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April 28 & 29 11 AM - 6 PM

Little Italy

Downtown San Diego


Welcome to

Mission Federal ArtWalk 2012

Mission Federal ArtWalk (MFAW) At-A-Glance missionfederalartwalk.org

Plan your visit – search for artists by name or media, check performance schedules, find parking options. The website is a year-round gallery of the art and artists you love.

Information Booths Mayor Jerry Sanders and Rana Sampson

On behalf of the City of San Diego, I am pleased to welcome you to Mission Federal ArtWalk 2012. This event marks the 28th year of the annual celebration of artists, art lovers, and the creative spirit in our region. Rana and I invite you to enjoy this weekend full of original art, dance, music and the ambiance of Little Italy, one of San Diego’s neighborhood gems.

On India Street at Beech, Cedar, Date & Fir Friendly volunteers at information booths throughout the festival help you find an artist, a restaurant and more. Maps, water and t-shirts available here too!

Pull-Out Map

It’s no wonder that so many artists live and work in San Diego. For several years now San Diego has been chosen as one of the “Top 25 Cities for Art” and ArtWalk displays some excellent examples of what makes art in our city so outstanding. The sights, sounds, colors and textures invite artistic interpretation and exploration.

Centerfold Use the enclosed pull-out map to find your way to artists, parking, dining, businesses that support MFAW and more.

Our city is a haven for the arts and ArtWalk celebrates that by showcasing our local talent as well as artists from throughout the United States and abroad. At a time when creative thinking is so critical to our community and the world, ArtWalk symbolizes the wealth of innovation that San Diego cultivates. As you stroll the event I hope you find a piece of art that calls to you.

No parking required Take the Blue Line to the County Center/Little Italy stop and find yourself in the heart of MFAW.


Jerry Sanders, Mayor


A Portion of My Art Sales Benefit



On Date three blocks east of India Street KidsWalk at Amici Park offers free art activities for the young and the young at heart.

Interactive Art

On India Street near Fir Work with artist Valentine Viannay on an individual painting or participate in a community collaboration using silkscreen.

New! Dance on the Edge

On India Street near Grape This “event within an event” celebrates all styles of dance throughout the weekend.

Test Drive a New Lincoln & Support Art in Schools

On India Street near Beech Take a new Lincoln for a spin and ArtReach receives $10 – you also receive $15 in ArtBucks to redeem for purchases from participating artists.

Artists displaying this sign will donate a portion of their festival proceeds to ArtReach to help keep visual arts alive in K-6 schools throughout San Diego County. artreachsandiego.org

From Microchips to Mosaics. Cymer’s light sources create the intricate patterns on microchips found in all consumer electronics. We honor the artists of the 2012 ArtWalk whose intricate patterns and designs are sources of light to our communities.

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Sponsors & Partners

These businesses & organizations help make this free festival possible.

Featured Artists

What’s Inside

Twelve superb artists represent an impressive range of styles and talent.


Free art activities at Amici Park.

Interactive ART Make a print with artist Valentine Viannay.

Freezard by Ron Jessee

Tips on how to keep the arts in schools.

Removable Event Map

Handy pull-out event guide.

Bands & Musicians

Over 20 unique styles throughout the weekend.

Dance on the Edge New “event within an event” showcases our amazing dance community.


Youth Performers


Business of Art Scholarship

ArtWalk, SDSU & San Diego Visual Arts Network team up to mentor an emerging artist.


Marketplace Partners


The Energy Behind the Arts


Join Our Team: Volunteer for Mission Federal ArtWalk 2012

We have the perfect job for you before, during or after the event. Enjoy the unique experience of participating in one of San Diego’s iconic cultural events. ArtWalk team members receive an event t-shirt, chances to win original art donated by artists and more. To join us, email or call today. 619.615.1090 info@missionfederalartwalk.org

Dancers & drummers at Amici Park Amphitheatre.

Support these businesses that believe in the arts.

Not-for-profits at ArtWalk add artistic diversity.


ArtWalk artists pledge a portion of proceeds to support ArtReach.

April 28 & 29 11 AM - 6 PM ORGANIZERS

Sandi Cottrell Gerald D’Spain Paula Kwast Chris Kwast Carmen DeBello Debbie Dorsee Andrew Gartland Curt Brooker Lindsay Santoro Cal Strode


Kristine JH McClure HighlyAnimated Studios


Peter Kalivas PGK Dance Project


Kevin Hellman San Diego Citybeat


T-Shirt Art Contest

The votes are in and the winner is: Norm Daniels Tent 319

Let’s Get Out There

Perette Godwin Fox 5 News


Citrus Public Relations


Judy Berman Silbert

On the Cover: Conveyance by Patricia DeLeon, Tent 502 2210 Columbia Street San Diego, CA 92101 619.615.1090 missionfederalartwalk.org

Sponsors & Partners Title Sponsor

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Automotive Sponsor

Performance Stage Sponsor


Official Sponsors


S T U D I O S multimedia art by kristine jh mcclure

S T U D I O S multimedia art by kristine jh mcclure

Art Partner


Media Partners

All of the 2012 Featured Artists tell a vividly unique story. Learn more about these exceptional California artists at missionfederalartwalk.org.

