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IAM Art Bus by Ben Walker Garden Grove, California, United States

IAM Art Bus seeks funds to turn a 40' bus into a mobile art museum and art classroom for children in need.



Time by Ekaterina Zhukova

Open Call for Abstract Art DEADLINE - December 2, 2013


a r t i s t

PORTFOLIO m a g a z i n e

image: Live in a Deam by Nicholas Go Best in Show 2012 Photography

Artist Portfolio Magazine Presents New Opportunities for Emerging and Established Artists Artist Portfolio Magazine is branching out and zooming in creating new opportunities for community based artists by restructuring the magazine to feature smaller regions, communities and particular cities. In each new issue, Artist Portfolio Magazine will showcase two distinct cities or regions. Each artist who submits artwork will be featured in the Artist Portfolio Magazine blog, and 20 select artists will be included in the popular online art magazine. These will include artists who present a unique voice, and also artists who seem to exemplify common themes in their community, such as the colors, media, or ideas that repeat themselves. Artist Portfolio Magazine is accepting work in the following mediums: visual art (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography mixed media, etc.), video art (short films, performance art, conceptual art, experimental film, etc.). Each artist should select their region or city from the following categories: Chicago vs San Francisco The South vs The North Southwest vs Northeast Midwest vs West International



PORTFOLIO magazine

PUBLISHER Ben Walker http://www..iamartbus.org

EDITOR Ingrid Reeve http://ingridreeve.wordpress.com

JUROR Paulette Hennum FOLLOW US blog facebook twitter linkedin website

Artist Portfolio Magazine is an art magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around the world. The artwork featured in this issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine comes directly from the Artists who participated in the IAM Art Bus Art Exhibition at MyArtContest.com. The Featured Artists were selected not by their status in the art world, but by the merit of their work. Artist Portfolio Magazine does not sell art. If you are interested in any of the art in this magazine then please contact the artist directly by clicking on the link under their name. We hope you enjoy the art in this issue, and if you would like to get your art into Artist Portfolio Magazine, please visit us at the website below. http://www.ArtistPortfolioMagazine.com

CopyrightŠ 2013 Artist Portfolio Magazine All contents and images cannot be reproduced without written permission from artists. Artists in Artist Portfolio Magazine retain rights to all their images.

c o n t e n t s

8 Top 3

14 Honorable Mentions

32 IAM Art Bus Art Exhibition

Ip Pang Hong Kong sun338@yahoo.com

Beautiful Series: Apple Oil on Canvas 100 x 78 cm

Steve Totin New Castle, PA stevetotin16@gmail.com

Proliferation (Inside) Found Material: Plastic Bottlecaps and Shopping Bags 8' x 3.5' x 4'

Proliferation Found Material: Plastic Bottlecaps and Shopping Bags 8' x 3.5' x 4'

Shang Ma San Francisco, CA https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shang-Ma/222928107844955

Composition 1 Oil 34" x 21"

Jennifer Anttila Covington, WA jmanttila@yahoo.com

Pholiota Squarrosa Ink on Yupo Paper 14" x 11"

Shifra Levyathan Ramat-gan, Israel http://www.shifrart.com

Survivors - Digital Photography 50 x 70 cm

Paul Scott Hamilton, Canada http://www.draculaisstillathreat.com

Robot Squid Under Water - Digital - 20" x 26"

Mahima Lai Dubai, United Arab Emirates http://www.artemahima.wordpress.com

Sealed Mixed Media on Canvas 1.5 x 1.5 m

Anthony Whelihan Plymouth, MN ynot3743@aol.com

Masquerade #7 Watercolor Mixed Media 8.5" x 11" Latter Day Geisha Watercolor Mixed Media 11" x 8.5"

Freya Kazemi Toronto, CA http://www.artcentury21.com

Wound Mixed Media 30" x 30" x 1.5"

Dongze Huo San Francisco, CA http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dongze-Huo/547910488574275

Young Bird Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"

Dongze Huo San Francisco, CA http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dongze-Huo/547910488574275

Chumminess 2 Etching Print on Paper 5" x 7"

Lisa Williamson Memphis, TN http://lisawilliamsonpaintings.com

I Baked You a Cake Encaustic and Mixed Media 12" x 18"

Armineh Hovanesian Glendale, CA http://www.gotartwork.com/armineh

Porcelain Wax Mobile Photography 765 x 1024

Alice Nelson Brandon, FL http://aliceemiko.daportfolio.com

Pull Corchet Wire, Lamanated Wood 13" x 10" x 7"

Joey Chiarello Honolulu, HI http://www.joeychiarello.com

The Trade-Off Porcelain, Glazes, Polymere and Boars Hair 8" x 10" x 6"

Braving the Seas of Life Porcelain, Glazes, Steel, Polymere, Cactus Spines and Swarovski Crystal 11" x 5.5" x 10"

