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maturing their whiskey while they navigate the permitting process. Today, it represents almost half of their revenue, huge growth from even two years ago. “Some of our whiskeys were starting to win awards,” says Paul, “so we started getting calls: ‘Hey, could you make this for us?’ Now, we’re at complete capacity.” 45th Parallel isn’t the only thing that’s growing. The once-sleepy town of New Richmond has tripled in size since the distillery was founded, and the empty

fields around its headquarters are now dotted with buildings. This year marks a decade since 45th Parallel sold its very first bottle, but Paul isn’t taking any time out to celebrate. The team is already contemplating its next expansion, which will include the addition of an event space to host weddings and other gatherings for the region’s growing population. “You almost have to become a destination location now,” says Paul. “Look at the wineries, how much they focus on being

destination locations, how breweries are focusing on tap rooms. That’s where they’re making their money.” Paul’s wife’s dream of a quieter life, with less work and more time spent at home? So much for that. “I probably work more now than I did then!” laughs Paul.

45th Parallel Distillery is located in New Richmond, Wisconsin. For more information visit or call (715) 246-0565.

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Artisan Spirit: Winter 2017  
Artisan Spirit: Winter 2017  

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