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We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present. Art Lovers Australia is committed to honouring Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters and seas and their rich contribution to society.

Cover Michael Wolfe – Under A Turbulent Sky

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.

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Right: Artist credit - Amica


Caste Wheel: Eora Mob

100 x 150 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Konstantina is a proud Gadigal woman of the Eora nation and a neocontemporary Indigenous artist. She is re-imagining the traditions of her peoples’ dot painters and providing a modern narrative for all Australians to better understand First Nations People as part of the fabric of Australia.

As a descendant of the Gadigal people, she is passionate about her language, culture and histories, much of which have been lost, misplaced or manipulated since the dawn of colonisation.

Her artwork tells of these histories and directly relates the struggles, inspiration challenges and daily turmoil she feels at being a mum, a storyteller, a woman and above all – a connected Aboriginal person to the land, the animals and spirit of our Country.



91 x 122 cm

Mixed media on canvas

Laurie Franklin is a full time artist who is primarily known for her impressionistic landscapes.

Laurie’s use of subtle colour, charcoal and metallic copper are evocative of the magic and mystery of the liminal spaces between desert and city.

Over the past 18 years, she has created a wide range of artworks that can be found all over the world in homes and hotels including the Absolute Hotel Group in Ireland, Rendezvous Hotels in Australia and Protea Hotels South Africa.

Escarpment is part of the Banksia series tracing the Australian landscape through this iconic tree.


Oops I Did It Again

150 x 120 cm

Oil and acrylic on cotton

‘My mother invested a ton of love in me and my six siblings when we were growing up. We had a lot of conflict in our lives but we always knew we had that love to fall back on.’

As an artist, Meli explores how these remembered experiences overlap with her own experiences as a mother.

Meli works from photos taken of her daughters hanging out around the swimming pool with their pet moodle puppies.

The finished work is carefully constructed to balance the negative space.


Julia Chuquis

A New Season

150 x 220 cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Julia is an abstract expressionist artist. Her creativity has always been connected to her natural surroundings; growing up on a farm, curiosity and love for nature inspired her to explore, observe and touch everything she saw and constantly feed her subconscious with texture and colour.

While gaining valuable knowledge and experience through more formalised studies, she accredits exploring nature as her most prominent teacher.

Describing her artwork as a fusion between interior design and subconscious creation, artworks are large statement pieces, from delicate layers to gestural brush strokes, textures and mark making in acrylic and oils.

When painting, Julia feels connected to the energy source that powers the universe. She shows her gratitude by hoping to capture the moment’s essence onto the canvas.



Martin Breeze


150 x 150 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Martin Breeze is a visual artist based in Melbourne. His art is bold and energetic and his canvasses manifestations of expression without rules or boundaries.

‘My art is all abstract. I am fascinated by it because it affords me the opportunity to avoid trying to imitate the world around me or to focus on replicating any fixed objects.

Life has so many boundaries and restrictions and abstract art allows me to let go and see where the flow takes me. I am in love with not knowing what will become of the blank canvas!’


Tarli Bird

Urban Landscape: Flinders Rangers

70 x 100 cm

Mixed media on paper

Tarli is an artist inspired by a passion for travelling and exploring.

Intuition guides the recreations of her surroundings – reimagining the built and natural environment with simple lines, colour, texture and patterns that extend the boundaries of representation.

With a deliberate application of acrylic, spray paint and embroidery, Tarli uses each layer of materials to represent the effects of human action on the natural environment. The first layer of acrylic paint suggests the natural environment, the second of spray paint suggests human influences and the third layer of embroidery combines both together to create unity.



120 x 120 cm

Oil on linen

Trisha Lambi is an award-winning figurative artist, well known for her bold and sensuous yet haunting nudes.

Of her work, Lambi says ‘Light and its effect on form is my inspiration and whilst I don’t particularly aspire to convey a conscious emotion in my work, it seems to emerge of its own will’.

Exhibiting widely in Australia and internationally, career highlights include representing Australia at the Guangzhou Art Fair in China, exhibiting in California, painting murals in the streets of Heraklion in Crete and having three paintings featured in the TV series The Block.

Among her latest achievements, is the creation of a series of paintings depicting the Gold Rush in Charters Towers, which is being made into a mosaic mural covering a shopping centre wall in the town which is 60m long and 7m high.


Sigrid Patterson


43 x 63 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Sigrid is an award winning artist working in both oils and acrylics.

Based in northern NSW, Sigrid is surrounded by the natural environment and is growing a large native garden that is often the inspiration for her still life paintings. She is passionate about using art to tell stories and capture everyday moments. These often include native flowers that tell stories of her continuous learning about the environment or to reflect her commentary on community and social issues.

Trimmings show a young banksia pod that was snapped off the tree by a young Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo. ‘There’s a flock of around 70 of these birds that visit my garden most days and along with the wallabies and koalas, keep the gardens pruned and my studio full of trimmings.’


Astrid Dahl

Unfulfilled Dreams

85 x 100cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Astrid is inspired by the un-known and how it interacts with the known, namely the natural landscape.

‘The sometimes soft feathery treatment in my work, is one side of nature that is gentle and benign while there are courser, highly textured elements that can represent danger. To me the landscape can be, fragile, ferocious, aweinspiring, humbling and fearful – often simultaneously. Deserts and salt lakes are my places of refuge and inspiration, having made numerous trips to the desert areas around Australia’s outback.