Featured Artists

Liz Abeyta • San Diego lizabeyta.com • Tent 127

Liz seeks to capture the light and the landscape. She is consumed with painting en plein air (works done on location). About this passion she says, “I love the constant challenge of plein air painting as it forces me to pare down grand vistas or detailed scenes to the bare essentials. It is a delicate balance to provide just enough so that the viewer understands the painting, while at the same time leaving features to the imagination. I strive to be efficient with brushstrokes yet still capture my feelings about the location.” Pictured: Tidepool Hopping, Oil on Canvas, 24” x 36”

Rey Alfonso • Santa Barbara reyalfonsostudio.com • Tent 503/504 Rey’s childhood in Cuba, work in his uncle’s metal shop, service in the Cuban army at sixteen and subsequent escape by boat to freedom in America all influence his work. He translates his ideas of traveling and movement into a spiritual light with circles reminiscent of mandalas. The circles describe navigational points that migrate or move, mapping out the ongoing transitions from place to place or phase to phase. The sometimes illegible writings within the paintings refer to migrants and immigrants leaving traces of their lives and languages as they move from place to place. Pictured: Celestial Aria, Pigment on Aluminum, 6’ x 7’

Mario Cespedes • La Quinta

amazonfinearts.net • Tent 906

Mario’s art reflects his roots in Latin America. He explores the “fables and fairytales” that thrive in the communities along the Amazon River. Mario describes the region as a “world of joy within a universe of beliefs.” He describes how his work reveals both the dark and light of the region: “The rain forest is not the sacred land it once was. Tricky politicians, pollution, and deforestation have left their fingerprints. Beauty and chaos are the local mixed media. I ask myself if brushes, canvasses or watercolors are tools enough to describe this side of the forest?” Pictured: The Boy and the Bird, Acrylic on Paper, 26” x 32”

Patricia DeLeon • Santa Barbara

patricia-deleon.com • Tent 502

In Patricia’s work the figure is at the center of a magical and symbolic universe. The medium of encaustic— pigmented beeswax mixed with resin—provides a place for this union of form and content. She builds up hundreds of layers of color and texture using molten wax. “The wax surface is the skin and the skin bears the marks of a story,” she says. “It is within this interplay of image, abrasion, luminosity and texture that I create an opportunity to find something, a space for things to fall into place.” Pictured: Conveyance, Encaustic on Wood Panel, 24” x 24”

Featured Artists

Chris Honeysett • Pacifica

chrishoneysett.com • Tent 511/512

Chris began taking photographs at three and has not stopped since. What began as a child’s curiosity has turned into his primary passion. In 1987 Chris began using a large format camera that completely changed the way he takes photographs. The slow, cumbersome equipment allows for a more meditative approach. “I feel excited to be alive when I’m making an image,” says Chris. “It’s as if life is at a crescendo at that very moment and I am privileged to share in it. Afterwards, I bow to the subject in thanks.” Pictured: Morning Surf, Photograph, 10” x 50”

Jon Koehler • San Diego

jonkoehler.com • Tent 335

The son of a successful boat designer and builder, Jon learned woodworking and metalworking in the boatyard at his father’s side. In grade school, he studied drawing and watercolor with a local college professor. As his skill deepened he developed a unique style and focused his passion on creating art. Jon’s sculptures, ranging from 10 inches to 30 feet tall, incorporate kinetic elements and a unique sense of fluidity. They appear to have a life of their own as they move in a slow tranquil motion. Pictured: Rain 1, Stainless Sculpture, 24’ x 10’ x 8’

Hasuyo Miller • Temecula hasuyo.com • Tent 181

From the moment she took her first ceramics class in high school, Hasuyo was hooked on clay. After studying and teaching, she became a full-time studio artist. Hasuyo constantly explores new ideas and develops techniques to create different styles of work. She has been honored with many awards, but the heart of her quest is “to be in love with the work that goes into each piece.” Hasuyo’s ceramics continually change as she develops “a constant play and interaction of ideas, color, texture and one thought leading to another.” Pictured: Blue Door, Clay/Mixed Media, 30” x 19.5”

Harold Pickern • San Diego haroldpickern.com • Tent 508

Harold describes his work this way: “I cannot remember a time when I didn’t make art. The process of converting materials into thought provoking objects or images is where the juice is. As a painter I enjoy having the freedom to paint things that I like, from old cars to cowboys. To capture the romance that exists in even the most commonplace object or scene continues to be a motivating force in my work. One of my favorite themes is dealing with images of discarded objects found in the American landscape.” Pictured: Pella, Acrylic on Canvas, 60” x 48”

Featured Artists Hugo Rivera • Laguna Beach

hugorivera.com • Tent 326

Early on Hugo loved to paint and draw. After studying civil engineering in Guadalajara, Mexico, he relocated to the United States and returned to his passion for fine art. Hugo is the world’s first postmodern fresco artist. Although he gained prominence as an interpretive modern artist, Hugo felt that much of the modern art world had lost sight of paintings’ roots in classical arts. In his move to postmodernism, Hugo sought to marry classical techniques with modern interpretations. Thus was born the post-modern fresco – a fusion of the old and the new. Pictured: The Blue Checkers, Limestone, 48” x 60”

Susanne Slater • San Diego

slaterwatercolors.com • Tent 513

Susanne Slater began drawing at an early age. She grew up in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana absorbing her father’s love of western artists. In her twenties she moved to San Diego for a career in nursing, but continued to draw. In 2000 she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time artist. Susanne took classes at Jeff Watts Atelier (Encinitas) and then studied with award-winning artist Jim Millard. She has not stopped painting since. Though she has traveled and worked throughout Europe, San Diego remains Susanne’s favorite place to paint. Pictured: Balboa Park, Watercolor on Paper, 15” x 22”

Mark Stephenson • Sky Valley

markstephensonart.info • Tent 186/188 Writing, drama and the creative arts sparked Mark’s enthusiasm more than anything else in school. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English (Colorado College, 1979), then a Bachelor of Arts in Photography (Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts & Sciences, 1983). Mark prints his photographs on metallic acrylic and metal-leafed grounds, innovative techniques that create amazing depth, beautiful iridescence and incomparable brilliance. “The artwork,” says Mark, “points to and celebrates the true value of Life (with a capital “L”) manifest in common natural forms.” Pictured: Pacific Coast Grasses (#8719), Photograph on Gold Acrylic, 36” x 54”

Marcus Thesing • Laguna Beach marcusthesing.com • Tent 373

Marcus’ initial interest in art began early. His father sculpted and Marcus, too, was drawn to creating threedimensional art. In college, he explored every available art class, but then he met Laguna Beach master glassblower John Barber. He instantly fell in love with this molten media. John offered Marcus a three-year apprenticeship that extended to nine. During that time he developed his own techniques and designs. In 2003 he opened his own studio. Marcus’ love for nature very much influences the color patterns and organic shapes of his work. Pictured: Hyacinth Violet in the Wind, Hand Blown Glass, 16” x 14” x 3”

