Artisan Spirit: Spring 2016

Page 70

REFERENCE The paper which provided the impetus for this present discussion by Valter Travagli is titled: “The Alcohol Dilution.” The paper can be found here: or here: Moreover, Dr. Travagli has indicated that he would be happy to receive direct communication on this topic and his address is: (valter.travagli@ The authors of this paper are also happy to discuss the topic further.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many thanks to Valter Travagli for presenting a challenging and interesting account dealing with this often confusing topic (and for personal communications regarding his work). It has started a topic of discussion that will likely continue for some time. We wish to thank Victoria (Ali) Spedding for a careful evaluation of some of the equations in the original publication consulted in


preparing this article. Thanks also to Harvey Wilson (Katmar Software — AlcoDens) and Payton Fireman (WV Distilling Co. — ABS Software) for discussions on the calculations and potential software applications. They made our understanding that much clearer. Amber Weygandt and Matt Linske have carefully tested these principles in our daily testing of beverages and in research projects supervised in our facility. Thanks to David “Dave” Pickerell for many useful discussions and personal communications as the expert on all matters pertaining to Gauging methods. Finally, thanks to Dr. Joe Power and to Jim Hackbarth for stimulating discussions on alcohol measurements and calculations over the years. Our comprehension of this subject matter would be rather incomplete without their input.

Gary Spedding, Ph.D. is a brewing analytical chemist/sensory specialist and managing owner of Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services, LLC. Amber Weygandt, B.Sc. is lead chemist at Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services, LLC. Matthew Linske, B.Sc. is lead microbiologist at Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services, LLC. For more info visit or call (859) 278-2533.