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building they leased ended up being too far from the capital to do any good. So Texas decided to create a legation—a kind of embassy extension—in the rented second floor of the Berry Bros. & Rudd building. Three years later, Texas became part of the United States, and they closed their shortlived embassy and its legation. But now, more than 150 years later, Berry Brothers & Rudd decided it would be the right time to launch a whiskey that commemorated that historic episode. So

they trademarked a new name—Texas Legation—and Ironroot Republic was exactly the supplier they were looking for. The first batch, a blending of six barrels, has nearly sold out, and the second batch has quintupled in size. Robert and Jonathan are thrilled that people enjoy drinking their whiskey across the pond, but they haven’t let the international success go to their heads. At Ironroot Republic, that quintessentially American DIY ethic is still alive and

well. Jonathan recently designed a small secondary still for tinkering with other products, then had it contract produced by a manufacturer on the East Coast. Unsatisfied, he drove down to Walmart, bought a tea jug, and rejiggered it as a secondary condenser. “I painted it silver so it matched,” laughs Jonathan. “Texas.”

Ironroot Republic Distilling is located in Denison, TX. For more information visit or call (903) 337-0495.

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Artisan Spirit: Fall 2017  
Artisan Spirit: Fall 2017  

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