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International Contemporary Art Fair for Independent Artists

21 - 23 January 2017

Cover Image: Collection of a Magpie by Alice Padovani

Director Cristina Cellini Antonini Director Francesco Fanelli

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Art Projects curated by Cristina Cellini Antonini Assistant Curator Ilenia Balestrieri Curators Mariacarla Auteri Massimo Scaringella Alice Tegazi

Selection Committee 2017 Michael Barnett, Antonella Di Lullo, Bronac Ferran, Jimmy Lek, Paola Lucente, Anthony Molino, Steven Music, Louisa Grasso Omar, Alessandra Stagliano, Fru Tholstrup, Gavin Turk, Sam Walker. Arts Advisory Board Jonas Almgren, Lorenzo Belenguer, Gioele Camarlinghi, Chiara Canal, Cristina Cellini Antonini, Cristian Contini, Francesco Fanelli, Fulvio Granocchia, Yuriy Horovvy, Joshua Jost, Alessandra Stagliano, Marine Tanguy. Partners & Sponsors 55 Factory, Activ Canvas, Almont, Art Below, Art Finder, Art Gemini Prize, Art Week, Art Jobs, ARt Style, Axxess Advisory, B2BItaly, Belluzzo & Partners, Bow Arts, Cass Art, Celeste Prize, Contini Art UK, Dandi, Dao Content, Elx-Art, Fast Signs, Flight Logistic, Ita. ian Chamber of Commerce fand Industry in the UK, ITA - The Italian Trade Agency, Konnii, Lazagne Magazine, Le Dame Art Gallery, MTArt Management, Matsu, Meliá White House Hotel, MDH Holograms, ML Linguistics, Nife is Life, NOA, Pini Franco LLP, Project Art – The Social Arts Market, Richmond University, Savvy, Serious About Social, Studio Tangram, SWA, The Level, The Local Art Scene, Trust & Wealth, Vastari Group.

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Welcome from the Meliá White House

Director’s foreward When we started the Artrooms fair, 3 years ago, we wanted to create an event that put artists back at the heart of the international scene. The idea was to give them an opportunity to showcase their work and grant them access to the market. However, we where aware that we needed an extra factor, something beyond the conventional white cube exhibition space. We wanted to turn a journey into the art market into an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to our “ARTROOMS” Fair. This is the third year I have had the great pleasure of hosting this magnificent event at the Melia White House. Not only does it give visibility and opportunity to international, young, talented artists, but it also brings an air of culture and art to our grand Hotel, already steeped in rich history itself. I am delighted to be able to share this event with our guests and I hope it is an enjoyable and memorable experience for you. With my very best wishes.

Gioele Camarlinghi General Manager – Hotel Melia White House UK Area Director – Melia Hotels International

Exhibiting in an hotel room can be challenging, but it’s because of its peculiarity that artists are invited to be even more creative and show their full potential. On the other hand, visitors have the unique chance to meet the person behind the work in a very intimate dimension. Artrooms is a catalyst to attract contemporary art collectors and dealers. A hub, where the most talented and independent artists from all over the world are invited to exhibit after passing a ferocious selection. This 3 Edition will host 70 out of 800 artists who have applied. Thanks to our prestigious and generous Selection Committee, we are able to present a fair which truly reflects global trends. All the artists you will meet in ARTROOMS 2017, are independent and not necessarily emerging. Some of them are young, others aren’t. The majority has been already awarded and gaining popularity in their country of origin. They all share a common factor: they are not exclusively represented by a gallery in the UK. The fair is a marvellous hunting ground. We want galleries, art dealers and agents to come and scout for talented artists, test them on the market and grab the opportunity to be the first to work with our artists. In Artrooms 2017 you will meet 70 artists from 35 countries across Europe, Canada, USA, South America, Middle and Far East. They will present works of art from all media including video and installations. We truly hope you will enjoy the fair. Cristina Cellini Antonini Director Francesco Fanelli Director Chiara Canal Deputy Director


Are we Humans? Reflections on invisible and imaginary cities by Alice Tegazi The countries from which the artists of the Far East Section come (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mongolia, Iran) have faced significant political, social and cultural changes over the Twentieth century that strongly transformed people lives and consequently affected researches of the artists themselves. Technology progresses, mass media development, massive population growth have only been a few elements that have determined - as progressive as inevitable - transformation of entire areas, cities, neighbourhood. Each country has answered to all these changes providing people with specific and peculiar solutions, however Taro Karibe, Hitomi Kammai, Jake the Dog, Tsz Lan, Jade Chorkulab, Otgonbayar Tsogt and Sara Parsaee have all investigated the relationship among human being and fictional/actual places, exploring the subtle interstice that exists on the edges between them. Far East artists have been witnessing stunning phenomenons, which have brought each artist to react accordingly. Starting point of their researches have been influenced by several circumstances (connection with spirituality, relationship between art and anthropology, academic backgrounds) and each artist has questioned the deep meaning of the places where we are living and how human being has played a significant role into their continuous transformation. Are the cities a result of inhumanity? How are we still surviving to the cruel process of human devastation?

“The inferno of the living is not something that will be; if there is one, it is what is already here, the inferno where we live every day, that we form by being together. There are two ways to escape suffering it. The first is easy for many: accept the inferno and become such a part of it that you can no longer see it. The second is risky and demands constant vigilance and apprehension: seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst of inferno, are not inferno, then make them endure, give them space.” Invisible cities, a novel by Italian writer Italo Calvino published in 1972, offers an intriguing solution to analyse our everyday Inferno – solution that has been fully embraced by Taro Karibe, Hitomi Kammai and Jake the Dog researches. In fact, Karibe’s photographies, Kammai’s sculptural paintings, Jake’s canvases show significant connections with Calvino’s reflection. Taro Karibe, whose approach has deeply rooted into Psychology studies, analyses human lost identity in connection with Tokyo, his home-city. His provocative pictures show how Japanese people (and places) have accepted the stranger feeling of solitude that they have been facing day by day. Colourful advertising – here transposed in monochrome pictures – and oppressing mass media enchant bewitching the metropolis, diverting from its real issue: the loneliness of the individual and the acceptance of being a number among the others – not a person. The metropolis has accepted its Inferno and no longer see(s) it. A more abstract and spiritual perspective has presented by another Japanese artist, Hitomi Kammai. Her analysis of the Inferno interconnects nature and artificial objects and the Crater Paintings are the result of viewing a new possible world. Differently from Karibe’s approach, Hitomi reflects on the destructive consequences caused by human brutality and how life is an alternation of lights and shadows. Through her sculptural paintings, she has physically shaped this succession, influenced by Buddhist philosophy where everything is linked and connected. The influence of the Abstract Expressionism and Jackson Pollock’s dripping technique culminate into dynamism of a new creation, resembling moon craters caused by regularly meteorites bombing. Korean artist Hun Kyu Kim (Jake the Dog) has deeply questioned our Inferno analysing contemporary forms of barbarism. Despite using bright colours, his paintings reveal destruction and cruelty, showing the most brutal side of human being. The representation of the pigs is highly controversial: pigs are traditionally a Korean symbol of wealth and prosperity but in Jake the Dog’s paintings they represent the human being carelessness and greed. Closing eyes, mouths and ears get them live freely from sense of guilty, guilty originated from brutality and atrocity. In The birth of nation a multitude of skulls is piled: each of them has tattooed with a different kind of flower, plant or leave. Jake the Dog shows in this painting the destruction of the nature, rather than the death of warriors that fight for their nation. In his paintings, he investigates how the massive technology developments has been destroying our environment, always more polluted and corrupted, leading to a paradoxical human involution. His representation of cruel reality has been mediated by the sapient use of fables and cartoons, through which he is able to hide miserable and terrifying subjects such as oppression and violence and to not confront the power (the government) directly. Jake the Dog is a contemporary Juvenal that actually escapes the Inferno through his sense of humour showing a new possible world: the colourful canvases promote joy and hope to fight against the barbarism. Partially connected with Jake the Dog’s vision of a new possible world, Tsz Lan researches the sense of human life into imaginary cities which transposed the muddled real ones. “Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else.” Following Marco Polo’s assertion in Invisible cities, she represents the vibrant life in Hong Kong as a surreal city that shows its controversial side. The skyline is unrecognisable, the

figures (humans, animals, vegetables) are mostly absurd, floating in a blurry atmosphere. In Speak no sound series Tsz Lan is a storyteller that denounces the paradox of living in a place like Hong Kong: Breathe is a provocative work that openly condemns the dangerous level of pollution existing in the city. Her ten-year experience into film production company and interests in movies have influenced Tsz Lan artistic approach: Rose and Blanca are metaphorical underwater paintings that show the strict co-dependency between human and nature. The presence of blooming flowers represents the charming side of art that will always be connected with its social attempt of denunciation. As stills of a movie, both paintings reflect the inevitable process of humannature interrelation that exist also in a metropolis like Hong Kong.

“Arriving at each new city, the traveller finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places.” Jade Chorkularb, Otgonbayar Tsogt and Sara Parsaee have been experiencing the living in a totally different reality from their home-city. Transposing Marco Polo’s statement in Invisible cities, this factor has been inevitably reflected into the whole body of work of these artists. The relationship with traditions, forms and techniques inherited from their countries have been tracked throughout artists’ paintings, sculptures and installations, combined with continuous connections with their new homes. Jade Chorkularb, born in Thailand and London-based since 1996, embodies this dialectic approach and defines questioning identity as starting point of her research. Deeply influenced by Anatta doctrine of “no self”, she investigates East-West profound relationships, adopting techniques and materials that belong to Western cultures and melding elements that belong to Buddhism. Kilesa is the epitome of these connections: the use of the Pali word Kilesa (“defilement”) reveals Chorkularb’s research as interpretation of life through Buddhist vision. The perspex, transparent and pure, is metaphor for human mind (fundamentally uncontaminated), corrupted by different tangled defilements (desire, anger, delusion) that are struggling to perform on behalf of human thoughts and acts. The use of simple media (paper) and the combination on the support (perspex) suggest influences of European Avant-garde, Arte Povera and Nouveau Réalisme, signal of a strong bond with Western art. Connected with Chorkularb’s approach, Otgonbayar Tsogt has investigated challenges of Eastern-Western boundaries integrating them with Mongolian shamanism (Tengerism) that has inspired his latest works. Following Tengerism philosophy, Tsogt have found the meaning of human life in living in harmony with the universe; the colourful planets represented are interconnected and suspended onto the canvas in a delicate balance. The ritualism of the alternation of day and night, seasons and the relationship between life and death suggest the artist to visually represent those principles into an imaginary universe, managed by the circular motion. Exploring deeply the sense of these movements, Tsogt have felt the need to go beyond the twodimensional support of the canvas where the motion is slightly perceived and to ennoble it through three-dimensional objects where the motion has finally acquired its own independence. Western influences could be traced through the use of horizontal stripes on the background and rigorous geometries that reveal a symmetry with the French poet and artist Daniel Buren. In Sara Parsaee’s research – Iranian artist moved to Malaysia in 2009 – the heritage of her Iranian roots has been showed through techniques and subjects used for her works. Seeking for the spirit of things, she has represented elements of the Islamic world with a wide range of materials (sands, stones, cotton). Using bright colours, light and glitters she has clearly contrasted the conservative beliefs and forms of Islamic culture spreading a sense of joy in most of their artworks. However, beyond the kaleidoscopic vertigo of colours, the representation of Nazar (Eye of Devil) and the Peacock lead to controversial interpretations: the Nazar embodies the talisman to push away corruption and negativity from humans; the peacock symbolizes the ambiguous connection between beauty and vanity and how the power of this relationship can be potentially dangerous.The influences of traditional elements lie onto the use of combination of sand and stone: Byzantine mosaics and Persian miniatures could be brought to light by observing Parsaee’s works. Moving forward, looking back to the past. The relationship with tradition has played a significant role in each artistic research: not only Jade Chorkularb, Otgonbayar Tsogt and Sara Parsaee who are actually experiencing the physical distance from their country, but also Taro Karibe, Hitomi Kammai and Jake the Dog have connected their artistic expression with traditional elements. A consistent part of Karibe’s photographies is printed on Japanese rice paper; Kammai’s sculptural canvases, even if profoundly influenced by Abstract Expressionism, have been painted using a Japanese pigment and Jake the Dog’s paintings are coloured on silk with traditional oriental pigments, obtained from natural resources, a technique used for the ancient religious painting in Asia. Wherever the artist has been, techniques, myths, forms of their home-country have directly or indirectly influenced his/her own philosophy and conscience. Through their entire artistic journey a significant part of their research has referred (and will be referring) to their own roots and cities - as Marco Polo remarks describing his beloved Venice in Invisible cities:

“Every time I describe a city I am saying something about Venice. Memory’s images, once they are fixed in words, are erased. Perhaps I am afraid of losing Venice all at once, if I speak of it. Or, perhaps, speaking of other cities, I have already lost it, little by little.” Alice Tegazi

True colours Individual as colour pigment in Moureaux research I have a fascination with rituals. Rituals create a sense of order in my existence. The fascination that France has with Japan has historically rooted in the nineteenth century. Ukiyo-e (浮世絵) genre (literally meaning “floating world”) - that was formally introduced during the World’s Fair in Paris in 1867 – deeply impressed French impressionist painters, depicting landscapes and scenes of the lively and colourful culture arisen in the urban centres of the main cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto). Japanese subjects of everyday life and Impressionist studying of the light were transposed on canvases, resulting into bright paintings realized through juxtaposed technique.

Mystery is the essence of my being. Autism brings its own beauty for I am not bound by constraints of time and order. I inhabit a world of chaos, a world where the outcome is no more relevant than the beginning. The most sacred of my rituals involve water. Immersing myself I return to primordial memories. In the Tao, feng shui, elements of wind and water create the basis of all harmony.

Thrown into twentieth century, Emmanuelle Moureaux, differently from Impressionist painters, personally experienced that “lively and colourful culture” during a University study-trip in Tokyo. Tokyo lights and colours have turned out to be her epiphany: fluorescent billboards, multicoloured signals and the overall brightness of the city amazed the artist that, falling in love with the Japanese capital, instantly decided to move there from Paris.

Water has no bones and cannot be broken or contained ... always in movement.

Her research, as a contemporary Impressionist, is focused on the decomposition of the colours and on capturing the fleeting effects of lights. Partially influenced by Eugene Chevreul’s scientific research into colour theory, Emmanuelle Moureaux observes the reality sectioning every layer through her architectural eye. The combination of the study of colours and separated layers is synthesized into her Shikiri theory made-up world that means “dividing and creating space through colours”.

I surrender to the water.

I am here embodies her principle reflecting on the complexity of the relationship between space and colours. The paper-installation takes possession of the space without actually occupying it: the lightness of the material and the chromatic succession disseminate a deep sense of balance and joy. What impresses at the first glance is the power of colour itself: no shapes, no figures, just the total-enthralling intensity of colours. The installation silhouette – that reminds the massive Tokyo skyscraper – reacts to the apparent fragility of the media through the respondent chromatic effect. In fact, the artist breaks the colour wheel into two segments, flatting on a unique layer, ennobling the entire colours palette and increasing the brightness. However I am here diverges from the entire body of work of the artist as she introduces the human figure for the first time. Combining hundreds of human silhouettes, Emmanuelle Moureaux reflects on the overcrowded contemporary society leading to a double interpretation: placing side by side each layer with a specific colour, she admits the inevitable process of depersonalization that Tokyo as a metropolis has been experiencing. Time after time, people turn into a repeating number into the hectic and vibrant life of the Japanese capital. At the same time, using a palette of 100 colours, the overall luminosity of the installation is related with the presence of each figure and openly contrasts the society-system carelessness. Each individual lights up its own light but, all together, they light up the world, bringing a sense of diffused hope and joy. Just like the pigment of colour that double its luminosity due to the proximity with its own complementary. Alice Tegazi

My paintings are a record of a brief life when the water, paper, color and I engage in a ritualistic dance. I do not seek to control the rain. The paper comes to life. Moving, pigments separating and blending. No time to think for like the calligrapher I am not a writer of words. The colors have their own language. For a moment we are one entity where the outcome is random....beyond explanation. When the ritual is finished the paper becomes a relic of the moment. Stevens Vaughn “A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience.” We could draw on this thought by Mark Rothko to describe Stevens Vaughn’s work, which conveys the meaning of a visual essentiality, only apparently confusing, but structurally associated with an ironic and colorful view, expressing with its irrepressible sign a misleading gestural line, guided by a manual drive that is full of emotional and cultural expressionism that belongs in a sound reality. The structure or, better still, the ‘ritualism’ of each work is composed as the expression of a non-verbal thought, transformed into an articulated structure based on the revelation of reality, where a stylistic exercise capable of turning desire into the irony of creativity joins a deferred dilation of time and space. Patches, rapid straining and chromatic hauteurs contain the definition of space, contending against nature and poetry for the search of formal solutions for their work, which end up in a disturbing use of such a primary element as water.

Massimo Scaringella

DREAMS ARE ONLY DREAMS by Maria Carla Auteri

In the three-act drama written in 1635 by Pedro Calderón de La Barca,“Life is a dream”, the question is whether what we interact with in real life - the object, the action, the event - is in truth the result of a dream, because it is much more like the reality that places the living man in confusion, who dreams until he is rousing.

Massimo Scaringella

If all life is a dream, Art helps to make us dream away the sad moment of awakening. The artists selected for the 2017 edition of Artrooms suspend us within this state of mind, making us dream of ideal worlds, which can be experienced only in the illusion of a Nature so alive and fluctuating as the ceramic works of Delfina Emmanuel. Sea sponges, anemones, corals and rocks are crystallized in a marine realm imprinted in the memory of the artist since the time of childhood. The artist becomes a child again, transported to a time when to dream still meant to create, as in the entomological micro-installations by Alice Padovani, in which the artist/magpie collects small things of beauty, created by chance or accident, and frames them, reveals them to the world, jealously keeping their secret. The candid aura of childhood destabilizes with maturity, it takes a form both restless and obscure, so “Dark Pool”,the multifaceted work of Collettivo Instabile, the creative duo composed by Gianni Mazzesi and Maria Giovanna Morelli, brings us back to the present state, not yet clear but deformed and therefore disturbing. The installation work of Eleonora Oleotto, by using therapeutic photography, relieves pain caused by trauma covering the environment around the works with a “gauze-like” fabric. The wound has been treated, everything can be overcome and one can keep walking the path. In“Untitled with person”, Gianluca Capozzi plays on the Illusionism style, form is more realistic as far as it is positioned from reality. We are still dreaming, there are lights, buildings, inhabitants of a city that never existed, but that we all remember. The state of mind is now a livable reality in the virtual sphere, an augmented reality experience, and it is with the use of technology that artists Guido Salimbeni and Julius Giustini create their own paintings, creating a story about the story. Dario Moschetta relies on the traditional technique of oil on canvas, but spreading the color in a “dirty” and uneven way. Visionary artists, dreamers with different artistic experiences are intertwined so, in the rooms of the Meliá White Hotel. After all, at the end of the dream, we always find ourselves inside a bedroom. Maria Carla Auteri

Massimo Scaringella is a contemporary art independent curator and cultural events organizer. For over thirty years of activity in Italy and abroad he has presented numerous Italian and foreign artists, many of them belonging to new generations and today highly valued in the international field. Born in Rome on 1953, he lives in Rome and Buenos Aires. He is Director and founder of ‘ars maxjer contemporanea - vanguardist cultural projects’ and since 2013 Artistic Director of the Tres Pinos Foundation. He has been in direct contact with the local reality of diverse cultures and contemporary world, thus creating an exchange bridge between Italian art and the rest of the world, particularly in Argentina, where he has been Artistic Director of the 4th edition of The End of the World Biennial (Bienal del Fin del Mundo) 2014/2015. He curated or collaborated with more than 250 contemporary art exhibitions in 40 countries: Italy; Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, USA; France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Portugal; China, Japan, Kazakistan, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Persian Gulf; Egiypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Libya, Kenya, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe and Australia. He also wrote numerous critical texts and articles in the specialised press (Il Tempo dell’Arte, Artribune). Among his recent art exhibitions stand out “The tip of the iceberg - Francis Bacon’s drawings” (Argentina, Chile, Portugal and Taiwan 2010-2011),“The wonders’ garden - Joan Miro’s graphic works” (Argentina – itinerant 2013), “Words, images and other texts - Homage to visual poetry and 50 years of Fluxus” (Argentina 2012),“Italian cinetic art 50’-70’ ” (Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil 2013-2016) y and the personals exhibitions of Omar Galliani (Argentina, Uruguay and Chile 2010-2012) and Massimo Listri (Argentina and Chile 2012-2013). As well, those collective exhibits that made Italian art known in the world: “The essence’s project” (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Serbia, Romania 1997-1998), “Italian art 50’-70’ - The Farnesina Collection” (India, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Bosnia, Serbia 2008), “Thought forms” (Indonesia, Sweden 2002), “The energy of matter” (China 2008), “The sign of color: Burri & Afro” (Peru 2016). On the other hand, he has undertaken an intense promotion activity in Italy of Argentina’s new creativity, with initiatives such as the collective exhibitions “Focus Buenos Aires” (MIART, Milan 2008), “Art Abroad” (Turin 2012), “Global Exchange” (MACRO, Roma 2014) and the collective Mondongo (MAXXI, Rome 2016), along with the Italian Consulate-General in Buenos Aires’ Lucio Fontana Prize (2012/2016).

OMAR HASSAN In just a short time ARTROOMS has established a reputation for discovering exciting new artistic talent. So, I was honoured and thrilled to be asked to be one of the member of the Selection Committee for the third Edition of the annual fair. What a truly eye-opening time I had, choosing works from a wonderfully wide range of artists from more than 35 countries and different disciplines. Paintings, installations, photography sculpture, drawings and digital art. I was in a culture candy shop, and could not wait to see what the next artist would display and tell me about their work, fascinated to discover and what makes them tick. More than 70 artists were finally selected from around 800 entries. Added to these were 10 artists who were invited to show. As part of the Selection Committee with such illustrious co-members, it was a pleasure and revelation to judge such high quality work. I know that everyone who visits ARTROOMS this year will be thoroughly absorbed, discovering unexpected gems in the unique setting of the Meliá White House. ARTROOMS 2017, kick-starts the art year, celebrating all that London art world has to offer and is the gateway to international exchange. The non-traditional setting of the Meliá White House guest rooms offer a special opportunity to meet the exhibitors face-to-face, in an intimate environment. I know that visitors will come away uplifted - maybe with artworks by new talent or established artists - and certainly with fresh ideas, inspiration and creative energy for 2017.


Michael Barnett, Art Critic, STATE 22

Currently art features writer with STATE-F22 magazine and special projects lead for Art Bermondsey Project Space. Broadcaster on arts for Radio London, filmed in documentary on creative mature people (out later this year). Pundit on various news TV and radio reports including David Bowie death (Sky News), Brexit for Italian TV. Perviously Arts Salon producer & MC for Oblivion Night (Blacks Club Soho), Karma Basement and Arty Party. PR and assistant curator for various art and photography exhibitions. One of the founders of the Man In The Moon Theatre in the Kings Road (for 22 years). Worked at the BBC (various departments including programme planning BBC1&2, open University production, Nationwide current affairs. PolyGram Music Video, film & video archivist (for the record industry).Arts writer.

Breaking Through Milan #5, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 180 x 200 cm, 70.8 x 78.7 in


Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas at The Meliá White House is much more than a cocktail bar, it is one of the best cocktail bars in London. Here you will find recreations of classic & signature cocktails surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere that invites sharing and conversation. Open 10:30am - Late Monday - Sunday @drymartinilondon

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(Alphabetical Order: Name and Exhibition space)

Yaprak Akinci187 Jean-Luc Almond Corridor Clara Aparicio Yoldi136 Edwin Barrington Lue-Shing 144 Felix Baudenbacher 142 Lorenzo Belenguer 1 floor Central Corridor Juliette Bigley 148 Ryan Bock 171 Svetlana Bogatcheva 186 Damien Borowik 194 Ilsa Brittain131 Gianluca Capozzi 1 floor Central Corridor Jade Chorkularb 191 Collettivo Instabile 108 Karsten Cramer172 Sarka Darton 116 Robert Lee Davis 173 Mireya de Coursey 193 Mache Del Campo 174 Tessa Eastman 132 Delfina Emmanuel 107 Tracey Falcon 133 Terri Farahmandi 147 Jade Fenu 127 Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf 129 Clara Garrido 175 Maya Gelfman 198 Benjamin Golding 146 Matt Greenwood 145 Kelly Halabi 114 Teri Havens 183 Micah Hooks 134 Brian Huber 177 Dani Humberstone 129 Gillian Hyland 135 Angel Iliev 125

Jake the Dog (Hun Kym Kim) 196 Sue Jelley 129 Josef Jobst 120 Janusz Jurek 1 floor Central Corridor Hitomi Kammai 188 Taro Karibe 197 Ulla Karttunen 123 Alexander Korzer-Robinson 137 Benjamin Kustow 138 Marta Lacka 119 Silvia Lerin 100 Claire Malet 143 Antigoni Manolidou 115 Colin McCallum 111 Reyhane Mirjhane 1 floor Central Corridor Emmanuelle Moreaux Ground Floor Dario Moschetta 102 Franco Nonnis 1 floor Central Corridor Mary Ann Obando 180 Eleonora Oleotto 101 Alice Padovani 109 Zoi Pappa128 Sara Parsaee 195 Francesca Pasquali 1 floor Central Corridor JustynaPennards-Sycz 118 Miodrag Peric126 Marta Pieregonczuk124 Jasmine Pradissitto 140 Sue Ransley141 GuidoSalimbeni 110 Catherine Salvargh 112 Mariana Sampaio 179 Masha Sha 176 Patrícia H. Shenriq 113 Gloria Sulli 122 Will Teather 1 floor Central Corridor

Fabrizio Trotta 1 floor Central Corridor Joy Trpkovic 1 floor Central Corridor Silja Truus 117 Otgonbayar Tsogt 190 Li Tsz Lan 189 Michele A.Utley Voigt182 Stevens Vaughn192 Simona Visan 103 Falk von Schönfels193 Ronan Walsh139 Fintan Whelan130 Margaret Withers 181 Celine Wong104 Emese Wu 193

SELECTED ARTISTS Selected by Michael Barnett, Antonella Di Lullo, Bronac Ferran Jimmy Lek, Paola Lucente, Anthony Molino Steven Music, Louisa Grasso Omar, Alessandra Stagliano Fru Tholstrup, Gavin Turk, Sam Walker



Yaprak Akinci Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 21/12/1984 Country: Turkey Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 800 - £ 3,500

AWARDS: 2016 ICAC Art Contest First Prize. London, UK 2015 UbqArt Award 3rd Place. Italy 2013 INAIL Painting Award Finalist. Italy 2013 XXVII FIBRENUS Finalist. Italy 2012 L’Arte Genera l’Arte’ (PremioTerna04) Winner - Short Film ‘Il Risveglio’. Rome, Italy

Born in Istanbul in 1984. A graduate of the illustrious Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University with a degree in graphic design, she has produced work in sectors as varied as photography, cinema, drawing and engraving. In 2010, she moved to Rome to study for a Masters in Graphic Arts at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, where painting became the focus of her artistic output. Years of painstaking observation of her home city saw the artist bear witness to unfettered architectural growth, with frantic urban transformation profoundly affecting her work. In 2012, Akinci received the ‘’Arte Genera Arte’’ prize at the fourth edition of the Premio Terna. She was a finalist of the Premio Pittura INAIL and the Premio Fibrenus in 2013, as well as the UbqArt Award in 2015. She has exhibited at a number of shows in Istanbul, Rome and Carrara. She had her first personal exhibition in Rome in 2014. After moving to London in 2015, she won first prize in the International Confederation of Art Critics (ICAC) Art Contest. ICAC is currently producing a catalogue of her work to date. MAIN SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Remnants, Cultural Office of the Turkish Embassy, Rome, Italy MAIN GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2012 Affordable Art Fair AOP Project (Live Painting Performance) MACRO, Rome, Italy 2013 Factory Festival, MACRO, Rome, Italy 2012 3rd International Art Dialogues, Galata Square Workshop Istanbul, Turkey

Enclosure¦2016 Acrylic on Canvas¦135cm x 80cm



claRa apaRicio yoldi Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 28/08/1979 Country: Spain Residence: UK Media: Video Art Price range: £20 - £1,000

AWARDS: 2016 Most Promising Video Artist Award Madatac - Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival. Madrid, Spain 2016 Shortlisted Portobello Film festival. London, UK 2015 Second Prize Bang - Int. Video Art Festival Barcelona, Spain 2015 Honorable Mention Fivac - International Video Art Festival Camagüey, Cuba 2015 Shortlisted London Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, UK 2014 Longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize (100 Contemporary Artists) by Aesthetica Magazine, York, UK

claRa is a Video Artist from Madrid, Spain. Graduating in Art History from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she moved to London, where she currently lives and works. She studied Digital Film and Animation at the London Metropolitan University and Programming for Artists at Goldsmiths University. Mixing video and animation with painting, found footage, digital collages and programming, she creates very personal pieces and visual poems. She has recently received the Most Promising Video Artist Award in Madatac 07 - Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival, Madrid, Spain. Her pieces have been awarded in other Video Art festivals such as FIVAC - Camagüey International Video Art Festival (Cuba) and BANG - Barcelona International Video Art Festival (Spain) and screened in galleries, museums and cultural spaces around the world: Neomudéjar de Atocha, Medialab Prado and Centro Conde Duque in Madrid, CCCB Barcelona, TIAF London International Art Fair, York St Mary’s Contemporary Art Space, PPC Gallery in Berlin, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Annex Art Social Space in Brooklyn, Nueva York, GIV in Montreal and the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow among others. COLLECTIONS: Video Art World (Spain),Videos de Autor (Spain), IVHAM (Spain), Videothèque Art Stream (USA), Virtual Gallery (Germany), Sedition (UK)

Image from Fragmented Memory (Video Art)

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 ¡Zas! Madrid Interview - digital newspaper. Madrid, Spain 2016 Catalogue Madatac 07 Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival, Madrid, Spain 2015 Catalogue Jornadas de Reapropiación. Mexico DF, Mexico 2015 LandEscape Magazine Interview 2015 Granma - Una huella en el discurso creativo del país Article published for FIVAC - VI Festival Videoarte de Camagüey, Cuba 2015 Millenium Film Journal - Roberta Friedmans favorites films in Camaguey film festival - Article published for FIVAC VI Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Camagüey. NY, USA 2015 El Article published for the collective exhibition: “Videoarte y arquitectura” at La Neomudéjar, Madrid, Spain and Shhusev State Architecture Museum, Moscow, Russia 2014 Culture New York Article published for the collective exhibition “Under the Subway Video Art Night” 2014 Catalogue Aesthetica Art Prize”100 Contemporary Artists” Section: Video, installation and performance, York, UK. 2014 Aesthetica Magazine Interview for the Aesthetica Art Prize. York, UK

