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How do you think the new tax bill will impact you and your clients?

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American Craft Spirits Association exists because of real-world momentum and a perceived need for a trade association in the U.S. governed by licensed craft distillers on behalf of craft distillers. Our mission includes legislative advocacy in support of a strong business environment for distillers, and through outreach to consumers help build brands and increase consumer awareness. We welcome your ideas, suggestions and participation.


We think it is likely that the boon provided from the reduction of FET will be utilized by distillers in increased production, additional funding for marketing efforts, and internal investments. We think it unlikely that the FET reduction will result in lower consumer prices or a reduction in wholesale pricing as this would seem to be contrary to placement in the market. We subsequently expect BSG may sell more product to existing customers with some additional growth from new operations due to increased business model viability. In all, it should result in an increasingly healthy industry with increased stability for growth opportunities. ­— Jake Keeler, Director of Marketing

I think the impact will be great for distillers and their vendors, myself included. With this influx of cash, you’ll start to see many distilleries pursuing projects that they simply couldn’t afford before. These projects will range from fixing long broken equipment, spending a little more per bottle on marketing, to expanding the number of markets they are in, and upgrading or expanding their production facilities. Having just a little more spendable income will allow many of these hard working distillers be able to purchase the things that can make it easier for them to meet their goals, increase their revenue, and produce a better product.  — Steven Cage, President and Head Designer

The American Spirits Exchange is a national importer and distributor serving the alcoholic beverage industry (spirits, wine and beer). We provide domestic and international companies with access and support to the U.S. market. Regardless of your size—from micro, craft distiller to publicly traded multinational—our focus fuels your growth. Our flagship Foundations™ program provides companies with access to the U.S. market. We handle your business-to-business functions from start to finish: permitting, brand approvals, purchase order processing, invoicing and compliance.

Unlike other agencies that work within a blinding myriad of industries; our focus is 100% within the spirits, wine, beer and other alcohol sectors. This specialization has allowed us to become experts in the alcohol beverage category. We have an exceptional understanding of design that sells, complimented by professional project management and flawless production oversight. The result has been strategic solutions that consistently produce both critical acclaim and strong measurable return on investment for our clients.


Artisan Spirit: Spring 2018  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2018  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.