My work shifts between being ‘more abstract’ and ‘less abstract’, depending on environment and reflective thoughts. The transient nature of life and my creative responses are also subject to those changes and mutations. Nature in all its forms, is always changing, being reborn and mutating. My paintings are my personal way of making sense of those constant changes in time, environment and circumstances through landscape. The truth is we probably have no single sense of where we belong in any given time. As an artist, these places get mixed up with preconceptions, cultural significance and our deeper spiritual feelings. On this earth, we are as one’.


Mela Cooke

On The Edge

Male 70 x 26 cm

Fremale 70 x 41cm Bronze Sculpture

Mela is a Brisbane-based sculptor working in clay and casting in bronze.

With a background as a physiotherapist, Mela has always had an appreciation of the human form.

When sculpting, she draws on friends and family as models. Mela endeavours to capture the character of the individual; in the end it is the essence of the person that is most important for her to translate into the work.

On The Edge is a continuation of the series of bronze swimmers created by Mela which reflect the connections to both the water and the community this beloved pastime creates.

Featuring a male and female swimmer sitting on the edge of the pool, this sculpture captures the moment when the sun is rising and they have pulled their togs on, ready to jump into that crisp water, an experience frequently shared by many Australians.


Tania Chanter

Bush Country Clouds

100 x 120 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Tania Chanter is a full time artist based in the Yarra Valley.

Whether directing her focus on a choppy moonlit seascape, a sparse darkened promontory or a meandering river plain, her gestural brushstrokes reflect an intuitive process that is ruled by emotion.

Tania’s abstract works capture the rich colours found throughout the Australian landscape and draw on the power and drama of storms, sunlight and the ocean.

Using brushes, spatulas, palette knives, knitting needles and her favourite tools, her hands, Tania adds layer upon layer to each canvas until she is satisfied. What results are alluring, sensory pieces that are full of energy.

Tania has been a finalist in numerous Australian art prizes. Her work is highly sought after and is represented in collections around Australia and internationally.


Bianca Gardiner-Dodd

Billabongs, Birthing and Belief

150 x 180 cm

Acrylic on canvas Kamilaroi woman, Bianca Gardiner-Dodd is a contemporary Aboriginal artist with cultural ties to Bundjalung. Her work reflects the coastal environment and surrounding elements of the landscapes she was raised and continues to live in.

Gardiner-Dodd’s work is symbolic of her interpretation of her coastal life, exploring a variety of environments; estuaries, forest’s and beaches, drawing upon the organic harmony and unity of life existing within them.

Bianca sees her art as a platform and vehicle to articulate her creative journey. A continuous processing of her place and self through multiple mediums with a unique and thought-provoking voice.

Billabongs, Birthing and Belief celebrates a gentle, receptive land where the waters of the meandering stream flow past the dotted remnants of their former courses –the billabongs.

At the breeching point where the stream merges with the vast ocean reaches, the women of the Bundjalung come, as they always have through the centuries to the sanctuary where the ancestral spirits dwell to protect and care for their needs at the time of birthing.


Aimee Rytenskild


100 x 150 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Aimee Rytenskild is an emerging artist currently living in the south-west of WA.

Working predominantly with acrylics and ink, she creates figurative paintings that explore the experience of womanhood and social stereotypes of femininity.

Approaching portraiture through an autobiographical lens, Aimee centres female characters that are depicted as strong anchors of each composition, often confronting the gaze of the viewer.

Dense patterns and bold colour palettes are a feature of Aimee’s work, inspired by vintage textiles and florals, weaving together an aesthetic that is bright, colourful and fun.


Theo Papathomas

Aerial Display

127 x 147 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Full-time artist, Theo Papathomas is formally trained, having completed a BA in Fine Art at RMIT University, Melbourne.

Inspiration comes from being part of the Australian landscape, witnessing and experiencing the energy of its dramatic seasonal changes.

The richness and unpredictable command of his paintings capture memories of the landscape’s mesmerising rhythms. Australia has an immense spirituality, which Theo aims to evoke in his constructed landscapes by images derived from life.

Symbols which are represented in his work are completely spontaneous and intuitive without using any drawings as a guide.

He charges his paintings full of emotion and spirituality to transport the viewer into a new experience with a vibrant palette, aiming to capture the spirit of this land, so often associated with the great Australian outback.


Claire McCall

Beach Umbrellas

92 x 61 cm

Oil on canvas

A modern impressionist artist, Claire McCall paints almost exclusively using a palette knife, freely capturing light, movement and the interplay between abstraction and realism with layers of rich colour and texture.

Her works often feature everyday moments in time, typically, a figure turned away from the viewer in a candid pose. The viewer is invited to fill in the blanks of time, place, thoughts and emotions.

‘I believe the intelligence of a painting is in the lost and found edges. The interest lies within the range of values and textures, the drama of abstraction vs realism... and the magic is in the movement created by a confident stroke of the brush or palette knife’.


Reef Music

102 x 102 cm

Mixed media and resin on wood panel

Located in Far North Queensland enjoying the Great Barrier Reef as a major source of inspiration and reference, Petra is an artist who lives and breathes her craft, breaking the rules, taking risks constantly pushing new techniques and exploring ideas.

Petra’s paintings are poured into place and sculpted with the use of air pressure, gravity, water and fire to create reef and ocean scenes.

This work represents the effects of reactions between mixed mediums. The power of the chemistry between pigments carried by different mediums attracting or repelling each other.

From realistic to abstract, Petra creates large paintings and a diverse collection of ocean art prints.


Bianca-Christie Wano

Message Sticks on Country

50.5 x 60 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Bianca-Christie Wano is a proud Bidjara/ Meriam Indigenous emerging artist in Queensland. Bianca expresses a strong connection to her Indigenous heritage through her art.