MAIN GROUP EXHIBITIONS (latest 10): 2016 Unsettled - Gallery Korea. Korean Cultural Center. New York, USA. 2016 VideoBabel - Festival video art - experimental audiovisual animation. Cusco, Peru 2016 Festival Les Instants Vidéo - Friche la Belle de Mai. Marseille, France 2016 The HTMlles - Feminist festival of media arts + digital culture. Montreal, Canada 2016 Bang - Video Art Festival. Galería Contrast, Galeria H2o and La Casa Elizalde. Barcelona, Spain 2016 Experiments in Cinema - Film Festival. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 2016 Madatac - Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival. Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid, Spain 2015 Now&After - International Video Art Festival, Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia 2015 FIVAC - 6to Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Camagüey, Cuba 2015 Video Art and Architecture - Group exhibition. La Neomudéjar de Atocha, Madrid, Spain



Edwin Barrington Lue-Shing Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 08/08/1962 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 1,000

AWARDS: 2015 Art Gemini Prize, shortlisted

Edwin is a completely self-taught artist and his inspiration comes from all around him. He is a people watcher and a majority of his works are portraits. Third world and Asian subjects are his forte. One of his art high points was being shortlisted on his 1st time entering the Art Gemini Prize, shortlisted from 74 artists, from over 33 countries. His works are mostly acrylics even if he always experiments with different mediums. “Be inspired, delighted and happy. Art should bring discussion, open the mind and enhance the surroundings”- E.Barrington Lue-Shing MAIN GROUP EXHIBITIONS (latest 10): 2015 ArtGemini Prize, Menier Gallery, London, UK 2014 What is the point?Adams Street, London, UK 2013 Art Gemini Prize ,Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London ,UK 2013 CGP Annual Open No29 , café gallery , London, UK 2006 Liberated Expression, Barclays Bank, Canary Wharf, London,UK 2006 Kith & Kids, Tottenham FC, London, UK 2005 Establishment, Beckenham Library, Bromley, UK 2005 Lava Café, Crystal Palace, London ,UK

What’s the point of poverty¦2014 Mixed Media encased in resin on canvas¦76cm x 61cm x 4cm



Felix Baudenbacher Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 24/04/1977 Country: Switzerland Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 900 - £ 15,000

AWARDS: 2016 Taking shape - cueB Gallery, London, UK - finalist 2013 Discerning Eye 2013 - Mall Galleries, London, UK selected for exhibition 2013 Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2013 - Mall Galleries, London, UK selected for exhibition 2003 Hunting Art Prizes - Royal College of Art, London, UK Young Artist of The Year, Runner-up 2002 Kate Barton Award for Painting - Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, UK

Born 1977 in Switzerland, educated (BA Fine Art, 2002, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design) and based in London. His work has been shown internationally (London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Basel, St.Gallen (Switzerland), Karlsruhe, Weil am Rhein (both Germany), Knokke (Belgium) and Vienna) in 49 exhibitions (of which 16 solo or two-person) since the year 2000 and is represented in private and public collections in the US, Europe and Australia. FAIRS: 2016 Art Karlsruhe, Germany / Art Toronto (both with Galerie Van Der Planken, Antwerp) 2016 Grid Art Fair 2016, The Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch, London, UK 2015 Art Toronto (with Galerie Van Der Planken, Antwerp)

COLLECTIONS: Loyalkaspar, New York City, USA; Galerie Ronny Van de Velde, Antwerp, Belgium; Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, UK; Kantonsschule Trogen, Switzerland; Kantonales Spital Heiden, Switzerland

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Javier Melian: ‘Love for the Elementary’ - Felix Baudenbacher Interview 2015 Felix Baudenbacher - Painting Measures (exh. catalogue) Galerie Van der Planken / ART + DEAL, Knokke, Belgium 2015 Bigna Bornhauser, Oetlinger-Buvette: Ein Kunstwerk als Gegenpol zur Art, exhibition review, Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, Basel, Switzerland 2015 Annette Hoffmann, Sozialer Selbstmord und winterliches Flirren, exhibition review, Basler Zeitung, Basel, Switzerland 201 Bones, Bras and Feathers - New Paintings by Felix Baudenbacher (exh. catalogue), cueB Gallery, London, UK 2010 A Private View - Still Lifes - (exh. catalogue), Galerie LehnerVienna, Austria

Small Plaster Plates 23 – 37¦2016 Oil and wax on plaster¦30cm x 23cm x 3 cm each

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2017 (upcoming March/April) Title tbc, The Exhibitionist Hotel, South Kensington, London, UK 2017 (upcoming April) 40, 4 1/2, St.Gallen, Switzerland 2016 Licht und Farbe im Onkel, Zum Onkel, Basel, Switzerland 2016 Into space, cueB Gallery, London, UK 2015 Anna & Argyle, Loyalkaspar, New York City, USA 2015 Felix Baudenbacher - Painting Measures, Galerie Van der Planken / ART + DEAL, Knokke, Belgium 2015 Oetlinger Buvette Art Container, Oetlinger Buvette, Basel, Switzerland - temporary public art installation on the bank of the Rhine 2014 UND SOWIESO, 1733, Weinlokal St.Gallen, Switzerland 2014 From Far Away Home, mitart, Basel, CH (with Regula Baudenbacher)

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 REGIONALE 17, Städtische Galerie Stapflehus, Weil am Rhein, Germany 2016 TRIBE 16, Ugly Duck, Bermondsey, London, UK 2016 Summer Salon, Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, UK 2016 DAS ESSZIMMER goes Weltraum, Weltraum, Basel, Switzerland 2016 Taking shape, cueB Gallery, London, UK 2016 Open cueB 2016, cueB Gallery, London, UK 2016 Art Karlsruhe, Germany (with Galerie Van Der Planken, Antwerp, Belgium) 2015/16 Licht und Schatten zwischen Verkörperung und Auflösung (Regionale 16), M54 visarte Satellit Kunstraum Florenz, Basel, Switzerland 2015 Art Toronto 2015, Canada (with Galerie Van Der Planken, Antwerp, Belgium)



Juliette Bigley Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 15/02/1978 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 360 - £ 12,000

AWARDS: 2016 Silver Trust Award for a Body of Work, Silver and Bronze Awards, 3D Design, Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council 2015 Special Mention, Goldsmiths’ Fair, The Goldsmiths’ Company Design Council ‘Ones to Watch’ selected for potential to contribute to British Design 2014 Gil Packard Bursary, Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Society of Designer Craftsmen Distinction Award 2013 The Cass Award for Excellence (also 2011) Simon Benney Award 2013 BJA Award for Metalwork Argex Award for a Body of Work Centrepunch Award for a Body of Work

Juliette is an artist-silversmith using metals to explore objects, our relationships to them and the ways in which we use them to structure our world. Focussing on line and form, her work is sculptural has relationships – between people, people and objects and objects themselves – at its heart. At The Cass she trained under makers including Simone ten Hompel, David Clarke and Wayne Meeten, gaining BA (First Class) and research MA (Distinction). Her research interests include the ways in which we use objects to negotiate our emotional and physical place in the world. Juliette has exhibited nationally and internationally. She was selected by the Design Council as one of their Ones to Watch, for potential to contribute to the future of Britain as a design nation and has been featured in, amongst others, CRAFTS Magazine, Craft and Design Magazine, the Evening Standard and the FT’s How to Spend It. Juliette’s practice-based research includes how we use objects to negotiate our emotional and physical place in the world. COLLECTIONS: Irish State Collection FAIRS: 2017 ArtGeneve, Geneva Switzerland 2016 Goldsmiths’ Fair (also 2014 and 2015), Goldsmiths Hall, London, UK 2016 ArtGeneve, Geneva, Switzerland

Image Credit: Odi Caspi

Four Bowls¦2015 Patinated Base Metal, 22cm x 22cm x 4cm (each)

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 British Making the Miami Edition, Art Miami, Miami, USA 2016 Future Heritage at Decorex Syon House, London UK 2016 Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool, UK 2016 Aram Gallery, London, UK 2016 Winter exhibition, Cambridge Contemporary Art, Cambridge, UK 2016 Design Days Dubai, Dubai, UAE 2016 Meister der Moderne (Modern Masters), Handwerkmesse, Munich 2015 Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin, Ireland



Ryan Bock Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 09/12/1989 Country: USA Residence: USA Media: Paintings Price range: £ 200 - £ 300

AWARDS: NFAA Young Arts, Honorable Mention. Visual Arts Scholastic Event State/Gold Seal Winner three years in a row.

Ryan Bock holds a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) He studied in the Czech Republic at The Academy of Fine Art in Prague (AVU) IN 2011. He attended high school at Booker T. Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, TX. Bock had his first solo show at Apostrophe NYC Gallery in Brooklyn in the fall of 2012. He has worked as a creative director/ visual consultant for IlluzionENT (THEILLUZION) a New York based music and arts collective from 2013 to 2016. In the past year, Bock hosted his second solo exhibition in the Lower East Side in Manhattan and completed 5 large scale murals around New York and beyond. Bock has also continued showing with Apostrophe NYC with a series of guerilla pop up exhibits in various locations around the east coast (sanctioned and otherwise) including The Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA PS1 and in Florida for Miami Art Week. This involvement has garnered Bock with a 6 month artist residency with Mana Contemporary, including free studio space, where he currently works. Ryan Bock’s family is from South Africa and he travels to Africa every few years. These experiences continue to inspire and inform his practice.

Peeping thom¦2015 House paint on board¦41cm x 35cm”

COLLECTIONS: Apostrophe NYC. Mana Contemporary

FAIRS: 2016 The Casual Art Fair, Manhattan, USA

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 HYPEBEAST-Pena & Paper: Apostrophe NYC 2016 Street Art NYC-Apostrophe NYC Transforms Subway Station into Pop-up Gallery 2016 Artnet-Artist Duo Slapped with Lifetime Ban for Guerilla Painting Show 2016 Vice-The Creators Project-Artist Hijack the Whitney’s Stairwell for a Surprise Exhibit 2016 Bedford and Bowery-Watch Some Art Kids Crash MoMA PS1 and Mount a Rogue Show 2016 Art Haps-Shadow Boxing, Macie Gransion 2016 Prowlhouse-Yakkity Yak: An Interview with Ryan Bock

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2017 Camoghini Winter Installation, American Two Shot, Manhattan, USA 2016 Apostrophe NYC: BSMNT Night, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, USA 2016 Save Art Space: The World Today, Petite Gallery, Brooklyn, USA. 2016 Apostrophe NYC: Subway Pop-up, Kosciuszko J Train Platform, Brooklyn, USA 2016 Apostrophe NYC: Base 12, Pop-up #2, MoMA PS1, Long Island City, USA 2016 Festival of Colors: Holi NYC, The Cultural Performing Arts Center, Brooklyn, USA 2016 Apostrophe NYC: Base 12 Pop-up #1 Whitney Museum of American Art, Manhattan, USA 2015 Ka-lei-do-scope, Lyons Wier Gallery, Manhattan, USA 2015 Apostrophe NYC: Burlington Art Hop, Burlington, USA

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Shadow Boxing, Macie Gransion, Manhattan, USA. 2012 Shamanistic Tendencies, Apostrophe NYC Gallery, Brooklyn, USA



Ilsa Brittain Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 20/12/1963 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 190 - £ 2,400

AWARDS: 2014 MayApple Centre for the Arts and Humanities; full scholarship residency, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Ilsa is a British artist. She completed her MFA at the New York Academy of Art in 2014 and is now living in the UK. Her exhibition with Art Rooms 2017 presents a series of small intimate paintings: ‘Portraits That Are Not Portraits.’ Her interest in philosophy, psychology and the source of motivations, provide the inspiration for her work. In particular, how individual perception plays a significant factor in the interpretation of a situation. The figure viewed as half present or half absent, the feeling of being trapped or protected, free or exposed, included or isolated. In this series of paintings Ilsa presents portraits in varying degrees of realism and conceptualism, where physical space is replaced with mental space. Ambiguity is an important aspect of the work where conflicting interpretations can exist simultaneously and are determined by personal outlook. Textural qualities add an additional level of meaning or analogy. Throughout the series, notions of privacy, absence, age and time are touched upon. Ilsa exhibited most recently with Flowers Gallery in New York, Lacey Contemporary Gallery in London, and Mall Galleries in London, and has sold work to several collectors around the world. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Fresh Paint Magazine: Ilsa Brittain October issue 2016 Art Maze Magazine: Ilsa Brittain Studio Visit, December 2016 Artsy: New York Academy of Art Collection 2014 Artnet: New York Academy of Art’s 8th Annual Summer Exhibition, June 19 2014 The Wild Magazine: Best of MFA Grads: New York Academy of Art by Kate Messinger LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Art Prize 2016, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, London, UK 2016 Annual Summer Exhibition, Flowers Gallery, New York, USA 2016 Royal Society of British Artist, Mall Galleries, London UK 2015 Society of Women Artists, Mall Galleries, London, UK 2015 New English Art Club Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, UK 2015 Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, UK 2014 Lucid Visions, Panepinto Gallery, New York, USA 2014 Annual Summer Exhibition, Flowers Gallery, New York, USA 2014 AmorFati Art, Hamptons Gallery, New York, USA 2014 Hudson Rising, Hudson Rising NYC, New York, USA Garden Gaze¦2016 Oil on panel¦23cm x 30cm


Gianluca Capozzi Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 08/11/1978 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Paintings Price range: £ 2,500

AWARDS: 2014 “Officinegreen” c. Francesca Rizzo, Complesso Palladiano di Villa Caldogno, Vicenza, Italy 2013 “14° Premio Cairo” c. Luca Beatrice, Palazzo della Permanente, Milan, Italy 2013 “Premio Celeste” selection committee: Andrea Bruciati, PAN, Palazzo delle Arti, Naples, Italy 2012 “Termoli award” Galleria Civica Arte Contemporanea, Termoli, Italy “Premio Celeste” selection committee, Alberto D’Ambruoso, Ex-GIL, Rome 2010 “Lissone award” Mac, Lissone, Italy “Premio Celeste” c. Julia Draganovic, Gabi Scardi, Brodbeck Foundation, Catania, Italy 2010 “Arte Laguna” c. Igor Zanti, Arsenale di Venezia, Tese di San Cristoforo, Venice 2008 “Profilo Bank Prize” La Permanente, Milan “Seat White Pages3 c. Teresa Macrì, Paola Nicita, Ilaria Gianni, Katia Anguelova, Italy 2007 “Michetti Award” Michetti Foundation, Francavilla al mare, Italy “Painting Prize”, Museo de Castellon, Spain “Seat White Pages” c. Teresa Macrì, Paola Nicita, Ilaria Gianni, Katia Anguelova, Italy 2006 “Seat White Pages3 c. Teresa Macrì, Italy

Gianluca was born in 1973 and, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Art in Florence, resides in Italy in the town of Avellino. Gianluca furthered his studies on Hyperrealism at the Faculty of Fine Art in Granada for a year. During this period, his journey in the painting world began. At first it was a dreamlike and internal sight then he was influenced by the esoteric and ancient world too. His poetics focus on Consciousness and Knowledge and, according to him “Art can impart them more than anything else.”Deriving from his pictures and his divisionist approach, he realises the hyperrealist aspect of his paintings. He achieved a Masters’ at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, Italy in 1997 after a scholarship at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Granada, Spain.1992 Graduate, P.A.De Luca Fine Arts Institute, AV, Italy. COLLECTIONS: Museo Laboratorio, Città S.Angelo, Italy; Collezione Premio Termoli, Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea, Termoli, Italy; Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy BIENNIALS: “Urban jealousy” Biennial of Tehran, c. Amirali Ghasemi, Serhat Koksal LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2015 “À Bout de souffle” c. Luigi Meneghelli, La Giarina Arte Contemporanea, Verona, Italy 2013 “The Passenger” c. Raul Zamudio, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria “East of Eden” c. Raul Zamudio, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy; 2012 “Brownian Motion” (with Gordon Cheung) c. Francesca Referza, Velan Art Center, Turin “Sight”,Museo Laboratorio, Città S.Angelo, Italy; 2010 “Multipath fading” c. Pier Luigi Tazzi, Warehouse gallery, Teramo, Italy 2009 “Frame Store” c. Alberto Mugnaini, Artra gallery, Milan Untitled with person¦2015 Acrilic on canvas¦80cm x100cm x 4cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 ”The Art of Humanity at The Pratt Institute” c. L. Beatrice, L. Benetton, Pratt Institute, The Rubelle and Norman, Schafler Gallery, Brooklyn NY, New York “Empatema” c. A. Mugnaini, C. Levi, Y. Miele, A.Aperto, Milan 2015 “Impatto 2.0” c. Lisa Celeghin, Ilaria Magni, Museo Nazionale Atestino, ex Chiesa di San Rocco, ex Pescheria Vecchia, Este, Padova, Italy “Mappa dell’arte nuova” c. L. Beatrice, Fondazione Cini, Venezia “Imago Mundi” c. Luca Beatrice, Fondazione Sandretto, Turin 2012 “Imagine and Create” Artra Gallery, Milan 2010 “Impresa pittura” c. Raffaele Gavarro, Claudio Libero Pisano, CIAC Museum, Rome 2009 “Research Power Glory” c. Esther Attar Machanek, MUSA, Museum auf Abruf, Wien, Austria 2007 “New painters of the reality” PAC, Padiglione arte contemporanea, Milan



Jade Chorkularb Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 08/01/1971 Country: Thailand Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 1,000 - £ 3,000

AWARDS: 2016 The Jerwood Drawing Prize (Student Award), London, UK 2015 Winner of the Drawing Prize at the Art Academy, London, UK

Jade Chorkularb was born in Thailand in 1971, coming to London from Bangkok in 1996. She originally graduated in computer science (and also holds an MSc in Interactive Multimedia) before establishing herself as a conceptual artist. Her works are a reflection of her belief in Buddhism, particularly Anatta meditation (the practice of no self) and she uses diverse media such as painting, sculpture, video, performance and installation. Her art describes the way she views life and the way that she interprets the meaning of life. She likes to explore the human condition and then to try to find explanations through the process of creating art, which must, ultimately, be thought-provoking. Her pieces have been exhibited around the world from Berlin to Bogota and she was recently awarded one of the two student prizes in this year’s Jerwood Drawing Prize. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Fresh Paint Magazine International Issue 14 FAIRS: 2016 OXYGEN – FRAGMENTED CITIES+IDENTITIES International Art Festival at Jorge Jurado Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia 2016 Grid Art Fair, Old Truman Brewery, London, UK 2016 FRAGMENTED IDENTITIES, International Art and Architecture Festival at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and Venice Art House Gallery, Venice, Italy LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 “It’s Time” at Rumpueng Loundspeaker Art Space, 23/8 Rumpueng, Chiangmai, Thailand

Lobha ¦ 2016 Smoke drawing of paper in perspex box¦75cm x 50cm x 12cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2017 The Jerwood Drawing Prize, Turnpike Arts Centre, Leigh, UK 2017 The Jerwood Drawing Prize, TheGallery, Dorset, UK 2016 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, the Mall Galleries, London, UK 2016 The Art On Tap, the Art League, Alexandria, USA 2016 Brave New World - Beyond, the Wal at Abteilung für Alles Andere, Germany 2016 Modern Panic VII, Newspeak House, London, UK 2016 The Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwood Space, London, UK 2016 The Jerwood Drawing Prize, CIA (Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts), Bath, UK 2016 One Bare Foot Square, The Hermitage Amsterdam, Amsterdam



Collettivo Instabile Category: Selected Artist Since September 2014 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Other Price range: £ 300 - £ 2,000

AWARDS: 2016 Premio Nocivelli, finalist, Chiesa della disciplina, Verolanuova (BS), Italy 2015 Orizzonte Contemporaneo, finalist, Villa Doria Pamphilj, Roma, Italy 2013 Photogem Exhibition, finalist, Nettuno Photo Festival, Nettuno, Italy 2013 III Premio Alias Arte Piacenza, special mention, Piacenza, Italy

Collettivo Instabile was founded in 2014 by Gianni Mazzesi and Maria Giovanna Morelli. In 2016 they exhibited their first project entitled ‘Concretions’ curated by Collettivo Instabile. It was a double-exhibition presented for the first time in Bagnacavallo and then in Forlì (Italy). Maria Giovanna Morelli - I have been interested in Geography since childhood. I read the atlas in the car during the summer holidays with my family. Today I create new landscapes by lifting flaps of old maps. The maps are a consistent theme within my work and appear in my every achievement, regardless of the technique. I have a degree in Construction Engineering from the School of Art Ramenghi Bagnacavallo (RA). I participate in various workshops with engraver Jurgen Czaschka. I have exhibited in Bologna, Milan, and Berlin. Gianni Mazzesi - A photographer who focusses on integrating research with photographs and installations alongside other art forms such as ceramics and visual poetry. He is an avid thespian as well as a theatre director at ‘Le Belle Bandiere’ and uses his work here as a form of therapy for others. He has attended workshops with Silvia Camporesi and Fulvio Bortolozzo. He attended the School of Ceramic with Fosca Boggi at Art School Ramenghi Bagnacav- allo (RA). He has exhibited, among other places, in Turin, Barcelona and at Macro Testaccio in Rome. COLLECTIONS: MiM Museum Collection in Motion of the Castello di San Pietro in Cerro (PC); Museo Nazionale della Fotografia di Brescia FAIRS: 2013 - 2015 2012

Affordable Art Fair Milan Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Träume sind Schäume, Spazio Galleria Instabile, Bagnacavallo (RA), Italy 2016 Concrezioni - mapping our differences #2, Oratorio di San Sebastiano, Forlì, Italy 2015 Mentre la neve fa, sopra la siepe, s’odono le bombe…, Spazio Galleria Instabile, Bagnacavallo (RA), Italy 2014 Quantum Leap, Cromatico Photo Festival, Catania, Italy 2014 Feuilles mortes, Photo Lux Off, Lucca, Italy Dark pool (Led version) Photographs on acetate, plexiglass, white led¦Dimensions Variables

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2014 Questo Paese, book by Fulvio Bortolozzo 2014 Arte Magazine LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 L’anno che verrà, Spazio Porpora, Milano, Italy 2016 Elogio dell’Ombra, Palazzo Baronale, Calcata (VT), Italy 2016 I sogni in tasca, Antico Convento di San Francesco, Bagnacavallo, Italy 2016 Frontiera passaggio e possibilità, Santa Maria della Croci e Antica Biblioteca Classense, Ravenna, Italy 2016 Fatali calpestii .2, Sala delle bandiere, Faenza (RA), Italy 2016 Natural-mente natura, Palazzo Albertini, Forlì, Italy 2016 Scale Up, Spazio Costa Arena per Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy 2015 WOP2.0 - per la città terremotata, Crevalcore (BO), Italy 2015 Autografie, Antica Biblioteca Classense, Ravenna, Italy 2015 10X10XMAW, MAW, Sulmona (AQ), Italy



Karsten Cramer-Aglow Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 04/03/1981 Country: Canada Residence: Canada Media: Photography Price range: £ 100 - £ 600

Karsten Cramer is a photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. His work focuses on experimentation with motion and blurring to create images that combine abstract and figurative elements. Fusing light, colour, texture and movement, Karsten strives to produce photographic compositions that spark emotions and stimulate the imagination.

Aglow ¦ 2016 Photography ¦ 41cm x 61cm



Sarka Darton Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 01/04/1972 Country: Czech Republic Residence: UK Media: Installations Price range: £ 500 - £ 20,000

AWARDS: 2016 Contemporaries at Uffizi Award, Florence, Italy 2016 Italian Triennale, Proff. Luca Beatrice Award - First Prize, VR, Italy 2016 Women’s Art World International Award, Marrakech, Morocco 2015 Michelangelo Award, Vatican City, Rome, Italy 2015 Florence Biennale – Lorenzo Il Magnifico Award, Florence, Italy 2014 EWAAC Award, La Galleria, Pall Mall Gallery, London, UK 2012 Stride Open Competition - Finalist and Highly Commended, Ox Market Gallery, Chichester, UK 2006 Stride Open Competition - Finalist and Prize Winner, Ox Market Gallery, Chichester, UK 2005 Sussex Art Society - Finalist and Prize Winner, Chichester, UK

Šárka is a Czech born, artist and designer whose multimedia practice explores the relationship in between people, places and architecture in relation to the ever-changing time and space that we occupy. Constantly seeking new ways of making and showing her work, Šárka aims for her art to create space rather than simply occupy it; always inviting viewers to interact and engage in a playful “dialogue” of their own thoughts. Šárka was classically trained at international art schools across Europe. Initially studying stone cutting and engraving at SUPŠ Turnov, Czech Republic where she has won an academic scholarship to Dresden school of Art and Design, Germany, before settling down in the UK completing her study in fashion and jewelry design. In 2015 she obtained MFA (Master of Fine Art) and PG dip in painting and drawing from University of Sussex. Having the experience of studying broadly and learning multiple approaches towards drawing, painting, sculpture and design Šárka had the opportunity of developing a diverse visual language for which she is now being recognized. She has worked and exhibited worldwide winning several international awards. BIENNIALS: 2017 International Biennale of Mediterranean, Palermo, Italy 2016 Italian Triennale del Arte Contemporanea, Verona, Italy - winner of the overall first prize 2015 Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy – winner of the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award for Installation MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists, Russo, EA Editore, Italy 2016 Art International Contemporary, EA Editore, Palermo, Italy 2016 Contemporanei nella citta degli Uffizi, EA Editore, Italy 2016 Artisti a Palazzo Ximenes, EA Editore, Italy 2016 Women’s Art World, The Museum of Marrakesh, Morroco 2015 Effeto Arte, diretto da Paolo Levi, Artisse Societa Italiana, Italy 2014 Life Drawing a journey to self – expression, Bridget Woods, The Crowood Press, UK

Dancing with the Urban Sun ¦ 2016 Steel, silk, oil, acrylic and wood¦177cm x 60cm x 60cm

FAIRS: 2016 2016 2016 2015 2015

Paris Louvre Expo, Louvre, Paris, France Oxford International Art Fair, Oxford, UK ArtRooms, London, UK Art Expo Rome, Rome Italy ArtRooms, London, UK

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 BIJOU, Candida Stevens Fine Art Gallery, Chichester, UK 2016 Contemporaries at UFFIZI, Uffizi Gallery Museum, Florence, Italy 2016 ICON, Candida Stevens Fine Art Gallery, Chichester, UK 2016 Story In Art, Candida Stevens Fine Art Gallery, Chichester, UK 2016 WAW, Women’s Art World, Museum of Marrakech, Morocco LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2015 South of England Award - Finalist, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, UK 2013 Human Traces II, Ox market Centre of Arts, Chiochester, UK 2015 Divergence, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK 2011 Human Traces, Ox market Centre of Arts, Chichester, UK 2014 EWAAC international open art competition - Finalist and 2006 The Princess in the Tower, Gallery FomaBohemia, Hradec Prizewinner, La Galleria, Pall Mall Gallery, London, UK. Kralove, Czech Republic 2013 South of England Award, Pallant House Gallery, Chiichester, UK 2006 The Princess in the Tower, Ox market Centre of Arts, Chichester, UK 2005 The Princess in theTower, Gallery Chodovska Tvrz, Prague, Czech Republic 2013 N0000000OA .National Open Art, Royal College of Art, London, UK



Robert Lee Davis Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 02/03/1962 Country: USA Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 2,000 - £ 9,000

AWARDS: 2016 BSG Small Works Top Ten Finalist, Brunswick Street Gallery, Brunswick, Australia, 2014 Maritime Art Award and Exhibition Finalist/ People’s Choice Award, Mission to Seafarers Melbourne, Australia 2013 Gold Coast Art Prize Finalist, Gold Coast City Gallery, QLD, Australia 2013 Dubai, United Arab Emirates International Emerging Artist Top Ten Finalist FannDesigns Gallery 2013 Melbourne, Australia, Clifton’s Art Prize People’s Choice Acquisition Award

I use photography and multi-disciplinary techniques from painting to collage to create cinematic paintings reminiscent of early colonial coastal cartographic surveys. Based in Melbourne, I worked as an artist and arts educator in China, Egypt, Australia, and the United States and exhibited internationally in Shanghai, London, Melbourne and Dubai. I am drawn to make art from objects, stories, statements, news articles and people I encounter. I am interested in the beauty and hidden story in objects we discard and pass by...I hope I express the importance of small encounters. The Creative Mapping Project described my work as such: His poetic landscapes drip with imagery that unfolds in a swirl of memories and fragmented conversations pieced together by visual scraps- those discarded and found again from old newspapers to travel postcards and brochures – oil paints, India inks, dried paints and small objects. From a distance, Robert’s work appears like a painting, but on closer inspection, it manifests as a lyrically multi-layered narrative; stories of travel, time, and memories played out through his unique and intricate craft. “The new set of artworks presented at Art Rooms 2017 are from my Urban Dreams series created during my residency at the American School in London.

COLLECTIONS: The Clifton’s Collection FAIRS: 2016 The Other Art Fair, The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK 2016 Art Rooms, The Meliá White House, London, UK 2013 The Australian Art Show, Melbourne, Australia LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 The Other Art Fair, The Old Truman Brewery, Art Below London, UK 2014 Then, Now and Everything in Between, Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, AUS 2011 Different Species, IFA Gallery, Shanghai, China

Urban Dream 2¦2016 Mixed Media Collage¦60cm x 42cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 RESIDENT: a conversation of creative types, Motor Works Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 2016 Art Below Anniversary Show, Regents Park Tube Station/Old Truman Gallery, London, UK 2016 The Sea Has No Boundaries: Stories of Travelers and Dreamers, Venice Vending Machine 4, Hamburg, Germany 2016 Art Below Summer Show 2016, St John’s Wood Tube Station Tabernacle Gallery, London, UK 2016 Nautical Perspectives, Devon House, London, UK 2016 Art Rooms The Summer Exhibition, The Meliá White House, London, UK 2014 MooneeFest Residency Exhibition, Moonee Art Space, Melbourne, Australia 2014 New Ports, New Shores, New Works, The Maritime Porthole Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 2014 Belle Arti Prize, Chapman & Bailey Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 2013 Gold Coast Art Prize Finalist, Gold Coast City Gallery, QLD, Australia



Mache del Campo Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 16 /11/ 1967 Country: Argentina Residence: Argentina Media: Photography Price range: £ 400 - £ 3,250

AWARDS: 2016 Winner of the London Photo Festival, London, UK 2015 Story Telling Awards by Lens Culture

My photographic training spans several schools of photography and workshops. I have participated in many photo exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, and USA. Photography allows me to take a moment and create a mysterious and individual story, one that intentionally excludes reality leaving open an infinite number of possible interpretations. My intention is to transport the viewer’s mind outside the world of the rational and measurable, outside space and time and is, as well, an exciting and intriguing escape for me. It is my hope that this will generate thoughts, ideas, fantasies, and fiction including experiences that are yet to be lived. Portrait photography is another one of my passions, and I especially enjoy it during my travels. I fall in love with some locations for its beautiful scenery and fascinating architecture, others for the genuineness and beauty of its people, and some for both. It allows me to meet and interact with people from a variety of cultures and languages. I can connect with anyone in a much deeper way, obviating the need for any language. Through these experiences I have gained great respect for the people from all cultures that I have had the privilege to experience and have been inspired by and have learned much from them. FAIRS: 2015 SCOPE Art Fair, Miami, Florida, USA.

