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Lawrence R. Armstrong

"Stalk" Layered Metal/Acrylic, 33"x53"x5"

“My work, both in Art and Architecture, is an ongoing exploration of the concept of Layers. I have always been aware of and fascinated by Layers in the Natural and Built Environment. Layers in Space and Time. Layers in Intellect, in Emotion. Synthesis and Interpenetration of Form, of Solid and Void, of Chaos and Order, Simplicity and Complexity.� -Lawrence R. Armstrong


by Sucre

awrence Armstrong is an award-winning American contemporary artist who uses his knowledge and creativity in architecture to create masterful works. He gets inspiration from flashes of light that appear to him spontaneously which are triggered by sensory influences. The unannounced inspirations are derived from the natural environment, a r c h i t e c t d raw i n g s , pieces of music and his numerous travel experiences all over the world. He presents his work in small series and the pieces frequently come out in rapid succession after the first flash. Armstrong's paintings and sculptures represent the ongoing tension that exists between opposing forces. The

opposing forces may be along the themes of emotion, intellect, and paradigms such as chaos and order, solid and void, simplicity and complexity, shapes among many others; all of which are fascinated by the natural and built environment and the forces in space and time. The layered vision work is ongoing scrutiny of the concept of layers. Armstrong explores the depth of layers by connecting visual essentials through color, form, shapes, and texture. He uses unique d et a i l s to g ra b t h e attention of viewers by highlighting elements that were buried in the background. In 'Gestalt' and 'Stalk,' Armstrong explores the concept of layers between two opposing shapes. In both of these works, the two opposite forms "Gestalt 3.0" Layered Metal, 47"x50"x6"