Artist Rendering

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1055 second ave | san diego, ca 92101 | telephone: 619-238-1818 | westgatehotel.com *

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Presented by Mission Federal Credit Union


Kids & families get artsy with free hands-on projects provided by these arts organizations from throughout the county. Amici Park on Date, three blocks east of India Street

Art With Larisse

Monart School of Arts


The New Children’s Museum

Learn the basics of art & drawing. 619.857.1270 artwithlarisse.com Experience how creative re-use takes shape. 619.795.0013 artformsandiego.org


Drawing and coloring different fun handouts. 858.259.7154 northsandiegomonart.com

Use “plarn” (plastic yarn) to make a squishy sea urchin family. 619.233.8792 thinkplaycreate.org

Design a 3-D head or decorate a hand cutout to hang. 619.615.1090 artreachsandiego.org

Rare Hare Studio

Birch Aquarium at Scripps


Coronado School of the Arts

Rivers of Hope Foundation/Heart Gallery San Diego

Mission Federal Credit Union

San Diego Creative Weavers Guild

Go green & make an oceanthemed craft out of recycled materials. 858.534.FISH (3474) aquarium.ucsd.edu

Become a character with face painting. 619.522.4050 cosafoundation.org

Decorate a bank & take it home to start saving for the future. 800.500.6328 missionfed.com

Create a mini-masterpiece with recycled materials. 619.795.0013 rareharestudio.com Make a percussion instrument & participate in drum circles throughout the day. 619.251.9910 meetup.com/rw-drumevents

Cut out & decorate a paper heart to wear as a necklace. 858.694.5311 riversofhopefoundation.com

Learn the ancient art of weaving using a variety of looms. 619.752.9679 sdcwg.org

San Diego Seaside Scrollers Trace a pattern onto wood, “scrollers” cut it out, you paint and take home. 619.749.7868 saw-online.com

Sophia Isadora Academy of Circus Arts

Participate in a one-ring circus & watch circus students perform amazing feats. 619.301.1207 sdcircus.com

When it comes to covering San Diego art and artisans...

we prefer the hands-on approach. Proud supporters of ArtWalk. Subscribe today online or by phone...

sandiegohomegarden.com or 760-317-2311

Proud sponsor of the Mission Federal ArtWalk 2012.

Take a break from your adventure in art. Bring your dog to the Unleashed by PetcoTM Pet Relief Station during the art walk for free water, treats and pet goodies. Hillcrest 308 Washington St. 619-725-0850

Sit. Stay. Like.

Thinking of adding to the family? We’ll have adoptable pets in need of loving, forever homes.

Interactive Art Create & Collaborate: Printmaking with Valentine Viannay Saturday & Sunday • Throughout the day • Free • On India Street near Fir Work with noted artist Valentine Viannay using paint and silkscreen to create an individual piece of art or to participate in a community collaboration. About Valentine: Valentine has designed furniture, fashion and textiles. She is a master of faux finishes, trompe l’oeil and interior design. Painting is her greatest passion. www.valentineviannay.com

Sponsored by: Photos: Will Gullette


1844 INDIA ST. (IN LITTLE ITALY) | 619-687-0050

Blick is a proud sponsor of Mission Federal ArtWalk

20% OFF


VALID 4/28/12 TO 5/6/12

Blick Art Materials, Retail Inc., coupon must be surrendered at time of purchase; no copies will be honored. Limit one coupon per visit. Valid only on non-sale, in-stock items. Not valid with any other discounts or promotions, phone/mail/internet orders, Custom Framing/Printing orders, and purchases of gift cards.


How to Combat Freezard and Help Keep Arts Education in Schools by Ron Jessee

Ron Jessee

Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator

San Diego County Office of Education

My favorite recipe for eliminating freezard?

Hand write a five-sentence letter to your favorite politician describing the amazing impact arts education has had on your life and the lives of people you know. Let’s work together to eliminate freezard and bring back a full education for every child in every school.

Have you ever driven in a blizzard? I grew up in Minnesota where blizzards are a way of life. Although snow is not a major factor for most San Diegans, there’s another type of blizzard that we experience. I call it freezard—a mix of non-creative frigid curriculum that’s whipped up into a frenzy of icy standardized tests. Freezard, though harmful, may be defeated when community members take action. My friends and I have the following tips for dealing with the chilling effects of freezard.

Russ Sperling, Director of Visual and Performing Arts in the Sweetwater Union High School District,

recommends that victims of freezard express (via letters or phone calls) their support for arts education to school district officials and encourage them to attend student performances. (Don’t forget to attend yourself!) For a list of county school superintendents visit sdcoe.net/distadd.asp

Victoria Saunders, Arts Consultant and Coach, believes that community members could influence policy by investigating each district’s priorities for student learning. Attending school board meetings helps you become informed. Let officials hear your voice.

Robin Ballarin, Director of Curriculum in the Grossmont Union High School District, suggests that freezard

can be less slippery if individuals donate time, services and financial support to schools or school districts. Many schools use volunteers or outside arts agencies to beef up arts education. For a list of some of the arts organizations available to work in schools visit aerosd.org

Superb chef, Superdiner Superdiners are the U-T’s go-to restaurant panel of chefs, farmers and foodies. And one of them just keeps reaping super accolades. Meet William Bradley. His honors, unparalleled in town, already include Relais & Chateaux’s distinguished Grand Chef title and continuous years of AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five Star Awards designations for his Addison restaurant at the Grand Del Mar. This year Bradley, a native San Diegan, was nominated for Best Chef of the Pacific region by the James Beard Foundation Awards — the Oscars of the food world. Tour San Diego’s edible scene with our hometown chef and his fellow Superdiners each week in Thursday’s Night&Day and online at utsandiego.com/superdiners.








