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five largest export markets for U.S. distillers were the U.K., Germany, Brazil, France, and Spain. The U.K. remains our most valuable trading partner, importing $177.9 million in American spirits, but Brazil’s market exhibited the strongest growth, increasing 186.5% over the past year. Another bright spot for U.S. distillers was growth in Cognac. While Cognac is required by law to be made in a specific region of France, its 11.6% volume/13.8% revenue growth in 2017 indicates a thriving interest in aged brandy, a category that includes many craft producers. Notably, Cognac was one of the only categories that exhibited strong growth at the low and high ends of the market, with 33.8%

volume/31.1% value growth in the premium segment, and 20.8% We are exporting cocktail volume/20.8% revenue culture. International adult growth in the superconsumers are exploring more premium segment. Could expensive U.S. spirits driven this be an indicator of the much-predicted brandy by their fascination with boom industry pundits have American whiskey’s heritage, posited over the past several as well as its mixability and years? While the Council generally versatility in cocktails.” refrains from making predictions — CHRISTINE LOCASCIO about the year to come, the SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT FOR council’s overall attitude about INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, the future was clearly positive: DISTILLED SPIRITS COUNCIL “There appears to be very, very strong demand in the United States for spirits of all types,” said Ozgo. “Companies are offering more and more products the consumer has a fascination with, so I’d say yes, the future is bright.”

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Artisan Spirit: Spring 2018  
Artisan Spirit: Spring 2018  

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