch that I wished we’d never bought. We acquired the wrong cattle and had to work our way through it. Later, we got involved with an outfit named ‘Seedstock Plus,’ which

the Register, April 2014  

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