Event Map

2 Locations




H b












Beer & Wine Garden


KidsWalk Presented by











90 776-7


Amici Park








500-517 L

Marketplace Partner








75 740-7

San Diego Visual Arts Network Interactive Art

Washington Elementary School


Music Stage





Dance Stage

317-336 Artes de México (1549 India)




MTS Trolley Stop


County Center/Little Italy (Blue Line)




ADA Accessible Restroom
















County of San Diego Building




Info Booth / First Aid Water Station




Water Station

Artist Locations 325 Abderhalden, Claudia 127 Abeyta, Liz 573 Adamoff, Jeff 212 Adams, Leslee 911 Adams, Charles 1549 India St Alderete, Luis 208 Aldrich, Bart 198 Alexander Salazar Fine Art 503 Alfonso, Rey 134 Alway, Keith 144 Anderson, Kevin 1549 India St Andrade, Esau 217 Anh Ha, Andy 117 Appel, Steve 1549 India St Arango, Adrian 146 Archer, Donald 595 Aref, Sadegh 1549 India St Artes de Mexico 119 Arts in Motion 786 Ashton, Kate 903 Atapour, Hassan 540 Avendano, Manuel G. 336 Babayan, Nobe 356 Bada, Gregory 177 Ball, Arthur 187 Barbey, Thomas 537 Barr, Esther 176 Bate, Jeni 582 Bates, Jim 329 Bebi, Lisa 909 Beier, Mary 333 Benbrook , Ally 343 Blanchard, Dominique 175 Blom, Moni 1549 India St Borja, Cesar 193 Boulware, Sylvia 132 Bowerman, Greg 583 Boxwell, Chuck 340 Brazil, Ron 150 Brush, Chuck 148 Bueneker, Siep Carol Gardyne Studio 1840 Columbia St 571 Carpenter, Sandi 574 Carter, Stevens Jay 199 Casey, Joanne 593 Caudill-Goodhue, Christine 906 Cespedes, Mario 350 Charter-Moorhead, Christine 109 Chen, Xing-Jie 183 Chetelat, Kathy 320 Chill, Nick 320 Chin, Kathy

Artists are listed alphabetically by last or group name.

Artists & Exhibitors highlighted in orange are donating partial proceeds to ArtReach.

Choi, Sang Christopher M Cirello Gallery Cirino, Petyr Clair, Stephanie Cohen, Sheri Conde, Tamara Coopersmith, Justin Cormier, Wil Cranor, Pat Creative Spiritworks Curtner, Richard Daniels, Norm Daube, Sheila Davis, Shay Davis, Paris De La Nuez, Nelson del Aguila, Benito Del Pesco, Belinda DeLeon, Patricia Demeuse, Leticia Desolina Dinauer, Renee Dodge, Dani Doll, Linda Dotseth, Elly Easterwood, Kimo Eastman, Karen Eklund, Bonnie Enyedy, Anthony Erickson, Robin Escalante, Antonio Exclusive Collections Figueroa, Mario Firehammer, Gabriela Fisch, Jeffrey Brian Fish Tales Photography Fishwick, Stephen Foncerrada, Lorenzo Franco, Daniel Frank, Christopher Talbot Freund, Richard Fu, Bannon Fukuyama, Kaori Galindo, Tony Garcia, Paco Gertz, Robert Get Centered Clay Studio Giberson, Brian Giffin, Karen Ginepra, Jo Ann Girala, Adolfo

139 759 353 329 526 227 1549 India St 500 137 327 329 135 319 778 366 912 209 1549 India St 358 502 778 764 375 174 193 235 757 531 320 592 193 1549 India St 759 1549 India St 125 568 583 141 912 1549 India St 130 332 334 778 131 1549 India St 360 235 225 230 556 588

339 Goldgewicht, Hannie 778 Golumbuk, Anne 1549 India St Gonzalez, Angela Gonzalez, Maria del Carmen 1549 India St 742 Gonzalez, Michelle 602 Gonzalez, Paco 912 Gornushkin, Sergey 1549 India St Gorodzinsky, Tobias 572 Gray, Jackson 750 Grover, Jana 1549 India St Guindi, Patricia 240 Gulewich, Michael 345 Hakobyan, Harut 597 Hanson, Erin 562 Harris, Edna 599 Hawks, Leona 514 Haywood, Brent 320 Heaviland, Joanne 207 Hemlock, Thomas 320 Henry, Deborrah 544 Hermann, Michael 218 Hill, James 1549 India St Hinojo, Michel 133 Hoff, Bridget 756 Hoff, Grace 361 Holcombe, Cody 152 Holton, Robert 511 Honeysett, Chris 180 Horne, Ben 372 Horne, Doug 563 Howe, Todd 559 Hughes, Danny 1549 India St Humbertochitl 233 Hunter, Rick 912 Idelchik, Ilya 745 Irelia Fine Jewelry 1549 India St Irigoyen, Carlos W. 527 Jackman, Sharon 232 Jones, Bob 143 Juarez, Edward 348 Kater, David 603 Katsikis, Nicola 367 Keating, Steve 778 Keefe, Kevin 790 Kell, Steve 329 Kellogg, Molly 591 Kelly, Courtney 565 Kelly, Thomas 590 Kerckhoffs, Roy 335 Koehler, Jon 778 Kohl, Lisa 568 Koome, Yvette

