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Benefits for SACDI Members: Marketing and promotional exposure Exposure to international buyers and distributors Partaking in local, provincial, national and international craft spirit competitions Access to "SACDI Certified Craft Spirit" certification Logistic (sourcing/ distribution) opportunities

Further, Barnard says that a changing political and socio-economic climate is also driving spirits sales. In the case of vodka, he believes much of the growth could be directly attributed to an increasing number of consumers who associate the clear spirit with a TV and movie lifestyle — and can now afford to buy it. This increased interest has elevated cocktail culture, as well, and now mixologists are using more SA-produced vodkas, gins, brandies, rums, and liqueurs, helping to drive demand for all spirit categories. Right now, Barnard believes any new SA-produced spirit of good quality will

Partaking in, and sharing of, experimental distilling results

Full supplier and buyer lists

Networking with other craft distillers

Bulk purchasing/import/ export opportunities

Continuous educational opportunities

Craft distilling conferences

The opportunity to influence liquor legislation

Regular craft distiller events Weekly featured members Distillers’ blog Freebies and promotional items from suppliers

succeed. With the formation of SACDI — and a plan to create provincial guilds, as well — he and others hope they will be able to create a more vibrant and profitable SA spirit market for producers of all sizes. If the U.S. is any gauge, large producers may also benefit from the new consumer interest the small distillers will generate. Like many U.S. distillers, SACDI members are also working towards an excise tax reduction, and Barnard is optimistic that it will happen, “based on the fact that our products are more expensive to produce, job creation, and that we are fulfilling one of the set goals of

Operating closely with strategic partners and experts in different fields Interaction and cooperation with other craft spirit representative organizations and institutes

the South African Department of Trade and Industry, which is to increase access to the liquor production industry.” SACDI has four membership levels ranging from approximately $36 to $393 U.S. after conversion from SA rand: Aspirant Craft Distiller, Commercial Craft Blender, Commercial Craft Distiller and Certified Craft Distillery. These categories and definitions may change depending on SACDI member desires.

For more information on SACDI, visit their Facebook page and website: sacdi.co.za.

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Artisan Spirit: Winter 2016  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Winter 2016  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.