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Diss Town Guide 2016 -2017

23rd Edition includes

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D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

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The Official

Diss Town Guide 2016-2017 23rd Edition

Committee Basil Abbott (Editor) Mike Bardwell Roland Buggey (Maps) Doreen Collins Beth Dewhurst (Chair) Suzanne Kayne Keith Rackham Judy Ward The information in this Guide is reproduced as it was submitted and, to the best of our belief, was accurate at the time of going to press. The committee and publishers accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies that may have occurred. If you have any corrections, adjustments or additions to make to any of the information in the Guide, please write to: Diss Town Guide, Council Offices, Diss, IP22 4JZ. Town Guide Tel: 650618 email: Cover Illustration: Mike Webb - The view down St Nicholas Street to St Mary's Church Published by: Falcon Publications Design & artwork by: Copy Concept D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


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D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017






LOCAL SERVICES Local Government Emergency Services Additional Information Travel Health, Welfare & Social Services Voluntary Welfare Organisations

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RECREATION Arts, Crafts, Dancing & Music Youth Activities Clubs & Societies Sports & Games

65 77 83 95

EDUCATION Schools Pre-Schools/Nurseries Toddler Groups Adult Education

104 106 107 108

RELIGION Churches & other Religious Groups 109

CAR PARKS Diss Car Parks




Visit for a wealth of information about the town, its community and the Town Council along with forthcoming events in and around Diss.

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Diss is the dark deeps of the Mere, silver in the light, green in the shade. It is the tumbling rhymes of Tudor poet John Skelton. It is the rhetoric of Rights of Man author Thomas Paine who worked here as a staymaker in the 1760s. John Betjeman strode its streets in the 1960s, noted its medieval beams and warned of the very serious threat of overspill. The Fitz Walter family was prominent here in the early Middle Ages. In legend, young Matilda was

Victorian photographers Cleer Alger, senior

poisoned at the behest of King John for

and junior, recorded town life for posterity.

rejecting his advances. The family riches built the church from 1290.

Louie Bryant was mysteriously stabbed to death in 1829, in what is now Louie's Lane.

The plague raged here, Mere Street was

Ethel Le Neve, enigmatic mistress of

ravaged by fire, the Riot Act was read as

poisoner Crippen, was born in a lane off

starving people took to the streets. The

Victoria Road. Two World Wars took their

young men turned out, sometimes in their

toll on the men of the town, commemorated

hundreds, to play camp ball, a kind of all-in

on the memorial on the west face of the

rugby, on Diss Common, now Victoria Road.

church tower. Local footballers Trevor

The Manning family were rectors for 138

Whymark and Matthew Upson both played

years, from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

for England. Diss Town FC won the FA Vase

One of the sons, Thomas, was the first

in 1994. Diss is the carnival, the Christmas

European to reach Lhasa in Tibet and meet

lights and the hundreds of people who turn

the Dalai Lama. 200 years later, his great-

out on those days. The ghosts of the town's

great-nephew, Robert, repeated the

history still walk, with many of the old

meeting. 5,000 people turned out on Diss

central buildings reporting hauntings.

Common in 1742 to watch our last public hanging.

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Diss and the Man in the Iron Mask An enquiry to

particular talents to be accepted in the post

the museum

of parish clerk. The Manning rectors

brought up an

obviously recognised an exceptional person.

intriguing local connection with a romantic 18th century tale. Alexandre Dumas based his story The Man in the Iron Mask on a mysterious prisoner in the Bastille prison. Dumas made the prisoner the king’s brother;

Mattholi was born in Italy about 1770 and died in Roydon in 1859. In 1830 he was a witness at his daughter Matilda’s wedding to Samuel Harper. His son, Michael Mattholi, carpenter, who was married to Jane (nee Frost or Foster) had a string of children: Michael Richard (1832), Edward (1835), Mary Maria (1836), Elizabeth (1839), Henry Mark (1842),

but historians think that he may have been

Margaret Maria (1844), Frederick (1845),

Count Ercole Mattholi who was imprisoned

George (1847).

for reneging on a political deal.

Considering that there were several male

In the early 19th century the Diss parish

Mattholis born at that time, it is surprising

clerk was an Italian called Michael Mattholi.

that the name is not mentioned in any 19th

How and why he came here we do not know.

century directories. But they named only the

But descendant Mark Praeger says that his great grandmother Harriott Hannah Mattholi said that the family had lands and

professional classes. Sons of carpenters would not have qualified, unless they had gone up in the world.

servants in Italy that were taken away from

One of the missing World War One names

them. He suspects that Michael fled as a

added to the war memorial was Leslie

political refugee. He was clearly an educated

Mattholi; and there was a woman bellringer

man at a time when most people could not

in the 1950s of the same surname,

write their own name let alone converse in a

pronouncing it 'Matterley'.

different language. Coming also from a Catholic country he must have had

Basil Abbott

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


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D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

T:01379 644790


St. Appolyn's Crosse Old documents hold much fascination for the many names and features of the town that are long forgotten. Chapel Street was originally Back Lane, while the junction of Mere Street and Victoria Road was called Freshgate. Where was the close called The Clynt in Cock (Denmark) Street? It was probably where the Park Villas are. Where were Inches Lane and Cheaps Lane? The latter was the old name for Factory Lane. Both were said to be near Smith, later Mound and now Mount Street.

John Estaugh to William Manning junior.� So who was St. Appolyn and where exactly was the cross? There are several similar names among the many Catholic saints. As

My Dad, born 1913, remembered when

this was the time of the Reformation, the

there were no houses in what is now

cross was probably destroyed.

Sunnyside, although a 1903 map shows a few cottages there. It was called Mount Street Road then, but may have been previously known as Inches Lane. One document refers to eight enclosures of

A possible candidate is St. Apollonia, depicted in many East Anglian churches including Sandringham, Barton Turf and Somerleyton. She was a nun in Alexandria in the 3rd century AD who is said to have had

arable land and meadow containing 14 acres

her teeth pulled out for refusing to renounce

called the Pound Pieces, near the footpath

her faith. She is thus the patron saint of

from Diss Common to Cock Street. This

dentists. Her Feast Day is 9th February. The

would be what is now Park Road.

picture shows her sufferings as depicted by

“Of these an enclosure of half an acre lying at

the 15th century French painter Fouquet.

the Moore opposite St. Appolyns Crosse,

It was unusual to have a cross dedicated to a

copyholder of the manor of Diss Rectory, was

saint. Standing at what was the southern

surrendered by Edmund Anour to Robert

edge of the town it may have been a

Chyttyng in 1531 and in 1598 it passed from

boundary cross. Basil Abbott D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Local Government two months. It operates a number of committees to oversee its many responsibilities. One of the Town Council’s roles is to lobby the District Council, County Council and central Government to endeavour to achieve a high level of service from these authorities relevant to the needs of local people. It has responsibility for many of the public spaces in the town, including the Park, the

Diss Town Council

Mere, the Market Place, the Cemetery, St.

Diss Town Council is the most local tier of

Sports Ground. The Town Council owns Diss

Local Government which provides services

Corn Hall which is leased to the Corn Hall

for the residents of Diss and surrounding

Trust. A £3 million regeneration project to

areas, with a catchment area population of

restore the Corn Hall and re-landscape the

up to 50,000.

streets of the Heritage Triangle is well

Diss is a thriving market town with a

underway. For more info, visit

bustling market every Friday, a Saturday

Market and a Farmers’ Market on the second

Diss Town Council was gifted the Diss Youth

Saturday in the month. It also has an auction

& Community Centre on Shelfanger Road,

house and a unique selection of independent

which is now a popular venue for a wide

shops in our hidden shopping courtyards –

range of local community groups, businesses

all complemented by our unique Mere, a six

and private individuals.

acre lake in the centre of the town, bordered by the Park.

In January 2015, Diss Town Council was awarded Foundation Status under the new

13 elected members make up the Town

Local Council Award Scheme (previously

Council, led by the Town Mayor,

Quality Town Council). This three-level

administered by the Town Clerk. The Town

scheme is designed to celebrate the

Council meets on the third Wednesday every


Mary’s Churchyard, Rectory Meadow and the

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


successes of the very best local councils and

Geoffrey Tebble (2004), Francis Bradley

to provide a framework to support all local

(2005), Michael Booty (2006), Clifford Bird

councils to improve and develop to meet

& Stuart Ballantyne (2007), Sue Brazier

their full potential. DTC is currently working

(2008), Basil Abbott (2009), Anne Dutton

towards an application for the second level -

(2010), Doreen Collins (2011), Alan Rowe

Quality Status. The Town Council’s website provides a wealth of information. Find out the latest news, events and more about its facilities at

(2012), William (aka Billy) Turner (2013), Suzanne Kayne (2015). Junior Good Citizens Laura Turner (2002), Jonathan Chambers & Claire Rogers (2007), Alice Baillie (2008),

The Town Council offices are open to the

Jordan Longshaw, Robin Lemon, Archie

public Monday to Friday 9.30am – 1.30pm

Hewitt, Alfie Hewitt (2009), Ryan Howell

and for telephone enquiries on Monday,

(2011), Aston Taylor (2012), Shelby Baker

Wednesday & Friday 9.30am-4pm, Tuesday

(2013), Thomas Kembery (2014), Ellen

& Thursdays 9.30am-3pm.

Nicholas (2015).

Contact the Council Offices at 11-12 Market

Honorary Aldermen

Hill, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4JZ. Tel/Fax: 643848.

Cyril Grace (2005), Glyn Walden (2012)


Freedom of the Town

Diss Town Council annually invites

The Royal Anglian Regiment (2012)

nominations for local people who have made an extraordinary contribution to the community. Honoured Citizens of Diss Charles Gardener (1994), Henry Judd (1995), Arthur Wood JP (1996), David Bell & Reginald Wright (1998), Gladys Hancock (1999), Jack Lee (2000), Denis Clarke (2001), The Revd. Ben Sasada (2002),

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Norfolk County Council Norfolk County Council is the strategic authority in Norfolk with a budget of well over ÂŁ1 billion (when spending on schools is included). The Council runs a diverse range of services from recycling centres to adult

leisure facilities, good local affordable housing and thriving small to medium sized businesses. These are surviving and even thriving despite one of the worst recessions in living memory. Unemployment remains well below the national average.

social care; from fire safety to ensuring

South Norfolk people live longer are

schools provide a good education; from

generally healthy, robust, self-reliant and

fixing potholes to boosting Norfolk’s

positive. They are recognised as among the

economy and safeguarding our children.

best and most generous volunteers at local

Norfolk County Council works with a wide range of partners, including the NHS, to ensure the needs of all its residents are met. Your local County Councillor is Mrs Jenny Chamberlin, who can be contacted on (01379) 642740 or email

sports and leisure clubs. In a recent survey of areas across England, people in South Norfolk were questioned alongside thousands of others. The district scored strongly, and in some areas among the best in England, for people treating each other with respect, for a strong sense of belonging, and for the opportunity to influence local decisions. They were overwhelmingly satisfied with the area.

South Norfolk Council

South Norfolk Council leads and promotes this great community. It is innovative,

South Norfolk's villages and market towns,

creative and flexible in the way it changes to

particularly Diss, are bustling and beautiful

anticipate local needs. It has huge pride in

places to visit and stay. Diss is growing with

the place and in the Council and is

new affordable housing, and visionary plans

committed to improving the quality of life in

for great new amenities just south of the

the district. The Council also prides itself on

town centre. Transport links from the

being responsive and accountable,

district to London and elsewhere are strong,

communicating clearly and openly about its

with top performing schools nearby, popular

decisions and actions, and the reasons for

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



For the full range of South Norfolk Council services, people can visit the website at or read the Council's magazine, The Link, which is published three times a year and features news from and by the community. South Norfolk Council hopes you enjoy this them. It prides itself on asking people what they want and need, in listening to what they say, and delivering for them. In the end, the Council also believes in respecting people and putting them at the heart of what it does.


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

excellent guide and that it inspires you to come to South Norfolk and Diss more often.


Emergency Services In an emergency where you need police,

in Park Road and has an establishment of 20

ambulance or fire service assistance

retained personnel. The officer in charge is

urgently call 999.

Watch Manager Karl Hain who is supported

Diss Ambulance Service

by four Crew Managers and 15 Firefighters. Drill night (Training and admin) takes place

The Ambulance Service is based in Owen

every Wednesday evening. Retained

Road on the Vinces Road Industrial Estate. It

personnel have a primary employment

is manned 24 hours a day on a rota system.

elsewhere but are highly trained and carry a

The managers head a team of highly skilled

pager by which they are alerted and report

personnel, including ambulance paramedics

to the station within minutes, when there is

and technicians, who serve an area of about

an incident. The average turnout time is

465 square miles in South Norfolk and North

between two and four minutes. Diss attends

Suffolk. It is equipped with first line and

on average 200 calls a year.

rapid response vehicles, kitted out with the latest resuscitation instruments. The East of England Ambulance NHS Trust, of which Diss is a part, has headquarters at Hellesdon, Norwich, where control co-ordinates requests from patients, doctors and others who have emergency requirements. Tel: (01603) 424255.

Based at the station are two fire engines. These are a Water Tender Ladder and a Rescue Pump. We have two water rescue tenders. Call signs DISP1 and DISP2. The Rescue Pump carries similar equipment to the Water Tender Ladder for dealing with fires, flooding and hazardous materials incidents but carries more specialised

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (Diss)

Collisions. Diss is also a core station in

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is divided

Norfolk involved in the National Resilience

into four areas, Southern, Eastern, Western

program put together by the Government

and Central. These areas are then sub-

after the 9/11 attacks in New York. In the

divided into smaller clusters of which Diss is

event of a major terrorist CBRN (chemical,

part of cluster S4 in the Southern area.

biological, radiological, nuclear) attack on

Thetford Fire Station is the Southern HQ and

the country, the Incident Response Unit from

can be contacted via our main telephone

Hethersett along with the core stations

number 01603 810351. Diss Fire Station is

could be mobilised to any part of the country

equipment for dealing with Road Traffic

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



for the purpose of ‘Mass Decontamination’ of

local problems. The Diss SNT is responsible

the general public. Attached to the station

for Diss and the surrounding villages of

are the Diss Fire Cadets aged from 13 to 18.

Bressingham, Fersfield, Burston, Shimpling,

They meet every Tuesday for training and

Dickleburgh, Rushall, Gissing, Roydon, Scole,

also take part in community activities. The

Shelfanger, Tivetshall St Mary, Tivetshall St

cadet’s leader is fire-fighter Harry Powell. If

Margaret and Winfarthing,

you are interested in joining the retained service or cadets, pop along on the relevant training evening (Retained Wednesday, Cadets, Tuesday) to find out more. Norfolk or visit their website at

Fire and Rescue Service is committed to

In an emergency always call 999. Dialling

making Norfolk safer and offers free ‘Home

999 is a must if you are facing an incident or

Fire Risk Checks’ to eligible persons

crime right now and you need police help

whereby a member of the service will call to

immediately. Such emergencies may include:

your home by appointment and offer fire

• Someone using violence or threatening

safety advice. To find out if you are eligible visit our website: www.norfolkfireservice.

Diss Police Station Inspector Austin leads Diss, Long Stratton & Harleston SNTs. His dedicated team includes

violence • Where there is a danger to life • Serious damage is being or could be caused to a property • A potential criminal has been disturbed or apprehended

five teams of Safer Neighbourhood Team

• A road traffic collision where someone is

(SNT) Patrol officers who will respond to

hurt and/or a danger is being caused to

your calls for service 24 hours a day,

other road users.

investigate the crimes in your area and work

In a non-emergency, you may use the

with the three Beat Managers (one for Diss-

external telephone at the police station

PC James Stables, one for Long Stratton &

which connects you through to the Control

one for Harleston) and PCSOs. The team

Room at Wymondham Headquarters.

work in partnership with communities and other agencies to understand and address 18

To contact Diss SNT call 101, email

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Additional Information statutory, voluntary and community bodies within the town. It is legally recognised as a Community Interest Company, and it is registered as such at Companies House. Contact: Basil Abbott, tel: 650618.

Diss Community Farm DCF is a Community Supported Agriculture project. In other words, we’re a community group who have come together to farm land

Diss Carnival A committee meets throughout the year to ensure that the town has a successful carnival in June. Entries in the parade, stalls on the field at Diss Town Football Club, stewards, committee members and help with funding are all needed. Contact: Doreen Collins, tel: 642018 or email

for ourselves. We share the work, the risks and rewards of food production. For us, it’s about gaining control over the food we eat and how it’s produced, as well as connecting with the wider community and the environment as a whole. We have a site for veg production at Winfarthing where members commit to working on site for a share of the produce. Our vision is to develop a community network to increase the availability of high quality food in the

Diss Community Partnership

Diss area, while reducing the environmental

Diss Community Partnership (DCP) has only

impact of the production, distribution and

one purpose: to improve, in all possible

consumption of food and so contributing to a

ways, the quality of life of everyone who

more resilient and more sustainable

lives in or around the town. The partnership

community. For more info email:

is a membership organisation and tries to

promote the ideas and interests of local

or go to

people. It is bottom up rather than top

down. Launched in 2002, and originally called the Diss and District Development Partnership, DCP works together with D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Discover Diss’ traditional markets The Town Council is calling for new stallholders to its Saturday and Farmers’ markets. Perhaps you know someone who would be interested? Contact us at or 01379 643848 • Buy locally produced food • A wide variety of produce from cakes to garden wares and crafts • Find us @ The Market Place, Diss Farmers Market Every second Saturday 9am - 1pm

Friday Market Traditional bustling market every Friday 8am - 3pm

Saturday Market Every first, third & fourth Saturday 9am - 4pm

Enjoy shopping at Diss markets Follow us on Twitter: @DissFarmersMrkt & @DissTownCouncil 20

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Diss Community Bank Eastern Savings and Loans - Diss Access Point. A branch of Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union Ltd.

Credit Union Current Account is available to provide a basic current account service for those members who need it, or a Pay As You Visa Debit card is available to those who don’t wish to have a full bank account.

Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union Ltd

Membership is open to anyone over 18 years

is a community based financial organisation

of age who lives or works in Norfolk. A

run by its members for its members. Its

special non-membership account for young

community volunteers offer valuable access

savers, called the Junior Savers, is available

to the services it offers. Your money is safe in

for those under 18 years of age. Our Access

the Credit Union as it is authorised by the

Point in Diss is no longer operating. All

Prudential Regulation Authority and

enquiries regarding Eastern Savings and

regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Loans Credit Union should be directed to our

and Prudential Regulation Authority-

Ipswich head office :

Registration Number 213756. It also belongs to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Members who join the Credit Union can both save and apply for a loan at affordable rates of interest and can access a

We will still have contact points in Norfolk should a member of Diss community wish to find out more about our products and services.

range of financial services. Example loans: A

You can call the credit union Norfolk office

Starter Loan of £600 repaid at £20 per week

on (01508) 533842 or email

would take 34 weeks to repay and interest at any time. More

would be £74.83, making the total repayable

information can be found on the Credit

£674.83 (APR 42.58%). An Advantage Loan

Union web site

of £5,000 repaid at £150 per month would take 37 months to repay and the interest charged would be £483.83, making the total repayable £5,483.83 (APR 6.2%). Additional benefits of loan protection and life assurance based on savings, are available at no additional cost for most members. The

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017





RUN ASS NE BUSIIN s he Dis in tth area?


of testimonials from businesses like yours

50,000 Copies delivered by Royal Mail to 200 villages

Thinking of selling or renting? Whittley Parish offer an experienced and personal service with strong local knowledge having been established for over 21 years. Choose an agent who cares. Diss office – 01379 640808 Long Stratton office – 01508 531331 Residential lettings – 01379 640886

local fri endly team o n friendly on Call our local

01284 788623 788623 01284

Experienced • Professional • Successful

For local advertising that works

Newman & Co Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors have been serving local businesses and individuals in East Anglia for over 20 years. We offer a range of services tailored to suit our clients’ individual

needs that include: * Tax Returns Advice and Planning * Preparation of Annual Accounts * Bookkeeping services and Management Accounts Preparation * Business Start-up Advice * Payroll Services including Real-Time processing * VAT Returns and Advice We provide an efficient, friendly and competent service through our professionally qualified staff and believe that there is a real value in developing long-standing professional relationships with our clients. Please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

Supplying Local Business with all their Stationery Requirements Telephone: 01379 688090 Email:


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


music, comedy and theatre to film, live screenings and art exhibitions, has made it one of the most popular venues in the region. During refurbishment works the Corn Hall is taking its most popular events ‘On Tour’ to venues in and around Diss. The Diss Corn Hall Trust, as part of the Diss Heritage Partnership, secured grant funding of £3 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund,

Diss Corn Hall

local authorities and other major funders towards the Diss Heritage Triangle project.

