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April 2008


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The new Johannesburg Art Strip a testimony to one landlords vision Taryn Cohn talks to Nazir Mussa of Valprop, owners of Chester Court, 142 Jan Smuts Avenue home to The Art Strip

(Clockwise) David Krut Projects, Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary Art, looking up Jan Smuts, inside the Resolution Gallery, ArtSpace Jhb, Art Boppers at the opening of the relocated ArtSpace Gallery, Kim Sacks Gallery and Goodman Gallery border on the artstrip. Spending a day on the streets of Parkwood, Johannesburg, will reveal the way that visual art has been used in urban planning. It is a catalyst for changing the change the face of a neighborhood and has had very real economic spin-offs for a host of other businesses and industries. Chester Court, 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, like the rest of its four immediate neighbors between Wells Avenue and Bolton Avenue, is a typical city structure- a block of flats above shop frontage on this busy Johannesburg street. It was previously home to a motley crew of traders. For several years, a billiards shop sat alongside a tailor from another era, nestled between Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary, David Krut Projects on the one side, and Adult World on the other.

The sidewalks, when they are not littered with rubbish waiting for Pikitup’s irregular visits, are home to the local community of homeless youths, some of whom have been living here for up to 15 years. In 2007 the building was purchased by Nazir Mussa, of Valprop. Valprop was established in 1995, to deliver affordable rental housing in the near city areas of Johannesburg. According to their company profile, they have “without any precedent to follow” learnt “about upgrading derelict buildings. “ Before long the old tenants moved on, and in the space of a few months, each of the four shop frontages were let. Each was let to an art gallery. Both Warren Siebrit’s Modern and Contemporary Art and David Krut

Projects took additional spaces, they were joined by Resolution, a new gallery focusing on digital and new media art, and most recently, the relocated Artspace gallery.

142 Jan Smuts Avenue is a testament to the long term vision about the capacity of the business of art to influence the business of property.

Joining Kim Sacks and the Goodman Gallery on this portion of the “strip” and further down Jan Smuts Avenue, the Everard Read gallery and David Brown Fine Art, (opened only seven months ago), these galleries now form an industry hub.

With Artspace boasting more than 200 guests to it’s opening on the 5th March 2008, the Johannesburg public have welcomed the change.

A short perpendicular extension down 7th Avenue Parktown North, includes Gallery Momo and Moja Modern in this diverse cross section of the industry. Collectively they represent much of what South African art has to offer in all genres, as well as some of the most influential entities in the contemporary art business.

“These businesses here have always been important to the industry, ” says Teresa Lizamore, of her neighbours, ” but now that there are so many new spaces joining the older ones, it seems like we have developed a real critical mass. There is now a more cohesive offering of quality art venues for the Johannesburg audience. “ Mussa owns several buildings in Johannesburg. One of them, also further down Jan Smuts Avenue houses the recently opened Art

Etc. directed by well known ex Johannesburg Art Gallery curator, David Brodie. Mussa cites the quality of audience that this business was bringing to his building as a key reason for focusing on art galleries as a way to increase the property value at his Chester Court location. According to Mussa, these commercial tenants brings up the tone of the area, thus making it more attractive to residential tenants. “For the kind of market I want to attract to these flats, the tenants downstairs are important” says Mussa, who will soon begin a full scale renovation of the flats above. Mussa’s vision has not been unappreciated by other local businesses. Sale E Pepe, a small restaurant and, the only one in the immediate

vicinity, has noted an increased trade and on evenings of openings, the crowds who spill onto the pavement soon move up the street for a late evening meal or cup of coffee. It is also the venue of choice for some of the galleries needing to entertain or host a meeting. The proprietor of the local dry cleaning business, who has been trading here for several decades, believes that the new focus of the strip is a positive influence on upgrading up the strip. “ They are businesses that keep the pavements clean” he notes. While the recent Artfair has put Johannesburg on the map market internationally, locals audiences now have much easier access to see what all the fuss is about!

The Namibian Art Scene at a glance By John Sampson, Director of the Kê-rāh-dāh Gallery of Contemporary Art, and art historian

The National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek. The fine art landscape in Namibia, in recent years, has been characterized by the demise of a number of galleries, and this has impacted significantly on the promotion of visual art as a vibrant and necessary component in Namibian society, as well as on the tiered gallery structures that should pertain. Windhoek, the capital, has the National Art Gallery of Namibia as the national institution, with the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre Gallery providing exhibition space for students and young inexperienced artists. The Omba Gallery, situated in the Old Brewery Complex towards the southern end of town, provides very limited exhibition space and also commits to showing craft from all the regions. Kendzia Gallery is not mainsteam, and is not in the central business district so it misses out on the ebb and flow of the art fraternity. The recently launched Kê-rāh-dāh Gallery of Contemporary Art, an initiative by the artist John Sampson, is a niche gallery, situated just outside of the central business district, and appeals to hardcore purists rather than to general popular taste. The situation at the coast is quite loose in its focus on visual art. The Swakopmund Arts Association

operates out of Woerman House, but could benefit from more public support. In the centre of this coastal town there are now four (4) galleries, which cater to both the tourist sector and the serious collector, as a survival strategy. Die Muschel (The Mussel), The Hobby Horse, Galerie Rapmund, and the recently launched Fine Art Gallery, are all located within meters of each other along the axes of interest in the town. Most of the activity in the Namibian art scene takes place in Windhoek, the capital, with the National Art Gallery of Namibia being a primary venue for locals and tourists alike. It is also the only large exhibition space with a national character to which experienced and mature artists would likely gravitate. The NAGN, by its very nature, is compelled to accommodate artists from different strata of development, which renders its program of annual exhibitions extremely uneven and inconsistent as a result. Since it does not seek to position itself primarily as an institution to which established, mature and already successful artist would preferably aspire to exhibit, the accommodation of works of poor quality and standard from the lower levels of development, have gradually eroded the integrity and reputation of what, should essentially have been an institution of primary interest in the visual art field. The NAGN cannot extricate itself from commitment to the grass roots development intentions of the art fraternity and it, therefore, falls to the private sector to contribute to alleviating a difficult condition, which brings with it problems of a structural nature, and this impacts on the general development and advancement of contemporary art in Namibia. The fact that the University of Namibia does not offer a Fine Art

Degree curriculum, compounds an already complex set of circumstances. Only a small number of Namibians hold degrees in Fine Art, and further study towards post-graduate qualification can only be done beyond the borders of the country. The osmotic process in the visual art field is excruciatingly slow, and the effects are already impacting significantly on the development of a Namibian visual language that resonates with cross-cultural identities within a very small population of roughly 1,6 million people. The Namibia Arts Council was established recently to impact on the provision of material and financial resources across all disciplines, and to engage at a facilitatory level in order to propel the nascent talent and potential onto a more visible and recognizable stage for future development. Namibia’s Fine Art sector, to all intents and purposes, is still poised at a very elementary developmental level. That there is talent is not to be disputed, but the structures for development are not in place. Over the past twelve (12) months the exhibitions at the various exhibition spaces have been nothing more than regular ‘showings’ with very little aesthetic merit. Artists such as Silke Berens provided one of the rare glimpses of what could be. Her work resonates strongly with that of Marlene Dumas and were it not that she is largely unknown and confined to Namibia, her work could carve out an equally desirable reputation on the international scene. Exhibitions during 2007 have set the alarm bells ringing. The standard of work has dropped dramatically. With the Trienale to be held in September 2008, one can only hope that it will herald an interesting period of real development.

New Creativity Coaching designed for artists upliftment offered by Clinical Psychologist Terri Broll

Clinical Psychologist Terri Broll’s type of coaching offers guidance and techniques for resolving blocks, increasing work productivity and developing confidence in the market place.

Terri Broll, a Clinical Psychologist with twenty five years of experience in her field, became intensely interested in the relationship between artist and artmaking when she returned to University to complete a Masters degree in Fine Art. Being both a painter and a mental health professional, she became fascinated with the complex and often agonizing relationship that artists have with their work.