Traditional storylines from her people inspire her art. ‘Storylines represent who we are and where we come from.’

Bianca styles her artwork with bold lines, dots and earthy colours. The boldness explores symbolic cultural Aboriginal (Bidjara) and Torres Strait Islander (Meriam) bloodlines.

She is passionate about creating artwork to express one of the oldest living cultures in the world. Bianca’s preferred choice of materials are acrylic colours on canvas.

Message sticks are a cultural tool for Indigenous people as a form of communication. They consist of a piece of wood carved with symbolic patterns. Indigenous people carried the message sticks over long distances to invite others to traditional dances (corroborees) ceremonies (marriages), sorry business (burials) and war and games.


Charlotte Wensley


46 x 61 cm

Mixed media on board

Loosely based in the landscape painting genre, Charlotte Wensley’s work is concerned with multidimensional experiences of physical spaces.

The socio-spatial interactions that happen between people, places and emotions, both historically embedded over time and in the chance encounter of the moment, are recurrent themes in her work. Charlotte believes knowledge and understanding of self and stories about identity are deeply held within environmental contexts.

Rather than working towards a literal representation of landscape, she employs elements of abstracted realism, in a space where memories flow and emotional experience is revisited, contextualised and described with specific reference to a given place.


Tania Blanchard

The Big Blue

140 x 180 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Tania created and developed her own signature style. Her artwork from a distance looks like a minimalistic colourful arrangement however, on closer inspection you see detailed layering of ‘impasto dots’. This accumulation of ‘dots’ gives each painting a beautiful complex depth. Tania’s works are heavily textured and her tools of choice are palette knives.

‘I paint with the idea that colour theory and therapy can affect viewers when in front of my work. I like to consider myself as a colour specialist or colourist. It’s important that each impasto coloured dot works individually but also in unison with its surroundings.

I want the viewer to feel more engaged and have an emotional effect when viewing my art.’

‘The work is not about an experience, the work is the experience’. Mark Rothko.


Ani Ipradjian

Wild Banksia Bouquet

79 x 104 cm

Mixed media and acrylic on canvas

Ani Ipradjian is an emerging artist based in Melbourne.

Inspired by the enthralling landscapes of nature and city themes, Ani is best known for her asymmetrical style; creating luscious textures, shapes and colour combinations. Ani’s work encapsulates Australia’s native flora and outback landscapes. She describes her pieces as a true representation of her past, present and future.

Having studied a Diploma of Art and Design, Graphic Design and Photography, her artwork features a combination of acrylic painting and mixed media. Working predominately with soft pinks, calming blues and warming mustards, Ani Ipradjian’s art will liven up any room.



The Red Cadet

120 x 150 cm

Mixed media on canvas

Franko is a multi-disciplinary artist working with abstract, pop and realist styles. He creates large works that are supported on textured and multi layered bases.

He has been a full-time artist for over 10 years and paints pretty well 24/7-365.

Franko’s pieces are highly sought after and held in collections in some 35 countries globally.

Whilst he says every day is a blessing doing this ‘job’, he notes that his works are mostly mechanical in creation and that the emotion and joy is owned by the client. He always signs off with ‘Happy Trails! and lives his life by this mantra.


Angela Roskell

Warm Light and Shadow

101.5 x 152cm

Acrylic on canvas

Angela Roskell is a full-time artist based on the Gold Coast and is best known for her large and colourful, free-flowing abstract paintings.

Angela creates with an intuitive style utilising the opposing elements of control and coincidence harmonised together in a perfect balance to best represent her view of the majestic aura of nature’s flowing energy and colour filled beauty.

‘Colours found in nature are my biggest inspiration. I love to represent the feeling of the ocean, earth and changing seasons with the use of colour and bring that sense of nature to the canvas.’


December Light

71 x 76 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Born in WA, Doodie’s inspiration comes from a deep love of and connection to nature that began in childhood exploring the hectares of untouched bush behind her home.

‘I work from my own photographs, memory and imagination and my process is intuitive – it always begins with a palette of colours then the painting is slowly discovered.

I love to explore new tools and palettes to keep my paintings fresh and immediate. The creative freedom in this way of working is very rewarding, leading to unexpected places and paintings across several genres’.


Carol Zsolt

Vertical Garden

76 x 122 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Carol Zsolt is an abstract artist based in Melbourne. Carol’s art is about colour form and detail and how they all work together.

Carol’s work is different and appealing. Her distinctive style derives from attention to detail and her ability to look beyond the brush stroke while outlining every square and swirl. It is about the maximalist element of her art, where there is something everywhere.

Paintings are built layer upon layer of colour and brushstrokes. After the first colour, the following colours flow guided by what intrigues her aesthetically, creating an exciting contrast or simply by happy coincidence.


Jem Ham

Mr Alpha Bert

81.5 x 81.5 cm

Acrylic on linen

Jem Ham is a self taught artist who started painting on brick walls with water at the age of four.

Today, he works primarily on canvas and paper. His art attempts to unravel the day-to-day psyche through surrealist automatism and biomorphic forms. It reflects a journey of evolving selfawareness, reaching from the physical world, to mind and spirit.

Capturing moments of doubt and confusion, of weakness and strength, of joy and sorrow, of fantasy and reality, of whimsy and clarity, and of love and longing, his works are in essence, a soapbox for the subconscious mind.


Libby Dyer Things That Matter

65 x 91 cm

Alcohol ink yupo paper

Freeing ourselves from the distractions of everyday life so that we can build the lives we seek to create and focus on the things that matter.