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Mirages, curated by Affredo Rattinof, Argentine Embassy in Washington D.C. USA

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Creators Deserve to be Seen, produced by ”SeeMee” exhibitions at 4 Time Square, New York, USA The Beauty of Humanity. Published by See Me Group Inc, Y Peecho Printing in the USA, curated by William Etmundi Jr. I have edited and published several books including: ”Inspiring Gaze”, a collection of many of my artistic photos; “World Portraits”, a series of portrait photography from people I met on my travels; “Hunting Stories”, a book of street photography set in regions around the world. Currently, I am working on three more books that include photos from several exotic location: “The Eternal Smile Kingdom”, set in Myanmar; “Unity in Diversity”, set in Nepal; and “Sense Awakener”, set in India. Orange airmerge¦2017 Metal prints¦50cm x 76 cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Melánge of Milieu, AGORA Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, USA La Susana Vik Retreats in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay on January



Tessa Eastman Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 18/01/1984 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 150 - £ 1,000

AWARDS: 2016 Craft Emergency, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK

Tessa Eastman is a British ceramic artist who has twenty years of experience of working with clay. She lives in London and works in Studio Manifold with a group of artists and designers who founded the studio in 2010. She worked as an assistant to renowned ceramicist Kate Malone, who recently featured in The Great British Pottery Throw Down TV series. Tessa has just won the Craft Emergency prize at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth and is working towards an exhibition with Puls Gallery in Brussels in March 2017. She has produced a fresh body of work that grew out of her MA at the Royal College of Art in 2015. These original pieces demonstrate her ongoing commitment to the challenge of hand building in clay. The often overlooked detail of microscopic structures is observed as a starting point to developing works which possess a curious ambiguity. Time is devoted to glaze testing and research. Equally through use of rich glaze surface and three dimensions, pieces develop depth of character. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2012 ‘Tradition & Innovation: Five Decades of Harrow Ceramics’, Forward by Alun Graves & Edited by Tessa Peters. University of Westminster, London COLLECTIONS: Gresham Private Equity, London, UK Bryanston Association, Bryanston School, Dorset, UK

BIENNIALS: 2017 Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Gwangju Gonjiam Ceramic Park, Korea 2015 Ceramics Biennial: Fresh, Old Spode Factory, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Creature in Bone Nest¦2016 Multiple high fired glazed ceramic with 22 carat gold lustre 30cm x 23cm x 30cm

FAIRS: 2014-15 Ceramic Art London Student Shows, Royal College of Art, London, UK 2009 Newcastlegateshead Art Fair, Bicha Gallery, Newcastle, UK 2007 Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair, Candid Arts, London, UK 2006-07 New Designers & One Year On, Business Design Centre, London, UK

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016-17 Zetter Space, Zetter Hotel, London, UK 2016 Craft Emergency, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK 2016 Emerging Potters, Bils & Rye Gallery, Yorkshire, UK 2016 FBC London, Fiona Barratt-Campbell Interiors, London,UK 2016 Open Art Spaces, open studios, London, UK 2016 Bulwer Yard Open House, Adams and Collingwood Architects, London, UK 2016 Organism, Espacio Gallery, London, UK 2015 Pamono, Pamono online, Berlin, Germany 2015 Lost Utopia, Fitzrovia Gallery, London UK 2015 British Ceramics Biennial, Old Spode Factory, Stoke on Trent, UK



Delfina Emmanuel Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 07/03/1949 Country: Italy Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 55 - £ 4,500

AWARDS: Atelier 2 Ceramica

Born in Alghero in !949, Delfina studied ceramics at the University of Westminster in London, UK where she currently lives. Her early education in classic studies with the fairy tales and symbolism found in Latin and Greek poetry have affected her thoughts process combine with memories of her native island of Sardinia. She is spellbound by the delicate and fragile nature of the living organism found on the sea: the protruding coral structure and their gentle flowing, shells and plants and the variety of porous sponges.As a member of the London Potters and selected member of Craft Potters Association Delfina work has been exhibited in various venues in group exhibitions ( among others: Ceramic Art, London: Earth and Fire, Rufford; Oxford Ceramic Fair, Oxford; Guildhall Museum, Rochester; Contemporary Applied Art, London; Made London, Marylebone NW1: West Dean Design Fair, Chichester; The Ceramic House, Brighton; Art Rooms, London; Art In Clay, Farnham and Hertfordshire; Atelier 2 Ceramica, Portugal ), in galleries ( among others: Contemporary Applied Arts, London; Contemporary Ceramic Centre, London; SDC Gallery, London; Plateaux Gallery, Mayfair; Capulet Gallery, Chiswick; Bilston Gallery Wolverhapton; Madeinbritaly Art Gallery,London). MAIN PUBLICATIONS: Harrow Observer Harrow Times London Potters Crafts potters Association Bricks & Mortars Handmade in Britain Brownhill Crafts

Nemone Viola¦2016 SP clay¦22cm x 28cm x 16cm

FAIRS: 2016 2016 2015 2015 2014 2014 2013 2013 2012 2012

Artrooms, Melia White House, London, UK Landscape: Island, The Ceramic House, Brighton , UK Oxford Ceramic Fair, St Edwards School, Oxford, UK Ceramic Art London, The Royal College of Arts, London, UK Oxford Ceramic Fair, St. Edwards School, Oxford, UK Made, West Dean Design Craft Fair, Chichester, UK Made London, One Marylebone, London, The Ceramic House, Brighton, UK Ceramic Art London, The Royal College of Arts, London, UK Made London, One Marylebone, London, UK

COLLECTIONS: Kapranova Collection LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Landscape: Islands, Guildhall Museum, Rochester, UK 2016 Nautilus, Madeinbritaly Art Gallery, London, UK 2015/16 Contemporary Ceramic Centre, Professional Member Show, London, UK 2015 Kaleidoscope, Contemporary Ceramic Centre, London, UK 2014 Capulet Gallery, Chiswick High Road, London, UK 2014 Beyond Harrow, Studio Sienko Gallery, London, UK 2014 Beside The Sea, Bilston Craft Gallery, Wolverhampton, UK 2013 Sailing club, Bembridge, Isle of Wight, UK 2012 Tradition and Innovation, Contemporary Applied Art, London, UK 2011 Plateaux Gallery, at Thomas Goode & Co, London , UK



Tracy Falcon Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 01/01/1967 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Other Price range: £ 60 - £ 7,000

AWARDS: 2013 Prosper Award, Canterbury Festival for White Horses Whitstable 2012 NOAC 2010 Shortlisted for Art and Escape Award 2004 English Nature Bursary

Initially, Tracey made newspaper work in response to the Gulf War, however, after discovering the versatility of paper, Tracey has remained fascinated by the medium. 2008 saw three newspaper ‘tree trunks’ made for Folkestone Triennial Fringe set fire to by vandals, resulting in Tracey experimenting to draw with fire onto newspaper. Now some of her works are drawn on with a blowtorch. Newspaper comes from wood and is turned back to a wood-like product through the tree trunks and ‘prosthetic limbs’ Tracey makes; charcoal, that traditional drawing material comes from burning wood. Rather than drawing with charcoal, Tracey is making charcoal through drawing. Cycles of life and nature. Drawn from nature, newspaper is then drawn back into nature and some is drawn on by nature. Stories both from the trees they come from and the human world are branded onto the newspaper. As the rings on the trees offer information on the land over time, the pages of the newspaper are steeped in human history. Information, truth, opinion, fact, lies, propaganda; fed through the thin pages for all to contribute to and all to feed on. History – the writing on the wall. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2013 White Horses Whitstable featured in Precarity, Plastics and Creative Partnership in Post-Fordist Times by Dr Grant Pooke in Voices and Images, Random House 2015; 2016 Arts Professional article

BIENNIALS: 2016 VVM4, Hamburg Alternale 18 Germany 2015 VVM3 56th Venice Biennale, Venice 2007 Folkestone Trienniel Fringe, Folkestone, UK LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2012 Solo show, Colne Gallery Colchester UK 2011 Solo show Cloisters – Pump Court, Temple, London, UK 2004/7 Solo installation Broadoak Nature Reserve, Canterbury UK At Stake¦2011 Newspaper¦77cm x 67cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Texture Narratives, Viking Gallery, Margate, UK 2015 Out of The Blue, Harbour Arm Gallery, Margate UK 2014 The Send Off, The Orangery, Knole, UK 2013 White Horses Whitstable, Whitstable Harbour UK 2013 Text Based Art, The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury UK 2013 Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair, The Science Museum, London UK 2012 National Open Art Competition, The Princes Foundation Gallery, London 2012 Science Nature Identity, Stour Valley Arts, Ashford UK 2010 Cross My Art, Pentonville, London UK 2010 Here Today, The Outside World Gallery, London UK 2010 Art and Escape Gallery Awards, Potters Bar, UK 2009 Pulp Fictions, Rochester Art Gallery, Rochester UK 2007 Hackwood Art Festival, Hampshire UK 2007 Art in the Garden, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire UK



Ferri Farahmandi Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 04/02/1950 Country: Iran Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 210 - £ 1,400

AWARDS: 2013 Passion for freedom, 2nd freedom Award

Born in 1950 in Bandar Abbas, Iran, Ferri Farahmandi studied BA Ceramics at The University of Westminster, in London where she also lives. In her current work which is predominantly sculpture, she is examining how society restricts our lives, demonstrating the boundaries to our freedom. She is exploring this theory through the female form which she feels allows for greater communication of both emotional and physical nuances. Using stoneware, earthenware and porcelain clay, Ferri hand builds her sculptures and they are finished by burnishing and smoke firing. Some of the group exhibitions Ferri has taken part in, include Cecilia Colman Gallery, London; Capulet Gallery Chiswick, London; The Mall Galleries, London; The Sculpture Park, Surrey, UK; Montague Gallery, Kings Langley, UK; Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Surrey, UK and the Orangery Gallery, London. Ferri was also invited to show her work at The Landscape Show at Olympia in London. As well as her work being featured in prestigious publications such as, TerrArt, Ceramics Art and Perception, Hand Made in Britain and Ceramic Review, Ferri’s work has also earned her a 2nd place Freedom Award at the Passion for Freedom Festival.

COLLECTIONS: The Sculpture Park, Surrey, UK

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2011 Book, Hand Made in Britain 2012 Spanish ceramic magazine, Terr Art (cover picture and four page article) 2012 Ceramic Review 2013 American ceramic magazine, Ceramics Art and Perception (four page article) 2014/2015 Summer Place Auction Catalogue

FAIRS: 2012

Ponder¦2016 Ceramic¦12cm x 21cm x 39cm

Landscape Show, Olympia, London, UK

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Capulet Gallery Chiswick, London, UK 2016 Cecilia Colman Gallery, London, UK 2014/2015 Capulet Gallery Chiswick, London UK 2013 Designer Crafts, The Mall Galleries, London , UK 2012 The Sculpture Park, Surrey, UK 2012/2015 Montague Gallery, Kings Langley, UK 2o11 Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Surrey, UK 2011 Designer Crafts, The Mall Galleries, London, UK 2010 Orangery Gallery, London, UK 2010 Cecilia Colman Gallery, London, UK



Jade Fenu Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 30/11/1976 Country: France Residence: France Media: Paintings Price range: £ 615 - £ 2,600

AWARDS: 2016 Artist of the Day, Saatchi Art 2016 ArtSlant Prize showcases winner 2015 Rembrandt’s Dog’s List: A Thousand living Painters, (Database project on 21st Century Painting) 2015 ArtSlant Prize showcases winner

Self-taught painter currently working and living in Paris. He grew up between Paris and Rome and has been nourished with both contemporary and classical art. He is attracted by the process of mixing contradictory influences resulting in an undefined universality, beyond self identity. He uses mixed techniques on canvas: oil, acrylic, spray, collage, brush, fingers and papers. What he enjoys most about painting is the infinity of expression constricted within a frame as a window or a mirror. He is looking for the right error, the incident which reveals the beauty of mistake which makes you go in the free direction. He works on instinctive compositions and his purpose is to reach a balance of dissonance. He often gets lost in the middle of a painting, getting out of the maze takes time and perseverance until the painting eventually stands alone by itself. Painting is without a doubt a mental and physical travel across abstracts feelings waiting, wanting to be discovered. COLLECTIONS: Private collections, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Sydney. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Choses à savoir- ART (series “Artistes français à découvrir”), Audio blog 2016 Camaver Kunsthaus, « El Duende », Exhibition’s catalog 2016 Horizons, Boissy Lamberville, Exhibition’s catalog 2015 Lumina, Literary Journal of Sarah Lawrence College, Vol. XIV 2014/15 Courts + Formats, Exhibition’s catalogs 2014 ParisArtistes#, Exhibition’s catalog

No Animal Left¦2016 Oil and spray paint on canvas¦115cm x 96cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 The Night Opens/La nuit s’ouvre, BLAM !, Los Angeles, USA 2016 Horizons, Tête de l’Art en Lieuvin, Boissy Lamberville, France 2016 El Duende, Camaver Kunsthaus/Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy 2016 Colorida, Lisbon, Portugal 2015 Courts + Formats, Lycée Jacques Decour, Paris, France 2014 ParisArtistes#, Théâtre de la Jonquière, Paris, France 2014 The Kamikaze Show, Post Gallery, Los Angeles, USA



Clara Garrido Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. Country: Colombia Residence: UK Media: Photography Price range: £ 150 - £ 500

Clara Garrido was born in Colombia. After finishing her studies in Fashion Design she decided to come to London where she started getting involved in Photography. After living in London for a few years she went to travel around South America and the US to develop her own photography projects. She is currently living and working in London. LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 US MOBILE, Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK 2015 US MOBILE, DMNTE, Bogotá, Colombia 2015 2015 US MOBILE, Wynwood Studio Space, Miami, USA 2015 2015 US MOBILE, Brooklyn, New York, USA LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 ART LOVER GROUND, London, UK

Untitled¦2016 Photographic paper¦ Limited Edition of 30¦ 50cm x 70cm



Maya Gelfman Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 08/11/1978 Country: Israel Residence: Israel Media: Installations Price range: £ 400 - £ 3,250

Maya Gelfman (born 1978) is a visual artist living and working in Israel. Gelfman’s main mediums are installation, painting and street-art. A graduate of the Shenkar College in 2006, she’s since had six solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions at prominent venues in Israel and abroad, including: The Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Haifa Museum of Art, The Herzliya Biennial, Overture Art Fair (Art Basel Miami), Tama University of Art (Tokyo),Ward Nasse Gallery (New York) and Art-Rooms. Her works have received significant attention and praise in printed and online media across the world, as well as in films and TV. In 2013 she gave a TEDx talk in Tel Aviv. Since 2009 Gelfman is an active figure in the global street-art scene, where she is best known for her tangible work and the unique technique of drawing with yarn on walls. In 2015 Paper Magazine named her among the top ten street-artists in Israel, and her works have been featured in international art books in Germany and France (2016). Her street art can be found in countries across five continents.

Rise!¦2017 Mixed Media Installation¦Dimensions variable

BIENNIALS: 2009 Herzliya Biennial, Israel

FAIRS: 2012 Overture Art Fair (Art Basel Miami)

COLLECTIONS: Goldman, Erlich, Gaver, Edelstein & Co. Law Offices; Rivka Saker private collection; Patti and Benny Landa private collection;Hagit Bornstein private collection; Amina Harris private collection; Maayan Nevo-Epelbaum private collection; Oded Shatil private collection; Omer Shani private collection; Revital and Ran Alcalay collection; Sandra Weil private collection Sivan Sternbach private collection; Anthony Rosenfelder private collection; Smouha private collection; Herzliya Municipal Library

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 SPLIT ENDS, TLV Artist House, Tel Aviv, Israel 2013 SPARK, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa, Israel 2013 PROCESS, TLV Department of Arts and Culture, Tel Aviv, Israel 2012 RISE!, Tsuk Gallery, Netanya, Israel 2012 HEARTBEATS, Weiss House, Tel Aviv, Israel 2010 STRINGS, TLV Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Book, “Wall, wall” by Dominque Lafon (France) 2016 ARTiculAction (Cover), D. Rutigliano (San Francisco) 2016 iTravel-TLV, Nechama Winston (NYC) 2015 Paper Magazine, Nneya Richards (NYC) 2015 Suitcase Magazine, Alexander Moussaieff (London UK) 2015 Book, “Street Messages” by Nicholas Ganz, (Germany) 2013 Jerusalem Post Dominique Ariel Hendelman (Israel) 2013 Time Out Tel Aviv, Lee Feller (Israel) 2011 Finelife Magazine, Piotr Welc (Poland) 2010 Quality Magazine, Claudia Frenzel (Germany)

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2017 Radical Love, Crypt Gallery, London, UK 2016 Wireless Connections, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel 2016 Vitrinart, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2016 Grand Opening, Milu Gallery Hotel, Florence, Italy 2015 Street Art, The Israeli Children’s Museum, Holon, Israel 2015 Hamekarer, The Old Wholesale Marketplace, Tel Aviv, Israel 2015 S2G, kulturkueche, Monchengladbach, Germany 2015 Temporary Crew, St.Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2014 Slideluck III, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2013 Base Colors #1, Israel-Lebanon border



Benjamin Golding Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 03/07/1994 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Installations Price range: £ 150 - £ 700

Benjamin Golding is a recent Fine Art graduate of Loughborough University; living and working in Burton-on-Trent. His practice encompasses both watercolour and biro drawings, as well as large scale cardboard sculptures. By utilising a combination of detailed lines, dense layers and evocative colours the artist aims to produce pieces which offer the audience a visual journey through the artwork. Representational of nothing, interpretable as anything; his creations provide a unique experience for all who view them. However for Benjamin personally the pieces he creates act as visual diaries. Each shard placed or line drawn signifies a moment in time, simultaneously distinct and indivisible, a unique event in its own right but equally; just a fraction of a much larger narrative. Thus the artworks feel like photographs and in a larger way, like scrap books; monuments to the memories one can never remember. FAIRS: 2016 Oxford International Art Fair 2016 #TRIBE16 International Arts Festival LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Loughborough University Degree Show, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK 2016 Mass (Free Range), Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

Image from “1000 Hours” installation



Matt Greenwood Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 08/12/1991 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Installations Price range: £ 200 - £ 540

Matt Greenwood’s main interests focus around sculpture and photography, and in particular, the conversation that arises when we perceive the photograph as a physical object, which could become manipulated further to alter our perception of the printed image. He uses the studio environment to assist in the record of his sculptures, by allowing the physical constructs to be witnessed only through this particular documentation.This disruption of viewing a sculpture renders each image a visual record of the event, questioning if the final photograph is the concluding artwork; or is the object seen within the image the main art construct. The photograph is able to alter our ordinary experiences of how we could approach a sculpture within a space, allowing the relationship between the surface and structure to become less predictable. Matt Greenwood was born Lincolnshire, England in 1991. After working as Photography Technician for three years, Matt began studying BA Hons Photography at Falmouth University, Cornwall, where he is due to graduate in July 2017. His work has been exhibited throughout various galleries across the UK, including London and Falmouth. Matt has also assisted various artists across the UK, including interning as a Studio Assistant for Nadav Kander. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 The Plantation Journal. Interview and feature, regarding ‘Accumulation of the Domestic Space’ Series 2015 TEETH Magazine. Carsten Holler: ‘Decision’ at The Hayward Gallery Review LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Still Here, The Photography Gallery. Falmouth University, UK 2016 UK Young Artists (UKYA), National Festival. Derby, UK 2016 What is the Future of Art? Tate Modern: Turbine Hall. London, UK 2016 Salon des Refusés, SPACE Gallery. London, UK 2016 BRIK, The Poly. Falmouth, UK 2016 Institute of Photography Symposium, The Photography Gallery. Falmouth University, UK 2016 The International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery. Nottingham, UK 2015 This is an Exhibition, Studio 3. Falmouth University, UK 2015 Cheap, The Photography Gallery. Falmouth University, UK 2015 Semblance, The Photography Gallery. Falmouth University, UK

Untitled (Cardboard Box)¦2016 Photograph¦ Edition of 12¦ 59.4cm x 84.1cm



Teri Havens Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 06/06/1967 Country: USA Residence: USA Media: Photography Price range: £ 1,100 - £ 3,000

AWARDS: 2016 Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2016 Hariban Award, Kyoto, Japan, Master Printer’s Choice Fresh 2016 Klompching Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, finalist 2016 The Mind’s Eye, Photo Award 2015 Dave Bown Projects, unrestricted monetary award 2015 Celeste Prize, Milan, Italy, 3rd Place 2012 Vienna International Photo Awards, finalist 2012 The Puffin Foundation, grant recipient 2010 Terry O’Neill Award, finalist

Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Teri has been exploring the backroads of the American dream with her camera for the past thirty years. Recurring themes in her work include individuality, isolation, and the enduring self-sufficiency of people and places that are often left behind. Her photography is a study – and ultimately a celebration – of cultural and geographic desolation. Although her subjects frequently stand solitary and disconnected, in their autonomy there is extraordinary strength, and through her photographs they remain indelible, as beacons of resistance and luminous symbols of cultural dissent. After studying photojournalism at the University of Texas and serving as an intern at the Magnum photo agency in New York, Teri developed her printmaking skills by improvising darkrooms in kitchens and motel rooms across the country (while working as an itinerant bartender /cocktail waitress). Teri currently lives in rural Colorado with her husband Mike. When not lost in the backcountry, or in her darkroom producing palladium prints, she can be found in her beloved ’88 Ford Van on the track of the perfect roadside bar. BIENNIALS: 2016 4th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Berlin, Germany COLLECTIONS: Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris France Delta Blues Museum, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Casino, Malta Montana¦2014 Limited Edition¦Platinum Print¦ 41cm x 56cm

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Pylot Magazine, The Last Free Place, London, England 2016 Lamono Magazine, 5 Artistas que Apuestan Por La Verdad, Madrid, Spain 2016 Feature Shoot, Essay by Ellyn Kail 2015 The Huffington Post, Arts & Culture, photos and interview 2015 Beautiful /Decay, The Last Free Place Photo District News, Photo of the Day, 2015 Photo-Eye, Portfolio & Interview 2015 Adore Noir, Fine Art Photography Magazine, feature and interview 2012 The London School of Liberal Arts: Year of Subversion, photos, essay and interview from The Last Free Place 2010 The Sun Magazine, Slab City photos and essays

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 The Mind’s Eye, Jules Maeght Gallery, San Francisco, California 2016 Arte Laguna, Nappe Arsenale Nord, Venice, Italy 2016 Nowhere / Everywhere, Thompson Gallery, Cambridge School of Weston, Boston, Massachusetts 2015 Small Matters of Great Importance, Edward Hopper House, Nyack, New York 2015 Celeste Prize Finalist Exhibition, EXBAZZI, Milan, Italy 2015 No Dead Artists, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana 2014 Electron Salon, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, California 2014 The Contemporary Portrait, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2014 Aesthetica Art Prize: 100 Contemporary Artists, York Saint Mary’s, Castlegate, York, England 2014 Summer Show, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura California



Brian Huber Category: Selected Artist/To Watch D.O.B. 09/05/1960 Country: USA Residence: USA Media: Paintings Price range: £ 700 - £ 4,600

AWARDS: 2016 ARTSPAN, San Francisco Open Studios, San Francisco, CA USA “Artist Not to Miss”

Brian’s work is based on the abstraction of landscapes, architectural elements and the impact of man on the natural world. Raised in New Orleans, Brian was influenced not only by an unconstrained culture and the rhythmic motions of blues and jazz, but also an environment where hurricanes could change or destroy everything. Brian transforms landscapes and manmade forms into something new. His pieces represent physical changes on a grand scale —anything from the construction of a beautiful building to the devastation of a man-made disaster. Brian cuts and manipulates giant sheets of acrylic paint to create the distinctively sculptural texture of his pieces. The constant change of light and shadow alters the color and pattern of his creations, breathing life into them. In the series, Follow the Line, he explores what lives on either side of the imagined lines we concoct for ourselves. The Veil series introduced a discussion about how the hidden veil we all wear distorts our views and the way we consume reality. This discussion continues in the Circle Back series, which plays with light and shadow on ironwork found in New Orleans. An abstracted interpretation of the braided rivers and glacial moraines of the Denali Alaska landscape is the focus of Braided. COLLECTIONS: Private Collections in San Francisco, Nashville, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Washington DC, Chicago, Mexico and Portugal MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Purva Chawla, “The Polymorphism Of Paint by Brian Huber” Material Driven Magazine FAIRS: 2016 Waterloo Art Festival, Cleveland, OH, USA 2016 Sausalito Art Festival 64th year, Sausalito, CA, USA

In the Parish (Braided Series)¦2016 Acrylic on Canvas Wrapped Panel¦122 diameter

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Circle Back, Crome Architecture, San Rafael, CA, USA 2012 Follow The Line, Jellyfish Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA 2011 Visiting Artist Program, Stanford University, Stanford, CA USA

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Mark Arts National Juried Exhibition, Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita, KS, USA 2016 Slice National Juried Show, Pence Gallery, Davis, CA, USA 2016 Painting on the Edge Exhibition, Federation of Canadian Artist, Vancouver, BC, USA 2016 ADC Art Comes Alive, Art Awards Event & Art Exhibit, Cincinnati, OH, USA 2016 Annual LAA National Fine Art Show, Art Center of Louisville, Louisville, CO, USA 2016 Arrangements in Black and White National Show, Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA, USA 2016 Abstract Catalyst 3 National Show, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR, USA 2016 Atypical Topographies National Show, Cloyde Snook Gallery, Alamosa, CO, USA 2016 State of the Arts National Juried Show, R.E. Endres Gallery, Prairie Village, KS 2016 Spirit Land Memory, Jorge Mendez Gallery, Palm Springs, CA, USA



Gillian Hyland Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 06/01/1982 Country: Ireland Residence: UK Media: Photography Price range: £ 350 - £ 3,600

AWARDS: 2016 Royal Arts Prize, Winner, London, UK 2016 Life Framer Prize, “A World of Cultures”, London, UK 2016 Art Prize CBN Finalist, Premio Carlo Bonatto Minella, Italy 2016 National Open Art, Ward Thomas Photography Award, London, UK 2015 Magenta Flash Forward, UK Winner, Canada 2015 AX3 – American Aperture Awards, Winner People/Portraits, USA 2015 La Quatrieme Image, Winner, exhibition Paris, France 2015 PDN Curator Awards, Winner of the ‘Portrait Series’, NYC, USA 2014 Gallery Photographica - Gold Award, San Francisco USA 2014 Ariano International Film Festival - Portrait Series Winner, Ariano, Italy 2014, North Valley Art League - Gold Medal, California USA

Gillian Hyland creates supernatural staged images, presented as film stills or dramatic moments. Hyland’s unsettling mise-en-scene are full of sex and desire, sadness and nostalgia. Narratives that are psychologically evocative - at once sublimely theatrical yet poignant. Hyland describes herself as an image maker and story teller. Her dramatic photographs are based on her own poems, and depict characters in human dramas and isolated emotional situations. Frozen in time, solitary and vulnerable moments are presented in glorious technicolor and timeless sets. Hyland’s visual career began as a stylist and set designer. Highly successful, the move to photography was a natural progression in wanting to create her own imagery. Encapsulating her memories and emotions in poems she then transforms these into images, offering a new perspective. The imagery plays with our notions of nostalgia, and taps into society’s cultural understanding of feelings and beliefs. The composition of each image suggests a larger narrative within a single moment. “It’s not about creating a pretty picture, for me it’s the intention that lies beneath it that is truly worthwhile. I’m drawn to the thinking mind behind the face, the subject’s eyes holding a story in their gaze.” FAIRS: 2016 2016 2016 2016 2016 2016 2015 2015 2015 2015

Delusion¦2016 Photography¦153cm x 102cm

Art Miami, Aqua Fair, Bruno Massa Gallery, Miami, USA Affordable Art Fair New York, Bruno Massa Gallery, New York City, USA The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London, UK Affordable Art Fair Battersea, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK Affordable Art Fair Milan, Bruno Massa Gallery, Milan, Italy London Art Fair, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK Affordable Art Fair Battersea, Corbett Gallery, London UK Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London UK London Art Fair, Corbett Gallery, London UK Le Quatrieme Image Fair, l’Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris, France

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Royal Arts Prize, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London, UK 2016 Cynthia Corbett Gallery Summer Exhibition, ROA Gallery, London, UK 2016 Barbara Stanley Gallery, Spring Mixed Show, London UK 2016 Look At Me Exhibition, Casa Toesca, Turin, Italy 2015 National Open Art, Award exhibition, RCA, London, UK 2015 125 LIVE Exhibition, 125Live Gallery, London, UK 2015 Royal Photographic Society, RPS Print Exhibition 158, London, UK 2015 Le Quatrieme Image Exhibition, Paris, France 2015 ROA Gallery, The Way Of Art VII Edition, Pall Mall London, UK 2015 Moscow International Foto Awards, Rooftop Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: The Independent Newspaper, UK The Sunday Independent Newspaper, Ireland The Telegraph, UK, Harpers Baazar, UK, Art & Antiques Magazine, UK, Atribue, Italy Blink Magazine, USA/Korea, Wall Street International, USA, Aesthetica Magazine, UK, PDN Magazine, USA



Angel iliev Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 15/04/1968 Country: Bulgaria Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 200 - £ 3,500