The interactive space between artist and artmaking is both complex and risky, she maintains. Like any relationship it harnesses all of the artists’ conflicts and insecurities,

especially around themselves and their creative potential. Serious artists have a deep and fearful connection with their own creativity and there are good psychological reasons for this. Creativity often confronts artists with both the potential and deficiencies of their inner selves. Making art that is intended to transform and challenge the viewer makes particular kinds of psychic demands on artists, both terrifying and exultant. Often, they live a cyclical existence – sometimes fulfilled and high and other times, low and pessimistic. Because they may have difficulty negotiating this, they can become depressed, alienated and suffer interpersonal problems in marriage and family. This dilemma would also afflict performing artists and creative writers. The unfortunate thing, she has found, is that artists suffer alone with this and are often amazed when they come across other artists who feel the same way. Psychology has an enormous amount to offer working artists. In the United States, Creativity Coaching has fast been developing into an acceptable support system for people in the Arts. To her knowledge, there are few if any resources such as these

in South Africa. Terri Broll is offering workshops and individual sessions catering to the special needs of artists. This type of coaching offers guidance and techniques for resolving blocks, increasing work productivity and developing confidence in the market place. It also addresses the processes involved in choosing and committing to a project, as well as the personality traits that may foster or hinder professional development. These interventions can make all the difference to an artist’s productivity, growth and life satisfaction. At her home in the Natal Midlands, which overlooks the spectacular Umgeni Valley, she hosts exhibitions in her gallery ‘Artworks at KwaNyoni’ the first of which, held during the Hilton Arts Festival, was a resounding success. Although she is based in Natal, she is making herself available to artists in other parts of South Africa via workshops, telephonic and online consultations She can be contacted at or by cell: 083 477 55 99 for more information.

Lize Hugo in Paris - Photographer: André Heyns. (Bottom left )Picasso’s Two women running on the beach - Picasso museum, Right Delacroix’s Liberty leading the People, at the Louvre.

An Intimate Journey of The Art Treasures of Paris led by artist Lize Hugo The well-known Cape Town artist Lize Hugo knows Paris and its great art virtually by heart. Now she has decided to share her love and knowledge of the French capital, its treasures and lifestyle with a select group of similarlykeen art-lovers. She has arranged a special trip to, and an intimate exploration of the City of Light’s magnificent art establishment, its museums and famous galleries to a wellscheduled itinerary. For those keen on something more than the usual tourist art offerings, she has arranged opportunities to get a look behind the scenes, meet the people and miss the unusual throngs and cues. Add a dash of her Parisian streetwise expertise and fellow travellers will pick up a couple of tips first hand. For this first journey to explore the art of Paris, she has negotiated well-priced air tickets and accommodation in charming hotels that

tourist not normally encounter. At least six fully-guided tours of the top museums have been arranged, while those on the trip will get enough time to get to know this great city better. The trip is quite short, but well planned for the on-the-move art-lover. The group will leave from Cape Town on October 6, 2008, and return the 15th after seven wonderful autumn nights in Paris. Hugo will conduct speciality tours of museums like the Louvre, D’Orsay, Rodin, De l’Orangerie, Picasso and Musée Gustave Moreau. In addition, her extended knowledge of the artistic life and historic sights of Paris will be generously shared with fellow travellers. Since spending six months at the famous Paris artists’ residency the Cité Internationale des Arts in 1994, Hugo has frequently returned to get to know and

familiarise herself with the city’s great art galleries and museums. As everyone who has experienced it knows, Paris instils a permanent love affair. Lize Hugo balances hers with thorough knowledge and sense of adventure. The trip includes flights from and back to Cape Town, transport between airport and hotel, accommodation in two-star hotels in the historic and charming Marais area, transport and admission to the museums, as well as notes on the artists and art encountered. For the own-time explorations, she will provide expert advice on speciality shops, boutiques, markets, historical sights, parks, etc. The trip costs R22 000 and bookings must be in by April 21. More information: Lize Hugo Mobile: 079 039 9691 Tel 021 424 5809 (evenings)

MyLifE Charity Art Auction The 11th of April sees a charity art auction in support of the MylifE foundation, a company that works with the street children of Cape Town. The auction is in Hiddingh Hall on Hiddingh Campus, 35 Orange Street. Doors open at 6pm, with a preview on April 10th at 7:30pm. For more information contact or

visit ARTISTS INCLUDE: Christo Coetzee, John Bauer, Sue Williamson, Sanell Aggenbach, Ed Young, Stuart Bird, Gabi Ncgobo, Jeannette Unite, Dan Halter, Lizza Littlewort, Andrew Lamprecht, Rebecca Haysom, Georgina Gratrix, Dale Washkansky and Natasha Norman.

Georgina Gratrix, Party Girls (Lily and Gemma) 2008 oil on canvas

Kuns op KKNK laat duisende inrol Laetitia Pople Die Burger KUNS van sowat R1,2 miljoen is vanjaar by die 14de Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK) verkoop. Dit is die grootste bedrag tot nog toe wat op dié fees deur visuele kuns ingebring is. ’n Portret van William Kentridge deur die kunstenaar Paul Emsley, wat met die BP-toekenning (die grootste ter wêreld vir portretkuns) vereer is, het die groot hupstoot gegee deurdat dit vir ’n bedrag van R195 000 verkoop is. Dié houtskool-op-papier-werk in die tentoonstelling Muse 08 is van die galery íart in Loopstraat, Kaapstad, deur ’n anonieme Kapenaar

gekoop. Die tentoonstelling Kruispad met sowat 66 kunswerke van die kunstenaar Hanneke Benadé is haas uitverkoop.

heerlik opstuur, is op 26 die jongste feeskunstenaar tot nog toe. Hy vertrek binnekort vir drie maande na Switserland, waar hy aan slypskole gaan deelneem.

Theo Kleynhans, kurator van die ­KKNK se visuele kunsprogram die afgelope drie jaar, meen dit is uitsonderlik dat mense in ’n moeilike ekonomie nog die beursie ooprits om kuns te koop.

Onder Kleynhans se hand is keramiekkuns van onder andere Ann Marais, Evette Weyers, Dianne Heesom-Green en Hennie Meyer sentraal geplaas, so ook fotokuns met uitstallings van Adrienne van Eeden, Philip de Vos en Franci Cronjé. Verlede jaar het hy en die kurator Chris Diedericks Flesh, ’n sterk tentoonstelling van erotiese kuns met ’n ouderdomsperk, aangebied, asook ’n tentoonstelling van kitch (onder kuratorskap van Gordon Froud) wat die tonge laat klap én mense laat lag het. Werke van die ontslape kunstenaars soos Alexis Preller,

Dit is vanjaar Kleynhans se laaste jaar as kurator. In die afgelope drie jaar het hy veral skilderkuns weer prominent op die doek geplaas en het hy feeskunstenaars soos André Naudé en Judy Woodborne gelok. Vanjaar se feeskunstenaar, Lawrence Lemoana, wat die SuidAfrikaner se liefde vir spansport maar ook die kuddementaliteit

More artists see similarities to their work at Mr. Price Denise-Louise from Hermanus wrote to us this month with alleged similarities between her work and Mr. Price’s designs

I was fascinated to read about Peter Pharoah’s experience with Mr. Price. (Issue 2 Vol 3) While I am hardly of the caliber of Mr. Pharoah, I have also had the experience of walking into their store in Hermanus and seeing one of my designs for sale without my knowledge or permission. In my case, the dirty was done in such a way that the perpetrators were legally covered – I sought advice and heard that if there is a 15% change in presentation, it becomes an ethical rather than a legal issue. certainly, I could have fought it, if I had about R90million for legal fees and a whole lot of free time! My design was originally on fabric, while the Mr. Price item was a cheaply-framed, nasty plastic-

ceramic 3D picture, meant to be hung on a kitchen wall, I suppose. the steam spirals I had painted were rendered in wire, and my hand-done calligraphic writing had been typed with a similar calligraphic computer-font and printed above. My sympathies to Mr. Pharoah - and I bet there are a whole lot of other people who had a similar experience. I now tell my buyers that if the item looks like mine but does not have my name hand-signed on it, it has been born without my permission. take heart! the universe, which looks at intent as well as action, will sort the perps out accordingly. Regards Denise-Louise Hermanus, Western Cape

Werke van hom geïnspireer deur Arthur Rimbaud se Illuminations is tans in die Rust-en-Vrede-galery in Durbanville te sien. Aanstaande maand stal hy uit in die galery artb in Bellville en op die Inniebos-fees later vanjaar. Hy gee die leisels oor aan Johan Myburg, kunsteskrywer van Die Burger se susterskoerant Beeld.

Theo Kleynhans, kurator van die ­KKNK se visuele kunsprogram die afgelope drie jaar. Foto Ebrahim Pregnolato

Don’t be conned out by the latest art scam Eric Moller writes to us regarding the latest scam that almost worked on him Dear Fellow-Artists and Art lovers This might be worth passing along to everyone on your data base: This week I was nearly the victim of a huge Internet Scam – fortunately my natural suspicion and a moment of clarity prevailed and I checked out the client on the Internet. What a can of worms this opened!

Example of Denise-Louise work that she claims were copied by Mr. Price

Christo Coetzee, en Sanlam se tentoonstelling van Adriaan van Zyl se werk, asook dié van die ou meesters Maggie Laubser, Gerard Sekoto en Johannes Meintjes uit die Sanlam-kunsversameling, was ook in sy termyn op die fees te sien. Kleynhans meen hy gaan nou tyd hê om weer op sy eie kuns te fokus.