Libby Dyer is an intuitive abstract artist inspired by nature and wellness. Her art channels many of her emotions and memories and moves from internal and personal to the external world of nature and the different parts and elements of it.

Her recent body of work concentrates on the practice of mindfulness, planting the seeds of joy and happiness for our tomorrows. Libby’s work supports awareness of mental health and connecting to those who need a little bit of positivity in their lives.

Libby’s art embraces a very positive and fluid art-making process which is also evident in her medium of choice, alcohol ink. This is Libby’s passion, her release and herself raw.


Gail McKenzie

Werri Beach, South Coast NSW

105 x 90 cm

Oil on canvas

Gail McKenzie is an accomplished landscape painter and an avid traveller.

Originally from rural NZ and currently living in Sydney, Gail’s focus is on capturing her connection to the land. Painting on location (en plein air) grounds her work, which she finishes off in her studio on return from her travels.

Her ongoing commitment to the environment and natural habitats is reflected in her paintings.

Gail’s sense of adventure and love of travel means she is rarely without her pochade box and paints, to capture colours and scenes wherever inspiration hits.

A finalist in multiple high-profile landscape art prizes, Gail also loves to spend her time with her family and friends.


Mike Barr

Sun-Shower on Collins

90 x 120 cm

Oil on canvas

Mike Barr is known for his interpretations of rainy city streets and has learned his craft by being out in the rainy streets of Melbourne and Adelaide and translating the mood onto canvas.

He believes that paintings should be felt by the emotions, and this is what he aims for when painting rain in the city in his impressionist style.

With more than 80 art prizes under his belt, 50 art magazine articles and published in the award-winning Art of Being Melbourne, Mike was honoured to be invited by the Art Gallery of South Australia to demonstrate during the Clarice Becket Exhibition in 2021.


Amica Aindow


153 x 91 cm

Mixed media on canvas

Amica is an abstract artist based in Toowoomba, Queensland.

‘I transform creative chaos into calm with a signature artistic style focused on emotional richness and natural simplicity. I work intuitively with inks and organic media such as smoke, whisky and coffee.

Harnessing the Japanese concept of ‘Ma’, meaning the space between, I pare the work down to its simplest form without losing its poetry. Eliminating distracting or unnecessary areas has become one of the most important aspects of my creative process. A kind of elemental alchemy forms, conjuring organic, precious forms of colour and beauty.’

Amica’s work has been profiled on Grand Designs, The Block, Country Living, Art Edit and Home Design and features in several public collections, including The Star Casino and The Crown Towers, Sydney.


A Beautiful Silence

120 x 150 cm

Oil on canvas

Predominantly a landscape artist, Lucinda works from her studio on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Lucinda has an ongoing fascination with the horizon line – the boundary between heaven and earth, land and air, the turmoil in the clouds and the stillness and solidarity of the earth.

Her recent works have been inspired by the High Country of northern Victoria and southern New South Wales and have taken on a slightly different flavour, with bolder palettes reflecting the feel of the high country. Solitary images are still the focus of these works with the added influences of four distinct changing seasons and the romantic history of the area.

‘Not every corner, nook and cranny, needs to be filled ... let the spaces just be. Let them be empty, like silence that can fill a void. In the void, less is more and leaves room for vast potential.’


Lucy Car


Cockatoos and Flowers

76 x 101 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Lucy is an artist who uses bright colours and joyful subject matter to feed the yearning for joy within us; bright pieces representing nature to make us smile.

She paints Australian floral, still life works and narrative art with Australian animals.

Painting brings her peace in her busy life with five children and a large property she is covering in rainforest, fruit trees and flowers.

Lucy believes art should be about falling in love and the feeling it gives you and is so grateful that she has those same feelings creating it.


Amanda Cameron

Stolen Moments

101 x 101 cm

Oil on canvas

Amanda Cameron’s work reflects her fascination for the interactions and interrelationships between the natural world and people.

Living and working on Australia’s Gold Coast, Amanda’s work is focused on the quest for finding refuge, quietness, and escapism. Her paintings often focus on the lone swimmer and the sense of introspection when submerged in water.

Amanda has a particular interest in realism in all its forms which was informed by her education of the classical masters. She has an affinity for Norman Rockwell’s paintings and some of the contemporary American realists.


Sonica Joshi-Mann

Heartful Sojourn

170x 170cm

Acrylic on canvas

Sonica, an abstract expressionist creating vibrant paintings straight from her heart!

‘Live Large Life’ is the motto behind her large scale paintings. Nature lover, yoga enthusiast and mum, she creates impactful pieces which elevate the mood of any space.

A combination of Indian and Australian heritage, has brought an interesting depth to Sonica’s life. The connection with colours, seasons, mountain peaks, beaches, native flora and art-forms from these two worlds enrich her life and emerges through her paintings, bringing a vision of spiritual well-being onto the canvas.

Painting with vibrant colours, Sonica’s techniques include hands, loose brush strokes, palette knives and unusual tools in the process of layer building. These play an amazing role in enhancing the depth of composition.

Creating a happy painting for someone’s sanctuary sets Sonica on her spiritual creative and emotional journey. That becomes her Heartful Sojourn!


Liquorish All Sorts – Gouldian Finches

50 x 50 cm

Mixed media on canvas

With a career spanning almost 30 years, Deb has always been drawn to the Australian landscape and the distinctly different flowers and birds we have here. Brisbane based, she trained in Canberra where she started experimenting with water-based medium.

