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As an educational facility, it will impact us very little, since we make no product of our own. But it will be a boon for any open distillery, or one opening in the next year. Generally, it takes most distilleries two years to open its doors, and since this reduced rate is only for two years, it would be a little bit of a gamble to hinge a business plan on the tax rate staying the same after 2020. So, we’re trying to let everyone know about the benefit of the bill, but not get peoples hopes pinned on it sticking around forever. ­— Colin Blake

Distillery Products is your "Go To" source for wholesale premium branded distillery merchandise for your Distillery. Specializing in custom branding and engraving on Glassware, Premium Flasks, Cocktail Tools and Insulated Tumblers and more… Our Marketing Team will work with you to create your custom merchandise line to elevate your brand and capture your market identity. Our goal at Distillery Products is simple, have your target market think of you, your company and your brand first! Distillery Products is your innovative partner and "Go To" source in brand development and brand identity.


As most Artisan Spirit readers probably know, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included the first substantial federal excise tax reduction for the alcohol industry in decades. We expect the change to help energize the distilling industry, enabling craft distillers to re-invest in their business, including an increased focus on new, proprietary package designs. And the changes in the tax bill give us the confidence to reinvest in our employees and facilities in ways that will allow us to better serve our customers, so we stand ready to partner with our craft customers as they grow at this exciting time. ­— Brian Brandstatter, VP and GM for  Spirits, Food and Beverage, North America

TapiUSA has long been a backer of the FET reduction through supporting the craft distillers and their associations and guilds. The obvious impact on our customers will no doubt have a trickle-down effect on those of us in the supply chain. Tax parity will finally provide the means for craft producers to hire new employees, purchase new equipment, develop new products and expand marketing initiatives. For some it will mean the difference in keeping their doors open and for others it will provide the means for further growth. As part of our strategic plan, we are thrilled to continue our growth and commitment to meet the rising need in the burgeoning distilling community. ­— Leah Hutchinson, Midwest Sales Manager

Decorative label solutions…we’ve got you covered. Fort Dearborn has the expertise and creative appreciation for development and application of labels for the spirits market. Whether your application needs cut & stack labels with specialty hot stamping and embossing, the “no label” look of pressure sensitive film labels or full body graphics using shrink sleeve labels, we have a product to meet your needs. We service brands large and small. Contact us today to discuss your brand building objectives.

G&D Chillers is as committed to the cold as they are to their clients. They strive to build long lasting partnerships by offering on-going technical support from their team of engineers, all backed by their satisfaction guarantee. G&D Chillers offers a widerange of options from small portable chillers and heaters, to large custom chilling units. All units are ETL approved in both the U.S. and Canada. Most of their standard package chiller designs have been tested for over 20 years in the field.


Artisan Spirit: Spring 2018  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2018  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.