The scam is complicated, but basically it goes like this: You are contacted via email by someone who sounds very legit. – email address, physical address, tel no’s and all. They want to buy art. They even present you with credit card details – possibly asking you to split the charge over two cards; one might go through or even both. The cards are obviously stolen. Well, once you’re ready to ship, they might ask you whether you could help them out (blahblah, long and sad story) by buying some electronic equipment in your own country and ship together with the art. Well, to make a long story short – you suddenly find yourself without your art, and fraudulent credit card transactions to deal with. Sometimes they work it so cleverly, by over-paying, that you end up ‘owing’ them money. The moral of the story: sell through reputable galleries, associations and recognized internet sites. Rather pay that commission and stay safe. For more information, check out the following: scammer-names.htm

below, to me, yes it sounds like the typical scam. Most scammers also use 2 first names... just like “john gary”.

Below follows extracts from the correspondence I got (from Artquest, to whom I reported the incident, and from the scammer himself):

Whatever credit card did go through... I’d call that credit card company and indicate you think you are being scammed... give them details and they will follow up for you... Clients just don’t do this Eric... they do not ask you to buy laptops for them... they do not ask you split payments onto 2 different cards. The client name should match the credit card, etc...

I trust you will find this helpful. Kind regards Eric Moller home/ericmoller FROM ARTQUEST: Hi Eric... The scammer is also using a free email address which is hard to track... Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience. I’ve now added John Gary and the email address happyhome900@ to our scammer name page at: scammer-names.htm It’s people just like you who make all the difference in helping other’s protect themselves. Again, thank you for taking the time to email us. Kat ARTQUEST,INC. PO Box 50291 • St. Louis, MO 63105 • USA Phone: 314-9612400 • Fax: 314-963-7767 Hi Eric... I’m happy to see you are “doing your homework” to protect yourself... From the short email you sent

You were right to go searching for more information... what they ultimately want, is the laptop. Computers they can easily sell and make money on... the charge card I’m sure is stolen... Good luck... Kat FROM THE SCAMMER Hello Eric , Thanks for the reply . Fine below the credit card details . SPLIT THE CHARGES ON THE CARD EQUALLY . Name On Card : John Adeleke Card Number : 46616015232XXXX Cvv : XXX Exp Date : 10 / 10 Card type : Master card Name On Card : John Adeleke Card Number : 54661601523XXXX Cvv : XXX Exp Date : 06 / 10 Card type : Master card

Mushin , Lagos 23401. Nigeria Phone : +234-24237758 Call me as soon as the cards go through . Regards, John. John Gary [happyhome900@] Eric , I did not see your sms and my internet was bad . I am sorry , i will send you an email regarding the balance tomorrow with the laptop spec . Dont send out the order yet because i want you to ship the laptop together with the paintings . I will get back to you tomorrow first thing. Regards, John. Hello Eric , CHARGES ANY OF THE ON THE CARDS FOR THE BALANCE . Name On Card : John Adeleke Card Number : 661601523XXXXX Cvv : XXX Exp Date : 10 / 10 Card type : Master card Name On Card : John Adeleke Card Number : 54661601523XXXXX Cvv : XXX Exp Date : 06 / 10 Card type : Master card Address : John Adeleke 174 Palm Ave. Mushin , Lagos 23401. Nigeria Phone : +234-24237758

Address : John Adeleke 174 Palm Ave.

CLEAR LOOK Introducing to South Africa an exceptional museum quality glass that is non-reflective and absorbs 90% of damaging UV rays while remaining crystal clear It’s not true conservation without museum glass ClearLook and MAXWOODS

27 Hope Street, Gardens, Cape Town T. 021 465 4345 F. 021 465 1916

Normal glass

Flabeg museum glass

Sole distributor of Flabeg Art Glass

Art Opportunities Monthly. Selected for Fine Artists studioNOTES publication.Competitions, Grants,

KEY: AU= Audio, BA = Book Arts, CE = CEramics, CO = COllage, CR = CRafts, CU = CompUter, DR = DRawing, FI = FIlm, FR = FibeR, FU = FUrniture, GL = GLass, GR = GRaphics, IN = INstallation, JE = JEwelry, ME = MEtal, MM = Mixed Media, NM= New Media, PA = PAinting, PE = PErformance, PH = PHotography, PP= PaPer and papermaking, PR = PRints, PS = PaStel, PU = PUblic, QU = QUilt, SC = SCulpture, TX = TeXtiles, VI = VIdeo, WC = WaterColor; WE = WEb or Net art; WM = WaterMedia; WO = WOod. x before code = “except.” RFP = Request For Proposal, RFQ = Request For Qualifications, |N| = New listing, not in previous issue, |C| = Changed since last issue. Other abbreviations: sl = slide, appl = application, digi = digital, CV =curriculum vitae or résumé, K=thousand, M=million, BPS = British Pounds Sterling, EUR = Euro. See back for Guide to Layout of Entries. Opportunities limited to residents of the US except as noted. (We favor international opportunities.) Always download prospectus from web if available or send email or #10 SASE for it or more information. * * ** * All. Deadline: Apr 1 International. 2-day art fair attended by 40K. $35/5 (including one of booth), $250 & up in booth fees if accepted. $10K, promotion. => Amanda Hahn, 46th Annual Fine Art Fair, Peoria Art Guild, 203 Harrison, Peoria IL 61602, USA. 309-671-1093; fax -637-7334;; http://xrl. us/AOM97cL. Media: SC. Deadline: Apr 1 International. Showing 3-6 outdoor works by 3 artists who use natural,

recycled and/or sustainable materials to evoke the images, themes, issues and dreams of sustainable community. Contact for details. $1.5 stipend ea. Jury: arts, civic and sustainability leaders. => Gary Ferguson, Art at the Heart 08, Ithaca Downtown Partnership, 171 E State St, Ithaca NY 14850, USA. 607-277-8679; fax -8691;; http://xrl. us/AOM97ak. Media: 2D on flexible material. Deadline: Apr 1 International. Contribute flat triangular pieces exactly 14.5”x14.6”x15.0” dealing w/ good or bad aspects of religion, population movements, animals, plants, etc., to make geodesic dome to be assembled by Nix in NYC at SOHO20. No fee/1, no limit. Shown in web catalog. => Open the Door Richard, Nelleke Nix, Box 375, Mercer Island WA 98040, USA.nixnelleke@ (subject: “dome”). Media: 2D 3D x(PH FR FU CU DI). Deadline: Apr 1 International. Juried exhibit. $35/2 (sl only). $6K cash, merchandise, purchase. Jury: Betsy Dillard Stroud, AWS, DF, NWS; Ben Owen III, potter. => Betsy Heckethorn, July Nat’l Show, Associated Artists of Southport, 130 E West St, Southport NC 28461, USA. 910-790-0323. chickadeestudio@ Media: All wall-hung inc VI & FI. Deadline: Apr 1 International. Invitational, small works (<200 sq. in.) demonstrating dedication to continuance of body of work. No fee/5-10 (sl, inkjet, laser or photocopies or video of recent works), statement re: working process. Booklet of show. => Joanne, 19th Ann. Inv. Small Works, New Arts Program, Box 82, Kutztown PA 195300082, USA. 610-683-6440; fax same;; http://xrl. us/AOM95bp. Media: Appropriate. Deadline: Apr 1 International. 6-wk. exhibitions in 2000 sq ft gallery w/ 9-14’ ceilings. No fee/20, statement, CV, etc, exhibit proposal. Artist fees at CARFAC levels, insurance, travel (where possible), professional installation assistance, documentation, promotion. => Carolyn Bell Farrell, Sr. Curator, Exhibition Submissions, The Koffler Gallery/Koffler Centre of the Arts, Bathurst Jewish Community Centre, 4588 Bathurst St, Toronto ON M2R 1W6 CANADA. 416636-1880x 268; fax -5813; koffler@; Media: Appropriate. Deadline: Apr 1 International. Temporary interior or exterior site-works and interventions on 250,000 sq. ft complex w/ gyms, tracks, ground and wooded areas classrooms, health clubs, etc. No fee/20, project proposal, statement, CV, etc,. => Carolyn Bell Farrell, Sr. Curator, Flex, The Koffler Gallery/Kof-

