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Supporting Local Arts and Culture

From the Editor: Hurray! Open Studios Season in Boston

In 2004, Roslindale Arts Alliance established the first Roslindale Open Studios (ROS). Now in its 14th year, the event is one of many in the Boston area that highlights and celebrates local arts. I love Open Studios and support them any way I can. I remember the first visitors who came to Art Studio 99 during ROS - a couple from London England. They had read about ROS in the Boston Globe section about what was happening in the neighborhoods. I was thrilled to show them our art. Open Studios are very special events and so exciting for artists and neighborhoods. Most neighborhoods in Boston hold one every year, usually run by the local art organization. The original concept was to be able to visit multiple artists workspace within a manageable geographical area. And while this concept of visiting individual studios is still a major part of Open Studios, most neighborhoods also host a group space so artists without a studio can be accommodated. So if you have never been to an Open Studios, make sure this is the year you attend one. You won’t be disappointed. Bring your credit card and purchase some amazing art by local artists. And if you are already an Open Studios aficionado, THANK YOU!


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My personal pick........

Upcoming Boston Open Studios South End - September 15 and 16 - useaboston.com Jamaica Plain - September 22 and 23 - jpopenstudios.com Roxbury Open Studios - October 6 and 7 roxburyculturaldistrict.org Fort Point - October 12-14 - fortpointarts.org/open-studios Mattapan - October 13 and 14. mattapanarts.com/mattapanopenstudios Roslindale - October 20 and 21 roslindaleopenstudios.org Fenway - November 10-11 - fenwaystudios.org

It’s All About Arts Magazine June 2018

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Katherine Gulla: Visual Phenomena
 by Curt Naihersey


Minimalism, in its truest essence, makes the most out of little. As a fine arts student, Katherine Gulla created minimalist paintings. Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, two masters of combining ideas and materials into abstract expressionism, were early influences. Born in California, growing up in New York City, and now creating her visual phenomena here in the Boston area, she has employed her life-long interests in photography, painting, and mixed media to explore nature and light. Gulla’s award-winning work has been shown widely throughout New England and New York during the past twenty years, including exhibits at renowned galleries and museums. Her current commissioned site-specific installation in Cambridge through the



deCordova Corporate Program captured my interest. “Forest” is a project she completed in 2012, consisting of photographic transparencies of tree limbs and branches inserted into Plexiglass tubes. The containers force the twodimensional prints into three-dimensional cylinders. Seeing them at different angles is like walking through a surreal grove of reflections and refracting light…peaceful, meditative, and mysterious. The impetus for this direction began in 1998, while driving the gorgeous Emerald Necklace. Gulla observed a tree’s reflection on the curved rear windshield of a car and wanted to recreate that experience. Leaves and branches became primary subjects of her photographic work. Her first transparent print was on the rear glass windshield of

Bringing Improv to Roslindale By Janice Williams

Roslindale Village is the lucky recipient of a recent

tor, Roslindale Village Main Street; Dan

move by CSz Boston and The Riot Theater, formerly

Murphy, Roslindale Liaison for Mayor Walsh, Office

located in Jamaica Plain. On May 4, 2018 the doors

of Neighborhood Services; Mike Descoteaux, Artis-

opened to the public for the new Rozzie Square

tic Director, Improv Boston; Tom Spataro, Managing

Theater located at 5 Basile Street. These two resident

Director, Improv Boston; Wilda Perez, RISE; Ian So,

improv organizations (The Riot Theater and CSz Bos-

CEO, Co-Owner/Co-Founder, Chicken & Rice Guys;

ton) have already begun offering up a host of fun en-

Co-Founder, Asian Entrepreneurship Foundation; and

tertainment for all ages along with training and other

Stacey Smith, Comedy School Manager, Improv

programs yet unnamed or unimagined. According to


Courtney Pong, Owner and General Manager of CSz

Boston, “We are excited to be in Roslindale as our

to say about the evening, “ It was a wonderful expe-

goal is to offer the resource of quality comedy enter-

rience to sit in a theater just minutes from my home.

tainment and training to diverse audiences. Roslindale

The ComedySportz performance I attended was

is the perfect community to help us with these goals.

absolutely hilarious which was surprising to me for a

Everyone from residents to businesses to the City of

family friendly show!”