St Nicholas Street, Diss IP22 4LB

As well as enhancing the traditional heart of

Box Office and Gallery hours: 10am-4pm

Diss, and encouraging shoppers to discover

daily, except Tuesday and Sunday.

its great independent shops, restoration

Please note that while refurbishment work is carried out at the Corn Hall, our Box Office will be located just across the road in DesignerMakers21. Tel: 652241. Email:

work will return the Corn Hall to its former glory. You can track progress of the project on The sympathetic new building will incorporate a redesigned and attractive courtyard, a larger and more welcoming foyer and box office and other facilities to

Online: To find out what’s coming and to

provide a more enjoyable and comfortable

book online visit:

experience. Work is due to start in January

Facebook: diss.cornhall Twitter: @disscornhall

2016 and the relaunch is planned for early 2017. Tickets: May be purchased from the Box

Runner-up in the Norfolk Arts Awards

Office in person, by phone during opening

People’s Choice ‘Best small-to-mid-scale

hours, or online. Card payments are

venue’ category in 2014, the Corn Hall’s

accepted (credit cards incur a processing

wide range of quality entertainment from


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Bay Tree B and B

A stylish Victorian town house offering comfortable, spacious bed and breakfast accommodation, quietly situated in the heart of Diss.

T: 01379 651245 M: 07837970471 E:

Lily and Rose, a small exclusive ladies boutique. Oering a good mix of labels, some not widely available. Our styles range from casual everyday wear to a more elegant occasion wear. Shoes and accessories including jewellery also stocked. Open 6 days a week from 10-4.30pm.

1 Cobbs yard. 01379 652052 St Nicholas Street Diss Norfolk IP21 4AB.

TIME OUT COFFEE Whilst you focus on growing the business

Home of freshly made food, locally sourced, cooked and prepared on our premises. Try our traditional English, all day breakfast to our lunch time menu. Snacks, baguettes, sandwiches and cakes also available. Try our great Italian coffee and a varied children’s menu. Pushchair and wheel chair friendly, find us on Victoria Road opposite the supermarkets. Call us on 01379 308064 or check us out on Facebook.

We understand your risks before recommending effective insurance cover Merrick Hill, your local insurance broker for Businesses • Agricultural risks Financial risks • Business vehicles Call: 01379 643444 Chancery House . Victoria Road . Diss . Norfolk . IP22 4HZ


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Location: In the heart of the Old Town of

developed for wildlife and a central meadow

Diss, two minutes from Market Square.

being managed for wildflowers. The

Refreshment facilities: Full bar service is available from 6.30pm (or an hour before show time) and light food at most music events.

management objectives are to involve the local community in future development as an open space nature reserve, for the benefit of both the local people and the local wildlife. Diss Church Junior School, Roydon

Accessibility: Ground floor areas - including

Primary School and local youth

the auditorium, bar and toilets - are

organisations have all made use of Quaker


Wood for outdoor learning. Structured

Wheelchair users should use the side

activities for different age group and

entrance. Please inform the box office when

interests are provided by the management

booking. The auditorium is fitted with an

committee. Working parties are held on the

induction loop available for amplified

first Saturday morning of each month to


carry out a variety of management tasks

Volunteers: The Corn Hall is largely run by volunteers. If you would like to know more about getting involved as a steward, technician, in the box office, or in any other way, email

according to the season. These include tree planting, brush cutting, tree care etc and it will not be long before thinning and production of woodland material will be part of the management. All ages are most welcome at the working parties and no

Diss Community Woodland

special skills are required. If you would just

Quaker Wood lies on Factory Lane between

like to chat and find out a little bit more,

Diss and Roydon. It is owned and managed

then turn up for coffee mid morning on any

by a local voluntary group and is open all the

first Saturday of the month. Running costs

year round. It is planted with a mixture of

are covered entirely by local voluntary

indigenous hardwood species and the first

donations. Significant financial

young trees were planted out in 2008.

contributions, especially those that celebrate

Therefore it is still some way off maturity.

family occasions, are acknowledged by a

However it benefits from some fine mature

suitably engraved plaque at the entrance.

hedgerow oak trees, a pond that is being

For further information on volunteering, the

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


C alifo Ca liforrni nian W Wa aln lnu ut Ha Hallve ve s

ricots A pric Ap ie s rrie ranberr C ra Figs

Pitted Pit ted D Dates ates

Bra B raz zils il s

Almon A lmonds ds d ed alte Salt S ew s hew ash Cas C

F Find ind us us at at 5 51 1 - 54 54 Mere Mere Street, Street, Diss Diss IIP22 P22 4AG 4 AG or onl online ine at: at : w w

• 10 Snooker Tables • Large Pool Room with Six Tables • Meeting Room for Hire • Competitively Priced Bar • Range of Cues & Equipment • Snack Meals & Hot Drinks available Open 7 Days a Week • Sawmills Road, Diss • Tel: 01379 651298 • 26

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


management committee, donations or

of Diss, four nominated by the Town Council

fundraising please refer to the website:

and two co‑opted by the other trustees. It

has four almshouses and makes small grants

Diss Parochial Charity

to residents in the civic parish of Diss where

(Registered No. 210154)

assistance from public funds or other bodies is non-existent or inadequate. Immediate

This Charity is a combination of 13 small

assistance is automatic in the case of

charities partly dating from 1618,

bereavement. Assistance is also available in

originating with gifts of land or property

cases of need or distress and for training

from various benefactors to provide income

where this is within the remit of the charity.

for the benefit of poor persons in the Parish

Apply to the clerk: Sylvia Grace, 2 The

of Diss. Full details can be found on the

Causeway, Diss, IP22 4AW. Tel: 650630.

Charity Commissioners’ Website. It is


administered by seven trustees: the Rector

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Suppliers and installers of Garage Doors, Gates and Awnings

Automation to your existing garage doors and gates available. Fast response RQDOOW\SHRIUHSDLUV&RQWDFWXVWRGD\WR¿QGRXWPRUH

Diss 01379 651959 Ipswich 01473 226509 Visit our showroom for further details on our amazing range of products and speak to our professional sales team. Unit 21 Court Industrial Estate Vinces Road Diss Norfolk IP22 4BF

Emergency Repair Service

COLEMANS REMOVALS & STORAGE Family run - Established 1979

DISS 011091

01379 643881

B.A.R. Memb. No. C114

FREE ESTIMATES, SURVEYS AND ADVICE Grand & Upright Piano Specialists



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Some helpful addresses, phone numbers and

Diss Youth and Community Centre (DYCC)

opening times for town amenities that are

Main Hall

not listed elsewhere. Early closing day: Tuesday Market and Auction Day: Friday Telephone Code: 01379 Hotels/Bed & Breakfast Bay Tree B&B, Diss, Tel: 651245 Cobwebs, 6 Riverside, Diss, Tel: 641388

Up to 100 people capacity. For bookings call 643848 or email Diss Christian Community Church (DC3) For more information on their range of rooms for hire call 644223. Diss Methodist Church Halls and meeting room for hire with kitchen

Hazel Barn, Bressingham, Tel: 644396

facilities. For more info call 651512.

Park Hotel, Park Road, Diss, Tel: 642244

Diss United Reformed Church

Poplar Farm, Fersfield Road, Bressingham,

Range of meeting rooms and halls of various

Tel: 687261

sizes to hire. For more info call 650770.

Saracens Head, Diss, Tel: 652853

Diss Jobcentre Plus

White House, Bressingham, Tel: 688428

See under Health, Welfare & Social Services.



Taylor Road Meeting Room

Norfolk County Library, Church Street.

A modern facility to take up to 55 people.

Tel: 642609

The room is available for hire for receptions,

Opening Times:

parties and meetings. For bookings

Monday: 9.00am –5.00pm

Tel: 644847.

Tuesday: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Roydon Village Hall

Wednesday: 9.00am – 1.00pm, 2.00pm – 7.30pm

A modern hall with all facilities, including a

Thursday: 9.00am - 5.00pm

full stage. For bookings contact

Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Saturday 9.00am – 1.00pm

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Visitors as well as all who live or work in


Norfolk are welcome to use the library. To get your pin number call the Libraries Renewal number 0344 800 8006 and choose Option 0 to be connected to a member of staff. There is free internet access and WiFi for the public. Web address: Markets

Diss Museum is situated in the Market Place in a building called The Shambles, formerly two butchers' shops. There are a variety of displays, frequently changed, about the history of the town and area. Always on display are the Old Rectory Doll's House, old photos and jottings from the Memory Bank. Local firms like Cupiss, Aldrich, Anness and Friday Market: traditional, bustling market every Friday in the Market Place. Friday: 9.30am to midday in St Mary's Hall.

Gaze have all been featured. Panels in the windows depict significant characters and events from the town's past. Outreach activities include: talks to groups and

On sale are clothes, cakes, plants, jumble,

schools, tours of the town (including a

books and bric-a-brac. There are also charity

Murder Tour) and involvement in events like

stalls and refreshments. For details

the Roydon Riots Centenary (1993), Skelton

Tel: 643783.

Festival (2004), Nelson Bi-centenary (2005),

Farmers' Market: second Saturday of every

Betjeman Centenary (2006), Local History

month, at the Market Place. A variety of

Festival (2007), Tom Paine Festival (2009)

stalls selling a wide range of fresh local

and Friends In High Places: The Manning

produce and crafts. Tel: 643848. For more

Story (2011). In 2014 the museum was

info see

behind the project to put the missing names D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Fair Green, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4NQ

All day breakfast, lunches and home-made soup Delicious home-made cakes and treats Fabulous local ice creams Open Tuesday– Sunday 8am-4pm Open Bank Holidays Booking and info 07437 205853

Do you know we do outside catering?

Diss Chiropody & Podiatry Clinic Day & Evening Appointments Nail Surgery Clinic Orthotic/Insole Therapy Foot Care/Advice Various Verrucae Treatments Product Sales Home Visits Available

Mr. W. J. Hutchings BSc. Podiatry HPC reg 01379 640370 1 Roydon Road, Diss, Norfolk 32

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

01379 650020 Memorial Leisure Centre, Wilderness Lane, Harleston


on the war memorial. The museum is

The Park Pavilion

administered by a registered Charitable Trust and supported by Diss Town Council. In 2012 Accreditation was awarded by the Arts Council. Accreditation is the UK standard for museums and galleries. It defines good practice and identifies agreed standards, thereby encouraging development, helping to guide museums to be the best they can be. The museum has won a Gulbenkian Award for the greatest improvements achieved with limited resources. The Tom Paine Festival won the East of England Market Towns Culture Award and a Museums & Heritage Award for Excellence for the best project on a limited budget. The day-to-day running of the museum is largely by volunteers. The Friends of Diss Museum provide stewards and financial support for special projects. The museum is open from mid-March to the end of October. Admission is free. Wednesday & Thursday 2.00pm – 4.00pm Friday & Saturday 10.00am – 4.00pm

The Park Pavilion offers an open air venue for music and drama performances or sporting events and can be hired by community groups and organisations. For example the annual music festival, organised by Diss Rotary Club, is hosted here. The adjoining kiosk, providing a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, snacks and ice creams, is an excellent place to sit and admire the views of the Park and Mere. Visit for more information or to make a booking.

Sunday (May – August) 2.30pm – 4.30pm Museum office and postal address: 11 Market Hill, IP22 4JZ. Tel: 650618. e-mail: website:

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Planting the seeds of success... Please contact us for details of the best local and UK-wide vacancies.


w w 34

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Political Parties Member of Parliament for South Norfolk is Mr. Richard Bacon MP, House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1A OAA. Local Tel: 643728 or 642769. As there are several MEP's for the Eastern Region, it is probably best to use the web link:

active interest in local and national politics and organises social and fund-raising events. Regular meetings take place at venues in the area. Contact: Trevor Wenman, Tel: 641423. Post Offices Main Post Office, Market Place Helpline: 08457 223344 Open: Monday: 9.00am – 5.30pm Tuesday: 9.30am – 5.30pm

If Guide readers do not have internet access,

Wednesday: 9.00am – 5.30pm

they can get details from the Library or Diss

Thursday: 9.00am – 5.30pm

Town Council.

Friday: 9.00am – 5.30pm

Diss & Roydon Branch - South Norfolk

Saturday: 9.00am – 12.30pm

Conservative Association

Local Radio Stations

The local Conservative Branch is based at

Radio Norfolk: FM 95.1 & 104.4, MW 855

the main office of the SNC Association which

& 873

is at "Grasmere" Denmark Street, Diss, IP22

Radio Suffolk: FM 103.9, 104.6, 95.5 & 95.9

4LE. For further details please contact the

Heart Norfolk: Radio FM 102.4

Branch Chairman Cllr. Jenny Chamberlin

Heart Suffolk: Radio FM 97.1 & 96.4

c/o or Tel: 642097.

Park Radio: Frequency to be announced -

South Norfolk Labour Party Secretary: Carol Crouch, Tel: (01953)

check online at Recycling Centres

788278 or for

Tesco Supermarket Customer Car Park:

more information or website

Glass, clothing, shoes, CDs, paper, shredded

paper, wrapping paper, envelopes, books


Morrisons Supermarket, off roundabout at

Liberal Democrats

entrance to car park: Glass, clothing, shoes,

The local Liberal Democrats Branch takes an

paper, shredded paper/envelopes, books

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Tel: 01379 647300 Email: Web: Large modern fleet from 6 to 57 seat coaches Executive Touring Coaches with full facilities & air conditioning Coach Hire, Transfers & Executive taxi service Holiday Tours & Day Excursions UK & Continental Simonds, Roswold House, Oak Drive, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4GX

The Saracens Head 75 MOUNT STREET, DISS (Next door to the Church)

SPECIALISING IN HOME-COOKED FOOD - Freshly prepared, 7 days a week. Lunchtimes and evenings TWO COURSE LUNCHES Monday - Saturday from ÂŁ8.95 SNACKS & MORNING COFFEE - Monday to Saturday SUNDAY LUNCHES - POOL TABLE - BEER GARDEN ACCOMMODATION - Including singles, doubles & family rooms FUNCTION ROOMS - Available for private lunches, meetings & buffets

The Saracens Head, Diss Email:


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

Phone: 01379 652853 Website:


Chapel Street Car Park: Glass

national holiday and travel information. It is

Rose Lane, near Riverside Maltings: Glass,

situated at the Mere's Mouth by the side of

Clothing & Shoes

the town's main attraction – The Mere. It

Thomas Manning Road, junction of Vinces

takes bookings for National Express,

Road: Glass & Toy Bank

including: airport routes, day excursions for

Weavers Court (Mount St) Car Park: Glass, cooking oil Willbye Avenue,100 yards from roundabout: Glass Taylor Road Community Centre: Clothing, shoes Roydon High Road: Glass, clothing, shoes Registrar's Office

coach companies Simonds, Chenery's and Fareline, and can arrange accommodation both locally and nationally. Details of local events and concerts can be obtained here and for many of the events they are also the ticket agents. Opening hours: 1st April-31st October: Monday – Thursday & Saturday: 9.30 –

For the registration of births and deaths,

13.30, 14.00 – 16.00

marriages, civil partnerships, certificates

Friday: 9.30 – 16.00

and tracing of family trees you will need an

School Holidays (end July-beginning

appointment to see the Superintendent


Registrar at Diss Register Office, Council

Monday – Saturday: 9.30 – 16.00

Offices, 11-12 Market Hill, Diss, IP22 4JZ.

November – March

Opening times Mon – Fri : 9.30am – 1.30pm

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10.30 –

For appointments and general enquiries


01603 306149 or

Friday: 9.30 – 16.00 The registrar can still be contacted at the Diss registration email address: Tourist Information Centre The Centre has been in the town for many years now and provides both local and

Saturday: 09.30 – 13.30 14.00 – 16.00 Closed Tuesdays during winter months Tel: 650523. E-mail: Website: Water Board In emergencies contact Anglian Water on 03457 145145.

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


With over 100 local members, the Diss Business Forum helps facilitate business-tobusiness interaction so members can build and nurture local connections. The forum organises regular business breakfasts and networking events to allow the growth of business relationships between members. Non-members are always welcome to attend events. The forum strives to increase footfall in the town centre by working closely with local organisations and the council to market all Diss has to offer in terms of retail, leisure and services. Diss Business Forum aims to be your channel of communication with local authorities and other organisations within our region. We believe that working collectively, we can speak more powerfully with one voice to keep Diss at the forefront in the minds of decision makers in Norfolk and at Westminster. Please visit our website at to see the latest events, news, the members directory, incentives and find out more about what we do as a business forum. Membership costs ÂŁ30.00 per year.

Contacts Chair: Kerry Kirby Treasurer: Leigh Thurston Secretary: Edward Nottingham Email 38

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

Photo: Sylvaine Poitav of La Shed Photography



Travel Air Travel

Flexi Bus

Forty minutes by car from Diss, Norwich

Offers transport from villages to the market

Airport operates daily flights to Amsterdam

towns of Attleborough, Diss and Thetford.

& Aberdeen, Sun – Fri services to

Open to all ages, we offer reduced fares for

Manchester & Edinburgh and holiday flights

under 16’s and accept concessionary passes.

to many popular resorts around the world.

There is no set timetable. The bus will

For information phone: (01603) 411923.

collect you from close to your home at a pre-


arranged time and drop you where you want


to go. Pre-book your seat at least one day

Bus Services For services in Norfolk and Suffolk and National Travel information contact Traveline on or 0871 200 22 33. 1 & 2: Long Stratton, Norwich (Simonds) 17: Diss Town Service (Semmence)

before you wish to travel (or by 17.00 Friday for journeys on Monday). Hours of operation: in school term time – Mon to Fri 9.15 to 14.30; Sat 8.00 to 17.00. During school holidays – Mon to Sat 8.00 to 17.00. Tel: 0300 1231145 The Borderhoppa

113/114: Ipswich

This is a Dial A Ride service for people living

170: Woodbridge, Felixstowe (Fareline,

within South Norfolk & North Suffolk who

summer Mondays only)

find getting to places a problem. This could

304: Stanton, Bury St.Edmunds (Simonds)

be because your village is not covered by a

456: Eye, Stowmarket (Galloways, Simonds)

bus service or because you have a mobility

475: Eye-Diss

problem that prevents you from using a

497: Lowestoft, Newmarket, London

normal bus. Most of the mini buses are

(National Express)

wheelchair accessible & you will be collected

80: Harleston, Beccles,Yarmouth (Anglian

from & returned to your door. You need to


book your journey at least 24hrs before you

584: Diss – Pulham, via Dickleburgh

wish to travel, but you can book up to a week

482: Diss - Framlingham

in advance. Regular journeys can be block booked.

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Dedicated to providing outstanding expertise and legal advice for individual clients and businesses throughout the region. Corporate & Commercial Commercial Property Housing Development Tenancy Management Agriculture Debt Collection Personal Injury Claims Outstanding expertise and legal advice for the region

Conveyancing Wills, Tax & Probate Family Law Collaborative Law Employment Law Litigation & Disputes Mediation Dispute Resolution

Human Resources Attleborough | Aylsham | Dereham | Diss Long Stratton | Norwich | Watton | Wymondham Diss office - 2 Victoria Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4EY Spire Solicitors LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA No: 598026)

T 01379 641221 | |

Summer Bedding & Basket Plants Now In Stock A Family Run Business for the last 35 years, for all your Gardening and Pet needs. Quality plants and products available with ‘Old Fashioned’ Personal Service and Friendly Advice from knowledgeable staff.

Telephone: 01379 642873 Victoria Road, Diss, IP22 4JG (Next to Diss Swimming Pool) 40

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Due to our operating permit we will no longer be able to accept concessionary bus passes on our Dial A Ride service. All passengers will need to become members to use our buses. Please contact us for more information. We also run regular members outings throughout the year. Our mini buses are also available with a driver for hire to community groups & non profit making organisations. For any further information or to make a booking please call 01379 854800 or email:

Rail Travel There is a half hourly service between Norwich and London in both directions. The first train from Diss to London leaves at 05.14 and the last at 22.17. The first train from London to Diss is at 06.00 and the last at 23.30. The first train to Norwich leaves at 07.04 and the last at 01.09. The first train from Norwich is at 05.00 and the last at 23.05. The timetables vary at weekends and all travel information can be obtained by phoning: 08457 484950 or

JOHN TAYLOR BUILDERS LTD. General Builders and Joiners Plumbers and Decorators

Specialist Work to Listed Buildings and Properties of Character

01379 643138 5 Shelfanger Road, Diss, Norfolk D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


01379 650419 8 Shelfhanger Road Diss IP22 4EH


We have a fantastic selection of freshly ground Italian coffees, Novus Speciality Teas, cold drinks and milkshakes. Home made cakes, fresh 'daily baked' scones, teacakes and crumpets. We have a varied, reasonably priced menu, consisting of Panini's, baguettes, 'bloomer bread' sandwiches all served with a dressed side salad and home made coleslaw. Omelettes, Chilli's and our Daily Specials Board which has a variety of different dishes daily.


