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Hudson Valley Distillers WRITTEN BY CHRIS LOZIER


udson Valley Distillers just got their start this year, but



few of the things that keep us moving.”

they already have a lot of fans - tourists, distillers and

Moyer is in software sales, while Yozzo was a police officer,

neighbors alike – because their business philosophy is simple

retiring just months before opening the doors to the distillery.

and they execute it wonderfully. Focused on making ultra-small

Keeping a strong friendship after college, their families would often

batch, locally sourced, innovative spirits, they plan to become

vacation together. Over many campfires, Moyer and Yozzo talked

a destination distillery more than a production distillery,

about starting a business together, and as craft distilling grew,

connecting with people and showing them just how much small

those talks were often accompanied by new bottles of craft spirits.

distillers have to offer.

“At one point the business brainstorming and sampling spirits

“We want to make innovative and unique spirits with natural

intersected and we decided to start a distillery,” says Moyer.

ingredients, live in the country, work with our hands, and provide

After spending a couple years forming the business, training and

for our families,” says Chris Moyer, who co-founded HVD with

bringing investors on, Moyer moved from Virginia to Clermont,

his friend from college, Tom Yozzo. “This is more than a job

New York, and Yozzo moved from nearby Newburg. The pair and

or a paycheck for us, this is a lifestyle. Working with our hands, being part of the Hudson Valley agricultural community, building a business that creates jobs, and working for ourselves are just


their families purchased a 12 acre farm in Clermont, naming it Spirits Grove Farm, and began building out the distillery in the existing red barn. Moyer says the 150 year old barn was a staple to their property and business


Profile for Artisan Spirit Magazine

Artisan Spirit: Winter 2014  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Winter 2014  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.