fler Centre of the Arts, Bathurst Jewish Community Centre, 4588 Bathurst St, Toronto ON M2R 1W6 CANADA. 416636-1880x 268; fax -5813; koffler@; |N| Media: AU etc. Deadline: Apr 3 International. Deposit work in physically and digitally accessible archive of recorded work, any genre -- sound experiments, experimental sound, electro, speech, noise, silence, soundtracks. No fee/1 (2 copies of CD of album or sound piece), contact info. => Slottet, Ingång E, Art is not Mute, The Ersta Konsthall Sound Archive, Uppsala konstmuseum, 752 37 Uppsala, SWEDEN. + 46 18 727 24 84;; Media: Appropriate. Deadline: Apr 4 |+| International. Original and innovative installation or intervention projects to be located anywhere in Cumbria, e.g, on buses, up the fells, under the lakes, in the woods, at the service station, down the pub, around a mountain. No fee/3-6, proposal or details, appl, CV. Possbile help w/ materials costs and expenses, other assistance. Jury: panel of arts professionals. => Steve, FRED - the Cumbrian art invasion, Fold gallery, 3, Walton’s Yard, Market square, Kirkby Stephen Cumbria CA17 4QT, UK. 017683 71561; |N| Media: FI VI. Deadline: Apr 7 International. Juried festival of fiction, animation, docs, experimental or music videos < 60 min, pref. subtitled in Portugese or Engl. No fee/1 DVD (preferred) or VHS preview, register on line. 8 prizes. => Sérgio Gomes, 16th Curtas Vila do Conde, Festival Internacional de Curtas, Int. Short Film Festival, Auditório Municipal, Praça da República 4480-715 Vila do Conde, PORTUGAL. 351-252-646516; fax -248416;; Media: PH. Deadline: Apr 8 International. Juried show of nude form, all photo media, styles and schools of thought. $35/3, $10 ea. add’l , no limit (online submission only). $900, subscription, publication in exhibition CD. Jury: Kim Weston, photographer. => Larry Padgett, The Artful Nude, The Center for Fine Art Photography, 400 N College Av, Ft Collins CO 80524, USA. 970-2241010;; http://xrl. us/AOM96y. |N| Media: All. Deadline: Apr 9 |+| International. Publication by art subscription service of projects that are reproducible in intent: limited edition, artist multiples, or either a part of or a document of a larger work. No fee, proposal w/ sketches, photos, anything to explain idea, links to résumé, statement work samples, etc, sent as PDF or jpg, no more than 3 attach-

ments to submit@thepresentgroup. com or by ground. $500 honorarium, cost of making the piece, 4 of the produced work, exposure, critical essay on line. => Eleanor Hanson Wise, Call for Proposals: Limited editions, The Present Group, 593 8th St #3, Oakland CA 94607, USA. 510-4330584;; |N| Media: VI etc. Deadline: Apr 10 |+| International. Show of innovative work < 3min. making use of technology in creative, ingenious way or based on peculiar, unusual story, incl. narratives, experimental, animations, vj-ing movies and motion graphics. No fee/2. => Levente Kozma, SIMULTAN04 Festival - Screening - Call for entry, Simultan Association, str. D. Cantemir 1/B/4, str. D. Cantemir 1/B/4 Timisoara 300001, ROMANIA.; |N| Media: Mail Art. Deadline: Apr 12 International. Exhibit w/ theme “island,” all concepts, any media, postcard only, any size or shape as long as it can be sent through US Postal Service, as it must. No fee. => B. Reinhardt/T. Jones, Mail Art, College of Staten Island/CUNY, PCA 1P-209, 2800 Victory Blvd, Staten Island NY 10314, USA. 718-982-2563; Reinhardt@mail. Media: NM etc. Deadline: Apr 15 International. Juried show of new and non-traditional media. $25/5. $100. Jury: Paula Katz assist. cur. of art, Columbus Mus. of Art. => Mary Wilson, Unfamiliar Ground, Gallery RFD, 106 N. Green St, Swainsboro GA 30401, USA. 478-237-6873; galleryrfd@; Media: PH DI. Deadline: Apr 15 ~ International. Juried exhibit of images of “reflection-contemplation-musings-fantasy-imagination,” any photo technique. $25/3 (sl or CD). $475. => Kathy Umlauf, International Photography Competition, NWCC Corporate Gallery, Box 690, Barrington IL 60011, USA. 847-956-7966; fax -7980; Media: All. Deadline: Apr 15 International. Shows by individuals or groups, esp. those w/ experimental or exploratory approach. No fee/15-20 (sl, CD or vid <5 min), proposal, statement, CV. CARFAC fees. => Programming Committee, The Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, 103 - 421 Cawston Av, Kelowna BC V1Y 6Z1 CANADA. info@alternatorgallery. com; Media: All x(VI FI). Deadline: Apr 15 International. Juried exhibit. $30/3, $5 ea add’l(sl, prints or CD). Group show, $1K. Jury: Phyllis Braff, pres. Int. Asssoc. of Art Critics, USA section, former New York Times art critic. => Nese Karakaplan, Alpan Gallery Inc, 2 W Carver St, Huntington NY 11743,


These opportunities have been selected from several hundred as most appropriate for serious fine artists, traditional or contemporary. We favor things that are free to the entrants, offer good rewards in relation to the fees, increase the exposure of those accepted, or are prestigious or special in some other way. Where an opportunity seems to be a particularly good fit, we have marked it with..|+| as an “editor’s choice. Entries marked with ~ are generally better for artists living nearby or with limited experience. Please keep in mind that these judgements are made only on the basis of the information available in the prospectus; nothing herein is an endorsement or criticism of any kind. Unlike other listing services, we do not knowingly include for-profit galleries that charge fees to look at slides, individuals pretending to be galleries or contests that exist only to turn a profit for the promoters. (See www. html for some of the reasons.) Please report such listings to us. INTERNATIONAL LISTINGS

USA. 631-423-4433; fax -249-3089;; http://xrl. us/AOM95k. Media: All. Deadline: Apr 15* International. Juried exhibit of work that presents “aspects of life in the countries from which the artists come.” $70/1, but $25/1 if by Dec 31, other discounts. => Application Office, Olympic Games of Art 2008, ARTIADE 2008 N.G.O., 343 Soquel Av PMB 312, Santa Cruz CA 95062, USA.; http://xrl. us/AOM95q. Media: All. Deadline: Apr 17 International. Possible show at New Art Center to include works that are playful, disruptive in nature, and boundary- crossing, perhaps taking systems of order, right/wrong, sacred/ profane, male/female, clean/dirty, and blurring the distinction. No fee, email questions, low-res JPGs or URLS to => Sage Rogers, Trickster Art, Cultural Production, Brandeis University, Box 549110 MS 006, 415 South St, Waltham MA 02454-9110, USA. com. |N| Media: PS. Deadline: Apr 19 International. Juried show. $40/3 (CD or sl). $1.2K+. Jury: Margot Schulzke, PSWC, author. => 22nd International, Northwest Pastel Society, 4641 Claridge Dr SE, Olympia WA 98501, USA. 360-455-0248; bethbrooksart@; Media: Appropriate. Deadline: Apr 20 |+| International. Exhibit of “ideas, designs, descriptions, images, and videos” for a new US White House. $20/1 (drawings, renderings, collages, sketches, descriptions, poems, movies, animations, photographs, etc) online to receive access to special area of website. $8.5K, published in “Surface” magazine, travel and 3 days in The White House Hotel on the Bowery. Jury: Beatriz Colomina, architectural historian, NYC; Stefano Boeri, editor-in-chief, “Abitare” magazine, Milan; John Maeda, pres. elect, Rhode Island School of Design. => Storefront for Art and Architecture,.; http://xrl. us/AOM97ce. Media: VI. Deadline: Apr 20 International. Vid and multimedia event located in historical city centre at the “Steenplein” using 6 containers as screening theatres -- art movies, experimental films, animation films, video clips, etc -- suited for continuous screening (no beginning/end) thru single. No fee/1, no limit (Video-CD DVD-Video, prefer PAL), entry form for each, contact ASAP. => Damien Van herck, here today, gone tomorrow, fst forward>>, Ernest van Dijckkaai 4, 2000 Antwerpen, BELGUIM. video@;