Koutsenko, Igor Krainock, Christine Kureshy, Dawn Lacy Huff, Sharon Lambeth, Merle Lee, Gloria Lisa Reinhardt Studio Loli, Simon Lunn, Gina Lynn, Geri Maddy, Michael Main, Jennifer Mandel, Judy Mansfield, Carol Marble, Robert Marquez, Rennie Rau Marquez, Victoria Marshall Arts Blown Glass Martinez-Pena, Alejandro Mayberry, Thomas McGinnis, Kevin McHugh, Jen Miao, Yen-Ping Michael Hall Fine Art Mika, Laurie Miller, Hasuyo Miller, Jesse Monarrez, Irene Moser, Gary Mulvey, Art Murray, Jeffrey Nation, Laurel Naumburg, Dorothee Nelson, Vaughan Nelson, Janet Ness, Dave Newton, Elliott Nzalamba, Paul O’Brien, Karen Owes, Clyde Page, Carlos Palmer, Michelle Parent, Doug Patsko, Sharon Pavalonis, Jason Pecoff, Grant Pembroke, Gene Perchersky, Barry Perkins Art Studio Phillips, Michael Pickern, Harold Poon, Gary

546 576 762 778 580 759 579 229 544 601 234 754 311 193 184 567 760 178 1549 India St 741 223 778 749 203 766 181 313 1549 India St 145 235 605 155 501 566 568 344 740 216 768 119 224 235 307 235 190 534 302 235 550 363 508 914

Artist, Exhibitor & Marketplace Locations Prochnow, Ken Purr-Deux Collaborative Art Ray Street Artists Reding, Louise Renner, Paul Ricksecker, Julianne Ring, Noreen Rivera, Hugo Roa, Patricia Robinson, Amos Rodgers, Linda Rodriguez, Maria Evangelina Ronan, Susan Rubi Glass Rubinstein, Hong Ryan, Daniel Salamon, Bradford J. Salazar, Susan Samins, Sally San Diego Sculptors Guild San Dieguito Art Guild Sands, Niki Santana, Gustavo Santillan, Ligia Schindler, Marna Schraff, Robert Schwartz, Dorit Schwede, Sheila Schwimmer, Christine M. Segovia, Sandra Senour, Robin Serafin, Josh Sheer, Robert Kawika Sherman, Charles Shields, Robert Sie, Lee Silvah, David Simmons, Barbara Skinner, David Skoglund, Tricia Slater, Susanne Slattery, Michael James Smith, Susan K. Sokol, Holly Spanish Village Art Center Stager, Bonnie Stamm, Jan Sted, Richard Steffner, Lynn Stento, Steve Stephenson, Mark Stevenson, Amy Lynn

578 744 778 586 331 587 193 326 1549 India St 509 308 1549 India St 755 105 352 759 907 568 758 912 320 123 577 1549 India St 206 238 121 547 747 912 304 584 369 101 213 328 1549 India St 778 228 778 513 538 568 322 568 329 529 235 787 368 186 364

Stewart, Bruce 320 Strahm, Denise 568 Straub, Monique 312 Sullivan, Elisabeth 231 Summers, Michael 759 Szakacs, Jon 912 Tamir, Ora 136 Taylor, Faith 600 Teyro, Cindy 564 Thaney, Larisa 107 Thesing, Marcus 373 Thiele, Michael & Joah 357 Thomas, Christina 778 Tillack, Pete 522 Townley Gallery 239 Tutwiler, Jim 585 Valadez, Giliberto 1549 India St Valencia, Aida 1549 India St Valero, Minnie 752 Vassileva, Silvia 541 Vicknair, Nicholas 788 Vigallon, Rick 113 Villa, David Tyrone 558 Villicana, Sergio 748 Visual Arts Group of North County 193 Voien, Derek 342 Waco, Michelle 310 Wang, Stephanie 111 Weil, Robert 140 Wells, Pamela 320 Wetsman, Irene 545 Wickersham, Ronald 220 Wicks, Michael 374 Wiemers, David 594 Williams, Richard 303 Winberry, Kim 905 Wise, Amy 309 Wolf, Red 349 Woodward, Mike 506 Woolery, Barry 751 Work of My Hands 151 Wright, Ingrid 214 Yeomans, Jeff 789 York, Brenda 753 Yurivilca, Victor & Yaneth 908 Zamudio, Claudia 1549 India St Zanoff, Marna 583 Zepeda, Masha 1549 India St Zuckerman, Kevin 323 Zuniga, Guillermo 338

Exhibitors ArtReach Broadway San Diego Blue Moon Cymer Dance on the Edge DogTV

Marketplace Partners

Date St tent 530 Cedar St tent 318 India St btwn Fir & Grape Date & India Grape & India Date St tent 532

Downtown News

Cedar St tent 305

Geico Insurance

Beech St tent 168

KPRi (Saturday only)

India St btwn Cedar & Date

La Jolla Playhouse

Fir St tent 777

Lincoln Automotive

Beech & India

Little Italy Assn. Little Italy Mercato Mainly Mozart Mission Federal Credit Union Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Old Town Trolley Penta Water (2 locations)

Date & India Date & India Beech St tent 159 Date & India India St btwn Date & Fir Cedar St tent 300 India St btwn Cedar & Date Fir St tent 776

San Diego CityBeat

India St btwn Date & Fir

San Diego 6 the CW (Sunday Only)

India St btwn Cedar & Date

San Diego Gas & Electric

Date St tent 535

San Diego Home Garden Lifestyles

Fir St tent 770

Anthony Napoli Real Estate Group


Bencotto Italian Kitchen


Blick Art Supplies


Buon Appetito


Burger Lounge


Caffe Italia


Carol Gardyne Boutique & Studio


Craft & Commerce


Filippi’s Pizza


Footwear Etc.


