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Vol. 14 issue 3

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WINTER 2018 / 19

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Craft Spirits Conference & Expo Annually, every April.

Judging of Craft Spirits Annually, every February

Hands-On Workshops From first-time introductions to master classes in producing, packaging, and marketing craft-distilled spirits

Annual Distillers’ Resource Directory The most comprehensive compilation of DSP’s and resources in the industry. Malting

Craft Floor Malting: A Practical Guide

A Practical Guide

The Nano Distillery: The Future of Distilling

Craft Floor As craft distilling and craft brewing become increasingly localized, producers are likewise looking for local materials - grain, hops, fruit, spices and other ingredients. Floor malting offers the small brewer or distiller an opportunity to source barley from farmers in their area and turn it into malt, the backbone of beer and malt whiskey. While floor malting was largely supplanted by industrial-scale drum malting in the 20th century, the older methods offer a handson opportunity to produce unique malt with less equipment. Craft Floor Malting: A Practical Guide offers an examination of the key stages of the floor-malting process, and a look at how craft floor maltsters approach the day-to-day necessities of malting at a small scale.

White Mule Press

If you’re considering starting a distillery begin here.

The information here is invaluable and reads much like a series of mini-workshops on distilling and the business of distilling.

Gabe Toth

This book is compiled by the American Distilling Institute, an organization dedicated to the growth of craft spirits.

The American Distilling Institute

Gabe Toth

The Nano Distillery is a compilation of how-to chapters and real-life experiences of distillers who successfully produce quality spirits on a small scale. Complete with formulas, spreadsheets, and firstperson accounts The Nano Distillery is intended to provide you with enough information to roll up your sleeves and get distilling. Chapters include the necessary considerations of operating a distillery and making spirits—legalities, equipment, record-keeping, recipes, trademarking and design. And finally, you’ll hear the voices of nano distillers themselves, who explain what’s worked for them and what hasn’t.

The Nano Distillery the future of distilling compiled by Bill owens Edited by Brad Plummer and Andrew Faulkner

Niche Books for Lovers of Spirits Thirty titles and growing.

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Profile for Artisan Spirit Magazine

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2019  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2019  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.