art room

Media: Curatorial. Deadline: Apr 21 |+| International. 5- or 6-wk. shows having at least 2 artists, virtually any theme, esp. by curators or artists acting as curators. No fee/80 (max total; 12 max per artist; sl or CD), 1-3 pg. statement of concept, appl, etc. $1000 stipend, publicity, etc. => Ceci Mendez, Curatorial Opportunity Program (COP), New Art Ctr. in Newton, 61 Washington Pk, Newtonville MA 02460-1915, USA. 617-964-3424;; |N| Media: 2D x( PH CU). Deadline: Apr 30 International. Juried show of miniatures (5x7” max incl. frame) in artist membership gallery. $25/12, $35/3-5, $46 6-7. $1K+. Jury: Sharon Tietjen, painter, CPSA. => Nancy Thompson, 16th Annual Miniatures, Parklane Gallery, 130 Park Ln, Kirkland WA 98033, USA. 425.742.3909; fax -9172;; http://xrl. us/AOM98bz. |N| Media: 2D. Deadline: Apr 30 International. Publishing (color) cover art and (B&W) inner pages, illustrations, occasional cartoons. No fee, submit by ground mail only. Terms negotiable upon acceptance. => Art Editor, The Carolina Quarterly, CB# 3520 Greenlaw Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill NC 27599-3520, USA. cquarter@unc. edu; Media: PH. Deadline: Apr 30 International. Competition for professionals and amateurs w/ awards in 21 categories, traditional or digital methods. $35/1, $20 ea. add’l (online). Masters Cup, $11.5K, published in the awards Annual, Creative Excellence Prize, international exposure and. Jury: Anthony Haden-Guest, art & collecting columnist, “Financial Times,” London; Amy Steigbigel, dir. of photography (NY), Getty Images; Audrey Jonckheer, dir. Worldwide Public Relations, Eastman Kodak; et al. => 3rd Ann. Photography Masters Cup, International Color Awards, 369 S. Doheny Dr Ste 323, Beverly Hills CA 90211, Also offices in UK and Australia. +01 310-499-4394;; http://xrl. us/AOM86q. |N| Media: PH. Deadline: May 1 International. Publication of work on any subject in small independent mag, all processes and techniques. $15/12 (free to subbers, photos [8x10 or smaller] or 300dpi tif/CD, no sl). All entrants who follow rules correctly receive copy of magazine. => Summer Issue (#100), Shots Magazine, Box 27755, Minneapolis MN 55427-0755, USA.; http://xrl. us/AOM76CL. |N| Media: All 2D x(PH CU DI). Deadline: May 1 International. Juried competition w/ 5 categories: portraits and figures, still

, Shows, Public Art. Commissions, Residencies and More. life, landscape, abstract/experimental, animal. $13/1 no limit, students: $10/1 (sl or CD). $25K+ in cash, top winners featured in magazine. Jury: Juliette Aristides, artist, author; Daniel E. Greene, artist, teacher; Dean Mitchell, artist; et al. => 25th Annual Art Competition, The Artist’s Magazine, 4700 E Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati OH 45236, USA. 513-531-2690 x1328;; http://xrl. us/AOM98aL. Media: All. Deadline: May 1 International. Annual juried show. $25/3 (CD). Jury: Yasmil Raymond, assist. cur., Walker Art Center. => Open Door Exhibit, Rosalux Gallery, 1011 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55415, USA. 612-747-3942;; http://xrl. us/AOM97bk. Media: All. Deadline: May 9 International. Shows of work for 09 season. $10/20 (sl or CD), resume, statement. => Heather Green, Galleries 2009, Rogue Community Col., 3345 Redwood Hwy, Grants Pass OR 97527, USA. 541-956-7339; fax -471-3588;; Media: FI VI. Deadline: May 10 International. Juried festival of independent, alternative work. $20-$90/1 depending on length, when submitted (VHS NTSC or Region 1 0 DVD). Gorilla software, free admission, possible broadcast, other prizes. => 14th Annual Brainwash Movie Festival, Brainwash, Box 23302, Oakland CA 94623-0302. 415-273-1545;; http://xrl. us/AOM77w. |N| Media: PA WC PS DR SC x(GL TX JE PH CU). Deadline: May 12 International. Juried exhibit of work depicting any breed of horse in any setting. $40/3 (sl, CD or photos) + $5 processing fee. $2.5K+. Jury: Dawn Emerson, C.W. Nave, Jan Woods, et al. => Shelley Hunter, Fall Open Juried, Kentucky Horse Park, 3915 Jay Trump Rd, Lexington KY 40511, USA. 859-281-6043; fax -6031; shelleyh@; |N| Media: All. Deadline: May 12 International. Shows for 08-09 season, by artists or curators, any theme, but particularl that which is experimental or challenging. $10/15 (CD or DVD [preferred] or sl) descrip., appl, etc. Publicity, etc., honoraria. => Marilyn Ladd-Simmons, Call for Artists, SPACES Gallery, 2220 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland OH 44113, USA. 216-6212314; fax same; info@spacesgallery. org; |N| Media: Mail Art. Deadline: May 15 |+| International. Exhibition and sale of work on the theme Global Warming: A Hot Time in the Old Town!, in artist-run

space. No fee, send by ground (not to exceed 8x10”) or as PDF or jpg < 2MG by email. 30% of sale proceeds to Women’s Wisdom Project, a nonprofit program of the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services. => Ann Tracy, Mail Art - Global Warming, Asylum Gallery, 170 Southgate Rd, Sacramento CA 95815, USA. 916804-6095;; |C| Media: FI. Deadline: May 15 International. Showing several categories (features, short films, animation, docs, etc). $25-$85/1, depending on genre and submission date (or through Screenings, etc., at least 9 special awards. => International Film Festival, Moondance, 970 9th St, Boulder CO 80302, USA. director@moondancefilmfestival. com (subject moondance); http://xrl. us/AOM86ax. Media: FI VI. Deadline: May 15 International. Showing short work by “diverse artistic international voices that define the new trends in independent film and video.” No fee/1, (DVD NTSC or miniDVD),3 images, bio, statement. Fee paid to artists. => Video Installations, aluCine Toronto Latin@ Media Festival, 90 Oxford St Ste 8, Toronto, ON M5T 1P3, CANADA. 416-966-4989;; |N| Media: PH CE MM PA FI/VI AU SC. Deadline: May 24 International. Annual juried show, theme: Freedom. $10/1, max 5 (CD, DVD or email). Top 3 finalists in ea. category shown, all entrants shown on line indefinitely. => Freedom, Altered Esthetics Gallery, 1224 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis MN 55413, USA. 612378-8888; contact@alteredesthetics. com; |C| Media: SC. Deadline: May 30 |+| International. 6-mo. outdoor display of large scale sculptures in area heavily trafficked by art collectors, others. No fee/2 (sl, photos, CDs, etc). $2.5K honoraium for ea. of 18 pieces. => Richard L. Twedt, Pub. Arts Mgr., 2009/10 El Paseo Invitational, City of Palm Desert, 72-567 Highway 111, Palm Desert CA 92260, USA. 760568-5240; rtwedt@ci.palm-desert.; Media: FI. Deadline: May 31 International. Showing work for and by children, categories: adult-produced live action, animation, feature, short, TV, doc, child-produced (3-14). $40-$100/1 depending on type, date submitted (free for children 3-14) (VHS [PAL or NTSC] or DVD). $5K+. Jury: adults and chilMedia Inc, 1517 West Fullerton Av, Chicago IL 60614, USA. 773-281-9075; fax -9075; jessicaw@; |N| Media: All. Deadline: Jun 1 International. Juried exhibit. $30/3, $5

ea add’l, max 7 (sl, CD or 5-min cued VHS or DVD for time-based). Juror’s award, solo show. Jury: Chakaia Booker, sculptor. => 14th Annual International, SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery, 511 W 25th St Ste 605, NY NY 10001, USA. 212-367-8994; fax -8984;; http://xrl. us/AOM97bp.

non-South Asians submitting projects w/ S. Asian content, cast or crew or 2) work w/ a unique voice/message made in South Asia and considered “independent. $25, shorts, $40, features; appl., descrip, 3 screener films, VHS or DVDs (NTSC Format). Achievement awards, $10K+ in-kind and services. => Aroon Shivdasani, 8th Mahindra IAAC Film Festival, IndoAmerican Arts Council Inc, 146 West 29th St #7R-3, NY NY 10001, USA. 212-594-3685; fax -8476; aroon@;

Media: All. Deadline: Jun 1 International. Juried exhibit. $30/3, $5 ea add’l, max 7 (sl, CD or 5-min cued VHS or DVD for time-based). Juror’s award, solo show. Jury: Chakaia Booker, sculptor. => 14th Annual International, SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery, 511 W 25th St Ste 605, NY NY 10001, USA. 212-367-8994; fax -8984;; http://xrl. us/AOM97bp.