She is an expressionist artist who combines the painterly qualities of acrylics and dry pastel fixed with acrylic medium in many transparent layers, often taking the subject in and out of focus.

‘My future focus is moving towards birds in movement and flowers in the environment with a simple narrative about their beauty.’



120 x 180cm

Mixed media and gold leaf on canvas

Argentinian born painter, Gabriela, is based in Melbourne.

She embraces a passionate, intuitive approach to painting. Rather than subscribing to rigid techniques, she lets colour and emotions guide her creative process. The resulting paintings easily capture the imagination through whirlwinds of colour and texture.

Gabriela views painting as sheer passion and feeling. Through her process she doesn’t seek to depict a set idea or subject, but instead lets scenes and dynamic movement emerge organically.


Tabitha Stowe

The Goddess is You

91 x 122 cm

Mixed media on canvas

Tabitha Stowe – poet, illustrator and artist. Her skills enable her to approach her art with different techniques she loves to explore, including a mixture of digital collage, large acrylic canvas paintings and hand-painted pastel illustrated children’s art.

Her subjects include trees, birds, patterned fashion illustrations and more.

‘My art is intuitively self taught. I like sharp geometric shapes entwined with intricate patterns, bold colors sitting with pastels and opposites. I am an eclectic artist so don’t stick to one form or process with a preference for female figures and nature.

I believe the worlds need more gentleness and unconditional love. I live in a sort of imaginary world where animals and humans live as one at peace. Some of my illustrations express my childlike personality and a yearning to escape into fantasy.

My Japanese muse is my alter ego dressed in her magical attire. I am a fan of all things exotic, decadent and lavish in the natural world.’


Michael Wolfe

Under A Turbulent Sky

122 x 122 cm Acrylic on canvas

‘I’m always looking for the sensual and lyrical, providing a window to enjoy nuance, colour, gesture and the interplay between forms and marks.’

Michael uses a combination of accidents, the relationship between marks and colours and most of all, gesture and energy when painting.

‘I love the openness and the beautiful distances around where I live and never tire of the rolling hills, granite outcrops, rhythms, textures and colours.

I want to engage and communicate through my art. Painting is a pleasurable dialogue. It can be a narrative vehicle, in my case, telling a story about a place.’

Michael has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally with over 30 solo exhibitions. His work is included in public, corporate and private collections.


Sioux Tempestt

In This Moment

122 x 152 cm

Mixed media on canvas

Transcending creative disciplines, Perth artist Sioux Tempestt creates abstract, mural, sculptural and digital art. Traversing across different mediums and scale of works enables Sioux to push creative boundaries.

Through materiality and physicality, her expressive abstractions intuitively fuse colour and form. Her work aims to create a narrative and connection as Sioux believes art plays an intrinsic contribution to our wellbeing, health, and happiness.

Sioux has delivered 10 solo exhibitions and exhibited in numerous group shows. Recent achievements include Finalist – City of Melville Art Award, 2022; Finalist – 2022 City of Joondalup Invitation Art Prize and Finalist – Minnawarra Art Awards, 2022.

Sioux’s work is held in public and private collections. Sioux also composes music video and writing.


Karen Chappelow


122 x 122 cm

Acrylic and ink on canvas

Karen Chappelow has been painting and sculpting for more than 20 years and has collectors around the world.

‘I like it when I get a physical reaction from people when they view my art.’

The expressionist nature of her work blur the edges of reality and makes people smile, to think and create conversation –like squeezing a bit of lemon juice into a cut.

Karen offers a daring commentary on contemporary society. She draws heavily from history, anthropology, mythology and pop culture in a way that overthrows original gender dynamics and hands the reins of control back to women, or the oppressed, unapologetically adding a twist of sassy humour to the mix.

Inspired by the Australian flora and fauna, our girl Serpentis is transformed –her hair a river of snakeskin, naked as if the very skin has been renewed, she is surrounded by the flowering Christmas tree – her companions: spider orchids and Acacia flowers, languid, soft and fertile, is she.


Patsy Taylor

Crimson Forest

46 x 91.5 cm

Synthetic polymer on plywood board

Patsy Taylor creates stunning abstract paintings, with raw intuitive mark making and complementary tones.

Influenced by the rugged, native forest hills and gullys that surround her home in country Victoria, her compositions reflect the harmony found within these chaotic natural landscapes.

The fluid forms in her paintings suggest underlying patterns in nature. Lines are blurred, edges undefined, opaque shapes meld into one another. The transparent layers of paint resolve to balance the elements.

Patsy explains her process: ‘Weaving through accident and intention, addition and subtraction, avoiding the contrived, I look to capture the sublime, bringing out beauty from the abyss.’


Saren Dobkins

Reaching For Self

102 x 102cm Oil on canvas

Saren has been painting responses to her life’s experiences since 1982. Her subject matter explores the personal and the ‘universal’ through abstracted forms, layered metaphors, and symbolic iconography.

Her instinctive approach to painting is bold, expressionist and distinctive. A strong narrative underlies the works. Her interest in how we arrive at an integrated sense of our self and others is an underlying theme and she tries to capture these intertwined connections in her paintings.

Originally from Zambia, she has travelled widely and now resides in Tewantin, Queensland. Saren has exhibited in over 30 solo and group shows and her work is held in national and international collections.

Reaching For Self – She lies suspended, as if between two worlds of awareness as she reaches within and listens for the voice from the deep to rise up and speak to her. An expressive depiction of the fleeting experiences of connecting with the unconscious. A fish depicts the ‘self’ from another realm, as it rises from the depth, so close yet can never quite be ‘touched’.


