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FLORIDA FLORIDA CRAFT SPIRITS ASSOCIATION Through the middle of 2020 more than 40 Florida craft distillers joined together for a common cause and have established the Florida Craft Spirits Association (FCSA). The FCSA mission is to grow the market for Florida craft spirits through education, marketing, and regulatory influence. Florida craft distilleries, along with other small businesses, are the epicenter of our state’s economy and must have aggressive advocates in Tallahassee. The FCSA works with state and federal government decision-makers while informing the FCSA membership on new laws and agency rules. The FCSA also works closely with other industry organizations such as the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, the American Craft Spirits Association, and the American Distilling Institute.

MARYLAND MARYLAND DISTILLERS’ GUILD The Maryland Distillers’ Guild heads into 2021 with 60 members. The membership consists of 30 stellar distilleries, 15 undeterred startups, and 15 supportive corporate affiliates. This year, we successfully raised funds to engage a lobbyist to codify the new sales privileges made possible during COVID (originally issued via executive order by our governor) including home delivery, DTC shipping within the state, and lifting of previous on-premise sales limits and restrictions. We are celebrating a successful partnership with

NEW YORK NEW YORK STATE DISTILLERS GUILD The New York State Distillers Guild has been working hard to introduce legislation for direct-to-consumer (DTC) legislation in January 2021. The bills would allow DTC


As the unified voice of Florida distillers, FCSA is the go-to association for information about the distilling community. Internally, the members are a community of proud entrepreneurs with a passion for the art and alchemy of hand-crafting spirits who willingly share ideas to help launch, grow, and sustain their livelihoods. The FCSA maintains a code of conduct, as well as standards of production, ensuring those who proudly display the badge represent the best of the industry. The FCSA works to grow the distilled spirits market through events and partnerships with associations and organizations at retail stores, on-premise establishments, end consumers, and the media — ultimately raising awareness of each individual hand-crafted spirit. Fees for the membership-based organization range between $600 and $3,000, and benefits include access to unified industry-wide lobbying efforts at state and federal levels, public relations, media, industry-tai-


David Cohen, Manifest Distillery VICE PRESIDENT

Matt Armstrong, St. Petersburg Distillery TREASURER

Matt Allen, Dark Door Spirits SECRETARY

Jeremy Craig, Copper Bottom Distillery

lored education and training programs, state and national level mutual support, and more. For a complete list of FCSA members across the state, please visit FloridaCraftSpirits.org. “Our organization has been in the works for quite some time and we are excited to finally bring it to fruition,” said David Cohen, inaugural FCSA president. “Our industry has never been more united and engaged to move craft distilling in Florida further.” David C. Cohen President, Florida Craft Spirits Association

one of the few government-controlled liquor wholesalers and dispensaries in our state, Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services. The ABS committed a marketing focus to Maryland-made spirits during November 2020 (Maryland Spirits Month) by featuring and discounting local products, resulting in a serious boost to Maryland spirits sales in the more than 25 county stores during that month. We are also in the process of electing and installing a brand new board, as three of our founding members, including myself, are termed out after six years. Our members continue to be active locally and participate on a national level through positions on the DISCUS Craft Advisory Council and ACSA

committees. I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of our guild and the spirits industry in Maryland, and I am extremely proud to have played a part in founding and growing this organization. Cheers to my fellow booze makers, and massive thanks to Kevin Atticks for his foresight and dedication as our guild director from day one. Kevin: your guidance, insight, and friendship have proven invaluable, and you are the reason our guild is such a wild success!

shipping within NY State as well as allow New York distilleries to ship to other states that allow DTC shipping. The passage of the bill will be a challenge, but we are committed to fighting for our members’ livelihoods and the opportunities to grow and market our brands. We have also introduced two parity bills, which will give New York distillers

the same rights and production tax credits as our counterparts in beer, wine, and cider. All of our legislation consists of non-partisan bills, which are designed to help our members today and as we move to the future.

Jaime Windon CEO/Founder | LYON RUM Windon Distilling Company President | Maryland Distillers Guild

Brian Facquet Founder — Distiller Prohibition Distillery


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Artisan Spirit: Spring 2021  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2021  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

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