Media: Appropriate. Deadline: Various International. Publication of images, etc. No fee, contact first to discuss format and other technical details. => Martine Rouleau, Static: Alarm, London Consortium, Institute of Contemporary Arts, 12, Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH, UK. +44 (0) 20 7839 8669; fax 7930 9896;;

|N| Media: All. Deadline: Jun 10 |+| International. Grants to help realize ideas and proposals for 9th biennial, in Mar 09, esp. those identifying “marginal processes of thoughts, relations and acts arising from art and its vicinities.” No fee/ (CD or DVD), 5-p. appl submitted electronically but other material by air. Funding. => Production Programme, Sharjah Biennial, P.O. Box 19989, Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. maya.; http://xrl. us/AOM98ck (click on production application). |N| Media: All xVI. Deadline: Jun 11 International. Juried show of environmentally themed work. $24/3 (sl or online), statement. solo show, website w/ 20 images. Jury: Leslie Sobel, artist; Lynda Cole, artist; Cindy Melk, H2O Plus founder, CEO. => One Planet, One Experiment, Woman Made Gallery, 685 N Milwaukee Av, Chicago IL 60622, USA. 312-738-0400;; http://xrl. us/AOM98aa. Media: Mail Art. Deadline: Jun 15 International. Contribute decorated white bookmarker or two, perhaps w/ “cultural crosswords” theme, to help Plainsboro Library celebrate connection and community that mail artists create by sharing their work. No fee, no returns. => Emily Townsend, Cultural Crossroads Bookmarkers, 19 Sapphire Dr, West Windsor NJ 08550. |N| Media: WM on paper. Deadline: Jul 28 International. Juried exhibit. $20/1, 2/$35 (sl or CD). $5K+. Jury: Gerald Brommer, AWS, NWS; Jean Uhl Spicer, AWS, NWS. => Director, 29th Annual, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Box 626, Mechanicsburg PA 17055-0626, USA. 717-737-7339;; Media: FI VI. Deadline: ASAP before Nov 08 International. Showing narrative and documentary features and shorts by 1) South Asians living in the Diaspora or

ADVERTISE IN OUR QUALITY BLACK & WHITE SUPPLEMENT FOR SOMETHING YOU CAN WELL AFFORD Our new Black & White Art Times supplement was created from the demand for more fine South African and international art news and information.

When most prices are rocketing skywards, we have deliberately kept our prices re- ally low based on “ Artists prices” i.e. prices that most folk can afford to gain quality access to the huge market the SA Art Times covers monthly.

|N| Media: DI. Deadline: Open |+| International. Curated website for work engaged w/ contemporary ideas, for sale or not. No fee (jpgs or URL by email or Zip or CDs or small format printed proofs). May make work available for sale as downloads or Print on Demand. => Selection Committee, ArtLexis at Spectra Digital, 106 Franklin St 3rd Fl, NY NY 10013, USA.; http://xrl. us/AOM87p. |N| Media: All. Deadline: Open International. Show of forward-looking practices, fruition of innovative ideas, innovative approaches, etc. No fee/10 -20 (CD or DVD), CV, statement or proposal, description, etc. Pays fees corresponding to CAR/FAC guidelines. => Main Space, eyelevelgallery, 2063 Gottingen St, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 3B2, CANADA, USA. 902-4256412; fax -0019;; |N| Media: All. Deadline: Open International. Web presence of 25-300 images, 1-10 videos, blog, etc., on artist-run organization’s site. No fee/25 (on line) or $60/300 for six months. => Wooloo Productions, Choriner Strasse 85, 10119 Berlin, GERMANY. +49 (0) 306 676 3097;; |N| Media: All. Deadline: Open International. Exhibitions that offer new ways to experience art, esp. interactive performance, multi-media installations, experimental work. No fee/20 (slides, photos, etc), proposal. => HotHouse Gallery, 31 East Balbo, Chicago IL 60605, USA. |N| Media: All. Deadline: Open International. Exhibits during 08-09 in gallery at community center, other venues, also related performances, screenings, workshops. No fee/no limit (CD, sl, DVD, VHS or URL),

letter of infroduction w/ concepts for exhibit, proposal for related workshop (optional)résumé. => Nicole DeWald, Gallery Exhibits, City of Greenbelt Dpt of Recreation, 15 Crescent Rd, Greenbelt MD 20770, USA. 240-542-2057; fax 301-220-0561;; Media: VI DI time-based. Deadline: Open International. Showing all forms (ideally 2-8 min ea, esp on themes of typography, translation, life/death or domesticity) that can be documented in digital formats, daily, 5 a.m. to 1 a.m., in Harvard Square to an estimated 53,000 pedestrians. No fee/(send link to an online portfolio to or DVD, CD, mini DV),short bio, website, email contact. => Lumen Eclipse, 248 Beacon St, Somerville MA 02143, USA.; http://xrl. us/AOM97ar. Media: All. Deadline: Open International. Juried online boutique “dedicated to selling the highest quality creations made by hand.” No fee, use online appl. => Artchestra, 610 Willow St Ste J, Alameda CA 94501, USA. 510-769-1830; NewArtist@artchestra. com; MEMBERSHIP |N| Media: 2D 3D. Deadline: Open International. Show on site promoting artists working primarily in realism. No fee to apply/5-12 (CD or email), appl, résumé, $60-100/yr depending on level of membership if selected. => Call for Artists, TraditionalRealism. com, Box 481894, Charlotte NC 28269, USA.; Media: 2D 3D. Deadline: Open International. Supports, encourages and promotes 2- and 3-D arts. No fee/6, 35GBP annual fee. Exhibition opportunities UK and USA, art and craft fair opportunities in the UK, etc. => Laura Elliott, International Association of 2 & 3 Dimensional Art, IATTDA, 8 Greenwood, 47 Wayland Close, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG129LA, UK. 07939282766;; POLITICAL and PEACE |N| Media: All, but limited facilities for VI. Deadline: Apr 8 International. Dada Fair, to be filled w/ “ the most confrontational, thought provoking, and exciting art works, posters, papier-mache figures dangling from the rafters, and whatever else comes along.” No fee, send whatever, statement, email address. => Jeramy Turner, Resurgemus, Cornell University, Risley Hall, Ithaca NY 14853, USA.

|N| Media: FI VI. Deadline: Aug 15 International. Non-competitive, curated year-long festival of independent political cinema, 0-15min, 15-30 or 30+min, any genre, at several locations across Canada (also international locales, contact for details). No fee/1 (DVD). Pub. Perf. License Fees paid. => Submissions, Cinema Politica, PO Box 55097 (Mackay), Montreal QC H3G 2W5, CANADA. info@cinemapolitica. org; Media: All. Deadline: Open |+| International. Online exhibit of anti-war work. No fee/6, submit online as jpgs or as wmv, mpg, avi or mov format, 320x240 pixels up to 15 MB for videos. => Hedva Shemesh, hedart@gmail. com; Media: All. Deadline: Open International. Publication of images in Iranian emag promoting “common ideas about the same subject and sharing talents and experiences w/ world wide artists.” No fee/2-6, submit online as jpg, or tif, minimum 800x600. => BrainStorm Magazine,; Media: FI VI. Deadline: Open |+| International. Seed funding for projects that bring together filmmakers from opposing sides of armed conflict situations worldwide. No fee, submit proposal synopsis, 250 words or less via email then 5-pg proposal synopsis, samples of work, etc. by mail. $10K generally. => Claude Ibrahimoff-Hurley, Conflict Zone Film Fund, Make Films Not War, 39 Mesa St Ste 300, The Presidio, SF CA 94129, USA. 415-561-3104; fax -3111; filmfund@; http://xrl. us/AOM93bL. PUBLIC ART |N| Media: PU. Deadline: Jun 6 International. RFP to create environmentally-friendly lighting for bridge. No fee/10 (CD or DVD), 20 copies of: image list, statement, résumés, all on 3-hole punched paper (also include as PDF on disk). $2-3 million. Jury: public art committee. => Yvonne Wise, Call for Artists: Coronado Bridge Lighting, Port of San Diego Public Art Dpt, Box 120488, San Diego CA 92112-0488, USA. 619-400-4706; fax -686-6434;; http://xrl. us/AOM98cc.

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The SA Art Times has a 7 - 8 000 print and very selected national distribution with a readership of roughly 18 000 multi readers per month Full Page Black and White Half Page Black and White Quarter Page vertical Quarter Page Black and White Features size (Eight of Page) Classifieds ( 50 mm x column width)

R 3 000 R 2 000 R 1 400 R 1 000 R 500 R 50

Since our prices for colour are going up next month (we have not increased these for 2 years straight) we are offering a quality alternative of printing your advert, an- Terms and conditions: All work has to be print ready ( in Jpg or Pdf format), We can design your ad for you at nouncement in Black and White. Your advert will go where the SA Art Times goes a cost of R 300. Adverts must reach us before the Advert deadline of 20th prior to printing. Prices exclude Vat. - and that’s pretty much everywhere in the SA Art Market, but at less the price. Publishers can reject ads that are poor quality and these deemed not in the nature of the newspaper.

For more information call Leone at 021 424 7733 or e-mail

ART OPPORTUNITIES CONTINUED Media: PU SC. Deadline: Sep 30 |+| International. RFP for artist/artist team to design and create welcoming, durable, site specific, static or kinetic work that may include water and light features, for prominent downtown square. No fee/10 (CD), letter of interest, initial concept drwgs or description, 3 refs. $50K budget. => Hamilton, Ohio, City of Sculpture, One High St, Box 545, Hamilton OH 45012, USA. 513-8953934; hamiltonohiocityofsculpture@; Media: PU. Deadline: Open International. Roster of experienced artists for consideration on public art initiatives commissioned via limited calls (invitational opportunities) and/or direct award (single source) contracts. No fee, contact to request Expression of Interest #05-008. Jury: panel of artists, arts and design professionals, Public Art Program staff. => Edwin Whang, Buyer, Finance & Supply (Purchasing), Artist Roster, City of Calgary Pub. Art Prog, CANADA. 403-268-4090; edwin.

