#3 Who is she?

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ARTless is an artmagazine with a focus on collaberation and experiment. Each bimester the initiator Keke van de Ven enters a collaberation with another creative. This collaberation leads to a unique theme or concept that results in different types of content every issue. For the third issue Keke entered a collaberation with PoeticEgo-videoartist Janneke Sars. Keke and Janneke both tend to ignore reality preferring their own fantasies. With their heads stuck in the clouds they express the world they experience through images,video and text. The concept for Artless #3 originated from a fascination with the poetic relationship between language and image. The idea was to first work seperately and then come together to create combinations. These combinations were made to enhance, challenge or contradict the original image or tekst. All of the images that Keke created and the teksts that Janneke wrote centrered around the question “ Who is she?�.

An exercise in Imagination By Janneke Sars It starts with the fog rolling in The thundering sound of crushing rock Sensing the smell of dirt as it forms solid ground While rushing water fills the valley And trees settle their roots with a groan A shining moon illuminates this world As long as I don’t lose focus maybe this time I’ll actually make it! Plant my feet, breathe the air, jump in the lake, live happily ever after! ….Oh well at least I had a chance to try

Rozengeur en Maneschijn Een roze cyclaam in het raam van een trein Beddengoed en wit jasmijn Ik vraag me af of dit jouw Benan zijn

Hey wanna yikes? Oh boi I feel a symptom Ugh yeah the void Should I get jean shorts???? I’m having another bad day I thought this would be sexier

I’ve just become a different person In a way that everyone can see Even though I may look similar This is not the same old me No I am very different now Some will even point this out They’ll think I did it for attention or to stand out in a crowd But I did it to convince myself I’ll have to do whatever it takes Because if I can be a different person I might not make the same mistakes

Take my hand Away from me I’m losing grip on this reality Can you help I don’t understand Somebody please Take my hand

Ze willen dat ik realistisch wordt maar ik ben anti-realisme. Wordt de gedachte verward met feiten? Worden er overhaaste conclusies getrokken?

I feel like I’m sitting in my childhood bedroom, scattered around me are all the bits and pieces of my life. I think If I could fit them all together I would finally be whole. But the pieces are like pebbles, no rhyme or reason to their shape. As I look at myself sitting on the floor of a house I don’t live in anymore, desperately smashing together pebbles in the hope that they will stick, I feel incredibly lonely.

Als je heel hard slaat Stroomt het bloed naar je handen voel je nu wel iets?

Waarom wil iedereen weten wie ik ben?

How do I get through this? “you are going through something�

“Is there a way to ma

ake it so you won’t go away again?”


#3 www.jannekesars.com www.keke.be

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