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

Our 'Best Seller' is our All Day Full English Breakfast. Made using the finest produce. 2 80% Pork Sausages, 2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, sautĂŠ potatoes, mushrooms and beans, with 2 slices of white or brown toast and butter. We also provide a take-away option for all food and drinks. We are open Mon - Sat, 9 am till 3 pm 1, Hales Yard, Diss, IP22 4AF. 01379 652386


Health, Welfare and Social Services Diss Health Centre

6.00pm and Boots until 6.00pm on Saturday. Hado Pharmacy is open 7.00am to 11.00pm Monday to Friday, 7.00am to 8.00pm Saturday and 10.00am to 5.00pm Sunday. For emergencies the police have pharmacists' telephone numbers. Community Health Services A wide variety of community health staff operate from the Health Centre, making local services available with minimum travelling

The Health Centre is situated off Mount Street and accommodates two medical practices and a range of community health services. Information about the practices, including surgery times, appointments etc is available from the receptionists.

time. A wide range of clinics is held at the Health Centre; while some staff (such as district nurses) also visit patients' own homes. Regular clinics include: foot health services, speech and language therapy for children and adults, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, dietetics, health education,

The Parish Fields Practice (Drs Hume,

cognitive behavioural therapy, baby clinic

McCarthy, Thorneley, Varghese and Wilde)

and breast feeding support (every Friday

Tel: 642023,

morning). The nursing staff includes health

The Lawns Medical Practice (Drs Thomson, Pantazis, Pe and full-time nurse practioner Christine Tate) Tel: 642021,

visitors, midwives, a school health advisor, community nurses, psychiatric nurses and a Nurse Practitioner. A social worker and parttime volunteer co-ordinator visit the Health Centre one day a week. For more


information about your local community

Well Pharmacy, Market Place Tel: 642053

health services (not the GP Practices), please

Boots, Market Place Tel: 642436

call 644513. A Carers Meeting is held at the

Hado Pharmacy, Mount Street Tel: 644001

Health Centre on the 3rd Thursday of every

Well and Boots stay open Mon to Fri until

month at 2pm. It lasts about 2 hours and

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Fairchild’s Tea Rooms

Steam Heritage|Gardens|Garden Centre

A Full Afternoon Tea Experience Current holder of Cafe of The Year w w w. br e s s i n g h a m . c o . u k

Op O Open Easter E East Easte aste te er to o Octobe Oct O er 1 10 0-- 5pm 0 5pm October 10-5pm


Tel: 07462 756 221 check ch ecck k www w w ww.bre . ssingh m for or details d t ils further or call ca alll l 01379 0137 686900 0 for fu urth rtherr details d

2 St Nicholas Street Diss, Norfolk IP22 4LB

FFind us on n Facebook cebook ceb oo & Twitter Twitter witte search se earch Br Bressingham e sing m Steam essingham

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


there is usually a speaker for the first part and drinks and biscuits are provided. People who care for a relative or loved one that are registered at either practice are welcome. Further details are available from The Lawns Medical practice: Tel: 642021. The Friends of Diss Health Centre The Friends is a registered charity which provides equipment and amenities not normally supplied by the NHS for the patients of Diss Health Centre. The money to do so is generously provided by those who wish to show their gratitude for the care and attention they, or people close to them, have received from staff at the Health Centre. The Friends' committee includes local people and some staff members. Members receive regular newsletters and are invited to attend the charity's annual meeting. Membership is through an annual subscription of ¥1 or more (made on January 1st each year). Age UK hold a clinic at the Health Centre for over 65’s to help with form filling advice

Family Medical Care at Night and Weekends This out of hours service is run by the IC24 (Integrated Care 24 Ltd) and operates from 6.30pm to 8am Monday to Friday and from 6.30pm Friday to 8am Monday morning at weekends and on public and bank holidays. The base is at The Long Stratton Surgery in Swan Lane, Long Stratton and patients are advised to dial 111 as these calls are free to both mobiles and landlines. If you would like more information on the 111 service, which is available 365 days a year, go to Hospitals Diss is served by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Colney Lane, Norwich, NR4 7UY Tel: (01603) 286286, the West Suffolk Hospital, Hardwick Lane, Bury St. Edmunds, IP33 2QZ Tel: (01284) 713000; and Ipswich Hospital, Heath Road, Ipswich, IP4 5PD Tel: (01473) 712233. Supported Housing & Housing with Care

about benefit entitlements etc. This is held

Saffron Housing Trust has three supported

on Wednesdays and is by appointment only,

housing schemes in Diss, located at Clare

which can be arranged at the reception of

House, Frenze Road, Oak Tree Place (Skelton

The Lawns Medical Practice. To find out

Road) and Thomas Manning Road. Each

more about the Friends of Diss please call

provides self contained rented


accommodation for older people and offers support as required and identified via an

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


individual support plan. For further

Located at the Denny Centre, Age UK

information on these schemes please contact

Norfolk’s Diss Day Support Club provides a

Vicky Cullendar on 01508 532051 or email

welcoming environment together with a

flexible programme of activities and events.

Saffron Housing Trust also owns Weavers Court, which is a Housing with Care scheme and offers 24 hour support from on site care staff in self-contained one bedroom flats. For further information on this service please contact Sue Ford on 01508 532056.

The perfect place to make friends and be active. Age UK Norfolk professional care staff are on hand to offer as much or as little care and support as required. If you would like to find out about Diss Day Support Club call 0303 3000 219. Or call the Age UK Norfolk Advice Line on 0300 500 1217 for free

Saffron Housing Trust also supplies

information and advice about later life.

community alarms that are easily installed

in anyone's home and provide reassurance for older or vulnerable people so that they

Children & Adult Social Care

can summon assistance quickly in the event

Social Care is the responsibility of Norfolk

of an emergency or other urgent situation.

County Council and is administered from

There is a small weekly rental to pay for this

County Hall, Norwich. Social Care

service. If you would like a free

departments are involved in the care of the

demonstration or further information please

elderly, the physically disabled, the mentally

call free 0800 9174680. Email:

handicapped, children at risk, adolescents Age UK Norfolk

with problems, families with difficulties and the mentally ill. The departments work closely with the Health Authority and

Your local, independent charity supporting

various voluntary organisations in order to

older people in your community, Age UK

co-ordinate the services and facilities for the

Norfolk is an independent charity working

community. For all new enquiries you can

with and on behalf of older people in

contact them by email at

Norfolk. Age UK Norfolk provides or

information, advice, befriending, support for

call 0344 800 8020.

people with dementia and their carers, respite and day care, advocacy and a Home Support and Care service. D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Addocare Scole

Addocare Scole supports individuals in their own homes giving them the opportunity to live as independently as possible.

Addocare Scole has been organised, eďŹƒcient, extremely competent, and have an excellent rapport with the service users who are placed within their care. There communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. In summary, I would highly recommend Addocare Scole for the position of domiciliary care providers. VACANCIES JOB V ACANCIES AVAILABLE A VAILABLE IN THIS AREA Good payy G ood rrates ates of pa trained FFully ully tr ained Call more information C all ffor or mor e inf ormation 48

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

01379 741103 Addocare Scole, ole, O Old Barn, Addocare Sc ld Hall FFarm arm B arn, Low Scole, Diss, Norfolk Low Road, Road, Sc ole, D iss, N orfolk IP21 4ES


Diss Jobcentre Plus

and give people the help and support they are entitled to if they cannot work. Opening times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm Wednesday: 10.00am – 5.00pm Information and enquiries 01379 614320 Textphone 01603 636032 or visit website at Pensions

Jobcentre Plus is part of the Department of

General pensions enquiries (for over 60's)

Work and Pensions. We aim to help people

0345 6060 265. See also information under

into paid work, employers fill their vacancies

Citizens Advice Bureau.

Orchard Frames Quality

Picture Framing Service & Gallery Prints • Oils • Water Colours • Moulding • Ornate Frames • Mountboard • Glass • Dry Mounting Mirrors We make frames to fit your Embroideries • Oils • Watercolours • Posters • Medals Photos etc

Wills Yard, Chapel Street, Diss, Norfolk. Tel 01379 644968

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


• SALES • SERVICE • PARTS • Trusted family business for 140 years


142 - 144 Victoria Rd Norfolk IP22 4JJ

01379 642 241 50

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Voluntary Welfare Organisations Adoption and Family Finding Unit

Chi Group

If adoption and fostering are new ideas for

Developed from the original Art of Life

you, we can help you find out more. Norfolk

group (now closed), we are a "not for profit"

Adoption Service Lakeside 500, Broadland

organisation, offering Chi Kung and Tai Chi

Business Park, Old Chapel Way, Norwich

(gentle Chinese health exercises) originally


just to local people living with cancer and

01603 638343.

their care givers, but now extended to

people of all ages and physical conditions.

Al-Anon Family Groups We offer help and support to families and

Chi Kung and Tai Chi are particularly effective in reducing stress and promoting well-being. Sessions are held weekly at

friends of anyone who has a problem with

Roydon Village Hall, High Road, Diss on

alcohol. For further information, contact

Mondays (Chi Kung 2.00 - 3.15; Tai Chi 3.15 -

The General Service Office, 57B

4.30) and Wednesdays (Chi Kung 6.00 - 7.00

Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 OBB. 24

pm). Participants share the cost of hiring the

hour helpline: (020) 7403 0888.

premises (approx ¥1.00 per class), and are

Email: Website:

invited to make an additional voluntary weekly contribution when taking a class.Tel: Mark on 651790 or email

Alcoholics Anonymous

If you want to drink, that's your business. If

The International Healing Fellowship (see

you want to stop, that's ours. We have

separate entry) is also an associate of the Art

weekly meetings at the Friends’ Meeting

of Life organisation.

House in Diss at 1pm on Mondays and on

Arthritis Care

Fridays at 7.30pm. Anyone who has, or may have a problem is welcome to phone one of the following numbers for information: Jane, Tel: 898783 or Clyde, Tel: 642261. There is also a 24 hour manned confidential helpline. Tel: (01603) 621128 or 01473 212224

National charity supporting people with arthritis of all ages, their families and carers. For information and support call Arthritis Care Helpline 03302020358 email or visit

The Roydon Art of Life Chi Kung and Tai D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Autism Anglia Registered Charity No. 1063717. Covering the counties of East Anglia our charity specialises in the welfare and care of people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions. For more information please visit our website or email Head Office 01206 577678.

concerned or worried about any of the above then just drop in to see us, telephone, write or email. You will talk to a fully trained assessor who will listen to your concerns and help you identify possible ways forward. At Diss, Thetford & District Citizens Advice we have both generalist and specialist advisers covering Debt and Welfare Rights. After your initial assessment interview with an assessor you may be given an

British Heart Foundation

appointment with one of our generalist or

The Diss fundraising group and the BHF

specialist advisers or referred (with your

shop in Mere Street, Diss raise funds for vital

consent) to an outside agency. We can help

research into the causes, prevention and

you write letters, fill-in forms, negotiate with

treatment of heart and circulatory disease.

third-parties and help resolve your situation.

We would welcome new volunteers, either

We will also help you to understand your

to fundraise by organising or helping at local

responsibilities in a particular situation. Diss

events or in the Diss shop. For more

Office ( Shelfanger Road), Tel: 651333 or

information please contact Carol Bowen


01379 641727 or call in at the shop


Diss, Thetford & District Citizens Advice Diss,Thetford & District Citizens Advice is here to help all kinds of people with all kinds

Website: Monday: 10.00 – 15.00 Drop In, appointments & telephone advice

of problems. Our advice is confidential,

Tuesday: 10.00 – 15.00 (closed for drop ins)

independent, impartial and FREE.

specialist appointments, telephone advice

We can help with advice and information on

and Job Club

Debt, Benefits and Social Services,

Wednesday: 10.00 – 15.00 Drop In,

Discrimination, Housing, Employment,

appointments & telephone advice

Family and personal matters, Law, Consumer

Thursday: 10.00 – 15.00 Drop In,

Rights and lots of other things. If you are

appointments & telephone advice D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Not just builders… plumbing & heating level access showers bathroom refurbishments boiler services roofing & plastering maintenance extensions all general building

“The time leading up to the funeral was made bearable knowing that you were at the end of the telephone.” – from a family we have cared for at Rosedale

If you would like information on our services, or just need some advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Building excellence for generations

01379 640172

Simon Palmer on


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

We are a family business and promise to provide exceptional care and a truly personal 24 hour service, when you need it most. Victoria Road, Diss Tel: 01379 640810


Friday: 10.00 – 15.00 Drop In, appointments & telephone advice Other services available at the Diss Office Thursday lunchtime: Local Solicitors by appointment only, Independent Financial Adviser by appointment only.

Dementia Care The Dove Dementia Cafe meets at the Utd Reformed Church on the first Wednesday of the month, from 10.00am to 1.00pm. For more information call Gabrielle on 01379 650770. Diss Pabulum Cafe meets at the Denny

Home Visits Available by appointment

Centre on the second Wednesday of the

Crossroads Care East Anglia -

month, from 10.00am to 12.00 noon and

Support for Carers

provides support to people with dementia

Do you need help caring for a relative or friend? Are you concerned about someone who lives alone? Crossroads Care East Anglia is here to support you and your family. We

and their carers in a cafe-style setting. There is also a dementia cafe held at Weavers Court on the fourth Tuesday of the month, from 10.00am to 12.00 noon.

do this by providing a range of services and

Home-Start Breckland & South Norfolk

support for carers, tailor-made to your

Home-Start is a voluntary home visiting

needs. We work in Norfolk, Suffolk and

scheme offering practical support and

Uttlesford in north Essex, offering services to

friendship to families with pre-school

you in your home and in the community. We

children (under 5's). Available to all families

employ trained professional carer support

within the Breckland and South Norfolk

workers and provide flexible services to

area. Particularly helpful for those

people of all ages, health conditions and

experiencing frustrations or difficulties.

disabilities. As a charity, we care for people

Home visits are provided by this service. An

not for profit.

information leaflet about the service is

For more information call General Enquiries


01603 424098 or our local office on 01953

Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm. An

878143 or visit

answerphone at other times. Tel: (01953)

459892. Email: Website:

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Cannells Butchers


• Local Beef with ID • Local Lamb • Poultry, some Local and Free Range • All Bacon Cured in Suffolk • Game seasonal



Printing in Diss since 1830 CYRIL’S PIES • Steak & Kidney lge/sml • Steak large only • Mince & Onion lge/sml • Chicken & Ham lge/sml • Sausage Rolls

Photocopying, Draw Tickets, B u s i n e s s a n d P e r s o n a l S t a t i o n e r y, B e s p o k e W e d d i n g S t a t i o n e r y,

MADE ON THE PREMISES READY MEALS Sausages, Burgers, Kebabs & Pork Cheese Ask about Gluten Free products Deepfreeze orders taken, packed, marked & frozen for you Your own animals butchered for you Deliveries also undertaken

48 Mere Street, Diss Tel: 01379 642020

(24hr ans/fax – Orders not taken by email)

Front Bar | Great Ales | Cosy Log Fire Fine Wines | Free Wifi | Back Bar | Pool Wide Selection of Beers | Darts Jukebox | Large Screen HD Satellite Sports Monday - Thursday: 11.00 - 23.00 Friday - Saturday: 11.00 - 12 midnight Sunday: 11.00 - 23.00


Calendars and Christmas Cards Letterpress Experience Days

The Wilder ness, The Entry, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4NT Telephone: 01379 642045 E-mail: www. CUPISS LETTERPRESS

DISS TROPHY CENTRE Trophies, Glassware & Gis Comprehensive Engraving Service 23 St. Nicholas Street Diss, Norfolk IP22 4LB

Phone: 01379 651613

01379 641514

9 St Nicholas Street, Diss, Norfolk


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Diss Community First Responders

The Fersfield School of Healing

Community First Responders are volunteers

This School is part of the International

who respond to emergency calls on behalf of

Healing Fellowship. It is a healing group that

the East of England Ambulance Service in

not only trains healers but is also open to the

the area where they either live or work. Diss

public for healing. There are two sessions a

First Responders have been working with

month from 7pm -9pm and all are welcome.

the EEAS since the end of April 2008 and

For more information please contact Maggie

many of our Responders are also British

on 890916.

Heart Foundation Heartstart Instructors teaching emergency life support in the

Genesis Housing Association

community. If you would like any further

Genesis Housing Association provides

help or information please contact Rachel

supported accommodation for up to 26

Hillier, Coordinator, Diss First Responders on

single people in Diss. We aim to empower

01379 740158 or email

our residents (through support planning) to

Mencap (Royal Mencap Society)

enable homeless individuals to move to independent accommodation having gained

Providing the opportunity for those with

the necessary skills to maintain a tenancy.

learning disabilities (and their families and

Genesis Housing Association employs a total

carers) to obtain advice, guidance and

of seven members of staff working different

support and offering the opportunity to

rotas to support our residents. Cover is

participate in various recreational activities

provided overnight. Contact Services

in a safe environment. In addition the

Manager Ivan Briggs, Tel: 07525 905 467.

application of various methods to advocate the rights, needs and wants of people with a

Marriage Care

learning disability to enable greater

Offers adult relationship counselling in Diss.

integration in the local community.

Most relationships face difficulties at some

Mencap Direct 0808 8081111 District Office 01603 767132

point. Talking to a relationship counsellor can help. For full information on the service please see website or ring 0800 389 3801.

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Become part of the family Modern new Clinic with fantastic facilities and parking next to Wyevale Garden Centre on Low Road, Bressingham IP22 2AB To register your pet or for further information call 01379 642 865 or visit our website today! DISS 01379 642 865

ATTLEBOROUGH 01953 454 945

STANTON 01359 251 730

Electrical Appliances Sales & Service

Suppliers of quality Bosch appliances FREE Delivery & Connection Disposal of old appliances Open Monday - Saturday 8.30-5pm 01379 644078 | or Email us at Diss 3-5 Mavery House Victoria Road, Diss IP22 4EX 58

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

Also in Attleborough Exchange Street, Attleborough, NR17 2AB 01953 453107 Opening times: Monday to Saturday 8.30am -5pm


NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)

Relate: Norfolk and Suffolk

Save a life today, give blood! The NHSBT

Counselling, support and information for all

holds regular blood donation sessions at

relationships. Our services include

Diss Rugby Club on one or two Tuesdays

Relationship Counselling for individuals and

each month, 13.00 – 15.30 and 17.00 –

couples, Sex Therapy, Family Counselling

19.00. (Can be subject to change.) If you

and Children and Young People's

would like to find out more about giving

Counselling. We are also able to provide

blood contact 0300 123 2323 (local rate) or

friendly and informal workshops for people

log on to

at important stages in their relationships.


For an appointment in Diss or at one of the other venues or for more information, please

Offers confidential counselling and caring

contact us on (01603) 625333. Counsellors

support to anyone in distress due to: an

can also be contacted directly via our

unplanned pregnancy, a pregnancy loss


through miscarriage, termination or stillbirth, pregnancy-related anxiety or depression. We provide support across Norfolk to women and their partners of all ages. For further information or to make an appointment call our helpline on 0845 2300 123 or email us

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) The Diss and District RDA Group holds riding sessions for disabled children every Tuesday at 1.30pm, at Eye Equestrian Centre, Thorndon. New helpers are always welcome. Those interested should call Ingeborg Kay. Tel: (01449) 673313. Also please contact Ingeborg if you are the parent

British Red Cross

or carer of a child who could benefit from

The British Red Cross provides a wide range

riding. We would be pleased to see you.

of services throughout the Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk areas. For more details, please contact British Red Cross Norfolk Branch, Coronation Road, Norwich, NR6 5HD. Tel: (01603) 426361.

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Wee have a wealth of knowledge W know and experience in the selection, manufacturing and installation of natur al stone. natural Vinces V inces Road, Diss 01379 652211 01379 65221 1

Let us help you by designing and producing professional, cost effective U stationery U leaflets and forms U advertisements U websites U posters, and more!


We take your job from initial discussions through to production and delivery, leaving you to concentrate on your business Please visit and see what we have done for local businesses and events

01379 676713


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

01379 640926 07774 850997


Diss RSPCA Cruelty Line or Inspectors, Tel: 03001 234999. Animal Rehousing Centre: Low Road, North Tuddenham, Tel: 03030 401565. Opening hours Tues – Sat: 11am – 4pm. For more information see

set up in 1985 to meet the needs of single homeless people in the rural areas of Norfolk and Suffolk. With limited social housing, expensive private sector accommodation and no direct access to hostels in the area, Solo Housing began by developing a register of affordable lodgings, matching single homeless people to suitable landlords and landladies. In addition, Solo

Save the Children (SCF)

offers supported housing for more

The international charity which fights for

vulnerable single people, in Breckland, South

children in the UK and around the world

Norfolk, Babergh and Mid Suffolk where, as

who suffer from poverty, disease, injustice

well as providing a home, our staff visit the

and violence. We work with them and their

person on a regular basis to provide help

families to find lifelong answers to the

and support with the aim of maximising

problems they face. The local branch has

their independence. Solo provides this as

been active in this area for 20 years and has

well as our Lodgings service in Waveney,

raised over £80,000 with the help of our

Suffolk Coastal and South Norfolk.

local supporters. For more information

We work with people from the age of 18 to

please visit our website

65 years. For further information please

contact: Solo Housing, 12a St Nicholas

Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen Family

Street, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4LB.Tel: 640250.

