Artisan Spirit: Fall 2021

Page 47

We are about to leave Ghost Coast. We are leaving happy, and not just because of the experience — Ghost Coast’s plans for distribution expansion include California, so they’ll be occupying space in our home bar soon. As we’re wrapping up, Sywassink succinctly tells me the mission of Ghost Coast’s bar and why it’s meaningful to gather here as we have. “Have a good time and love your neighbor,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about, really.” This sentiment envelops what was absent for long stretches of time during the pandemic, when distillery tasting rooms were shuttered, the pursuit of happiness occurred in isolation, and hatred ran so rampant. Here at the bar, engaging with kind and knowledgeable people who were just as geeky about booze as us, the good times and love flooded our senses in a way that refreshed and healed. It felt great to be back home.

Ghost Coast Distilling is located in Savannah, Georgia. For more info visit or call (912) 298-0071.