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it is “Made with a set recipe, but the Calyx flavor profile will differ each year depending on weather and climate, creating a distinct annual production of the handcrafted gin.” Similar to wine, each year’s edition will have a unique and nuanced flavor profile. They are currently conducting a lot of experiments, and they have plans to release several more specialty gins soon. For those thinking about entering the distilling industry, Gertman wants them to know, “I work all the time, all day.” And a large part of the job is not related to distilling, but instead to all the other things necessary to run a small business. Gertman explains that he was the least prepared for the sales and distribution aspects of the job. He also emphasized that consumers are not the only consideration — you must connect with bartenders, bar owners, retail purchasers, and more.

When asked about how he budgets for marketing, he said that there is never enough. There are lots of choices: TV, magazines, billboards, etc. Especially in California, which is such a large market, making the right marketing choices can be a big swing towards success or failure. Gertman said that his goal for the distillery isn’t to become mega-rich, but to keep investing to help the business produce more and more spirits (and find places to store it). He said “You just have to keep re-investing. You need more room for more barrels. And space is expensive in California.”

Ascendant Spirits is located in Buellton, CA. For more information visit www.ascendantspirits.com or call (805) 691-1000.



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Artisan Spirit: Winter 2016  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Winter 2016  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.