One Place to Another

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an audio walk by rosy naylor cley-next-the-sea, norfolk & portobello, edinburgh

walking the sea line

artist, rosy naylor, invites you to take a walk of 30 minutes to find the sea line, where the sea momentarily meets the land, whilst listening to the recorded audio. Collected sounds, words and murmurs unfold as you make your own journey; whilst listening to the artist’s journey between scotland and north norfolk, and that of another crossing lines and lands. sounds collected from: Portobello, Seafield (Edinburgh) Cley-next-the-sea, Salthouse & Cromer (North Norfolk)

where does the sea today mark its line with the land

mapline of sea’s edge: portobello to cley-next-the-sea

where does the incomer arriving by sea sense the start of a new land

the territorial area of the land one is leaving ends 12 miles out to sea, where it opens out into international waters, measured from the median line half way between high and low tide.

‘One Place to Another’ is commissioned for: Cley19 Contemporary: 4 july to 4 august 2019 & Art Walk Portobello: 7 to 15 september 2019 supported by funding from Hope Scott Trust

rosy naylor is an edinburgh based artist whose practice often involves the spaces we inhabit as we walk. She is also founder and curator of Art Walk Projects. | Instagram: @rosyjnaylor |