Angel Iliev was born on April 15, 1968, in Sofia, Bulgaria, now lives in London. He works in the realm of painting. “What I would like to show in my art is the air we cannot see but still exists. I don’t want to follow the actual approaches in presenting art. I prefer to be myself enough and to show everything that I feel.” Art Link presented his works as part of the SOTHEBYS online auction in March 2001 and July 2001. Some of them have also been shown in Saatchi Online Gallery. His canvases can be seen in Peacock Fine Art Gallery, 65 Westow Street, London SE 19 3RW. FAIRS: 2016 ARTROOMS Fair, London, UK MAIN SOLO EXHIBITION: 2013 Art exhibition - Vibe Gallery, London 2010 Bulgarian Embassy Art Gallery, London, UK 2010 Peacock Fine Art Gallery, London, UK 2000 The “Art” Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria 1999 Foyles Art Gallery, London, UK 1998 Style Gallery, Albena Resort, Bulgaria 1998 Style Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria 1997 Style Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria 1993 Academy of Modern Art, Hague, Netherlands 1991 Dobrich, Bulgaria 1991 Dobrich, Bulgaria

Misplaced Childhood¦2016 Acrylic on plywood¦68cm x 118cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2000 Art Exhibition, Varna, Bulgaria 1999 Art Exhibition, Lessidren, Bulgaria 1998 Art Exhibition, Kurdjaly, Bulgaria 1997 Art Exhibition Dobrich, Bulgaria 1991 Art Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria 1998 Exhibition of Young Artists, Dobrich, Bulgaria 1987 Regional Exhibition, Dobrich, Bulgaria



Jake the Dog Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 01/09/1986 Country: South Korea Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 7,000

AWARDS: 2016 The first Showcase winner of Artslant 2016 The Second Showcase winner of Artslant 2016 Contemporary British Artist Long listed 2016 Runners up of HIX award in CNB gallery 2014 “Most memorable Artist” prize in graduation show in Seoul National University 2009 Winner in Oriental painting section from Korea National Fine Art competition

Born in Seoul on 1st Sept 1986, Jake the Dog (aka Hun Kyu Kim) studied Oriental painting and Aesthetics in Seoul National University. After graduation, he studies painting in Royal College of Art in London where he currently lives. As a painter, he works using oriental traditional painting skill, especially silk coloring, used for ancient Asian religious paintings. He tries to develop the traditional medium in the context of contemporary art. Despite of adorable and cartoon like images, his works parody historical events, especially tragedies, based on political philosophy. Through this artistic practice, he tries to protest against the power, raising controversial discussion. He defines his artistic practice as ‘Sweet Protest’ because he represents his ideas and political propaganda via beautiful and subtle images. He has taken part to several group exhibitions in both countries, South Korea and The UK. He has a few group exhibitions in 2017 and is also preparing a solo exhibition after his current academic years in Royal College of Art. His works are mainly acquired by private collectors such as Stephen Webster, British jewelry designer. You can find more information of his work, Just type ‘Jake the dog artist talk in Royal College of Art’ on Youtube. COLLECTIONS: Stephen Webster Collection MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Online based art magazine Cllart 2016 Interview in Studio ESSAI N.2 LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2009 Please do not delete it, The Samchung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

As time goes by¦2016 Coloring on silk¦150cm x 120cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 WIP show, The Royal College of Art, London, UK 2016 Note app, The Dyson Gallery, London, UK 2016 The birth of nation, The Hockney Gallery, London, UK 2016 Hix award, The CNB Gallery, London, UK 2016 Myth and Lore, Styx Gallery, London, UK 2009 Korea National Fine Art Competition, The Hanguk Gallery, Seoul, Korea



Josef Jobst Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 11/01/1949 Country: Austria Residence: Austria Media: Drawings Price range: £ 950

AWARDS: 2014 Shortlisted „International Syrlin Art Prize 2014“ Germany 2012 Winner “Concurso Obras Pequeno Formato 2012” Cordoba, Argentinia 2010 Runner-up Masterpieces2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2010 Art/Prize “Inter/National/Painting2010” USA 2010 Winner “Only Originals Fine Art2010” Arizona, USA 2009 BOS-Award International Red Cross Winter Exhibition Tallinn 2009 Runner-up “European Art Prize2009 Figurative Painting” 2009 Runner-up EcoArt Award, London

Born in Rubring, Lower Austria (the Soviet-occupied Zone 1945-55). Primary- and secondary school in the small rural town of St.Valentin, where his teachers noticed his talent. He won the National Art Students Painting Prize from 1961 to 1963. He studied Architecture, wood-engraving and etching (Prof.Balczarek) and stage-design (Jean C. Philipp). In 1968 he was part of “IDEE” lead by famous writer Fritz Woess. Marriage, birth of first son, built a house ... the very standard career of common bourgeois. But he never forgot his call for Fine Arts and on his business trips he made approx 300 sketches and drawings and 200 watercolors of landscapes, nature and ancient buildings. In 1993, the caesura: he had his first heart attack. Since then, he has been detaining quiet a record: 27 surgery, 3 heart attacks, 2 cancers, 1 stroke, 84 hospitalizations…nevertheless, he has been working in his studio and his motto is: “Because I’m painting, I’m still alive”. COLLECTIONS: His paintings can be found in galleries, museums and private collections in: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brasilia, Canada, China, Denmark, Dubai, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, USA.

BIENNIALS: 2012 V International Art Biennale Beijing 2010 IV International Art Biennale Beijing 2008 I Europe Biennal Lisboa, Portugal FAIRS: 2014 Art Revolution, Taipeh, Taiwan

Diana¦2016 Graphite on cardboard¦100cm x 70cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Wie es mir gefällt, Schlossgalerie Steyr, AUT 2013 Esthetica II, S.Maria di Salla, IT 2013 Bäume & Beine, Clubgalerie u/hof Linz, AUT 2012 Its Me Contemporary Art, IA2000 Moscow, RUS 2011 Warum, oder auch? Retrospective, AKH Linz, AUT 2011 Abysus,That Gallery, Hongkong

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Finalists Show Syrlin Art Prize, City Galerie Stuttgart, GER 2015 Come Together, Egilmez Gallery Istanbul, TR 2014 EUA Contemporary Group, Shangri La, Shanghai, CHI 2013 Be The Future, Now! Stadtregal Ulm, GER 2012 Gran Prix GHV, MEK Gallery, Cordoba, ARG 2012 V International Art Biennale Beijing, CHI 2011 World of Imagination III, Apwarts Gallery, New York, USA 2011 Artists for Freedom , Ludwigshafen, GER 2011 Symbiose Summer Art Festival Stadsgaleri Breda, NL 2010 Revealing Culture, JFK Center of Art, Washington, USA 2010 Miniature Masterpiece , Galeri Aswara, Kuala Lumpur



Hitomi Kammai Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. Country: Japan Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 280 - £ 5,000

Hitomi is an influential, innovative and unique artist. After winning a Gold medal with her first charcoal drawing, she began to exhibit her works in Paris in 2002. Her works have been written by both web and paper based medias, and exhibited in Museums and commercial galleries. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: Contemporary Art News, London Life Magazine, Professional Photographer, Bulgarian National radio interview, Saatchi Web Magazine interview, BAVC TV show, Bulletin des Amis d’Europoesie, Gendaishi Techo. COLLECTIONS: Private Collections FAIRS: Art Athina, The Other Art Fair, Kinetica Art Fair LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Bond House Gallery, London, UK 2014 Hatched Gallery, London, UK 2011 Galerie Des Ombres, Lyon, France 2004 La Galerie Vivante, Paris, France

Fragment-Night Blue¦2016 Acrylic, Japanese pigment, spray paint, glue, glitter powder and resin¦48cm x 37cm x 3cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Art Athina, Athens, Greece 2015 Metamatic: TAF, Athens, Greece 2014 20th Century Theatre, London, UK 2012 Kinetica Auction at Village Underground, London, UK 2012 Sofia Arsenal-Museum of Contemporary Art, Bulgaria 2012 Water Tower Art Fest short listed, Sofia, Bulgaria 2012 Mechanical Art and Design Museum, Stratford Upon Avon, UK 2011 Henan Museum, Zhengzhou, China 2006 - 2011 Several exhibitions at Dorothy’s Gallery, Paris, France 2002 Maison de la culture du Japon, Paris, France



Taro Karibe Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 17/11/1988 Country: Japan Residence: Japan Media: Photography Price range: £ 300 - £ 2,000

AWARDS: 2016 Critical Mass 2016 Top50 emerging photographer in the world (USA) 2016 Grand Prix Fotofestiwal Finalist (Poland) 2016 Ueno Hikoma Award Shortlisted (Japan) 2016 International Photography Award Honorable mention (USA) 2016 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Honorable mention (France) 2015 Magnum Tokyo Workshop Fuji Award (Japan) 2014 Sony World Photography Awards National Award 2nd (UK) 2014 United Photo Contest’s World’s 8 inspirational photographers (UK)

Taro Karibe (b.1988, Aichi, Japan) received a Bachelor of Psychology from Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. After his graduation in 2012, he started working for a financial institution. At the same time, he started a career as a Photographer in Tokyo, Japan. He is a self-taught artist and his main concern is to extract social system structure and the identity of a modern, by using his camera as a tool. His works have been published internationally in publication such as The New York Times, International New York Times, British Journal of Photogra- phy,The Wall Street Journal, Der Spiegel, Forbes, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, CNN, ABC news, USA today, Yahoo! JAPAN News and so on. COLLECTIONS: Municipal museum of Fine Arts, Nizhny Tagil, Russia (Permanent) FAIRS: 2016 Artrooms, Melia White House, London, UK

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: The New York Times; International New York Times; British Journal of Photography; The Wall Street Journal; Der Spiegel; Forbes; Bloomberg; Chicago Tribune; The Guardian; Daily Mail

Tokyo Utopia¦2016 Archival Inkjet Print¦42cm x 29.7cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 PUNCTUM×Tokyo, PLACE M (run by Daido Moriyama), Tokyo, Japan 2016 Tempus/Locus, Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, Nizhny Tagil, Russia 2015 SWPA exhibition, SONY imaging gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2015 Mitsubishi Photo exhibition, Ginza Frame man, Tokyo, Japan 2014 SWPA exhibition, Somerset House, London, UK 2014 SWPA exhibition, SONY Liverpool gallery, Liverpool, UK 2014 United Photo contest exhibition, Estadio Maranacan, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2013 Hikari no oto, Gallery Festa, Tokyo, Japan 2012 Darekano 1byo wo takusarete, Instep Light, Tokyo, Japan



Ulla Karttunen Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 26/06/1956 Country: Finland Residence: Finland Media: Digital Art Price range: £ 400 - £ 2,000

AWARDS: 2016 The Best Project Prize, Taboo, Celeste Network & Galleria Poggiali & Forconi, IT 2016, 2011, 2007, 1999 Finnish Cultural Foundation, FI 2015, 5-year-grant Arts Promotion Centre Finland, FI 2016, 2012, 2011 Frame Contemporary Art Finland, FI 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 1999 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, FI 2004 The Art Association of Finland, FI

Ulla Karttunen is a Finland-based multidisciplinary artist, who has focused on ’digital icons’ and other digitally and manually manipulated images and installations, but has also made critical interventions, performances, and conceptual projects. She uses banal materials like media junk or toilet paper to construct portraits of unlikely saints or to depict blind spots of society. Karttunen has exhibited recently in Florence, Los Angeles, Algiers, Helsinki, Berlin, Porvoo, Leipzig, Joensuu, and Ljubljana. She is interested in questions concerning art and society – power relations, censorship, gender – and has recently given lectures at conferences in Seoul, Prague, Yokohama, Torino, Warsaw, Vienna, Genoa, and Beijing. She has published approximately 200 essays on philosophical questions in contemporary art. Karttunen’s visual art is documented in artist monographs published in 2009, 2011 and 2014. The name of one of these books, ”Ulla Karttunen, A Modern Mystic” tells of her artistic inclinations: she is not only an avantgardist or a social critic but could also be seen as a mystic or visual philosopher of the digital age. For her pioneering work in multidisciplinary art, Ulla Karttunen was awarded a 5-year grant for by the Finnish state. 2016, installation Donna Criminale was awarded The Best Project Prize in Italy. COLLECTIONS: The Collection of Finnish State Art Commission, The Collection of the Karelian Culture Promotion Foundation, The Finnish Art Society, Posti-Tele Art Collection, private & museum collections. FAIRS: 2016 2015 2013 2012

Blind Spot Society III¦2012 Mixed Media digital collage, aluminium and acrylic mounted diasec 60cm x 80 cm

Parallax Art Fair, London, GB Art Fair Suomi ‘15, Helsinki, FI Art Fair Suomi ’13, Helsinki, FI Art Fair Suomi ‘12, Helsinki, FI

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Z [like the masked woman Zorrita], The Porvoo Art Hall, Porvoo, FI 2013 Blinded, Galerie Pleiku, Berlin, DE 2011 Blindfold, Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana, SL 2011 The Divine: Sanctified Women from a Dark Planet, The Joensuu Art Museum, Joensuu, FI 2009 Stoning to Death, Art Gallery Rööperi, Helsinki, FI 2008 Ecstatic Women, Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Helsinki, FI 2005 Femmes fatales bathing in ketchup, Gallery Myymälä2, Helsinki, FI 2003 Flesh: ORCHidée, Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Helsinki, FI 2002 Cryptic Red, The Crypt of the Helsinki City Cathedral, Helsinki, FI 1996 Disappeared love letter, project, Pori Art Museum & 9 other Finnish art museums, FI

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 ART-MAP (catalogue, Portugal) 2016 Taboo (catalogue, Italy) 2014 Donna Criminale (artist monograph) 2012 Vierzehn (catalogue, Germany) 2011 Ulla Karttunen - Blindfold (catalogue, Slovenia) 2011 Ulla Karttunen, A Modern Mystic (artist monograph), Publications of the Joensuu Art Museum 2009 L’Amour et La Mort / Invisible Book (artist monograph) 2009 Tapaus Neitsythuorakirkko (book, treatise of an artwork)

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Al-tiba9/Antithesis: Transgression, The National Museum of Algeria, Algiers, 2016 ART-MAP, Capela das Pereiras, Ponte de Lima, PT 2016 Taboo, Galleria Poggiali e Forconi, Florence, IT 2016 Manifesto of Silence, Sofia Cultural Centre, Helsinki, FI 2016 5000m2, Theatre of Lappeenranta, FI 2015 Electron Salon, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art LACDA, Los Angeles, USA 2015 Flow, Kanneltalo Gallery, Helsinki, FI 2015 Ah!Jo!, The Joensuu Art Museum, Joensuu, FI 2014 Electron Salon, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art LACDA, Los Angeles, USA 2012 With Criminal Energy – Art and Crime in the 21st Century, Halle 14,DE



Alexander Korzer-Robinson Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 01/01/1975 Country: Germany Residence: UK Media: Other Price range: £ 400 - £ 1,200

Through my work in the tradition of collage I am pursuing a very personal obsession of creating narrative scenarios in small format. By using antiquarian books, it makes the work simultaneously an exploration and a deconstruction of nostalgia. We create our own past from fragments of reality in a process that combines the willful aspects of remembering and forgetting with the coincidental and unconscious. On a general level, I aim to illustrate this process that forms our inner landscape. By using pre-existing media as a starting point, certain boundaries are set by the material, which I aim to transform through my process. Thus, an encyclopedia can become a window into an alternate world, much like lived reality becomes its alternate in remembered experience. These books, having been stripped of their utilitarian value by the passage of time, regain new purpose. They are no longer tools to learn about the world, but rather a means to gain insight about oneself. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Hey! Modern Art and Pop Culture, Ankama, Paris 2014 Paper Art Design II, Artpower International Publishing Co. Ltd, Hong Kong 2012 Stories Carved in Books, Il Post, Italy 2012 Summer Exhibition Illustrated, Royal Academy of Arts, London 2011 Ouvrages, Le Monde, Paris 2010 Profile, Juxtapoz Magazine, Issue 118 FAIRS: London Art Fair Art Busan, Seoul Art Karlsruhe Affordable Art Fairs New York, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Bristol Scope Basel The Other Art Fair, London + Bristol

The Boy’s Own Annual, 1890¦2016 Cut book sculpture¦29cm x 22cm x 6cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2013 The Searchers Contemporary, Bristol, United Kingdom 2011 Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff 2011 Third Floor, Harvey Nichols, Bristol 2009 Topping & Company, Bath

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Victor Lope Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2016 Curious Duke Gallery, London, United Kingdom 2015 Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo, Barcelona, Spain 2014 ex libris, J Johnson Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida, United States 2014 Beyond the book, Long & Ryle, London, United Kingdom 2013 ArtDog London, United Kingdom 2013 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK 2013 Last Rites Gallery, New York City, United States 2013 Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami, USA 2012 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK 2012 Trait Papier, Musée des beaux-arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland



Benjamin Kustow Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 01/09/1988 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Photography Price range: £ 3,500

Kustow was born in London, United Kingdom. He studied at Central Saint Martins from 2008-2011. He first came to the attention of the media with his 2009 portrait of Barak Obama. Kustow first began exhibiting in London in 2009. He had his first major gallery solo show, “Gentle On my Mind” at Mead Carney Fine Art, London in October 2014. In his work the isolated, singular elements on the canvas or photograph, punctuated by sparse white or black voids, create an emergent and volatile configuration through their immediate juxtaposition. Referencing iconography and loneliness in the 2014 exhibition his work contains both the building blocks for a pictorial narrative and also the methods of disguising it. A thematic juxtaposition of the representational versus the technical is apparent as Kustow explores the myth of the cowboy in a series of modern contexts. In the “Buddhist Monks” series a thematic pattern emerges which has harnessed the inherent qualities of his material by manipulating the contrasts between the contemporary and the timeless, the secular and holiness to create layers and depth and to encourage emotive and subjective responses in the viewer.

COLLECTIONS: Soho House Group, Groucho Club, Private Collections. LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Gentle On My Mind, Mead Carney Fine Arts, London , UK LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2011 Young Gods, Charlie Smith Gallery, London, UK 2011 Saatchi Gallery Channel Four New Sensations and the Future Can Wait, London, UK 2012 Old Vic Tunnels Summer Show, Old Vic Tunnels, London, UK 2012 Haunch Of Venison Summer Show, Haunch Of Venison, London, UK 2012 Polemically Small, Orleans House Gallery Riverside, London UK 2012 Plus Art Project, Mayors Parlour, London, UK 2016 RCA Secret, RCA Gallery Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

Untitled¦2017 C-Type Photographic Print¦100cm x 66.8cm



Marta Łacka Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 06/04/1979 Country: Poland Residence: Poland Media: Photography Price range: £ 440 - £ 800

AWARDS: 2015 PhotoVogue “Italia best of” 2008 Power of Łódz, Creative Photography Award 2007 Power of Łódz, Creative Photography Award

When I was twelve, I discovered my mother’s old Exakta Varex camera with a 50mm lens and ever since that moment I’ve been shooting. I feel my true mother tongue is imagery over word. In 2004 I graduated from the Photography Department at the National Film School in Łódz. My main areas of interest include portraiture, editorial and creative pho- tography. I began my career as an assistant in a fashion photography studio. After a year I’ve begun conducting my own photoshoots. My cli- ents are primarily Polish fashion designers. I have prepared lookbooks and creative campaigns for leading Polish designers, including Agata Wojtkiewicz and Joanna Kedziorek. I also create and direct short film forms. My diploma photo-animation illustrates the story “Please Do Not Blame Anybody” by Julio Cortazar and was included in the Multimedia Collections of Józef Robakowski. My two films for the “Autism: Start Early” charity campaign were shown at the “Heal the World” contemporary exhibition at the Museum of Art in Łódz MS2. I have also shot a series of short films for the “One iPad Per Child” campaign, as well as a series of music and advertising videoclips. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Mega Zine Lost & Found 2015 British Vogue 2015 Collezioni 2008 The Power of Łódz Album 2008 Emotional Graphic Design – Michał Batory album 2007 The Power of Łódz Album BIENNIALS: 2004 Fotofestival, Film School Group Exhibition, Łódz, Poland 2002 Fotofestival, Film School Creative Photography Group Exhibition, Łódz, Poland LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Redefined by light, photography project, Zatoka Sztuki, Sopot, Poland 2015 Redefined by light, photography project, Paleta Bieli, Łódz, Poland

Agata¦2016 Photographic paper¦70cm x 100cm

COLLECTIONS: Photo-animation “Please Do Not Blame Anybody” illustrating the story by Julio Cortazar is included in the Multimedia Collections of Józef Robakowski

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2011 Heal the World exhibition, the Museum of Art MS2, Łódz, Poland 2008 Power of Łódz, ŁTF, Łódz, Poland 2007 Power of Łódz, ŁTF, Łódz, Poland 2004 Fotofestival Film School Group Exhibition, Łódz, Poland 2002 FotofestivalFilm School Creative Photography Group Exhibition, Łódz, Poland



Silvia Lerin Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 12/03/1975 Country: Spain Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 600 - £ 1,800

AWARDS: TACUK Acquisition Award. UK

Silvia Lerin is a visual artist based in London. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) in 1998. She made several solo exhibitions in Spain and also abroad, particular highlights were the ones she made in the Gallery La Nave in Valencia. Another example was in the Sophien Edition gallery, in Berlin , where she had a solo exhibition each two years and represented her work in several german Art fairs. During all that time she has received numerous awards and grants, outstanding among others was the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant of New York in 2014 that brought her to London, where she decided to stay. Her work is permanently exhibited in many Museums in Spain and there exists numerous artworks by her in various public buildings, and in many private collections throughout Spain and abroad.

F-deep Red Daisy¦2016 Acrylic on canvas and wood¦68.5cm x 79 cm

COLLECTIONS: The Annex Collection UK; Maria Jose Jove Foundation. A Coruña. Spain Contemporary Art Museum in Pego. Pego. Alicante. Spain; Mainfirstbank. London. UK; Bancaja Foundation. Valencia. Spain; Mainel Foundation. Valencia. Spain; Diaz Caneja Foundation. Palencia. Spain; Instituto Juan Gil-Albert. Alicante. Spain; San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Valencia. Spain; Juan Gil Albert Institution. Alicante. Spain, Art Collection of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Valencia. Spain; Art Collection of Caja Rural de Torrente. Valencia. Spain; Club Diario Levante. Valencia. Spain; Sparkasse Mainz. Mainz. Germany; Town Art Pinacotec in Langreo. Asturias. Spain; Council of Cangas do Morrazo. Pontevedra. Spain; Council of Cambre. A Coruña. Spain

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2013 Solo catalog CRISIS IN CONCRETE, edited by the Escola de persones Adultes Vicent Ventura 2012 Solo catalog IRREGULARES, edited by the Servei de Publicacions and la Universitat de València 2010 Solo catalog NO SÓLO PAPEL, edited by Obra Social Ibercaja 2009 Solo catalog HENDIDURAS EN LA MATERIA, edited by OAM Palau de la Música de Valencia 2009 Solo catalog PAINT-SKIN, edited by the Cityhall of Avilés 2007 Solo catalog “ 45º “, edited by the Young Department of the City Hall of Langreo

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Inspired by an English Garden. Shiras Gallery. Valencia. Spain 2016 Ivy. Idea Store. Curated by Rugina Mukid. London. UK 2015 Mind the gap. Horizon Gallery. Colera. Girona. Spain 2013 Crisis in concrete. Exhibition Hall. Vincent Ventura School. Valencia. Spain

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Imperfect Reverse, Camberwell Space Projects, London, UK 2016 SPAIN NOW!, 12 Star Gallery, European House, London, UK 2016 Emerged, Clerkenwell Gallery, London, UK 2016 Playroom, Union Club Studios, London, UK 2016 Ultima, Embassy Tea Gallery, London, UK 2015 From Centre, The Loud & Western Building, London, UK 2015 Shaped in Mexico, Bargehouse. Oxo Tower, London, UK 2013 Room Art 2013, Centro del Carmen, Valencia, Spain 2013 Dialogos, Municipal Center of Exhibitions, Elche, Alicante, Spain 2012 Mujeres 10, Atarazanas, Valencia, Spain



Claire Malet Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 1965 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 200 - £ 5,000

AWARDS: 2014 Goldsmiths’ Fair, winner of the Best New Design Award 2014 Wesley-Barrell Craft Award, finalist 2011 Bishopsland Trust, Silver Bursary 2010 Bishopsland Trust, Maker to Master Bursary, to work with silversmith Pamela Rawnsley 2007 Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair, winner, Best Exhibit Award 2005 Craft Council, Chelsea Craft Fair, Honorary New Exhibitor 2005 Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair, winner, New Exhibitor Award

2005 BA Hons Contemporary Applied Art, Hereford College of Art, UK Currently represented by galleries in Ireland, UK, USA and Australia. My work is inspired by the rich textures and sculpted shapes of natural forms and landscapes. I walk the fields, hills and woodland surrounding my studio, and take trips to explore other landscapes, regularly walking coast paths and beaches. My eye will be caught by a curl of split bark, a seed pod, an eroded rock face, the skeletal shadows of winter trees. I have no interest in copying nature, but aim to capture a sense of it, my response to it, or a moment in time. I also draw inspiration directly from the natural qualities and characteristics of the metals I work with, it is vital to me that the medium is allowed to suggest a direction. My aim is to make work that draws out the raw and often transient beauty of the subject, and that celebrates the relationship between the natural environment and the extraordinary materials it provides. COLLECTIONS: National Museum Wales, Cardiff, new commission 2017 Victoria & Albert Museum Manchester City Art Gallery Bilston Craft Gallery MAIN PUBLICATIONS: The Times, The Architectural Digest, Craft Arts International, The Art Investor, Luxurious Magazine, Period Living, CRAFTS, The Financial Times, The Straits Times, Elle Decoration, BBC Homes & Antique FAIRS: 2013/14/15 2014/15 2013 2011

Bircher Common Vessels¦2016 Steel, 24 ct gold

Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK Goldsmiths’ Fair, Goldsmiths’ Hall, London, UK Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada Art Chicago, Chicago, USA

BIENNIALS: 2013 Main Exhibition 2, Cheongju International Crafts Biennale, Cheongju, South Korea

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2013 The Nature of Metal, Nina’s House, London, UK 2010 Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, UK 2008 Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, UK 2007 The Model House, Llantrisant, UK 2007 Sara Priesler Gallery, Birmingham, UK

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Silver Speaks: FORM, The Goldsmiths’ Centre, London, UK 2016 Gold: Festival Exhibition, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, UK 2016 Making a Winter’s Tale, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, UK 2015 National Museum of Women Artists: Nature by Design, Royal Thames Yacht Club, London,UK 2015 Bishopsland Summer Retrospective, Bishopsland, Oxfordshire, UK 2014 Sculptural Forms: A Century of Experiment, Manchester City Art Gallery, Manchester, UK 2014 Spring Exhibition, Cambridge Contemporary Art, Cambridge, UK 2013 Design Collection, Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow, UK 2010 Light & Movement, Bicha Gallery at The Chelsea Club, London, UK 2010 Line, Form, Colour, Bicha Gallery at The gallery@oxo, London, UK



Antigoni Manolidou Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 26/09/1967 Country: Greece Residence: Greece Media: Paintings Price range: £ 300 - £ 1,000

Antigoni Manolidou had initially studied medicine but went on to graduate from the Fine and Applied Arts Faculty of the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki in 2004. She lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. She has been exhibiting in various venues in Greece and abroad. During the last five years her work revolves around urban and suburban architectural structures. External and internal spaces brings to mind a basic human habitat. The total absence of human presence, though, in combination with unspecified shadowy spaces leave the viewer with a sense of emptiness and ambivalence. Sometimes organic natural forms merge with clean cut architectural structures and other times fragments of recognizable elements are placed in a desolate setting resulting into an image of limited sight. COLLECTIONS: Kavafi House, Alexandria, Egypt MAIN PUBLICATIONS: Art in Health Facilities FAIRS: 2016 The Other Art Fair, Bristol, UK 2016 Flux, London, UK 2015 Europartfair, Rotterdam, Netherland

Untitled¦2016 Oil on linen¦60cm x 80cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016, Contemporary Artists Books, Greek Archaeologists Union, Athens, Greece. 2015, ArtMArt, Kuensterhaus, Vienna Art Week, Austria. 2014, Works of Art, Municipal Art Gallery of Kallithea, Athens, Greece. 2013, 200 Years from the birth of Kavafy, Alexandria Library, Egypt. 2013, The Sheep in European Civilization, Greater Hellenic Foundation, Athens, Greece. 2013, Cheapart, Gallery 50-1, Limassol, Cyprus. 2013, Space, Choros Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece. 2012, Cheapart, Amsterdam, Holland.



Colin McCallum Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 12/10/1956 Country: UK Residence: Spain Media: Paintings Price range: £ 400 - £ 4,000

AWARDS: Northern Young Contemporaries (Prize Winner) Granada TV Manchester

The city stimulates me in every way, its many layers and complexities which come into play in my imagery. The visual overload. I am interested in finding ways of translating this energy and chaos into a painting, which whilst being one flat surface, can also provide depth and dimension and optical excitement. I work in series so I can explore and expand an idea that develops with each painting. Experimenting with colour, mark making and technique allows each work to have its own uniqueness whilst retaining the concept and connection to each other. Although each painting belongs to a series it is very much intended to stand alone both visually and conceptually. My art is executed by hand, by brush, by pouring or dragging paint, mark making, yet can appear digitally enhanced or manipulated. Technology is an influence because in contemporary life we are increasingly surrounded by it and reliant up on it. However, by choosing to use traditional mediums, such as paint on canvas, I am also reacting against technology to produce something unique, hand-made and coming from within me. COLLECTIONS: Granada TV Coopers Lybrand Deloitte Private collections in Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, Singapore, France, Hong Kong MAIN PUBLICATIONS: After Nyne magazine FAIRS: AAF Singapore, New York, Hong Kong,Stockholm, Battersea, Hampstead, Bristol, Brussels, Milan, Hamburg Art Toronto Art London, Business Design Centre Art Hamptons, The Hamptons, New York IAF Korea Art Chicago, USA

Template Ultramarine V2¦2016 Acrylic on canvas¦ 92cm x 130cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Recent Large Paintings, 88 Wood Street, Foyer Gallery, London, UK 2014 New Paintings, B&C Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2013 New Paintings, Bravas Pop Up Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2012 Signals, Bicha Gallery, London, UK 2006 Euro Star Crystal Palace Hotel, Barcelona, Spain 2003 Sala Gracia, Barcelona, Spain 1994 CSK Gallery, Eton, Windsor, UK LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Conexio Cromatica, Addicted to Life Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2015 Collaboration Station 3, Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2015 Piel Magazine Launch, Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2015 Feast of Fools, Addicted to Life, Barcelona, Spain 2014 Fantastic Lush Art Event, Pop Up Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2014 Collaboration Station 2, Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2013 Collaboration Station, Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2009 Open Studios, Freixas Building, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona, Spain 2010 Christmas Group Exhibition, Bicha Gallery, London, UK



Dario Moschetta Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Paintings Price range: £ 300 - £ 2,000

Italian artist Dario Moschetta finds his inspiration from the natural beauty of people and from “the effort to try to understand people’s mood by looking at their face or at the movements of their body.” His Mixed media works involve various techniques he has developed and experimented instinctively, using collage and acrylic paint on paper and on canvas. There is always a part of “randomness” in his creation process which provides the profound and unique meaning to each of his work. “Before starting a new artwork, the image I want to obtain comes from a heap of images or footage in my head. It’s like I’m directing a movie and I can choose from all those frames at my disposal.”

