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Where Art and Life meet

Frederike Stokhuyzen with her daughter, Theresa sketching in the Canadian Rockies, Frederike is our Artlife featured artist of the month (see pages 2-3). Be sure to see her exhibition at The Cape Gallery, and see her new book, out in April. For more see

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Photo: John White

ARTLIFE - Where Art and Life Meet


Kalahari Tree, Oil on canvas, 64 x 46 cm

Poppies and dandyliones in Oxfordshire, Oil on canvas, 64 x 46 cm

View of Devil’s Peak from Rondebosch Common, Oil on canvas, 64 x 36 cm

View to Camps Bay from the Glen, Oil on canvas, 46 x 64 cm

Portugese Pines, Oil on canvas, 46 x 64 cm

Frederike painting in situ in the Richtersveld

Be sure to see Frederike’s lavishly illustrated book about her work to be launched by Fernwood Press in April; go to closer to the time for more details See more of Frederike’s work at www. , or


ARTLIFE - Where Art and Life Meet

Table Mountain, late afternoon, Oil on canvas, 40 x 80 cm

Frederike Stokhuyzen – Dame of Disegno Veronica Wilkinson Capturing light and form on site in quick, accurate washes of pen and watercolour, artist Frederike Stokhuyzen transports her unusual views of landscapes back to her studio where she works with a palette knife onto canvas to recreate the scenes that have inspired her. Mountains, with their signature individual striations of geological identification, tree studded slopes and wildlife feature in a prodigious oeuvre that spans 50 years. The word that springs to mind when I visit her Camps Bay studio is disegno, a word coined by Italian Renaissance mannerist and author Federico Zuccaro. Interestingly enough, when she studied at Rhodes University, Frederike was impressed by Walter Batiss whose teaching methods encouraged his students to search for the indefinable ‘essence’ that distinguishes a fine technical effect from the accidental splatter on an easel groundsheet. Zuccaro believed that correct theory would produce good works of art and since the 16th century cogno scenti still rejoice in the celebration of crisply precise and skilled technique. This is the method that captures light and mood to convey an artist’s visual impression of a scene that has been powerful enough to inspire the eye and hand co-ordination recording those ephemeral qualities on paper and canvas. Well-travelled Frederike was born to Dutch parents in Johannesburg in 1938 and earned her degree in fine art at Rhodes University and thereafter obtained a teaching diploma. She travelled to London, spending a year at the Central School of Arts and Crafts where she specialized in the design of stained glass windows before she returned to Cape Town and taught briefly at Herzlia before her marriage to John White. At Herzlia she concentrated on getting her students through their syllabus quickly so that she could get them out of the classroom in favour of the practical exercise of plain air painting. John’s belief in her

talent and his encouragement made it possible for her to embrace motherhood and continue working as an artist after their marriage. She has three daughters, born and raised while she continued developing her art and influencing an appreciation for the visual arts within the intimacy of her home. Telling me that “it’s very difficult to paint Table Mountain without being kitsch” she showed me a painting of a refreshingly different angle to Cape Town’s unique landmark that is a fluent visual symphony in colour, effect and captured scale. The perspective could be unique and this is what distinguishes Frederike’s thorough mastery of her medium. For her, there are never enough hours in a day and she quips that as long as her hand works and her eyes are okay she will continue to share her joy and love for the beauty of this country through her art. Veteran of more than 40 solo exhibitions in South Africa and Europe she has participated in prestigious group shows which include the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, the Royal Institute of British Artists, the winter salon of the Royal Institute, the Society of Graphic Artists (London), the Paris Salon, the Society of Wildlife Artists (London) in addition to commissions for corporate clients both locally and abroad. The Camps Bay studio is neat and uncluttered with examples of her preliminary pen and watercolour studies and finished oil paintings. The paint chariot is poised beside the easel for the quick launch of line and tones that will soon convey recorded landscapes beyond the usual gallery visitors to include those limited by physical disability or economic constraints. In fact the lavishly illustrated book about her work due to be launched by Fernwood Press in April will make it possible to view Frederike Stokhuyzen’s paintings of South Africa’s magnificent natural heritage throughout the world.

Frederike Stokhuyzen in her Studio, Camps Bay, Cape Town

View from Olifant’s Camp, Kruger National Park

Golden Gate, Kwa - Kwa, Free State

Giant’s Castle, Drakensberg

Mielie Field, Free State

Blue Mountains- NSW, Australia

Bains Kloof, Western Cape

Cape Town based Fine Artist Ilse Kleyn with “Eve I & Eve II. Oil on canvas. Size : 1000 x 700 mm each. R4900 each. Contact Ilse at +27 845042814 / +27 21 9814630. or e-mail at ilse@”.

Cape Town based Fine Artist Ilse Kleyn with “Innocence”. Oil on canvas. Size : 125 x 900 mm, R7900, Contact Ilse at +27 845042814 / +27 21 9814630. or e-mail at”

Vicent Dasilva Bronze Sculptures by Vincent Da Silva / / /cell. 074 172 4359 /

Clive van den Berg

Robert Hodgins

Lisa Brice - Editions Available is South Africa’s longest running visual art publication, started in 1997 by Founding Editor Sue Williamson. Twelve years on it remains an authoritative voice on South African contemporary art.ArtThrob is funded by sales of original prints, sold through Editions for ArtThrob. Over the years ArtThrob has been privileged to offer prints by artists Jane Alexander, David Goldblatt and Robert Hodgins. ArtThrob will be at the Joburg Art Fair 2010 to launch the third of our Portfolios with works by William Kentridge, Candice Breitz and Willem Boshoff. Contact Editions Manager Natasha Norman at


Situated in Diep River, Cape Town, Larry is living the creative dream by producing functional metal art as well as steel sculptures.Commissions are undertaken in various types of metal. Larry’s attitude of “Your design or mine” works well in the creative process. This stainless steel Dragon, still under construction, is a sample of his artistic talent. View more of his work at Contact Larry on 082 371 4444, or visit him at Unit A10 Prime Park, Mocke Road, Diep River, Cape Town.

Thelma van Rensburg,

Title: Crystal ball 2009. ed. 1/3, Meduim: Digital collage on Hahnemuhle paper . Size: 100cm x 64 cm, I focus on the feminine and all its accessories, especially related to the masquerade of the feminine. Tel: 0828583958 Email:


Leopard and cubes

Beau van Zyl (012) 998 1835


Archival framing at reasonable prices. Opened by Heidi Erdmann from The Photographers Gallery with Jeremy & Nabeweya Prins (picture). 218 Albert Road, corner Essex Road, Woodstock, contact 082 469 6583

Ilona Petzer : Monotypes and oils Cell: 082 893 6718 :

Yvonne Ankerman

Oil on canvas 60cm-90cm, Cell: 083 280 1693, Email: + Diploma in Art and AWSSA

Sub Rosa Louis Jansen van Vuuren

1 – 14 March 2010

71 Loop Street, Cape Town +27 (0) 21 424 5150 IMAGE Blue Rose (2010); oil and acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm

Art Life March 10  

THE SOUTH AFRICAN Frederike Stokhuyzen with her daughter, Theresa sketching in the Canadian Rockies, Frederike is our Artlife featured artis...

Art Life March 10  

THE SOUTH AFRICAN Frederike Stokhuyzen with her daughter, Theresa sketching in the Canadian Rockies, Frederike is our Artlife featured artis...