Association/Forces Help Society (SSAFA)

Freephone 0800 6520155, Email:

SSAFA provides practical, emotional and financial support to anyone who is serving or visit our website

or has ever served and their families. SSAFA

Waveney Talking Newspaper Association

Norfolk, Tel: (01603) 403322.

A voluntary organisation distributing local

Solo Housing (East Anglia)

news and information recorded on memory

Solo Housing (East Anglia) Ltd is a registered charity and housing association

sticks every fortnight to blind and partially sighted people and others unable to access

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Green Energy PRINTING

Environmentally friendly Printers....... Printing done by Solar Energy

Digital & Litho Printing Business cards to full colour brochures & more between......

Printers of this publication

Get a move on! SOLD


Whether you’re looking to move house, remortgage or acquire a commercial property, our dedicated team can assist you through the legal process.

The conveyancing specialists IPSWICH OFFICE 01473 234730 BURY OFFICE 01284 727290 DISS 01379 646040 CAMBRIDGE 01223 236555 62

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


the printed media. Approximately 50 people receive the recordings made by four teams, each of four readers with an editor and a technician. Chairman David Holland 01379 643020. Royal Voluntary Service RVS aim to help people maintain independence and dignity in their own homes and communities, particularly in later life. RVS are premier providers of services within the community Enquiry line Tel: 0845 608 0122. Open: Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm. Tel: (01603) 397998 Mon – Fri 09.00 – 17.00 email:

Voluntary Norfolk The Voluntary Services Coordinator recruits and manages a local team of volunteers covering Diss, Harleston and the surrounding areas, who use their skills to offer help, befriending and support to people affected by age, ill-health, disability, social isolation or other factors. If you feel you would like some help or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Karl Hills, the Voluntary Services Co-ordinator at Diss Health Centre on Thursdays. Tel: 01508 531175, mobile: 07551 704 246. E-mail:

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


designer makers


Embracing traditional and contemporary crafts See professional crafts people at work commission unique pieces or participate in workshops






Hales Yard, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4AF TEL: 01379 644901 EMAIL:



Your local arts magazine delivered every month in Norfolk and Suffolk.

01379 773347 Follow us @artseastmag

21 St Nicholas Street, Diss, Norfolk ip22 4lb 64

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

DBH 21-22, Diss Business Park, Hopper Way, Diss IP22 4GT

Bringing you closer to the arts


Arts, Crafts, Dancing & Music Diss Acoustic Music Club

Burgate Singers

Every Tuesday evening from 7.30 until 10.30

We specialise in major choral works with

we meet in the schoolroom at The Friends

professional orchestras and soloists, under

Meeting House, Frenze Road, Diss to sing

the direction of Alain Judd. Concerts given in

and play all types of music - provided it is

Burgate Church, Diss Corn Hall, other local

acoustic. No electrified instruments are

venues and in London. The choir rehearses

allowed. This is, along with adults-only, one

on Sundays at 4.00pm in Burgate Church

of our few rules. Another is that you leave

Hall (between September and May).

your "ego" outside the door. We always

Available for weddings. New members

encourage each other. Nobody hogs the

welcome. Contact:

session - we take turns to perform whatever for

we want to bring - polished "gems", "rough

programme and membership details.

diamonds" or work-in-progress. No alcohol, but tea and biscuits are "a must" at half time.

Circle Dance Group

Contact David Young, Tel: 642168 or David

Friendly informal group meets every

Bringloe, Tel: 643553 or visit

Monday in term time at the United Reformed for more

Church Hall, Mere Street, Diss, from 7.30pm


to 8.45pm to do circle dancing. No partner or

Diss Art Group Meets Tuesday afternoons, from 1.30 to 4.00, at the Roman Catholic Church in Shelfanger Road. The group has a growing

experience needed. Come and join us. You are very welcome. Freda Farrell (leader), Tel: 871896. Diss Decorative & Fine Arts Society

membership spanning all ages and abilities.

We are a charitable society, founded in 1990,

Formed in 1974, the group comprises mixed

and a member of the National Association of

media and all aspects of painting. The

Fine Arts Society [NADFAS]. What brings us

summer term is given over to weekly

together is our mutual interest in the arts

sketching trips in Diss and the surrounding

and conservation both of which are

area. Limited informal tuition is available

promoted through lectures and volunteering

during Autumn and Spring terms. Secretary:

opportunities. We have more than 200

Mr. D. Potter, 53 Denmark Street.

members and meet on the third Tuesday of

Tel: 642173.

each month from September to June, in D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Publishing is our business

We can publish your programme or local publication free of charge. To find out more contact us: Falcon Publications DBH 21--22 Diss Business Park, Diss IP22 4GT Tel: 01379 773347/773348/773349 66

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Roydon Village Hall, for an illustrated

Banjo, Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet. A set

presentation on some topic drawn from a

of 6 x 30 minute weekly lessons cost £80. We

wide spectrum of decorative and fine arts

cater for all abilities and ages and have a

subjects. Our excellent and very

comfortable reception area, where students

knowledgeable speakers are drawn from a

and parents can wait, while lessons take

pool that has been subject to rigorous

place. Contact Pete Arnold at The Hub to

selection by NADFAS. Additionally we

discuss your needs and book lessons. Tel:

organise Special Interest Days, Visits and

07934 432185, Email:

Tours for our members. Members can also or go to

become involved in various volunteering

activities. Visit or Email: for more information. Diss Embroidery Group

Hoxon Hundred Morris Dancers Come and join in the fun! No dance experience required. Every Wednesday, September to May, at St. Edmund's Hall,

Meets on the first Tuesday in each month at

Hoxne, 8.00 to 10pm. Contact: Jan Robinson,

the Friends' Meeting House, Frenze Road,

Tel: 07539651175.

Diss, 9.00 for 9.30am to 12.30pm. Its activities include practical workshops and

Jazz Diss-Covery

visits to exhibitions and museums. Leading

A discussion group that meets each month

experts and professional embroiderers are

to hear recorded examples from the broad

invited to give talks and provide tuition at

world of jazz. Meetings take place at 8pm on

occasional day-schools. All aspects of

the third Monday of the month in the back

embroidery are covered. Visitors are

room of The Cock Inn, Fair Green, Diss, IP22

welcome. Contacts: Moyra Downing, Tel:

4BE. Admission is £2, open to all. New

740597 and Beth Soule, Tel: 871088.

speakers very welcome. Further details from

The Hub - Diss Music School The Hub is situated in the centre of Diss,in

Bob Smith, Tel: 890657. Line Dancing

Units 5-6 Wills Yard, Chapel Street, with

Monterey Dance Classes – When, Where,

good parking facilities nearby. We currently

Levels, see A

offer tuition in Guitar (all styles), Piano,

friendly well established dance club.

Drums, Singing, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin,

Monday: (except bank holidays) Palgrave D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Community Hall, Easy Intermediate 7.15pm

management, lighting, sound and costumes.

to 9pm. Tuesday: Diss Christian Community

The society is always pleased to welcome

Church (DC), Improvers 2pm to 3.30pm.

new members, both acting and non-acting.

Wednesday: Diss Christian Community

Chairman: Mark Le Surf-Hall, Secretary:

Church (DC3), Intermediate 7.30 pm to

Kevin Ball, Tel: 01379 640084 or

9.45pm. Contact: Melissa Hawkes, Tel:


651773 or LK's School of Dance

Diss Quilting Group Meetings are held on the second Thursday of

This Norfolk-based dance school offers a

each month at Palgrave Community Centre,

range of dance classes (including Hip Hop,

10am to 3pm. External and internal tutored

Street, Disco Freestyle and Rock 'N' Roll

workshops held several times a year. Visitors

across the county including at Diss Church

welcome on non-workshop days. For more

Junior School and Palgrave Village Hall. For

details contact Amanda Ashton, Tel: (01728)

more info call 07835 021439, email:

628373 or or go to Mere Musica

South Norfolk Classical Guitar Circle We are a friendly group of guitar enthusiasts of all abilities who enjoy playing together in

Small Instrumental Ensemble available for

a relaxed and social environment. There are

those special events. Details: R.A Kitchen,

opportunities to play in both small groups

Director of Music, Tel: 642468.

and ensemble. Other activities may include:

Mere Players

visits to concerts, invited guest performers, workshops and occasional performances

The society was formed in 1974. Since then

given by group members. Meetings are held

two, and at times three, productions have

on the first Thursday of every month, from

been presented each year, including

7pm to 9pm, in St. Remigius Church Parish

comedies, thrillers, dramas, musicals, and

Rooms, High Road, Roydon. Membership is

pantomimes. The group has been awarded

ÂŁ2 per session, for the cost of the room. All

NODA recognition for its productions and

players welcome. For further information

technical achievements. Acting members are

please contact: Jo Percival, Tel: (01953)

supported by those who design and build

888309 or Beth Dewhurst, Tel: 641480.

sets and scenery, organise stage D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Scrapbook Workshop Taylor Road, Community Hall, Diss. 2nd Wednesday Afternoon and last Saturday Morning of each month. Contact: Avril Young, Tel: 642168.

The band also bridges the gap between school and adulthood. Some professional musicians, who have graduated through the band, may otherwise have given up before making music their career. We are completely independent and self-financing.


Every year the band performs many

South Norfolk’s only after-school Glee Club

concerts, raising money for charities and

for kids aged 0-16, who just love to sing and

other organisations, and toured Malaysia in

dance. Classes in East Harling and Diss.

2012, raising £250,000 for charity. The band

Music lessons on saxophone, flute, clarinet,

has strong links with the Corps of Army

piano, singing and music theory also

Music and the Royal Marines Band Service. It

available.; and a sax and piano duo for

holds a residential weekend with one of the

functions and occasions. Call Lydia or Keith

leading army bands; and also organises

on 07851 098652 or email

tours, trips and events. In July 2006 we were

awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary

South Norfolk Youth Symphonic Band (Registered Charity No. 1116270)

Service. This recognises and rewards excellence in voluntary activities carried out by groups in the community. We offer the

The band, based in Diss, was formed in 1974

opportunity for like-minded young

and its motto is ‘Music is Fun’. We accept any

musicians to come together to perform and

woodwind, brass or percussion player, aged

play. The band is SAFE accredited and is an

between eight and 23, irrespective of ability;

accredited Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme

and we do not hold auditions. We are based,

assessor. We are always looking for new

and rehearse, at the Diss Youth and

members and are available for hire. Should

Community Centre on Shelfanger Road on a

you require further information on the band ,

Tuesday night between 7.00 and 9.00pm.

email us on or

Playing with the band gives members the

visit our website on

encouragement to continue to study and enjoy their music making; and to provide that purpose for the hard work required.

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Violin, Viola, Piano & Keyboard Players Adrian Kitchen offers music lessons to eager pupils. They are also available for special events. The pupils span all ages and abilities. Music can lead to many exciting opportunities. New players welcome. Further details may be obtained from R.A. Kitchen, BA, LGSM, Tel: 642468.

living and working within approximately 15 miles of Diss could come together to share ideas, and exhibit as a group. The name is derived from the fact that we bridge the Norfolk/Suffolk boundary from both sides of the Upper Waveney Valley. During the month of August the Collective exhibit their work in a large number of shops in Diss Town Centre. There is also the "Open Studios"

Waveney Choir

when the members' own studios are open to

The Waveney Choir, which has been

the public for two weekends, and various

established in Diss since 1970, sings music

other exhibitions take place throughout the

of all types and age and gives recitals

year. For further information about events

throughout Norfolk and Suffolk, in aid of

and exhibitions that Waveney Springs will

charities and church funds. Our membership

be involved with, please visit the website

is large (70 plus), and is drawn from a wide or find us on

area and ranges in age from 18 to 90! All

Facebook, or contact the secretary Issy Coe,

new members are welcomed, whatever their

Tel: 852107, or email:

experience and there are no auditions

necessary. New members are given a four-

Diss & District Guild of Weavers, Spinners

week period in which to decide whether we

& Dyers

are the type of choir they are looking for. We nearly always are! Rehearsals: Wednesday evening from 7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m., between September and May, at the United Reformed Church, Mere Street (opposite Aldi). Chairman: David Emerton, Tel: 890145 or visit our website:

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of most months at the Friends' Meeting House, Frenze Road, Diss, from 12.30pm to 3.30pm. Members pay £12.50 annual subscription, visitors £1 per meeting or £2.50 if there is a guest speaker. Programme details available from the Secretary: Mrs. Pam Ross,

Waveney Springs Art Collective

Southview, Common Road, Shelfanger, Tel:

The Waveney Springs Art Collective was


formed in 2008 so that artists and makers D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Wingfield Barns A beautiful, secluded venue situated in a peaceful corner of North Suffolk close to the Norfolk border. We regularly host concerts where the audience can enjoy beautiful music in a beautiful setting. We present plays by local societies and by companies from further afield. There are a number of exhibitions during the year, displaying the work of a variety of artists and photographers, including the International Mini Print Exhibition, and work by the Suffolk Monochrome Group and the East Anglian Federation of Photographic

Societies. The space at Wingfield Barns is very flexible. The Great Barn, the galleries and studios are available for hire and are used for education and training by a range of providers, from fitness to fine art, from opera to activities for children. The site is available for wedding couples on a venue hire basis only, allowing them to have their personal choice of wedding at a price within their budget. There is ample free parking. Opening times vary according to the season. For further details Tel: 01379 384505, email: or take a look at our website

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Ê Contractors to H.M. Government

( E N G I N E E R I N G ) LT D Design • Fabrication Construction • Repairs STEEL FRAMED BUILDINGS General steel fabrication and repairs, steel stockists, industrial gas suppliers. Building works with full design, detailing service, structural steelwork and cladding.

Fair Green, Diss IP22 4BG

01379 642324 Fax: 01379 640521 Email:

Me & me dad started in Diss 50 years ago this year (school & I were not suited) and have been buying scrap metal ever since. Dads been gone for over 25 years now but his memory, like the business, lives on. 01379 642983 • 07780 998383 (I will answer or phone you back) Open 8.30am-4pm Weekdays 8.30am-12 noon Saturdays Oxford House, Mission Road, Diss IP22 4HX

Upholster y Hardfloors Upholstery Carpets Hardfloors Carpets

el elephone ele Telephone T änää ÓÎ{ Î{£Ó U ä£ÎǙÊÈÇnnäÈ U äǙn{ÊÈ{nәÈÊ änääÊÓÎ{ÊÎ{£ÓÊÊUÊÊä£ÎǙÊÈÇnnäÈÊÊUÊÊäǙn{ÊÈ{nәÈÊ Email

01379 688014 MOBILE: 07766 543466 76

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

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Youth Activities Diss Youth Café Diss Youth Café has been hosted for the last two years by St Mary’s Church. It has grown considerably during this time and has moved to a new venue at the Salvation Army Church. It continues to cater for young people from Year 6 to Year 9 after school during term time. St Mary’s have passed on all the activities so young people can continue to play table tennis, pool, Wii, Xbox, Kinect, and board games with further craft and discussion activities run by Integrated Youth for Christ. Food and drink are available to buy at the café. For more information contact Steph, Tel: 658796 or email: Diss Youth Group Diss Youth Group runs on a weekly basis for young people at high school in years 7 to 9. Young people in Year 10 and above can be helpers and there are opportunities for volunteering awards. The group meets every Wednesday during term time at Diss Youth & Community Centre from 7– 8.30pm, apart from the second Wednesday of every month, when it is an after school cafe style session from 3.45 -5.15pm. Young people that attend can enjoy games, arts, crafts, team sports / challenges, baking, tuck shop and lots more.

provide support on a variety of issues. Text/call Julia Fairbrother for more information on 07546 059061. Diss Young Carers Diss Young Carers runs on a three weekly basis for young people aged 6-12 years and 12-18 years who have caring responsibilities at home. The group meets on Thursday during term time currently at Diss Methodist Church from 5.00 – 7.00pm (6-12 years) and 7.00 -9.00pm (12-18 years) Young people enjoy a meal together, as well as have the opportunity to take part in activities and occasional trips out. Qualified youth workers support young people with any issues that are important to them, as well as ensure that they enjoy their time of respite. For more information about either of these projects, please contact Bev Townsend on 07880 242374 or Air Training Corps The Diss squadron meets on Tuesdays ands Thursdays from 7.00 to 9.30pm at their Sunnyside HQ. Minimum age 12 years (if in year 8 at school) – boys and girls. Commanding Officer Flt. Officer Spraggons, Tel: 641247.

There is a qualified Youth Worker who can

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Army Cadets Norfolk Army Cadets – Engineers Squadron – meets Mondays at their Sunnyside HQ. 18.30 to 21.30. Both boys and girls welcome,

3rdDiss (S.A.) Rainbows. Wed 5.30 to 6.30pm. Leader, Suze Squirrel 3rd Diss (S.A.) Brownies: Meets Tuesdays 6.00 to 7.30pm. Leader, Yasmin Reeve

aged 13 to 18. Detachment Commander is SI

Roydon Village Hall

Becky Gilson. See

1st Roydon Rainbows: Tuesday 4.30 - 5.30.

Fire Service Volunteer Cadets

Leader, Claire Lister. 1st Roydon Brownies: Tuesday 5.30 - 6.45.

Run by Norfolk Fire Service. Meets at the

Leader, Claire Lister.

Park Road fire station on Tuesdays from 7.00

1st Roydon Guides: Tuesday 6.45 - 8.00.

to 9.00pm. Both boys and girls aged 13 to 18

Leader, Claire Lister.

are welcome. Contact: Paul Leeder,

1st Roydon Senior Section: Fortnightly

Tel: 641241.

Tuesday 7.30 - 9.00. Leader Claire Lister.

Guides & Brownies

The Trefoil Guild, open to anyone who has

made the Guide Promise, meets on the first

District Commissioner: Mrs Francesca

Thursday in the month. Contact Sheila

Batley, Tel 01379 650508

Coleman, Tel: 644273.

Rainbows (5-7 years), Brownies (7-10 years), Guides (10-14 years), Senior Section 14-25 years). Scout & Guide Hall, Heywood Road, Diss 1stDiss Brownies: Monday 6.00 to 7.30pm. Leader, Sarah Ellis 2ndDiss Guides: Monday 7.30 to 9.00pm. Leader, Diane Blyth 1stDiss Rainbows: Tuesday 5.45 to 6.45pm. Leader, Francesca Batley

Scouts Scouting in Diss continues to thrive, with two Scout Groups and an Explorer Unit serving the local community. Scouting aims to develop young people, both male and female, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually by offering an attractive, exciting and challenging programme for them. Scouting can start at the age of 6 in the Beaver Section. From age 8 to 10 years 6

Salvation Army Community Centre,

months they join the Cub Scout Section; and

Sunnyside, Diss

from that age to 15 years they belong to the

3rd Diss (S.A.) Guides: Wednesday 7.00 to

Scout Section. The Explorer Unit offers

9pm. Leader, Karen Brazier

adventurous activities for young people aged D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Tim Taylor Construction Ltd specialise in a wide variety of groundworks including :

Independent Award Winning Business Telecommunication Solutions & Services Specialist • Telephone Systems • Low Cost Lines & Calls • System Maintenance • Mobiles • Hosted Solutions • Leased Lines

• Footings • Concrete Pads • Dropped Kerbs • Drainage • Driveways – Brickweave, Tarmac and shingle • Patio Laying • Garden Clearance Free quotations call 01953 688301 or 07786 223141 Marlborough Cottage, Smallworth Common, Garboldisham, Diss IP22 2QW

Walcot Hall is registered with the Care Quality Commission and is regulated and inspected by the commission. We provide short and long term care for up to 45 people. The Hall is set in three acres of mature grounds. Residents’ rooms are arranged over two floors overlooking the lake, garden and surrounding countryside. We offer a selection of carefully designed and furnished single and double rooms with en-suite facilities, many with level access showers.

Tel: 01379 641030 Fax: 01379 644511 Walcot Green, Diss, Norfolk IP22 5SR 80

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

• Unified Communications

Call: 01379 770321


14 to 18 years old. As they progress through

Scouts: Monday 7.45 to 9.30pm. Contact:

the sections they become more responsible

Tim Grayston, Tel: 07973 369278.

for organising their own activities and

Explorers: Thursday 7.45 to 9.30pm.

training, although adult guidance is always

Contact: John Kershaw, Tel: 07973 369278.

in the background. Scouting is always looking for new helpers and Leaders and

Diss & District Young Farmers Club

would welcome any offers of help from

A social club open to all young people

suitable adults.

between the ages of 14 and 30 who are

1st Diss Scout Group Meetings held at Scout & Guide Hall, Heywood Road. Group Scout Leader: Sue Brazier, 28 Bramley Road. Tel: 651131. email: Beaver Scouts: Fridays 5.45 to 6.45pm.

interested in rural life, the countryside and agriculture. Meetings held weekly on Wednesday evenings from September to July at the Pavilion, BOCM Pauls agricultural site at Burston. Contact: Chairman Daniel Woods, Tel: 07880 536561.