Chef Debra Scott’s Indigo Grill


La Costa Limousine


La Pensione Hotel


La Villa


Masquerade Art of Living


McNabb Martin Contemporary Art


Mimmo’s Italian Village Deli & Restaurant 17

San Diego Performing Arts League

Cedar St tent 301

Nelson Photo


San Diego Reader

Beech St tent 179

Princess Pub & Grille


San Diego Repertory Theatre

Cedar St tent 306

Puerto La Boca


Sogno DiVino




Tazza d’Oro


The Market by Buon Appetito




Vulcan Steam & Sauna


The Waterfront




San Diego Union Tribune ScanDiego

Date St tent 510 Beech St tent 161

Scripps Health

India St btwn Cedar and Date

Shell Vacations

Beech St tent 158

The Old Globe

Date St tent 543

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

India St btwn Cedar & Date

Unleashed by Petco

India St btwn Date & Fir

The Westgate Hotel

Date & Columbia

Whole Foods Wyndham Resorts

India St btwn Cedar & Date Date St tent 542

Presented by:

ArtWalk Performance Schedule Stage 1 • India Street & Beech 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Tom Griesgraber

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM

Robin Henkel Christy Bruneau Josh Damigo Gayle Skidmore

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Bviolin The Heavy Guilt The Lovebirds Steven Ybarra

11:15 AM - 12:30 PM 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

Vanja James Dave Humphries Teagan Taylor Trio Wendy Bailey

Stage 1 • India Street & Beech

Stage 3 • India Street & Date

Stage 4 • India Street & Fir

Tom Griesgraber

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM

Robin Henkel Lenny Morris Manny Cepeda Mockingbird

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Jesse LaMonaca & the Dime Novels The Black Sands The Heavy Guilt Alas de Mosca

11:15 AM - 12:30 PM 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

Trish Hosein Patrick Lanzetta Robert Bondurant Neon Cough

Stage 2 • India Street & Cedar

Sunday, April 29

Saturday, April 28

Stage 2 • India Street & Cedar

11:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Stage 3 • India Street & Date

Stage 4 • India Street & Fir

ArtWalk Snapshots

Presented by:

Photo: Tim Flack, Idynomite Media

Bands & Musicians

The 2012 musical lineup captures the variety and depth of San Diego’s musical pulse thanks to Kevin Hellman, Publisher of San Diego CityBeat, and longtime Mission Federal ArtWalk Music Coordinator. For more information visit missionfederalartwalk.org.

Stage Host Perette Godwin

Alas de Mosca

Christy Bruneau

Dave Humphries


Gayle Skidmore

The Heavy Guilt

Psychedelic, Americana folk, rock, indie theblacksands.bandcamp.com

Latin, jazz, reggae, cumbia, rock • alasdemosca.com

Gypsy funk fusion • bviolin.com

Photo: Chelsea Kent

Photo: Sun and Sparrow Photography

Fox 5 San Diego

The Black Sands

British pop rock/singersongwriter davehumphriesmusic.com

Jesse LaMonaca & the Dime Novels

Americana soul jesselamonaca.com

Multi-instrumentalist and composer • gayleskidmore.com

Raw indie blues psych rock theheavyguilt.com

Photo: Kid Capture

Photo: Daniel Chin Photography

Americana singer-songwriter christybruneau.com

Josh Damigo

Heartwarming vocals/award winning acoustic performances joshdamigo.com

Lenny Morris

Soul-infused acoustic rock/ blues • lennymorrismusic.com

The Lovebirds

Old-timey tunes with a twist thelovebirdsmusic.com

Presented by:

Bands & Musicians

Manny Cepeda


Neon Cough

Patrick Lanzetta

Rob Bondurant

Robin Henkel

Steven Ybarra

Teagan Taylor Trio

Tom Griesgraber

Trish Hosein

Vanja James

Wendy Bailey

The classic Salsero mannycepeda.com

Indie, new wave, jangle pop facebook.com/neoncough

Master slide guitar and country blues • robinhenkel.com

Pop/modern country, singersongwriter • stevenybarra.com

Soul/indie rock, singer-songwriter • myspace.com/ patlanzetta

Eclectic, fun, original, indie-jazz teagantaylor.com

Photo: Lisa Ormely Photography

Pop/blues, rock, soul, singersongwriter • facebook.com/ robertbondurantmusic

Country-flavored alternative rock • reverbnation.com/ mockingbirdsandiego

Chapman stick—12-string mix of guitar, bass and piano technique • thossounds.com

Piano hooks complimenting quirky storytelling facebook.com/trishhosein

A true indie DIY artist vanjajames.com

Pop-rock guitarist, singersongwriter • myspace.com/ wendybailey1

Dance on the Edge Producer thepgkproject.org

Photo: Manuel Rotenberg

Peter Kalivas

Coronado School of the Arts Dance Company cosafoundation.org

Minerva Tapia minervatapia.net

The Defiance Project

Natasha Ridley & Dancers


thedefianceproject. tumblr.com


Brown Bag Dance Company

Flamenco Arana

Opus Mixtus Post Jazz


facebook.com/ OpusMixtusPostJazz

The California Ballet Youth Company

Helix High School

The PGK Dance Project



Cathie Lucas

InnerVision Dance Company


facebook.com/ InnervisionDance

Center Stage School of Dance

LaDiego Dance Theater

Southern California Ballet




City Ballet of San Diego Choreographers &

Lesa G. Williams

Valentina Kouznetzov



facebook.com/ BrownPaperBagDanceCo

Youth Company cityballet.org

Photo: Sue Brenner

Argentine Tango Concepts

Photo: Catherine Yavorsky

Photo: Tim Richards

Photo: Benito Evangelista Dungo

Photo: Su

er e Brenn

Dance on the Edge

This new “event within an event” celebrates the dance community in San Diego. Peter Kalivas, Artistic Director of the PGK Dance Project, has coordinated an ambitious weekend showcasing the variety of dance that thrives in our city. On India Street near Grape • For the schedule visit missionfederalartwalk.org

Photo: Julio Rodriguez

Presented by:


San Diego DanceWorks sddanceworks.com

These youth performers will wow you on the Amici Park Stage. Sunday, April 29 • On Date Street & Columbia For more information visit missionfederalartwalk.org.

Culture Shock San Diego

The Malashock Dance School

Revealing the power and beauty of hip-hop to a diverse audience.

Challenging and fun dance classes for all ages.