RESIDENCIES Media: CE. Deadline: Apr 1 International. Summer at fully equipped studio. $25/6 (CD-Mac), resume, appl. Full or partial funding, some work assistanceships. Jury: Committee of field professionals. => Kiln Gods Residency Awards, Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, 19 Brick Hill Rd, Newcastle ME 04553, USA. 207-8826075; fax -6045; |N| Media: CE. Deadline: Apr 15 International. 3 mo. (single visit or cumulative) for experienced visual artists, designers and architects to work

in clay, even for first time, to develop own work or complete specific project. _35/14 (CD), work plan, refs., etc use online form, moderate charge for studio and housing. Budget for materials available. => Individual residency, European Ceramics Work Centre (.ekwc), Zuid-Willemsvaart 215, 5211 SG ‘s-Hertogenbosch, THE NETHERLANDS. +31 73 612 4500; fax -4568;; |N| Media: NM. Deadline: Apr 15 International. 3 types of 8-week on-site and off programs for women using current technology, any theme. No fee/1, apply on line. $750 artist’s fee paid, work space, tech support, use of equip., etc. => Residencies, Studio XX, 338 Terrasse St-Denis, Montréal QC, H2X 1E8, CANADA. 514-8457934; fax -4941;; |N| Media: All. Deadline: Apr 15 International. Stay of to-be-determined length on artist-chosen theme in artist-run center exhibiting high-quality contemporary art and providing forum for exchange of ideas, support and encourage innovative and experimental art. No fee/10-20 (sl, CD or vid <5 min), proposal, statement, CV. Residency dependent on availability of funding. => Artist in Residence, The Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, 103 - 421 Cawston Av, Kelowna BC V1Y 6Z1 CANADA. info@alternatorgallery. com; Media: All. Deadline: Apr 15 International. 1 or 2 yrs. for research or production in fine art, design or theory, w/ topic of own or project formulated by the institute. EU60, proposal, appl. Studio, EU8840 stipend, use of extensive facilities, etc. => Leon Westenberg, Post-academic Research and Production, Fine Art, Design, Theory, Jan van Eyck Academie, Academieplein 1, 6211 KM Maastricht, NEDERLAND. +31(0)433503724; fax -37 99; leon.; http://xrl.

us/AOM86bc. |N| Media: All ARCH. Deadline: Apr 21 |+| International. Up to 4 mo. in spring or fall at center dedicated to expanding relationships between art, nature and humanity, in Cascade Head National Scenic Research Area, overlooking Pacific. No fee/10-20 (CD); description of project, résumé, 2 recs., appl. Housing, studios, facilities, program administration, print shop, kiln, computers, etc. => Artist & Ecologist Residency Prog., Sitka Ctr. for Art & Ecology, Box 65, Otis OR 97368, USA. 541-994-5485;; Media: All. Deadline: Apr 30 International. 1-2 mo. (Jul & Aug) in high dessert next to Joshua Tree National Park. $25/3-5 (sl or CD), appl, donate 1 work to program afterwards. studio, living space. => Frederick Fulmer, Artist Residency Prog., Joshua Tree Highlands House, 8178 Fleur Rd, Joshua Tree CA 92252, USA. 760366-3636;; |N| Media: PR BA DI NM IN PH. Deadline: May 2 |+| International. Up to 6 mo. of 24-hr access to printmaking, digital and other facilities. No fee/10 (CD-Mac or 10 min DVD-Mac if time based), 1-p. s3/30/2008: statement/project descrip. discussing work intending to pursue at Kala. $3K, exhibition. Jury: Kala Directors and Bay Area cur. => Lauren Davies, 2008 Fellowship Awards, Kala Art Institute, 1060 Heinz Av, Berkeley CA 94710, USA. 510-549-2977; lauren@; Media: All. Deadline: May 5 |+| International. Fall 08 or Winter 09 to work, develop ideas, conduct research. No fee/9 (sl or CD or 3-5 2-min samples if time-based work), appl résumé, recs., etc. Studio, use of media lab, shops, printmaking studio, other facili-

ties, travel allowance, $2K for materials, $3K stipend. Jury: panel of artists, curators, and arts professionals. => Claudia Gonzales-Griffin, Artist-in-Residence Prog., McColl Center for Visual Art, 721 North Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28202, USA. 704-332-5535x22; fax -377-9808;; Media: All. Deadline: May 31 |+| International. 2-6 mo in studio in small village on west coast of Finland to begin or complete work. No fee, artistic documentation (CD only) CV, project plan, appl. Studio space, apartment, etc. => Ateljé Stundars, KulturÖsterbotten, Handelsesplanaden 23, FI-65100 VAASA, FINLAND. +358 6 324 2211; fax -2210; atelje.stundars@; Media: All. Deadline: Jul 15 International. 2-4 wks Nov thru Apr in historic studio/house in national park. $50/6, work plan, appl, recs, etc. Studio, apartment, $500/mo. stipend. => A-I-R Prog, Weir Farm Trust, 735 Nod Hill Rd, Wilton CT 06897, USA. 203-761-9945; |N| Media: All CR. Deadline: Open International. Unstructured time and space for creative individuals to develop new work on Island of Itaparica in Bay of All Saints, across from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. $35/12 (sl, CD/DVD or as approp.), appl., project descrip., résumé, recs, etc. Round trip airfare, private bedroom, studio, most meals. => Admissions, Instituto Sacatar, Rua da Alegria 10, Itaparica BA 44460, BRASIL.; http://xrl. us/AOM87bu. Media: All. Deadline: Open International. For contemp. artists to create new work using experimental materials and techniques. By invitation only, do not apply directly. Work collaboratively w/ FWM’s staff of printers and technicians. Jury: panel of prominent artists and gallerists. =>

The Fabric Workshop and Mus., 1315 Cherry St, Philadelphia PA 191072026, USA. 215-568-1111; fax -8211;;

=> Registry, Hand Papermaking, Box 1070, Beltsville MD 220704-1070, USA. 800-821-6604; fax 301-2202394;;

Media: CE. Deadline: Contact |+| International. Short and long term stays in well-equipped studio for sculptural, functional or experimental work, also woodfire work Oct-May. $10/5-10 (sl or CD), appl, résumé, letter of intent, recommendations, teach 8-week adult class. Semi-private lofted studio, opportunity to exhibit work, electric, raku, and soda kilns. => Residency Prog., The Clay Studio of Missoula, 910 Dickens St, Missoula MT 59802, USA. 406-543-0509;;

Media: All. Deadline: Open |+| International. Juried interactive database of online digital images, slides, video and DVD documenting the work of emerging artists, used by curators, gallerists, collectors, etc.;,separate submission procedures for video. No fee/15, (sl, vid. or DVD), bio, statement; digital work by email only. Jury: Matthew Higgs, director, chief curator. => Curated Artists’ Registry, White Columns, 320 West 13th St, NY NY 10014, USA.;

Media: All. Deadline: Open |+| International. 1 wk. to 1 yr. on small island in Azores (east of Portugal), “surrounded by simple beauty, the abundance of nature, and the company of others in the process of creating.” $20/3, financial info, letter of proposal, 3 rec, CV, $EU30/night donation requested if accepted, some partial scholarships, work exchange. Studio space, private bedroom, shared bath, etc., possible financial assistance. => Adrianna Jonet, Residencies 2008, Footpaths to Creativity, 8 Rideout La, Stoughton MA 02072, USA. 617-5492452; Media: All. Deadline: Open International. Stay and work on the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean. By invitation only, but artists may send an expression of interest and information about their work. => Fdn Dir, Pouch Cove Fdn, PO Box 693, Pouch Cove, Newfoundland A0L 3L0, CANADA. 800-563-9100;;

RESIDENCIES Geographic limitations |N| Media: PA DR PH SC VI FI AU multi media. Deadline: Open |+| Africa. 3 mo. for African artists to work independently in studio, interact w/ local artists, etc. No fee/10 (sl or other), statement of interest, motivation and plans, online appl, etc. Allowance for meals and materials, travel, insurance, intro to Dutch artworld, etc. Jury: of the Foundation. => Full Residency Program, Thami Mnyele Foundation, Postbus 10768, Amsterdam 1001 ET, NETHERLANDS. +31 20 62 56 274; fax +31 20 62 58 945;; WEB OR INTERNET

|N| Media: PP. Deadline: Open International. For use by curators, review, historical and scholarly purposes, etc. $25/3, $40/6, résumé, statement.