Contact: Cheryl Kershaw, Tel: 651008 Cub Scouts: Thursdays 6.00 to 7.30pm. Contact: David Cole-Wilkin, Tel: 07411457688, email: Scouts: Fridays 7.30 to 9.00pm. Contact: Sue Brazier, Tel: 651131. 2nd Diss (Salvation Army) Scout Group Meetings held at the Sunnyside Community Centre. Group Scout Leader Tim Grayston, Tel: 07973 369278 Beavers: Thursday 6.30 to 7.30pm. Contact: Tash Deveraux, Tel: 07792 967472. Cubs: Monday 6.00 to 7.30pm. Contact: Elizabeth Hook, Tel: 643199.

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01379 646504 :::/(;+$0Ζ1685$1&(&28. :::/(;+$0Ζ1685$1&(&28.




D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Clubs and Societies Diss & District Allotment Holders

and some of us just liked to watch Time


Team – so your experience and knowledge is

This thriving Association based in Louie’s Lane currently has 74 members and a waiting list for plots. The annual subscription for a plot (approx.30’ x 45’) is currently £18 and is reviewed yearly. This includes affiliation to the National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners which provides advice and guidance to the Association as well as the availability of a cheap seed scheme. There is an on-site shop selling a variety of garden supplies, which is run by committee members and plot holders and is open regularly to members throughout the growing season. For further information or to join the waiting list,

really not important! We meet regularly with a varied programme of speakers, activities, training and events. We are running an exciting project to mark the centenary of the Great War, The Hidden Commemoration in The Waveney Valley for which we have secured Heritage Lottery funding. Find out more at No experience is necessary, just enthusiasm, interest and a willingness to get a bit muddy. You can follow us on Twitter at @WaveneyArch, on Facebook at WaveneyValleyCommunityArchaeologyGroup or visit our website at

contact the Association Secretary: Bernard

To find out more about the group, please

Cohen, Tel: 658787 or

email or

Tel: 855096 during office hours.

Diss Antiquarian Society

Bees & Beekeeping

See Friends of Diss Museum

For talks, demonstrations, information,

Waveney Valley Community Archaeology

advice or assistance on beekeeping contact


Jan Dryburgh, Tel: 650227.

Are you interested in archaeology and

St. Mary's Church Bellringers

history? Come and join WVCAG! We are a varied group of people interested in the archaeology and history of the Waveney Valley. Some of us are professional archaeologists, some of us keen amateurs,

This talented and dedicated band ring every Sunday for services. Practice night is every Monday 7.30 to 9pm. We welcome all visitors, whether they come just to watch

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Personal Injury Claim Lawyers

CALL US ON 01379 646 547

OR VISIT CAMLEGALSERVICES.CO.UK CAM Legal Services is a trading title of Carbrooke Accident Management Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


and see what it is all about, or with some

the Residents’ Meeting Room, Taylor Road,

thoughts of taking up a unique and special

from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. Tel: 741192 or

skill, which could open a new world. Any

person with the mind and dedication to learn this skilled exercise should join the

Diss Flower Club

special family of church bellringers which

The aim of the club is to provide

you remain part of for life. Just climb the 13

demonstrations and practice meetings to

steps to the ringing chamber. Tower Captain:

promote an interest in arranging flowers

Mrs. Betty Baines, Algars Farm, Walcot

and plant materials for use in the home, in

Green, Diss, IP22 5SR. Tel: 643293.

church and also in competitions and shows.

Diss & District Camera Club

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in Roydon Village

The club, which meets at the Grasmere Club,

Hall. Chairman and Secretary: Mrs. Jenny

Denmark Street, Diss, on the first and third

Hubbard, Tel: 741372.

Tuesdays of each month from September to May, enjoys a programme of fun and

Diss 41 Club

informative photographic events. Anyone

The club has been in existence informally for

interested in photography is more than

more than 35 years. Membership is open to

welcome. Please see our website for more

all past members of the Round Table; and

details. Secretary: Krys Wakefield, Tel:

the aim of 41 Club is to continue fellowship

687428. Web:

and friendship established in Table and to

Diss Chess Club

assist Table generally. The club meets at various venues on the first Thursday of each

Meets each Thursday at 7.30pm at Diss Cue

month at 8pm. Contact: Ron Cook, Tel:

Club throughout the year and welcomes new

(01449) 677135.

members of any age and ability. The club is currently represented by one team in the

Freemasons – Montgomerie Lodge

Norfolk County Chess League and is keen to

The Lodge meets at on the second

enter a second. Cue Club Tel: 651298.

Monday of each month between October

Diss Computer Club Meets the first Thursday of every month at

and May at the Freemasons' Hall, Parkfields, Diss. For further information contact the Secretary:

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Mr. P. Baker, Oak Lodge, Snow Street,

Tuesdays, and 19.00 to 23.00 hrs every day

Roydon, Diss IP22 5SB, Tel: 643581.

except Sunday evenings.

Grasmere Social Club

Norfolk Family History Society

The Grasmere Social Club, situated in

South Norfolk Branch meets at Diss

Denmark Street, Diss, is the ideal place to

Methodist Church, Victoria Road on the

relax and enjoy life in the company of others

second Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

and to admire views of the Mere. It is also

Contact: Edith Morley, Tel: 688354 or

home to other Diss organisations including

the Royal British Legion, Royal Air Force Association, Cycling Club, and the Diss and

Diss & District Horticultural Society

District Camera Club. The Club has a very

Meets on the second Tuesday of each month

well stocked bar with very competitive

at the United Reformed Church, Diss, at

prices. The Club offers a wide range of social

7.30pm when all aspects of gardening are

activities including regular quiz nights, race

covered by speakers giving practical talks or

evenings and Sunday lunches, a popular

showing coloured slides to suit all tastes.

event with families. Snooker is played and

The society welcomes everyone interested in

every Thursday evening is Crib night with

gardening, whether they have a small garden

players of all levels enjoying the challenge.

growing a few flowers and vegetables or

Members, and their guests, enjoy Bingo

whether they aspire to gardening on the

every Friday evening; eyes down at 19.45

grand scale. To encourage healthy

hrs. The Club has a function room and

competition the society holds flower and

kitchen which is available, free of charge, to

vegetable shows during the year and also

members; an ideal opportunity for family

arranges visits to gardens, nurseries etc

celebrations or even wedding receptions.

during the summer months. Membership

What is also important to mention is the

Secretary: Mrs. B. Woods, 15A Waveney

friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Park, Stuston Road, Diss, Tel: 642024.

displayed by members. Interested? Then

Heywood Joggers Group

drop in, see what's on offer or phone 642966 for details. Opening hours are 12.00 to 14.30 hrs except Mondays and

Have you always wanted to take up jogging? But always found excuses not to start e.g. do not want to jog on my own

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Kingsley Healthcare is a small private care company with 20 homes across the UK. Having a small focused group of homes allows the quality of care to be closely and reliably monitored and for the Kingsley values to take precedence in each home, which is that of Support, Trust and Friendship. We pride ourselves on our quality of care and are proud to have been recognized with many awards over the years.


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


because I do not feel safe, afraid people are

under Additional Information). They meet

going to laugh at me or do not how to

for a series of talks on the third Friday of the

start! Well come along to the Heywood

month at St. Mary's Hall from March to June

Joggers Group based at the Heywood Sports

and September to December at 7.30pm.

& Leisure Club on Walcot Road in Diss. The

Members £3, others £5. The money raised

group meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays

covers costs and helps the museum finance

from 18.30 to 19.30. Membership for the

special projects. Membership Secretary: Lyn

Heywood Joggers Group is around £5 a

Horner, Tel: 644697.

year. Unfortunately the group is for people over the age of 18 only. For further

National Women's Register (Diss Group)

information about the Heywood Joggers

A friendly group for lively-minded women of

Group, call the Heywood Sports & Leisure

all ages. Meetings are held every fortnight on

Club Reception on 643088 for the contact

Wednesdays in members' homes. Activities

details of the Heywood Joggers Group

include discussions, theatre outings,

Coordinator or email him direct

speakers etc. Visit our website

at: or contact (01603)

Diss & District Ladies Luncheon Club This social club meets on the fourth Tuesday

406767 for local group details. Old Dyssean Society

of each month at the Park Hotel, 12.00 for

In September 1999 more than 60 former

12.30pm. Members and guests enjoy lunch

pupils of Diss Secondary Grammar School

together in pleasant and relaxing

attended a reunion at Montgomerie Hall,

surroundings. A professional speaker is

Diss to discuss the renaissance of what is

invited to meetings during the months of

now called The Old Dyssean Society. The

September to June. The talks cover a variety

main aims are to bring former pupils of all

of subjects. Secretary: Mrs. Wendy Skinner,

ages together, and circulate news via the

Tel: 687449.

publication of newsletters twice annually.

Friends of Diss Museum Incorporating Diss Antiquarian Society.

Dennis Meadows, an evacuee from Lowestoft, who attended the school for a short time, was the prime mover in the

Members help support the award-winning

revival, and is currently Founder Vice-

Diss Museum and assist the Manager (see

President. Basil Abbott is Chairman. D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Reg Wright, a pupil from 1936-42 and later a

circumstances. The club is non-political and

teacher at the school, is the elected

non-sectarian. Luncheon meetings are held

President. The annual subscription is ÂŁ5,

on the third Monday of each month.

and reunions are held in late September at

Normally a speaker is invited to address the

Diss Golf Club. There are members all over

members after lunch. Coffee mornings are

the world, including the USA, Australia,

held for members and their ladies on the

France and South Africa. New members are

first Wednesday of each month. Contact:

welcome. For further details contact the

Bryan Green, Tel: 668379.

Secretary Kathleen Bass (nee Pipe) at 11 Ranson Road, Norwich, NR1 4AJ, Tel: (01603) 434684. Norfolk & Norwich Pensioners Association (Diss Branch)


Diss Waveney Probus Club In May 1992 a new (second) Probus Club was formed with the assistance of the long established Diss & District Club, whose growth was restricted because of a long

We are a non-party-political group, actively

waiting list of prospective new members.

campaigning for all matters of concern to

The Diss Waveney Probus Club now

pensioners – present and future. Our

numbers over 50 members. The club, for

meetings are lively and interesting, with

retired business and professional men, is

speakers on a variety of topics, plenty of

non-political and non-sectarian and meets

discussion, good company, refreshments and

for lunch at the Park Hotel, Diss on the

a raffle. We meet at Roydon Village Hall from

second Wednesday of the month. Secretary:

2.00 to 4pm on the first Tuesday of every

Peter Hodgson, Tel: 642518 or

month. Contact: Gail Hussey, Tel: 870727.

Diss & District Probus Club

Mid-Suffolk Radio Modellers Club

The purpose of the Diss and District Probus

We are a radio controlled model aircraft

Club, formed in 1975, is to provide a meeting

flying club affiliated to the BMFA (British

point for retired and semi-retired

Model Flying Association). Membership is

professional and business men and their

presently 70+ members. Flying takes place

ladies, resident in Diss and District, who

seven days a week, 365 days a year (weather

desire increased social contact and the

permitting). We have two sites, one at Eye

opportunity of meeting others in similar

Airfield and another at Stoke Ash for all

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


aircraft. We welcome new Junior (under 18)

park, Diss) for river and riverbank

flyers at a highly reduced membership fee.

maintenance. We are affiliated to The River

We can be contacted by e-mail from our

Waveney Trust. Contact Beth, Tel: 641480

website www.mid-suffolk-radio-

or facebook page: diss rivercare or by phone on (01394)

group Websites: and


Diss & District Model Railway Society

Rotary Club

The society meets every Wednesday from

The Rotary Club of Diss and District was

7pm to 9.30pm at Shelfanger Village

chartered in 1947. Meetings are held at the

Hall. There are layouts in N, OO and O scale,

Park Hotel, Diss every Tuesday at 6.30pm for

with demonstrations of modelling

dinner at 7.00. The club welcomes enquiries

techniques and talks. Secretary: Alan

for membership from business and

Johnson, Tel: (01359) 250739.

professional men and women who are keen

Ramblers Association – Southern Norfolk Group

to make a difference to the lives of communities at home and abroad. The club has a varied programme including excellent

Meets at various points throughout South

speakers and a range of fund-raising

Norfolk most Sundays for guided walks of 5-

activities. For further information contact

12 miles. Details available from the

Rodney Howell, Tel: 643482.

Secretary: Margaret Wilde, Tel: (01953) 788268, email Diss Rivercare Group

Royal Air Forces Association The Diss & District Branch holds its meetings at 7.30pm on the fourth Monday of

We are a sociable group of volunteers

the month at the Grasmere Club, Diss. The

dedicated to the maintenance and

branch is engaged in fund-raising events

promotion of the River Waveney. Our aim is

throughout the year, has speakers and

to make this area a very good amenity for

outings to places of aviation interest.

Diss and the surrounding area. We also help

Secretary Marilyn Hurst, Tel: 643108.

with conservation and environmental

Branch website:

projects for local schools and groups. We

meet on the second Sunday of every month, (10am -11.45, at the rear of Morrison’s car D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Royal British Legion

Diss U3A

Royal British Legion welcome all serving and

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is for

ex-service personnel, Navy, Army, Air Force

people no longer in full-time employment to

and Merchant Navy, to the Diss & District

share their knowledge, skills, interests and

Branch meetings held at Grasmere, Denmark

experience. Members meet at on the

Street, Diss, on the third Monday of each

first Thursday of the month at the United

month (with the exception of August and

Reformed Church in Mere Street. After

December). Meetings start at 7.15pm. Others

coffee and branch news, there is a guest

interested in the Legion may apply for

speaker. In addition to these monthly

Membership. Benevolent cases of ex-

lectures, there are interest groups which

servicemen and women and their

currently include: Architecture, Geology,

dependants are dealt with. Any person over

Poetry, Art, Jazz, Scrabble, Book Reading,

18 years can become a member of the

Lunch Group, Spanish, Bridge, Mah Jong,

Legion and should be willing to work for the

Walking and Exploration of Maths. For

Legion and be supportive of the

further information on membership look at

Legion. Contact: Adrian Kitchen, Tel:

the Diss U3A website or contact Membership


Secretary Peter Sorrell, Tel: 650601.

Royal British Legion Women's Section

Vermilion Vixens - An Official Chapter of

We meet at 2pm at Grasmere, Denmark


the Red Hat Society

Street, on the third Tuesday in the month

We are a Feisty group of ladies who have

February to November, December second

worked, brought up children, looked after

Tuesday, no meeting in January.

various animals, cooked and cleaned for

Membership is open to all women over the

years. We are now taking more time to have

age of 18, no service connection required.

fun and enjoy life. You can find us at the

We raise funds for the benefit of serving and

Roydon White Hart on the first Friday of the

ex serving women of HM Forces and

Month at 2.30pm, planning our exciting

dependents, where it is required. New

Playdays. We are always happy to see new

members always required and welcomed.

members, no matter where you live. The

Chairman: Jean Ray. Tel: 642012, Secretary:

important thing is you come along and enjoy

Myra Stannard, Tel: 644401.


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



for all, irrespective of experience or ability,


to develop your turning technique, improve

Tel: (01359) 221237.

your designs or tackle that project you have

Diss Women's Institute

always dreamed of! The club meets on the last Friday evening of the month at 7.30pm.

Diss WI meet on the second Tuesday of each

Most meetings have a guest demonstrator to

month, at 7.30pm at the Montgomerie Hall,

inspire members to tackle new or more

Diss. A varied programme is offered,

ambitious projects plus a small number of all

including outings and special events. Extras

day demonstrations. Demonstrators vary

like craft classes, Scrabble and lunches take

from professional turners of international

place throughout the year. Visitors and new

repute, to local professionals and talented

members are welcome at our monthly

amateurs from throughout East Anglia. We

meetings. Contact: Sue Morgan, Tel: 650977

also try to include at least one social event


each year. These have varied from BBQ

Scole Women's Institute

lunches entertained by live jazz bands, to

Meet the first Thursday in the month at the Sports Pavilion, Ransome Avenue, Scole at 2.00pm in the winter months (November, December, January, February) and 7.30pm the rest of the year. Secretary: Mrs. Shirley Hall, Tel: 740636.

informal dinners in local pubs. The club is also affiliated to the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB). So if you would like the chance to enjoy the magic of turning a lump of wood into a really beautiful and useful object, please contact either Ken Hatton, Tel: 687579 or Chris

Diss & District Woodturning Club

Davies, Tel: 898236. We would love to hear

A small, friendly club, with both male and

from you, so pick up the phone!!

female members, based in Redgrave. It has

Green Fingers Gardening Club

the use of an excellent workshop and has a fabulous Jet lathe capable of carrying out all types of turning, from the most intricate to quite literally treetrunks!

Green Fingers Gardening Club is held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in Hinderclay Village Hall. Members can join for ÂŁ10 for the whole year. For information

All categories of woodturners are welcome

phone Martin and Val on 01379 898270 or

to join the club, from the absolute beginner

Andrew on 01379 897148

to the expert! Help and guidance is available D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


• Osteopathy • Cranial Osteopathy • Sports Massage • Acupuncture • Hypnotherapy • Medical Thermal Imaging • Nutrition and Diet • Counselling

COST £3.50 per session AGE Walking to 4 years Booking essential New recreation classes 2.30-3.30pm. Please contact us to book a place

Contact us on 01379 644407 Rosemont House Shelfhanger Road Diss IP22 4EH


30 Walcot Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4DB 01379 643 088 94

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Sports and Games Diss & District Angling Club

Shelfanger Road. Winter training 6.30 –

The membership has fishing rights for the

8pm: Tuesdays – track and field. Thursdays

Mere, Upper Waveney, Match Lake at Carlton

indoor athletic training at Diss High School

Fen and Abbey Waters at Old Buckenhams.

gym (winter only, 7-8pm). Road runners

Weekly competitions are arranged in season.

train 7-8pm Tuesday, all year round. Road

Membership is available from P M Pegg

Running Secretary: Marie Kemp, Tel:

Angling Supplies in Diss. Match Secretary:

642262. Track and Field Athletics: Gordon

Andrew Mears, Tel: 07786 041177.

Coe, mobile number 07718078575.

Arrows Archery Members Shoots –


Target Archery Non-competitive friendly group of Archers

Diss Causeway Bowls Club

meet most Sundays (except winter months)

Affiliated to the English Bowling Federation.

from 11am until .pm at the Arrows Archery

Bowling season: May to September. Green at

range beside the Osiers Golf Driving Range

rear of Chapel Street car park. Secretary:

near Stuston, Diss. Cost is £3 per person (per

Richard Watkinson. Tel: 644353

shoot). You will need valid EFAA membership, your own equipment in safe

Short Mat Bowls

condition and also to have completed a

The club meets at Tivetshall Village Hall

course / lessons with Arrows Archery.

every Friday from 7.00 to 10.00pm


throughout the year. New members welcome. For more information phone

Diss & District Athletics Club


Founded in 1952, the club caters for track and field athletics, cross-country and road

Roydon (Diss) Bridge Club

running. The club competes in the Anglia

Roydon Bridge Club meets at 6.45pm at

League (Male & Female, 9 years to seniors),

Roydon Village Hall. Please phone 652678

Southern League and Norfolk & Suffolk

for details.

Cross-Country League. Outdoor training April to October, 6.30 – 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Diss Sports Field,

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Diss & District Cricket Club

years in a row. They meet at 8.30pm on

Diss & District Cricket Club with three teams

Tuesdays, in the winter months, at The

competing in the Norfolk Cricket Alliance

Greyhound. Any teams interested please call

and four junior teams, Diss are one of the top

Margaret Edwards, Tel: 651393.

clubs in Norfolk. It is part of the club's aim to provide cricket for youngsters as well as


providing good playing and social facilities

Vinces Road, Diss. Sports Hall available for

for the more seasoned cricketers in the area.

hire facilities include: sports equipment

There are under 11, under 13’s and under

(volleyball, badminton, dodgeball,

15s teams for boys and girls. Training for

basketball) climbing wall, kitchen. Various

youngsters up to 15 years of age takes place

sports clubs are organised, including

on Friday evenings from 6.15pm to 7.45pm,

volleyball, badminton and table tennis.

at the Rectory Meadow. The club is an ECB

External hirers currently run classes for

Clubmark Accredited organisation.