COLLECTIONS: Gruppo Unipol Milano, Urban Up Velasca Milano, Audi Exhibition Milano fair.

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: Juxtapoz , hdl magazine (interview), fools journal, creative boom, Empty Kingdom, Frame magazine, THS art (interview), LOVLI store (interview)

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Ti ricordi il futuro?, Torre Velasca, Milano, Italy 2013 Big portraits, Spazio Chirurgi,Empoli,Italy

Napoleon 1¦2016 Mixed Media¦60cm x 80cm



Mary Ann Obando Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 31/08/1984 Country: Colombia Residence: Colombia Media: Photography Price range: £ 800

Mary grew up in Bogota, Colombia. Since a young age she has been infatuated with art history and recalls watching biopics of famous painters during her childhood. In 2008 she completed her degree in Graphic Design but soon realised that her passion lay in photography. Mary’s conceptual and quirky art inspire her viewers to explore both the contemporary and fantastical. Her materials are built with the finest paper that help generate a visual narrative that’s embodied in her technique. During her time as a photographer she has produced three series of work: ‘Pandora’, ‘Rupture’ and ‘Rituals of the Organic’ . She has exhibited in X Florence Biennale, Young Art Gallery, The Kite, The Spanish Embassy (2011), Art Takes Miami, Basel (2011), Barcelona Showcase (2012) and Art Two Graphic Printing. Journeying through both graphic design, fine art and photography has made her into a developed and passionate artist. FAIRS: 2016 2016 2015 2011 2011 2011

TIAF London, UK Diaframma Aperto Refuges and Immigration, Florence, Italy TijuanArte Art Fair Mexico Barcelona Showcase Casa Batlló, Spain Lima Photo (Repsol award), Peru Young Art, Cometa Gallery, Embassy of Spain in Colombia

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Diaframma Aperto Refuges 2015 TIAF London 2015 TijuanArte Art Fair, Tijuana Mexico 2013 The National Photography Day, Casa Sin Fin house, Bogota Colombia 2011 ART TAKES MIAMI BASEL Publication, USA 2011 Barcelona Showcase Casa Batlló, Barcelona - Spain 2011 Lima Photo (Repsol award), Lima,Peru 2011 National Salon Art & Diversity, Casa Cuadrada Gallery, Colombia 2010 Book Day fair, Taller Arte Dos Grafico, Colombia 2010 Young Art, Cometa Gallery (Embassy of Spain in Colombia) Women Geometry¦2016 Photographic paper¦40cm x 40cm



Eleonora Oleotto Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 19/03/1977 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Photography Price range: £ 450 - £ 1,600

AWARDS: 2016 IPA Awards “The family of men” - Honorable Mention 2015 Exposure Award, Louvre Museum, Paris, France Selected image 2014 Year in Review Award, See Mee Art Gallery, New York City, USA Selected image 2014 Exposure Award, See Mee Art Gallery, New York City, USA Selected image 2014 Show in Times Square, Times Square, New York City, USA Selected image

I’m a photographer with a deep passion for art and photography. I have taken pictures since childhood and I studied photography whilst at University. I like reportage, street photography and portraits. In recent years, my inspiration has come from my instant surroundings: where I live and what I feel. This is represented in my images. Photography for me is not only a passion, but a means to make the invisible, visible. It helps myself and others to see what we sometimes fail to grasp in our mind. To me, photography becomes a necessity. I feel a sense of urgency to express myself through this medium and to develop projects which mark important changes within myself. My introspective journey through photography has encouraged me to help others and I focus my artist research around this sensibility. I use my photography to support other professionals like psychologists, therapists, life coaches and nutritionists to help people work on their emotions, self-perception, self-confidence and their own identity. This is what I’m striving towards: therapeutic photography.

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Reconciliation in Cliché – Webmagazine of Photography and Visual Reality 2016 Exploring emotions: the family in Cliché – Webmagazine of Photography and Visual Reality LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 VoltiAdmo Pagina, Einaudi Bookshop, Udine, Italy 2015 Artisti in mostra, Bertoni Gallery, Cervignano del Friuli, Italy LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 reators deserve to be seen, Times Square, New York City, USA 2015 Exposure Award, Louvre Museum, Paris, France 2014 Year in Review Award, See Mee Art Gallery, New York City, USA 2014 Exposure Award, See Mee Art Gallery, New York City, USA 2014 Show in Times Square, Times Square, New York City, USA 2014 DonnArtista, Merlino Bottega d’Arte, Florence, Italy

Exploring Emotions_0¦2013 Photographic paper¦140cm x 30cm



Alice Padovani Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 07/09/1979 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Other Price range: £ 300 - £ 1,500

AWARDS: 2015 Art Rounds - Celeste Network – Verona (Italy) 2015 Who art you? 4th edition - Press Award winner, MIlan (Italy) 2014 Young Art Pitching prize, Art&Museum Int. Exhibition Xchange Lingotto - Torino (Italy) 2013 Arte in Contemporanea, 3rd edition - Winner of two purchase Awards - Modena (Italy)

Alice Padovani was born in 1979 in Italy where she lives and works today. She graduated from the University of Bologna with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy in 2007 and a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts in 2015. Padovani worked as an actor and director in the early 2000s and has an interest in experimental theatre which rears its head in her art practice. Preferring drawing, installation and performance, as a visual artist she takes part in several national and international solo and group exhibitions. A constant research and an unconventional path in the art world leads her to explore and to experience with many differents media, themes and artistic techniques. Padovani has an obsession with death and the passing of time. Her art acts as a kind of visual diary for personal experiences with loss and grief. Ghost-like in their weightlessness, Padovani’s drawings appear to hover on the page, repetitive and process-driven. Similarly, her assemblages and installations possess a purposeful delicacy which gives the impression that they have just been arranged there, only minutes prior to the viewer’s arrival. A mimicking of museological display is evident in her object works with their pins holding small collections of specimens in place. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Vegetal works. Composite installation for ephemeral bodies Polo Zanotto, University of Verona - VR (Italy) Monographic catalog 2016 Arteam Cup 2016 - Palazzo del Monferrato - AL (Italy) Catalog 2016 ArtRooms London 2016, London (UK) Catalog 2015 Wunderkammer - Dark Room Gallery - Carpi (Italy) Monographic catalog 2015 Carlo Bonatto Minella Prize - Villa Vallero - Rivarolo, Turin (Italy) - Catalog 2015 Who art you? 4th edition - Fabbrica del Vapore - Milan (Italy) Catalog 2014 Rezarte Tricolore Prize - Km 119 - RE (Italy) Catalog 2013 Art in Contemporary - Third Edition - Arte su Carte Gallery, Modena (Italy) - Catalog FAIRS: 2016 Affordable Art Fair 2016 - Superstudiopiù - Milan (Italy) 2016 ArtRooms London 2016 - Melia White House – London (UK) 2015 Art Verona Fair – project Art Rounds - Verona (Italy) Collection of a Magpie - First Nest¦2016 Installation ¦39cm x 26cm x 6cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Vegetal works.., Polo Zanotto, University of Verona - Verona (Italy) 2016 Domino, Mina Studio Gallery - Festival Filosofia - Modena (Italy) 2016 Limes. Geography spawns from hate, European Night of Museums RE(Italy) 2015 Short story of a hair lock, Oasis, Villa Barco Zonca - Arcade, TV (IT) 2015 Wunderkammer - Dark Room Gallery - Carpi (Italy) 2015 Small Compendium of Lost Animals - Sala Dogana - Palazzo Ducale, GV (Italy) 2015 8. Ephemeral work, European Night of Museums - Civic Museums RE (Italy) 2014 De Rerum Absentia - Camera Bianca Expo Room, RE (Italy) 2014 Entoma. Being without blood. Division into segments. Perfection achieved (Italy) 2013 Art in Contemporary - Third Edition -Arte su Carte Gallery, MD (IT) 2012 Small Compendium of Lost Animals - first study - Periferico Festival, General Warehouse of the Historical Archive of Modena (Italy) LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Arteam Cup 2016, Palazzo del Monferrato - Alessandria (Italy) 2016 Nuovi Voli, Art in tower, Castelnuovo Rangone, Modena (Italy) 2015 Carlo Bonatto Minella Prize, Villa Vallero - Rivarolo, Turin (Italy) 2015 6X6 - Galleria all’Angolo - Mendrisio (Switzerland) 2015 Who art you? 4th ed, Fabbrica del Vapore - Milan (Italy) 2014 #seemetakeover24July, Time Square - New York (USA) 2014 Rezarte Tricolore Prize, Rosemarie Bassi Gallery, Remagen (Germany) 2014 Rezarte Tricolore Prize, Km 119 - Reggio Emilia (Italy) 2013 Consumption - Spazio Gerra, Reggio Emilia (Italy)



Zoi Pappa Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 27/02/1975 Country: Greece Residence: Greece Media: Paintings Price range: £ 160 - £ 4,300

AWARDS: 2016 Winner of the international contest Tina Prize, Rome edition, Italy 2015 First winner of the international contest Nuovi Mondi, Corte, Rome, Italy 2014 Benefits of Celeste Prize.

1998 B.A. Visual and Applied Arts Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki School of Fine Arts, Greece. 2002 Master of Fine Arts at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. I have a dual identity as an artist and independent curator. I am the owner of the alternative project space Zoi’s and occasionally work as an art tutor in several institutions. I have participated in many internationals exhibitions. I was part of the Reconstruction Community, a platform initiated by a group of art theorists and historians, architects, sociologists and artists. The starting point had been the rethinking of the actual scene of Athens as a contemporary metropolis. The core of my work is the idea of experimenting in the processes of perception. A poetic transformation of the world into a spiritual world, where everything is combined and related. The desire is to go beyond the values of current morality, to return to innocence and create a world independent of any logic or principle. Curatorials: 2008 Transleat me , Athens-Greece, 2007 Trauma Queen, Athens-Greece, 2006 Who cares about Greek art?, Zoi’s, Athens-Greece, 2003 Trash Art, Athens-Greece. Guest curator: 2011 On Books and Translation, Beirut, Lebanon, 2009 Street Hacker, San Diego-Chile. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: Nuovi Mondi, Phobophobia, Street Hacker, Trauma Queen, Visibility, Visual Arts, Part time punks -Deste Foundation, Who cares about Greek Art?, Cosmos-11th Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean, Biomatocrom.

FAIRS: 2016 Premio Marchionni, Fiera d’arte mercato, Museo MAGMMA, Vllacidro, IT 2014 Cheap Art Limassol, Penindaplinena Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus

BIENNIALS: 2011 Pre-Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition – Approaching Art by Leaving Art Behind – 9 Days the Museum Disappears, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan 2013 Santorini Biennale of Arts-International Poster Exhibition, Design a wish for Greece 2003 11th Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean, Cosmos, Ilion, Athens, Greece

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Bicycle wheels – Homage to Duchamp, Siracuse, Sicily, Italy 2016 Alter-Light and Land Insight, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Sicily, Italy 2015 Spacescape, Palazzo di Lorenzo, Galatina, Lecce, Italy 2015 Nuovi Mondi, Corte, Rome, Italy, 2014/15 The Celeste Choice, The Format Gallery, Milano, Italy 2014 ICRI Research and Art, Megaron Athens Intrernational Conference Center, Athens, Greece 2011 On Books and Translation, Platform Translation, 4th Ed, Beirut,Lebanon 2009 Street Hacker, Centro de Extensión de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, San Diego, Chile 2009 Transleat me, 48-50 Aiolou, Athens, Greece 2008 Visual Arts in Greece”, Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, Greece

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Gardens, Corte, Rome Italy, 2002 Biomatocrom, Olga Georgantea Gallery, Athens, Greece. When the day is done¦2016 Mixed Media - Painting on wallpaper¦68.7cm x 64.1cm x 1.2cm



Sara Parsaee Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 06/05/1981 Country: Iran Residence: Malaysia Media: Paintings Price range: £ 2,500 - £ 3,000

Born in Iran on 6th May 1981. She graduated from Tehran Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Graphic Design in 2002. Her artistic process began during her college days. Over the years, she has experimented with several types of arts & crafts. Her first handicraft exhibition was held in 2008 in Iran. She moved to Malaysia In 2009. She graduated from Limkokwing University with a Bachelor of Arts in Games Art Development in 2012 & Master of Arts in Digital Film & Television in 2014. During her education, she succeeded to achieve Industry Award for Excellence for Best in Games Arts as well as a Certificate of Completion in a Global Program in London.Currently, she lives & works as a Graphic Designer in Malaysia & follows up her paintings from her home studio. Her first showcase was displayed at Le Dame Art Gallery in Melia White House, from March 15th to December 15th, 2016 in London, UK. LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Call for Artist, Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK

Fly With Me¦2016 Mixed Media¦ 90cm x 90 cm



Justyna Pennards-Sycz Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 02/04/1969 Country: Germany/Poland Residence: Netherlands Media: Paintings Price range: £ 200 - £ 3,000

AWARDS: Wells Contemporary Art Prize (shortlisted)

A graduate of the Utrecht University of Fine Art (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten), Justyna specialized in painting. A former project manager and internal communications officer in international corporations (Warsaw, Cologne and Frankfurt) she now lives and works in Amersfoort (the Netherlands), having decided to commit herself to her true passion and focus on creative work. Architectural structures and water are two recurring elements in her work: water as a metaphor for nature and the flow of life, urban structures as the reality of life and continuous growth of human life. The layers of a city build – and wither – slowly and imperceptibly over time. Decay may come fast or through waning processes, but it is clear when layers are revealed that we are not so different from ancient civilizations. The series ‘Cities’ is the most recent one. It consists of several metropolitan landscapes, illuminated by neon lights. The compositions are built using geometric shapes, curved lines and solitary, broad colour stains. The aspects that differentiate the series are the slightly disturbed symmetries yet apparent balance. COLLECTIONS: City of Amersfoort, Netherlands Private collections in the UK, USA, Germany, Poland, India FAIRS: Edinburgh Art Fair Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam Art Arnhem

Always the Sun¦2015 Oil on canvas¦80cm x 120cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2017 Galerie Sandhofer, Salzburg, AT 2016 TNO Soesteberg, NL 2016 Galeria Otwarta, Wroclaw, PL 2015 Food Art Gallery, Wroclaw, PL 2015 Kuratorium Gallery, Warsaw, PL 2013 Center for modern art AGORA, Wroclaw, PL 2013 Galerie 1664, Amersfoort, NL 2012 Galerie Jenne Renes, Utrecht, NL 2011 Galerie Jenne Renes, Utrecht, NL 2011 Galerie Absoluut, Amersfoort, NL

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Format Art Magazine, PL 2016 Interview in Hamag Magazine, PL 2016 Interview in Atwood Magazine, USA 2016 Algemeen Dagblad, NL 2016 Slow Magazine, PL 2016 Lounge Magazine, PL 2016 Design Scene, PL 2015 Interwiew in Imperium Kobiet Magazine, PL 2015 In the Picture, Kunstblog, NL LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 “A Place in My Heart”, Meander MC, Amersfoort, NL 2016 “Empty”, Galerie de Ploegh, Amersfoort, NL 2016 “Strange Guests”, Amersfoort, NL 2016 “Seascapes”, Museum Westkapelle, NL 2016 Gallery Archipel, Amersfoort, NL 2016 “Prints and Multiples”, Galerie de Ploegh, Amersfoort, NL 2016 “Two way ticket to Amersfoort”, Galerie de Ploegh, Amersfoort, NL 2016 Galeria Kuratorium, Warsaw, PL 2016 Vivid Gallery, Wroclaw, PL 2016 Gallery Varso Vie, Warsaw, PL



Miodrag Peric Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 14/02/1971 Country: Serbia Residence: Serbia Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 800 - £ 4,000

AWARDS: 2016 Berliner Art Prize, Honorary Diploma in recognition of endeavour in the Fine Arts

Graduated at Academy of Fine Arts (department: sculpture) in Novi Sad (1997). Member of EAA European Artists Association, Essen, Germany. Member of Artists Association of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia. Art director and founder of International Symposium for Sculptors IN VIVO, Novi Sad, Serbia. LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Excess baggage,Sculptures,Gallery du Colombier,Paris,France 2016 Sculptures,Gallery Mali likovni Salon,Novi Sad,Serbia 2014 Sculptures,Gallery Campo & Campo,Antwerpen,Belgium 2014 Remains of our day,instalation,Gallery Blok,Belgrade,Serbia 2013 Sculptures,,Gallery du Colombier,Paris,France 2011 Sculptures,Gallery SKC, Belgrade, Serbia, solo exhibition sculptures catalogue 2011 Sculptures,Gallery SULUV, Novi Sad, Serbia, solo exhibition, catalogue 2009 Sculptures,Gallery Prima Center Berlin,berlin,Germany 2008 Sculptures,Gallery ULUCG, Podgorica, Montenegro 2005 Sculptures,, Gallery “Melina” Drama, Greece

Excess baggage,tailor made¦2016 Mixed media,wood,iron,goat fur¦110cm x 120cm x 50cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Grid Art Fair,Old Truman Brewery,London ,UK 2016 ARTROOMS,London,United Kingdom 2014 Bei Hamam,Group Exhibition,Thessalonikhi,Greece 2014 International sculptors symposium,Changchun,China 2013 EAA Symposium, European Artists Association, Essen, Germany 2012 BAC 1st, Berlin Art Club,Berlin,Germany 2011 International Symposium for sculptors and painters, Shree guru vidya peetha College, Gulbarga,Karnataka state, India 2010 IN VIVO International sculptors symposium , Novi Sad, Serbia, 2009 International Sculptors Symposium MEANDER, Apatin, Serbia 2008 11th Internationalen Kunstsymposium “Kleine Welt - Grosse Welt”Kleinbreitenbach/Thuringen, Germany



Marta Pieregonczuk Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 28/07/1980 Country: Poland Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 500 - £ 2,000

AWARDS: Wembley Central community art competition, first price Silver medal in decorative exhibit at Cake International ExCel London

Marta Pieregonczuk was born in Poland in 1980. While studying Journalism and Political Science at the University of Maria Sklodwska-Curie in Lublin she enrolled on an additional program in the fine art department. After moving to England Marta continued her education under Henry Liam Ward and has received a lot of support from many art lovers and collectors across Denmark, the UK and Germany. Her primary preoccupation is expressing the human condition with a special emphasis on meaning, mortality and the inevitability of loneliness; however she has continued to add more of a social commentary to her work. She is aiming to create artwork which is socially engaging and provocative which expresses a strong political opinion by using visual metaphors. She works with traditional artist’s mediums such as oil, ink, charcoal, pencil. While sculpting Marta enjoys experimenting with different materials and techniques to create realistic effects. She is a member of BAR (Brent Artist Resources), and the founder of Face Your Space Studio- an artist collective in North West London specializing in interior decorating and mural paintings. She has also been cooperating with artists from Creative Cricklewood. COLLECTIONS: University of Kent special collection and archives LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Eyes I dare to meet in dreams, Windmill Hotel, London, UK LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Prescriptions, The Beaney, Canterbury, UK 2015 Platform for Emerging Artists, Leyden Gallery, London, UK 2015 Chelsea Art Society Annual Exhibition, Chelsea Old Town Hall,London, UK 2013 Brent Salon Des Arts, BAR Gallery, London, UK 2010 Anima Award Expo Art, Art Center Fredericia, Denmark

Brexit¦2014 Mixed Media Installation



Jasmine Pradissitto Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 26/01/1966 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 400 - £ 11,000

AWARDS: 2015 Silver Medal for Painting, Masters International, London 2007 Second Prize, Lautieri Moores, Cork Street, London 1993 The Francis Martin Prize for Life Work, The WMC, London

Pradissitto’s Quantum Sculptures in light embrace the dual world of the Physicist and Artist. Described as ‘holograms you can touch’, forms inspired by nature, the human condition and scientific breakthroughs, are melted and reshaped from plastics into sculptures, as a commentary on an Anthropocene world in which a plasticised layer is already testament to the ending of three social and industrial revolutions. Based in South London her path to art includes a Ph. D from UCL on the Quantum behaviour of silicon in fibre optics and she has studied fine art at Goldsmiths College and Sir John Cass. Her works combine her love of experimentation and process in an innovative method, in which the work changes colour with movement. She has had solo shows in London and Venice and been shortlisted for various prizes including the Threadneedle and Celeste and has won prizes for her painting and life work. She has work in the Tokyo and Hove Museums and has sold to various private collectors and hotels, including The Arches and The Corinthia in London. Currently she is working on a series of Quantum portraits of innovative Future Thinkers and continuing her search for a ‘Brave New World’ aesthetic. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 The International Interest, ‘Art and Technology: a crucial marriage in a post digital society’. 2016 Interalia Magazine, ‘Joining the dots; A creative journey through Science to Art’ 2016 Interview with Art The Science Magazine 2013 Interview with Visual Art Beat Magazine 2009 20x20 Magazine COLLECTIONS: Lewisham Hospital -London Tokyo Museum - Japan Arches Hotel - London Corinthia Hotel,London London South Bank University, London Hove Museum - Brighton Institute Of Education - London Federation Tower - Moscow

Dreaming of Schrodinger’s Cat, detail of A Quantum Sculpture¦2016 Mixed Media¦ approx. 160cm x 60x 60cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2012 Transitions, Palazzo Delle Prigioni, Venice, UK 2012 Transitions, Galeria Pedrocchi, Padova, Italy 2009 Quantum Paintings, Salon Gallery, London, UK

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Pillow Talk, Tedx UCL and BBC 100 Women, London 2016 Embodied, The SciArt Centre, New York 2016 Flux, The Truman Breweries, London 2016 Utopia:Dystopia, FAB, Bath 2015 Gravity, Kinetica Museum & The Hospital Club, London, UK 2015 Eureka, The Art Pavilion, London 2013 Hot One Hundred, The Schwartz Gallery, London 2012 Threadneedle Prize, The Mall Galleries, London 2011 Kinetica, London 2009 The Celeste Painting Prize, London



Sue Ransley Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 22/07/1959 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 245 - £ 1,500

AWARDS: Shortlisted for the National Open Art Competition

Whilst I was a Blue Peter addict as a child (always painting or crafting something!) I didn’t pursue art as a career. Instead I seemingly abandoned something I loved dearly to pursue life. It was only after having raised my family, and stepped back from a busy and successful career, that I found myself at a pause. Time to myself! Such novelty! I immediately took up art again, and quickly found a deep love for oil paint - I still get such a thrill squeezing Alizarin onto my palette! I’m primarily self taught, but have been blessed with a brilliant mentor who has encouraged me, and been incredibly giving of his knowledge and advice. I also sign up for workshops with artists whose work I admire as often as possible to further increase my knowledge and skills. People are my thing - such a varied, dynamic and intriguing subject - I never tire of looking! And in any frozen moment there is a story to tell. So I capture everyday folk, with an honest but affectionate eye, with the aim of evoking a sense of the familiar. LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 ‘A Small World’, Magpie Springs Gallery, Adelaide, Australia 2016 Arundel Gallery Trail, Arundel, UK 2016 Surrey Open Studios, Shamley Green, UK 2016 SAOS Launch Show, Reigate, UK 2016 AppArt, Godalming, UK 2015 Arundel Gallery Trail, Arundel, UK 2015 The Great Charter Festival, Runnymede, UK 2015 Surrey Open Studios, Shamley Green, UK 2015 AppArt, Godalming, UK 2015 Guildford Arts, Clyde& Co, Guildford, UK

Guilty pleasure¦2016 Oil on canvas¦91cm x 122cm



Guido Salimbeni Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 22/11/1972 Country: Italy Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 100 - £ 1,600

AWARDS: 2005 Premio Nazionale Citta’ di Alba, Palazzo congressi, Alba, Italy 2007 Premio Nazionale Citta’ di Alba, Palazzo congressi, Alba, Italy

Guido Salimbeni is an Italian artist based in Florence and London. He is a contemporary painter and a 3D modeler who works with oil paints using traditional techniques, combining them with 3D printing technology. Guido is currently attending a Master of Art in Fine Art at the Middlesex University of London. He was born in Turin, Italy. He started painting as a teenager, studying under the instruction of artist Ettore Fico. Following a period of working as the finance director for a gourmet food company in Alba, Italy, Guido retrained as a 3D modeler and animator. He is now painting full time. He produces paintings and etchings that represent hybrids of a three-dimensional model and a two-dimensional surface. FAIRS: 2016 Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London, UK LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Art Gemini Prize, Asia House Gallery, London, UK 2016 Le stagioni Dell’arte III edizione, Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna, Italy 2016 Collective Exhibition, Expart Gallery, Obernberg, Austria

Jacket Matisse¦2016 Oil on canvas and 3D print¦40cm x 50cm



Catherine Salvargh Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 01/05/1990 Country: Colombia Residence: Spain Media: Installations Price range: £ 450 - £ 7,500

Catherine Salvargh is a Spanish artist born in Colombia and based in Northern Spain. Her interests are mainly photography and installation and her works are frequently the result of experimenting with different techniques and materials. She is strongly influenced by her socio-economic context and this fact is reflected in her artworks. Catherine started studying fine arts at University of Basque Country, Bil- bao and then moved to finish them in Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, majoring in Visual Media. During the years 2013 and 2014 she participated in the performance OTA Bilbao and the project “Intervenciones artísticas en el puente de Deusto”, a project that let some artists from the fine arts school use their unique vision to bring to life one of the most antique and representative bridges of Bilbao. In 2016 she presented her series Desarraigo, Valencia and then participated in the group exhibition Cuarent4. Currently some of her artworks are part of the travelling exhibition “identitat in Vitro” , a multidisciplinary group project started in Valencia as a way to approach to the concept of ‘identitat’. In collaboration with artists from different nationalities, it became “Identitat” and will be exhibited in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Italy. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 “Afán Afán artist book”. Hago Cosas. Madrid, Spain 2014 “Arte en el puente de Deusto”. EHU Magazine, Bilbao, Spain 2014 “intervenciones artísticas Puente de Deusto”. Actualidad universitaria, Bilbao, Spain LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Intervenciones artísticas en el Puente de Deusto, University of the Basque Country, Bilao Spain 2016 Desarraigo, Valencia City Council Marxalenes, Valencia, Spain LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Cuarent4, Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain 2016 Identitat Invitro, Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain 2016/2017 Travelling exhibition Identitat, Fundación Cultural Brasil Europa

Uncertain destination¦2016 Instalation¦30cm x 30cm



Public Award

Mariana Sampaio Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 27/08/1991 Country: Portugal Residence: Portugal Media: Installations Price range: £ 2,000

AWARDS: 2013/2015 Jeune Création Européenne 2013/2015, Paris (FR), Maastricht (NL), Klaipeda (LTU), Budapeste (HUN), Como (ITA), Figueras (ES) and Amarante (PT) 2013 Award Toma Lá Art 2013 Category Sculpture

Mariana Sampaio was born August 27, 1991 in Golegã, Portugal. She studied Fine Arts at the School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, (PT). She did the Erasmus Programme, studying for six months at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (UK). In 2012, she started a Fine Arts Masters degree at Caldas da Rainha, combining glass and ceramics workshops at CENCAL, Portuguese Formation Center. In 2013, she participated in S.Ü.N.D. Festival, Arts International Festival, and showcased her work with leading Portuguese and Serbian artists, in Lisbon. She was one of the artists present at the opening exhibition of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation in Évora (PT), along with artists from five continents. In the same year Mariana was awarded with the “Jéunne Création Européenne 2013/2015” Prize, to represent her country in a traveling exhibition across Europe. Beginning in Paris and continued to the Netherlands, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Portugal. In 2015 she finished her masters and started a professional course on Creative Ceramics, at CENCAL. She invests her time in studying ceramics and uses this in her professional developments. She continues to actively participate in exhibitions throughout Portugal and abroad and believes the best way of success is to never give up and fight for her dreams. COLLECTIONS: Private Collection Dr. Pedro Maranha (PT) Private Collection Dr. Maria Mendes da Fonseca (PT) BIENNIALS: Jeune Créatrion européene – Paris (FR), Maastrisht (NL), klaipeda (LTU), Budapest (HUN), Como (ITA), Figueres (ES), Amarante (PT)

Installation¦2016 Plastic, felt, carpet, linoleum, sponge, sintetic leather Dimensions variable

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2017 The insufficiency of the object, Microarte Gallery, Lisbon, PT 2016 Beco D’Obra Antero House and Alley Oven, Caldas da Rainha, PT 2014 Opostos, João Pedro Veiga, Gallery, Golegã, PT 2014 Flor da Vida - TED-X Caldas da Rainha, A Razão Áurea do Progresso, CCC - Caldas da Rainha Cultural and Congress Center, Caldas da Rainha, PT 2013 Cor Vs Cores, Mercearia de Arte Alves & Silvestre Gallery, Coimbra, PT 2013 Dé jàvu Panorâmico - Caldas Late Night 17, Dé jàvu Bar, Caldas da Rainha, PT

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Arte Postal II, Atelier Metamorfose Gallery, Porto, PT 2016 July Coletive, Eixo Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, BR 2016 Metrópoles Award, Casapiano Cultural Center, Lisbon, PT 2016 Exit, Molda, Begónia Florist, Caldas da Rainha, PT 2013/2015 Jeune Création Européenne 2013/2015”, Paris (FR), Maastricht (NL), Klaipeda (LTU), Budapeste (HUN), Como (ITA), Figueras (ES) and Amarante (PT) 2015 Rabiscuits, Experimental Art Biennial of Alcobaça, Alcobaça, PT 2015 Olhares de Mulheres, Coimbra’s Cultural House, Coimbra, PT 2013 Portas Abertas, Eugénio de Almeida’s Foundation, Évora, PT 2013 Projecto Walking Art, Lx Factory, Lisboa, PT 2013 What does Art offer to society? S.U.N.D Festival 2013, Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisboa, PT 2013 Artes Plásticas ESAD- CR/2012, Alcobaça’s Monastery Temporary Exhibition Gallery, Alcobaça, PT 2012 Finalistas 2012 School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, PT 2012 Erasmus 2011/2012, Birmingham Institute of Arts and Design, Birmingham, UK