Nicola Cowie

Floral Vase No 2

42 x 47 cm

Hand coloured lino cut on paper

Her art practice encompasses printmaking and painting with a focus on linocut and watercolour. Nature is a constant throughout her work with native flowers and birds as subjects and motifs.

Art Noveau and stained glasswork have been an enduring inspiration and are echoed throughout her pieces. Juxtaposing flat ink against textural and tonal watercolour washes create a tactility in her still life and botanical pieces.

Nicola is a Perth based multi-award winning artist with a BA Honours in Fine Art Printmaking from Gray’s School of Art in Scotland.


Min Ray

In Search of Light No 3

76 x 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Creating multifaceted imagery, Melbourne artist Min Ray recounts stories and reconstructs perspectives with her distinctive style.

Relinquishing her corporate job to undertake a Diploma of Visual Arts, it was her introduction to abstraction that transformed the course of her artistic journey. Profoundly influenced by the creative ideology of Carmen Herrera, and her desire to reconstruct chaos into order, Min’s works unify intricate configurations into calculated formulations that embark viewers on an optical and conceptual odyssey through space and time.

Min’s artistry is a consequence of her inner impulses and internal dialogue. Her colour selections are decided after deep deliberation and provide insights into her emotional and subconscious reasoning.

Producing her works entirely freehand, Min’s works are frequently the product of perseverance and her inclination to improve and evolve. Her art alters the realms of possibilities and the frontiers of creative manifestation, sparking revolutionary concepts and conclusions.


Meredith Howse

Honeymoon Bay, Tasmania

91 x 122 cm

Oil on canvas

Established artist Meredith Howse feels a connection with beautiful and dramatic landscapes.

The feel of the air, ocean and sky; a connection with the ground, rocks and trees. Empowered, she then translates this feeling into an inspiring artwork.

When looking at the countryside and ocean, Meredith sees more than a pretty scene; absorbing the tonal differences, shade play and the ever-changing colours, she portrays the landscape in its essence. ‘I want the viewer to feel connected to the moment and feel the emotion of the atmosphere created by nature at that point in time.’

Meredith is pleased to present her latest landscape series, inspired by the colours of Tasmania.


Sangeeta Mahajan


Fine Art Photography

Sangeeta Mahajan, a Brisbane-based art photographer specialises in fine art portraiture and narrative photography.

Through her photographs, she explores what lies beneath the human skin – the subtle, unspoken twists and angst of the heart and thought. She likes to frame people in situ and capture the micro expressions, the transient emotion, the psychology of relationships that can barely be seen on the surface.

Her work is a way of expressing the internal beauty and distortions of the human form in a subtle manner, using light, shadow, mood, emotion and artistry.

Sangeeta, multi-national and international award winning photographer, exhibiting both locally and internationally, winner of the ALA Prize 2022 and the Clayton Utz Art Award 2021.


Fern Siebler

Where the light pours in

76 x 102 cm

Mixed media & gold leaf on canvas

Fern is a Melbourne abstract artist best known for her layered and flowing abstractions.

Inspirations for Fern’s expressive works are drawn from the fluidity and movement of nature and the earth and her own personal experiences.

Fern grew up in regional Victoria, where her passion for earth, the flow of nature and all things colour began.

‘It might be that in the moment I am inspired by a particular memory of a person, a place or a colour. The fluidity and movement of nature is such an incredible force. To me, in this, I find endless inspiration.’

Painting for Fern is described as a deep and emotive process. ‘When I paint, I remember my experiences and let them guide my intuitive painting process. I feel extremely connected to my artworks.’


Susannah Paterson

Just Passing Through

90 x 90 cm Oil on canvas

Susannah Paterson is a surrealist expressionist painter working full-time from her beach side studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She is also a potter and divides her time between both arts.

Her experience of 30 years as a psychotherapist gave her a deep respect and understanding of the human condition and the experiences we all have. Unsurprisingly this informs her work.

She paints mainly from her imagination, telling stories and describing life themes in her own unique and whimsical way.

Susannah’s work is held by collectors all over Australia and in the USA and UK.


Jonathan Redmayne


76 x 102 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Jonathan Redmayne is a Sydney-based artist, whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in England Italy, Argentina, and the United States.

He describes his works as challenging the current global climate and are carefully arranged by showcasing organic shapes that orchestrate a narrative of conflict and harmony, fragments of contrasting colours created through blending brushstrokes, abstract signatures and sculptural-like curves.

Redmayne’s bold compositions embody a visual aesthetic that ‘emotionally confronts the viewer.’


Ruby Wave

76 x 102cm

Mixed media on canvas

Growing up next to the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the heart of Russian art, Tania’s childhood was filled with inspiration continuing into early adulthood, whilst living and studying in London.

Now on the Gold Coast enjoying the vibrancy of Australia’s landscapes and culture, Tania’s latest works incorporate mixed media into her oil and acrylic work further imbuing her love of texture and layering with the rich hues of colour that remain at the core of her art.

Working as an interior designer had a huge impact on her perception of the role of art. ‘Paintings resonate with people, whether it be an emotional connection or to fit a particular space and colour scheme. Artworks transform spaces more than anything else, tying colours you love together to create a space of cosiness and warmth.

‘I’ve always loved colours. I see beautiful colour combinations everywhere: in the garden, the sky, even on people’s clothing and try to express this beauty in my paintings. My flower garden is also a great inspiration where colours mix in together creating a wonderful harmony. For me, painting is definitely a form of meditation’


Prue Frost

We Made It

100 x 120 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Prue Frost is a self taught intuitive expressive and semi-abstract painter living in Sydney.