Pilates and Line Dancing. Please call 644223

Newcomers of all abilities are invited to

for further details.

contact Chairman Martin Fairweather, Tel: 07836 627141.

DYCC Sport Main hall at Shelfanger Road, Diss available

Diss & District Cycling Club

for hire at competitive rates. Facility

The club covers all aspects of cycling: road

currently used for a range of sporting

racing, mountain bikes, cross country, time

activities from rumba to martial arts. To find

trials, touring, reliability trials and club runs.

out more, visit

The emphasis varies according to the demands of the membership. Enquiries:

Diss Town Football Club

Madgetts Cycles, Diss. Tel: 650419.

Brewers Green Lane. Tel: 651223. The club's

first team plays in the First Division of the Thurlow Nunn League, the reserves play in

Diss Town FC Ladies Darts Team


the Thurlow Nunn Reserve League and the

Although darts has almost disappeared as a

Under-18 team in the Thurlow Nunn Youth

sport from the town, the ladies team is still

League. Training is on Tuesday evenings in

thriving and has won their championship 16

season and the all-weather Astroturf playing

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


area is available for five-a-side soccer and

new members. Visitors are welcome

certain other sports. The Centre Spot

Monday to Friday and Weekends after 12:00

clubhouse is fully licensed and often features

except on competition days. Green fees are

live entertainment. A combination of various

ÂŁ36 per round, ÂŁ40 per day. Golf societies

rooms available for hire, parties, weddings

and group bookings are also welcome. There

and social events. Secretary: Steve Flatman,

are ample practice facilities and a

Tel: 641406.

professional shop. Lessons are available from the resident professional and an

Norfolk Gliding Club

excellent restaurant and bar awaits you after

Operates from Tibenham Airfield,

your round. Enquiries about any aspect of

approximately 7 miles north of Diss. Visitors

the club to the: Secretary Manager: Graham

are welcome. Trial lessons and catering

Weeks. Tel: 641025. Golf Professional: Nigel

facilities available. Club open: Wednesday,

Taylor. Tel: 644399.

Thursday, Saturday and Sunday throughout


the year. Tel: 677207.

Web site:

Diss Golf Club

Diss Ladies Hockey Club

Stuston Common, Diss , IP21 4AA .

Formed in 1998, we currently play at

Tel: 641025.

Hartismere High School. We play in the

Located alongside the River Waveney about

Empressa Norfolk Ladies Hockey League in

half a mile from Diss railway station, one

the Division. Contact Lindsay Cates,

mile from the town centre. Diss Golf Club

Tel: 640106.

provides a picturesque heath and parkland 18 holes golf course that offers interesting

Heywood Joggers Club (see Clubs &

but challenging golf for all standards of


player. The holes range from the scenic but difficult 468 yard par 4 13th Hole to the

Diss Judo Club

pretty, 15th at 146 yards. The club was

Meets every Thursday evening from 6.30 to

formed in 1903 and has active and friendly

7.30pm at the Youth Centre, Shelfanger

Mens, Seniors, Ladies & Junior Sections The

Road, Diss. Contact: Howard Oates,

club welcomes enquiries from prospective

Tel: 688258.

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Kuk Sool Won – Korean Art of Self

9pm each Wednesday evening. For further


details of venue, please phone Secretary:

Wednesday 5.30pm to 6.30pm, Friday

Mrs. Wendy Bavin, Tel: 643960 or email:

6.00pm to 7.30pm at Diss Youth Centre.

Principal Instructor: Jon Mortlock, 4th Dan Black Belt. Hard-Soft style, including kicking,

Diss Ladies Netball Club

punching, throws, joint locks, break falls,

South Norfolk Netball League. Plays a

meditation and weapons training.

summer and winter league at Rickinghall.

Tel: 07966 676906.

Contact Jill Jennings, Tel: 652905, who can provide details of current team contacts.

The East Anglian Meccano Set The greatest educational toy construction

Diss Waveney Petanque Club

system ever invented, lives on in Diss. Fifty

Try the French game of Petanque, a social

years ago virtually every schoolboy in the

sport that you too will enjoy! Visit us at Diss

land owned a Meccano set. More popular in

Town Football Club, Brewers Green Lane, on

those days than even Lego is today, it has

Saturday from 10.30am, Monday from

been in constant demand and production

6.30pm and Wednesday from 2pm.

since its invention by Frank Hornby just over

President: Bendt Hansen 870074,

100 years ago, thus making it the longest

Chairman: Ken Roberts 644474, Secretary:

produced toy the world has ever known. We

Nikki Miller 309069, Treasurer: Roger True

meet four times a year in Bunwell Village


Hall. Anyone wishing to further their interest or simply take a trip back into pure

Diss & District Racing Pigeon Club

childhood nostalgia, call lifelong collectors,

Meetings are held at Diss Town Football Club

constructors and restorers, Tony Rednall,

with races organised most Saturdays

Tel: 643671 or Dennis Remnant,

throughout the summer months on a

Tel: (01953) 788877.

southerly route. New members and visitors always welcome. Special rates for

Diss & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd

schoolchildren and OAPs. Secretary:

The club runs one trial a year, three motor

A.J. Daniels, Tel: 651859.

crosses and three enduros. Club night is at


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Diss Rugby Club

Diss Cue Club

Diss Rugby Club was founded in 1958. The

Since 2008, Diss Cue Club has been housed

Club has its own ground - 'Mackenders', at

in a new, purpose designed building. More

Bellrope Lane, Roydon – with excellent

than just a Snooker Club, there are six Pool

clubhouse and hospitality facilities. The club

tables, including two of the American

runs three senior sides and a Veterans XV,

variety. Open for twelve hours a day, seven

with the First XV playing in the London

days a week the club has a light and airy

Divisions of the RFU National League, the

lounge where members can relax. Meals and

second and third teams play in the Eastern

snacks are available and in addition the club

Counties leagues. There is a highly

has a licensed bar. A range of Snooker & Pool

successful mini and youth section, with

cues and equipment is stocked. The building

teams at each age group from U7 to U18

is air conditioned for year round use.

both girls and boys. The girls from U13

Regular quiz nights and live music evenings

move into separate teams under the title of

are held. Members of all ages are welcome.

Diss Vixens. Diss RFC has been producing

Diss Cue Club, Sawmills Road, Diss IP22 4GG.

players who have gained representative

Tel: 651298. Website :

honours at County, Divisional and National

levels in recent seasons. Leicester, Bath and England player Dan Hipkiss spent his

Heywood Health and Fitness

formative years at Diss RFC. Currently Will

Situated at Walcot Road, next to Diss High

Owen is a member of the highly successful

School, the club has three modern squash

England U20 side who were runners up in

courts, one with a glass back, a fully licensed

the 2014/15 season World Cup Final.

bar, a fully equipped gym, a floodlit Astroturf

Everybody is welcome, whether as a senior

pitch and floodlit tennis courts. Includes

or junior player, coaches, junior helpers,

former members of Diss Lawn Tennis Club.

spectators or social members.

Visiting membership is available. Tel:

General club enquiries: Sue English (Club

643088 for further information or email

Administrator), Tel: 642891, email: or Norman Potter, Tel: 586288, email:

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Photo: John Hutton


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Diss Leisure Centre, Victoria Road

Swim School, boasting over 650 pupils.

South Norfolk Council has recently made a

Children from the age of three months right

major investment in Diss Leisure Centre to

through to club level can learn the basics of

give members better facilities, new and

swimming, learn how to improve their

improved equipment and an online booking

techniques and have an enjoyable and

system. The 25m main pool, learner pool

confidence building experience as well.

and sauna and steam room are open to the

For opening times, prices, timetables and

general public as well as members. The fully

how to book online visit our website

equipped gym is for members only, but, alternatively

anyone is able to join, it is open daily and has

please call us on 652754. Diss Leisure

a range of cardiovascular and resistance

Centre, Victoria Road, Diss. General

machines on offer as well as weight

Manager: Daniel Infantini. Email:

machines and a free weights area.

Diss leisure Centre has fully qualified fitness instructors on hand to provide a

Diss Otters Swimming Club

professional service including a full

Based at Diss Swimming Pool, the club was

induction of the gym equipment and an

formed in September 1987 to promote

exercise programme tailored specifically to

competition amongst young swimmers and

your needs.

'Masters'. It has grown in strength and depth

The Centre also offers Water/Aqua Aerobics

since then and regularly has swimmers

classes; these can be both high and low

competing at club and county level. The

impact work-outs to music, the instructor

'Masters' or adults group is one of the

will take you through the class showing the

largest in Norfolk. Swimmers of all ages and

different movements. After you have finished

abilities have the opportunity to improve or

your workout you can relax and unwind in

learn new strokes, enter competitions or just

the sauna and steam room.

keep fit. Training sessions are held in a six-

Both swimming pools are open seven days a

lane, 25 metre pool, for 7-18 year olds on

week. Fun sessions, for children and families,

Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

are on a Sunday afternoon, with floats and

evenings. For Masters, Wednesday evenings

fun equipment for everyone to enjoy. Diss

and Sunday mornings. With an expansive

Leisure Centre also runs a very successful

group of highly qualified and experienced

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


coaches and teachers and a recently

Diss and District Table Tennis League

renovated venue, Diss Otters is an exciting

Runs a practice evening at Diss High School

Club to learn and progress in a sport that is

every Tuesday all year round, open to all.

unrivalled in its physical health and fitness

Competitive league Table Tennis starts each

benefits. If you or your child can confidently

October through to April. The aim is to

swim a 25m length then get in touch for a

provide all ages with the opportunity to play

free trial session. Masters contact : Adam

table tennis in leagues and tournaments.

Lelean, Tel: 783454. Contact for swimmers

Contact either David Mortlock on 07525

between the ages of 7 and 18 is the head

636031 or John Bryant 01379 641032.

coach Jamie Rush,


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Schools Diss High School Walcot Road , Diss, Norfolk , IP22 4DH Tel: 642424. Fax: 642428. E-mail:

social base, along with some teaching accommodation, in "Uplands House" - a large adapted Victorian House on the same site.


Diss Community and Church Primary

Headteacher: Dr J Hunt.

School Federation

Director of Sixth Form: Mr. R. Budds. Chair of Governors: Canon Tony Billett.

Diss Church of England (VC) Junior School The Entry, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4NT

Diss High is a friendly and popular school set

Tel: 642675.

on an attractive site at the north-eastern

Fax: 640515.

edge of the town. Diss High has some 1,200


students and converted to an Academy on 1st August 2011. We have an excellent record of both academic and sporting achievement, and our examination results are consistently above the county and national average. Each year the majority of Sixth Form students take up places at university. Students have gained places at Oxford and Cambridge for each of the last ten successive years.

We are an average sized Junior school catering for children of all abilities from 7-11 years of age and an Infant School with purpose built Nursery. We are also in the fortunate position of having a Children’s Centre for families with Children under 5 years old. We currently have 197 children in the Junior school, grouped in 8 full time classes and 195 children in the Infant School. We share our Head teacher, Mrs

Our new Vocational Centre was opened in

Karen Sewell. The schools provide excellent

September 2012 and this has expanded our

links and continuity for the children of

curriculum options to include Hair and

Diss. Our Junior School is a Voluntary

Beauty, Construction and Land-based

Controlled Church of England School and we

learning. Our facilities also include a good

are proud of our links with St Mary’s Church,

library and resource centre, two drama

which include regular assemblies from a

studios, music suite, three art studios, four

member of the church community and a

workshops, eight laboratories, three home

termly celebration held in the church. Our

economics rooms, many computer rooms

Chair of Governors is Mrs Janet Turner.

and a media suite. 104

Sixth Form students also have a tutorial and

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Our staff has continued to change and

nature areas, adventure trails, a climbing

strengthen. This gives us an excellent mix of

area, substantial playing fields, basketball

skills, enthusiasm, dedication and

and netball areas. The schools have been

professionalism which serves the pupils of

awarded Artsmark, Sport Activemark, Basic

Diss very well. The Junior school’s last

Skills mark, ICT accreditation and Healthy

Ofsted Inspection noted our good

Schools recognition. In the Junior School we

attendance and pupils’ enjoyment of school.

offer musical instrument tuition through

The Leadership and Management of our

visiting tutors. Additional coaching for a

school was judged to be ‘good’. The Infant

variety of sports is offered out of school

School received a ‘good’ grading in its last


Ofsted inspection and celebrated our outstanding Early Years provision.

Our schools are very active in promoting walking to school and we have received

In the Junior School we have a spacious

Travel Plan awards in each of the last 5

library, a computer suite, our own kitchen

years. Our Junior School children have

and large dining area. The Junior School

swimming lessons at Diss Leisure Centre.

kitchen provides daily hot meals for all the children, including the Infant School children.

Finally, we have Parent Teacher Associations which are very enthusiastic in supporting the work of the school through organising

Diss Infant and Nursery School with

excellent fund raising events and social

Children’s Centre


Fitzwalter Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4PU

Primary Schools

Tel: 642768 Email: Website: Headteacher: Mrs K Sewell Chair of Governors: Mrs J Turner The Infant School has six classrooms, a food

Within a five mile radius of Diss are the following primary schools: Roydon, Bressingham, Winfarthing, Burston, Dickleburgh, Hoxne, Scole, Wortham and Palgrave, which take pupils through from four to 11 years old.

technology area, library and good IT facilities. We like to encourage outdoor learning for our children. Outside we have D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Independent Schools The Independent Schools Council (ISC) member schools are listed on the website and there is a search function there, with options to search by region Suffolk and Norfolk. For a list of schools in the area please go here for Norfolk norfolk and here for Suffolk suffolk Pre-School Groups Pre-Schools / Nurseries.

run Holiday Playschemes for primary school age children on selected days during school holidays. For further information contact Linda Nash on (01379) 677300 (07796 204367 out of hours) or email or visit our facebook page to see what we have been up to. Merryfields Nursery Sports Pavilion, Shelfanger Road, Diss. Open five days a week 9.15am to 12.15. Term time only. Ofsted approved. A caring, friendly atmosphere with qualified staff for children

Conkers Nursery School

of 2-5 years to develop in. Contact Tel:

On a working farm only two minutes from

650001 (session times).

Diss, Conkers is open all year from 8am to

Peacock Montessori Nursery

6pm for babies and children aged up to 5 years.

A private nursery school for children aged 6 months to 5 years. Please call 01379

Tel: 644461,

740508 or email

Gissing Children's Centre

A community pre-school. Monday to Friday

The Oaks Nursery

during term time from 9.00 am to 12 noon

Jarretts Yard, Church Street Diss IP22 4DD.

and 12 noon to 3.00 pm. We take children

Tel: 651906. Open 8am to 6pm Mon to

from two years to school age and accept

Friday, 0-5 year olds. info.

children who come with two year funding

and three and four year funding. In recent years, we have received two consecutive


visit us in our idyllic, rural setting. We also

Roydon Early Years

gradings of 'outstanding' from Ofsted for the

Roydon Village Hall. Up to 38 children meet

quality of our care and education. Please

Monday & Tuesday 9.00am to 1.00pm,

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9.00am to 3.00pm. Contact: Tammy Batchelor. Tel: 07946 688601.

Edward Bear Mother & Toddler Group Meet every Tuesday 9.30am to 11.00am in school term time at St. Mary’s Hall. Contact

Safe Hands Day Nursery

the church office. Tel: 643783.

Unit 13a Hopper Way Diss, IP22 4GT. Tel:

Toddler Imps

650420. Open 8am to 6pm Mon to Friday0-5 year olds. Scole Pre-School Group Scole Sports & Social Club, Ransome Avenue, Scole from 9.15am to 12.15am. Playgroup on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Contact: Teresa Collins, Tel: 07925 093551. The Swan Nursery School Children day nursery registered with OFSTED, set in beautiful woodland setting for children aged 2 - 5 years, open all year from 8 am - 4.30 pm. Please contact Michelle Bowgen, Tel: 644588 or visit website

A group where parents and toddlers can explore an exciting range of activities each week (e.g. jelly pool, walking wellies through paint). There are two sessions meeting every Tuesday morning in term time, from 10.00am to 10.45am and also 11.00am to 11.45am, at the United Reformed Church Hall. Ring Rachel Baker 640696 for further details. Baby Imps A group for parents and babies to enjoy. Teacher led session (includes treasure baskets, bookshare, touch & taste, bubbles etc) and then freeplay time, with homemade coffee & cake. Meets every Thursday morning (except the first Thursday of the month) in term time, from 9.30am to

Toddler / Baby Groups

11.00am, at the URC Hall. Ring Rachel Baker

DC3 Toddler Group

640696 for further details.

At Diss Christian Community Church, Vinces

Tiddler Imps

Road. Thursday 10.00am to 11.30am. £1 per

For the “just walking”. Thursdays 1.30pm to

family. Contact Tel: 644223.

2.30pm at URC. Contact: Rachel Baker, Tel: 640696 for further details. See Toddler Imps for website. D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Free your creativity through personalised, Other Pre-School Information

Creativity Coaching and Art and Meditation

Norfolk Family Information Service, County

sessions with Art Teacher, Artist and

Hall, Norwich, NR1 2BR. Tel: (01603)

Creativity Coach Zangmo Alexander MA Fine


Art PGCE. Explore all art media and themes

Adult Education

of personal interest. Sessions at times to suit

To find out about courses running in your area call us on 0344 800 8020 or visit our website at If you would like to take part in our survey to help us plan our 2016 programme, please follow the link on our website. Creative Way Art Tuition, Photography


One-to-One Art or Photography Tuition,

you, pay as you go. Everyone is welcome, from beginner to advanced. GCSE and A Level Art and Photography Tuition also available. For more information: phone Zangmo on 01379 897393, or 07786 445005 (text not voicemail please), or look at Zangmo Denise Alexander MA Fine Art PGCE MAC

Tuition and Mindfulness Based Creativity

Visual Artist, Art/Photography Tutor,


Creativity Coach, Mindfulness Coach

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Religion Diss Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin The Parish Office is situated in Saint Mary's Hall and is open Monday - Friday 9.00am to 1.00pm. Tel: 643783. email: Sunday Services: 8am, Eucharist; 10.30am Sung Eucharist; 6pm Evensong. (Book of Common Prayer.) The Rector: The Revd. Canon Tony Billett, 26 Mount Street, Diss. Tel: 642072. Team Vicar: The Revd. Wendy Evans, The Vicarage, 61 Roydon Road, Diss. ( Assistant Curate: The Revd. Maggie Swayze, 32 Croft Lane, Diss, ( Readers: Dr. Sue Drake, Mrs. Jayne Hinds, Mrs. Angie Gardner, Mr. Ivan Stitt (retired), Mr David Summers (retired). Weekday Services: Morning Prayer is said every weekday Morning at 8.30 am in Saint Nicholas Chapel: Eucharist (Said) every Wednesday 10.45 am; Confessions by arrangement.

Children and Young People: The Youth Cafe meets on Mondays in term time at 3.15pm. Edward Bear Club (Mums and Toddlers) meets in St. Mary’s Hall every Tuesday during school term time from 9.30am to 11.00am. For Services and activities for families and children, please see the notice in the Church porch. Diss Methodist Church Victoria Road (opposite Hughes TV & Electrical shop). The Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church worship together. Public Worship Sunday: 9.30am (with modern worship songs), 10.45am (fourth Sunday at URC in Mere St) and 6.30pm. Tuesday: Women's Fellowship 2.15pm (weekly); Focus Group 7.30pm (fortnightly); Bible Study 7.30pm (monthly) Wednesday: Wednesday Club 7.30pm (fortnightly). Thursday: Prayer meeting 10.00am.(fortnightly)

Arrangements for Baptisms, Weddings,

Minister: the Revd. David Ely. Also

Calling of Banns of Marriage, etc are made

Superintendent Minister of the Thetford,

with The Parish Secretary, Mrs. Margaret

Diss and Mildenhall Circuit, Tel. 642791.

Swayze at the Parish Office, St. Mary's Hall,

Hire of rooms - contact Miss G. Brown,

Mount Street, Diss. The office is open

Tel: 01379 651512

Monday to Friday - 9am to 1.00pm. Tel:

or email

643783. D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


For more information visit the church web-

time. We also have ‘Mums & Tots’, 0-3 years,

site at

called ‘Little Cherubs’, on Thursdays from

Light lunches are served on the 2nd and 4th Fridays from 12noon to 1.15 pm. (not during Lent). Profits for charity. Leaflet of activities and other users of the building is available at the church or from Miss Brown. Diss United Reformed Church Mere Street (opp. Aldi). A church serving the community. Sunday Service 10.45pm every fourth Sunday, all others at the Diss Methodist Church, Victoria Road. Messy Church every 1st Sat. 10-12am, The Dove Dementia Cafe every 1st

10.00am until 12.00pm. For ladies looking for an interesting and entertaining evening come along to Friends and Neighbours at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each month. Further information contact 652762. The Roman Catholic Parish of Diss The church of St Henry Morse is at the top of Shelfanger Road, Diss and backs onto the town cemetery, to which there is pedestrian access. Sunday Mass times are Saturday 6.00pm and Sunday 9.00am. For details of our weekday Mass times and other parish activities please go to the website:

Wed. 10am-1pm, Tuesday Together every The parish priest

2nd Tues 2-4pm, and Exploring the Bible

can be contacted on 642914, or by email:

Together every 3rd Thursday 1.30-3pm.