Masha Sha Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 05/08/1982 Country: Russia Residence: USA Media: Drawings Price range: £ 500 - £ 5,000

AWARDS: 2014 STRABAG Artaward International, Award of recognition, Vienna, AT 2006 New Generation, Young Artists Nomination, Innovation, Russian State Competition of Contemporary Art, Moscow, RU

Born in Chukotka, Russia, in 1982. Graduate of Pro Arte Institute and University of Art and Culture in St.Petersburg, RU, (2005), MFA, SUNY at Buffalo University (2010), The L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation, Rochester, NY (2011). Masha works in the mediums of drawing and video. In 2005 she received the New Generation (Innovation Award, Moscow, RU) and in 2014 she was the recipient of the International Award of recognition STRABAG (Vienna, Austria). Masha’s works are spontaneous and expressive, reflecting a number of interests including linguistic slippage, mapping chaos and chance. She is interested in human nature, specifically in notions of desire, suffering, authority, power, displacement and longing for the undefined. Masha lives and works in Boulder, CO, USA. COLLECTIONS: The Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, RU STRABAG Art Collection, Vienna, AT Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, RU MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2015 Works from STRABAG COLLECTION, Ritter 2014 Catalog: Another Capital, Moscow Museum, Moscow, RU 2014 Catalog: Actual Drawing, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, RU 2009 Catalog: Doors Open Day: a mansion- a gymnasium- a clinic-a museum, Russian Art, 1989-2009, from the collection of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art 2009 Catalog: Ultra – New Materiality Project, Contemporary City Foundation, Moscow, RU FAIRS: 2016 2011

One¦2015 Drawing¦210cm x 210cm

Governor’s Island Art Fair, Governors Island, NYC, NY Art Verona Art Fir Exhibition, Verona, IT

BIENNIALS: 2012 Apocalypse and Renaissance, project within the framework of First Kiev Biennale, Chocolate House, Kiev, UA 2009 Ultra-New Materiality, Special Project of 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum Of Modern Art, Moscow, RU

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2017 Texts For Nothing, Naropa University, Boulder, CO 2015 Approaching the Monster, Name Gallery, St. Petersburg, RU 2014 Unrest, Strabag Kunstforum, Vienna, AT 2014 Masha Sha- Oeuvres vidéo, Galerie Short Cuts, Namur, BE 2007 My mother, Contemporary City Foundation, Moscow, RU

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Corpus. Anatomical Theatre, Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Saint-Petersburg, RU 2016 Unframed, Red Line, Denver, CO, USA 2016 My own self. Self-Portrait in the Russian Museum, The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg, RU 2015 Strich und Faden, Strabag Kunstforum, Vienna, AT 2014 Another Capital, Moscow Museum, Moscow, RU 2014 Actual Drawing, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, RU 2014 Exhibition of prize winning works, STRABAG Artaward International, STRABAG Kunstforum, Vienna, AT 2008 The Great Repression, White Box Gallery, New York, USA 2007 Russian performance at Elverket, The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, SE 2007 Adventures of the Black Square, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, RU



Patricia Henrique Shenriq Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 01/04/1993 Country: Portugal Residence: Portugal Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 5,000 - £ 7,000

Born on April 1, 1993, in Lisbon, Portugal. She is currently living in Caldas da Rainha and finishing her 2nd year of her Masters’ Degree in Fine Art, at the Superior School of Arts and Design. She works in the field of illustration, painting, installation, sculpture and photography. Always approaching the female body in her art representing the intimate imperfections and the personal / social life that each body experiences. In the academic year 2013/2014 made ERASMUS in Venice, Italy, and participates in two collective exhibitions. In July, she collaborated in the official Portuguese representation of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2014. After returning to Portugal, she collectively exhibited some paintings in the Via Ideia gallery - Setúbal. In 2015 she made a training technique window dressing and merchandising. In September made her first solo exhibition at the iPremium store in Caldas da Rainha. March of 2016 she collaborated in a collective show at the RAUM Art Residence online. She also exhibited in Odivelas, Torres Vedras, Braga and Guimarães. With a strong desire to grow in her work, her passion to create inspires her process towards exhibition. FAIRS: ArtShow in ExpoEste, Caldas da Rainha Feira das Alma” in Lisbon LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 The garden that habits in me, Carmo Convent, Braga, Portugal 2016 What would you do with the history of your body, Youth House, Odivelas, Portugal 2015 #temosdesernus, IPremium store, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Noc Noc Event, Dominicas, Guimarães 2016 Soft Touch, online platform at the artistic residence RAUM, Lisbon, Portugal 2015 Vernissage, Via Ideia gallery, Setúbal, Portugal 2014 Spying on History with Casanova, Carrión Gallery, Venezia, Italy 2014 Open Exhibition #6, Sale Docks warehouse, Venice, Italy

Better if you ask¦2016 Felt sculpture¦130cm x 215cm x 30 cm



Silja Truus Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 04/06/1976 Country: Estonia Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 500 - £ 5,000

Silja Truus was born in Estonia. She was drawing and sculpting from an early age. After graduating from University of Tartu with a Masters degree in Psychology, she moved to the UK and changed her career path by commencing formal education in fine art. She studied at Camberwell College of Arts and later acquired a Masters degree from the University of Westminster. Silja also completed a Sculpture course at The Art Academy in London, where she developed further both her technical and conceptual skills, learning from working artists in a studio setting. Silja is now an emerging sculptor living and working in London, and is preparing a body of work for her next exhibition. Since her first solo exhibition in 2011, her art has evolved towards a more confident and distinctive style, and she is ready to make her mark in the art world. Silja’s work has both abstract and representational elements, and often comprises contrasting materials and textures/colours. She works in a variety of media, including stone, steel, clay, bronze, resin, and found objects – based on the principle that the characteristics of the materials will be carried into and become an inherent part in the final piece. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2012 Tanya Russell, “Modelling And Sculpting The Figure”, A & C Black Publishers Limited, London, UK LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2011 Elements, Acquire Arts Gallery, London, UK LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Unusual Materials and Collage, Chelsea Arts Club, London, UK 2016 A Journey: Loneliness, Hope and Resilience, Mental Health Institute, Nottingham, UK 2015 The Other Side, Chelsea Arts Club, London, UK 2010 Interim Exhibition, Gallery West, London, UK 2009 Beloved Light, Hay Hill Gallery, London, UK

Birthgiver¦2015 Bronze, resin, wood¦86cm x 25.5cm x 26.5cm



Otgonbayar Tsogt Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 27/07/1971 Country: Mongolia Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 500 - £ 1,500

AWARDS: 1998-2002

MEXT Japan grant, 2016 The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation grant

Tsogt Otgonbayar is a Mongolian-born London-based visual artist. He initially studied Mongolian traditional art before completing a Masters in Nihonga from Tokyo University of the Arts. His experience of different cultural traditions and the challenges of the contemporary world led him to develop an interest in the relationship between anthropology and art, a prominent theme in his artistic expression. His works are also deeply grounded in animism. His works have been exhibited in Mongolia, Japan, UK, Germany and France, featured in solo and group shows. Tsogt Otgonbayar also developed and curated the project London Kusabana-zu (2016). This exhibition introduced twelve Japanese artists, proponents of Nihonga (Japanese painting) to a London audience. COLLECTIONS: Promo-Arte Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo Private collections FAIRS: 2015 “Art Rooms” Meliá White House Hotel, London, UK 2011 DeptfordX international Art Fair, London, UK LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2012 Pure and Applied Studio 3, Larch Court, Royal Oak Yard, London 2006 Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London 2006 Stark Gallery, London 2004 “Oron Zai” Ars-Gallery, Tokyo

Planet-K.¦2016 Acrylic on canvas¦67cm x 87cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Asia House, London 2012 Southwark artists show at Langenhagen, Germany 2011 ArtDog Gallery at Frameless Gallery, Clerkenwell Green, London 2010 “Tibetan traditional art and Mongolian Contemporary art” Bukkyo University Kyoto 2009 Mongolian Art Auction and Exhbition: Art Mongol Vente à la Galerie Sinitude, Paris 2009 “Travel and Movement” Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham



Li Tsz Lan Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 07/01/1981 Country: Hong Kong Residence: Hong Kong Media: Paintings Price range: £ 500 - £ 5,000

AWARDS: 2016 The 4th International Emerging Artist Award (Shortlist), Dubai 2015 Asia New Art Wave Expo (Shortlist), The Venetian, Macau

Li Tsz Lan, who studied fine arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is an enthusiast in painting and film. After graduation in 2004, she worked in the media production industry for a decade in order to chase her passion for film. She started to pick up painting again at the end of 2014. For her, painting is like a poem, which is in condensed form - a single image to bring out the boundless imagination; movie (a.k.a “moving pictures”) is like a novel, which is in extended form many visual images (plus sound and dialogues combined in this case) to bring out a single principal message. She always wanted to find strength and solace in religion like many others, but still as an agnostic, she tries to busy herself in Art instead, it has its pros and cons, but after all, Art is charm, a beautiful form of expression, sharing and meditation. She now works as a freelance multimedia producer based in Hong Kong, and will keep chasing her passion in movies and painting.

COLLECTIONS: 2010 Art Installation @ “You Are Here. I Am Not.” (private collection), Osage Gallery, Hong Kong MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 The 4th International Emerging Artist Award (Shortlist), Dubai 2015 Asia New Art Wave Expo, The Venetian, Macau FAIRS: 2016 The 4th International Emerging Artist Award (Shortlist), Dubai 2015 Asia New Art Wave Expo, The Venetian, Macau 2015/2016 Fotanian, Fotan, Hong Kong LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2003 Show Me Your Color, Hui Gallery CUHK, Hong Kong

Bianca¦2016 Oil on canvas¦120cm x 120cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Fotanian, Fotan, Hong Kong 2015 Asia New Art Wave Expo, The Venetian, Macau 2015 Fotanian, Fotan, Hong Kong 2010 “You Are Here. I Am Not.” Osage Gallery, Hong Kong 2004 Graduation Show, Art Museum CUHK, Hong Kong



Michele A. Utley Voigt Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 16/08/1969 Country: USA Residence: USA Media: Paintings Price range: £ 250 - £ 7,600

AWARDS: 2016 Spotlight Artist Award, Art Spectrum Miami 2016 ArtSlant Showcase Prize Winner Round 5 2016 ArtSlant Showcase Prize Winner Round 4 2016 Abstract Painting Exhibition Prize Winner Galerie Numero 1, Paris, FR 2015 Abstract painting Winner, Galerie Numero 1, Paris, FR 2015 ArtSlant Showcase Prize Winner Round 4 2015 ArtSlant Showcase Prize Winner Round 3 2015 ArtSlant Showcase Prize Winner Round 1 2015 Artist Portfolio Magazine Cover Competition, Prize Winner, Featured Spread 2015 World Citizen Artist Competition, Finalist, Belgravia Gallery, London, U.K. 2014 ArtSlant Showcase Prize Winner Round 6 2014 ArtSlant Showcase Prize Winner Round 5

Michele Voigt is award winning, known for her electric images of the human experience. Identified as a “prodigy” Voigt began painting at age three. Childhood teachers include Howard Kanovitz and Larry Rivers. Voigt received her BFA from Otis Institute of Parsons Design and Parsons Paris. “I am driven by the human condition. I am compelled by the stratums of circumstance, choice, emotion and fate, combined with the energy and influence of the past as all conjoined lay prism to the future. The interconnectedness of all elements of all time. What is seen and not seen. Known and not known. Contemporaneous, interacting and incessantly influencing one another in a continuum of the past, present, and future. The entirety exists concurrently. I paint to render the human relationship with eternity, to demonstrate that the human reality as we experience it is bound to the continuum of time. My works are the complex language of layering multiple levels of imagery representational of our complicated existence. Through my process, I expose beauty that outlives barbarity, splendor that transcends tragedy.” Voigt’s artwork is exhibited internationally. She participates in major Art Fairs. Her works have been acquired by museums and foundations as part of their collections. COLLECTIONS: Philbrook Museum, Tulsa, OK, U.S.A. Parsons Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. Oklahoma Arts Foundation and Endowment, Oklahoma City, OK, U.S.A. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Metropolitan Luxe 2016 Art Daily News International Magazine 2016 ARTslant Magazine 2016 Voigt, Michele A. Utley: Beyond Shadow 2015 Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 24, Editor, Artist Interview 2015 Gutfreund, Karen Voices: An Artists Perspective

Brin De Nostalgie¦2016 Oil on Belgian Linen¦60cm x 48cm

FAIRS: 2017 2017 2016 2016 2016 2015 2014

Art Palm, Contemporary Art Projects, Palm Beach, FL, U.S.A. Art Boca, Invited / Featured Artist, Boca Raton, FL, U.S.A. Art Basel, Spectrum, Solo / Spotlight Artist, Miami, FL, U.S.A. Art Sante Fe, Contemporary Art Projects, Sante Fe, NM, U.S.A Art Expo, Solo: Beyond Shadow, New York, NY, U.S.A. Art Basel, Spectrum, Miami, FL, U.S.A. Art Basel, SCOPE, Miami, FL, U.S.A.

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Beyond Shadow: Michele A Utley Voigt, Art Basel, Spectrum, Miami, FL, US 2016 Beyond Shadow: Michele A Utley Voigt, Mainline Gallery, Tulsa, OK, US 2016 Beyond Shadow: Michele A Utley Voigt, Art Expo New York, NY, U.S.A. 2015 Art Goes Electronic, Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood Arts Commission, Los Angeles, CA, US LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 SHE, Sweet ‘Art, London, U.K. 2016 Dynamic, Channel Islands Studios Blackboard Gallery, Camarillo, CA, US 2016 Discernible Effects, HUD Gallery, Ventura, CA, U.S.A. 2015 Abstracts, Linus Galleries, Southern California, U.S.A. 2015 Voices: An Artist’s Perspective,National Association of Women Artists, NY US 2015 Skies, Celebrating Diversity Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. 2015 Lines and Curves, Linus Gallery, Pasadena, CA, U.S.A. 2014 The Big C, Linus Galleries, Southern California, CA, U.S.A. 2014 The World Around You, Linus Galleries, Pasadena, CA, U.S.A.



Simona Visan Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 09/01/1972 Country: Romania Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 1,000 - £ 3,000

Simona was born in Romania where she spent the years of her childhood and adolescence in an era cold and deprived of freedom of expression. In those days, the only time people were allowed to use imagination and skills was on patriotism. She often found herself contemplating the horizon and imagining herself projected in a world surrounded by colour, music, hopes and joys, and this was the spark that initiated her love for the art. She studied Visual and Performing Arts but she’d like to see her as a self- taught artist because she feels art is continuous and evolving from her internal emotion. Simona lived in several countries immersing herself in each different culture and way of life; this has greatly influenced her vision and her artistic creativity. The common aspects of humanity and her continuous research in life brings Simona on a path to translate her vision of the world in art. Simona feels art to be an expression of freedom and hope that gives her a tool to express herself with her own perception of reality. Her inspiration comes from the world that surrounds her. Her works are in private international collections COLLECTIONS: Private Collections in Italy, Romania, Germany, UK and USA FAIRS: 2016 2016 2016 2015

Grid Art Fair, The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, UK Tribe16 Art Festival, Ugly Duck, 49 Tanner St, London, UK Artrooms 2016, Melia White House Hotel, Albany St, London, UK New Artist Fair, ‘Framed Exhibition’ Candid Galleries, UK

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2015 “Reflexiones” Solo Exhibition at Sony’s Headquarter in Weybridge, London, UK

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Art Below Exhibition, Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK 2015 Exhibit Here’s Art Maze, Bargehouse at OXO Tower Wharf, London, UK

Confession¦2016 Oil on canvas with natural pigments and minerals¦45cm x 60cm



Ronan Walsh Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 26/06/1978 Country: Ireland Residence: UK Media: Drawings Price range: £ 1,300 - £ 2,000

AWARDS: 2016 Shortlisted for The Elbow Room Prize 2015 Shortlisted for the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts annual show

Ronan Walsh was born in Tyrone, N.Ireland, and now lives in London working predominantly in the medium of pencil and acrylic. Ronan’s work is an exploration of people, a visual portrayal of human perception of each other. The subject matter of each piece determines the materials and the forms of the work he produces. Whilst his work is usually stripped of external reference, he lets the subject be the central focus. Capturing a circumstance, reaction, or identity whilst revealing an alternative impression of that person, his work aims to provoke intrigue. Using a mix of acrylic and pencil on board, his style is a culmination of detailed line and angular shapes, revealing the abstract fabric of the subject. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2001 Previewed in Ireland’s Home Interiors & Living Magazine LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2017 Searcys Club, The Gherkin, London, UK 2016 GX Gallery, Camberwell, London, UK 2016 M1FineArt Gallery, Greenwich, London, UK 2016 The Drawing Society,Annual Exhibition, Menier Gallery, London, UK 2016 It’s Art Call, D-Contemporary Gallery, Mayfair, London, UK 2016 Summer Show, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, Notting Hill, London, UK

Adrift¦2016 Pencil & Acrylic on Board¦ 59cm x 86cm x 1.8cm



Fintan Whelan Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 31/08/1967 Country: Ireland Residence: Germany Media: Paintings Price range: £ 100 - £ 3,000

Fintan Whelan was born in Dublin and now lives in Germany. Working from his studio set next to the old walls of the university city, Göttingen, Fintan produces large scale abstracts with oils, varnishes and pigments on canvas. His distinctive style has received worldwide acclaim. He uses a variety of techniques - pouring, tipping, tilting - to create abstract compositions that resemble landscapes and human forms. What appears free-flowing is underpinned by strong direction and control over this dynamic process. The resulting paintings are beautiful and visually arresting. “As an artist I can only present what has stimulated my own curiosity and creativity. Viewers have reported being moved, if not challenged, by what they “see” in the juxtaposed forms and overlapping pigments. It has, in fact, prompted stirring argument in my presence, of what, how and why a given painting “speaks” to them. I cannot analyse it myself but find the energy behind viewers’ reactions quite moving.” FAIRS: 2016 Kunstmesse Kassel, documenta-Halle, Kassel, Germany 2016 ART SANTA FE (USA), represented by Gaudí Art Gallery, Madrid (Spain) 2013-15 Art’pu:l, Cologne, Germany 2007-08 Kunstmarkt, Hannover, Germany LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2017 Lichtenberg Project, Künstlerhaus, Göttingen, Germany 2016 Leafy Secrets and Hidden Legacies, Rothe House, Kilkenny, Ireland 2014 Flow Paintings, Arts and Culture Centre, McAuley Place, Naas, Ireland 2014 Begegnung, Winkelman Gallery, Hanover, Germany 2014 InterView III - Kunstlerhaus Gallery Göttingen, Germany 2013 Beautiful Losers - 4h-art Gallery, Hanover, Germany 2013 Begegnung, Torhaus Galerie, Göttingen, Germany 2010 Open Spaces, Faces and other Traces, Atelier Block 16, Hanover, Germany 2009 Reflections, Silberstein Atelier, Göttingen, Germany 2005 Luz y Espacio, Museo de Blas Infante, Granada, Spain Travelling Light¦2016 Oil on canvas¦90cm x150cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2017 Luzia Sassen Gallery, Cologne, Germany 2016 Annual Exhibition of Federal Association of German Fine Artists, Kunstlerhaus Gallery, Göttingen, Germany 2016 Absolute Art, Gallery Bottega d’Arte Merlino, Florence, Italy 2015 Exhibition of Federal Association of German Fine Artists, Kunstlerhaus Gallery, Göttingen, Germany 2015 In Wirklichkeit, Culture Bunker (Kulturbunker Köln), Cologne, Germany 2015 SweetArt Summer Festival, Espacio Gallery, London, UK 2015 Flow, Boundary Art Gallery, Cardiff, UK 2014 Der, Die, Das Fremde, Faust Gallery, Hanover, Germany 2012 Dall’Acqua Nasce L’anima, Ex Chiesa di San Nicolao, Bellano, Italy



Margaret Withers Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 16/12/1965 Country: USA Residence: USA Media: Paintings Price range: £ 400 - £ 9,800

AWARDS: 2016 Artist in Residence, The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) 2015 Artist Grant Vermont Studio Residency 2014 BWAC, Best in Show, Gold, Awarded by curator P.Pobocha - MoMA 2013 USA Project Grant for “one mind’s imaging into another” New York 2013 Fellowship, Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz NY 2013 Artist Grant Vermont Studio Residency 2012 Art Kudos International - ‘Award of Distinction’ judged by D. Cohen of ArtCritical 2012 SAAC; Best in Show, awarded by Curator Manuela Well-Off-Man 2012 BWAC; Best Watercolor, awarded by Curator B. Kamin Rapaport

Margaret Ann Withers is a visual artist who lives and works in New York City. Her paintings are fragmentary narrative landscapes that contain a flash of action or the hint of a non-linear narrative floating within a chaotic ‘landscape’. Originally from Texas, Withers’ has exhibited her work throughout the country and internationally in Brussels, Australia, Berlin, China, UK and Russia. Her artwork is included in multiple private and corporate collections, including Truninger AG, in Zurich, Switzerland, and has won numerous awards, including a 2016 Artist in Residence at The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), 2013/2015 resident fellowships to the Vermont Studio Center, a 2013 fellowship to the Millay Colony, and a 2013 USA Project Grant. In 2014, the city of Brussels, in coordination with La Bellone, invited her to participate in a group exhibit during Brussel’s Winter Wonders. She has been in group exhibits at The Drawing Center Museum in New York City, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (MarinMOCA) in California and Attleboro Arts Museum in Massachusetts. COLLECTIONS: Truninger AG, Zurich, Switzerland MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 New York Lifestyle Magazine, New Artist put the A into Big Apple 2015 Poets & Artist Magazine - art critic, John Seed 2014 Drawing Papers 116, The Intuitionist, E.Hallum Tuck Publication, NY 2015 Curve Art & Architecture Magazine, On the Radar, Print Ed (UAE)San Francisco Peace and Hope, Ch 6, Inaugural Print Edition 2015 Library as Incubator Project, featured Artist & Writer for Curious 2014 Lunch Ticket, Antioch University, Featured Portfolio. New American Paintings Northeastern ed. #92 (selected by: MoMA Curator Laura Hoptman) 2015 Interview, curator Grant Creegan of Edinburgh, UK.

California Dreamin’¦2016 Mixed Media¦156cm x 125cm x 12cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Adrift, G-Spot Contemporary Art Space, Houston, USA 2015 Curious American Landscapes, Library Main Gallery, Port Washington, USA 2013 One Mind’s Imagining into Another, Landau Gallery, Belmont, USA 2012 Painting the American Anti-Story, Arcilesi & Homberg Fine Art (AHA), USA 2011 My pockets are full of you, Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art pop-up show, NY, USA 2010 Feeling untethered I laid down my memories , Amos Eno Gallery, New York, USA 2006 Ashy tongues whispering in smokey ears, Next Gallery, Denver,USA

FAIRS: 2011/16 Accessible Art Fair, NY; Aqua Miami, Fountain Art Fairand DUMBO Art Fest. with Arcilesi|Homberg Fine Art or William Baczek Fine Arts; Cambridge Art Fair, with by David Alexander - GAT, Cambridge, UK; Art Southamptons, with Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance, Rancho Santa Fe, CA; Select Art Fair NYC, Twist Collective; Scope NYC, and AAF, Seattle, with C. Emerson Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL; Brussels Accessible Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium; Berliner-Liste 2011, B-74, Berlin, Germany; Beijing Contemporary Art Fair, with Gallery M Beijing, China; Verge Art Fair, with Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Something Else, The Painting Center, New York, USA 2015 All Good Things, Arcilesi & Homberg Fine Art (AHA), New York, USA 2014 National Fall Exhibition, Marin Museum of Cont Art, Novato, USA 2014 The Intuitionist The Drawing Center Museum, New York, USA 2013 Unhinged at Pierogi Gallery, New York, USA 2013 Connecting the Dots at ISE Cultural Foundation, New York, USA 2012 Remembering at Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro,USA 2013 AS Boom and Bloom at The Phatory, New York, USA 2012 Das Wird Sich Alles Finden at Bloc Project Space, Sheffield, UK 2009 Exhibit 0/1 at 25-Kadr Gallery, Moscow, Russia



Celine Wong Category: Selected Artist D.O.B. 23/11/1987 Country: Hong Kong Residence: France Media: Paintings Price range: £ 500 - £ .2,000

Hong Kong artist living and working in Paris, Celine received her art education at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her research focuses on the visual possibilities of the materiality of painting. Her works evoke moments of transition such as apparition and evanescence, and very often convey a feeling of intangibility. These works are characterized by pictorial tensions between the tangibility of matter and the irrepresentable moments of transition. Her works are included in private collections in Asia. LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Le Salon Arbustes, Mantes-la-Jolie, France 2016 Lacey Contemporary Summer Art Prize Finalist Exhibition London, UK 2013 Perfect Art Academy Studio Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong 2010 Celebration Exhibition of the 61st Anniversary of the Establishment of the PRC, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong 2008 Perfect Art Academy Studio Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong

Transcendental Materiality¦2016 Oil on canvas¦85cm x 85cm



Jean-Luc Almond Category: Guest Artist D.O.B. 24/08/1990 Country: Congo Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 1,500 - £ 12,000

AWARDS: 2014 The CASS ART Commission – National Open Art Competition 2014 The Best Painting Prize- London Legal Support Trust in association with Arts for Justice Open Art Competition 2010 The Painter-Stainers Prize for an Outstanding Foundation Student

Jean-Luc Almond is a young emerging British artist. In 2013, he graduated with a First Class (Honours) degree in Fine Art Painting from City and Guilds of London Art School. He was awarded the Painter & Stainers’ Award for an Outstanding Foundation Painting Student in 2010. In 2014 he exhibited in the prestigious National Open Art Competition in Somerset House where he was awarded the CASS ART Commission Prize. He was also the winner of The Best Painting Prize at the ‘Injustice’ Open Art Competition, La Galleria, Pall Mall, 2014, judged by esteemed art critic, Edward Lucie Smith. In January 2015 he was sponsored to take part in the Contemporary International Art Fair Artrooms 2015 at Melia White House Hotel London. He most recently exhibited in SCOPE Basel with L. A. based gallery Art Unified, in Switzerland, June 2016. Jean-Luc’s paintings have sold nationally and internationally. Featured as a Saatchi Art ‘One to Watch’ by Rebecca Wilson, former director of Saatchi Gallery, he was included in Saatchi Art’s ‘20 Emerging Artists to Buy Now’ and ‘the Best of 2015’ collections. COLLECTIONS: Private collections in England, United States, Norway, Belgium. Spain, Chile MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Jean-Luc Almond. Arte al Limite. Chile 2015 One to watch. Jean-Luc Almond. Saatchi Art. US 2014 Jean-Luc Almond’s Portraits, Interview, Cass Art, UK 2014 Jean-Luc Almond’s Portraits, Interview, Cass Art, UK FAIRS: 2017 London Art Fair, Edgar Modern, London, UK 2016 SCOPE Basel, Switzerland 2015 Artrooms, Melia White House, London, UK - Sponsored Artist LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 ASSOLO, Le Dame Art Gallery. London,UK 2016 Jean-Luc Almond Live Painting, Leontia Gallery, London, UK The dark head ¦2017 Oil on Wood Panel¦122 X 91cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2017 London Art Fair, Edgar Modern, London, UK, 2016 SCOPE Basel, Switzerland, 2016 Portrait 16. and Contemporary Collective Vyner Street, London, UK 2016 Pleasures of the gaze, After Nyne Magazine debut show. The Exhibitionist Hotel, London, UK 2015 Consume, Leontia Gallery, London, UK 2015 Artrooms - Summer Exhibition, Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK 2015 National Open Art Competition Tour, Minerva Theatre, Chichester,UK 2014 National Open Art Competition Tour, Winning works only, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, UK 2014 National Open Art Competition, Somerset House, London, UK 2014 Modern Panic, Apiary Studios, London, UK 2014 London Legal Support Trust in association with Arts for Justice Open Art Competition, La Galleria, 30 Royal Opera Arcade, London, UK 2014 Mixed Media Exhibition, Candid Arts Gallery, 3 Torrens Street, London, UK


Lorenzo Belenguer Category: Guest Artist D.O.B. 05/09/1970 Country: Spain Residence: UK Media: Paintings & Sculpture Price range: £ 400 - £ 1,200

AWARDS: The Florence Trust one year residency, Islington, London, UK

Spanish artist based in London and Valencia highly influenced by Minimalism and Arte Povera. Lorenzo Belenguer was one of the two performers invited by Leah Capaldi to perform ‘Hung’ at the Serpentine Gallery. Tate Liverpool as part of the Keywords project. ‘No Soul for Sale’ at the Tate Modern and many other exhibitions mainly held in London. In 2015, Belenguer exhibited alongside 56th Venice Biennale. Belenguer has also been included by the UCL Art professor, Susie Hodges, as a representant of the art movement Neo-Geo (Neo-Geometric Conceptualism) alongside Jeff Koons and Peter Halley in the book: “Art in Minutes”. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: Wikipedia page, “Art in Minutes” by Susie Hodge UCL, The Telegraph, International Fresh Art Fair (catalogue), The Independent, absolut Arts, Artforum, The Guardian, The Times, El Mundo, Agencia EFE. COLLECTIONS: Private collectons in Spain, France, UK, Germany, Poland, USA, Hong-Kong. FAIRS: ArtRooms, The Other Art Fair. BIENNIALS: 56th Venice Biennale LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2015 I’m a Celebrity, Therefore I Exist, Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK 2013 Kate Moss & Nine Other Women, The Office Group, London, UK 2008 Metal Sculptures, TulloMarshallWarren, London, UK 2006 Thames Retrospective, Riverside museum at Blake’s Lock, Reading, UK Body #3,¦20164 Oils and acrylic ink on cotton paper¦32x42cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Osman’s Xmas Bazaar, Studio 1.1, London, UK 2016 It’s ART Call group Exhibition, Mayfair D Contemporary, London 2016 Seven Secrets, The House Backes & Straus, London, UK. 2016 Minimalism/Arte Povera New York/Rome, Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK. 2016 The Story in Art, Candida Stevens Fine Art, Chichester, UK. 2015 All The World’s Futures, 56th Venice Biennale, Castello 1610/A, Venice, Italy. 2015 Sunday in the Park with Ed, Display Gallery, London, UK. 2014 A Fete Worse Than Death, Red Gallery, London, UK. 2014 Hung, Serpentine Gallery - performance led by Leah Capaldi, London, UK 2010 No Soul For Sale, Tate Modern, London, UK.



