Artisan Spirit: Spring 2016

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Financial Solutions Crafted for Distilleries Working over 30 years in capital finance and our substantial owner-operator experience in the distilling industry gives us the insight to help you plan for success.

Affordable Equipment Leasing Flexible Leasing Terms

Low Upfront Cost

Diverse Buyout Options

Low Monthly Payments

Simple, Efficient Process

Helping You Grow

The Tools You Need

Having already laid the groundwork by directly partnering with vendors, we can deliver anything including mash tuns, fermenters, kettles and any accessories you might need. We’ll take the burden of finding equipment off your shoulders so you can start distilling.

We know you’ll face challenges throughout your business’s life cycle, such as investing in new equipment, expanding, and establishing partnerships with other distilleries. We work hard to deliver the dream you envisioned and reach your goals as soon as possible.

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