Coffee Morning and Sales Table every Friday 9.30-12am. Minister: Revd Julian Sanders, Secretary: Mrs. Gabrielle Pagan, Tel: 650770. All further details at

Society of Friends (Quakers) Meetings for worship open to all. Held in the Friends' Meeting House, Frenze Road. Meetings at 10.30 am on Sundays. Wardens: 10 Frenze Road, Diss, Tel: 642614. Clerks to

Diss Baptist Church

the Meeting: Christina van Melzen,

Denmark Street. Sunday services 10:45am

Tel: (01986) 798308 and Peter Sorrell,

(with Creche and Sunday School) and

Tel: 650601.

6:30pm. Prayer meeting and Bible study Thursday 7:30pm. Children's activities, called ‘JAM’, for 5-8 years and 9-11 years after school, 3.30pm to 5.00pm during term D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Diss Salvation Army Community Church

Bethel Chapel (non-denominational)

The Salvation Army is an International

Victoria Road. A very warm welcome is given

Christian Church working in over 120

to our Sunday Worship Service at 3pm.

countries worldwide. We play our part here

Other special events are advertised

in Diss as a place of worship providing

throughout the year. For further details of

ministry, service and activities in and for our

any of these, or for transport etc, please Tel:

community. We exist to make disciples of


Christ by the proclamation of the gospel, acts of love and service and providing an atmosphere in which personal and spiritual

Meetings on Sundays: Breaking of Bread at

growth and worship occur. We strive to

11.00 and gospel service on the first, third

reflect what it means to be followers of Jesus

and fifth Sunday at 6.30pm. Prayer meeting

and how we can bring that about in the Diss

and Bible study at 6.30pm on Wednesdays.


For further details contact Secretary: Mr

Our Sunday Church services are informal and inclusive. We join together in singing a


Denmark Street Gospel Hall

J Leftley, Tel: 852982 or

combination of modern and traditional

Diss Christian Community Church,

songs as well as having time for prayer and

Vinces Road

sharing with others. Throughout the

Our Sunday service starts at 10.30am and

meeting there is a talk centred on what the

includes music, media presentations,

Bible teaches, in order to learn and be

messages that tackle the questions of

challenged by what it means to be a Disciple

everyday life and great activities for the kids.

of Jesus. After the service, tea & coffee is

As a true community church we are involved

provided for all.

in many initiatives to reach out to local

For more information and to find out what is

communities with Community Works

going on please call the Church Office,Tel:

and Number 7 - DC3's town centre base

652898 or visit:

used as a counselling and prayer centre.

During the week we offer a wide range of

superb activities centred around our


excellent facilities: Parents and Toddlers,

Kids’ and Youth activities, Sports clubs to

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


name a few. Check out our website for details. For further information please contact the church office. Tel: 644223. Email: Web-site:

Meditation and Mindfulness Group Meeting in South Norfolk and North Suffolk. Introduction to Meditation Course and ongoing Meditation and Mindfulness Course based on the teachings of Mingyur Rinpoche.

The Parish Church of St. Remigius,

Small friendly, supportive group, beginners


welcome. Open to people of any faith or

Part of the Diss Team Ministry. Sunday Services: 11.00 a.m. Eucharist 2nd & 4th Sundays, Family Service on 1st Sunday and Morning Prayer on 3rd Sunday. Toddler Church 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons in the Parish Room. Rector: The Revd. Canon Tony Billett, Tel: 642072, Team Vicar: The Revd. Wendy Evans, Tel: 640073.

none – you do not have to be Buddhist to learn to meditate. Meet alternate Mondays, 7-9pm. Enquiries: Zangmo Alexander 01379 897393 or 07786 445005. websites: and Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall, Gilray Road, Diss, IP22 3EU. Meetings: Sunday 10am, public talk / Watchtower study: Thursday 7pm, Ministry School / Service Meeting. Contact: Mr. Chris Stanforth. Tel: 07941 138584.

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Diss Car Parks Diss Station NCP, Station Road

Gilray Road overflow (RCP Parking Ltd)

Rail Off Peak Weekday £2.80, Rail Off Peak

To pay on day with coins please use machine

Saturday £2.30, Rail Off Peak Sunday £1.00

on Gilray Road Car Park. All Day tickets

Type: Pay and Display, Not covered, Lit

Type: Pay and Display, Not covered, Lit,

Features: Disabled Spaces


Payments accepted: Coins, Notes, Cards, Pay-

Payments accepted: Coins, Cards


Height restrictions: None

Height restrictions: None

Number of spaces: 38

Number of spaces: 188 (4 disabled)

Mon-Fri: 24 hours

Mon-Sun: 24 hours


£ 5.70

24h (Peak):

£ 5.80

Flat Rate:

£ 3.40 in after 09:00

24h (Off-peak):

£ 3.40


£ 21.50





Bank Holiday:

£ 2.70

Disabled:Free Chapel Street upper (South Norfolk District Council) Gilray Road (RCP Parking Ltd)


Type: Pay and Display, Not covered

All Day tickets expire at 23:59 for the day

Height restrictions: None


Free outside these hours

Type: Pay and Display, Not covered, Lit,

Mon-Sat: 8:00-18:00


1 Hour:


Payments accepted: Coins, Cards

2 Hours:


Height restrictions: None

3 Hours:


Number of spaces: 109

4 Hours:


Mon-Sun: 24 hours




£ 5.70

Flat Rate:

£ 3.40 in after 09:00


£ 21.50



D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Chapel Street lower (South Norfolk District Council)

Mere Street (RCP Parking Ltd) Type: Pay and Display, Not covered, Manned

Type: Pay and Display, Not covered, Lit

Payments accepted: Coins

Features: Disabled Spaces

Height restrictions: None

Height restrictions: None

Number of spaces: 43

Free outside these hours

Mon-Sun: 24 hours

Mon-Sat: 8:00-18:00 1 Hour: Free 2 Hours:


3 Hours:


4 Hours:




1 Hour:


2 Hours:


3 Hours:


4 Hours:


24 Hours:


ends at 00:00

Mount Street (South Norfolk District Council)

Weavers Court (South Norfolk District

Type: Pay and Display, Not covered, Lit


Features: Disabled Spaces

Type: Pay and Display, Not covered, Lit

Height restrictions: None

Features: Disabled Spaces

Free outside these hours

Height restrictions: None


Free outside these hours

1 Hour:


Mon-Sat: 8:00-18:00

2 Hours:



3 Hours:


2 Hours:


4 Hours:


3 Hours:




4 Hours:




1 Hour:

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Park Road (South Norfolk District

Shelfanger Road east (South Norfolk


District Council)

Type: Pay and Display, Not covered, Lit

Type: Pay and Display, Not covered, Lit

Features: Disabled Spaces

Features: Disabled Spaces

Height restrictions: None

Height restrictions: None

Mon-Sun: 6:30-18:30

Free outside these hours

1 Hour:


Mon-Sat: 8:00-18:00

2 Hours:


1 Hour: Free

3 Hours:


2 Hours: £1.00

4 Hours:


3 Hours: £1.50



4 Hours: £2.00

Shelfanger Road (South Norfolk District



Morrisons Car park


Store purchase required. Maximum stay

Type: Not covered Features: Motorcycle Spaces Height restrictions: None Free outside these hours Mon-Sat: 8:00-18:00

restrictions apply. Parking Restrictions: Customers only Type: Not covered, Lit Features: Disabled Spaces, Parent & Child Spaces

1 Hour:


2 Hours:


3 Hours:


4 Hours:


Tesco Car park



Store purchase required. Maximum stay

Mon-Sat: 7:00-21:00 Sun: 10:00-16:00

restrictions apply. Parking Restrictions: Customers only Type: Not covered, Lit Features: Disabled Spaces, Parent & Child Spaces Height restrictions: None Mon-Sat: 8:00-22:00 Sun: 10:00-16:00 116

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


A guide to shops and services available in Diss. Unless mentioned, dialling code is 01379. ACCOUNTANTS Stewart Boreham & Co Darrow Wood Farm Anthony James Brice Burston Haines Watts Hopper Way Larking Gowen Gilray Road Lovewell Blake Market Hill Newman & Co 4B Church Street ANGLING SUPPLIES Darrow Fishing Tackles Darrow Wood Farm P M Pegg Angling 22a Victoria Road ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES Diss Antiques 2/3 Market Place ARCHITECTS/ SURVEYORS Apollo Landscape Design 91 Victoria Road N Clarke 82 Shelfanger Road Keith Day Rectory Road, Shelfanger Paul Goddard Heywood Manolo and White East Bressingham Roberts Molloy Architects Bressingham Nick Woods 23a Hawk Crescent ARMY SURPLUS/CAMPING Gillings of Diss Mission Road Little Movers/ Waveney Leisure Station Road ART SUPPLIES/CRAFTS Albrights of Diss 23 St Nicholas Street


DesignerMakers21 St Nicholas Street Diss Publishing Bookshop 41 Mere St




308832 640555 651067 640343 640640

640331 640430


640548 642555

BAKERS Greggs 22 Mere St Tudor Bakehouse 15a Market Hill

651468 642322

BANKS/BUILDING SOCIETIES Barclays 14 Market Hill Halifax 12a Market Place HSBC 1 Mount St Lloyds / TSB 3 Market Hill NatWest 49 Mere St Nationwide 3 Mere St Norwich & Peterborough 14 Market Place

0345 734 5345 610404 0345 740 4404 0345 300 0000 0345 788 8444 0800 554 1123 644778

643945 652272 07899 745752 687705 652537

642983 644070


BEAUTY Bella Beauty Salon 15b Market Hill Beau Beauty Victoria Road Beauty in Mind Hopper Way Crackers & Chaps 26 St Nicholas St Eden Natural Beauty Sawmills Road Half Moon Salon Mount St Geraldine Walters Skincare St Nicholas St Mia Nails St Nicholas St Pure Serenity Cobbs Yard

644008 07825 880116 652653 651660 643533 643970 658982 308283 652757

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Red House Salon Bressingham BICYCLE SALES & REPAIRS Cycle Shack Chapel St Madgett's Cycles 8 Shelfanger Road BLINDS Swift Blinds Roydon Fen BOILER SERVICING Team Energy Victoria Road BOOK-KEEPING Diss Admin Solutions 18 Ensign Way Haines Watts Hopper Way Larking Gowen Gilray Road Newman & Co Church St Rhonda Costelloe Croft Lane BOOKSELLERS Diss Publishing 40 Mere St WH Smith 13 Mere St Unsworth's Booksellers Gilray Road BRIDAL WEAR Boutique of Dreams Park Rd BUILDERS/CONTRACTORS Anglian Building Services Lewis Drive Barker A 55 Louies Lane Bettinson Bros Shelfanger Road Cunngham Builders Heywood 118

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


641212 650419


0845 762 0620

641358 640555 651067 640640 643652

644612 642160 0800 0556650


651102 644591 644569 640300

Danny Ward Builders Scole Diss Scaffolding Services Shelfanger Road Garrod Construction Scole Haydon Groundworks 3 Scholars Walk John Taylor Builders 5 Shelfanger Road A N Jolly Building Services 20 Pearmain Road R G Rackhams Palgrave Roy Allen Engineering Fair Green BUILDERS MERCHANTS Howdens Joinery Vinces Rd Jewson (Roofing) Fair Green Jewson Victoria Rd Ridgeons Victoria Rd Travis Perkins Shelfanger Rd BUSINESS PARKS Diss Business Centre Dark Lane, Scole Diss Business Hub/Park Hopper Way BUTCHERS Browne D A & Son 29 St Nicholas St Cannells 48 Mere St CJ Barker Victoria Rd CAKES/CATERERS Claire's Sugarcraft (decoration) Norfolk House Yard Special Cakes (weddings) 20 Croft Lane Tierful Occasions 7 Frenze Road

742742 643800 741720 640483 643138 651189 640172 642324

651988 643374 643531 641414 642712



642105 642020 658662

650082 643502 882561


CAMPERVAN HIRE Amber Campers Palgrave CAR ACCESSORIES Allmake Motor Parts Sawmills Road Car & Commerical Installations Vinces Rd Diss Car Parts & Accessories 146 Victoria Rd DSC Motor Factors Vinces Rd John Grose Park Rd Little Movers (Towbars) Station Road Treadfirst Direct Vinces Rd CAR/VAN HIRE Derek Fiske Sawmills Rd CAR SALES / REPAIRS Diss Accident Repair Centre Rose Lane Auto Aid Palgrave S. Bartrum & Son 34 Denmark St D C Last Scole Derek Fiske Sawmills Rd Desira (Fiat) Sawmills Rd Diss Car Centre Sawmills Rd Diss Van Centre Sawmills Rd I.S.L.A Motors Gilray Rd John Grose (Ford) Park Rd Pretty Garages Vinces Rd Prolek Diss Ltd Sawmills Rd


640782 641111 652544

R G Golfs Victoria Rd Roydon Service Station High Rd Roy Humphrey (Vargas) Victoria Rd Scole Engineering Scole South Norfolk Classics Gilray Rd Thurlow Nunn (Vauxhall) Victoria Rd

652000 650642 870666 740940 07717 333555 642241

651978 642311

CARAVANS & EQUIPMENT Little Movers Station Rd


644070 652233


CARD SHOPS Cards n Wrap 53 Mere St Card Factory 10-11 Mere St Diss Publishing 40 Mere St W H Smith Mere St

644612 642160

641451 650745 642964 740568 644314 650111 642051 642055 652568

CARE HOMES/AGENCIES Addocare Scole Care Perspectives 17 Croft Lane De Lucy House 40 Victoria Rd First Choice Home Care Ltd 42a Mere St Oaklands Kingsley Health Care Scole Parkside Court Denmark Street Sunrise Healthcare Hopper Way Walcot Hall Nursing Home Walcot Green

741103 651666 671333 640100 740646 652050 641250 641030

642311 644786 643461

CARPETS/FLOORING Complete Flooring 146a Victoria Rd John Doe of Diss Sawmills Rd

651188 644081 D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



CATERING EQUIPMENT Anglia Catering Equipment Vinces Rd CHARITY SHOPS Break 21 Mere St British Heart Foundation 2 Market Place British Red Cross Mavery House East Anglia Children's Hospice 32 Chapel St East Coast Hospice Market Hill Feline Care 18 Market Place Oxfam 16 Market Hill PDSA 16 Mere St Salvation Army Sunnyside Sue Ryder 37 Mere St YMCA 27 Mere St CHEMISTS Boots 9 Market Place Hado Pharmacy 66 Mount St Superdrug 18 Mere St Well Pharmacy 11 Market Place CHIMNEY SWEEPS MK Chimney Sweeps Scole Wishart 42 Field House Gardens Spotless Chimneys Scole CHINA, GLASS & COOKWARE Larter & Ford 15 Market Hill 120

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

Leslie Ward 25 Church St




CHIROPODY/PODIATRY Diss Chiropody & Podiatry Clinic 1 Roydon Rd Lucy Keil Footcare Clinic Victoria Rd


CHIROPRACTORS Diss Chiropractic Centre 1 Roydon Rd



641727 640679 651939 650396

644871 643854

644108 652275


CLEANING SERVICES Crystal Clean Occold DASH Housekeeping Services Scole Just Jane's Cleaning Newstead Walk Kew Cleaning Services Hopper Way Turrell Cleaning Service Bressingham Minster Cleaning (Contract) Diss Business Centre Mrs P Ltd 72 Denmark St Oven SOS Shelfanger Without Trace 18 Prince William Way

07984 648296 07534 673671 07796 528697 770338 687751 644208 07720 841271 651667 07872 463977

644001 652821 642053

CLOCK / WATCH REPAIRS Chapman LJ 34 Mere St Diss Antiques 2/3 Market Place Hemstocks 42 Mere St

642102 642213 642497

741957 643181



CLOTHING Beales Market Place Chix 13a Market Place Christine Hinchliffe 6 St Nicholas St Lily & Rose Cobbs Yard

652248 640020 640922 652052


Man About Town 25 St Nicholas St M & Co 22 Mere St Original Factory Shop Victoria Rd Tatters 12 Mere St Simply Scrumcious 16 Mount Pleasant COACH SERVICES Simonds Coaches Sawmills Rd Chenery Travel Tharston Galloway Travel Stowmarket COMMUNICATIONS Vanguard Communications Rickinghall COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH Natural Health Clinic 36 Shelfanger Rd COMPLEMENTARY THERAPY Waveney Valley Yoga Metfield COMPUTERS/SUPPLIES Apple Mac Repairs (Anton) 86 Victoria Rd Data Tech DTP 16 Mere St Paper Mule Diss Business Centre PG Computers 42a Mere St 121 Computer Services 105 Victoria Rd CONFECTIONARY The Sweet Shop Norfolk House Yard COOKER CENTRES Diss Ironworks 7 St Nicholas St

652575 652643 641255

CRAFTS Albrights of Diss 23 St Nicholas St DesignerMakers21 21 St Nicholas St Diss Wool & Craft Shop Cobbs Yard


CURTAINS Diss Furnishing Fabrics Wills Yard, Chapel St


DELICATESSENS Fredrick's Fine Foods Norfolk House Yard



640633 07940 099022

647300 741221 01449 618077



DENTISTS/TECHNICIANS Dentabrite 4 Church St Diss Dental Care Centre 127 Victoria Rd Diss Dental Health Centre 3 Mount St Fair Green Dental Practice 63a Lower Denmark St Oasis Dental Care 65 Mount St Waveney Dental Laboratory 58 Victoria Rd

652580 643789 642522 651689 643693 643008


641485 652053

DEPARTMENT STORES Beales Market Place The Original Factory Shop Victoria Rd Poundstretcher Victoria Rd

652248 641255 644074

650330 644488 642000


DESIGN FOR PRINT King Design Diss Business Centre Type & Image Tivetshall St Mary DISCOUNT STORES Diss Discount 4 Mere St Poundland 55 Mere St

644200 676713

640486 308872

643978 D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



The Keyhole Market Place DISTRIBUTION Dayburst Couriers Pursehouse Way DIY STORES Larter & Ford Market Hill Wilbys Home Hardware Victoria Rd DRAIN CLEARANCE Drain Doctor Diss DRAPERY & FABRICS Diss Furnishing Fabrics Wills Yard, Chapel St Rooms With A View St Nicholas St Anne Taylor 2 Shelfanger Rd DRIVING INSTRUCTORS Anouska's School of Motoring Scole Chris Grocott Botesdate Geoff Sillett Sunnyside Linnet Driving Tuition Diss DRY CLEANING/IRONING Ironed 4U 28 Victoria Rd Just Jane's Cleaning/Ironing Newstead Walk Pressed to Go Roydon ELECTRICAL SHOPS Hughes Victoria Rd AW Myhill Victoria Rd


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



ELECTRICIANS/EQUIPMENT Chapman & Co Ltd Denmark St Paul Lovett (Domestic Appliance Repair) Tivetshall Stadium Power 25-29 Owen Rd Steve Eagle Mount St Trevor Cottee Roydon

651051 608183 644233 640926 641009




EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES ERAS 105 Denmark St Hales Group Navire House JobCentre Plus Church St Quality Teacher Recruitment Hopper Way

652171 642276 614320 0800 783 7405

640220 651788

740497 898338 642469 642493

643291 07796 528697 652767

642005 644078

ENGINEERING SERVICES AM Design Hopper Way BF1 Electronics Ltd Owen Rd Big Sky Acoustics Ltd Frenze Rd Boa Systems Diss Business Centre DFS Precision Engineering 2b/2c Gilray Rd Devantech Ltd Gilray Rd M & H Civil Engineering Victoria Rd Pace Racing Developments Vinces Rd Potter Electrical Engineering Sandy Lane Ray Chapman Engineering Rushall Hall Farm Roy Allen Engineering Ltd Fair Green Syne Qua Non Hopper Way

641617 646200 0207 617 7069 07000 262000 651309 644285 642104 652550 873555 741293 642324 644449


ENVIRONMENTAL WASTE PHS Vinces Rd EQUESTRIAN/FARM SUPPLIES Darrow Farm Supplies Shelfanger Rd ESTATE AGENTS/LETTINGS Ashton & Co 23 Church St Durrants 28 Market Hill Fine & Country Navire House Hunters 1 Crown Place Martin & Co Diss Business Centre Musker McIntyre 46-47 Mere St Parson Victoria Rd TW Gaze 10 Market Hill Whittley Parish 6 Market Hill William H Brown (Sales) 1 Mere St William H Brown (Lettings) 13 St Nicholas St FABRIC Anne Taylor Shelfanger Rd Diss Furnishing Fabrics Will's Yard FANCY DRESS HIRE/SALES Diss-Guise Will's Yard FINANCIAL SERVICES Robert Beck Financial Services 7 Mere St R & H Partnership 4 Market Hill Comer Crawley Victoria Rd