Christine Allan Chemainus, Canada http://www.chrisallanartgallery.com

Raven & the Moon Mixed Media 16" x 22"

Look Up Digital Photography 20" x 16"

Denise Diyanni Huntington Beach, CA diyannidenise@yahoo.com

Anya Rubin Dumont, NJ http://www.anyarubin.com

Self Mutilator Acrylic/Perm Enamel 48" x 36"

Dub Williams Los Angeles, CA http://artchainsaw.com

An Army of Sheep Cardboard Sculpture 33" Diameter

Michael Wiens - Sarafina http://www.michaelwiens.com

Luis Alderete - Construccion http://luisalderete.com

Alex Straub - The Water's Fine http://www.alexstraub.com

Elzbieta Jablonska - Time http://www.arditophotography.com

Kristen Williams - School Was to Hard to Live In kristen.williams@lhwolves.net

Nicole Owen - Crown of Thorns http://www.nicoleowen.com

Justine Rhymes - Mind Connections justine.rhymes@gmail.com

Samksha V - Little Bird samksha18@gmail.com

Hak Do - Changes hakdo21@gmail.com

Adi Zur - Love http://adizurart.com

Linda Nedlisky - Unbroken http://www.beyondnatureart.com

Can Teser - Life Tree http://be.net/Can_Teser/frame

Farid Alakbarov - Pun http://www.lightneon.net

Donald Lee - Mule Faced Woman http://followthedon.com

Emily Garrett - Inspiration e.marie.garrett@gmail.com

Danielle Cavaluzzi - Abstract Beauty cavaluzzinora@yahoo.com

Rossana Liberalesso - Ora Dormi http://www.rossanaliberalesso.flazio.com

Michiko Ito - Snow White. Part of the Four Seasons Ka Syun Syuu Tou #4 (Winter) https://michikofriend.see.me

Valdengrave Okumu - In Discussion https://artavita.com/artists/5783-valdengrave-okumu

Alex Rossa - Viridian Vision http://www.facebook.com/ALEXRO55A

Kimia Arya - FĂƒSH Rok Series 1 http://www.kimiaarya.com

Stephanie Forsythe - Synapse http://www.facebook.com/stephanie.forsythe.3

Ai-Ling Tseng - Afternoon jodybom@gmail.com

Robert Reynolds Untitled 225 http://www.digital-abstraction.com

Teresa Young - Coalescence http://www.teresa-young.net

Dawn Beasley Dream ldashby17@aol.com

Renard Elisabeth The cat in the Knitted Sweater http://www.dumont-renard.com

Maya Brian - I Am With Red http://www.saint-art.com

Jean Lee - Lost in Time http://www.jeanleeart.com

Shirley Verrette - Imagine Being Drunk on Opals http://cargocollective.com/shirleyverrette

Peter Schachter - Sail peter@peterschachter.com

Denise Boineau Helios http://denise-boineau.artistwebsites.com

Leyla Munteanu - No Way Out http://www.leydanarts.com

Tatijana Atleski - Least Resistance tatijana17@live.com

Máire Ní Bhroin - Abstract Landscape http://gallerish.com

Greta Grigorian - Sugar Plantation http://www.Man-Earth.com Spyros Kolyvas - Corfu "The Mountain Pantokratoras http://spyroskolyvas-art.blogspot.gr/

Edbert Mr - Antonymous Bohemian rynedbert@gmail.com

Pauline Thai - Growing Up in America http://instagram.com/californiaaffair

Bethany Alsin Sunsine and Rain: Gail Zappa


Diana Patterson Connected, Contaminated, Disintegrating


Rachel Weissberger Street Samba http://www.rachelsart.net

Maxwell Carraher Hope to Change maxcarraher@yahoo.com

Kimberly Mullett Lush Queens ithinkthisisgreat@gmail.com

Melissa Hill - Tilting at Windmills http://Melissahillart.com

Jose Luis Hernandez Galan - The Pipe I http://www.joseluishernandezgalan.com

Maciej Zabawa e-Smoker http://maciejzabawa.com.pl

Bhanu Palam - It's All in the Game http://www.bhanuspalam.com

Virna Mulino - Reverse Sunset http://www.virnamulino.com

Agnes Glowacka - Flight ram_glowaccy@yahoo.com

Eddy Perez - Blue Eye epquinta@gmail.com

Bob Craig Pow Wow Dancer http://www.bobcraigcollage.ca

Larry Taylor - Judge, Double Bass hilery.taylor@comcast.net

Jesse Retan Steps jmretan@yahoo.com

Rachel Bussieres - Nocturne http://rachelbussieres.com

Sean David Wright Ashley Dancing http://awesomesauceart.wix.com/drawings

IAM Art Bus


Profile for Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 13  

Artist Portfolio Magazine is an art magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around the world. The artwo...

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 13  

Artist Portfolio Magazine is an art magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around the world. The artwo...