‘I work in acrylics, mostly because I have to work fast and often in short bursts whilst the chaos of a young family whirls around me. All of my inspiration is drawn from nature, it’s intuitive, so I usually see something I love and have to paint it immediately.

I have an ever evolving style that centres around one subject, nature. Mostly flowers. I adore their form and everything they represent – beauty, joy, life giving, resilience and yet they are fleeting.


Kevan Rigby

La Giostra di Firenze

(The carousel of Florence)

91 x 122cm Oil on canvas

Kevan Rigby is drawn to the minutiae of life, striving to capture the soul of an experience. His paintings draw the viewers attention to intricacies that they may have missed.

Rigby is a realist painter with impressionistic elements. His connection nurtures an interactive relationship between the historical moment and the visual representation of that moment. Central to his style are the key elements of light and colour.

Kevan’s artistic intention is that La Giostra di Firenze will lead the viewer to feel engaged in the moment, feel the light’s warmth and brightness, movement and the music of a traditional carousel against the backdrop of the ancient heart of Florence.


AKA Coldghost Antiquity Street

70 x 101 cm

Mixed media on canvas

Working under the name ColdGhost, Brendan has been making art from recycled materials for two decades.

Brendan’s urban pop artworks are directly inspired by graffiti in city laneways and on advertising billboards.

Collecting street posters off walls and power poles in Sydney and Melbourne, Brendan then recycles them into art.

Traditional pop art icons are mixed with themes of identity, consumerism, religious iconography and playfully repackaged.


Dinah Wakefield

Desert Horizon

112 x 142cm

Mixed media on canvas

Dinah’s paintings are abstract representations of the light, energy and movement in nature: the invisible currents that underlie the natural world and surface in the landscape we experience.

She is well-known for the tremendous sense of movement and energy that she captures in her paintings and the beautiful ambience her work creates.

Dinah paints on a large scale and has developed a reputation for statement artworks in major hotel projects and corporate offices. Her paintings are enjoyed all over the world, including collections in New York London, Paris, and throughout Australia.


Guzaliya Xavier

Colors of Cotton Candy

76 x 76 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Guzaliya Xavier is an award winning Australian artist who paints highly textured, geometric art abstracts. Having a strong analytical mind, she likes to organise time, space, information and… marks on canvas in particular order.

Guzaliya’s art takes the viewer into a fascinating world of optical illusions. Particular effects are achieved by introduction of rhythmical repetitions and drastic or balanced transitions in tone or colour. Some of the artworks glow, some disrupt the vision and make it hard to interpret it in a conscious way. Some of them look like visual puzzles.

Her art has an impact on a viewer: hypnotising, meditative, calming, intriguing, and even obsessive. Each painting reveals something new the more one looks at it.


Anica Amphlett

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

36 x 54 cm

Watercolour on paper

Anica finds inspiration through the intricacies of the world around us. Motivated by her love of learning about the hows and whys of nature, she strives to paint mainly Australian birds, flora and landscapes with an underlying understanding of their being.

Whether the subject is portrayed in detail or not, it is important to capture its essence. This way, she hopes to express the emotion involved, evoking a positive feeling for the viewer.

Anica believes watercolour to be the ultimate medium that helps to create a good mix of spontaneity and detail, all aiming to bring the subject to life.


Sarah Jane

Body Bloom XI – Sultry Woman

101 x 152 cm

Mixed media on canvas

Sarah Jane is a cheeky, fun artist who loves getting messy with on-trend colours to create huge soulful artworks.

Having a fascination with people and a passion for modern design, her two loves collide in a powerful visual expression of abstract figurative painting. This encompasses form and colour whilst diving into the depths of exploring who we are.

Sarah Jane focuses on our layers of connection to not only ones self, but others and at times, the world. Looking at our true motives, desires and discovering the rawness of human form as we manoeuvre through the seasons of life.

‘I want you to experience more than just visual beauty. I want to ignite your soul and remind you of who you are in this puzzle of life. To breathe in the colour, to connect with the story. Afterall, an artwork that resonates with us reminds us just how alive we are.’

Her works are held in private collections both in Australia, UK and USA. Find your story amongst one of her collections.


Alanah Jarvis

Our Connection with Water

122 x 152 cm

Oil on canvas

Alanah Jarvis is a water artist whose ocean and rainscapes are collected across the world.

She uses many layers of oil paint to create the illusion of space and depth. An essential element to life, water heals and hydrates. It supports us while we swim, and the rain clears the air we breathe which is simply fascinating.

As a washed-up scuba instructor, Alanah knows firsthand the tranquillity that being in, near, under or on water can have on our senses and moods. Through her work, she aims to reflect this serenity and sense of calmness into your space.



200 x 290 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Alicia’s abstractions are designed to evoke emotion and capture attention through the use of bright, vibrant colours, and an energetic and playful style of painting.

Her expansive paintings use a wide range of colours, convey a positive, upbeat energy and are often so full of texture you’ll want to reach out and touch the paint!

Alicia creates paintings people feel a connection with, that help to make their house a home and spark conversation.

Alicia’s paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia.


Patricia Walsh

Night Surf Byron 2

30 x 30 cm

Acrylic on board

Contemporary seascape painter Patricia Walsh is based on the NSW North Coast. She draws inspiration from the extraordinary beauty of the Byron Bay coast and hinterland.