Boston has been most welcoming. We look forward to

collaboration with all who are looking to laugh, learn,

ty-nine seats in a spacious 1050 square foot handi-

and have a good time.”

cap accessible facility; two bathrooms; a dedicated

lobby/concessions area separate from the general

The first weekend of shows offered the CSz

Roslindale resident, Kelly Ransom had this

The new Rozzie Square Theater offers: for-

signature match called ComedySportz where two

performance area; and a new stage! The Theater is

teams battle for laughs and points as they make up

MBTA accessible and surrounded by street parking -

scenes, games and songs on the spot. The audi-

free two-hour parking or in a Municipal parking lot a

ence are the judges and a referee helps move the

block away. Once a month the Theater offers an open

fun along. According to the website, “ComedySportz

house. Welcome to the neighborhood.

plays in 30+ cities nationwide, in Europe, and now...

Boston! We’ve been answering the call since 1984”.


square-theater or contact Courtney Pong

Local celebrity judges for the first weekend of

shows were: Alia Hamada Forrest, Executive DirecIt’s All About Arts Magazine June 2018

For more info visit web site at www.cszboston.

at courtney@cszboston.com.

Rachel Goldberg - Soulful Story Teller via Fine Digital Paintings by Janice Williams

Rachel Goldberg is a fine digital artist and as she likes to say, “a soulful story teller”. Goldberg calls her creations “Artitude Stories”. Born in

Goldberg is International Art Editor for See Beyond Magazine. Goldberg has a large personality and huge heart. She has an unabashed giving spirit. And because she works in digital mode, her studio goes where she goes. Asked about her technique, Goldberg had this to say, “ I create on my iPad and use no Photoshop or specific application, thus each work is unique and tells its own story. There is

Brooklyn, NY and no tracing or projectors used. I begin the same now residing in way as with any canvas and extensively prep my Boston and Stuart, FL, Goldberg has a beautiful artistic spirit. She is fun to be around and is a fascinating study of a woman on the move. She started her digital art career about 5 years ago while living a prolific life of many careers: psychiatric RN/Therapist; Educator in Women Studies at Goddard College, School for Social Change; Program Administrator at nonprofit agencies in drug rehab and the prison system; Promoter of the Music of the Blues; Atlanta, Georgia; Owner of Commercial Real Estate and Mortgage Company and Owner/Curator Osceola32 Contemporary Art Gallery in Florida. Add to that mother and grandmother. I met Goldberg through a mutual friend and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing her thought provoking paintings that she shares often and generously on social media and in exhibits locally and globally. Recent exhibits include: Fort Hill Grill in Roxbury and Dom Parragon Mansion at Manchester by the Sea. She is also getting ready for an exhibit in France. Other art activities include charity work for Defending The Endangered Foundation in LA with actress Jon Mack. It’s All About Arts Magazine June 2018

foundation before beginning. I use a combination of multiple layering, painting, collage, blending and shadowing. My finishing is a combination of highlights, shadowing, blending and adding hues, vibrancy, additional paint, abstract detailing and finally, perhaps the last edit.” Goldberg works with the staff at Pictex on Harrison Avenue in the Sowa district of Boston to print all different sizes of her work for clients. The results are exclusive eye-candy pieces full of color and dimension, revealing (continued)

Rachel Goldberg - Soulful Story Teller via Fine Digital Paintings by Janice Williams (continued)

emotional (sad, loving, fun, interesting, etc.) social stories about life. A client of Goldberg’s, Barbara Barrow-Murray, BNN Lead Studio Instructor & CTV Studio Manager says of the painting she recently purchased, “Broke Down Dancer, makes my heart soar. It rekindles the mind & soul of a retired dancer. For me, it shouts there is life after dance!”. The image, Immersed in the healing Sanctuary of my Joy, chosen for the this month’s cover of It’s All About Arts magazine speaks strongly to the essence of women in today’s challenging and changing society. The naked figure takes a modest position buoyantly suspended in a wash of beautiful blue hues that evoke both sky (spirit, peace and heaven) and water (purity and fertility), while looking strong and confident. It was not easy to pick a favorite as all Goldberg’s work is awe inspiring. Each painting that Goldberg does evokes layers of meaning and visions. According to Goldberg, “messages portrayed in my work are soulful stories that I create. Their

