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our bottles just hit the shelf! You’ve

are things like print ads, radio, social

too. I’m sure we’ve all seen the news on

poured blood, sweat, tears and

media, community events. Your tactics

distasteful and offensive tweets by brands

money into your still and your chosen elixir

are the things available within those

and celebrities — don’t be that guy.

was revealed. You’ve run the gauntlet of

channels — a banner ad, promoted posts,

the TTB, and the myriad other legalities

festivals. These depend on your budget,

of distilling. And you’ve found someone

time and overall marketing know-how.

You mostly need to live under a rock

to distribute your juice or you’ve pounded

Keep reading, we’ll teach you a few tricks

to not be at least passingly familiar with

the pavement yourself, getting your baby

to help get you started.

social media. Even if you’ve never used

out into the world. Cue the triumphant music! Pour a glass to celebrate! But you’re not done. Far from it.



Facebook, chances are someone you know has. It can be difficult to decide

There’s more talk than ever about

where to start: Facebook, Twitter, Insta-

If no one knows about you, and they see

branding. Who are you? What do you

what? Here’s a quick list of the five big

your bottle on the shelf, why will they buy

stand for? How do you make what you

social media sites, how their content

yours over a name they know? Sure, some

make? And sometimes, WHY do you make

works and how to choose. One word of

may be curious and that might sell a few

it? That’s all part of brand. At this point,

warning on any of these social media

bottles. But what about the rest? Since

you’ve chosen the look of your bottle

channels: it’s important to maintain your

you’re likely in this to sell more than just

and what’s called positioning — are you

branding in your posts. If your identity

a few bottles, let’s explore marketing.

an ultra-premium product? Super? The

doesn’t include funny memes or pictures

label tells your story, along with your

of cats doing strange things, save that for

website, social media, advertising, and

your personal account.

THE BASICS There are two basic concepts that

who’s pouring your hooch at an event.

will help you understand how marketing

Make sure that the face of your product

works: strategy and channels/tactics.

is clear and engaging — make it you. The

Blogging is another way to reach a

Strategy is just what it sounds like: who

authenticity that craft distillers bring to

few people who reach many people.

are your customers? Where do they shop?

the market should never be discounted.

Bloggers are very passionate about their

What do they like? What’s their income

Now more than ever, consumers want a

chosen topic — food, travel, babies,

look like and how much do they spend

brand they can believe in and feel good

puppies, cocktails. You name it, there’s

on discretionary things like alcohol? The

about buying. Give it to them. Tell your

a blog for it. A little internet research

second part is channels and tactics — the

story through your brand. Make sure it’s

can help get you on your way to a new

execution part of your strategy. Channels

consistent throughout all your channels,

fan base. Try searching “<your city>



Profile for Artisan Spirit Magazine

Artisan Spirit: Fall 2014  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Fall 2014  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.