‘Each painting resonates with stories of Byron, as I respond to the sounds, the windswept seas, the changing light, the energy and the freedom. It’s a breathing space that feels a world away from reality’ says Walsh.

Patricia represents these land and seascapes with a particular focus on tone, texture and colour to create her atmospheric abstract impressionist paintings.

A third generation oil painter, Patricia connects traditional technique with contemporary practice. Exhibiting regularly, her works are held in numerous art collections.


Tim Graham

After the Rain, Red Hill Brisbane

50 x 60 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Tim Graham is an impressionist painter working in acrylics. He finds inspiration in the leafy inner suburbs of Brisbane.

‘I am fascinated with these inner city streets as they make a great subject for a painting. Old Queenslander homes often high up on hills, old churches, narrow lanes with broken fences, trees in flower all encroaching onto the modern city, it really is a world of the old and the new.’

Tim’s paintings are full of colour as his pictures express joy and happiness sometimes with a hint of nostalgia as they reflect on times gone by.


Smrti (meaning mindfulness)

122 x 122 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Smrti is a painting from Stephanie’s latest series called Citta, meaning mind and emotion in Sanskrit.

‘My intention for this series is to explore the interplay of mind and heart (thought and expression) in my creative process. As with many of the Arts, the development of technique and practice over many years forms a sound stage on which expression can dance. My body and senses have developed a familiar relationship with my ‘tools of the trade’, the consistency of paint, the drag of the brush, the timing….

There’s an inner sense, or knowing, that evolves from practice that allows the mind to rest. If I can get out of my own way and trust in this relationship, then space opens for intuition to rise and guide the process.

My hope for this series is that you can rest in the technique but more importantly, that you can feel the heart and creative expression, as this is where authentic connection and joy reside.’


Carita Farrer Spencer


100 x 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Carita Farrer Spencer is a contemporary expressionist artist from Melbourne who celebrates beauty and quirkiness in equal measure. Growing up surrounded by performers and artists, artistic expression runs through Carita’s veins.

Like a sweet, aromatic and colourful cocktail or a tonic for the soul, Carita’s intricate botanical and figurative scenes seek to draw the viewer deeper into her mixture of edible colours, intuitive mark making and a signature illustrative twist. These layered elements are uniquely hers and creates an individual emotional connection to each viewer.

This glamorous and confident artwork flits effortlessly between abstract and figurative, refinement and rebellion.

‘Galajan is the skin name bestowed upon my daughter from our close friends who are traditional custodians of Wurrumiyanga and Gulin Gulin country. This painting was inspired by the simplicity and complexity of their beautiful relationship.’


Cassi George

Unloosen The Sky

103 x 154 cm

Acrylic pastel and graphite on canvas

Cassi George is an intuitive abstract artist based in Sorrento, Western Australia.

Capturing windows and glimpses of introspection, fleeting moments of love and joy. Finding space to create a deeper connection to our natural landscapes and to each other all while elevating the aesthetic of your space.

Cassi is a mother of a newborn, as well as a curious toddler with endless energy and loves nothing more than spending time with her family while having a laugh. When she’s not painting she enjoys hikes and being out in nature –often drawing from elements of these as inspiration for her work.


Blue Like Beautiful Days

100 x 150 cm

Oil and acrylic on linen

Robbi Neal is an award-winning painter and a best-selling author.

After studying art at VCA she won the Footscray Acquisition Prize twice. But she had given birth to her first child whilst at uni and spent the next many years raising 5 great humans and surviving cancer and during this time she began to write.

In 2020, nest free, she returned to painting under her carport in Ballarat (sometimes it was snowing). In 2022, she was shortlisted in Australia’s largest prize for women, the Ravenswood Prize and in 2021 the prestigious 66th Blake Prize. In 2020 she was shortlisted in the Lethbridge Landscape Prize, the Small Scale Art Prize. Robbi is the author of 5 books and her writing has won the Varuna HarperCollins Manuscript Award and a Ledig Fellowship, New York.

Blue like beautiful days is so beautiful and peaceful and when the days are beautiful and blue, I try to remember that when the bad days come they don’t last forever and there are always beautiful blue days soon after.


Sam Suttie

Shiny things and Figs

41 x 51 cm

Oil on canvas

Sam Suttie creates narrative still life compositions . Through the relationships between objects Sam is able to set the scene for a personal narrative. ‘The flowers are emotions, the vessels are people.’

In her studio on Mount Tamborine, Sam works from her purpose built space surrounded by her collection of plants and the wild birds that visit. There you will find many jars of paint brushes, tubes of oil paint and canvases leaning on walls wherever there is space.

‘It’s important to me that the work lives between reality and fantasy, nothing is painted to perfection in the realism sense. I would rather the viewer felt something then admired how real something looked.’

Sam has been a finalist and in a number of art prizes since she began to focus her life on her art in 2019 and most recently received an award in the 2022 Doyle’s Art Prize.


Paraburdoo Dreaming

121 x 181 cm

Oil on canvas

Belinda Nadwie creates abstracted landscapes that traverse emotional, psychological and spiritual experience. She captures a spectrum of moods and the viewer can choose where they sit in this vast panorama of emotion.

Nadwie paints intuitively without preconception, each work reading like a painterly stream of consciousness that allows the viewer fleeting glimpses into her inner world.

Although the works are non representational, there are moments in which physical landscapes flicker across the canvas, reminding us of the enduring force of nature.

Energetic, abstracted applications of paint infuse the work with an enduring optimism, as the artist reflects ‘it’s about being at peace with oneself, being present in the moment and embracing light and positivity.’

‘Colour and balance are my passion.’
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