It’s All About Arts Magazine June 2018

mission provokes dialogue and empowerment about our life journey as women of diverse cultures. They heal and raise the consciousness of each of us with the hope of healing hearts and the planet, including our animals”. When asked who her favorite artist was, Goldberg answered in the multiple (much like her own achievements): Kadinskiy, Picasso, Joan Miro and Gustav Klimpt. For more about Goldberg, visit her website at rachelgoldbergartitude.com.

EXPOSED Secrets of an Art Rep ONE HABIT WHICH WILL CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS Sometimes the simple things are the most effective; when we put things in writing they tend to crystallize and strengthen in value. As we are just about halfway through 2018, it’s not too early to begin reevaluating your business goals for the rest of this year and develop a beginning for next year. Creating a business plan is the first step. If you have one, take a look at it again as it will remind you of your goals. It can also serve as a motivation for the rest of the year. If you don’t have one it’s a pretty simple but empowering document to create. Keep it simple and achievable. Do you have

a mission statement? Describe how you see yourself as well as what you do in a brief summary. Who are your ideal clients? How many exhibitions do you want to have in the upcoming year? Do you want to be considered for editorial in art publications? How many proposals do you want to submit for commercial projects? Is this the year to redo your website or start a blog? No matter what the answers are to these questions, the key to changing your business is to WRITE THEM DOWN! Write your goals down, create a time line look at them and revise them on a regular basis. Be bold! Be creative! Express yourself and you will have a greater impact on those around you. Resource: Boston.score.org

lowbudgetrecords.com It’s All About Arts Magazine June 2018

Suzanne Schultz Representing Fine Artists suzanne@canvasfinearts.com

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Goodness Art for a Good Cause by Dina Gardner From series of 30 waves in 30 days All are 8 x10 original pastels professionally framed with top line UV conservation glass. Each painting is $250 and all sales are donated to two charities: the

Pay It Forward Backpack Project (facebook.com/payitforward.org), a grass-roots organization which provides backpacks and winter essentials to Boston’s homeless population and to

SeaLegacy (sealegacy.org), an organization working tirelessly to help save our oceans and environment in an effort to help save our planet. Purchase at Release Well-being Center in Westborough, MA or contact Dina at carpedina@gmail.com


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It’s All About Arts Magazine June 2018

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MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON French Pastels - Treasures from the Vault June 30, 2018 – January 6, 2019 Charlotte F. and Irving W. Rabb Gallery (Gallery 155) mfa.org FOUNTAIN STREET GALLERY, BOSTON July 5, 2018 - July 29, 2018 Unturned Shao Yua Zhang & Fafnir Adamites Opening Reception: Friday, July 6, 2018, 6 - 8PM fsfaboston.com LANOUE GALLERY, BOSTON Kollabs: “Wildwoods” June 1, 2018 - July 1, 2018 lanouefineart.com GUILD OF BOSTON ARTISTS Solo Exhibition: Sergio Roffo Opening Reception – Saturday, June 9, 3-5pm Artist Demo – June 30, 2pm guildofbostonartists.org It’s All About Arts Magazine June 2018

MASS AUDUBON, CANTON Waterbirds: Paintings, Prints, & Sculpture From Mass Audubon’s Collection Through September 2, 2018 massaudubon.org BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY SUMMER READING PROGRAM Each branch will hold weekly “Read Ins” to celebrate the joy of Summer Reading and to help the Boston Public Library reach its goal of one million minutes this summer! If you attend a Read In event your minutes will be doubled. Participants can fill out a form each week at the library to contribute their minutes or enter their minutes online. Check our website for dates and locations and ways to participate to win weekly prizes. All Read In events will occur once a week until August 17, Free. Youth through age 18. bpl.org


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