Media: DR. Deadline: Open International. On-line community of people who draw and wish to disseminate their drawing. No fee, email for instructions on how to join, add work to site. => Marion Ray Behr, Drawing Blog. A.; http://xrl. us/AOM86da.

Studio Space Sought

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Art Times Classifieds Art Jobs Offered

WANTED Gallery Manager The Strydom Gallery requires a confident Manager who will be responsible for the daily running and expansion of the gallery, which has operated successfully from George for the last 40 years. The role demands a combination of business acumen, IT knowledge, interpersonal skills and marketing abilities in addition to an interest in fine art. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in coping with high levels of responsibility, managing staff and the ability to show initiative. Salary negotiable. Typical activities include: • Active marketing and promotion of the gallery nationally, by extending the client database, promoting exhibitions and work by individual artists, inter alia through web-based marketing and customer relationship management; • Financial and physical control and record keeping, including cataloguing acquisitions, keeping records and archives and dealing with finances and accounts; • Managing and motivating staff; • Co-ordinating the efforts of the Art Material, Printmaking, Framing and Art Education departments; • keeping up to date with industry developments; Please email your CV to Closing Date: 25 April 2008

Art Jobs Sought Professional Artist

Art Services Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Qualified, reliable artist seeking permanent employment in Pretoria region. I have experience in teaching, administration and graphic design programmes such as Photoshop and Coreldraw. Please contact me for my cv or examples of my work. Adelle Herselman 082 923 5063

Qualified, reliable artist available for commisioned designs, layouts and illustrations throughout the country. I am skilled in traditional media as well as Photoshop and Coreldraw. Please contact me for my cv or examples of my work. Adelle Herselman 082 923 5063


Special on our canvasses

We are always looking for any studio space to advertise. Be it part of a communal space, garage, office we always have constant request. Email details of your space to us at

Studio Space Offered

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Order or phone for price list : Schalk 073 1606844

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Advertise your art job vacancy here for R 50 per month and reach over 18 000 Art Times readers per month, who range from art lovers, art professionals.

Advertise your services here for R 50 per month and reach over 18 000 Art Times readers per month, who range from art lovers, art professionals.

For further enquiries and rates card email us at

For further enquiries and rates card email us at 14 Irene Avenue Somerset West

We are always looking for any studio space to advertise. Be it part of a communal space, garage, office we always have constant request. Email details of your space to us at

MAY ADVERTISING SPECIAL Advertise your Studio Space for hire, or Seeking Studio Space here for R 50 per month and reach over 18 000 Art Times readers per month, who range from art lovers, art professionals. For further enquiries and rates card email us at

Your art for sale Your Website Art tuition Second hand equipment Art books, old or new Art publishing and dtp Scanning Art services- framing canvasses art transport photograpy etc Advertise here Prices are from R 50 pm Reach over 18 000 Art Times readers who range from art lovers to art professional email for prices

Artspace Jhb Gallery relocates to the heart of the ’artstrip’ in Johannesburg

(Left) Fields by Kim Berman, (Top left) Man Eater by Norman Catherin, (Top right) Mother of all Nation by Nelson Makamo

APS auction to raise funds for student printmakers Patrick Burnett The Artist Proof Studio (APS) in Johannesburg will be auctioning over 150 artworks in April in a drive to raise bursary funds for between 60 to 80 printmaking students studying at the institution. The Newtown-based studio will hold the auction on April 10. The auction will feature works by well-known artists like William Kentridge, Sam Nhlengethwa, Wim Botha, Robert Hodgins, Brett Murray and more. The auction comes at a time when the studio has been hit by a MAPPP SETA bursary funding crisis, which had provided the majority of bursary funding in

previous years. Anne Gordon, a consultant helping the studio with the auction, said any artists who had ever had anything to do with the studio had been approached and they had been “hugely supportive” of the auction in terms of donating works to go under the hammer. “The studio is one of the few places in South Africa where young South Africans can study and they (the artists) recognize that they want to protect the institution,” she said. Gordon said the auction was aiming to raise R360,000 to support between 60 to 80 first, second and third year students studying printmaking at APS. Auctioned

artworks would be priced starting at R500 and the artwork would be on display for preview at APS on Wednesday, 9 April from 10am to 3pm. APS, founded in 1991 by Kim Berman and Nhlanhla Xaba, is a community printmaking studio operating as a centre for artists to gather, learn and find a way to make a living through art. It runs education and outreach programmes that target people mostly from disadvantaged communities. Visit or contact APS on 011 492 1278 for more information. – West Cape News

Advertise in our new Black and White Supplement Our new Black & White Art Times supplement was created from the demand for more fine South African and international art news and information. When most prices are rocketing skywards, we have deliberately kept our prices really low based on “ Artists prices” i.e. prices that most folk can afford to gain quality access to the huge market the SA Art Times covers monthly. Since our prices for colour are going up next month (we have not increased these for 2 years straight) we are offering a quality alternative of printing your advert, Announcement in Black and White. Your advert will go where the SA Art Times goes - and that’s pretty much everywhere in the SA Art Market, but at less the price.

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Terms and conditions All work has to be print ready ( in Jpg or Pdf format) We can design your ad for you at a cost of R 300 Adverts must reach us before the Advert deadline of 20th prior to printing Prices exclude Vat Publishers can reject ads that are poor quality and these deemed not in the nature of the newspaper. For more information call Leone at 021 424 7733 or e-mail

Teresa Lizamore, opens her new relocated gallery in the art strip in Jan Smuts, Rosebank. Artspace gallery has relocated from Fairlands to a new home in Rosebank. Established in 2001, by Teresa Lizamore, Artspace has been showing the work of new and established contemporary South African artists for seven years. Artists such as Walter Oltmann, Wayne Barker, Marco Cianfanelli, Judith Mason, Colbert Mashile, Collen Maswanganyi, Richard Smith and Chris Diedericks have been shown at this gallery, in a series of solo and group exhibitions. Artspace is also well known for its annual showcase of miniature artworks, ‘Oppitafel – a group exhibition project that has run every December for the past four years. The gallery has gone from strength to strength in the past seven years, with several sell-out shows at its location in Fairland, as well as hosting shows at Gallery 157 in Rosebank, and at Constitution Hill. The success of Artspace is thanks in part to the boom in the art industry (both locally and internationally) and to the efforts of its Director, Teresa Lizamore. Lizamore has developed a sound career in the industry, serving as the curator for the Sasol art collection for the past 25 years. She has also served an advisor to Rand Merchant Bank for the past 15 years, and more recently has been appointed to develop a collection for the ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal en Kultuurerenging). She started

and built the Telkom art collection and she curated the first visual arts programme of the Cultivaria Festival, in Paarl, in 2006. She acted as the art consultant for the formalisation of the first Brett Kebble Art Awards in 2003. Artspace takes up a new home at Shop 1, 142 Chester Court, Jan Smuts Avenue, alongside industry heavyweights such as Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary, and David Krut Art Projects and Gallery, and opposite the Goodman Gallery. The venue has been designed by architects Mashabane Rose, architects responsible for the Apartheid Museum, Hector Pietersen Museum, as well as several significant art related spaces including University of Johannesburg’s Art Centre and Goodman Gallery Cape. “We are very excited about this wonderful step in the life of Artpsace.” Says Lizamore, “The new venue will position us in the heart of the visual art activity in Johannesburg, allowing us to contribute more easily to the development of a vibrant hub. We will also now be more easily accessible to our patrons and audience, who have loyally supported the gallery for seven years.” The industry has experienced rapid growth over recent years, and with various city developments underway such as the Gautrain, 2010, and the progress made in the CBC’s regeneration, has made this the right time to invest in our

next step.” Lizamore cites the industries growth over recent years to increased interest in local art by international markets, which has led to an increased confidence by local investors and art buyers. “South African art is still very undervalued financially, while the quality is on a par with international standards. This makes it an attractive investment prospect in the face of the rising prices of American and British art, which has dominated international markets for some time. “ The gallery relocation will be accompanied by a new visual identity for Artspace, a dynamic website, quarterly newsletter and an integrated marketing campaign, which will extend the reach of the gallery, and benefits offered to exhibiting artists. The new gallery opens on the 5th March at 18h30 with a show, entitled Space Fusion, a group exhibition embracing the integration of space through the integration of photography, sculpture and industrial design. Artists and exhibitors include, Sculpture: Kevin Brand, Wilma Cruise, Guy du Toit, Zach Taljaard, Bevan Thornton, Strangelove Industrial Design: Twiice International, Liam Mooney for Whatiftheworld / Design Studio Photography: Carla Crafford , Gerda Genis, Bongiwe Mchunu, Raymond Preston, Thobeka Ndabula, Dale Yudelman, Dudu Zitha

Global Art Times April o8  

Global Art Times April 08

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