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s the number of domestic craft breweries, distilleries, cideries and wineries continues to grow, so do the number of lawyers eager to assist these producers. Many believe it’s time to help increase the overall knowledge and professionalism of attorneys representing W R I TT E N BY RYA N M A L K I N craft producers. So, with that in mind a coalition of both attorneys from law firms and in-house counsel came together to Additionally, the CBLG is a resource for more craft privileges in the state, form the Craft Beverage Lawyers Guild for producers. Comprised of alcohol law HR concerns, contracts with suppliers, (“CBLG”) in 2017, and is now accepting attorneys from across America, the CBLG fundraising, or terminating a distributor. members. can help brewers, vintners, distillers and The faster a producer grows, the more legal What is the CBLG? The founding other producers connect with an attorney counsel the producer likely needs. The members of the CBLG are experienced for your specific need. The guild also serves CBLG can assist the continued growth of attorneys who dedicate their practices to as an educational outlet, conducting public the craft movement by making competent representing craft alcoholic seminars and publishing attorneys, knowledgeable in the industry, beverage producers educational writings easily accessible to producers. and want to ensure that the through accessible blogs Whether you are an in-house counsel or an producers across the FOUNDING and posted articles. attorney currently representing producers, MEMBERS country are able to find an Anyone selling their you can improve your practice as well as of the CBLG: attorney who has both the craft beverage products your professionalism by joining the CBLG. counsel they need and the in more than one state We have both full and associate members. Shauna Barnes experience they deserve. knows the complexities A full member must be an attorney in Richard Blau The CBLG has a twofold of navigating the good standing who predominantly provides mission. First, it exists to alcohol beverage rules services to those in the craft beverage Joseph Davis establish a cooperative across state lines, let industry and has been practicing law for Paul Havel relationship among its alone in all 50 states. at least seven years. An associate member members, while providing a Joseph M. Infante Producers are (or need may be an attorney in good standing who resource to maintain a high to be) keenly aware of does not yet qualify for full membership. Eric Lent level of legal representation the various issues that Membership is $750 per year. Please visit Ryan Malkin for the craft industry. The arise unrelated to simply www.cblg.org for more information. CBLG’s seasoned members Alva C. Mather running a brewery, winery We look forward to continuing to support are here to educate and cidery or distillery. On you. Eugene M. Pak support those members any given day, a craft Marcus Reed who may be just getting beverage producer could Visit www.cblg.org for more information on the started in the industry. Marc Sorini be dealing with lobbying Craft Beverage Lawyers Guild.

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Artisan Spirit: Spring 2017  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2017  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.