Kelly Halabi Category: Guest Artist D.O.B. 21/08/1991 Country: Lebanon/France Residence: Switzerland Media: Sculpture/Paintings Price range: £ 3,500 - £ 5,000

Kelly Halabi Young artist, painter and sculptor, Franco-Lebanese. Born in Paris August 21st, 1991 and grew up between Paris and Lugano. She studied Fine Arts at the American University of Design Parsons (New York) in Paris. She participated in four group exhibitions in Paris, during her university time. Her first solo exhibition was at Aimo Room concept store in Lugano. Not containing herself to the classical mediums, Kelly continuously explores the infnite possibilities that surrounds her. It is this endless curiosity that makes her work so effortlessly captivating. Her unique vision and ability to fuse found objects together allow for her story to transpire. It is the destruction of the object’s primary intention that creates a palpable tension lined with furious anxiety. Kelly’s work is perforated with memories of a destruction and of war wounds she saw in her youth on the buildings and in the eyes of the people surrounding her, all resonating strongly throughout her work. In a world where chaos prevails she finds a way to tame the uncontrollable, allowing materials to coalesce into unexpected forms.The constant push and pull of emotions and cultures brings forth a semiconscious state of mind where structures are stripped down to their essence and a new physical and psychological depth is attained.

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Before you slip into unconsciousness, Aimoroom, Lugano Switzerland LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Between Nowhere and Elsewhere, Gallery EOF, Paris, France 2014 Entre, Gallery Platform, Paris, France 2013 Table des matières, Gallery l’inattendue, Paris, France

Fower¦2016 Recycling materials: metal, wood, paper, ruber, plastic.¦ 23cm x 20cm



Maupal Category: Guest Artist D.O.B. 20/05/1972 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Paintings Price range: £ 4,000 - £ 15,000

Mauro Pallotta has been in every big international newspaper from the Washington Post to Yahoo News International, The Chicago Tribune and France’s Le Monde to name a few. In August 2014 his works were displayed on maxi screens in Seoul during Pope Francis’ visit of South Korea. Predominantly using acrylic spray on wool steel, MauPal’s artwork holds strong social and political value. Portraits such as ‘Islam’ and ‘Hitchcock’ represent the artist’s temperament and sensibility as he draws on the topics of religion and mainstream culture.The artwork that launched MauPal’s prominence was his giant street painting of Pope Francis, positioned at a side road, just steps away from the Vatican. To accompany his ‘Pope Francis’ mural, the artist’s choice to exhibit in London holds particular relevance, as his next big painting paid homage to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Burgeoning into one of the great art hubs of London, the Meliá White House Hotel previewed three of MauPal’s paintings during ARTROOMS2015 including his celebrated portrait of Alfred Hitchcock. In the aftermath of his extraordinary street mural of ‘Pope Francis’, this exhibition provided a glimpse into the mind of an artist who is fast growing in stature and reputation. MAIN PUBLICATIONS: Artnet, LSD, Arte’, BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Bangkok Post, La Repubblica,, El Diario,, The Independent, Yahoo, Libero, Reuters, ADNkronos, Rai COLLECTIONS: Private collectons worldwide FAIRS: ArtRooms, Art Basel Miami, Romics 2016 “Comics & street art” BIENNIALS: 2015 Biennale d’architettura, Uni Roma3/MACRO Testaccio, Italy

FIAT 500 Capri¦2015 Acrylic Spray on Steel wool¦170cm x 90cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 ETERNA,Official Rome’s celebration festival, MACRO Testaccio L’altra Economia, Rome, Italy 2016 Goetheshaus, “Der perfekte Mädelsurlaub-Rom”, Rome, Italy 2015 Dublin City Council, Dublin canvas street art project, Dublin, Ireland 2015 Dublin City Council, Ranelagh arts festival, Dublin, Ireland 2014 Solo, Le Dame Art Gallery, Nottingh Hill, London, UK 2011 Ca’ Zanardi, Sala del Bucintoro, “Quando l’eroe è donna!” Venice, Italy

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Museo Bilotti, “Street Art a Roma” Photo Exhibition, Rome 2015 Streetart group exhibition “Tracce Temporanee”, Gravity studio, Rome, IT 2015 Street Art festival “Muracci Nostri”, Rome, Italy 2015 Vinitaly, lve performance, Verona, Italy 2015 UAU, Ca D’oro, Rome, Italy 2015 Ritratti di Poesia 2015, Tempio di Adriano, Rome, Italy 2014 Live performance at Jazzitfest, Collescipoli, Italy 2014 Street Art Group Exhibition, Via Fanfulla da Lodi, “Io so i nomi”, Rome, Italy 2012 Laranarossa Gallery, “People have the power”, Latina, Italy 2012 King’s University of London, Tutu’s Gallery, MU*SA,“Euphoria”, London, UK.


Franco Nonnis Category: Guest Artist D.O.B. 29/12/1958 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Paintings/Sculpture Price range: £ 3,000 - £ 6,000

AWARDS: 2012 Set design for «Bellas Mariposas» by Salvatore Mereu . The film has been awarded at the 69 Edition of the Venice Film Festival 2004 Italian Artists’ Annual 2004 (Italy) 2003 Premio Silver Award Artmajeur (Italy)

Franco 53, lives and works in Cagliari, Italy. He is a self-taught painter. His passion started when as a child he was seeking inspiration at his grandfather’s workshop. Franco is incredibly well travelled and the different cultures he experienced are evident within his works. Franco’s artistic works cover the spectrum of human lives, engaging his audience with his authentic expressions of delights, sufferings and the emotions that surround us all. “Nonnis anthopomorphations lead again towards an image of freedom, where forms proliferate almost by themselves. Perhaps reference can be found in the iconic graffiti covering city walls or the imagery of simplified surrealism. The use of a clear priming, sets the painting in a kind of infantile elogy, like the little theatre fantasy world where characters and objects release themselves by their relationship with the conventional world. They generate a matrix of visionary and enigmatic context.” Nicola Nuti, Art Critic MAIN PUBLICATIONS: 2015 ArtRooms 2015 Catalogue, London (GB) 2012 Biennale di Venezia , Italian Pavillon Sala Nervi Torino Catalogue 2006 Illustrations, book “La culla” by Francesco Maria Tipaldi , Ed. LietoColle , Milano (Italy) 2005 Illustrations, book “Là pour me souvenir – Qui per ricordare” by Markus Hediger ,Ed. LietoColle Milano (Italy) 2004 Italian Artists Annual (Catalogue) South East and Australia COLLECTIONS: Private collectons worldwide FAIRS: 2015 Artrooms, Melia White House, London, UK

Exodus¦2016 Installation

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2014 La Terrazza, Bergen (Netherland) 2014 Museo Etnografico, Paulilatino, (Italy) 2014 Parco Archeologico Santa Cristina, Sardinya (Italy) 2014 Museo del Duomo, Cagliari (Italy) 2009 Antico Palazzo di Citta’, Cagliari (Italy) 2008 Zen World – Milano2006 Hotel Cala di Volpe , Porto Cervo (Italy) 2005 SpazioArte del Centro Sarca, Milano (Italy) 2005 Mostra personale allo Scandinavia UNA Hotel, Milano (Italy) 2005 Grand Visconti Palace, Milano (Italy)2004–2005 Cagliari Airport (Italy)

BIENNIALS: 2012 54^ Venice Biennale , Italian Pavillon Sala Nervi Torino (Italy) LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2015 “A Summer Exhibition in Capri” , Capri (Italy) 2014 Artrooms 2015 Int. Contemporary Art Fair, London (UK) 2013 “Progetto AMACI” – Palazzo Thun, Bolzano (Italy) 2013 OrlerLab, Venezia (Italy) 2013 “Disordine creativo”, Trento (Italy) 2012 54^ Biennale di Venezia , Italian Pavillon Sala Nervi Torino (Italy) 2004 “Paintings from Sardinia”, Ushuaia (Argentina) 2003 Galleria Mentana – Firenze (Italy) 2003 “SUMMER2003”, Galeriazero, Barcellona (Spain) 2003 “ Batik Art Sala Barna”, Barcellona (Spain) 2002 Collettiva “Individuazioni 7” Galleria Mentana , Firenze (Italy) 1999International Contemporary Art Fair Telecentrosul , Brasilia (Brasil)


Francesca Pasquali Category: Guest Artist D.O.B. 1980 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Sculpture/Installations Price range: POA

LATEST AWARDS: 2015 Cairo Prize. Finalist 2014 Henraux Foundation Prize. Second Prize D.A.B. Design per Artshop e Bookshop. Winner 2013 Curators on Sculpture Today Prize, Sculpture Network, project by Ilaria Bignotti, Strategy of resilience. Fundamentals, negatives and survival in the Italian *sculpture of younger generation. Winner Area SLAM, Art Verona. Selected 2012 Premio Nocivelli. Third Prize DesignER. Giovani Designers in Emilia Romagna, Fashion Design section. Winner

Francesca Pasquali (born 1980) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in her native Bologna. Pasquali‘s work can be divided into several cycles of work, recognisable by their titles that often refer to the materials used, as with the Straws series. Cut to different lengths, innumerable plastic straws are attached to wooden panels – or more recently to mirror-polished Plexiglas – to create a vibrating surface. In the Frappe series, Pasquali experiments with neoprene, assembling layers of the material into spirals which are then mounted onto wooden panels or metal nets. Works from the Bristles series consist of plastic broom bristles assembled into wooden containers and arranged to form a soft, compact surface.More recently, the artist has been experimenting with long, uncut, plastic bristles, in particular with the site-specific installation Francesca Pasquali for Salvatore Ferragamo travelling to Milan and London in 2016. LATEST PUBLICATION: “FRANCESCA PASQUALI metamorphoses” Exhibition catalogue with texts by Fatoş Üstek, Michael Petry, Matt Williams and Ilaria Bignotti, Tornabuoni Art - Forma Edizioni, London, 2016, pp. 126-127. “Francesca Pasquali” Exhibition catalogue, Tornabuoni Arte - Forma Edizioni, series “Art Today”, vol. 4, Florence, 2015,pp. 54- 55. COLLECTIONS: Ghisla Art Collection Foundation, Locarno, Switzerland; ALT Museum, Alzano Bergamasco (Bergamo), Italy; Thetis Foundation, Venice, Italy; Museo Diocesano, Brescia, Italy; MAR Museo d’Arte della Città, Ravenna, Italy LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 “Francesca Pasquali Metamorphoses”, Tornabuoni Art London June - September 2016 2015 “Francesca Pasquali. Plastic shapes”, Tornabuoni Arte Contemporary Art, Florence, 19 September - 19 November 2015.

Courtesy of Tornabuoni Art London Straws¦2014 Transparent plastic drinking straws on mirror polished Plexiglas and metallic frame¦39,37 x 9,44 inch - 100 x 24 cm Signed, titled, dated and numbered on the reverse: Francesca Pasquali / Straws / 2014 / FP 140039

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Kinesis. Francesca Pasquali and Laura Renna, curated by Ilaria Bignotti, ALT Museum, Alzano Bergamasco (Bergamo) Italy Per vie diverse, curated by Claudio Spadoni, Magazzini del Sale, Cervia, Flux-us. Mary Bauermeister, Francesca Pasquali, *fuse, curated by Angela Memola and Pascual Jordan, C.U.BO Centro Unipol, Bologna, Italy 2015 Black. An idea of light, curated by Ilaria Bignotti and Paola Formenti Tavazzani, Cortesi Gallery, Lugano Macrocosmi – Ordnungen anderer Art, Pattern of another order, curated by Martina Cavallarin, Petra Dregger and Pascual Jordan, Altes Postfuhramt West, Berlin Trame contemporanee, curated by Ilaria Bignotti, Fondazione La Verde La Malfa, Catania SIHX arte e industria alla Corte Deloitte, curated by Paolo Carli, Enrico Ciai and Philippe Daverio, Corte Deloitte, Milan Arte Mashup. Il gusto di fare arte, curated by Davide Sarchioni, Associazione Culturale Il Frantoio, Capalbio



Gloria Sulli Category: Guest Artist D.O.B. 27/11/1982 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 500 - £ 7,000

AWARDS: 2012 Selected of Celeste Prize in sculpture section, 3rd place of New Idea Prize, city of Tortoreto, IT 2011 Winner of the European Competition for Young Artists, XKE’?Laboratory of Curiosity (Science Museum for Children and the National Museum of Cinema Mole Antonelliana), Turin. 2010 Winner of the Sculpture Prize, PresenceEmergence, Exhibition and residency in Pietrasanta, IT 2009 Winner of the Sculpture Competition Venanzo Crocetti, Carried out a public Sculpture for the City Giulianova, IT 2009 Winner of History Museum prize, Museum Leone, Vercelli, IT

Gloria Sulli is an artist who focuses her research in the macro-theme of nature. In her work balance and precariousness are placed in the foreground, in contraction, like atoms and primitive nuclei that emanate energy. Her concept of observation connects relationships that develop lightness and suspension, joining those of protection and experimentation. In a combination of methods, techniques, coming from the sculpture and installation world, she plans imagination without ever abandoning the playful and ironic dimension; she puts into play symbolism and ritual, and encourage a link between spirit and matter. Recently, she has intensified the tones: from soft colors - almost natural- to the use of harsh and metallic shades, that places her in virtual systems, illusory and unreal, essential. In moments of opening - from light to dark – she creates atmospheres, which stimulate the perception of wonder and enchantment.. FAIRS: 2016 2015 2015 2014

Grid Art Fair Old Truman Brewery Brick Lane, London, UK ArtRooms 2015, Melia Whitehouse Hotel, London, UK Biophilia Set Up Art Fair, Auto Train Station, Bologna, IT Andai nei Boschi”The Others Art Fair, ex Carcere le Nuove , Torino IT

COLLECTIONS: The MWH Collection, London, UK Private Collection in Italy and UK, BIENNIALS: Mutaforma Abruzzo Biennial Young Art, MuMi Museum, Francavilla al mare, IT LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Wandering St. John on Bethnal Green, London,UK 2015 Breathe Bazis Art Platform, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj Napoca, RO 2014 Glow Ultrastudio, Pescara, Italy 2013 Animarium Alviani Art Space, Aurum_La fabbrica delle Idee, Pescara, IT

Bloom 2¦2016 Clay and concrete¦ 45cm x 25cm x20cm,

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Biophilia” Expò Milano, Regione Abruzzo, Spazio Fiorichiari, Milan, Italy 2014 Capri |The Island of Art” Hotel Syrene courtyard, Capri, Italy 2014 65° Premio Michetti” MuMi Museo Michetti, Francavilla al mare, Italy, Special Mension Prize 2014 Hidden Field” via Carducci, Pescara, IT 2013 Age of Aquarius” Finalists of Premio Arte Rugabella, Castano Primo, Milano, IT 2013 Co.Co.Co. i Finalisti del Premio” San Pietro in Atrio, Como, IT 2013 Alterazioni Visive” Castello Aldobrandesco, Arcidosso, Grosseto , IT 2012 Illustrissima fiaba” proposal of del Vasto Art Prize, Palazzo delle Scuderie, Vasto, IT 2011 Un Po d’arte” exhibition of the finalist for a public installation, Paratissima Torino 2011 In Mediterraneum” Festival Simultaneo di Video art, Palermo IT, Madrid SP, Volos GR, Montevideo UR


Fabrizio Trotta Category: Guest Artist D.O.B. 20/10/1973 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Paintings Price range: £ 4,000 - £ 7,000

Fabrizio Trotta was born in Paola in 1973, in Calabria, where he currently lives and works after a long musical and artistic experience in Milan. He is a self-taught artist, while in his Milanese years he gained a diploma in Sound Engineering in 1994 and a university degree in Computer Science in 2001.For years he significantly undertook such activity of musical composer, arranger and producer. However, this especially gave him the right training to interpret the sound vibrations that he later converted in visual vibrations in his paintings.Fabrizio Trotta modulates soundwaves and frequencies with many materials and textures. His predilection for the materials and the colour, and his wish to involve the use of all our senses, including olfaction, took him to widen his artistic research to minimal paintings, realized with oil, pigments or spices. In this artworks, called “Chromotherapy” and “Chromoaromatherapy”, the colour, in his therapeutic and cathartic function, becomes the unique protagonist being represented as “material rain” through the new and original painting technique called “Spectrogram”, that reproduces on canvas a 3D spectrogram. After he met public approval in Italy and abroad, and with his works featuring in private and public collections, he creates the “Playing Art” in 2008. This is a new concept of a pictorial, dynamic, interactive and subtly playful art, whose potential is closely linked to the possibility of interaction and intervention by the owner/observer on the painting itself. PUBLICATIONS: Percorsi d’Arte 2016 Vol. , Rubettino Editore; CromoSuoni – FabrizioTrotta, catalogue; I Protagonisti dell’Arte 2014 – dal XIX secolo ad oggi Vol., EA Editore; La Via Italiana all’Informale – Da Afro, Burri, Vedova alle ultime tendenze Vol. , Edizioni G. Mondadori ; 5 Marilyn Monroe - I just want to be wonderful, exhibition catalogue; Dalle Neoavanguardie all’Arte Elettronica, Falco Editore; Prospettiva Post-Avanguardia a Palazzo Zenobio Vol., exhibition catalogue; La materia è il colore Vol. , editoriale Giorgio Mondadori; Diario di suoni e colori – F. Trotta, catalogue; Arte Collezionismo Vol. , Effecì Edizioni d’Arte; Annuario D’arte Moderna Vol. , Acca Editrice

Vinyl Spectrogram¦2016 Vinyls, enamels, polystyrene and aluminum¦33cm x 93cm x 22cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Frequenze, Museum of the Present , Rende, Italy 2015 MuoviamoCi , Scorza Palace, Paola, Italy 2013 CromoSuoni, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Cosenza, Italy 2011 Fusioni Visive, Scorza Palace, Paola, Italy 2010 Frequenze Sonore, City Museum, Praia A Mare, Italy 2009 Opening ceremony, City Auditorium “Mino Reitano, Fuscaldo, Italy 2009 Cromatismi Sonori, Caffè Fandango, Rome, Italy 2008 Diario di Suoni e Colori, Alexander Museum Palace, Pesaro, Italy 2008 Diario di Suoni e Colori, Bank Sella, Ferrara (Italy) 2008 Diario di Suoni e Colori, Bank Sella, Milan (Italy)

FAIRS: KIAF Art Fair, Seul (South Korea) ARTEXPO, New York (U.S.A.) International Art Miami, Miami (U.S.A.) Contemporanea Art Fair, Forlì (Italy) BIENNIALS: 52° Biennale di Venezia , Collateral Event LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Panorama Italiano, Dukes’ Palace, Atri, Italy 2016 Geni Comuni, Museum of the Present , Rende, Italy 2016 Opere Scelte, Mercurio Arte Gallery, Rapallo, Italy 2016 Panorama Italiano, Norman Castle, Morano Calabro, Italy 2016 Panorama Italiano, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Cosenza, Italy 2015 Grandi Maestri del Novecento, MAC Music, Art & Culture, Milan, Italy 2015 I Colori dell’Anima, Navigli Museum, Milan, Italy 2014 Marilyn Monroe – I just want be wonderful, City Teathre, Pergine, Italy 2014 Liberamente, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Cosenza, Italy 2013 La Via Italiana all’Informale, ltime tendenze, Palace of the Racchetta, Ferrara, Italy


Joy Trpkovic Category: Guest Artist D.O.B.27/04/1950 Country: Italy Residence: Italy Media: Photography Price range: £ 200 - £ 500

AWARDS: 2015 Second Prize 35CICA Museum of Ceramics, Alcora, Spain 2013 Finalist 33CICA Museum of Ceramics, Alcora, Spain 2012 Finalist. Cork Street Open Exhibition . London 2011 Second Prize 31CICA Museum of Ceramics, Alcora, Spain 2010 Finalist 30 CICA international Ceramic Competition. Museum of Ceramics Alcora, Spain.

I studied Fine Art at Goldsmith’s College, Portsmouth Polytechnic ( BA Fine Art. Hons.) and Sussex University. My paintings, hand built porcelains and more recently photographic prints have been widely exhibited in Britain, Minnesota, Zurich, Basel, New Delhi, Belgium, Italy, France and Spain. My photographic prints are another response to ideas inspired by strata, marine forms, fossils, bones and the ancient resonant history of landscape. These photographs link to my other current work in hand built porcelain. I often use film ( Fuji A.S.A. 400) for its painterly quality and occasionally a digital camera. The “Rocks and Stones” series are printed with pigment ink on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper. PUBLICATIONS: 1993 British Contemporary Art ( painting) FAIRS: 2016 Art-Rooms, London 2016 Handmade at Kew. Kew Gardens, London 2016 The Affordable Art Fair ( Mint gallery) Battersea. London 2015 Salon Vivre Côte Sud. Aix –en Provence. France 2015 Art-Rooms. London 2015 Milan Art Expo, Italy2015 2015 Handmade at Kew, Kew Gardens , London 2014 KSP Arts, Haacht Belgium 2014 Manualemente. Villa Necchi Milan, Italy 2013/14/15 Made, London. 2013 Palace Art Fair, Fulham Palace, London 2011/12/14 Handmade in Britain, Chelsea. 2010 Handmade in Britain, Bath Somerset. 2007 Affordable Art Fair (Linda Blackstone Gallery) Battersea, London

Square Hole¦2016 Pigment Ink, Limited Edition signed Photographic Prints¦Dimensions variable

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2009/6 Society of Designer Craftsmen at the Mall. Mall galleries, London. UK 2016 Mimesis Nemesis. MadeinBritaly Gallery. London. UK 2016 Nautilus. MadeinBritaly Gallery. London. UK 2014 Beside the Seaside. Bilston Gallery. Wolverhampton. UK 2014 Spring Exhibition. The New Ashgate Gallery. Farnham, Surrey UK

COLLECTIONS: Southampton City Museum and Art Gallery. Museum of Ceramics Alcora , Spain. Leicester County Council, Private collections in U.K, Madeira, Italy, New York, Australia, France, Belgium, Holland, Mexico. BIENNIALS: 2016 Argillà, Faenza, Italy 2014 Argillà, Faenza , Italy 2013 International Ceramics Biennial, Haacht, Belgium LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Fierce and Fragile. Paintings , Ceramics and Photographs. Harrow Arts Centre gallery 2012 Joy Trpkovic Ceramics, The Chelsea Arts Club. London 2008 Joy Trpkovic Paintings and Ceramics. Letchworth Arts Centre. Letchworth 2008 Paintings and Photographs. Hepsibah Gallery Hammersmith. London 2007 Emerging Spring. Hepsibah gallery. Hammersmith. London



Stevens Vaughn Category: Guest Artist D.O.B.05/06/1958 Country: USA Residence: China Media: Paintings Price range: £ 2,000 - £ 4,000

Stevens Vaughn born in Minnesota, United States, is a ritualistic water painter who uses pigments to document the language of water. His exhibitions are influenced by his study and training in the philosophy of how important imperfection is to the state of perfection in Japan and China. In 1984, Vaughn set up a glass sculpture and blowing studio in Hsinchu, Taiwan and designed media for US retailers including Neimen Marcus, Bloomingdales and Gumps during which he designed products in Limoges, France and glass on the island of Murano, Italy. In 1988 he developed ceramic and porcelain studios in Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, China based on what he learned in Asia. In 1996, he moved to the island of Xiamen, China where he played a major role in the development of porcelain art in the cities of Chaozhou and Dehua, where he was given an honorary professorship in the Ceramic Institute in addition to lecturing in the Central Academy of Art Beijing.His methods of painting have been reported to use ritual “dripping” techniques that don’t pull out the color randomly, rather distribute pigments dropwise. The technique uses instability of the fluid to create figures and the splash of the droplets to further enhance the painting. BIENNIALS: 2014/2015 Bienal del Fin del Mundo, Mar del Plata (Argentina), Valparaiso Chile PUBLICATIONS: 2016 BNT1 & BNT2, Sofia, Bulgaria 2016 Distorted, Insideart Rome Italy 2016 La memoria della forma, La Repubblica, Italy 2015 Calligrafia d’acqua, Juliet Magazine, Italy 2015 DIF Museo diffuso di Arte, Insideart Italy 2015 Brian Art, Rome , Italy

Untitled # 2, Xiamen, January 2017 Ink, sand and water on paper¦70cm x 100cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 The rebirth of color, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2016 Calligraphie à l’eau – Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza Memorial in Brazzaville, Congo, Africa 2016 CHINA: RIvoluzione – Evoluzione (1949 – 1983), Fondazione Villa Bertelli, Forte dei Marmi, Italy 2015 Calligrafia d’Acqua, Innerspace17 gallery, Torino, Italy 2015 Calligraphy of Water, Palazzo Dolfin Bollani, Venice, Italy 2015 Valpo Steps, Valparaiso, Chile 2015 Shadows, Valparaiso, Chile 2014 Water is a Color. Black, Nothing Gallery, Xiamen, China 2007 Water is a Color, Gulangyu, China

COLLECTIONS: 2016 Distorted, DIF Museo diffuso della città di Formello, Italy 2015 Water is a Color, MAAM Museo dell’altro e dell’altrove, Rome, Italy LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Oltre la Visione, Le Carceri Castello di Milazzo, Milazzo, Italy 2016 Visioni al Confine - Nei luoghi della bellezza, Sale espositive Convitto Ragusa, Noto, Italy 2016 La memoria della forma, Centro Arti Plastiche, Carrara, Italy 2016 Il primato dello sguardo, Palacultura Antonello da Messina, Messina, Italy 2015 Stevens and Siggi the Butcher, The Nothing Gallery, Xiamen, China 2015 Snowball 6, Djupivogur, Iceland 2013 Water is a color, Rolling Snowball 4, Quanzhou, China 2012 Construction Deconstruction, TDK Center Xiamen University, Xiamen, China 2007 Riding the Tiger, Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Copenhagen, Denmark 2007 Map of Beijing - One and the Other Painting, W139 Exhibition Space Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland




Will Teather Category: Art Project D.O.B.212/06/1980 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Paintings/Sculpture Price range: £ 1,500 - £ 15,000

LATESTS AWARDS: 2017 London Contemporary Art Prize 2017 2016 Le Dame Gallery Prize 2015-17Artist-in-Residence, Norwich Art Centre, ACGA 2015 BP Portrait Award 2014 The Curwen Figurative Painting Prize, Curwen Gallery ACGA 2013 Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Competition, Kings Place London ACGA 2013 Norfolk Arts Awards, Nominee for Visual Arts Award 2012 Art Students League of New York, USA, Artist-in-Residence 2012 Soup Lab, Artist-in-Residence 2011 Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich

British artist Will Teather is well known for creating images that reveal a unique imagination combined with a mastery of traditional skills. He is the Visual Artist-In-Residence for Norwich Arts Centre. Having trained at Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Art & Design, his paintings have featured in over 100 gallery exhibitions and publications alongside artists such as Dali, Picasso and Banksy, breaking previous sales records for events such as The Other Art Fair, London. He has received numerous grants, scholarships and awards, besides been a finalist in international art prizes such as the Celeste Prize and Cork Street Open Exhibition. He has been Artist-in-Residence for venues including the Arts Student League of New York, Aberdeen Arts Centre and the Anteros Arts Foundation. His work is held in public and private collections, including the City of Aberdeen, Aude Gotto Collection & Modern Artists Gallery. He is currently an Associate Lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts.

PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Norwich artist’s painting fetches record-breaking sum, Eastern Daily Press 2016 Norwich Artist breaks Sales record, Arts East Magazine (March Issue) 2016 Will Teather, Neil Powell, Suzie Hanna, Ian Collins, Scatalogicial Press 2016 Will Teather: Infinite Perspectives, Catalogue, Norwich Arts Centre 2016 Future Masters, Catalogue, Underdog Art 2015 A portrait of artist as showman, Eastern Daily Press 2015 Useum Exhibition, Wall Street International LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Will Teather: Infinite Perspectives, Norwich Arts Centre, UK 2015 Will Teather: Multiverses, Fairhust Gallery, Norwich, UK 2015 Will Teather, Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich, UK 2015 Desolation Angels, Mandells Gallery, Norwich, UK 2014 Will Teather: Another Orient / Infinite Perspectives, Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich, UK 2014 Will Teather, Buckenham Galleries, Southwold UK 2014 Eastern Promises, Gallery 133, 133 King St, Great Yarmouth, UK 2014 The Vast & Unknowable Universe, The Cut, Halesworth UK 2013 The Vast and Unknowable Universe, Mandells Gallery, Norwich, UK 2012 Lord Provost of Aberdeen: Portrait Unveiling, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Scotland, UK

COLLECTIONS: City of Aberdeen (under curatorial care of Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums), Aude Gotto Collection, The Wolterton & Mannington Estate, Matthew Bourne (choreographer/director), Peter Stephen (Lord Provost of Aberdeen), Ana Silvera (singer), The Moderns Artists Gallery FAIRS: 2016 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London, UK 2015/16 Other Art Fair (Bloombury/East End edition) 2015/16 Art Fair East, UK 2012/14 Midsummer Art Fair, Landmark Arts Centre, London 2010 Battersea Art Fair, London, UK LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2017 The London Contemporary Art Prize 2017, London Contemporary Art, 2016 The Future Masters, Underdog Gallery, London, UK 2015 THE MIX, Underdog Gallery, London Bridge, UK 2015 USEUM ARTISTS, Le Dame Art Gallery, Regent’s Park, London, UK 2015 Hidden In Plain Sight, The Gallery at Norwich University of the Arts 2015 The Art of Sound (Group Exhibition), The Bank Arts Centre, Suffolk, UK 2014 Art Below Regent’s Park, London: Poster Art Display, Bakerloo Line Platform, Regent’s Park, London, UK 2014 Artbelow Regents Park, Artefact Gallery, London, UK 2013 The London Group Open Centenary Exhibition (Group Exhibition), The Cello Factory, London, UK 2013 On A Grand Scale 2013 (Group Exhibition), Panter and Hall, London

Open Letter to the Art Collector

Dear Collector, I really can’t say… Why are we artists and who is an artist? I really can’t say… Why am I an artist? Is it my nature? Or Which colours make you smile today? Who are you, collector? The artist … does he collect ideas? I really can’t say… The metal and the paper, Finishing an artwork …just wondering... Together, maybe… Each with their own perspective or perception of what it should be Why you want “me”?

These are excerpts from “An Open Letter to the Art Collector”, first results of a series of experiments/installations/essays/works investigating the complexity of the relationship between the artist and the collector. From these first letters we have collected so far, it stands out how hesitations and blank canvas minded moments arise in the mind of the artist when confronted to the figure of the Art Collector. The installation is placed at the entrance of the fair because it intends to open the dialogue; to remind us that Art is not a monologue. It invites us to interact, to connect with the artist and the artwork. Seeking to uncover for the collector the secrets of the the person behind the work and introducing to the artist who will have to honor to become the guardian. This unveiling is perchance that very thing, that holds the art world Together. We still don’t know…. We invite you all to write us a letter and join us in the quest.

