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ALASKA DISTILLERS GUILD OF ALASKA The Distillers Guild of Alaska board doubled in size over the past year as our newest distilleries have received DSPs and are beginning production. Our newest distillery, just now bottling their first batch of vodka, is Hoarfrost Distilling in Fairbanks. WWW.ARTISANSPIRITMAG.COM  

There are now 10 operating DSPs in Alaska, each representing the unique attributes of their region of the state. The upcoming summer tourism season plays a vital role in operating the distilleries here, and tasting rooms will soon be welcoming in visitors from all over the world. There is a complete overhaul of the state’s alcoholic beverage laws in progress, and a bill is being introduced in the legislature this year to rewrite the existing laws. The guild has been an active participant in the stakeholder

group meetings throughout the process, and is working closely with legislators and partner industries to ensure that the hard-won direct retail sales and tasting room laws remain in place. We were not able to send an Alaskan distillery to the ACSA convention this year, but we welcome you all to come visit us up here in the North. You can travel by plane, boat, train, and dogsled! Heather Shade President Distillers Guild of Alaska


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Artisan Spirit: Spring 2017  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2017  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.