619.299.2110 cultureshockdance.org

619.260.1622 malashockdance.org

Presented by:

Youth Performers

The Steel Monarchs Monarch School students— performing for the community since 1999. 619.685.8242 monarchschools.org

Scripps Performing Arts Academy “Dance Aire” Dancing ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical to raise awareness and funds for “Isabella’s Giraffe Club.” 858.586.7834 scrippsperformingarts.com

2012 Business of Art Scholarship Recipient Congratulations to



Mission Federal ArtWalk, the San

Diego Visual Art Network (SDVAN) and San Diego State University School of Art, Design and Art

History have teamed up to provide a deserving SDSU art student with the opportunity to exhibit at ArtWalk. Patricia Frischer from SDVAN is

mentoring Stephanie on all aspects of “the business of art.”

Visit Stephanie in Tent #111 on Beech Street

Marketplace Partners Alexander Salazar Fine Art A 2000 square foot fine art salon featuring national and international mid-career and emerging artists. 640 Broadway • 619.531.8996 alexandersalazarfineart.com Anthony Napoli Real Estate Group If you want the right downtown condo in Little Italy, you have to contact the Anthony Napoli Real Estate Group. 1740 India Street • 619.750.3558 anthonynapoli.com Art Services Professional picture hanging service. Installation/Design/ Residential/Commercial. 619.296.0241 • ihangart.com Bencotto Italian Kitchen Modern Italian meets culinary tradition. Bencotto offers hand-made pasta, freshly prepared 12 hours a day. 750 West Fir Street, #103 • 619.450.4786 lovebencotto.com Blick Art Materials Art supplies and creative materials in the heart of Little Italy. 1844 India Street • 619.687.0050 dickblick.com Buon Appetito Italian Trattoria in the heart of Little Italy serving homemade specialties, great wine list and attentive service. 1609 India Street • 619.238.9880 littleitalyrestaurants.co

Dine, shop and enjoy at these neighborhood businesses that support Mission Federal ArtWalk.

Burger Lounge Burger Lounge incorporates a “guest first” philosophy, premium quality products and an environmentally responsible approach to the fast, casual sector. 1608 India Street • 619.237.7878 burgerlounge.com Caffe Italia


Little Italy’s award-winning espresso bar since 1992 serving breakfast and lunch.

1704 India Street • 619.234.6767 caffeitalialittleitaly.com Carol Gardyne Boutique & Studio Carol Gardyne hand paints silk scarves in her boutique, which also features unique women’s clothing and hand-made leather bags. 1840 Columbia Street • 619.233.8066 carolgardyne.com Craft & Commerce Craft & Commerce is a vintage style bar and restaurant. 675 West Beech Street • 619.269.2202 craft-commerce.com Filippi’s Pizza Grotto The original! A San Diego tradition since 1950. Join us for fun, fast and friendly service. 1747 India Street • 619.232.5094 realcheesepizza.com Footwear Etc.

A full-service shoe store focused on comfort and style! Clarks, New Balance, Aetrex, MBT, Naot, Orthaheel, Dansko, Merrell, Vibram Five Fingers and MORE. 1680 India Street • 619.233.1221 footwearetc.com

Chef Deborah Scott’s Indigo Grill

Chef Deborah Scott’s Indigo Grill showcases food from Oaxaca to Alaska with bold presentations and spectacular colors. 1536 India Street • 619.234.6802 dinecrg.com La Costa Limousine La Costa Limousine provides safe, clean and reliable high-end transportation for corporate and private clients. 1770 Loker Ave West, Carlsbad • 760.438.4455 lacostalimo.com La Pensione Hotel Gracious European style guesthouse accommodations at affordable prices in the heart of Little Italy. 606 West Date Street • 619.236.8000 lapensionehotel.com La Villa Restaurant & Bar La Villa Restaurant and Bar brings sleek, modern design and sophistication together with rustic Italian flavors in a farm-to-table experience making it one of Little Italy’s finest dining destinations. 1646 India Street • 619.255.5221 littleitalyrestaurants.co The Market at Buon Appetito Unique Italian products, fresh produce, specialty cheeses, oils, meats and pastas in the heart of Little Italy. 1605 India Street • 619.237.1335 littleitalyrestaurants.co

Marketplace Partners Masquerade Art of Living This gallery boutique with its “European” ambiance features everything in decorative home accessories and women’s accessories: art, mirrors, lighting, fragrances, jewelry, masks, handbags and unique gifts. 1608 India Street • 619.235.6564 McNabb Martin Contemporary Art Contemporary art gallery showcasing paintings and sculpture from local, regional and international artists. 1990 Columbia Street • 619.546.5888 mcnabbmartincontemporaryart.com Mimmo’s Italian Village Deli & Restaurant Casual dining in a unique Italian village atmosphere. Serving San Diego since 1973. 1743 India Street • 619.239.3710 mimmos.biz Nelson Photo Retail photo sales carrying a wide variety of cameras and photographic supplies. 1909 India Street • 619.234.6621 nelsonphotosupplies.com Old Town Trolley Tours Hop aboard Old Town Trolley Tours of San Diego! Voted San Diego’s BEST city tour! 2115 Kurtz Street • 619.298.8687 historictours.com Princess Pub and Grille San Diego’s original British pub established in 1984. Serving fine European ales and ciders plus local craft beers and a full bar. Best fish and chips in town. Happy hour and live entertainment in a traditional pub ambiance. 1665 India Street • 619.702.3021 princesspubandgrille.com

Puerto La Boca Argentinian Steakhouse Enjoy the true spirit of Argentina. Puerto La Boca brings the taste of world famous Argentinean steaks and wines, great atmosphere and attentive service to Little Italy. 2060 India Street • 619.234.4900 puertolaboca.com Sogno Di Vino Sogno Di Vino, the “Dream of Divine Wine,” features great food, daily specials and authentic Italian nouvelle cuisine. 1607 India Street • 619.531.8887 littleitalyrestaurants.co Starbucks Starbucks purchases and roasts highquality whole bean coffees and sells them along with fresh, rich-brewed Italian style espresso beverages, a variety of pastries and confections, and coffee-related accessories and equipment. Our objective is to be recognized as the most respected brand in the world. 801 West Hawthorn Street • 619.235.4376 starbucks.com Tazza d’Oro Tazza d’Oro, meaning “Cup of Gold,” serves delicious cappuccinos, espressos, homemade pastries and panini to tempt the tongue and revive the spirit. 1603 India St. • 619.795.8370 littleitalyrestaurants.co Vocabulary We have all the tools you need to articulate your personal style at affordable prices. We carry men’s and women’s apparel, baby gifts and home décor. Looking forward to meeting you soon. 414 West Cedar Street • 619.544.1100 vocabularyboutique.com