Cristina Cellini Antonini

Together, is it so? Gratefully yours, The Artist

To take part of the “An Open Letter to the Art Collector” experiment Email to will be investigated for ARTROOMS 2018.

“A Holographic Theater EyeMagic” presented by MDHhologram U.K. & Studio Tangram Italy

During Expo Milano 2015, the Venezuela pavilion used Studio Tangram/MDHhologram to enclose its visitors in the singing, dancing and nature of this beautiful South American country! Sounds, movements, and colours. The energy of the dancers, perfectly punctuated by holographic and lighting effects, quickly captured the viewers’ imagination. Throughout the show, the audience could truly interact with the hologram: diving in the clear water of Los Roques archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, breathing the air of Caracas while travelling by cable car, and dancing with dolphins – getting the real Venezuelan experience. About To create the hologram for the Venezuelan pavilion we used a 6m x 4m EyeLiner™, with background images. Contents and equipment were conceived for the viewer to interact with the hologram. Reactions At the opening ceremony, the groundbreaking holographic showcase was welcomed with rounds of applause and cheers. Thanks to Studio Tangram, at the end of the event, the Venezuela stand won the Silver Awards for content and design, for the great representation of cultural contents. Now Studio Tangram achievements are certainly well-known also in South America.

Expo Milano 2015 Venezuela

Credits Production: Studio Tangram / MDH Hologram Storyboard: Studio Tangram / MDH Hologram 3D Animation: Studio Tangram / MDH Hologram EyeLiner™ System Installation: Studio Tangram

Axxess Advisory is an international boutique advisory firm based in London and operating across Europe and international markets. We focus on delivering personalised solutions, unlocking potential and facilitating growth. We a re p ro u d t o s u p p o r t Artrooms 2017.

For the 3rd Edition of ARTROOMS 2017- International Contemporary Art Fair for Independent Artists, we are extremely honoured to host ART KOREA, a special forum on Korean Artists. The Collective exhibition is curated by artist Alvin Lee, presenting over 70 works by contemporary Korean artists. Korea has been well-known for years for its globally renown brands and its upward economy. These strengths are rapidly merging its art world, creating a sturdy and exiting artistic scene with artists very much capable of becoming long lasting stablish figures in the international art world. Contemporary artists in Korea are not only embedded with a traditional art heritage but have master blending in contemporary techniques and individual characteristics to their artworks and as a result, they held the uniqueness to disrupt in the art world. Discover the beauty and the mystery of the Korean society through a wide range of works, from mixed-media installations to paintings and sculpture all of which are prominent forms in Korean art.


Alvin Lee, Bung Lyol¦Logos in Nature-Spirit¦2016 Mixed Media¦92cm x 52cm

Kim Gwan Su¦Knot¦2016 Oil on canvas with wooned object¦36cm x 84cm

Park, Sung Sik¦Talk with Ego¦2016 Oil and Mixed Media on canvas¦92cm x 114cm

Kim Won Yong¦Unknown sight Plaster relief¦ 42cm x 128cm x 15cm

Choi, Song Dae

Park, Young Yul¦Hello Michelangero¦2016 Acrylic on canvas¦132cm x 163cm

Lee, Seong Ku¦FROM NATURE-Mental images of Landscape No 047 ¦2015 Oil ink& acrylic & hanji on panel¦74cm x 144cm

Lee Ik Ryeol¦Machine trace ¦2016 Acrylic on canvas¦ 60,5cm x 72,5cm

Lee, Hee Chun¦Nude 3 Oil on canvas¦92cm x 114cm

Koo, Sang Hee¦Convex memory¦2016 Acrylic on Digital Print¦ 60.6cm x 60.6cm

Bespoke Solutions for a Fragile Market...

...collection and delivery solutions for all manner of artwork Tracked global shipping – Packing – Paperwork – Customs – Insurance – Dedicated team ShipArtTM

Alfred by Maupal¦ 2014¦Acrylic Spray on Steel Wool on iron¦80cm x 80cm

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Le Dame Art Gallery at the Meliá White House Albany ST, Regent’s Park NW1 3UP London

For this new section, showcasing works by shortlisted artists from several Awards and Prize in the UK and abroad, ARTROOMS is delighted to present: Art Below Art Finder Art Gemini Celeste Prize NOA - The National Open Art Competition Project Art - The Social Arts Market SWA - The Society of Women Artists







Sara Abdalla Kirsty Hy Chau Arturo Garcia De Las Heras Giuliano Fazzari Ornella Fieres Sarah Fosse Lumi Ghita Gillian Hyland Erica Ito Brother Kwan Linda Lipinski Barbara Rachko Mariah Rodriguez Robert Wilkinson

org uk


ROOM# 186

Svetlana Bogatcheva Category: To Watch D.O.B. 21/10/1986 Country: Russia Residence: Finland Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 500 - £ 1,000

Svetlana Bogatcheva is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist born in St.Petersburg, Russia in 1986. Currently living and working in Finland she has been influenced by many different cultures and traveled extensively. Svetlana’s process consists of periods of deep introspection, retreat, observing, research, writing and sketching. Materials are unexpected and simultaneously often taken from the everyday life, such as: recycled textiles and plastic, rubber, natural materials and even food. The ideas, feelings and physical materials now all have to be carried to term, in their own time. The act of creation in itself is something that must be very pure, it can not be forced or controlled.The subjects are existential questions, motherhood, womanly power and the fullness of our experience of life once we open up to everything, even the most uncomfortable. PUBLICATIONS: 2017 International Contemporary Artists art book, volume XII. 2016 Artfinder, “The Edit”, “Artfinder gems” section 2016 Saatchi Art collections 2016 Artfinder Summer catalogue 2016 Vogue UK, Art Gallery section 2016 Featured artist in Artfinder 2015 Featured in BBC documentary on RA Summer show COLLECTIONS: Private collection in United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Finland, Brazil LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, London, UK LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Mother-Creator, Raawka restaurant, Vaasa, Finland 2016 Mother-Creator, Gustav Wasa restaurant, Vaasa, Finland

Expansion/ Contrast¦2016 Mixed media¦37cm x 46 cm

ROOM# 105

Benjamin Buckley Category: To Watch D.O.B. 31/08/1988 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Print Price range: £ 3,500

Benjamin Buckley is a London Based artist, whose works are inspired by the black line of traditional Chinese and Japanese woodblocks prints. Benjamin has gone on to show his works in multiple group and solo shows across the UK and Europe. With commissions in the UK, US, China and Europe, he is currently working on two high-profile commissions in the US and China to be released later this year. Benjamin’s works reveals a world in constant overflow of architectural marvels, Americana, Orientalism, commercialism, gentrification and spirituality. He explores a landscape through Western imagery and the artistic heritage of Asia. FAIRS: 2016 The Other Art Fair 2016 Affordable Art Fair LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2010 Benjamin Buckley Solo Show, The White Cube, London,UK LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Imaginary Worlds, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Wales. 2016 UK Young Artists Awards, Derby, England 2016 Art Gemini 2016 Art Prize Asia House, London, England. 2016 Print Group Show, Pure Evil Gallery, London, England. 2015 New Art, Darren Baker Gallery, London, England 2015 Print Show Space W10 Gallery, London, England 2015 New Art, Darren Baker Gallery, London, England 2014 Shooting Stars, Royal College of Arts, Knightsbridge, London 2014 Grand Designs Live, Birmingham, UK 2014 Propa Stuff, Downstairs at Mother, London

Singapore¦2015 Original Print Edition of 5¦125cm x 125 cm


Janusz Jurek Category: To Watch D.O.B. 1972 Country: Poland Residence: Poland Media: Generative arts Price range: £ 300 - £ 400

AWARDS: 2016 Lumen Prize, London – finalist 2016 Celeste Prize, London - finalist 2015 First place in the category of 3D graphics on Judgment Day Awards 2015 during the Independent Festival of Creative Communication 2015 The artwork of the year 2015 Personality of Culture 2015 Laurel of Culture 2015 Cultural event of the year - nomination

Janusz Jurek – born in Ostrów Wielkopolski, still lives in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland. Graphic designer. Since 1996 he is been carrying his own NEO Graphic Design Studio. He does commercial things such as 3D designing, photography, graphic designing, animation and other new forms of visual arts. Graduated from University of A. Mickiewicz in Poznan, Poland - Art and Educational Institute in 2000. Experiments with the line, which strongly characterized the work of Janusz Jurek gained an appreciation of the industry. Graphics series Borderline was awarded in international networks including Art People Gallery, Behance, Digital Art, Colossal.

PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Adobe InDesign splash screen image 2016 The Magic of Lines ll, Line Illustrations of Global Artists, album 2016 Brighr diares magazine, interview, Berlin 2015 Dekit magazine, book cover, interview, NY LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 GENERATIVE, OCK, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland 2015 BORDERLINE, PIK, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland FAIRS: 2016 Targi Plakatu, Warszawa BIENNIALS: 2015 Bienal Internacional de Cartelismo TerrasGauda – Hiszpania

Papilarnie 1¦2016 Digital print¦70cm x 100 cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Jacy jestesmy – Ostrów Wielkopolski 2016 Alternatywy 33 – Ostrów Wielkopolski 2016 Lumen Prize, London 2016 Lumen – Caerphilly Castle 2016 Celeste Prize, London 2015 Poster Show – ASU Herberger Institute – Arizona, USA 2015 Alternatywy 33 – Ostrów Wielkopolski 2014 Ostrów artystów – Ostrów Wielkopolski 2014 Przyparci do muru – Ostrów Wielkopolski 2014 Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Form Komunikacji Wizualnej INTERFERENCE FESTIVAL – Gdansk 2014 Jacy jestesmy – Ostrów Wielkopolski 2014 Alternatywy 33 – Ostrów Wielkopolski 2013 Alternatywy 33 – Ostrów Wielkopolski


Reyhaneh Mirjahani Category: To Watch D.O.B. 01/02/1993 Country: Iran Residence: Iran Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 500 - £ 1,000

AWARDS: 2016 Celeste Prize, London - finalist

Reyhaneh Mirjahani was born in 1993, in Tehran, Iran. In 2011, she entered University of Tehran and majored in sculpture. In her practice, she has taken every opportunity to experience different materials such as Fiber Glass, Wood, Clay and Stone. In 2016, after receiving her BFA Reyhaneh Mirjahani has moved to Poland to challenge herself in a new platform. Reyhaneh initiated her professional career by participating in the “Fourth International Tehran Symposium”as an artist’s assistant in 2012. Later on, she participated in two group exhibitions in “Iranian Artists Forum’s Gallery” in 2014 and 2015. In September 2016, she was the finalist in the super-young artist section of the “Celeste Network” competition in London. During her practice as an art practitioner, sculpture and installation have become a means for her to express the antithetical and paradoxical sensations. In the past three years, her main focus has been on the parallel worlds of the imagination or past and the reality or present. Reyhaneh’s interest in her latest works is deeply rooted in exploring the unconscious potentials of these parallel worlds in human’s mind through the memories of losing or leaving. Her last project is called “Post-Absence” series. LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2017 Senior Group Exhibition, Iranian Artsist Forum’s Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2015 Senior Group Exhibition, Iranian Artsist Forum’s Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2014 Senior Group Exhibition, Iranian Artsist Forum’s Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Post-Attainment¦2016 Wood, Transparent Print¦50cm x 30cm x 30cm



Emmanuelle Moreaux Category: To Watch D.O.B. 23/03/1971 Country: France Residence: Japan Media: Installations Price range: POA

LATEST AWARDS: 2016 American Architecture Prize 2015 International Design Awards 2015 arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture 2015 PUBLIC SPACE DESIGN AWARD 2014 DEDALO MINOSSE INTERNATIONAL PRIZE 2014 International Design Awards 2014 KAWAII DESIGN AWARD 2013 ICONIC AWARDS 2013 ARCHITIZER A+AWARDS 2012 International Architecture Awards

French architect / designer living in Tokyo. Inspired by the layers and colors of Tokyo that built a complex depth and density on the street, and the traditional spatial elements like sliding screens, she has created the concept of “shikiri”, which literally means “dividing (creating) space with colors”. Handling colors as a medium to compose space, she designs wide ranges of projects from architecture, space design, and art. Principal Architect at emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design. Associate Professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design PUBLICATIONS: 2016 Public Art Now. Hong Kong: Sandu 2015 Tendencias De Color Pintuco 2016. Medellian: Pintuco 2015 Art Sells: Installation Design for Retail Spaces. Hong Kong: SendPoints 2014 Powershop 4: New Retail Design. Frame Store. N.p., n.d. 2014 Spectrum: A Book Full of Colour. Barcelona: Index Book, 2014 Exhibition Design. Karlsruhe: Braun 2014 Le Langage Hypermoderne De L’architecture. Marseille: Editions ParentheÌses 2013 Wall Elements: Colorful Wall. Hong Kong: Phoenix Limited 2013 Furniture by Architects. Mulgrave,Victoria, Australia:Images Group 2013 The New Architecture in Japan. Seoul: Equal FAIRS: 2014 Ambiente, Messe Frankfurt, Franfkfurt, Germany 2013 Mille-feuille for Wallpaper Handmade exhibition, Milano Salone, Milan, Italy 2008 100% Design London, London, United Kingdom 2007 100% Design Tokyo, Meiji Jingu Gaien Kaigakan Mae, Tokyo, Japan

I am here Installation

BIENNIALS: 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, The Collateral Event “Time Space Existence” at Palazzo Bembo - shikiri / see beyond colors LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2012 E. Moureaux exhibition : shikiri , Prismic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2009 Kaleidoscope, CS Design Center, Tokyo, Japan 2007 Touch the COLOR, CS Design Center, Tokyo, Japan 2004 Inspirations, OZONE Living Design Center, Tokyo, Japan LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 SENSE OF MOTION Exhibition, Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan 2016 TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2016, Awaji Park / WATERRAS, Tokyo, Japan 2016 VISUAL ART WEEK, Usina Del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016 Shinjuku Creators Festa 2016, Kabukicho Cine City Plaza, Tokyo, Japan 2016 Space in Ginza, METoA Ginza, Tokyo, Japan 2015 ANY TOKYO, Zojoji Temple, Tokyo, Japan 2015 Shinjuku Creators Festa 2015, Shinjuku Nomura Building/ Shinjuku Mitsui Building, Tokyo, Japan 2015 wats:ON? festival ,Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, United States 2014 Tokyo Designers Week, Meiji Jingu Gaien Kaigakan Mae, Tokyo, Japan 2014 Shinjuku Creators Festa 2014, Shinjuku Central Park, Tokyo, Japan

“The National Open Art Exhibition is a cross section of the best British and Irish contemporary art today”

Jane Cattlin - Iris

Hughie O’Donoghue RA


Room 149

Evi Antonio Holly Bazett Claire Cansick Samantha Cary Jane Cattlin Alison Conlon Jessica Cooper KMA Cunningham Rhiannon Davies Sara Dudman Melanie Goemans Louse Holgate Marian Hyland Carolyn Kirkland Rachel McDonnell Annie McManus Suzanne Moxhay Marek Emczek Olszewski Juliet Robertson Jason Robinson Sarah Sharpe Naomi Sheed Lee Simmonds Michael Sofroniou James Tarry Frank To Geoffrey Turner Toby Ursell Lilium Wilkinson-O’Dwyer Sally Wilson

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Evi Antonio

12/01/2017 10:19

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ROOM# 194

Damien Borowik Category: To Watch D.O.B. 29/07/1977 Country: France Residence: UK Media: Digital Art Price range: £ 90 - £ 540

Damien Borowik is a French artist based in London, UK. In his work, he explores the art of making and the creative processes which occur during the act of creation. Working with various medium, he seamlessly embeds technology and digital processes as an integral part of the work. With a strong emphasis on serendipity and aesthetics, Borowik develops his own creative tools digitally and physically. His work spans many disciplines including video, sound, light, digital and online work, installations and performances. Borowik started working on his drawing machines in 2014. The machines are built in an iterative process using mechanical components, electronics and programming code. Over the past three years, Borowik’s drawing machines have been commissioned by Christian Dior Couture (Paris), used in a project with Samsung Electronics (Seoul), and have been exhibited at the Southbank Centre (London), Kinetica Art Fair and at the major Creative Machine exhibition at Goldsmiths, University of London. Very recently, 6 machine drawings have also been included in the Victoria & Albert Museum Computer Art Collection. Borowik graduated with honours from Central Saint Martins and completed his Masters studies in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths. PUBLICATIONS: 2017 The Essential Guide to Business for Artists and Designers by Alison Branagan, Bloomsbury Academic Editions FAIRS: The Other Art Fair, Brighton Art Fair, Kinetica Art Fair LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Line Making: Machines and Drawings, Craft Central, London, UK 2015 Machine and Drawings, White Conduit Project, London, UK LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Creative Machine, Goldsmiths University of London, London, UK

Etude des lignes 7¦2016 Paper, Pen And Ink, unframed¦59.4cm x 84cm

ROOM# 193

Mireia de Coursey Category: To Watch D.O.B. 19/12/1980 Country: Spain Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 2,000 - £ 3,500

Born in Reus, Catalonia in 1980. Her artistic journey began when she attended La Llotja Arts School in Barcelona although she would describe, and like to think of herself, as self-taught artist. She recalls creating abstract forms of expression since a very early age. She found sense in the surreal and to become immersed in that world appeals to her now as it did when she was a child. She remembers her father telling her not to waste time drawing portraits and landscapes instead. she never understood him and nothing he suggested resonated with her. Creating intangible art and other forms of expression did and it continues to inspire her and it is the very thing that makes sense now. To move others, provoke in them the sense of joy and feeling that she experiences, it is what drives her today. Who wants to see “ reality” when we live it everyday? LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Wimbledon Arts Studios COLLECTIONS: Private collections

N#2¦2016 Oilon canvas¦80cm x 100cm

ROOM# 193

Falk von Schönfels Category: To Watch D.O.B. 13/08/1977 Country: Germany Residence: Germany Media: Paintings Price range: £ 1,500

The intrinsic interest of visualization of anything started very early in my live. In fact, as long as I can think back into my childhood, I had a pen or a brush in my hand, mostly for the purpose of drawing cheap little comics. That’s not unusual for a kid, but I never gave them out of hand again. Contrariwise, I discovered plenty of other materials throughout the further years, such as spray cans, acryl- and oil-colors, clay, fimo, waste and, of course, cameras. I remember my first analog pentax too well, a nice shooter. After checking out some schools in Munich, I ended up in Croydon, Great Britain, for my a-levels. As conclusion to my artistic interests I returned to Munich and studied classical grafic-design at Akademie u5 (diploma in 2001). Even if I grew up with C64 and Atari, I started working with computers pretty late. Today I mostly work freelance for various magazines as an art-director, journalist and supervisor. Photography is still a big thing in my life and I love painting with acrylic colors and writing poetry as well as doing any kind of experiments in creativity. Some new experiences are installations. PUBLICATIONS: 2012 The Fluctibook LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Exhibition: “Wahnsinn™ und Methode®” Galerie Weltraum in Munich 2015 Retrospektive at Bankhaus Herzogpark 2014 Photoexhibition “OBSCURITY NEWFOUND” at Merck Finck & Co LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2015 WELTRAUM in der Rathausgalerie - Livepainting 2014 UAMO-FESTIVAL 2014 Galerie Weltraum Munich “cluster | time | index” paintings by Timor Miscevic, Claudia Macías und Falk von Schönfels

Crack of Ages¦2006 Acrylicon canmvas¦60cm x 60cm

ROOM# 193

Emese Wu Category: To Watch D.O.B. 23/03/1971 Country: China/Hungary Residence: UK Media: Sculpture Price range: £ 3,500

Born in Hungary, Emese Wu moved to the UK in 2003. Having graduated from Central Saint Martins, she currently lives and works in London. When she begins to construct a piece of work, she is conscious of the fragility of biological existence, its delicate surface subject to limitations, the creeping eventual deterioration, and the occasional moments of the miraculous. A fascination with life, and ultimately death has often been the trigger for her artistic expression, and so there is from the start a marked sense of ambiguity in her work, a sense of simultaneous possibilities. In attempting to allow viewers the possibility of becoming deeply immersed in an ambience of senses and emotions, she found it necessary to create an impact similar to that of a dose of fundamentally experienced reality. In order to achieve this, she chose to involve both living and dead organisms, everyday objects and objets trouvés, both natural and manufactured, all experienced in a duration of reality - that is, time.

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 British Museum, London, UK 2016 Show One, Central Saint Martins, London, UK 2015 The Long Shadow, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London, UK

Liminality¦2016 Found Objects, Household, Interactive¦200cm x 120cm

䌀爀愀昀琀猀洀愀渀猀栀椀瀀 椀猀 眀栀愀琀 礀漀甀 昀攀攀氀 眀眀眀⸀猀愀瘀瘀礀ⴀ甀欀⸀挀漀洀

簀 椀渀昀漀䀀猀愀瘀瘀礀ⴀ甀欀⸀挀漀洀

ROOM# 129

Soraya French Category: To Watch D.O.B. 23/07/1957 Country: Iran Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 950 - £ 2,500

AWARDS: Daler-Rowney Award at SWA Annual Show at The Mall Galleries Edwin Young Museum Award,Salisbury Best of Hampshire artists, Hilliers

Soraya is a professional artist and author, she works from her studio at Project Workshops in Hampshire. She works in all painting media but is known for her vibrant mixed media paintings in a variety of subjects, mostly travel based. Her work is both colourful and evocative with ambiguous passages left to the viewer’s imagination. Colour, pattern and texture are the most prominent features of her work. Soraya exhibits extensively in the south of England and London, she is represented by Wykeham gallery, Minster gallery, Iona House gallery, Bell fine Art, Nadia Waterfield and Courcoux Contemporary. PUBLICATIONS: Dynamic Acrylics Harpercollins Expressive painting in mixed media Crowood press Contemporary landscapes in mixed media Pavilion books FAIRS: Affordable art Fair Battesea- Hampstead Cambridge art Fair Hampshire art Fair Edinburgh art Fair

The city beyond¦2014 Mixed media¦ 27cm x 25cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 SWA – Mall Galleries – London , UK 2016 Three man show, Wykeham gallery , Stockbridge, UK 2016 Edinburgh art fair, Iona House gallery, Scotland, UK 2016 Courcoux Contemporary, Salisbury, UK 2016 Hampstead art fair, Iona House gallery, London, UK 2016 Forton Fine art, Hampshire, UK 2016 Square foot exhibition at Projects gallery , Art Basel Miami, USA

ROOM# 129

Dani Humberstone Category: To Watch D.O.B. 21/11/1965 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 1,500 - £ 3,000

AWARDS: The Prince’s Trust Medal winner Essonne, France Glaxo Smith Klein Art/Science Grant Award SWA

Born in London in 1965, Dani attended a Rudolph Steiner School before studying fashion in Brighton, East Sussex. After which she returned to her original love of painting and drawing, freelancing as an artist before setting up a publishing company where she worked as the principle artist and designer. After several years she left publishing and turned to painting full time. She also worked as a freelance gallery manager and curator. In 2001 she open The Art Shop, a studio, art shop and creative ‘hub’ in Wadhurst East Sussex. Where she also chaired The September Art Exhibition (a small selected art exhibition) - a post she has recently stepped down from. She was selected to exhibit at The Florence Biennale in 2013 & 2015. Dani was elected a Vice-president of the SWA in 2015. She also writes books on painting for Search Press Ltd. Dani ‘paints a lot of fruit’ - she is interested in their metaphorical use in both the visual arts, literature, Mythology and as Symbolism. She says: “within my work I aspire to fuse the still-life tradition of Vanitas Painting within a contemporary context, using both familiar objects and ideas”.

COLLECTIONS: Private Collection

BIENNIALS: 2017 Florence Biennial

FAIRS: AAF Battersea, AAF Hampstead, Pure Arts Battle, SEEArt Fair Tunbridge Wells, Art Ireland Dublin

PUBLICATIONS: The Artist & Illustrator, Art England, Kudos, Ingenue, This Is London, City Solicitor, London.

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2013 Oil & Water, Saffron Gallery, Battle, East Sussex, UK 2005 Mad4Colour, Borough Market Gallery, London, UK

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 VW Galleries, Beijing, China 2016 SWA Annual Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London. 2015 RA Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK 2011 40 Years of page 3, The V&A, London, UK - ‘One’ Exhibitionist Hotel, London, UK The city beyond¦2014 Mixed media¦ 27cm x 25cm

ROOM# 129

Sue Jelley PSWA SPF Category: To Watch D.O.B. 29/06/1945 Country: UK Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 375 - £ 3,000

AWARDS: Guildford County Club Awards for her Pastel Work and Mad Hatter Series. Solomon & Whitehead Award at SWA Exhibition for Body of Work Woking Council Award in collaboration with Tony Hart Community Project

Sue studied Fine Art with James Hockey at The West Surrey College of Art, Farnham and spent 10 years in a Private Studio studying under the Hackney Family. Later she studied with the Portraitist Ken Paine. She exhibits regularly at the Mall Galleries, home of the Federation of British Artists and is represented in the U.S by Kathi Rodgers and Liz Hernandez. She is also a member of The French Pastel Society. Her work can be found in many private and public collections: Quincy Jones; Roger Taylor (Queen) and has been commissioned by the BBC to produce paintings for the BBC 2 and 3 Jazz Awards as well as portrait and other commissions. Sue is a Londoner and is fascinated by life in the Capital. The River Thames and the exciting part it plays in our everyday lives features prominently in her work. She finds all aspects of city life and the interaction of work and leisure with the many inhabitants and visitors important subjects: Ballet at the Marinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg; Flamenco in Cordoba; Jazz in London and Paris. Sue is a member of the Society of Women Artists and is extremely proud to be their President.

PUBLICATIONS: Art of England, The Guildford Magazine, Artists and Illustrators Magazine,’ This is London’, Galleries Guides, Arizona Art, Surrey Advertiser, Bordeaux, Limoges and Paris Magazines. COLLECTIONS: Guildford County Business Club; Foxhills Country Club; Quincy Jones; Roger Taylor (Queen) FAIRS: 1998 - 2005 The Affordable Art Fair Battersea LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2004/5 BBC Jazz Awards Mermaid Theatre, London, UK

Mardi Gras – Cuba¦2016 Acrylic on Canvas¦32cm x 26cm

LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Art in The City, Painter Stainers Hall, London, UK 2015 Red Cross Christmas Fair – Painter Stainers Art in the City, Mansion House, London, UK 2015 SWA Summer Show, Minster Gallery, Winchester, UK 2015 Resident Artist Minster Gallery, Winchester, UK 2015 AppArt Fine Art and Sculpture Exhibition, Surrey, UK 2015 SWA Summer Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London. UK 2016 AppArt Fine Art and Sculpture Exhibition, Surrey. UK 2016 SWA Summer Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London. UK 2016 Art in The City, Painter Stainers Hall, London, UK 2016 Christmas Show, Minster Gallery, Winchester, UK

ROOM# 129

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf VPSWA Category: To Watch D.O.B. 16/03/1982 Country: Australia Residence: UK Media: Paintings Price range: £ 1,500 - £ 3,700

AWARDS: 2015 The Artist, Editor’s choice Award (SWA) 2014 Finalist for the Winter Pride Awards 2013 Chelsea Arts Club Trust Award 2012 The Catherine Petitgas Award Chichester (NOAC) 2011 Winsor & Newton Young Artists Award (SWA) 2011 Winner/Finalist in BBC ‘Show me the Monet’ 2009 Finalist for the London Calling Competition at the Scream Gallery

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf (b.1982 Australia) is a London based artist who grew up between Germany and the UK. Her work predominantly focuses on painting and portraiture, exploring themes surrounding female identity and mortality. She studied Fine Art at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design (200-04) and was awarded the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Award Grant to complete her MFA at Wimbledon College of Arts (2013-15). Rebecca was featured as one of the winners of the BBC art program ‘show me the monet’ in 2011 and recently went on to become a Vice President to the Society of Women Artists where she is on the judging panel for their annual open exhibition at the Mall Galleries as well as co-curating the exhibition. The recipient of several awards, she has exhibited widely in solo, curated and juried group shows at venues such as the Mall Galleries, the V&A and the RCA. Her most recent exhibitions include ICON at Candida Stevens Fine Art which featured work by 23 eminent British artists as well as her largest and most significant solo show to date in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia. Her work can be found in both public and private collections. PUBLICATIONS: 2016 CREATIVPAPER – featured artist Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf 2016 GALLERIES MAGAZINE – ‘Der Tod und das Mädchen’ review 2016 THE ARTIST MAGAZINE – Focus on Faces – Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf 2016 ART REVEAL – Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf Feature, 14th Issue 2015 WONDERLAND MAGAZINE – Grey Area 2015 NEXT UP MAGAZINE – Interview: Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf 2015 HUNGER MAGAZINE – Young Blood 2013 THE GUARDIAN – The art of alternative investment 2013 ARTISTS & ILLUSTRATORS – How to Buy Graduate Art FAIRS: 2008/2016 The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park/Hampstead, London & Hong Kong

Charred ground¦2016 Oil ink acrylic and pastel on canvas¦90cm x 120cm

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Der Tod und das Mädchen/Death and the Maiden, Gallery Different, Fitzrovia, London , UK 2016 Cycles of Desire Someth1ng Gallery, London, UK 2014 Searching for continuity Gallery Different, Fitzrovia, London, UK 2012 The Scaffolding series, 10 Grosvenor street, Mayfair, London, UK 2009 The Alopecia Series, The Red Gate Gallery, London, UK

COLLECTIONS: Landmark Collection 100 Mothers LATEST GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 ICON, Candida Stevens Fine Art, Chichester , UK 2016 Society of Women Artists, The Mall Galleries, London, UK 2016 FACE, Gallery Different, Fitzrovia, London, UK 2015 Young Masters:Dialogues, Cynthia Corbett at Sphinx Gallery, London, UK 2015 Chelsea Arts Club Trust Award recipients Exhibition, Chelsea Arts Club, London, UK 2015 MFA Degree Showcase, Wimbledon College of Art, London, UK 2015 Art Nexus II, Lucia Mendoza Gallery, Madrid, Spain 2015 Good Figures, The Mall Galleries, London/Jerwood Gridshell, West Sussex, UK 2014 The Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries, London, UK 2014 Winter Pride Awards, Lacey Contemporary, London, UK

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