641044 642233 646020 651123 790008 644822 650680 641341 640808 644719 644123

651788 641919


741700 650818

Stephanie Hare, St James Place Wealth Management 6 St Nicholas St PLS FInancial Services Hopper Way Martin Roden Financial Services 7 Mere St FIREPLACES STOVES Diss Ironworks 7 St Nicholas St Stove & Chimney Centre Vinces Rd FISH & CHIP SHOPS Baileys Fish & Chips 66/68 Shelfanger Rd Fair Green Fish Bar 37 Denmark St The Fish & Chip Shop 16 Victoria Rd Market Place Fish & Chip Restaurant Market Place FISHMONGERS Marty's Fish King's Head Yard Mummery Bros Fish Merchants Market Place FITNESS CENTRES Diss Leisure Centre Victoria Rd Fit Club Hopper Way Heywood Health & Fitness 30 Walcot Rd MG Fitness Studio Shelfanger Hall FLORISTS The Flower Shop 12 St Nicholas St Jannie Janes 74a Shelfanger Rd Park Flowers Park Rd

640114 644568 646191

643978 671022

308130 642412 650434 641246

07581 208806 01502 587242

652754 652225 643088 07879 455966

642569 650564 644171

644311 D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



FUEL SUPPLIERS CPL Petroleum Ltd Prince Regent Way Emo Oil Ltd Victoria Rd Little Movers Station Rd Watson's Fuels Prince Regent Way

652235 0800 685 685 644070 652764

FUNERAL SERVICES Rackhams Funeral Service 43 Stanley Rd Rosedale Funeral Home 63 Victoria Rd

642321 640810

FURNITURE/BEDS Barker's Basement 18a Market Place Diss Bed Centre & Furniture Warehouse Sawmills Rd John Doe Carpets & Furniture Sawmills Rd GARAGE DOORS Chapel Doors Vinces Rd GARDEN MACHINERY/REPAIRS Diss Garden Machinery Darrow Farm GARDEN DESIGN/LANDSCAPING Apollo Landscape Design 91 Victoria Rd Countryside Home & Garden 24 Speirs Way Crerar J M Shelfanger

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

308498 308105 642059 644841 644041 652968

GLASS/GLAZING Stratton Glass Hopper Way Glazing Vision Sawmills Rd



GOLF SHOPS Diss Golf Shop Stuston Common



GRAPHIC DESIGN Just Peachy Mission Rd

308498 640070


640548 07860 475036 642119

GARDEN SUPPLIES & DISCOUNT PET STORE Diss Garden Centre 106 Victoria Rd 642873 Myhills 35 Mere St 642465 Blooms of Bressingham Bressingham 0844 288 5175


GIFT SHOPS Barkers Basement 18a Market Place Harriets Home & Garden 23 Tudor House Leslie Ward Collectable Gifts 25 Church St Ninny's Cave 27 St Nicholas St Purple Door Cobbs Yard Skincense Norfolk House Yard

GREENGROCERS Castle Fruiterers 39a Victoria Rd Chenery C Vinces Rd GROUNDWORKS A Waterfield & Sons Ltd Scole Tim Taylor Construction Ltd Garboldisham B&B Roadworks Bressingham GYMNASTICS Spring Gymnastics Diss High School HABERDASHERY Albright of Diss 23 St Nicholas St


07828 751261Â

643799 642406

740255 01953 688301 687612

07901 626510



Diss Wool & Craft Shop Cobbs Yard HAIRDRESSERS Aquaria Hair Design 39a Chapel St Barber Shop 34 Chapel St Crackers & Chaps St Nicholas St Cut & Chat Norfolk House Yard The Cutting Room Roydon Gavin Doe Barbers Victoria Rd Dolphin House Hair Design Church St The Gentleman's Barber St Nicholas St Hers & His 1 Sawmills Rd The Hairloom 1 Roydon Rd Honey's Hair Salon Cobb's Yard Junction Hair Studio 103 Denmark St Lily's 30 Victoria Rd Magenta Hair Studio 2 Hales Yard Moons Hairdressing 36d Mere St Stylers Chapel St Studio 4 4 Church St Unique Hairdressers Sawmills Rd VAE Hair 19 St Nicholas St HAULAGE Rg Transport 25 Factory Lane HEALTH FOODS Grape Tree Mere St


652787 641776 651660 641783 643235 640680 642860 07432 233706 640641 642280 640150 644906 642265 650808 650251 644044 652484 651397 650015


Holland & Barrett 1 Mere St Natural Food Store Norfolk House Yard


HOLIDAY LET Rookery Nook Walcott Green


HOME BREWING You Can Brew It 14 St Nicholas St



HOTELS Brome Grange Brome Park Hotel 29 Denmark St Scole Inn Scole The Oaksmere Brome

870456 642244 740481 873940

HOUSING Solo Housing St Nicholas St


INSULATION Wallshield UK Vinces Rd

0800 011 6867

INSURANCE SERVICES Lexham Insurance Gilray Rd Merrick Hill Victoria Rd Morgan Price Rose Lane NFU Mutual Hopper Way

646504 643444 646730 651800

INTERIOR DESIGN Rooms With a View 5 St Nicholas St


IRONWORK Diss Ironworks 7 St Nicholas St


07580 134635 D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



JEWELLERS Chapman LJ 34 Mere St Diss Antiques & Interiors 2-3 Market Place Fourth Avenue 6 Mere St The Gold Mine Market Hill Hemstocks 42 Mere St Jewellery Workshop 1 Market Place

642102 642213 643071 644771 642497 644790

LAUNDERETTE Launderette Victoria Rd KENNELS/CATTERIES Quinces Kennels & Cattery The Heywood KEY CUTTING Timpson 11d Market Place KITCHENS & BATHROOMS Howdens Vinces Rd Jewsons Victoria Rd Norwich Bathrooms & Kitchens Park Rd Style Kitchens & Bathrooms Vinces Rd METALWORK db Metalworks Ltd Gilray Rd MOBILE PHONES Anglia Smartphones St Nicholas St Carphone Warehouse Mere St MOBILITY EQUIPMENT Be Active 19 Mere St 126

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



651988 643531 640812 652742


651083 0843 538 1573


MOTORCYCLE SALES/REPAIRS Bavins 101 Victoria Rd Pretty Motorcycles Vinces Rd


MOTORSPORTS First Sensors Ltd Vinces Rd Pace Precision Engineers Vinces Rd


MUSIC TEACHERS Kitchen RA (Violin/Keyboard) Roydon Rd Mapperley C (Piano) Sunnyside The Hub - Diss Music School Wills Yard NEWSAGENTS McColls 20 Mere St WH Smith 13 Mere St NEWSPAPERS/PUBLISHERS Falcon Publications Hopper Way Diss Express Mere St Diss Mercury 26 Mere St OFFICE SUPPLIES Hillside North Lopham PHS Group Vinces Rd WH Smith 13 Mere St OPTICIANS Adkins Opticians 2 Market Hill Scrivens 45 Mere St Specsavers 9-11 Mere St



642468 641985 07934 432185

640547 642160

773347 642264 644517

688090 651061 642160

650899 642739 658490


Dipple & Conway Market Place


OSTEOPATHS Diss Osteopathy & Natural Health Clinic Shelfanger Rd PAINTERS/DECORATORS Allum M William Brown Way, Roydon Clark T 125 Willbye Avenue Hang It All Palgrave Howes Painting & Decorating Heywood Rd Orchard Painters/Decorators Roydon RT Potter & Son Wortham RGN Painter/Decorator Denmark St SKE Painting & Decorating Stuston Somers D Roydon Jason Whiting Roydon PET GROOMING Crazy Dogs Roydon PET SHOPS/SUPPLIES Animal Feed & Supplies 17 Sawmills Rd Discover Pets Corner Navire House, Mere St Diss Garden Centre 106 Victoria Rd Myhills 35 Mere St The Pet Hut Victoria Rd PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS CAM Legal Services Gilray Rd


640461 658936

PETROL STATIONS Morrison Supermarket 146 Victoria Rd Roydon Service Station Roydon Shell Diss Victoria Rd PHOTOCOPYING CopyDiss 14 St Nicholas St PhotoElite 13 Market Hill

641459 650642 646030

644567 640452

652889 677132 641387 643316 07788 977466 740214 643694 650181

PHOTOGRAPHERS Wendy Aiken Photography Hoxne Austin Professional Photography Scole Liz Bishop Photography Roydon Daydream Photography Skelton Rd Lucy Kayne Riverside, Diss La Shed The Heywood Angela Sharpe Winfarthing Drew Xander Roydon

669299 741735 07863 176962 07899 992818 07944 505419 07771 676722 07769 646117 07773 102236

07776 313256


PHOTO PROCESSING Boots 9 Market Place PhotoElite 13 Market Hill

642436 640452

650245 642873

PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Claire Wilton Diss Business Centre


PICTURE FRAMING Orchard Frames Wills Yard


642465 644074


PLAY CENTRES Blooms of Bressingham Bressingham

0844 288 5175

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



Monsters Hopper Way


PLUMBING/HEATING Cole R Plumbing Services Scole 07961 271644 Pat the Plumber 13 Newstead Walk 651007 PC Bathrooms & Kitchens 4b Church St 688014 Ponting J C Roydon 07880 995199 Adam Scoulding Plumbing Services Sycamore Way 423216 SP Plumbing & Heating Mission Rd 651331 PLUMBING SUPPLIES City Plumbing Vinces Rd POST OFFICE Main Market Place Sorting Office Church St PRESERVATION Preservation Equipment Ltd Vinces Rd PRINTS Canvas Framed Prints Scole PRINTERS Francis Cupiss The Entry Town & Country Printers Owen Rd PUBLIC HOUSES Cock Inn Lower Denmark St Crossways Scole Greyhound 9 St Nicholas St


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


0345 722 2344 0844 474 0395



642045 651107

643633 742547 651613

Saracens Head 75 Mount St Scole Inn Scole Thatcher's Needle 33 Park Rd Two Brewers St Nicholas St Waterfront 43 Mere St White Elephant Stuston Rd White Hart Roydon RENEWABLE ENERGY Aspiration Energy Hopper Way REMOVALS/HOUSE CLEARANCE Bennetts 27 Tottington Lane Colemans Removals & Storage Vinces Rd RESTAURANTS/CAFES/TAKEAWAYS Amandines Cafe Norfolk House Yard Angel Cafe 11 Fair Green Boiler House Restaurant Cobbs Yard Cafe Culture 11 Market Place Costa Coffee 7-8 Mere St Katie's Kitchen 1 Hales Yard Diss Publishing Bookshop & Cafe 40 Mere St Diss Tandoori 1 Shelfanger Rd Farichild's Tea Rooms 2 St Nicholas St Fair Green Fish Bar 37 Denmark St Fish and Chip Shop 16 Victoria Rd

652853 740481 658905 07538 594452 652695



652009 643881

640449 07437 205853 644447 07552 330340 652760 652386 644612 651685 07462 756221 642412 650434


Greggs Mere St Golden Dragon (Chinese) 24 Mere St Happy Palace (Chinese) St Nicholas St Indian View Takeaway Church St Istanbul Kebab House 54 Mere St Imperial Wok (Chinese) 110 Victoria Rd Market Place Fish and Chips 16 Market Place Mere Moments 44 Mere ST Park Hotel 29 Denmark St Pizza Plus 6 Mavery House Pizza Time 33 Mere St Quick Bites Vinces Rd Morrisons Coffee Shop Victoria Rd Sanda's 4 Market Place Singtong Thai Restaurant Norfolk House Yard Sophie's Bistro 16a Mere St Spice Cottage Dolphin House, Market Place Time Out Coffee & Food Mavery House Turkuaz (Turkish) Victoria Rd Weavers Wine Bar & Eating House Market Hill ROOFING Anglia Roofing Solutions Vinces Rd Jewson (Roofing) Fair Green


SCAFFOLDING Diss Scaffolding Services Ltd Darrow Wood Farm


SCRAP IRON & METALWORK Gillings Scrap Iron & Metal Mission Rd


SECURITY SYSTEMS Malthouse Security Allwood Green


SHOE REPAIRS Timpson Shoe Repairs Market Place


642088 641888

650100 650777 642110 641246 07790 695056 642244 644366 308088 658705 640954 643504 651580 642336 640222 308064 642147 642411

643663 643374

SIGNS Dissigns Stuston Lane fatstickman 1a/1b Gilray Rd Signs, Banners & Image Display Print Owen Rd Striptees Unit 5, Gilray Rd

740606 658666 650880  652056

SKIP HIRE Collins Skip Hire Brome Kent Skips Pulham Market


SOLAR HEATING Team Energy Victoria Rd

0345 762 0620

SOLICITORS Francis Chenery Norfolk House Yard Comercrawley Victoria Rd Hayward Moon 6a Mere St Jackamans Mere St Spire Solicitors 2 Victoria Rd Steele's Law 3 St Nicholas St


644055 644311   646040 643555   641221 652141 D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



SOUND EQUIPMENT Simply Sound 3c Gilray Rd STABLES Diss Livery Centre Shelfanger Rd STATIONERS Diss Publishing Bookshop 40 Mere St WH Smith 13 Mere St STONEMASONS/MEMORIALS HL Perfitt Ltd Vinces Rd SUIT HIRE Essential Suit Hire Wortham SUPERMARKETS Aldi Mere St Morrisons Victoria Rd Tesco Victoria Rd TANNING & TONING Half Moon Tanning & Toning Mount St The Salon Tanning & Beauty Studio Mere St TATTOOS Pigmental Tattoos 16-17 Chapel St TAXI SERVICES Able Taxis 15a Market Place ALM Taxis Diss Diss Town Taxis Hopper Way Disstrict Cabs Mount Pleasant 130

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017



644612 642160


JB Taxis Shelfanger John’s Taxis Diss Ltd 32 Factory Lane Millpond Cars Oak Lodge, Snow St, Roydon Quick Cabs 8 Denmark Lane Scole Cabs Station Rd Tudor Taxis 8 Denmark Lane Waveney Taxis 41 Aldrich Way TEA & COFFEE SPECIALISTS Fairchild's Tea Rooms 2 St Nicholas St Ringtons Tea Distributors Gilray Rd

652014 640000 07802 633 142 641123   741471  658885  650978

07462 756221 0800 052 2440 

643621 TOOLS/TOOL & PLANT HIRE Toucan Tool Hire Unit V13 Vinces Road


TOYS/MODELS Toybox Toys 36e Mere St


643324 640954 0345 677 9877 


TRAVEL AGENTS Co-operative Travel 10 Market Place Thomas Cook 11A Market Place

640227 0844 335 7227

641833 TREE SURGEONS Waveney Tree Specialists Hoxne


658740 TROPHIES Diss Trophy Centre 23 St Nicholas St


640900   608602 414141 650064 

TURF ACCOUNTANTS Coral Bookmakers 15 Mere St William Hill 14 Mere St

0800 328 4273 0870 518 1715


Ladbrokes 2 Mere St TYRES & EXHAUSTS ATS Euromaster 29 Shelfanger Rd Bridge Tyres 79 Victoria Rd Desira Diss Victoria Rd John Grose Park Rd Thurlow Nunn Victoria Rd Treadfirst Vinces Rd Diss Tyre & Exhaust 3a Vinces Rd   Willow Tree Cars Ltd Rose Lane Wyatt Engineering Darrow Farm UPHOLSTERY Diss-Coverings Hales Yard VARIETY/CONVENIENCE STORES Diss Discount 27 Mere St Diss Food & Wine Market Place   Keyhole Market Place Labas Mavery House, Victoria Rd Patel Skelton Rd Poundland Mere St VETS Cherry Tree Vets Roydon Rd Linden House Veterinary Centre Mission Rd Uplands Way Vets Ltd Low Rd, Bressingham

0800 022 3454

642861 644000 0845 346 0702 642311 642241 629155

Vet 1 Services 22b Victoria Rd


VIDEO PRODUCTION & FILMING CEG Productions Vinces Rd Splice Creative Cobbs Yard WEB DESIGN AR Creative Victory Court Oyster Web Design Botesdale Profile Websites Hopper Way Web Design 4 Norfolk

020 3603 0179 650550

308002   898535  770151 0800 840 9220

643855 651818 687200



WINDOW CLEANERS D R McRunnel Window Cleaning Rose Lane DS Window Cleaning Services Mission Rd Chris Cottrell Cleaning Services 9 Bellacre Close Spotless Windows Scole

651588 07932 508153 07900 323231 740736

WINDOWS & CONSERVATORIES Anglia Building Services & Home Improvements Lewis Drive, Roydon 651102 Anglia First Home Improvements 19a Chapel St 646300 Conservatories Etc Victoria Rd 650517 Stratton Glass & Windows Unit 9, Hopper Way 650797

642828 308872


WINDSCREENS National Windscreens 2D Gilray Rd


WOOL & CRAFTS Diss Wool & Craft Shop Cobbs Yard


651183 642865

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


* Battery Replacement * Leather Straps * S/S Expander Bracelets

Low prices ~ Top quality products Also watches for sale from £4.95 Hard-to-find batteries of all types

THE KEYHOLE Diss Market Place Open Tuesday-Saturdays

Amandines • Norfolk House Yard • St. Nicholas Street • Diss • IP22 4LB Email: • Tel: 01379 640449

Need a venue? Park Road Diss Norfolk IP22 4AS Tel: 01379 644171 Flowers for all occasions

Hire the clubhouse at Brewers Green Lane Diss Town Football Club Tel: 01379 651223 Or email disstownfc@disstownfc

A modern, vibrant company providing legal services with its roots firmly set in East Anglia.

01379 652141 St Nicholas House, 3 St Nicholas St, Diss IP22 4LB Steeles Law Solicitors Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority no. 592311


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

D.A. Browne & Son Family Butcher 29 St Nicholas Street, Diss IP22 4LB

01379 642105 35 The Thoroughfare, Harleston IP20 9AS

01379 852235 Home Farm Barn, Burston, Diss, Norfolk IP22 5TJ

2 Cobbs Yard, St Nicholas Street, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4LB 01379 650640

online shop at: email:

Ninny’s Cave Giftware: Decoupaged Furniture Beautiful Hand-made Goods

Catherine on 01379 644841 27 St. Nicholas Street, Diss IP22 4LB D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017


Apple Mac Repairs Hair Studio 2 Hales Yard Diss, Norfolk 01379 650808

Installation Repairs and Upgrades Disaster Recovery Virus and Malware Removal Home and Business Users Is your Mac slowing down? Has your Mac completely stopped working? I will be able to tell what the problem is while you wait or when I meet you on callout. Don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

Anton, 86 Victoria Road, DISS, IP22 4JG Tel: 01379 641485 Mob: 07800 537004





Small and Medium Businesses, Self Employed, Clubs & Charities No-obligation free initial consultations, fixed competitive fees & personal service

Let take you there s Days out s Concerts s Live events s Holidays s Short breaks s DisneylandÂŽParis s Coach hire Your local coach company offering convenient departure points and home pick-ups on most holidays

T: 01379 308832 M: 07592 146144 E: W: Home Farm Barn, Burston, Diss, Norfolk IP22 5TJ

Gissing Children’s Centre a community pre-school We are a friendly pre-school, set in an idyllic location, offering a rich learning environment in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. contact Linda Nash on 01379 677300 (07796 204367 out of session hours) Registered Ofsted No: 254077


D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

Registered Charity No: 1105120

D i s s Town Gu i d e 2016 - 2017

ABLE TAXIS LIMITED Polite, professional and punctual taxi, mini-bus and courier service Founded in 1988 in the South Norfolk market town of Diss, we have been a limited company since 2001. We are the biggest operator in the region with a fleet of 48 vehicles; Hackney, Private Hire and licensed by the local authority. Fleet includes estate cars, saloons, five, six, seven and eight seater vehicles and eight specialist two to eight seater disabled friendly vehicles. Drivers are licensed by South Norfolk District Council and we have male and female drivers. Anybody, anything, anywhere, anytime, is our motto and we have a dedicated airport transfer section. We are used extensively by Local Authorities for contract work with Schools Transport and Social Services clients. We are the exclusive NHS taxi and courier company for the region and in this work our specialist trained drivers and escorts are used extensively/ Linked to our airport travel we have our own subsidiary holiday companies – Able Holidays and Able2Travel arranging ‘hassle-free’ holidays to Cyprus and around East Anglia.

For Enquiries and Bookings telephone:

(01379) 640900 or email:

Diss Town Guide 2016-2017  

Diss is the dark deeps of the Mere, silver in the light, green in the shade. It is the tumbling rhymes of Tudor poet John Skelton. It is the...

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