Vulcan Steam & Sauna A comfortable private men’s club with steam, sauna, whirlpool spa and sundeck facilities. 805 West Cedar Street • 619.238.1980 The Waterfront San Diego’s oldest tavern provides great burgers, honest cocktails and local craft beer. 2044 Kettner Boulevard • 619.232.9656 waterfrontsd.com The Westgate Hotel San Diego’s premiere hotel continues to deliver on its original vision of classic luxury. Acclaimed as San Diego’s finest hotel, the Westgate is beautifully appointed with exquisite European luxuries throughout. The Westgate is located in the heart of downtown San Diego just steps away from the trendy Gaslamp Quarter, fashionable shopping and historic Balboa Park. 1055 Second Avenue • 619.238.1818 westgatehotel.com Whole Foods Offering the highest quality natural and organic products available. 711 University Avenue • 619.294.2800 wholefoods.com Yogurtland Self serve frozen yogurt with 16 non-fat flavors and over 50 toppings including the highest quality fresh fruit. 1670 India Street • 619.544.1818 yogurt-land.com

DOWNTOWN • 333 5th Avenue • (619) 906-4850 • DonovansPrimeSeafood.com

Donovan’s Prime Seafood is the epitome of excellence in sea fare. Seasonal changes and menu options are in tune with the sustainability of our local and faraway waters.

The Energy Behind the Arts Mission Federal ArtWalk Celebrates Not-for-Profit Arts Groups

Be sure to visit this year’s new Dance on the Edge “event within an event” featuring performances by several mostly not-for-profit dance organizations. Many take dance into schools throughout the county and fill classrooms with movement and music. Several theatres, all not-for-profit organizations, can be found at the festival. Stop by the Old Globe, La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego Repertory

Mission Federal ArtWalk is more than a visual art exhibition. Our mission is to celebrate the rich cultural fabric of San Diego by bringing

Theatre or Broadway San Diego tents to learn more about the amazing current offerings that fill these acclaimed stages.

together a diverse cross section of the organizations that nurture

Organizations like San Diego Visual Arts Network (SDVAN) and San

artistic pursuits.

Diego Performing Arts League (SDPAL) serve San Diego by marketing

You might consider some of the not-for-profits you find at ArtWalk unlikely participants. What does Birch Aquarium at Scripps, for example, have to do with art? Educators use art activities to teach

the visual and performing arts to the community. Both of these organizations play an important role in Mission Federal ArtWalk once again this year.

youngsters and families about the ocean, climate and going green. Art

More than 28 not-for-profit groups take part in the festival. Here

and science—it’s a perfect pairing. Organizations as diverse as Sophia

we touch on just a few of them. This community of organizations

Isadora Circus Academy and Rivers of Hope collaborate with ArtWalk,

enriches the event tremendously. Take some time to visit and learn

each bringing their own unique flavor to the festival.

more about these groups, and thank them for all that they do.

LIFM MFC QP4C Ad_Layout 1 3/8/12 12:50 PM Page 1

farmers and foodies meet here

Open every Saturday, 9am to 1:30pm Five blocks of Farmers, Artisan Foods and Specialty Booths on Date Street from Kettner Blvd to Front Street The Mercato is open year-round, rain or shine EXCEPT April 28, 2012 when we make way for ArtWalk. Visit the mini-Mercato April 28 & 29 at Date & India. sdweeklymarkets.com



Rancho Bernardo

Little Italy

16777 Bernardo Center Dr., 92128 • 858-613-1221

1680 India Street, 92101 • 619-233-1221

(In Plaza shopping center near CVS and Big 5)

(At India and Date St., Below the new Prepkitchen)

w w w. fo o t we a re t c . co m

Open 7 days a week

San Mateo • San Carlos • Palo Alto • Los Altos • Sunnyvale • Cupertino • San Jose

September 22 & 23 10 AM - 5 PM Extraordinary Art. Extraordinary Setting. Hilton San Diego Bayfront Park Fine art including painting, photography, sculpture, art glass, jewelry and more Interactive art for families at


Performances by top regional

bands and musicians

artwalkonthebay.org • facebook.com/artwalksd

Think Big. Create Big.

SUCCEED BIG. ArtReach takes professional artists into K-6 schools countywide to provide inspiring hands-on visual art education workshops. Visit the ArtReach activity tent at KidsWalk or stop by tent #530 on Date Street to meet the ArtReach team. Learn more at artreachsandiego.org

of My n o i t r o P A Benefit s e l a S t r A

Mission Federal ArtWalk artists displaying this sign are generously donating a portion of their festival proceeds to ArtReach. Participating Artists*:

Jeni Bate • Dominique Blanchard • Greg Bowerman • Sandi Carpenter Stevens Jay Carter • Shay Davis • Richard Freund • Michael Hall Edna Harris • Robert Holton • Roy Kerckhoffs • Christine Krainock Merle Lambeth • Simon Loli • Judy Mandel • Dorothee Naumburg • Julianne Ricksecker • Sally Samins Niki J Sands • Christine Schwimmer • Lee Sie • Susanne Slater • Michael James Slattery • Mark Stephenson Denise Strahm • Monique Straub • Elisabeth Sullivan • Ora Tamir • James Tutwiler • David Tyrone Villa Sergio Villicana • Michael Wicks go.org

andie artreachs

*As of press time

ArtReach is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization. Tax ID# 39-2067596

619.615.1090 • www.artreachsandiego.org • info@artreachsandiego.org

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